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dropshipping market research

Published on: January 12 2023 by pipiads

The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

tiktok drop shipping is a different game. winning product life cycles are shorter. creatives that are performing very well might only be profitable for a matter of days, and with the amount of people who have shifted their efforts over to drop shipping on tiktok, competition is fierce. if you want to be successful, you must do what others are not willing to do. you must sell products that are yet to be sold by the masses. you must cleverly craft your marketing angle, offer and product in a way that is unique, branded and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. but on the flip side of things, the amount of users and shoppers on tiktok is growing every day by the second. tiktok drop shipping has taken the world by storm. it's unlike anything i've ever seen before and in a matter of just days. you can build a soar up to multiple thousands of dollars per day, just like this one here. and it all starts with finding the right product. [Music]: what's popping youtube? welcome back to the channel. if you're new here, if you're old here, my name is nathan nazareth. i'm a 21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur based out of vancouver, british columbia, canada, and just before we get started here, i do want to remind you that every single week i do a giveaway for a custom built dropshipping store, built by me and my team. all you have to do to enter this giveaway real quick is go ahead and smash a like on this video, comment something insightful down below and subscribe to the channel. those three things you're automatikally entered for the chance to win your very own custom mail drop shipping store, in which i'll announce in next week's video. now let's get straight into showing you guys exactly how i go and find my seven figure winning products to sell with tiktok drop shipping. all right, so before i show you exactly how to find seven figure winning products to sell on tiktok, first things first, you need to know what a seven figure winning product looks like, and it's pretty straight, straightforward. so we're gonna use this four-step framework that i personally use to validate every single product before i even test it on an initial launch. so, first things first, we're looking for a wow factor. okay, so this product needs to be able to catch somebody's attention in less than three seconds. people have the most ridiculous attention spans now due to tiktok and obviously, because we're advertising on tiktok, we need to really hit home with this product in one, two, possibly three seconds. another point here is: it needs to be easy to market. you need to have different marketing angles and creativity with the product. you need to be able to make really cool and unique video ads. if it's like i don't know, maybe some just basic pen, how are you gonna make a bunch of really cool video ads around a basic pen? i mean, i'm sure it's doable sell me this pen, but the cooler and the more unique the product, that'll also contribute to its wow factor and how easy it is to make creatives around that product. now the next point here is price. typically, we're looking for a product that can sell between 15 and 45 with at least a 3x markup. that's going to give us a solid profit margin across the board when selling on tiktok, and what i typically find is anything over 45 dollars. yes, you still can sell on tiktok, but it's very, very difficult, and that's because the large majority of the user demographic on tiktok is younger people, so they don't have the same purchasing power that customers on facebook ads do in general. now, of course, times are changing and older people are hopping on tiktok as well, but it's still the general consensus but lower tiket products tend to serve you better. step three: how exclusive is the product? okay, and by exclusive i don't just mean how many of your competitors are selling the exact same product. i mean, can you go over to your local walmart or target and pick the product up cheaply and easily? and also, do they have it on amazon prime? you know, nine times out of ten your products gonna be on amazon. that's totally fine, but if it's in every single warehouse and everybody everywhere can get that product in less than a day shipped to their house and for cheaper than you're selling, it might not be the most unique and exclusive product. so i'd probably look somewhere else. and then, lastly, how broad is the product? broad audiences have been crushing on tik tok, so that's why i like to keep the product as broad as possible and also have it be an evergreen product, meaning that you can sell it year round and not just in a specific season or a specific point in time. and also no age restrictions. okay, as i said, older and older people are coming on tiktok, so it's not just 15 to 18 year olds on there anymore. so you want to keep the product open to as broad an age range as possible. that being said, you can kind of focus in on the younger demographic a little bit more with your creatives, the way that you're marketing it, but you want to keep it as open as possible in that regard. and then gender: you can sell a male or female product and still find success. uh, but again, the broader the better. now for the methods on how to actually uncover these winning products to sell. you've probably seen some of these before. if you're watching this video, you probably watch other product research videos. so i'm gonna do something different and i want this video to be as valuable as possible for you. so what i've done is i've taken the top three methods that i personally use and i put them through a ranking system so you can see exactly which one will be best for you to use, and i'll show you what i mean. okay, so there's four categories to this ranking system. we have cost, product ease of use and speed. now i'm going to put more weight on product. i'm going to give product 20 points and each of the other categories 10 points. so each of these three methods i'm about to go over will score a total score out of 50, and that way you can easily see which method will be the best, and i'll also have the ranking under each category so you can see which one will be best for you. all right, so, starting with method number one, we have what i like to call the organic method. so this one is very simple. you may have seen it before. it consists of going to tiktok and searching up amazon fines- tiktok made me buy it- and unboxing. those are three terms, or three hashtags that i like to use the most and that i typically find the best products with. now you want to go to the filters and you want to click on most liked and less than one month. so you're going to get all of the videos that have the most amount of likes, that are going super, super viral and that have just been created less than one month ago. so that way, you're going to get untapped fresh winners that you can start selling. i'm gonna quickly run through and quickly run through exactly how to do this. uh, first of all, quick shout out to your boy on tiktok, the nathan nazareth. go toss them a follow. uh, next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna go over to our home page. i'm gonna go to the search bar here and we're gonna type in: tik-tok made me buy it. okay, so from there we're gonna get this top kind of feed here, but what we wanna do is go over to the top right hand corner, to these filters or these slider looking things, and then go to date posted and click this month and then go to sort by and click most liked. then just go ahead and click apply and you're going to see all these product videos that are going absolutely viral right now. so click on this. so one on this one. as you can see, it's some sort of mini home projector with the right creative. obviously this product is going to sell well on tik tok it's going to fly. the next one here is looks like some really cool toy that people can put in their office or somewhere and play with it at home- almost like a fidget type toy, um, but that is pretty cool. like that's going to catch someone's attention. it's catching mine right now. so what you can do is you can just scroll through all these videos.

Product Research | Dropshipping Product Research | How To Find Winning Products for Dropshipping

hello, guys, and welcome back to the Fulfillment channel. in this video we're going to take a look at big spy tool, which is an amazing tool you can go and use to find an incredible winning Drop Shipping products. without further Ado, let's dive into today's video. so, guys, first of all, jumping across to a bigspycom, which is linked Down Below in the description if you want to go and check this out after the video, there is a free ad Supply tool and it does work very effectively. but today I'm going to be using the pro version because it comes with a few more features and it's definitely worth getting your hands on if you are serious about becoming a successful drop shipper. so first of all, guys, once we've logged in, just by filling in a few details, it brings us to this page where we just select at the top, Ecom. we come down to where it says search now, and that brings us across to a page that looks like this. then, in this situation, we're just going to select Facebook, we're gonna come down and select 30 days, and then we're going to adjust a few other things, like putting in English. then, under marketing objectives, we're just going to click on shopping. now what it does, guys, it brings up all the different ads that are being featured on Facebook at the moment in English, right in English, in the last 30 days or so. obviously, you can probably start to understand how powerful this is. it tells us on each of these which is each individually and advert the popularity. but what we're looking at is the number of Impressions, the number of likes, comments and shares. so, for example, looking at this one, it's had 2.3 000 Impressions and there's no comments and no shares, but 23 likes. so we get to know whether or not this is a successful product. but to make it very, very easy for us, what we're going to do is come down here where it says comments, which is going to click on that and that's going to sort the most commented on items for us. now, some of these are going to be private label Brands which are quite difficult to replicate in terms of Drop Shipping. they're coming down below. you can see that there's tons and tons of different ads here. that's suitable for what we're looking for. so this is something that has my attention, guys. thirteen and a half thousand comments, 25 000 shares. okay, this is obviously a popular product. so just by clicking on the ad, you can see that this is kind of like floating ball thing and already just by looking at it, is something that actually I think really cool because it can obviously appeal to a lot of people. it's suitable for kids. coming up towards Christmas, this could be an amazing product for you to try it out and, obviously, like adults, everyone- it looks like they could well be interested in this, because it's something that defies science in the video. it's something that really has caught my attention and will definitely catch everyone's attention. okay, so now it brings me across to the sales page. now we know that this has been commented on, shared like absolute crazy guys. this is clearly a product that is going to be successful if we can get onto a website and find their product for ourselves. I'm going to show you in a minute where you can go to find a product like this in order to sell it. we have a sales page- and, yes, it's not the most high quality sales page in the world, but it's pretty cool, with lots of different videos, kids playing with it, Etc. all very straightforward. it would be very easy for you to create a very similar page to this, guys, so what I'm going to do is copy this website, put it in my notes, take a screenshot of the item and then I'm gonna move on to try and find more products. we'll come back to this product in a minute to find out where we can go and Source it from now. on the second page there's tons of other cool products. now this one has my attention, guys, because it's for pets. again, we can see a huge amount of Impressions, comments, shares. I'm going to click on shop now. clicking on the ad, guys, you can see that this is the ad. it's clearly like a harness with different names on. these kind of things will sell like crazy because people like to spend lots of on their pets. that's also really cool because you can create a website with multiple pet items on it, or multiple items to sell for looking after your dog. if I click on the shop now, then it'll bring me across to the website. you can see that this harness is selling for forty dollars. tons and tons of different pictures, I'm pretty confident. tons and tons of different pictures, different sizes for different size dogs. very, very simple product page. guys. would be very easy to create something probably way better than this. without being mean to whoever's made it very easy to create something like this. I'm just a unique product with a huge audience potential. now you understand the power of big spy and how it could be used to find winning products. you're probably wondering: well, where can we go and get this from? coming across to fulfillmentcom? Guys, these are a team of experts based in China who will be able to help you find these products. so, armed now with the website and a screenshot of whatever it is that I'm looking for, I then just go and approach the team here. they'll go across China and Source from the very best suppliers they know in order to get us to their best prices and guarantee us quality and shipping times. if you're not using a service like this and you want to try getting to drop shipping, that really must stress that it's so important for you to get set up properly in the very first place when creating a Drop Shipping business, and fulfillment will help you do that. you can also go across their product catalog, and they have tons of other products available. they've got things like private branding that they can do, photography. they can do all sorts of different things in order to help you get set up straight away. so this is the whole process, guys. in summary, all you've got to do is go across to Big Spike, get yourself a login, get into big spy, find a few products that you think will be able to sell, then use those products, go across to fulfillmentcom and contact the team there, get them to Source those products and then you can go away and start testing those items thing and I guarantee, if you've done this process like I've just shown you, you will be making some sales. and if you do it effectively, guys, you could really start a Drop Shipping business from a just around half an hour's research like this, or maybe even less. to show you about five minutes. just do it, guys. if you enjoyed that video, smash the like button. if you're new to the channel, you want to learn more about Drop Shipping, as well as one of your products all the time. hit that subscribe and I will see you in the next one. bye. 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Product Research | Drop Ship Weekly | Ep. 116

night it is, uh, it's 8 pm eastern, but for me that's late night. um, i have a three-year-old son, two and a half year old son, so, yeah, i go to sleep early. but also for this weekly show we do dropship weekly it's also a late episode. um, ever since, uh, the whole kova thing started, i've been doing this show every monday at noon eastern, and this is the first week it didn't go off at that time. so, um, just so everyone's aware- whether you're watching this live or you catch the replay later- what happened was we scheduled a team meeting- and we normally do our team meetings on mondays but they go for maybe 45 minutes or so, but this is like a replacement quarterly meeting since kovid. so we've been on the phone literally all day on a zoom call, our entire team going over all of our strategies, going over what had happened previously, going over what we should do differently, reviewing all our kpis. so at this point i've already been toking today for probably the better part of 10 hours, but i realized that i promised everybody that was here last week that we would go live again the next monday, meaning today, to continue what we were toking about in last week's episode of dropship weekly, which, for everybody that was there, if you remember, was the best products to sell online. so this is basically part two to that. we're building on everything we were discussing last week, and let me just check for everybody that is here right now, everybody that hopped on live. if you can hear me, if you can see me, can you do me a favor and just give me a number one in the chat box? whether you're watching on facebook or youtube, just give me a number one in the chat so i can make sure all the tik was set up, uh, correctly again. everything was a little bit different this week and pushed back, so just want to make sure that i did this right myself. surprisingly, even though i've been building online businesses for over a decade, i am definitely not the most, uh, tiknological capable person in the world. so, um, let me see. i'm checking our facebook feed now and i see it looks like it just popped on there. so we're good on facebook and youtube, fingers are still crossed. um, i see some comments coming in though. so good, we're good, we're live, um, cool. so, yeah, for everybody that hopped on again later than our normal schedule, thank you for being here. got a good amount i want to share with you, and what i'll do first to start this off is go through what we will be covering tonight. so let me switch screens, pull up our our digital whiteboard here. so first thing we're gonna do is tok about what is new at dropship lifestyle. just a couple updates for this week, then we're gonna get in to our weekly wins- um, some really big successes this week for members of dropship lifestyle. i like to call attention to the people that enroll in dropship lifestyle, that take action and that share their results. so have some awesome people to shout out tonight. then i'm going to be sharing some product research tips again that build on everything we covered last monday and finally, we're going to be covering our q a. so i do have some questions that were submitted earlier via instagram, but if you have any questions you want to ask them sooner rather than later to make sure we can get to them- could be related to what we're toking about tonight: product selection, could be anything with drop shipping, ecommerce, digital marketing. i'll definitely save a bit of time to answer your questions, so the sooner you ask them, the better the chance of me answering them. and uh, one more thing i'll say before we get into it is: the show typically goes for about an hour. we'll see how long we make it tonight. again, my voice might go out sooner than later because it's been a big day. but with that being said, guys, let's go ahead and roll the intro and get into today's episode, tonight's episode, i should say this week- of dropship weekly. [Music]. [Applause] [Music] [Applause], [Music]. i will intro that thing. it pumps me up every time, like our graphic designer made that or a video editor and i don't know. still, every time i see it i'm like, yes, let's go back to freedom, let's go back to traveling, let's get back to the drop ship lifestyle retreats. that thing pumps me up. hopefully it gets you motivated too. so, um, first topic for discussion tonight: what is new? we get a lot of questions on these calls. some of them are more in depth and some of them require, i guess, what you can call a deeper response or for me to actually pull up different screens and really spend a lot of time focusing on those issues. so if you're watching this, whether live or on a replay, i do want to let you know that our next members only coaching call for dropship lifestyle is this wednesday, august 5th, at 2 pm eastern. so if you're watching this, you're a member and you have questions again, feel free to ask them now, but anything that's more advanced or that might require more time for the answer, i would highly recommend you go into your members area at coursesdropshiplifestylecom, click on your name, click on coaching, click access coaching for life, which is included, and that coaching call will be august 5th at 2 pm eastern. and i see let poetry find your heart said. i just finished live chat and you're still toking on here. how are you here if it was live? so live chat on the website and in our webinar is handled by my team. that's not me actually toking, but we have an amazing team. they are in there literally. we have people 24: 7 responding to everybody live in real time. so that's how i'm not there right now toking on live chat. i am here, but our team is there to answer all of your questions. so that's update number one. the second thing that i did want to mention for people that are unaware, we have two new podcasts that were just released. podcast is called ecommerce lifestyle, so if you are not listening to that and you are into podcasts, just go to your favorite podcast player, whatever you use, search for ecommerce lifestyle, click subscribe and check out the two most recent episodes. now weekly wins again. i normally pull more of these before we start, but today was absolutely crazy with how busy i was, so didn't pull many, but pulled some that are really impressive. so if you're here, any of these people, congratulations to you. this was just posted, i think yesterday, in one of our private members groups. this is from becky. you could see three orders in one day for 10 980 dollars, and she said my largest single order, which is over 10k since i opened my last store. since i opened my store last november, there was an adrenaline rush. when i glanced at my phone then i felt grateful, appreciation and humble at the same time, feeling blessed, and i want to share my joy. i hope this will inspire the new entrepreneurs who are just starting out, so hopefully that's inspiring to everybody here. if it is, give the video a like, give it a thumbs up and, yeah, let becky know that's awesome. congratulations, becky. the best feeling ever is to just look at your phone while you're doing whatever it is you're doing and see three orders for eleven thousand dollars. that is amazing. congratulations on the hard work. and i see james said: are we doing a q a today? james, we are. we're going through some weekly wins. then i'm going to cover some product research tips. then i'll be answering questions live. so any questions you have, go ahead, ask them sooner rather than later so we can get to them before i lose my voice or before i fall asleep. so next comment: i'm not going to fall asleep. i'm good with energy, but the voice might go. next, uh, success from this week. this i couldn't even share the whole thing. this is from john. he posted this a few days ago. it's like it's a monster of a post above this screenshot. so if you're in our private facebook group, dropship lifestyle labs, look for this post from john. he shares his whole journey and how this past month, july, he was able to use the dropship lifestyle system to generate 324 516 in revenue off only 108 orders. again, i highly recommend everybody reads.

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COMPLETE Shopify Product Research Tutorial - How To Find A Profitable Dropshipping Product In 2022

hey, what's going on? my name is dan and in this video today, i'll be showing you how to find a profitable product to sell on your shopify store. this will actually be a complete shopify product research tutorial, and if you're new to shopify, you've been interested in starting an online passive income business for some time now. then you've come to the right place and you've landed on the right video. i've been an active e-commerce seller for several years now and i've sold millions of dollars in physical products online, both on amazon, fba and shopify. today, i'm actively growing and investing in new brands, and actually one of our brands here just recently hit a one million dollar valuation, which is amazing. it's called broday. i actually posted the numbers in my youtube community page just to show you guys what's possible with e-commerce, so you can check that out as well. there's some screenshots of our earnings there and, although this sounds amazing, honestly i've done this so many times and after so many years doing this, literally living and breathing e-commerce every single day, looking out for product opportunities, growing brands, running advertising. one million dollars is only a beginning milestone. honestly, today i've built up a level of experience where, for me, that's easy. it's an easily achievable milestone and through this journey, i've also been able to help millions of people do the same on my youtube channel and through my videos, by sharing what has been working for me- building ecommerce brands along my journey, making these awesome videos for you guys that i love to do so. in this video, i'm going to be pulling back the current on my favorite shopify- product research, tikniques- the absolute best ways to find products- and i'm gonna make the whole process as easy as possible for you and by the end of this video, you're for sure going to have a profitable product opportunity. probably many, uh, definitely many, not even probably, like that's a certainty. now i will say that product research is one of the most challenging parts of starting an e-commerce brand, because there are so many products to choose from. if you've done any product research already, then i'm sure you've seen the thousands of products already out there. there's so many niches out there: beauty, sports, health, camping, outdoors, fitness, wellness. the list is never ending. and that's what's really amazing about this whole business and this whole business opportunity is that there is more than enough gold to go around for everyone, that is, for those who take action, actually commit to success. i'm not going to sit here and say that everybody succeeds. no, most people don't. simply because most people are dreamers. they just constantly want and dream about what kind of life they could be living if they had a successful shopify, passive income business paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day. and they sit and they dream, but they never actually take any action. so make this promise to me right now. if you're watching this video, then obviously you're on the right path, but you know it's not gonna happen by itself. the success is not gonna fall from the sky. so i want you to say this in your mind right now: i will succeed, no matter what it's decided. building a successful shopify, store and brand is my destiny and nobody will stop me. repeat that in your mind. pause the video, repeat that on your mind ten times, ten times, and then you can come back. all right, you've done that cool, let's get right into it. so there are tons of different tikniques out there, but i'm only going to show you the actual tikniques that i use and the ones that i would personally use if i was trying to find a fresh product idea from scratch, if i was just starting out like you guys. so you know most people online on youtube. they show you tikniques that they never actually do themselves, so i'm actually going to show you, just like, the best tikniques that actually work. there's a lot of bs ones out there and there's only a few that i personally use. i know that work and that will basically be able to find you tons of profit product opportunities very quickly without a lot of work. the first product tiknique that i'm going to show you is going to be using ecom radar, which is a free tool that my team actually created that allows us to look at competitors ads on facebook, so this ad is completely free. through my company, econfreedom, we create tools that help new beginners with shopify succeed, and so this is our main tool right now, and so far we've had thousands of people use this tool successfully to find successful products. so the first one will be com radar. the second product user tiknique is going to be actually using amazon fba. amazon fba has what's called best seller movers and shakers list, and we're actually going to go dive deep into those lists to find ourselves some awesome product opportunities. the third tiknique i'm going to show you is called the rabbit hole method on amazon, which is my favorite: amazon, fba, product research tiknique- if i'm looking for a product to start selling on amazon, but you can actually equally use it for finding a shopify product as well. so i'm going to show you that too. and then, finally, the fourth tiknique is going to be to leverage your intuition, life experience and passions, and what i mean by that is i'm going to show you how to actually find product opportunities in niches that you're interested in that also make tons of money. so you're not going to end up selling something that you really, really don't care about, because obviously we would all rather sell something that we like, that we care about and that we think is really interesting. we have an interest in that niche. so let's go ahead and begin. all right, so to get started, i'm going to grab ecom radar, which you can find the link for down below, as well as any other useful links that i mentioned in this video. they're all going to be in the description down below, so you can grab that. so i already have this. this is the page on the google chrome app store, so you can grab it as well. and then now i'm going to go on facebook and i'm actually going to start searching for products, all right. so now i'm on facebook, i've got ecom radar loaded up into my google chrome, and so now i actually logged into my account. so once you grab this, you're just going to have to create an account. it's going to take like two seconds and then now i'm going to actually click enable and so now i'm going to start going down and looking through all the different uh ecommerce product ads. so this is honestly my favorite product research method, and the best part is that it's free. really, we made it free because there were tools out there that were paid before and they were super glitchy and they sucked. so i decided to go in there and have my talented software team that i've built. i'll build this app for you guys. so, you know, when you get there, there's no upsells, nothing. when you grab it, it's completely free. all right. cooling mattress: that's cool. it's really helpful. you know, a lot of people have issues with sleeping um, so having that- uh, you know, like that cooler temperature when you're on the bed could really help as well. so we have this back posture corrector, so let's grab that as well. okay, so this is a smart calming device. so something like this i would skip over, simply because it's just too. it's just too high. tik right. um, i already know that there's probably an app that's going to come with it, and i'm not going to trust chinese suppliers to come up with a good app: power, play, beauty and wellness. okay, so it's like a fitness machine. okay, so this is blue light glasses, and so they're saying that it's blue light glasses that have style, because they're saying that most of them don't have style, which is kind of true. actually, i still want blue light blockers that are aviators. to be honest, i'd wear those, but like the dark ones, you know, not the transparent ones. infrared sauna: cool, especially right now with the global.

Shopify: How I Found A $1M Dropshipping Product In 10 Minutes (Product Research)

a ton of reviews, obviously making a lot of money: 213 000 a month. the leather toiletry bag on amazon is making over 960 000 a month and, by the way, this is accurate. hey, what's going on? welcome back to the channel. in today's video, i decided to do another product research video specifically for shopify, and i woke up today. i woke up this morning. i was like you know what, let's make a video and we are going to be going deep into some shopify live product research, finding profitable products to sell and to build successful shopify stores from, so you can follow along and you can also see the absolute best ways to actually find a profitable product, as opposed to so many other videos out there. i don't, uh, show bs research methods. i show things that i actually do myself and that i would do if i were to find a new product. you know right now, so let's get right into it. i'm super excited today. i honestly love doing product research. i love seeing all the different kinds of products out there that i can sell and potentially make six figures and seven figures in passive income, because you know, you find one product, uh from any of these methods and you go and you build a brand around it. you build a store around, and i'm going to tok about how to do that. um, it's not super hard. i think it sounds a lot harder than it is, uh, but you do that and you can really take one product and build it into a six-figure, multi-six figure and seven-figure empire, and that's what so many people around the world are doing with e-commerce every single day. um, you know, and every single month, every single year nowadays is because e-commerce is booming, it's rising. there's never been a better time to get into e-commerce, get into shopify, no matter where you're from, no matter how much experience you have, no matter if you're from canada, the states, from europe, from asia, right, online business and the internet has opened up a world of opportunities to people all around the world. so i'm happy you're here with me today. as you can see, i am excited. if you don't know me, welcome to my channel. my name is dan vass. i do e-commerce. it's basically what i've been living and breathing for the past four years almost. i've been selling products online on amazon, fba and shopify, building physical product brands since 2017, when i first got started. reason why i got started is because i wanted financial abundance in my life. i wanted to make passive income and i also wanted location independence most of all, and these three things i've achieved, and much, much more, and i honestly love it. you know, i love my life. i'm very happy, like right after i film this video, i'm about to take my motorcycle, i'm gonna take it to las vegas and i'm gonna go and bet 5 000 on black on the roulette, and i'm gonna film that as well, so you guys can watch that video as well. um, but you know, it's allowed me to have this freedom where i'm able to just take my bike, cruise across the desert and just hit up vegas whenever i want, and that's just one of the things. right, it's also allowed me to become a multi-millionaire early on in my 20s and, uh, you know there's, it's a huge accomplishment, it's massive. this is something that, if you really wanted this for yourself, if you have that desire- and that's what i had when i started- i had this deep, deep desire to succeed, to build a successful business, to get rich and to have financial abundance so i never have to worry about money for the rest of my life- uh, if you have that deep desire, that's the first step. now the next step is to actually, you know, put it into practike and follow um in the proven steps of people who have, who have done what you want to do before, which i have done what a lot of people want to do. you know i've sold millions of dollars in physical products online. uh, i just recently posted up one of our brands. uh, we posted up the numbers, the revenue numbers. we did like 2k- 1.5k a day and we also recently hit a million dollar evaluation. the brand is called bro day. you can check it out, brodaycom. we're all selling on amazon, so you can check that out on my youtube. it's in my community tab, um. so you know, i'm always investing in new brands and growing new brands, so this is kind of what i do on the side of the youtube thing, but, uh, cool, i'm really excited. let's get right into it. alright, so for today's product research, we're going to be using a free tool called ecom radar. this is a tool that our software team created at econ freedom, which is my company, where we help people all around the world start successful online businesses with shopify and amazon, and you know we've been in business for several years. we've helped thousands of people around the world. so i actually created this tool- for free, honestly, because for my own product research. there were other tools out there- uh, there's like turbo ad finder that existed before. they were really buggy and glitchy, and so we have a world-class software team, we have incredible developers, and so i just got them to build this. it's completely free, so make sure to grab it. the link is down below. so, once you have it, the next step is to go on facebook, which i'm on, and then you just want to click on ecom radar and it's going to ask you to create an account. so you can just fill in your information to create that account. and, again, we never abuse your personal information. believe me, i hate spam. i hate, uh, all that bs and, like you know, we don't clog up people's emails. i'm not about that. uh, you know, if we are to send you an email, it's gonna be pure value and it's gonna be. i basically send, like once a week, i send it an email of pure value, of like things that actually are helping me in my own journey to um, to success and increasing my success and, you know, growing my e-commerce empire as well. so, um, there you go. so let's go ahead and enable e-com radar, and what this does is it will only show us ads on facebook. this is basically the opposite of ad blocker. most people, they don't want to see ads on the internet, but for us- e-commerce entrepreneurs and e-commerce sellers- aspiring e-commerce sellers- we want to see ads because ads are, um, the best way to actually find new products that we can build shopify stores from. so right away. i already see a product here: uh, looking for a better way to declutter your bathroom. let's check it out. okay, so it's a stiky shelf boom. it's 59.99. it's a great price. so you know what you're looking at is you're looking at the website. you're looking at how professional it is. so this one looks like it's brand new. they just launched the homepage is pretty nice. i'm pretty impressed. so, uh, one amazing tool that also you're going to need to use that's going to really help you in your product research journey, is alexa site rank. so it looks like this: now, what alexa side rank is is it's amazon's free tool. you can also just go on google and type in alexa site rank and what that does is it shows us the traffic rank of the website. and why that is so important is because, basically, how it works is it ranks all of the websites around the world from a scale of one you know, up until like in into the millions, however many websites there are. so if we see that there's an alexa traffic rank of 180 000, well, that means that you know we can. we can kind of say that yes, this website could potentially be making money. the thing about shopify is that with this tool, we don't know exactly how much money a website is making. there is no way for us to actually see how much money any shopify site is making because obviously store owners aren't making that information available. that's why we want to use something like alexa site rank, which basically gives us a binary answer, meaning that either the website is making money if the traffic rank is decent- and decent means under 200 000- or it's not making any money, meaning that the traffic rank is going to be above 200 000. so if the site rank was like 500 000 or 700 000, we can assume that the website's not making any money and the product potentially could be a no-go. but in

E-Commerce Product Research - Exactly How I Do Market Research For New Products

[Music]. I've been getting a lot of questions about product research for dropshipping. I decided to make a video to show you how I find products that solve a real problem and how I advertise them without spending any money. using this method, I'm able to see if the product will sell before I spend any money on ads. how do we find a good product? start by going to Google and search for a term. this time of year is perfect for the search. what are the most popular New Year's resolutions? that search shows us the 10 most popular New Year's resolutions. let's take a look and see what they are. lose weight, improve finances, exercise, get a new job, eat healthier, manage stress better, stop smoking. improve a relationship, stop procrastinating. set aside time for yourself. most of these won't relate back to a physical product, except maybe exercise. what I would do from here is go back to Google and search. what are the most common issues stopping people from exercising? five diseases that can be prevent exercise. no, the most common reasons people stop exercising: you're short on time, you're short on money, you're stuck inside, you feel self-conscious or intimidated. you're bored with the same old activities. this list is telling you that people don't feel comfortable or don't have the time or money to have a regular gym membership. now we have to find a product that can help fix those issues, something that can use at home and still get a good workout. time to go back to Google and search for the best at-home exercise devices: TRX, Suspension Training Unit, some elliptikals- this right here. so under desk elliptikal- time to go to Aliexpress and search for an under desk elliptikal- all right. so we found one. it's a hundred and thirty-five dollars. me, the margin we see on the QVC product would be about sixty-five dollars. this margin is nice, but it isn't always beginner-friendly with your budget. we might avoid this product because of the high price point. let's look for something similar that will work just as well in under desk bike. forty-one dollars, fourteen dollars. let's only look for shipped from the United States, because we're gonna focus on just people in the US right now. this one has free shipping. fifty-five dollars and they'll get it in a month. I don't like that. that's too long. let's find another one. this one is thirty three shifts to the US in less than two weeks. fairly decent, does what we need it to do. very decent photos describing the product. the product description is in good enough English our description than just product specs. this is the product that we'll be importing into our store. now we go back to Google and do a search for under desk bike to see what others are selling it for. there is a twelve dollar margin if we priced like Amazon, but since we're gonna go out and advertise, we can put this at $49.99 and give ourselves a solid seventeen dollar margin. we now have our product and our price point. we need to make a description for the product. if you don't write strong product descriptions, you could just search for the product and put Plus Shopify to find Shopify stores that are selling that product. see the powered by Shopify right there. click on this link and that is a desk bike. it's not what we're looking for. search for the under desk products and there we go. they're selling theirs for 1 $39.99. beautiful description other than bullet point features. you can use this description to help you model a description for your own product. I would suggest finding a video about the product you're trying to sell that describes how the product works. you should be able to find one on YouTube with the Creative Commons license. we have our product. it solves a problem. people can workout at home, watching TV or at work. no excuse not to use this product. it's super inexpensive. it comes out very similar to the cost of signing up at a local gym or their yearly maintenance fees. then at the gym, there's a $10 month membership minimum. right away, you're saving money for your customer. this is the perfect product because you can use it wherever and without anyone notiking, so you don't have to worry about judgment or getting weird looks at the gym, a reason that people stop exercising. then you could tok about how it will help lose weight, because cardio burns calories. this solves four of the five reasons why people stop working out. this really makes a lot of sense for someone who's stopped going to the gym before. the last point: not enough energy. well, the more you work out, the more energy. we'll have time to get the word out about this great product. we're going to go to Facebook and search for groups who are looking for at-home exercise equipment. go and search at home exercising select groups and we have a list of groups for this. we want to find groups that are active and have many posts per day exercise equipment for sale that might be useful for buying, selling and asking advice about exercise equipment and tikniques so we could join this group, and we want to find about 20 others that are similar like this. the key here is not to spam, but actually engage in the group. this only works if you make it sound real, make it organic. let's do a quick write-up that you can do for this product. my new year's resolution is to lose weight, but I'm not comfortable going to the gym. I'm low on time and I spend most of my day at my cubicle. I was looking for a bike for home and came across this product. what do you all think about it? is it worth $50 to buy this bike that I can use at work, or is there a better product? there you go now. just put your bitly link at the bottom of the post, post it up and people interact and engage. people looking for a product might actually say, oh wow, that's a good idea. I'm gonna buy that and you'll know pretty quickly if there is interest. unfortunately, the post does get buried quick in these groups that have 90 plus posts per day. another way you could do this is to go on these pages and look for people who are possibly trying to lose weight and are struggling. do a search for weight loss. this is for exercise tips. natural weight loss support group. easy weight loss tips without exercise. that's not a gym workout. weight loss, a realistik approach: 90 posts per day. 40 posts weight loss in home remedies. this is the time of year where you will see the most activity regarding weight loss. so now you have a product, an idea, and you can go to these groups and you can post your message or you can interact with people. this will lead you developing relationships with these people and you buy stuff from people that you trust. who knows, you might even find a different product idea in these groups. someone might post: hey, I'm doing this instead and you find that product and it's a better fit. just to recap the entire video, when you start doing product research, the best way to start is to think how you can solve a problem. and if you can't find a problem to solve, go to google, start asking questions, just start filling in your search and Google will finish the search for you. you'll be amazed how quickly you'll find new ideas for products that you can sell. so that's all for this video. if you found it helpful, please give it a like and subscribe to the channel for more content about ecommerce, building your business, branding, marketing and advertising. thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video. 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