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dropshipping login

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

How To Redirect Shopify Customers After Login, Logout & Account Creation - 2022 FREE TUTORIAL

shopify world customers account on your,shopify store how to have them,and how to make sure they get redirected,to the right page,with some code let's just jump straight,in right now all right so,we are on the store page right,here and first and foremost i'm toking,about,the customer account page this now if,you don't have that yet installed,on your team no big deal just go to,settings,right here go to checkout in here you,can,activate or disactivate any accounts,for your customers so those are the,three options they're in settings,checkout as you can see i chose accounts,are optional and then this little,account logo shows up all right the next,step,is redirecting the accounts so once i,create an account i want to be,redirected to a certain page,if i log in i want to be redirected to a,different page and if i log out i want,to be,redirected to yet another page let's do,that right now with,some code first thing you're going to do,is you're going to go right here on,the online store section on themes,and you're going to click on action,duplicate i cannot stress enough how,important this is if you do not do this,step you're an idiot because if you make,a mistake,you're working on your life version and,then you can screw everything up,just make a duplicate work on the,duplicate version and if you make a,mistake just delete that duplicate,version,all right you got that part cool all,right once it is duplicate right,here you click on actions and you click,on edit code,welcome to the code editor now this,might look a bit intimidating but it,really isn't,right here on the left you're going to,click on theme dot liquid,and then you're going to look for the,body tag now this is a head,tag there's only two one opening and one,closing one,closing one should be right here and,this is the body tag,this is the opening when there is a,forward slash it means you're closing,attack so this is the opening,body tag and the closing body tag is,right here,so spacing doesn't really matter in,shopify so you can do that,uh as many times as you want we're going,to type tensor a couple of times,spacing don't really matter in code make,sure you're before,it's not here but here and then a,a piece of code here,so this is oh this is the little script,now i like to add some uh,notes for the future developer on it,a script for account,login redirect,and there we go,and then i indented and we save it,one thing that's very important to know,is that this will redirect to the,checkout,page so once it is completed you,probably want it to redirect,somewhere else so we're just going to,redirect it to the home page by removing,checkout,slash just a slash is the home or you,can do,collections or you can put the,url of any page that you want there the,important part,is let me show you for example to take,it,after your myshopify.comafteryour.com,you have the slash and then you take all,of this part,so starting from here you just paste,that there,what i typically would recommend is that,you do a welcome page,so for that we're going to first create,that welcome page pretty simple,you go into pages right here,you do add a new page,welcome thanks,for creating an account,you save this page,you view that page by clicking view page,right here,and then you take that url and that's,the url we're going to,use so when people create an account,they get redirected to this page,so again back to online store,copy of the butte action edit code,we're going back to the piece of code,that we have just pasted it's in team,dot liquid it's all the way at the,bottom right here,and instead of going to the collection,page we're going to go,to our newly created welcome page,and we save it cool all right that's,done now,i personally like people to have a warm,welcome so a little bit of confetti,maybe when,they come to the welcome page we're,gonna add that as well that's a little,extra here so far having that we're,going to go to the template page right,here,we're going to add a new templates we're,going to,choose pages,welcome create a template,this will make more sense towards the,end of the video you'll completely get,it,i promise you fitty welcome,scripts again a little comment so that,the next developer knows what he or she,is getting themselves into,we tap it and we save that all right,so the entire part that we just did,right now is when someone creates a new,account they get redirected to a welcome,page,and that welcome page will have a little,bit of confetti now let's do the other,scenarios what happens when someone logs,in well we want to redirect them not to,the same welcome page on congrats of,creating an account but,another page an account page for example,to make sure we redirect the login users,to the correct place,for that we're going to go right here on,the left,we're going to type in login and then we,have here,a template called customer login we,click on that one and then right here,you're going to look for the form,customer,login this one sometimes there is a no,validate behind it sometimes there,isn't so this is what you're looking for,as soon as you see,um this form customer login you know,you're in the right spot,you go all the way behind that line type,enter a couple of,times and then you're going to be,pasting the input line,again the exact code i'll provide it to,you at the very end of the video and so,here is the place where you can control,as soon as someone logs in where they,want to go,okay so currently with this code they're,going to the collection all page that's,maybe not ideal so make sure that you,so make sure that you save it so you,probably wanted to go to,pages slash account for example,and then you need to create the account,page right here in the pages and make,sure it has that url,anyway you can type in the url that,people want to go,when they log in right here and then you,just click,save all right and the last step is when,users log out you want them to redirect,them to a specific page,let's say for example on faq page so,we're going to go to,pages right here,we're going to create that faq page,maybe you already have it created maybe,you don't want them to go to the faq,page at all,i'm just creating it for the purpose,this is,an faq page,we made an entire video about faq pages,so make sure to check that out if you,want to,code your own save,we're going to take the url from that,page,we're going to go back to online store,right here copy of the butte,edit the code,all right so in the team.liquid again we,added this earlier,now we're going to add the other piece,of code right here for the log out,i'm going to just paste that right here,there we go i'm going to indent it just,to make it look a bit nicer,and here it says well when it log out it,goes to collection at all you can leave,that or you can go to somewhere else for,example,faq page pages dot,copy oh,yeah pages.faq we save that,boom all right perfect,now we're going to be putting our theme,alive because there is,one more change we need to do we're,going to go to online store,themes the version we have just worked,on because it last saved just now,actions publish are you sure you want to,publish this,ah yes i am thank you very much,then remember we did that confetti which,is a fun little extra i believe,you can go to pages if you want to,confetti you just have to make sure you,use the right templates we created the,confetti template,so you go to pages the welcome page will,have the confetti,so right here you can do in templates,you change yours to be the page.welcome,just a quick sidenote if you want your,faq or any other page to have confetti,you just go to that page and you switch,it to the page dot welcome,template and it will have confetti you,can do this with all pages,okay let's see how all of this looks we,can just view it right here,we go to our account we create an,account,andrew,econ experts dot io,to continue let me know that i'm not a,robot i am not,a robot i'm submitting it,and here is the welcome page perfect,

How To Create Multiple Stealth Accounts With Multilogin | PODCAST 🎙️

one of the biggest issues that we face,today and also in my five plus years,experience in drop shipping is knowing,how to run stealth accounts and this has,been a very sensitive issue for many,drop shippers also those who don't know,how to do it and those who think they,know how to do it don't do it correctly,and then they just end up risking their,business in this video i have a very,very special interview with stan from,multi-login and here we're gonna tok,about how to create stealth accounts the,right way today everything that you know,about stealth accounts everything that,you tried before in the past is most,likely not working out today and that is,exactly what we are going to help you,know how to sort out the right way in,this podcast so stan thank you for,joining us how are you doing today,what's up lyron i'm feeling fantastik,thanks very much for inviting me over,here great you're very welcome as long,as we can provide more value to our,viewers and help them with this very uh,specific issue that they have been,having problems with for so many years,and for those of you who don't know some,use cases that you have for running,stealth accounts is like for example if,you want to have multiple ebay accounts,uh where you want to have multiple,stores that are not linked to one,another or if you're purchasing from,amazon and you want to have a few buyer,accounts,and for many many other other reasons,like for example even if you want to,have your facebook marketplace drop,shipping store and you know that for,running uh for having a facebook,marketplace drop shipping store you need,to live in the u.s you need to have a,usip or for other reasons like you want,to drop ship from let's say home depot,and in many countries outside the us,they simply block out their ip addresses,and this is another issue that we can,tackle with this so,enough blabbing on stan let me know what,is multi-login multi-login is,essentially a software application like,a desktop application that you install,to your windows or mac device,that manages and creates virtual browser,profiles that websites perceive as,distinct and real devices so it's a,software application for managing,virtual browser identities okay and for,anyone who's not too tik savvy don't,worry we're going to break it down more,in this podcast but really briefly where,did you get the idea to create this,company,right so we've been on the market for,over six years and actually the story,behind multi-login is that we also,managed a couple of online accounts,and we would outsource this work to our,virtual assistants and it was pain in,the you know what to,like write these uh big instructions,how to change the proxy how to clear the,cookies how to change like some browser,parameters and always the virtual,assistants would make mistakes and,accounts get banned so at some point our,cto pavel he came up with the solution,to like do this out of the box we've,created a solution for ourselves and,then we offer the solution to affiliate,marketers and drop shippers at the time,six years ago and it slowly uh,took traction people started to get,interested in in it and a lot of people,started to get a lot of value from the,software and that's how how it began,actually we tried to solve,the same problem our users are solving,right now so about six years ago is when,uh this idea came to came to play and,that pretty much answers my next,question of when uh this business was uh,actually created,so let's move on what are the benefits,of creating multiple accounts for drop,shippers and e-commerce store owners,right so there's actually many benefits,one of the first benefits i would like,to tok about is risk diversification,purposes there are many dropshippers who,own their own shopify stores and send,traffic from facebook ads and many times,when you don't you forget to update your,tracking information or for example,there is a bad review from one of the,people who didn't like your product it's,very likely that your facebook ad,account will get banned and if it gets,banned it's essentially like for some,people it means that the main source of,traffic is simply non-existent anymore,right and when you have multiple such,facebook ad accounts for dropshippers,they are able to simply switch to,another account and continue running,their business if we tok about drop,shipping on,on existing marketplaces then,situation the same situation can apply,there your account can simply get,blocked and your business is not working,anymore like ebay is a good example for,that sorry for interrupting but ebay is,a perfect example for that because as,soon as ebay puts down your account,suspend your account for whatever reason,you didn't upload tracking information,you didn't take care of your customers,you didn't care about replying to their,cases or you simply sold products that,are prohibited that you're not allowed,to resell so if if your ebay account,gets banned and you have let's say five,or ten ebay stores then they're all,gonna go down like dominoes and that's,not something that anyone wants for,their business and one of the reasons,one of the advantages of stealth,accounts if you're an ebay drop shipper,is that if one account goes down you'll,you can still lean on the rest of them,and then no harm no foul yeah absolutely,like risk diversification so you never,know when it happens it can happen so,you have to make sure that it actually,you are ready for that other actually,reasons include that you are able to,open multiple seller accounts and as a,result you can expand your business like,the more stores you have the more money,you have and another reason is also,reputation management uh where you can,actually like,combat bad reviews sometimes actually,competitors attack your stores and you,have to combat them with better reviews,and you can use,multiple accounts to,manage that and another very popular and,not very toked uh use case is actually,seo you can use uh like multiple,accounts or multiple browser you you,need you can use multiple unique browser,sessions to actually boost your stores,to more to,to appear higher in the search rankings,it's like uh amazon or ebay seo,okay so these are the most popular use,cases i never thought about those uh,those last two examples are good ones,so,those are just some examples by the way,of why uh why we would we we would want,to use multiple uh stealth accounts and,uh what would you say the legal aspects,are of creating multiple stealth,accounts because this is another very,sensitive issue that many uh people face,and they want to know is it legal can i,even do this yeah so it's actually a,really good question yes so yes this is,perfectly legal uh there is no,jurisdiction jurisdiction there is no,law in any jurisdiction that says,you cannot create stealth accounts,you can create stealth accounts in some,websites uh they allow creating,additional accounts on some websites,they don't allow but the only thing here,is,not the breakage of law the only thing,is that you perhaps uh not uh like,working according to the website's terms,of service if we tok about legal,ramifications then as long as you're,using and creating accounts of your,friends or relatives and providing real,factual information of people and not,falsifying like documents or like uh,creating accounts of full speed of of,non-existent people then you're doing,everything correctly everything fine as,long as it increases,revenue for your business and it helps,you everything is within legal,ramifications you're just using some,growth tactiks maybe some,some growth tactiks to increase the,revenue of your business but any,business needs uh every business has it,every business has it every business,utilizes specific loopholes around,every corner they get to increase their,revenue so it's totally legal totally,fine and from my side i think it's,totally totally moral and from my side a,good example of that is if for is,if for example you're a dropshipper and,y


Require Login to Access Shopify Store

hey scott austin here from jade puma in,this video i'm going to show you how to,make an entire shopify store require a,login this is actually a really easy,thing to do,with just liquid code you don't need an,app or anything all there are apps that,do this but if you're comfortable just,copying pasting 10 lines of code you can,do this in your store without an app,so let me show you what how this behaves,right so here you see,i'm on a website this is actually a,wholesale website i'm working on for a,client,and if i click on any link,you'll see that i keep getting the,wholesale portal login page which is,under the url of account forward slash,login this is a standard page in every,shopify store,um,but regardless of what page i click on,it still takes me back to this this,wholesale login page and that's because,i'm not logged in and i can see that,here because my,login icon it says login instead of you,know account,so if i log in,using a username and password that's,valid in shopify now all of a sudden i'm,in you know the store and i can click on,any of the pages and browse the store,normally and you can see now my my,little login icon says account which,means i'm logged in,so let's just go in and log out again,and show you how this works right,so in in the code i'm going to shopify,admin for this store i'm going to go,under online store,and under,themes,then actions then edit code,and i'm going to open up the,theme.liquid file,which is stored right up here in layout,under theme.liquid and it's already open,and the code that makes this happen is,just these 10 lines of code,um so what you know explain the logic of,what this code is doing um and i'll,include a,little snippet of this code on the the,page that on my blog on my website where,you can copy and paste the code you,might have to change it a little bit for,your situation,but this will get you started and right,down the right path,so what we're doing here is we're,basically,in in this logic here we're asking,ourselves do we want to redirect the,customer,to um the login page so you see the,first thing is an unless statement um in,less customer and think of customer as,logged in right if if you ask in in,liquid if customer it actually looks are,is this user on the website logged in or,not,so basically we're saying,if you know unless customers if not,logged in,so if they're not logged in then,continue looking right,so if they're already logged in this,next set of logic gets ignored and then,what we look at is if template contains,customers,and this,is you know if you haven't played with,liquid code a little bit this is one of,the more um you know things you have to,learn right it's one of those learnings,you do because normally the template,is you know usually in the file name of,uh,let's just look at a template here's the,artikle template for example right,um it just says artikle.liquid,the the deceiving thing is or the little,trick you have to learn is,there's a subfolder in templates and,that's what these are customers cut,account customers activate account,customers addresses,and log in and order so there's a whole,bunch of customer type pages,that are in a sub folder called,customers,so this,login page even though up here it just,says account login the template name,actually contains the phrase customers,because that login,right here this,login.liquid is in the subfolder,customers so basically what we're saying,here is,if they're already on one of these,customer pages like the login page then,you know we're not going to redirect,them because if they're already on this,login page we don't want to redirect,them to the login page would end up,being an infinite loop,and then what we say is you know,if so if it's false if if they're not on,one of these customer pages and they're,not logged in as a customer,then we're going to set a variable send,a login equals true all right so send a,login going through this loop it's,either going to be false or it's going,to be true and don't forget if they're,already logged in,send to login we're not setting it,anywhere so it will be false by default,and then once we go through that little,logic there,then we have a simple if then statement,if send a login right so,this is,basically,saying if we've already set this to true,up here and so there's two if statements,right if send send to login which,basically is if we've already set it to,true,and request path is not challenge,so that's when you know they're,authentikating and stuff like that um,and that's i think that's the uh the,forget your password page,so,if,they're not logged in as we're figuring,out here they're not on a customer page,um and they're not on the challenge page,then what we're gonna do is we're going,to redirect them to,a new page and that's what this is html,this isn't liquid this line here this is,html and it's just a meta and it says,content right send them to this url,which is account login and every store,has a forward slash account for slash,login page in shopify,it also says then go refresh the page so,all this other content below,um actually is is not used because the,first thing it shows up but then you,know,the site listens to this first command,which says redirect them to the account,login page and that's what you see,happening here is as i'm not logged in,right now i click on any one of these,and,i and if you look up here in the url,string you'll see it goes to that page,for a second right if i click on your,rig,i saw it said collection something there,a second ago and then it got redirected,so it quickly loads the page and the,first command it sees is redirect to the,login page right so that that's what's,happening there,um,and so that's that's the code it's as,simple as this to add you know these 10,lines to your theme liquid right,underneath the head so it's the first,thing that happens on every page on your,site,um when it loads up it goes through,those different rules determines if,we're gonna redirect it to the login,page or not and then performs that,action,now something to think about is,in your login page,and then this will depend on the,business rules for your store for,example this store here is a wholesale,store and it's a whole it's a wholesale,store it's standalone from the retail,store,so,we've made the entire site require login,and if they want to apply for a,wholesale account they've got to do that,on a form that we put on the retail,store so looking for apex chassis retail,store click here for our consumers,you know,click here for our consumer store and we,also have a link up here that says if,you want to apply for a wholesale,account apply here if i click on that it,takes me over to the retail store and,then the the apply,application form shows up for them,so,and what we did you know most people,don't edit their account login page,right so what you're probably going to,want to do is edit your account login,page to put some extra verbiage around,what's going on like hey you know,welcome to our wholesale portal you must,you know log in with your wholesale,account,and any other directions what i also did,on this one is because the application,is not just create an account in shopify,through the shopify account creation,process which actually apply and the,store staff evaluates your application,and then approves it and what they do,once it's approved they manually add,that,customer information,into the shopify store and send an,account invite out so you'll notike on,this account page there's no,sign up link and there was in this,account most account pages by default,have a don't have an account click here,to sign up so based on your business,rules you may want to you know comment,that out and not allow them to create,their own accounts if you want them to,go through a separate application,process,so that's how we get an entire site to,require login just editing uh you know,the theme dot liquid with a little bit,of code that redirects everybody that is,not logged in to t

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Understanding the Shopify API

jp weise important to be used to find,out to gather,hey wir wollen hier rica mexiko russia,today we get started with the happy end,i chose look at what mlp existent what,about and practikal world use cases ein,gesamtes for you and some tipps und how,to get started ließ der ist viel sie,bitte was toking about apps not like,everyone at some point you may come,across a mon teckel toking about dpa,wenn die ubi prepared so let's take that,started with them are actually is the,terms for application program interface,es bis das ex-playmate prepared for you,very kommen und intuitiv analogie so,letzte managen wie die agentur,restaurant und der rest rats 11 ist,actually quite compact system if you,think about sofa instance mit kokos oder,von recipes wenn juror sony zusammen,infrastructure and kitchener plans and,people don't know how to operate disney,to quickly and manage and some way and,then you also need some order system adb,keeping the things that number ones to,deal with the continuing the guest ist,der euroleague anything about the things,i caught the way to which is pretty much,stadion die personalie to tok to you,can asked questions and skin von brings,you get the food,and anything you want that ever get in,touch with all of behind the scenes the,one way of thinking about this would be,better way to actually shields you von,oldies prozesses ändern ihre präsenz wie,interface venables youtube,communications system,der rest rund die hälfte communicate,with the system behind him and if you,want the new kids teens die,dokumentation for food and drink sie,kostet elsass exactly what keine,requests we can makers hotels ascot,expect to get back on the words motto,response might look like i have to,transform adnologies shop with space age,of empires and least e.coli complex,systems with no idea how databases look,like exactly why i have no idea how,exactly the safety products im,virgin,page system works orders system works im,detail was good thing is we don't need,to know all diese links im detail wie,cosmic egg news auf dem just bei,communicator sp.in letzte wird ein,abstract illustration widmen youtube,documented dem easy to use interface,which allows us to communicator system,exchange information and used it,services it offers the snake eyes on the,practikal use cases ein exempel motto,wirtschaft vhs like to maine apps colt,die admira,that may be used to integrate apps,services and features will ins tor so,for instance disco be the one to collect,email address is on your front page one,to each email address to the third party,e mail marketing to use that may be,wird dort von pia und die oberhand is,used to create shopping experience,ist dort vom shopping app store,diskothek customers the opportunity to,buy product in different places wenn ihr,online store,waterworld examples actually want to,show you never,agency and working at das depot die news,release and go away die featured on the,front page auf die app store wurde so,die polizei and if i don't know it's,your stage and price comparison zeit,hier in germany with thousands of,product and click auch mal aufwärmen,you'll find and listings von astellas,offering des product that the best price,of the best delivery conditions and,click on one of the things you get rid,directed to the stories elf somit liegen,beide produkte that's the way for the,cellar generate some extra traffic and,development mega access to video,upload products that you want to become,listed on plattform sap know connects,the sky with the shop and,mary read the product data in damages,personal on to i bet you can get your,kicks listet just betclic verband of,course the challenges hinten in der,tiknical die tales but that the birds,eye view einander marie common use case,for that may be,made you oder fulfillment weniger used,to person dora details and carry on chip,autoportals sp requirements and is not,too much fun creating display tiknik,bereit sondern republic samples mit,leverage that may be the same way to use,the store von,apple i told you can use the store von,apple to build shopping experience is,die kappelt von avastin files to sell in,different places wenn ihr online store,displays computer von klein auf apps für,android apps ios-apps maybe even react,web apps where you can use of fire and,integrated esse shopsystem motto very,exciting ist nur noch marco gaming,community ist game development framework,ein action uk connector integriert unity,us shop and using the store von apple,kennen denn build experience is where he,used with that they make it ingame,purchase for major,player generated content in game,wahlergebnisse gesamte samstag in,screenshot auf die skype,connect print on demand service,des anbieters,in epik match und wenn die quali für,experte christian box ein bisschen,schief -,of new market opportunities er ist shops,morris ecommerce engine that there now,before i bring des video to close the,view tipps und autor jetzt david,learning gebaut die sepia sommerfest,weiß ist der start with that may be for,getting into the store von apple wie,cosmic disco address the most common use,cases and i know that,can be for this is just add water,restkosten von cia to understand in my,opinion and many eyes only built with,the basics den quickly move on,top features of process which we can get,into you don't think that for now i,don't want das video to become the,tiknical das ist meine foundation and,of course i let you score resources to,the description motto the future,kontrast leben gekommen an der comex are,all right watch video after the jump for,you,belong to date präsent people der,video-spot was scrapping vielen weitet,die karosserie hauptes euronext frei

What is ChatGPT and How You Can Use It

chat GPT is one of the most trending,topics right now it's been less than a,week since its release and people's,minds are being blown with what it can,do it's also breaking records with over,1 million users signed up in just 5 days,faster than Netflix Twitter Facebook,even Instagram no longer will you be,Googling the answers to problems Chad,GPT and gives breakdowns of them in fine,detail with explanations exactly how it,works this will make people question,just how relevant Google will be in the,coming future do you want to know the,limitations of typescript chat GPT has,you covered but what exactly is Chad GPT,what makes it so powerful these are,things I wanted to find out it's built,by the same people that are behind open,AI which are now shaping some really,interesting tiknologies and they've,been building powerful engines like,codex which is the engine behind GitHub,co-pilot something that many of us are,already using in our day-to-day coding,on vs code and if you're looking closely,you might see the beginnings of chat GPT,where people put in prompts and they get,outputs from an AI generated system,another example was Dali 2 which was an,image generator based on prompts you,enter here you get different types of,visualizations of a Spaceman on a horse,and lots of other examples even,extending out classical artwork chat GPT,is therefore a way of prompting an AI to,solve or answer a question or a prompt,in a human-like manner very different,from anything else we've seen before and,this can sound scary very scary,especially to organizations like stack,Overflow which Pride themselves on,solving problems with human related,answers they've actually gone as far as,Banning chat gbt out from their systems,this is because they want to build a,level of Trust on there and if people,simply copy paste answers from GPT,without any references that might break,that level of trust this is all quite,interesting but let me have a look at,chat GPT under the hood by actually,using it and seeing just how useful it,will become as part of our day-to-day,lives in development as well as any,industry in case you didn't know chat,GPT is entirely free if you want to try,it out yourself simply go to open AI log,in with a brand new account and then,select the chat GPT interface I'm quite,fond of the design it's nice and simple,giving you the examples as well as some,capabilities and limitations of chat GPT,some of these capabilities are quite,powerful things like remembering what a,user said in a conversation and,providing follow-up corrections as well,the first thing I wanted to do is to see,if it could tell me what python or,typescript is and it gave me a pretty,sound answer saying that typescript is a,programming language that's a superset,of JavaScript since I haven't actually,used typescript before I decided to ask,it if it could give me a Hello World,function not only did it write the,function in such a manner that I could,literally copy paste it out but it also,explained the function to me and this is,really just the beginning and here is,where things get interesting I've been,working on a small application and I was,getting an error that I couldn't figure,out I decided to copy paste this error,into chatgpt to see what it would say,here's some JavaScript in vs code for a,upload for a video app I'm working this,code is fairly when I try to run it in,node.js I copy pasted this straight into,chat GPT asking if it could fix the,following code for me what I received,back was my code fixed and not only that,chatgpt went through and gave me the,code to copy paste and even explain to,me exactly what was wrong why it was,wrong and how it was fixed in this,example I had written my return function,incorrectly basically making a bit of a,typo and here it's gone through and,fixed that return making sure that it's,spelled correctly it's also been a bit,cheeky here adding in a comment that it,fixed the typo right here on the line,where it says return if I didn't know,any better this could have come from a,real human even for example a mentor or,a supervisor that could be checking and,reviewing your code and this makes me,question exactly what things might look,like in the future of development,because this could really be like a,personal assistant officer but chat GPT,has a lot of relevance even outside of,programming since it's practikal to,pretty much anything here I wanted to,create a list of food I can eat that,don't include carbs because I'm trying,to lose a little bit of weight it gave,me three dishes that I can have grilled,chicken as well as shrimp as well as,some omelets taking this one step,further I asked if it could create a,shopping list for me based on those,meals and yes it did that very easily,not only that it indented them and made,them nice and readable I think that chat,GPT is here to stay I think it'll be,revolutionary it'll become part of our,day-to-day lives similar to how Google,has and not only that it's going to,revolutionize so many Industries once,they take full advantage of it that's,just my opinion though what do you guys,think let me know in the comments below,and if you haven't already make sure you,guys hit like on this video

Purchasing and Setting Up Sellvia Custom Dropshipping Store

hello guys this is olusha david and,welcome to my youtube channel now in,today's video i'm going to show you how,you can place an order for the salvia,ready-made custom drop shipping store,that you can use to kick-start your drop,shipping business so in this video i'm,going to walk you through the entire,step then show you what to expect even,before you place an order for the,customer shipping store then also show,you what exactly it is you're going to,get after you've successfully placed an,order for the silvia drop shipping store,all right so if you like to start your,own personal drop shipping store using,the silvia driving platform i want you,to stik around watch this video to the,end and if this is your first time,visiting the channel please don't forget,to like the video if you have any,questions drop them in the comment,section then the most especially,subscribe to the youtube channel so you,can get more videos like this all right,so without any further ado let's get,started,alright guys so like i said i'm going to,show you how you can place an order for,the salvia custom drop shipping store,but before we go ahead let's have a look,at some of the benefits that comes with,placing an order for the ready-made,custom drop shipping store so using the,salvia platform you get to enjoy one two,three business day chipping on all of,your products all of your product is,going to be stored in their us warehouse,then each product also comes with a,promo campaign and you get to enjoy best,price and huge profit margin,on each of your products then the,product also comes with top-notch,product description and so you don't,have to bother yourself writing a,product description again all of the,product is going to come with a perfect,description so once you have the store,all you need to do is start selling the,product immediately so for the custom,store you also get to enjoy free domain,name you get to enjoy free hosting you,get to enjoy in product page that you,can use to market the product so it also,comes with niche research it comes with,mobile friendly design it comes with,free,e-commerce software that you can use to,automate the entire business it comes,with a drop shipping plugin that you can,use to import then fulfill order,automatikally then the product that,comes with the store is 50 then you have,unlimited choice of products that you,can import to the website all right so,the payment gateway that is going to be,added to it a newspaper and credit card,so the stok creation itself is going to,take around one business day all right,so these are the things you should,expect with the soviet dropshipping,platform but before you placed an order,for the soviet store if we are from a,non-u.s country like i am you need to,have a payment gateway that you are,going to use to receive payment on your,dropshipping website and currently the,best payment gateway that you can use to,receive payment is stripe and paper all,right so if you don't have a stripe,account i did a video on how you can set,up a stripe account legally as a non-us,citizen all right so i'm going to add a,link to the video somewhere around there,so what you want to do is you want to,click the link watch the video then set,up your stripe account so once you have,your stripe account you can now connect,it with your drop shipping website then,use it to receive payment on your drop,shipping website so once you have that,you can now start your job shipping,business all right so in this video like,i said i'm going to show you how you can,place an order for the server drop,shipping platform so before we go about,that if you don't really understand what,the server driven platform is all about,i'm going to have a short video by the,server platform themselves just for you,to have a good understanding of what the,silvia platform is all about all right,so let's check it out sylvia is a,groundbreaking drop shipping supplier,based in the us,with us you get your order shipped to,your american customers within one to,three days,how do we do it,we launched a top-notch warehouse in,california we packed it with proven best,sellers and we arranged their lightning,speed shipping across the us,that's it everything's in physical stok,in the warehouse no third parties no,wasting time you just place an order we,pick the items from the shelf pack them,and ship directly to your customer yes,it's that simple,why else are we different we provide,stellar product pages for every item,what do you get,compelling descriptions,real customer reviews,high quality photos and videos taken in,our own studio,import all this to your store with just,one click and shoppers won't leave your,store empty-handed,and one more thing when you join us you,can always count on your personal,manager support and our professional,help with your store promotion,say goodbye to endless deliveries,negative feedback multiple refunds and,facebook bans,with selvia you'll enjoy a trouble-free,business customer's loyalty repeated,purchases and ever-growing profits,sylvia is made for you,join today,feel the difference tomorrow,all right so now that you understand,what the salvia dropshipping platform,can actually do for your dropshipping,business we can now go ahead and place,an order for the ready-made custom drop,shipping store but before we do that i,think you need to understand that sylvia,actually comes with 14 days trial and,after the 14 days trial they are going,to charge you,399 per year to keep using the website,now the good thing is if you don't want,to use it again you can simply cancel it,and your account will not be charged all,right so now that we know this let's go,and place an order for the website all,right so what i'm going to do now is i'm,going to add a link at the description,of the video so i want you to go to the,description of the video click the link,there for you to place your own order,all right so once you've clicked the,link you're going to see something like,this all right so what you want to do,from here now is click on this start for,free all right or click on get my stop,all right so i'm going to click on get,my store and it's going to take me to,the purchase page all right so what i'm,going to do now is i'm going to enter my,email address so after i enter my email,address i'm going to scroll down then,enter my card details here all right so,i'm going to enter my security code then,enter the name on the card all right so,after that what i'm going to do now is,i'm going to click on complete holder,here so as you can see they're not going,to charge you so the ready made store is,actually 399 so it's going to be zero,the austin is going to be zero and the,cellular monthly plan is going to be,zero so what you are going to pay right,now is going to be zero dollar okay but,after the 14 this trial they are going,to charge you but if you don't want to,keep using it you can cancel it at any,time all right so what i'm going to do,in my own case now is i'm going to click,on complete order here,so i'm going to wait for them to process,it,all right so the reason it's saying,subscription already exists for this,email is because i have another um,dropshipping website that is attached to,this email so what i'm going to do now,is i'm going to change this email,address then use another one that does,not have a salvia account all right so,i've changed the email address now so,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,scroll down again then click on complete,my order to complete the purchase,all right so as you can see it is thanks,you are awesome seriously can't wait to,get started please answer four simple,questions so that we could start,building your stuff all right so the,next thing i want to do now is i want to,fill out the survey now this software is,what they are going to use to help me,build the salvia ready-made dropshipping,website so what i'm going to do now is,i'm going to click on fill out survey so,the first question as you can see now is,