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dropshipping meaning in hindi

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Dropshipping: Halal or Haram? - DR ZAKIR NAIK

first, let us understand what is the meaning of drop shipping. drop shipping means that a person can have his own website or own web, own app where he gives the photographs and the description of the goods that he wants to sell, but he doesn't own it, so people on the net can come and pay for it. once a customer pays for the goods which you have advertised, what you do is after that, you buy the product from the manufacturer and you ask him to ship it to the customer. so this is called drop drop shopping and it was there since long, but in pandemic, especially in 2020 and 2021, it has reached to a great extent. online shopping was common. now. this drop shopping where a person who makes the site, he is well versed in attracting the customers, he gives a better option, better photographs, or maybe a person can have a mobile phone or a watch and he gives the description and the customers have a look at it and the way it is, and he puts a price for it, maybe x plus y, and once the order is given this person in drop shopping, he doesn't own the product, he doesn't possess it. he just has an online website or an online app, whatever it is. once a customer pays money. then he goes to the manufacturer and he buys it, maybe at a better rate because he gives a bigger order. so the cost which he gets from the manufacturer may be x. he may put x plus y on his own website. the why is the extra money is taken and deleting the cost of shipping etc balances this profit. so once a customer orders it, he goes to the manufacturer. he tells to the manufacturer. they say that this is a customer delivered directly. now, this is the conventional method of drop shipping, of drop shopping. sorry, this is the conventional method of of uh dropshipping that they give an order on a website. the person who owns the online website doesn't possess the goods, doesn't own the goods he gives the manufacturer doesn't manufacture. rightly, this conventional method of of uh dropshipping. it is haram islamically mainly for two reasons: because of the hadith of beloved prophet. it's the incident abu dhabi, word number four. hadith number three, five zero three, in which he comes to the prophet and says that people want to buy goods which i do not possess. can i go in the market and buy it and give it to them? so the prophet said: do not sell things which you do not possess. so, based on this saying of the prophet that do not sell things which you do not possess, and these hadees also the intermediary manager, so the focus have come to a conclusion that a muslim who does not possess the goods, he cannot sell it, and the muslim who doesn't own the good, he cannot sell it. so the two requirements for any muslim to sell any goods to a customer, number one, you should own it and number two, you should have issued a position of it. now, in the drop shipping method which we toked about, conventional method, we are breaking both these rules. the person who's advertising online, he doesn't own the goods, only after he gets the order does he tell the manufacturer to deliver it in the dirty position. so these two conditions are violated. therefore, islamically, the conventional method of dropshipping is: there are sharia, financial consultants who have come with alternatives. how can you make this drop shipping halal if you follow a certain procedure which fulfills the requirement of the sharia? so what they have come to conclusion? that based on hadith of the prophet which is quoted by the question, also buhari, number three. hadith number two: two, four, zero. then abbas malala bps with him. he said that when the prophet went to madina, he came to know that people were buying dates two or three years in advance. they paid for dates which were delivered two or three years in advance. so the prophet said that anyone who pays money in advance he should see to it that he pays after he knows the exact measure, he knows the exact weight and the exact time of delivery, or the exact period of delivery, the time period. so here the profit put a condition that if someone is paying in advance full money, he can pay under the condition that he knows the measure of that good, he knows the weight of that good, the basic description etc. and the details, and he knows the date of delivery, exact time period. so this is done. it is called assalam in the islamic terminology. it is also called either by a salam. so this is a salam transaction where if the person who is selling the good, if he doesn't possess the good or he doesn't own the good, as long as he is giving the exact description of the goods, whether in terms of measure, whether in terms of weight and exact rate of delivery, then he can take advance payment from the buyer completely. but here the requirement is that the payment should be in full, it cannot be part. so what the fukah say, the people who are sharia expert in islamic finance? you cannot give part payment, but part payment. it will be debt and business together, so it will be haram. you cannot have to both merge. the payment should be in full. slightly important one, number two, is that they say that it should be a salam transaction. so in the salaam transaction, the person who owns the online website, he should make it clear, he should give all the details of the product. you should give the photograph of the product and you should give the color of the product, the details, the weight is there- the quantity, the clarity, the expiry, all the details. if he gives and also he give the exact date of delivery, then it becomes a salam transaction. so this: if he does it- and some of the focus say that if you mention on your online site that you do not possess these goods, that means you are making it very clear you don't possess the good. but you give the photograph of the good and you're giving the details, the color, the details, the weight, the measurement, all details, as many as possible, including the exact date of delivery- then this becomes accepted. but now you are clarifying that you do not own the goods. but yet there is one factor which is missing is that you don't possess and for you to make the transaction, you should see to it that you you cannot ask islamically- that once you have mentioned these details and if you deliver, the customer knows very well and as long as you fulfill all these requirements, return. so the focus, they say you can then tell the manufacturer, okay, you ship, it is told to the customer that i don't possess it and it's a salam in assalam, it is accepted that you don't own the goods, you don't possess it, but they tell the manufacturer to deliver it. now some focus say this is not permitted because the person you are buying from you have to take possession before delivery. so if he delivers it, it will be breaking the contract. he's a manufacturer, he's a seller, he cannot del. you have to take position before delivering, so you can buy from manufacture, no problem. but if you ask him to ship directly, then it is breaking the islamic rule of possessing the artikle. now there is one view of the maliki school of thought. what they say, that is hadith, mainly refers to food stuff, because people used to pay for the dates two or three years in advance. so the malaki school of thought says this: this requirement of possessing the goods is only for food stuff, not for other materials. but this is a view of a minority. the remaining three, three schools of thoughts, that is, uh, the anaphase, the hanafis, the shafi and humbolis- they don't agree with this. so this is a minority view. the majority doesn't agree. so humbly, school of thought. no problem position is not a must, it's not a food stuff. you can ask the manufacturer to deliver directly. it's accepted. but the majority disagree. you cannot. you have to take possession. so what they say, that you can either have another salam with the manufacturer and solve this problem, or what you say, that you ask the courier deliver. the korea company delivered. now when, in enormous circumstances, when a courier company is delivering the goods, they are in no contact with the manufacturer, not not with the person who owns the

What is Dropshipping || How To Earn Money From Shopify Dropshipping in Pakistan

[Music] it's my light of money hain. Aslam o alaikum, I am Tamil / DC. then mu academycom pm say egg all new beluga, hallo, inshallah. admin is fully made up new here. but I work a drop shipping care. or you say low district or up a permit. come on, gia, love course, a busy doctor, auto-pay, become arya Pakistan. me that there will be Cushman dear Jim coma could be done down to up the second mouse at esa account. start concept a nice are a couch potato is looming was a paragraph over a channel. Btik subscribe naked by the subscribe button. partikular case subscribe carne or south wall American police make liquor and alcohol on every new duty. update minister. get the bastard captain here. drop shipping, drop shipping, drop shipping. be somebody named affiliate marketing. the total area buddy banner, a boca affiliate marketing, major hotel key a product. I'm Mary product upload scope per mode. cut the hair. this troubled eyes co her attire or iske Commission you have first can opt Sutter, moody mellitus, hot comedy, yoga, yeah, fluid marketing up drop shipping. maquette Sakura Mary product as saw dollar key first, croissant allergy up Logan II gave Mary product with high apnea, Crab Shack, Banali, happy are ke Akua beaches of Stormin area. or happy Mary product carmella guarded duo. so dollar katiya, Jasha of quadriyyah up named muchi idea soda vodka or jihad allergy 3d dosa dollar t-cell curly sword and op Kapadia about dengue for a cows may be able affiliate marketing maniac APNIC EC key product to have remote community drop shipping media caper mode connect a source of apnea cheese shan't be coming out the Aegean first. carry up. look, Ali expects fake products like kallithea. promo pitamaha proposal a subspecies of the first connect up locomobile key cases like a little iPhone case. yes that he paused THL TM. who's Carlo gonna extort banana historian urbanity, huskily a platform to co-host. arrest em trend man whose ghost shop. if I get him I drop Nishat. so now he's so not to shop if I drop shipping up you to Pelican to upload. compose the other videos. of course is minjiang. you make youtube facebook websites. inches, okay, lavake. only a bit bad. Nicola who skip a jacket are plucked a lead-in chizuko. so much like ER. our lingo tear shed. upload who have been a Pataki inches okay, luck, we all. beauty to a Lazaro 3k internet pay earning Carnegie HR drop shipping. escape a diplomatik. I cannot restore banana cows. Kabbalah of Aragon. Facebook page, Google page, SEO, Caracas terrain. koja tells keyword page to upload to order or not. start over the team Shabaab loom Quadrophenia to upload a harsh a you have product honey pain. or you happy rocket sale cottage a team. it's me up ich muss Laham boxed on me. look, Posada career much like your, take ages. sorry to Percy at the end to openness toward merit at PayPal me. do you have a PayPal here to pair up logo logo say, own logo says you had optikal opportunity. pass PayPal the up on a ballet company open karate of skin on 7 wanna partner who's Kim clip 3 cam PayPal Batman again to pin up low pony in separate Creed me Bota, other Pakistan marital cribbing atop low-income MasterCard as a Penn College ie & Flom is on your jaw. be sport, cut their warmest every day. or you happy artists sale current cleanup was sold a lot mana for dropshipping a chisel, the international level pay Pakistani boss Giada use career Indian Pakistani shablow occurring indica and impacts Anya lakyn, a big star to a picnic hot Georgia. he came on a log shape per month dough so thin so K. Donna dough locked in dr nakamora. Jihan Hafiz kibarim, a Google or YouTube? a las, mrs curry. what is drop shipping? your shopify drop shipping to upload details about a challenge area system care how pissed up a second ideas acting. or ha, yeah, he come up. look Pakistan, maybe cursor teen up Logan II up next. or open calendar first Korea, Logan II jewelry P open Korea. China, say up Logan is jewelry to import company a plethora cleaning, or she'll command this co-op low-key cameras because a 10 they can go. yeah, a product of my past, Milwaukee reclaim a givanni career international pair to either Sarah be either sale can be two-year drop shipping or se passe outlook Asami say commerce at the lake in his Mejia que hablan. past Tori, both investment me initially a drop, long pass investment earning at the pair up locally freelancing YouTube web search. getting a second idea: happier blog freemium, incus, a famous Chabad, upload a play and Nicole, you have got a project, me a boost. juice cursor cool Omid katoki, Ice Cube. Rio Blanco: 0 pasanda. thanks for watching. [Music] you [Music].

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Thinking About DROPSHIPPING In 2022? | Watch This Video First | DROPSHIPPING-1 | VICKY TALKS

[Music] drop. let's get into the video. [Music] number platforms like [Music], [Music]. this is thanks, guys, for watching. please subscribe and support this channel. see you guys in the next video.

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How To Start A Profitable Dropshipping Business In Australia 🇦🇺 (BEGINNERS)

in this video, I'm going to show you how you can start your own dropshipping business in Australia, one of the biggest and most Rising e-commerce markets today. so if you are ever curious about tapping into this fairly untapped Marketplace and making some great sales and profit along the way, stay right where you are. I'm going to show you the way. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. welcome back. I'm Iran from autods and, as you know, in this video, you're going to learn how to start your own dropshipping business in Australia. and, of course, it doesn't matter whether you live there or not, and that's one of the things that I just simply love about the Drop Shipping business model: we can drop ship from anywhere to anywhere. so, no matter where you live around the world, you can drop ship to Australia and make great profits and sales along the way. I'm going to show you how, but one second before we get there, do not forget to join our Facebook community group and our Discord Channel, where thousands of dropshippers help you succeed on a daily basis from their own experiences. so join our communities, right after watching this video, of course, and have fun now. why Dropship in Australia in the first place? I'll even take it one step before that. the Drop Shipping business model allows you to have your own online store and sell products without actually holding them in stok. only after we make a sale on our stores, only then do we go to our suppliers websites, purchase the product and ship it to the buyer who bought it from our store. our profit is anywhere between our source price, how much we pay the supplier and how much the buyer paid us, minus, of course, our selling Channel fees. that is the Drop Shipping business model in a nutshell. it comes with a low risk and high reward, as long as we learn to do it the right way. so what about Australia then? why should we drop ship in Australia in the first place? let me show you this chart over here by statista, showing the growing Revenue in Australia: e-commerce sales year by year, with the forecast that sells the prediction of what's going to be also in the future. so, as you can see right here, from 2017- and this is where we are today- 2022, where here we can see that Revenue in the e-commerce Market is projected to reach almost 54 billion dollars in 2022, which we are just about to finish. so that's where we're at right here. okay, this is about 54 billion, and then this is 2023, 2024, 25, 26 and 2027- just about five years from now. it's gonna almost double in size. so is it a good idea to join the Australian Market? you tell me now. besides that, of course, from what we're seeing in Auto DS in all of our statistiks, sales in Australia, e-commerce stores are definitely on the rise. that is why I want to make this video, so that if you are ever curious about it, or if you haven't thought about it and this might give you an idea to maybe take this into this direction, then, of course, it's a good thing that you found this video. I haven't said it before, but if this is the type of content that you like to see, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can always stay updated and learn about the next step in your eCommerce business. that being said, let's jump right back to it. so we saw about some of the profitability and should we be Drop Shipping in Australia in the first place? but let's get the legal stuff out of the way. is it legal to Dropship in Australia in the first place, especially if we do not live there? so how does that work? Drop Shipping is a legal business model. to begin with, you can sell whatever you want to wherever you want, but of course, that comes with its limitations. that includes the products that we can and cannot sell, so we always want to stay away from prohibited products. do not sell products that have anything to do with tobacco, Firearms, products that are hazardous, that are dangerous, that have a choking hazards to babies and little kids. I personally stay away from dropshipping liquids, do not drop ship flammable material and anything that might get you in trouble over time and, of course, stay away from Big Brands, copyrighted, trademarked and potented items. now that leaves you with tens of millions of products that you actually can drop ship, and we're also going to tap into what are the best products and what are some of the best categories for dropshipping today, especially to the Australian audience. but Drop Shipping is definitely legal in Australia. now, besides what we can and cannot sell, we also have to abide to the tax and regulations. so how does the tax work when it comes to Drop Shipping in Australia? so, if you do not live in Australia, you will have to pay GST, and that stands for goods and service tax. now we have that also not only in Australia, but when we're Drop Shipping to there, we're going to have to collect tax, and that comes to around 10 percent of your selling price. for more info that, you can simply read about GST in the Australian government's taxation office website. as you can see right here, goods and services is a broad-based tax of 10 on most Goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia. so if you're Drop Shipping to there, then of course you will have to pay that extra 10. you will have to get that payment from your buyer, from your customer, and pay it to the Australian government, which you have a full explanation on how to do that right here. if you want links to all of this, let me know in the comments below and I will reply with the link to these pages so that you can learn how to register for GST and pay for it when the time comes. but if you're Drop Shipping using eBay, eBay will collect the sales tax for you and pay it to the Australian government or US government or anywhere else that you're selling, so you don't have to worry about it. if you're Drop Shipping on eBay but in other places like Shopify, Wix, woocommerce and so forth, you will be the one responsible for collecting your sales tax and paying it to the Australian government when the time comes. so that's regarding tax, or, in other words, GST. now regarding do I need to have a business license in order to Dropship in Australia? you do need to have a business license if you live in Australia. if you don't live in Australia, then you'll have to see what the government in your country states when it comes to selling to other countries. so, in this example, you need to speak with your local accountant- which I'm sure you have one, unless you haven't gotten started yet- and ask them: do you need to start a business in order to collect money from people around the world? most likely they'll tell you that the answer is yes, and they'll also let you know about income tax and other sorts of taxes that you'll need to pay. now don't worry about all of this. tax is here, taxes there. at the end of the day, you're starting a low risk, High reward business model called Drop Shipping- no surprise there- which allows you to make profits without an initial investment or with a very, very small initial investment, and besides that, you can and you should Mark up your profits. so if you're selling at about a 40 to 60 profit margin range and you're selling the right products to the Right audience. you won't really have to worry or be bummed out about taxes, because you're making profits and you're going to be pretty happy about that and you're going to think about what other thing- things I can do to scale my business and make more money and more profits. so that's regarding having a business license, tax obligations and what product we can and cannot sell to the Australian audience. now, besides the rise in sales that I showed you using statistiks graph, are there any other good reasons why we should be dropshipping in Australia? so let's go over some of the pros and cons. some of the pros are: there's little to no upfront investment. that's because we're using the Drop Shipping business model and we don't have to spend money on inventory or spend money on a physical brick and mortar store here. we're simply starting a.

Lazada / Shopee Dropshipping Details.

hello everybody. darwin here, the founder of inspire solutions, and i put this video together specifically for all of you that are browsing jamar's website or- or a previous student, you know- trying to find and learn a new skill set that would enable you to make money. it's obvious that that is the only reason why you would sign up to any of those courses. you're looking for ways to have an extra stream of income now. if you're looking for ways, or an additional way to make money, this video is going to be for you. so before i dive to the to the main topic of today, allow me to give you a little bit of backstory of who i am. as i mentioned previously, i am the owner of inspire solutions. it is an online e-commerce platform that handles drop shipping, warehousing, fulfillment, um and other small services like website design and things of that sort, but the topic of conversation today is going to be drop shipping. now i- i was a previous drop shipper before, so this comes- the system comes from someone that was previously a drop shipper, but prior to that, i was actually in the corporate world, and i worked in the corporate world for close to a decade, and i was really interested to find a new way to be able to build an online business and, obviously, me, be the own, you know, the owner and the boss of everything. of course, that's everybody's dream, um, so i ventured in into e-commerce. i became a practitioner? um of e-commerce, earning millions of pesos- not dollars, but millions of pesos, uh- in net profit in my drop shipping business, which then gave me the inclination and the will to be able to create a platform that enables you know, individuals like yourself with very little experience, to get started in the drop shipping space. now, if you don't know what drop shipping is, allow me to give you a very brief summary of what it is. it is a business model that allows you to sell products that you've never purchased. okay, you've never purchased these goods, but you are allowed to sell them. um, you know, you are given a warehouse, you are given staff that pick and pack your orders and once you generate sales, that drop shipping company takes care of everything. they provide the product, they provide the warehousing, they provide the packing material, they provide the staff and the relationship with the courier that allows that order to be delivered to your customer. okay, so in essence, you're able to start a virtual business because you don't own any of it and you don't hold any of it, but you are allowed to sell these products. once that item is delivered to your customer, you are going to get the profit from the price that you bought the goods from us for, where, let's say, you bought the goods for 100 pesos and you sell the goods for 200 pesos, your profit would be 100 pesos. okay, you've made a hundred pesos profit for selling that item. that again, you've never purchased, you never packed, you never took care of anything. the only thing that you did was found a way to market that product and of course, there are many ways to market that via. that can be via facebook ads, that can be via the marketplaces of lazada and shoppi or even facebook marketplace, right. so there are many ways to get your product in front of your potential customers. so in, i guess to summarize it, that is kind of the concept of drop shipping in its purest form. okay, obviously there are little caveats, fees and things of that sort. the lazada charges you, but there are minuscule in the big picture, right. so hopefully at this point you kind of understand the business model, uh, and the concept behind drop shipping, and that is pretty much what we offer you. okay, we give you the opportunity to start an online business while providing everything that i just mentioned, okay, products, warehousing staff, packing material, relationships with the courier. you don't do anything but worry about getting sales, and i will tok to you shortly on how you do that as well. okay, now, what are going to be the predominantly, uh, or, or, i guess, the two main marketplaces that we're going to be presenting to you today? well, that is going to be lazada and shoppie dropshipping. okay, um, and what i'm going to be showing you as well is just kind of giving you like a, a very simplified walk-through of the process. that way i don't lose you, uh, as i'm kind of explaining this, but at this point, i think you do understand the basic fundamentals of the business model, right, so allow me to get out of your way so that i can kind of show you how it actually works. okay, um, so straightforward, what you see here is the drop shipping dashboard of the user, of the clients, of the drop shipper, okay, um, and obviously there is quite a bit to uncover here. this is obviously a, an empty account, there's no orders, which obviously means that none of this is going to be populated from the grabs and these things being, uh, populated with information, right, but this is pretty much what you are going to be seeing. um, i wouldn't focus too much on all of this, because there are tutorials here that help you navigate the actual system, and i believe i just lost access. okay, here i'm back. um, you know, it allows you to, pretty much gives you a walkthrough of everything that you need to know about the system. now, how does this actually work? well, it's quite simple. okay, you are going to pick a marketplace. you're going to select: do you want to sell on lazada or do you want to sell on shopping? okay, once you've picked a marketplace, again follow the tutorial videos to get a better understanding or more comprehensive. this is more general. at that point, you are going to be paying a monthly subscription to access the products that we have. okay, and what products do we actually have? well, here are quite a few. you can see that there are 31 pages of products, okay, 31 pages of different items that you can sell, and these products range from- let me go to newest search. okay, one second. these products range from earbuds, right, necklace, um, beauty products, you know, uh. kitchen items, gadgets, kids, toys, health, collectibles- i believe this is a collectible kits. i mean, you name it. pretty much every uh product category is here, for the most part, kitchen garden tools, you name it. it's pretty much in the actual app. now, once you've picked a, a marketplace, okay, again, there is a monthly subscription that i'm going to get to in a bit. you are going to be allowed to select products and you're going to be allowed to transfer these products into your lazada or your shoppi store. okay, now the business model. obviously, i've touched on this quite a bit, but i want to continue to pound on it to make sure you understand how it works. is that you get these products at a lower price? okay, uh, in this case, let's say: this is: uh, this sells for 472.. now let's go on shoppie and see what this item is actually being sold for. let's see, we have something here. well, as you can see, here, this item is being sold for 800 pesos. um, that seems to be the lowest. okay, um, these are not the same and maybe let's just remove all of this and just put rismo here. but we saw a price of 800 pesos. right, okay, 800, there's one for 700. um, let's see here: 800, 700, 1000, um 2000 pesos, all right. so the price ranges, and you get this item from us for 472 pesos. so if you are selling this for 700 pesos, 800 pesos, the difference from the 472 would be your profit, right? so let's look at another item. let's see, let's go back here. um, new is one second and here we have, let's say, for example, okay, we have a perfect sushi roll, okay, perfect sushi roll. we sell to. we sell the product to you for 55 pesos, okay, and the product is sold in shoppi for 140 pesos. so how does it work? again, you buy it for 55 and you sell it for 140, or whatever it is at the price of the item gets sold for in shoppi or lazada, okay. so it's a pretty straightforward process and you're gonna be able to browse really through whatever products you want. you know there's- again you can browse here- and there are so many different items: hammocks, two uh tool bags, um fitness equipment, um kitchen scales, flashlight.

What Is Dropshipping? (2022 Guide) - Pros and Cons, How to Get Started

Hey all, it’s Matt from Style Factory here, the go-to site for advice on ecommerce and growing an online business. In this video, I’m going to explain what dropshipping is, its pros and cons and the tools you’ll need to do it. So stay tuned to end and find out if dropshipping is the right business model for you. But before I dive in, I’d like to invite you to like this video, subscribe to our channel and hit the notifications bell. This will give you easy access to all our ecommerce resources. Ok, so let’s start things off with a simple definition of dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business model where you don’t manufacture, purchase, store or deliver any products. Instead, you take orders for products via an online store and pass them onto a supplier. The supplier then charges you for the order and sends the goods to the customer. This sounds like an easy, stress-free way to do business — but there are some important pros and cons to consider. Let’s walk through the key ones now, starting with the advantages of dropshipping. 1. Dropshipping doesn’t require much startup capital. The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t need much cash to start doing it. When you dropship, you become a ‘middle man’. you mark up on products that you never buy, stok or deliver. Because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on inventory that you might never successfully sell, dropshipping is ultimately a low-cost, low-risk way to start a business. 2. Ongoing running costs are low. In addition to providing a low-cost way to start a business, dropshipping also lets you run a business cheaply. It doesn’t require you to pay for storage space or staff. you can tiknically run the business yourself using just a laptop and some fairly cheap software. 3. You can sell a wide range of products. With dropshipping, there are no limits placed on what you can sell online. A lot of dropshipping companies are available that can supply a huge number of products — meaning that you have a lot of flexibility regarding the niche you want to dropship in and can offer your customers an extensive range of products. 4. You can run your business from anywhere. A dropshipping business doesn’t tie you down - so long as you have an Internet connection and a computer, you can run it from anywhere. 5. It’s not labour intensive. Unlike a business that involves selling your own products, dropshipping is not labour intensive. You don’t need to worry about sourcing, warehouse space, packaging goods, shipping products, dealing with product returns or inventory management. 6. It’s easy to scale. In order to scale certain types of online businesses, you need to invest heavily in staff systems and inventory — and sometimes change your operations in radical ways to ensure continued growth. This is not really the case with dropshipping — aside from investing in marketing, you don’t need to spend much or change much to grow this type of ecommerce business. Most of a dropshipping business’ infrastructure can more or less stay as it is — it’s just a case of putting more orders through it. 7. It’s easy to experiment with. Because setting up a dropshipping business is fairly risk-free. you get a lot of freedom to experiment and try things out. Changing your online store’s branding and product ranges doesn’t have to involve much of a time or cash investment. So, as you can see from the long list of advantages associated with it, dropshipping can be a very attractive business model, But it shouldn’t be viewed as a get-rich-quick scheme — it can be tricky to do dropshipping right, and there are some key ‘cons’ to consider as well as pros. So let’s take a look at the reasons why dropshipping might not be for you. 1. The profit margins can be low. Because dropshipping is a low-cost, low-risk business model, the barriers to entry are low. This means that you will find a lot of other entrepreneurs entering the dropshipping space, marketing the exact same products as you and competing hard on price. 2. It’s hard to ensure that dropshipped products are ethically produced. The advantage of making your own products or sourcing them locally to stok and sell is that you can gain a clear understanding of who made them and how. With dropshipping, however, you’re often completely in the dark about the working conditions in which your goods were made, and many dropshipping suppliers are based in countries that don’t have a great record when it comes to working conditions and forced labour. 3. You have limited control over the appearance and branding of your goods. With most dropshipped products, you have little or no control over their appearance. you are generally dealing with ‘off the shelf’ items, So if having a product range featuring your own brand is important to you, then dropshipping is not necessarily the best approach. 4. Suppliers can be unreliable. With dropshipping, you’re often relying on suppliers that you don’t have a personal connection with and that you can’t extensively vet. Sometimes this can lead to issues with product quality, poor communication, items going missing and low-quality packaging, And all this can result in unhappy customers. 5. Managing multiple suppliers can get complicated If you’re working with multiple suppliers for your dropshipping business, you can end up with quite a complicated supply chain. Different suppliers may have different operational structures in place for shipping and billing — and all this can add up to some tricky admin work. 6. Providing customer service can be challenging When things go wrong with a dropshipping order. providing good customer service can prove challenging. This is because, to sort out any problems, you’ll often need the help of a third-party supplier that you don’t know well and who may be located on the other side of the planet. This may lead to a long wait for your customer to get their problem solved — and they will be puzzled as to why you, as the store owner, can’t simply resolve the issue or arrange a new delivery of a product yourself. 7. Shipping costs can be high Depending on where your customer base and suppliers are located, you may face quite high shipping costs on your products. For example, a lot of dropshipping suppliers are based in China, and if the bulk of your customers are based in the US, they — or you — will have to pay quite a lot of money to get their products delivered to them. Ok, so those were the key pros and cons of dropshipping, But how do you actually do it. To start dropshipping, you’ll need three key things: an online store building tool, a dropshipping app and an online advertising platform. Let’s look at each of these in turn. An online store builder: As its name suggests, an online store builder lets you build a website that sells stuff. Popular online store builders include Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace and Wix. of these, we feel that Shopify and BigCommerce give you access to the most comprehensive range of dropshipping features. Shopify is an ecommerce store builder that is partikularly well suited to dropshipping. Unlike competing platforms, it makes a free dropshipping starter kit available to its users that contains a 14 day trial of Shopify dropshipping course and other training resources. You’ll find a link to this in the video description. A dropshipping app: In addition to an online store builder, you’ll need a dropshipping app to connect your store to a dropshipping supplier. Once installed, this will let you select products from a supplier’s inventory list, the relevant products on your site, accept orders for them and pass the orders onto your supplier for fulfilment. You’ll find dropshipping apps in the app store of your chosen online store builder, with popular ones including DSers, Modalyst, Spo.