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dropshipping luxury watches

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Ultimate Guide To Dropshipping Watches (2020)

what's going on YouTube. Wesley, here and today, I'm going to show you the ultimate guide to drop shipping watches in 2020. so I need to do right now is sign up below for my new course, starting at only 486 dollars, and I'm totally kidding guys. I'm gonna teach you, guys, the exact methods that these so-called gurus used to scale their stores, but what I'm not going to do is rip you off. I'm here to provide free content because I want you to open the store of your dreams, and all I ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started, and if you leave a comment below writing add chill winners, I'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that I update every week. and no, it doesn't link to a course. yes, it's free, so don't even worry. so maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well. or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales, and I used to hate it. also, when I see the same products in a competing store and that little ringer showing who purchased it just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me crazy. but don't worry, once you find out the process behind finding winning products, you already have won half the battle, and that's not all. I'm gonna show you my favorite strategies for making sure I'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, I've been there. back then there wasn't any guides like this and I kind of had to do a lot of trial and error and sometimes I had to hit the books like legit hit the books. but once I figured things out, my sales began to skyrocket. so what you actually want to do when you first start out is try to find a trending, watched product that will, you know, suit your brand in store. so what you gonna do- most people don't realize this amazon's bestseller is a good, good option for this scenario, just because we want designs that are trendy, right. so how you find it is, there's actually no like watch niche right here, so you're actually gonna have to kind of go into different sections and find it. so what you actually have to do here is go to clothing, shoes and jewelry, and then we're gonna do men's watches just for the sake of this video. and then we're gonna do men's and then go over here to watches and boom, here we go- the best-selling men's watches right now. so our watch bands are really popular. so if you want to do the ad for your store, that's a good idea. but let's kind of look through, like though you know, different styles and stuff and see for and see what we can use for our store when we, you know, when it's our turn to add stuff. so this looks pretty cool. it's a minimal, minimalistik watch and you know good reviews, over two thousand four hundred sixty-six old, so this is a good design. I like it. um, you could also try a digital watches, but digital watches like this are kind of a more Hardware category, just because most people prefer to use the bigger brands like Samsung and Apple. so I'd stik to like quartz watches like this or like maybe digital workout watches or something like that, where, like something like this, a Casio g-shock and stuff like that, so stakes, of course, watches, just because there's a lot of variety, especially later on when you're searching for products. so just you know, keep in mind some of these designs that are doing really good. so this looks pretty cool. so we have a few options. so just kind of note it on the side, like what designs that are doing good here that you feel like in best suit your store. and what actually we're actually gonna do now is go over here to Aliexpress and then we're gonna find our products that we feel best suits our store. so what we're gonna do here is go to jewelry and watches and go over to quartz watches and kind of check out what they have here. so already I could see one that I you know, that we saw earlier. that looks pretty cool. so what I'm actually gonna do is kind of filter things, just to narrow it down. so what I like to do is do four stars and up, because I want products that have high reviews and then also, if you kind of have like, um, you want to, you know, have a certain profit margins and stuff, you can definitely do like a max price or a minimum price if you don't want something too cheap, depending on you know how you want to do your business. but I'm gonna leave my normal just because I'm just trying to find, you know, a nice looking product. and maybe I want to do like fast shipping or something if I want to get the products here fast, you know. but let's say, shipping is on a rush right now and we just kind of look for products. so, after this word, can kind of browse through it and see what products we like. so this one doing pretty good, oh, and then what we're gonna look for is hi reviews and also high amounts sold. so this is a product that I feel like can do really good, and so I'm actually gonna select it and open it in a new tab. and then I'm gonna look for two more products that I want to test out. so I have one here and let's see- and I won't- I'm not gonna do all of like the same design just because I want to test out three different products just to see, like you know, which one will do better in our tests. so, um, this one looks pretty good, has 4,000 sold, and then it has good reviews too, so I'm gonna open it. it kind of has that like g-shock style, so maybe that'll do really well. and then I'm gonna do another one where it's just kind of like like this old-timey classic look maybe, or like this. but let's kind of look through it a little bit. definitely, take your time in this aspect. I'm for the sake of video. I'm kind of just looking through the first page. but yeah, you can take. you take as long as you need to find products that best suit your brand and your style of things, because you know yours, everybody's story's different, so what you feel like will best suit your style, you know. just go for it and try it out if you want to test it. so this one has 6000 sold and decent reviews too. obviously. four point eight, so that's pretty good. and then BOOM, so we have three watches right here. so one, two, you know all right, and then they all have really nice pictures. this one even has a video- so that's perfect- of three different styles that we could test out. so what you want to do now is um just, you know there's different routes you can go. obviously. you can just um add it to your Shopify store, or what other, or your Squarespace store, if you want to use that. whichever store you want, you can add it to the store and then just run your choice of PPC campaigns, whether that be Google Ads, Facebook ads or something else. I'm gonna show you my favorite tool to use right now, which would be the edge: hold one minute product launcher. so what's cool about this is I'm gonna be able to be able to create three different campaigns for each individual watch and three different ads for each individual watch in a short amount of time, just because- and it's gonna be- it's a real game-changer for me, cuz you know, to take time to create three individual Facebook campaigns and separate audiences and things like that it'll take forever. so, just for the sake of time, I just want to get these products out, just to you know gauge how people will receive it, you know. so, first things first, I'm gonna copy this one and then I'm gonna go over here and just plug the Lincoln, when what agile is doing right now is just taking all of the information from that Aliexpress link and compiling it into a Facebook campaign ad for us. so we have our picture, we have our title, we have our audience, we have a demographic and we have our somewhere where we can put our copy. so what we're gonna do now is just kind of filter today pictures- what if I want to? but I'd like all the pictures here, and then I don't want this giant keywords magnet. so I'm just gonna put like something simple. and then, right here we have different audiences and it's cool is that add chill finds these audiences based off of the ollie Express link. so it's audiences that actual things b.


uh. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. hey, what's up, guys? welcome back to the channel. welcome back to another video. if you're stopping by the channel for the first time, please consider subscribing to my channel and, while you're at it, smash that thumbs up button for me. i really would appreciate that. today, guys, we're gonna be toking about how to make five thousand dollars per month by buying and selling luxury watches. now i got a couple of my watches here with me today. i have a rolex explorer, i also have a rolex submariner date two-tone, and these are the type of watches that i buy and i resell online for profit. now i've been buying and selling watches for about 12 years and this has been a great side hustle for me, or what i like to call it, an additional stream of income. now there are a lot of watch trading courses out there where you can go out and buy that course and they will teach you how to buy and sell watches. i don't offer that partikular type of course. what i do offer is, through my company, rf financial consulting, i offer financial mentoring and coaching sessions, and in those sessions i certainly can tok with you about luxury white cells and give you an a to z to what i do in order to put myself in a position to make five thousand dollars a month flipping watches. but in this video today, i'm going to abbreviate what i would normally tok about in those financial sessions. i'm gonna abbreviate that today for this video so we can keep the video to about 10 minutes long. the first thing i recommend you do if you want to buy watches like this and resell them. you got to first of all find where you can buy these watches, and the number one place in the world to buy these pre-owned luxury watches is ebay. that's right, guys. ebay is a marketplace that has millions of these types of watches up for sale every day, and when i started 12 years ago, i would go on to ebay. i would have a partikular watch in mind and i would have my online retail price in mind, and that's how i would go in and start negotiating with sellers in order to buy under market and then turn around and resell at full online retail prices. some of the research i had to do before i could go to ebay was i needed to learn about the price point, so i would go to places like the watch forums. i would go to rolexforumscom, i would go to watchyouseekcom and you can even go to places like chrono24. so once i go and i know what i want to pay for a watch, based on what the retail value of that watch is, then i would go to ebay and i would locate that watch on ebay. and the way i would locate it is i would simply go in and do a search. for example, if i wanted to buy a rolex explorer, i would go onto ebay type in rolex explorer, i would type in the model number and then obviously there would be 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 of these watches that would come up available for sale on ebay. now i already know what the retail value- the pre-owned online retail value- of a rolex explorer is with that model number, based on condition and based on if it comes with box and papers. i already know what the retail value is because i've already went to the watch forums. i've already went to chrono 24 and i see what they're selling for from a retail standpoint, right online retail. so when i go to ebay i already know i need to pay below that. a lot of people will ask me: well, why would someone on ebay sell you a watch below what the retail value of the watch is. well, you got to keep in mind 99 of the people on ebay that are selling watches are not people who want to sell watches for a living. they're someone who has a watch that they're just trying to get rid of and turn it into cash, or they're trying to get rid of that watch so that they could upgrade to something else. 99 of the population could care less about flipping watches- that one percent of people who do flip watches, like myself. that's where we're able to go on to a platform like ebay and make offers, negotiate offers below what we know the retail is on that partikular watch and win. i've done it for 12 years, guys, and ebay is the place where i've bought probably 95 of my pre-owned watches, whether it be rolex, whether it be omega, whether it be breitling, iwc, panerai, that's where i would buy 95 of my watches and then i would simply turn around and put the watch back up for sale on ebay at that full retail price. so let me run you through a scenario. and we won't use one of these two watches, but let's use a omega, seamaster, planet ocean 45 millimeter pre-ceramic bezel. so i know, in good condition box and papers, i can buy one of those on the watch form for twenty five hundred dollars. so now that i know that i'm gonna go to ebay, i'm gonna find that same omega sea master planted ocean 45 millimeter pre-ceramic bezel model. once i locate it on ebay, then i'm gonna start looking at the seller. i'm a look at all of these sellers that i'm interested in buying their watch, and the reason i start with the seller and not the watch is i want to make sure if i'm going to buy something for 2500 online, it's coming from somebody who you have some type of way of making sure they're a trustworthy person. and the way you do that is through ebay, is through looking at their feedback, looking at their transaction history, seeing how long they've been buying and selling on ebay. you know you want to email that person through ebay and have a conversation, some dialogue with that person and then make a decision. if that's the right person, you want to make an offer on their watch. for me i've been doing it for 12 years that way, guys, and i've never had a problem with buying a fake watch. now that doesn't mean you won't have a problem. you have to make sure you buy the seller first, then you buy the watch, do your due diligence on the seller and then if you're happy with the seller, then you make the offer on the watch. that would be, um, the process of buying watches. that's the way i've done it for 12 years and i've never bought a fake watch and i've never had a problem buying on ebay by using that process. so once i vet the sellers at that point now it's time for me to start negotiating an offer with those sellers. now it may be 10 sellers that i'm negotiating an offer with at one time. every seller is not going to accept your offer. so if i know the retail value of that watch from the watch forum research is twenty five hundred dollars, i'm gonna start my offers at eighteen hundred dollars. so i got eighteen hundred that imma start offering when i know the retail is about 25 and in most cases in my history i would meet somewhere, typically in the middle, with that person, maybe slightly lower than the middle. so maybe i twenty one hundred dollars for the watch. i get the watch home, i make sure it is exactly what was described on ebay and then i turn around, take my photos and i re-list the watch on ebay for 25, maybe even 2600 dollars. i go listed on the watch forums for 2 600. i can sell the watch anywhere from 2200 to 2600 and still be profitable. right now. if i make 300 bucks on that watch, here's the deal. i can sell 10 to 15 of those watches per month. it just depends on how hard i want to work right. if i want to put in the work which i did, i could sell as many as i want. i was not necessarily looking to hit a home run every time i put a watch up for sale on ebay. what i was more interested in is making three or four hundred dollars a watch and then doing volume, and then that would get me to my five thousand dollar number a month that i was looking to hit. and then i would take that money, guys, and i would invest it in real estate. i would invest it in the stok market and continue to grow my wealth. well, guys, this is not everything you'll need to know about buying and selling watches online, but at least it's a start if you're interested in learning more the full process of what i do. again, i have a company called rf financial consulting. the email address for that company is in the description box of this video. send me an email. set up a one hour coaching session w.

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How I Invested $1,000 and Made $100,000 Flipping Luxury Watches

what's up guys? welcome back to the channel, welcome back to another video. i started my fascination with watches back in 2004.. i was watching tv one night and this show called qvc. i started seeing these watches come across the screen and it blowed my mind. now, the name of those watches were invicta. they looked just like rolex and at the time i could not afford to buy a rolex. so i thought to myself: it looks like a rolex, nobody will really know, why don't i buy one of those and test it out and see how i like it? so i pulled the trigger. they sent the watch to me. i got the watch, i looked at it and, guys, it looked very similar to how a rolex would look. so i got the watch size, put it on my wrist and i started wearing it. and since that first invicta watch i bought in 2004- that's where my passion for watches started. i quickly decided i wanted to find out more about these watches, keeping in mind i couldn't afford a real rolex like i got in front of me here today, or an omega sea master, planet ocean deep black couldn't afford any of these at the time. so invicta at the time was, you know, it was priced right, i think it was about a hundred bucks. fit and finish on the watch was fantastik. so that's the route i went because i couldn't afford anything more than that. so my journey started with these watches, this whole watch obsession, this whole watch hobby. so i joined a couple of watch forums and i started doing my research and partikipating on the forums. i quickly started to realize, wow, there are guys on the watch forums that are selling these high-end watches like rolex, omega, breitling, panerai, iwc, ap, attack, philippe. these guys were selling these high-end watches on these watch forums and i'm saying: what man, how do these guys do this? you know, i can't, let alone i can't even really afford to to buy a rolex. hire these guys flipping rolexes. so i continued to do my research, i continued to kind of study what they were doing on the watch forums and i decided: why not give it a shot? you know, i'm saving this money so that i can purchase me a rolex one of these days. but in order to help me get to that point, maybe i should try and flip watches like these guys are doing now. guys, i didn't know very much about it at the time. like i said, i had been doing some research. i i was partikipating on the watch forums and, uh, things were going pretty well. i enjoyed it, it was a good hobby, but i really didn't know if i could do what these guys were doing. so ultimately it came down to me just making a decision to try it. so i went out, started looking for a watch that i could afford, and at the time my budget was about a thousand bucks. so i start messing around and found a tag heuer. so i purchased that tag hoyer, went back to the watch forums to kind of see how these guys post their photos, what type of description they put in for to describe the watch, what type of payment methods do they require and how people can get questions answered if they want to. so i follow the exam format these guys had in their for sale posts on the watch forums. i listed the watch for sale on ebay. i also listed the watch for sale in the watch forums. a couple weeks go by, finally sold the watch on ebay for 1 100. i bought the watch for a thousand. i successfully sold it for 1 100, validated that there is a market out there where you can purchase pre-owned watches and then enjoy them if you want, wear them and then, when you're ready to move on to another watch or do something different, you can put that watch up for sale and recoup your money back and make a little bit of profit. so that's how i started off. i started doing that and then, over time, i was able to put together enough money to buy my very first rolex watch. and once i bought my rolex watch, i even stepped my game up a little bit further. with the watch sales, i said: you know, now that i put myself in a position where i've made some money through flipping watches whereby i could buy my own rolex, why don't i start buying more watches- buying more rolex, buying more panerai, omega, breitling- and why don't i have a little inventory of those and i can just sell them online? so that's where luxury watch sales begin. i initially used the credit card in order to buy myself about four watches- one rolex, an omega, a breitling and a panerai- and i put those watches on ebay for sale. i also put them on the watch forums for sale and i started just doing that, and i did that consistently. at the peak, i would probably have 20 watches in inventory- and i'm toking about high-end watches, guys. the thing that i learned through this process of buying and selling watches online is you gotta be able to purchase the watch at a deep enough discount and make some profit off of it. you gotta buy it right. so the number one thing i do is i have multiple venues that i buy my watches on. i mean, i buy them through great market retailers online. you know. i buy them from individuals online through the watch forums and through ebay. i also go locally here in the area i live in and i visit authorized dealers and develop relationships with those authorized dealers to be able to get on their list. so when these special watches come in or if they have a special offer, they call me as one of their preferred uh customers. i also frequent, you know, estate shops, um high-end pawn shops and develop relationships with these people, because, whether you want to believe it or not, these estate shops and these pawn shops, they see a lot of these types of watches. because what will happen is, if people fall on hard times, they just don't have the patience or the time to be able to take pictures of a watch and put it on ebay or put it in the watch forums. no, they need cash right now. so a lot of times these people will go down to their local pawn shop or a state shop and offer their watch for sale because they need the cash. and so a guy like me, who can go develop relationships with some of these local brick and mortar retailers, like these pawn shops and these estate shops, if they know who i am and they know that i'm in the business of paying them a fair price for a luxury watch, then i'm one of the first people that they call, and oftentimes guys, i get great deals on watches because of that. the next thing for me i had to figure out, as it related to remarketing these watches online, was: you know where would i sell them at? you know who, who would be my customer? and for me it was ebay and it was the watch forums. those were my two main places i would remarket my watches and and had great success, especially on ebay. you got to understand. you know ebay is a platform that's global, not just people here in the united states, it's people all over the world that have access to your inventory or your product or service, whatever it is. you have a global market using ebay. so that was the main platform i used in order to market my or remarket my watches that, uh, that i wanted to resell. those are the two things, guys, you'll need to figure out. you'll need to figure out how do i buy these watches at a deep enough discount so that when i'm ready to sell it, ready to move on from it, i can do that and make a profit. and then the second thing is is: where do i sell these watches at? and i know some of you guys are just trying to find a way to supplement or create additional income. and i would tell you, look at your hobbies, look at your passion. figure out if there's a way for you to create an income stream out of that hobby or out of that passion, like i did with with my watch passion. um, dig into that. find out if that avenue exists for you. if it doesn't pick up a hobby that you can do that with, i mean, it's not. there's nothing wrong with having more than one hobby or more than one passion. well, all right, guys, i just want to say thank you for checking this video out. i hope it was helpful, i hope it answers some questions around what i do and what my passion is for watches, and i hope you guys figure out what your passions are and see if you can monetize them. if you're stopping by the channel for the fir,

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How This Makes Him $1,000,000/Week

did you know you can make millions of dollars buying and selling watches even without any money? this is mike the rm plug. he turned nothing into a multi-million dollar jewelry empire supplying high-end watches to the world's top entrepreneurs, athletes and celebs, and today he's going to show me exactly how he did it. but first he had a surprise for me. all right, i got something to look at, man, a little bit of something, a little bit of something. what we got here, bro, how much money and watch is it in there? we got to open this. ah, definitely over it. okay. so what we got here, bro, break some of this down. all right, cool. so i need to add this to it, because this, this is a holy grail right here, this piece, it's magnificent. that's what you're known for, right, that's the rrm, yeah, yeah, yeah for sure, known for the ram. because you know, like, this is the holy grail, like nobody, people can't touch this. it takes a different collarbone, you know, dealer, to be able to touch our ramps. it's not like a piece that everybody can- just, you know, sell like that. so, yeah, i definitely want to know more about how you got to that level. but first, i'm curious if we could just go through and tok about the value of these watches. you can make it quick, okay, cool, no problem. so 2021, uh, ap, rose gold and this right now sell for about 155 000. um, this one sells right now for 115 000. this one sells for three hundred and eighty thousand dollars. and then the big boy right there, big boy rm- it's only limited to fifty pieces- made an award and this one is six hundred thousand dollars. thirty five, we have thirteen, we have about 17, five right here. so, in total, this box, what we got? about 1.3 million crazy. what's the reason that somebody can come to you and buy this watch and they can't go to the richard mills store and get one themselves? that's a good question, because that's a question that a lot of people ask you, like in general. so, um, before you go to pandemic, you couldn't walk into a reach a meal store and buy richard mille, because richard mille is a company that make limited pieces per year. they only make less than 5 000 pieces a year. wow, that's a huge difference. i think the fact that i branded myself so well, some people actually think that i work for richard mille, but i'm not affiliated officially with the brand. people know me as the go-to guy for richard mille. let me ask you this with this case right here: how long do you think it'll take you to move all this? this is our deposit on this. this i can sell today if i want to. you know, like one week just moves pretty fast, so it's not uncommon for you to go through a million dollars of watches in a week. oh yeah, that's, that's normal. some people might be looking at this like i cannot get to that level. this is unattainable. so i want to tok a little bit more about that. coming for sure, absolutely, man. we're here at the top of miami in this beautiful apartment. you didn't start here, though, bro, like where did you come from and how did you end up here? grew up in, uh, west africa and ivory coast, to be exact. my first biggest challenge was learning english, so i had to learn first of all english. i went to college, went to new york, worked in the actual business world or whatever. i was a loan officer or whatever for a while, and i always had these big dreams of myself like i saw myself like up there and doing big things. i just didn't know exactly how it was going to happen. i just believed that one day, with all my hard work and my determination, something was going to happen. when i first got into business, of course, it wasn't like this. it wasn't, like you know, crazy like the way it is right now. it was more something that i was interested in. i got in, i loved it. the difference is you actually have an actual heart asset that you can hold in your hand, that you can have on your wrist or put in your safe, and it actually goes up in value. i don't feel like i sell watches. i feel like i sell the lifestyle. i sell everything else, and it watches sell itself. i'm not selling something that people don't want. people want watches, they love watches, so i'm not gonna be out. yo, yo, you know what's going on, man. i have this watch for you. man, you know, every day, focus on finding the best pieces right, living your life and building good relationships. exactly that's exactly what i'm doing. then mike offered to give me a ride to show me behind the scenes of his entire jewelry operation. what was your first watch deal, though, when you first got into the game? like, how did you begin with this? my very first watch deal was: um, it was a rolex. it wasn't very expensive. i bought the watch. actually, it was funny. i financed that watch online because i had good credit and so i bought the watch on credit. i had to put a certain amount of money down and it was like 6 500 or something like that. was this a big investment for you? it was. i couldn't afford a watch, obviously, so i had to finance it. i think i put like i paid a thousand of it for 1300 or something like that. and how did you flip that? how did you get it sold? i racked it for like a month and then i started looking at the market on it and it was worth like seven thousand. i waited another month and a half. i went to other people that lowballed me and i ended up actually selling that watch on a ferrari he enemy 7 200, and at the time that was the most money you ever had. that, yeah, yeah. it wasn't like i was trying to do this for a living. you know what i'm saying. it was just wanted to try it, right, yeah, yeah. so now i could take the whole money cash and then pay this watch little by little- i was only paying 300- and use that money to get your next watch, and that's what you did, right? yeah, that's amazing, bro. if you could go back to that day when you were there starting in this game, just picked up your first watch on credit, what would you tell that, mike? what would you tell him? i wish you that finance two, three more watches. we have to factor here with george. he pretty much runs all the diamonds side of it. we're gonna go in here. he's gonna tok to us about, like, what's going on in the back end. so i want to check it out. y'all ready, let's do it all right over. here is where we start the process from a to z. just to give you an example, like this is one of our works: right here we start everything from the basis. everything your house, everything you come for, is in-house. it's like, right here he's setting a piece, right now, setting the diamond, and let's take a look, this is where the final stage is going. and then it comes to the other side of the factory. so start to finish. how long does it take to make a piece like that? a piece like this would take anywhere between two to three weeks max. when you're taking anything from him, you just know that he's in on all the production from start to finish. he's in on everything from the color selection, diamond selection, from a to z he's involved. diamonds are up 40 from last month, so i don't mind in a month. so that mean everyone that's bought a custom piece from us from back then to today is up, especially considering the quality that you guys put out of the day there you go. so if you were to break it down or those diamonds are timeless, my god, after we left, mike threw on some roddy rich and told me one of the most inspirational stories i've ever heard: just did your biggest sale. you got a bus down watch on you sitting in the back of the black car, right, right, right, right. and it never hit me before, like as far as when you tok about: oh you successful, or you got into a certain level in life, like i kept on, i just i was just working, it was, it was crazy, i i almost got tears in my eyes because i was just like, wow, like for the first time in my life i feel like i'm above. like all my struggles, all the grind, all the negative thing that happened to me, i'm like, i'm good, learning about mike's come up, motivated me like crazy and made me want to learn everything that i could about the watch game. so if i was going to get started in the watch business today, where do i begin? it's actually easy, i think, nu.

How to Sell Watches Online (Show and Sell EP1)

Whether you’re a dropshipper, an ecommerce entrepreneur or simply curious by nature, there’s nothing quite like stumbling upon an exciting product that you can sell online. Hi world, it’s Mark from Oberlo. Welcome to Show and Sell. It’s where I take a couple of minutes every Monday to dig deep into Oberlo’s marketplace. What am I looking for? Products that are likely to sell fast. I also share tried and tested marketing methods for getting those sales. This is the first show in this series, so I’ve included a special extra that will be super helpful for anyone who sets up an online store based on today’s product. So stik around until the end for that, And if you would like more product recommendations and marketing tips every week, then consider turning on the notification bell. Today I’ve selected a fantastik niche for dropshipping, One that consistently ranks in the top ten dropshipping products year on year. Most products in this niche cost under 5 dollars, They ship with epacket, They come in countless iterations And they’re timeless …. You got it: mechanical wristwatches. There is an buzzing online market for inexpensive, fun, handsome, quirky, novel, personalized, you-name-it timepieces, And I’ve picked out a handful to show you today. All of the watches you‘re about to see can be dropshipped via Oberlo. They are all supplied by Obero Verified Suppliers, and they all cost under five dollars, which means one thing: higher profits for you, the merchant. If you’re about to set up an online store, then pay attention. this could be a product idea that works for you. Mechanical wristwatches have been around for centuries. They’re extremely popular accessories for people all over the world and of all ages. People buy watches to commemorate special occasions, to give to loved ones, to express their style and to stay on time. So let’s take a look at some examples to see why This is my favourite one: The pineapple watch. It has a gold colored case with gold colored hands on a white dial, and it comes with a quality leather strap. And then there’s the pineapples spread all over the dial. They give this classic model a fresh twist that consumers will find hard to say no to. It’s an ideal product for attracting impulse buyers, as this kind of watch is not something seen very often. That means it will stand out in Facebook ad campaigns- Facebook ad campaigns which target, say, young people with disposable incomes, people who have been searching for watches and jewelry online, People going on summer vacation. The next two timepieces are for more serious watch fans. This wristwatch is sleek, modern and trendy. It calls to mind the fashionable timepieces of Daniel Wellington, for example. While you might not be able to beat DW on brand awareness, you can certainly undercut the Swedish giant on price with a watch like this. It also comes with a Nato strap, which is a strap that is very easy to exchange without the help of a trained watchmaker. If you sell watches like this, you might think about selling Nato straps too. Nato straps are a great secondary product to offer in your store to complement the range of watches you have. The other timepiece is better suited for more masculine wrists. The large, tall case speaks to more, to male aesthetiks, and if we turn it over, we see the engraving “stainless steel back”. so you know this watch can handle itself. Inside that case is a quartz movement, also known as a caliber. This is the tiknical term for the mechanism inside that enables the watch to keep time. Watch buyers will expect to know what kind of movement is inside the models you sell, so make sure you include the words “quartz movement” in your store when you list your products. Quartz watches keep outstandingly accurate time and typically lose zero point zero, two seconds a day, which is no bother to the wearer and much better than the accuracy of other types of watches. You can sound this smart too when it comes to writing product descriptions for your online watch store. All it takes is a little research and some editing of your supplier’s copy. And when it comes to copy, it’s essential you include some information that your customers will crave, Like the diameter of the watch and its height, how water resistant it is, which is measured in ATM, the color of the dial, case, hands and strap. You might think that those things are obvious to the eye and unnecessary, but here’s where you can put your brand personality front and center. You could describe this watch as large, But if your brand is all about tough, resistant timepieces that can withstand the strains of everyday life, you might also describe it as a tank watch, for example. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you use this opportunity to gain sales. Here’s another pro tip: when choosing or taking marketing images for your watches, you’re going to want to see the hands set to 10 past 10 –. this is the watch industry norm, and it is the best way of showing off your selection of watches at their smiling best. For our final timepiece from the Oberlo marketplace, the cute cat dial watch, This joyful accessory for the wrist comes with a novelty dial that will leave feline watch fans feline fine indeed. The eye-catching design is sure to turn heads during ad campaigns, and it’s so unlike other watches on the market that it’s another one that is ideal for capturing those impulse buyers. As with most of the products we’ve seen today, this cute cat dial watch comes in a range of dial and strap colors, meaning more choice for your store and more choice for your customers. Watches are very popular products among influencers, partikularly on Instagram. Using Instagram influencers is how many young watch brands make a name for themselves, And getting started is often easier than you think. Many of these influencers will be happy to create a post or campaign for you in exchange for a watch. That’s hardly going to put a sizeable dent in your budget, is it? And in return, your watches are on the right wrists and looking cool instantly. Here are 5 hashtags you definitely should be using for you: Instagram watch promotions, WatchesofInstagram Watch of the day, Wristporn, Watchmania And WOMW, which means watch on my wrist. What do you think of the watches we had on show today? Would you import them to your store and start selling? If you would, then you should check out a link to a case study below in the description (this is the special extra I promised you earlier). In this study, one of Oberlo’s superstar merchants lays out the exact steps he took to start a successful online watch store. He even made over 6,000 dollars in under two months doing it. That’s all we have time for today. Did you enjoy our new show? was it helpful? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget: learn often, market better and sell more.

Dropshipping Watches ($50k+) with Facebook Ads

what is going on right here. right now, I'm going to show you exactly how you can dropship watches. I'm going to show you the entire process that we use to make millions of dollars every single year, drop shipping things like watches and other stuff and building these seven-figure brands. so you're gonna learn everything in this video. first I'm going to tok about it, then I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it. so make sure to take out your notes, take notes here, watch this a couple times if you need to. the only thing I ask in exchange for all of this value that I've worked on for 10 plus years: hit that thumbs up button and if you like this content, subscribe. let's get into it. so you can see here. this is my facebook ad account, so you know a lot of youtubers aren't going to show you their actual ad account and that I'm actually testing products every single day. and the reason I'm making this video is because I think I found a winner. it's a Smart Watch with SIM card slot and I want to show you kind of the process of how to launch and scale these products, specifically watches, and do a ton of revenue every single month, over and over again, on repeat, I love drop shipping. so one of the you know, then, the number one opportunity here is really just if you're able to crack a product like a watch, and what I mean by crack it is you can put a dollar into ads, get four or five dollars out. then you'll be able to scale, you know, to the moon right and you'll like I've had a product where I'm doing two sales a day and all I have to do is turn up my ad budgets and boom, 100 sales a day. so it's really really not that challenging to do if you do it in the correct manner. now I see a lot of people, you know a lot. I have a lot of clients that come to me with broken funnels, their conversion rates to 3%. they think that's great. our conversion rate is like 10 to 12 percent and, by the way, I'm gonna be setting up an actual funnel here. as you can see, I just duplicated my old one and I'm gonna give this to you. I'll tell you how to do that here at the end. well, you know, you'll get our million dollar funnel that we use for every single product that we launched. now the first thing I want to do is kind of teach you a couple things that will help you in your process. number one: when you're searching for watches to sell, you know if we type in watch, you know let's very, very broad, right? you want to make sure that you're selling products with high demand, so you go here and you select orders, right, and now you can see this has thirty-one thousand orders. thirty thousand orders, thirty thousand orders. I would stay away from this one, so it looks like an Apple watch, but uh, you know, this gem cut one twenty two thousand. so all of these products have high demand and the reason you want to sell products with a lot of orders is because of that high demand. you want to make sure you're not wasting your time or your money on selling products that people just don't want. so always search by orders. make sure there's the man that's the. that's the number one step, just to save your time and and to help you make money quicker. number two: you're gonna want to definitely use the word free in the copy somewhere, whether it's a free plus shipping, meaning, hey, you can get this product free, just cover the shipping. for example, this is a two dollar, 50 cent product, so I could do it like a ten dollar shipping. now I'm sure you're in the position where, hey, you, maybe you've tried to sell watch it before and it just hasn't been successful. that's alright, I'm gonna show you exactly how to do everything here, and maybe you've started to see other people crush it with watches. I know a couple huge brands out there that are there doing this, or you know, you're just curious and you want to learn. well, don't worry, I'm gonna continue to teach you here. so, number one: make sure to follow the demand. sell products that are in demand. go, search by orders, go, you know. you know watches are hot- like 14,000 orders, anything over a couple hundred orders. you could even go to the like fourth page, anything with over a couple hundred orders. you know there's demand and watches there's pretty much unlimited. you can test. so you can test all the way to the tenth page. but once you do find a winner, then you're gonna really want to focus on point number three. so write this down: upsells, upsell one, upsell to upsell three. if you don't have upsells, you are not doing e-commerce, you are not dropship incorrectly. let me tell you that right now. if you're not using upsells, you're not dropshipping correctly, because with dropshipping the competition is high, the margins are thin, but nobody can ever really copy your backside of your funnel unless they buy your product, right? so if I sell a product for ten bucks on the front end, my average order value is ten dollars right now. what if I, you know, sold this to nighttime product for ten bucks, right? and then I was like, hey, you just bought this from me, why don't you buy this as well? and it's two dollars, right? and I sell it for thirty bull. now, I have a fat margin. and they bought this. okay. well, maybe they'll like another one of these watches, like this one. this is another 30, so up so - and then let's look for upsell 3. upsell 3 right here. and if they say no to any of these- you know our first upsell was a little exaggerated in price, right, it's a little expensive- we'll show them the same product as a down sell. so those are the three things you have to do before really, can you start with dropshipping? focus on those three things. number one: focus on high demand, proven products. don't waste your time, don't waste your money on things that aren't proven. maybe once you are killing it and you have a lot of cash flow coming in. then you can tok try products that aren't proven, but we'll tok about that later. use the word free as much as possible. if you can do a free plus shipping for your ad, that's awesome because you're gonna get more clicks and I'm actually going to show you how to set this up, the ad. I'm gonna dive into this ad here and you know a whole funnel here in this video. so I use the word free as much as possible. if you can't do a free plus shipping, use free shipping, just use that word. and then upsells: do upsell, 1, 2, 3, chew, even do four down so one, down so two, and make them really. you know, give them so many opportunities to see awesome products from you that they'll eventually buy one of them. right, and it's okay if not everybody buys one. but every 10 or so sales switch up your upsell test a new up. so it's all about rapid testing and if you work harder than the next person, you will absolutely crush it. I see so many dropshippers say, oh my god, this is not working. you know, drop shipping is dead. yada, yada, yada. but then I look at their funnel and it's: they're sending a product to their Shopify store and that's okay if that's where you are right now, because you're watching this video and I'm going to show you a different way. but they just send the, they use the Facebook ad and they say, hey, buy my product. it's almost half of a full five store, no upsells, no down cells, no around cells, no, back in nothing. and if you're in that position, don't worry, I'm gonna. I'm gonna help you out here. so we're about to jump into the actual like me, showing you how to set all this up. so you know, rewind the first part if you need to. those are the three kind of main things I wanted to go over. now we're gonna go over like Facebook Ads. you know you have to have your conversion right, rate right and your average order value right in order to crush it with Facebook Ads. so I'm gonna show you how to set up your funnel so it has a conversion rate like 9, 10, 11, 12 %, instead of Shopify with hat, which might have a two to three percent, and I'm sure you had it- like double your average order value. I once had, or when I first got started, I had a order value about 27 bucks because my product was about 27 dollars. I added some upsells on Shopify got it up to like 30, 35 whatever. so I got it up a bit, but then I fi.