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dropshipping name generator

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

How to Name Your Dropshipping Business | Tips for Business Name Generator

Hi guys, welcome back to our channel. It's the beginning of August and this month we are going to prepare a series of videos toking about how to start your dropshipping business. And today we are going to start with the very fundamental step of starting a business - naming your store/brand. introduce the very helpful tool - business name generator- to you guys. give some recommendations and some tips. If you are interested in starting an online business from scratch, subscribe us and turn on the notification bell. So enough introduction, let's dive in the content. today, Basically, just as the name implies, business name generators are software that create unique business names for your business by combining different words and phrases, coming up with new unique words or some combination of the above two. Just generally offer you more inspiration about brand names. Step1. Make sure what type of drophsipping business you are going to do. Are you going to open a general store or a niche store, or even just a store with only one product? Step2. Brainstorm from these perspectives: #1, Use your own name. #2: Present the problem you solve. #3: Mash two words together. #4: Make a little twist in a common word. Step3.: Use a business name generator. The first one is BNG. BNG is the short tern of Business Name Generator offers you many different domain names to choose from. The second one is Dot-o-mator, a fun tool to use when looking for a business name because you're able to type in a few words that you'd like to use. The third one is NameSmith. NameSmith doesn't share or sell your data with others. any domain name you come up with through NameSmith will be yours. The fourth one is NameStation. NameStation allows you to enter one primary keyword that you'd like your business to be focused around and also a few more words that you'd like your business to be associated with. The fifth one is Shopify. Shopify only shows brand names with available domains. also, as soon as you launch your Shopify store, you're able to start right away. If you're looking for getting started quickly, it may be a good choice. #1: Google the name first. After you get name with business name generator which satisfy you, Google the name before you really start using it so you can avoid the awkwardness of using the "inappropriate" name. Also, check the name on social media. if it's already taken, it can lead to some complications. Though it's not a deal-breaker, it's still best to avoid names that are taken. #2: Try normal words. Use some normal words to name your brand. I know there are huge brands like Google, Kodak, Skype- so many big names that are made-up words, AKA fanciful names- and I know they are all working super well. but please remember, as a start-up e-commerce business, you'll have to work really hard to own a fanciful name in the mind of your target customers' and sometimes the pronunciation and spelling could confuse your audience, which is not a good thing for marketing. #3: Try avoid acronym. Yes, acronym could be really meaningful most of the times and there also are a lot of companies who made it with brand abbreviation, for example, KFC acronym for Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, acronym name is not SEO friendly and we all know how important SEO is in e-commerce. so before your brand goes viral, do yourself a favor: try avoid acronym. #4: Don't be afraid of simplicity. Less is more. if the name of your business is too long, it’ll be difficult for your audience to memorize your brand. So if you want to make it easier for people to find you, try use no more than two words to name your business. So that's all for today's content. I hope it can help you with naming your business. if you like this video, give us a thumb up if you are looking for more tips and infos like this, do subscribe. I'm Bella from CJdropshipping, any question you have ask in the comment. Our channel updates videos on a weekly basis, so turn on the notification bell and stay tuned. Thank you for watching and see you guys next week.

Business Name: Choosing a Name for Your Dropshipping Store

Coming up with a great business name can be extremely difficult. You have to take into account the products you sell, your audience and your plans for the future — and that’s if you manage to find a name that’s even available. Plus, it can be a nightmare to change your name later down the line, So you need to get it right first time. Hey guys, it’s Jessica with Oberlo. Today, we’re sharing 8 ways to choose the perfect name for your dropshipping store and 3 mistakes to avoid Business Name. Option #1: Use your Own Name. Many iconic brands have been built using the founder’s name. Some people choose to use their full name, like Calvin Klein and Daniel Wellington, But most founders use only their last name, like Burberry and Disney. Some founders adapt their name slightly, like Adi Dassler -- the founder of Adidas. If you’re co-founding a business with others, you might want to group your names together. Warner Brothers did this, founded by brother Harry, Jack Sam and Albert Warner. Before you use your own name for your business, however, think about the implications As the founder. do you plan on being the public face of the company, like Vaynermedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk, Or would you prefer to be more personally anonymous? Also, bear in mind that a business named after you may be more difficult to sell, should you wish to do so down the line. Business Name Option #2: Name Your Business After the Problem You Solve or the Desire You Fulfill. This is a great way to draw attention to the benefits of your products. For example, the company ‘Fat Blaster’ is named after the problem they solve Immediately. you know that this business helps people to lose weight. On the other hand, you could name your business after the desire your product fulfils, like the dating site Chemistrycom — whose customers are likely searching for chemistry with a special someone Bottom line. Every business either solves a problem or fulfills a desire. Which does yours do, And how you can you incorporate the benefit you provide into your business name? Business Name Option #3: Use Alliteration. This is a simple and effective way to come up with a catchy business name. Many businesses have used this tiknique, like Fitness First, Paramount Pictures, American Airways and Weight Watchers. To use alliteration. first take the industry you’re in or the core thing that you provide — like ‘fitness’. Then add another word beginning with the same sound and which adds meaning, In this case putting fitness ‘first’. Is there a way you can incorporate alliteration into your business name? Business Name Option #4: Use a Normal Word. This is hard to do. well, Not only do you have to find a word that’s free to use… You also have to work hard to ‘own’ that word in the mind of your target customers. Another thing to bear in mind is that a single word can be incredibly difficult to trademark. That said, using a single-word business name can be a powerful way to establish your brand. Take business names like Target, Alphabet, Gap, Apple, Pandora and Yelp. When I say the word ‘Amazon’, chances are you don’t think about the world’s largest river, but the online store. Although some of these are just random words, others have thought behind them. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, cleverly relates the world’s largest river with what he hoped would become the world’s largest store selling the most products in the world. But if you can’t find a normal word that works, you can always try Business Name. Option #5: Put a Twist on a Normal Word. Now it’s time to get really creative. If you struggle to find a single word that represents your business and is not already in use, try changing the word slightly. Businesses that did this well include Fiverr, spelled with two ‘R’s… Toggl with the ‘E’ dropped from the end of the word… Xero, spelt with an ‘X’ instead of a ‘Z’ … and ‘Digg’ spelt with two ‘G’s? On the plus-side, you’re more likely to find an available domain name using this tactik, But on the down-side, there’s a chance people might spell your name wrong or have trouble finding you online. Business Name Option #6: Mash Two Words Together. This is a popular way of naming a business. Simply take two words that represent your business and combine them to create a new word. A good example is ‘Netflix’. ‘Flick’ is slang for ‘movie’ and ‘Net’ is short for ‘Internet’: Flicks on the net, Netflix. What’s more, Netflix also put a twist on the spelling of ‘flicks’, changing it from ‘F-L-I-C-K-S’ to ‘F-L-I-X’. Another example is Microsoft, whose name is made from the words ‘microcomputer’ and ‘software’, Or Groupon, which is made from the words ‘group’ and ‘coupon’. Or take the business name Walmart. Founder Sam Walton took the first part of his last name, ‘Wal’ and combined it with mart. List out a few words that represent your business and see if you can combine any of them in a unique way. Business Name Option #7: Use an Acronym. Many business’ choose to shorten a lengthy name into just the beginning letter of each word. For example, IKEA created a new word from an acronym derived from the founder's initials and hometown. When the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation wanted to expand internationally, they shortened their name to HSBC. Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC and the fashion brand ASOS originally stood for ‘As Seen on Screen’. But acronyms are often difficult to remember and they can be difficult for SEO. So if you decide to use an acronym, try to make it short and sweet, like KFC, or sound like it’s its own word, like IKEA. Lastly… Business Name Option #8: Use a Business Name Generator. If you’re still struggling to come up with a great business name, check out Shopify Business Name Generator. There’s a link to it in the description below. In this example, I typed in the word ‘yoga’ to generate business name ideas for a yoga dropshipping store. This is a great way to find inspiration and spark ideas — you might just find the perfect business name in minutes. Okay, that brings us to the end of our 8 ways you can choose your business name, But before we end, let’s touch on 3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing your name. Mistake #1: Not Doing Your Research. Entrepreneur and author of ‘#GirlBoss’, Sophia Amoruso, didn’t do her due diligence before starting her clothing line called ‘Nasty Gal’. And here’s the kicker: After launching her ecommerce store, she found out that NastyGalcom was a porn site. Eventually she managed to buy the domain for thousands of dollars. The moral of the story: Always do your research. Is there anyone else out there using the name you’re considering? Are the domains and social network handles available? Will you run into any legal issues? Also, check if your name means something different in another language. There was a brand of toilet paper from Sweden called Krapp - spelt K R A P P. Mistake #2:: Not Being Culturally Sensitive. Ask yourself: Would my business name offend anyone? Avoid names that could be interpreted as mocking someone’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, physical abilities and so on. It’s a good business practike and it’s just plain respectful. Mistake #3: Using More Than Two Words. Long names are hard to remember and they aren’t as catchy as short ones. In addition, many social media sites restrict the character count of usernames — for example, Twitter only allows usernames of up to 15 characters. Keep your name to one or two words. If you scroll through the list of Fortune 500 Companies, you’ll see that most companies stik to this rule, And if you’re struggling to get your message across in just one or two words, that’s what taglines are for. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Remember, as Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Business names are made”. So whatever name you choose, it’s what your name comes to represent that really matters. You may not come up with the perfect business name on the first try, but that’s ok, Get.

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How To Find A Name For Your Business (In Under 5 Minutes)

hey, buddy, home family, are you ready to find a business name in under five minutes? let's do this. finding a name for my business literally took me weeks because i just did not know what i was doing, what products i was selling. it was very, very confusing at the time, so i understand how that feels. i started off selling lip gloss and beauty accessories. so i had that word batty. i was like i love daddy, like that word is so cute. obviously that's my, my channel name and bad equal is what i chose to go with. but i'm going to show you guys how i figured out that name, because i was like: uh, baddie cosmetiks. no, you want to make sure that if you're not sure, don't limit yourself. make it something that can kind of go with anything, because you guys know it's batty full. but i still like bobo products. i saw cute things. so, like that bad people can kind of like go with anything because it kind of like sounds fun. um, so it can really like go with any type of product. i feel like also go to google. you're gonna type in a business name generator. so if you're not sure what products you're selling, obviously that's what you're gonna want to do first is trying to figure out what your niche is. once you figure out your niche, then you're gonna do this. so go down to free business generator. then you're gonna type in a word that you like. or you could even do like if you know you're gonna sell pet products, just type in pet and then look how many pop up for you to see. so like they have pet fluids. that's cute, it's sure. make sure you like kind of look for something short too, because nobody wants to click on a link that's like this long. like they want it. you want to keep your links kind of short. um, pedex, that's really cute. and you can even like click to check the domain, because obviously you want to make sure that nobody else is using these names. like you can just google these names to see if anyone else is already using it. so pet stir, that's cute. pet bound, cute, um, pet doggy. i mean, there's just so many on here, so that's how i get inspiration. so then obviously, like you can look up like if you're selling electronics, okay, electronics generate, so they have on so many here you can choose from as well. another one like i could look up was like lashes, like if you're starting a lash brand or cosmetiks. you could look up lashes like smashing lashes, bold lashes- i mean blush is probably taken, but lower lashes- that's cute- really only cost about 10 to 12 a year for your domain. so if you guys want to know how i got my domain for very cheap, i have a video about that right here. and if you guys have not started your website yet, i have a link right here of how you can build your website as well and, of course, when you're ready to promote your brand. you already know i promote everything through tiktok. that's my number one go-to of how i built my business into a six-figure businesses in less than a year, so i'll leave that link right here as well. using this business name generator. that's how i found vadi full, and there's actually a couple different name generators. just go on google. you can check out the different ones and that is how i found my business name. i know this was super short, but i hope this video helped you to find your business name. if you just started your business, comment down below what your business is. i want to see what you guys are selling. smash that like button and hit that subscribe button so i can keep on making videos like this for you guys and helping you guys build your business. thank you for supporting my channel and i'll see you guys in my next video. bye, you guys. [Music] you.


The Free Brand Name Generator We Use In Our Business (Tutorial)

[Music]. coming up with a brand name or a name for your business can be quite difficult. we've come up with over 10 brand names over the years, so we've picked up a few tips and tricks that have really helped us along the way. in today's video, I'm going to show you the free tool that we use to generate brand names. so this could be a name that you want to assign to a line of products or a company that you're thinking about setting up. but the tool I'm going to show you is completely free. you just enter your keywords and it will throw you out potential brand names that it checks against things like trademark databases and to make sure that domains are actually free, because that's what takes up a lot of the time. so if you're new here, you have been here before. my name is Nick and this is the e-business Boss channel. if you're interested in these types of videos, hit the subscribe button and turn on the notifications bell. if you've got any questions at all about any of the software we use or just anything, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. let's get into the video, okay, guys. so, as promised, here is this is the free business name generator that we use to help us come up with brand names. we found to be really, really useful and it can help you speed up the process. and, yeah, we find it incredible. so I'm going to show you an example. so I'm gonna pretend that we want to create a brand to sell in the dog niche. so what we'll need to do first is: I mean, you can use just one word - maybe it starts generate some ideas. so if we just put in a dog and then it's going to give you some instructions, so what would you like? would you like a short name? so if you just want to go for a short name and you want that to be your exact website domain, chances are the websites can be more expensive. so we usually go for medium names and you can go over and enter some more keywords so we might enter dog, puppy, love, pets. okay, we've selected medium names. name style: it's very self-explanatory. you can use things like rhyming words, like sub hob, fire wire. I have another video to help you guys when it comes to actually naming your brands, maybe understanding some of the different types of brand-name types. so if you want to watch that, I'll leave a link to it above and you can click on that and check it out. but watch this first because you're going to find this useful. so for this example and the most popular option here, we can go for a brandable name. so we've entered those details, we just click generate and it gets to work and this is going to show us a load of potential names that we could use. and then, of course, it is gonna be up to you to go out and double check that these are all okay to use. but as a name generator it works really well and I believe all of these names are actually free in terms of the actual domain itself. so animal ly- okay there. these are premium. so obviously they want to try and sell you domains as well, but you don't need to do that and you don't even need to buy or register the domain from this website. so if we go down, we've got all sorts. so dog pets, love, puppy leash, she poo, kisses- I'm not sure if that's that's a great name- cuddle farm, kitten for hound Z dog early, you can see that the options are endless. so this is a tool that we really get on with and it can just help you come up with some, some different ideas. so, yeah, it's definitely well worth checking out. let's do one more just to show you, give you guys another example. let's say we want to create a fitness, primarily men's fitness. actually, now we'll do generic male and female fitness, strong workout, and that's enough. we'll go for the same name- limp- and the same name style: click generate really isn't takes you longer to guys. if you've got any questions as well about how we use this sort may be part of our brainstorming process, because you will need to come up with the keywords at the start. leave a comment below and I'm happy to help you out. just leave a comment. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can and to let we can see here there's more and more examples of words that we could use for this brand. so we've got Jim manly, like I said, that is quite male focus workout. e gyms, o fit annoyed gym, rific workout- see, there's all sorts. so, yeah, this is free tool and we're not affiliated with these guys in any way. it's just a free tour. but I found that I thought you guys would find useful but the short video today for you guys. but hopefully that's brought you some value if you're interested in anything I've spoken about, if you're interested in building your own online business, interested in Amazon affiliate marketing, subscribe to the e-business Boss channel and turn on the notifications bell. that way, you'll be the first to know about useful videos. we have committed to putting out a useful video every single week, so unless anything drastik happens, that will happen. I hope you've enjoyed this video, guys. if you have, please smash the like button and there'll be more useful videos from us very soon. thanks for watching. [Music].

How to Name Your Shopify Store 2021| Ecommerce Tips

it can be really hard to come up with the perfect idea for a brand name. we're gonna break down how some of the biggest brand names in history did it, so you can too. [Music]. hi, i'm greta and i founded four multi-million dollar shopify stores, and i'm here today to break down the perfect brand name with you. so you might not know this, but there are four different types of brand name, and there's a generic, suggestive, abstract and descriptive brand names. so let's dive straight into it. so, first up, we have youtube, and in terms of which category that would fall into, it would be definitely under the descriptive category, and as this is two words or different concepts kind of placed together or put together, that's often also referred to as a compound brand name, and this is a really popular type of brand name. i really love this, uh, when coming up with my own names for my brands as well. so, tube being kind of like an old school word for television and you obviously you're featuring on your own kind of tv channel, and so that's youtube, straight into the descriptive bucket. moving on, let's grab another iconic brand name being nike. nike would definitely fall under the suggestive category. i think a lot of people might think of nike as abstract. uh, just because they're not sure about the meaning of the word as a whole. i think it was the greek goddess of victory. okay, the greek goddess of victory. see, i didn't even know. i probably would have put it into the abstract bin, but we're going to put it into suggestive because of that great goddess of victory. so you can imagine why brands like this would want to be associated with something like victory. for an athletik wear brand, it just makes a lot of sense to have that association there. so, remembering always that what we name, our brand, will be a direct association within your customer's mind. so nike suggested. so moving on to hotelscom, that's definitely in our generic bucket of names and i would definitely recommend staying away from generic names if you're first starting out, unless you own the trademark and the domain, which i'm guessing is going to be, you know, potentially somewhat unlikely. so we want to check retailerscom right in the generic bin. moving on to kodak, this is definitely an abstract name. well, definitely in my mind. i have no idea what. correct me if i'm wrong and i probably will get corrected in the comments section here. probably torn to pieces, but kodak to me is an abstract name. i don't know what kodak would mean, um, unless it's some sort of like compound name of photography terms. but no clue, kodak is going into abstract, for me at least. all right, so rapid fire, let's do some more. facebook descriptive- another compound word. book of faces, bam. moving on to a super iconic brand name, apple, that one is going to be suggestive. pretty sure they just thought it was sounded like fun and non-intimidating and that's why they chose apple. so into our suggestive bin it goes all right. another abstract one: google doesn't mean anything to me, does mean anything. [Music], thank you. another generic one: cardscom. [Music]. another suggestive. there's a lot of suggestions: amazon, probably like as big as the amazon forest, like a, you know, a really large um selection products. so it kind of makes sense to me being suggestive. and another descriptive name: microsoft. i have no idea why this one is descriptive. i think microsoft means something to do with computers, microcomputer and software. another compound word. a lot of descriptive names are kind of compound words, we have seen, and uber suggestive means very or like, two, like too cool, like uber cool is like a saying and it means too cool. i think it's in german, so uber. [Music]. last but not least, we have the super iconic bubble gum. bubble gum, shrimp. it's a household name. i think the bubba gump is named after um forrest gump because he likes shrimp. is it because he likes shrimp? does he like shrimp? does he sell shrimp? it's apparently named after two characters from forrest gump, but i would call that a suggestive name. i guess the association would be like the nostalgia of the film and it's a really iconic american film, so suggestive. so now i'm going to show you a really quick little hack that i love to use when i'm first brainstorming names, and it's called name links, name lix, and it's a business name generator that's like ai powered. so let's have a quick look. so we've hit dog bed. we're going into name length. yep, we can keep it as short or medium names. i don't want a really long name. that's 12 letters plus branded keywords. i've already entered these in for us. so comfy, big and calming dog bed. and then the name style: yeah, we've got a compound word, which is our descriptive name category, so we can hit generate, initializing. and here we go. here's some ideas: dog, dorm, dog abode. the cool thing with this, too, is it also gives you logo ideas and even like a brand color palette and it's completely customizable as well. i really like this bane name, the ain. you can scroll through and find some different examples of logos, and each one is quite different. so, yeah, that's name licks and it can really help you with that kind of like name storming process. so that's it, guys. so i hope you enjoyed this video and we'd love to hear some of your brand names and which bucket you think that they would go in. so let us know in the comments section below and i'll see you in the next video. hey, guys, hope you're loving our videos and you're getting heaps of value from them. if you are, make sure to hit the like button and make sure to subscribe to join the founder fam. if you did enjoy this video and want to continue to master your skills, make sure you click here to access your free training. now we will go into way more depth with this founder.

How To Create A Creative Business Name For FREE | Business Name Generator | Business Name Ideas

[Music]. what's up, hufflepuff? welcome back to my channel. my name is anifa. if you're new here, hi, welcome. today is going to be a fun day. we are so happy to have you here today. we're going to be going over how you can find a brand name and i'm going to show you the steps that you need to take in order to make sure everything is in order with it. if you want to see how we're going to get this done, then stay tuned. don't forget also to grab a friend. show a friend this video. just get everybody this information that is looking into starting business now, without further ado, let's get started. all right, hustlers. so the website we're going to be using is called name lux. it's a business name generator and basically you're going to just be putting in the keywords that describe your business and allowing the machine to generate some names and ideas for you. so the idea that i came up with was just that i'm doing fashion, and so i put in some things that i feel like would describe a fashion line if i had one, and let's see what they make up for us. so the system is going to want a little bit of information from you, just to understand what exactly you're looking for. so they're going to ask you what length you're looking for. we're going to do short and medium, just so it's straight to the point. then they're going to be asking you what kind of style you like. we're going to be picking brandable, but you have many options that you can do as far as using names if it rhymes. whatever your liking is, that's what you're going to choose, and then you're going to let the system generate something for you. so let's see what they make up. so, as you see, they created a whole list of names and they actually create logos for you as well, which is really cool too, um, so if you don't want to worry about creating logos, they do offer that for you. the only thing with that is that it's not free. you do have to pay in order to download the, the document with the logo on it, and the packages start from 25 and up. but don't worry about it. i have a whole other video on my page that shows you how to create logos. so if you don't want to do that, you can watch that video. you can just use the name and create your own logo, but i also want to show you, guys, the process of figuring out if the domain is available and if it is already trademarked by someone else. so, as you can see, it could be very difficult sometimes finding the correct name when you take into consideration all of the other things that come along with it. so, as you see, when we chose this one, you're like: oh my gosh, a thousand dollars. yes, depending on the name and if it's the popular name or if the words are very popular, the domain name can be very expensive. sometimes people just purchase domains to sell them back because they know that they're going to be popular in the future or that people are going to want these names, so they'll charge you a whole lot to get it. but don't worry about that. if it doesn't work, we're just going to keep looking and keep trying outside of this website. i would suggest that you go to other platforms that you may be using for your website initially, like your e-commerce website that you're going to be using, such as godaddy or shopify or big cartel or whatever. you're going to be using some of those platforms, or most of the platforms they offer, where you can buy your domain from them, or they may even be included in the package to start off with their platform. it may be included, like, i think, shopify. you get a free domain with, you know, once you register for their monthly or yearly plan. so don't just go through this website to do that. the prices can be different, as you see. this price is the same or similar to the other one. that's because these words, so lavish, are popular, or, you know, high ranking for that. um, as far as you know where we'll stand in google and all of those things, that plays a major part. so you may also notike that there are some cheaper versions of it and you're probably like: what is that? so let me just get into that. that is just because of the extension. so the extension is basically where it's like dot combizorg, you know. so if you're not sold on it being a com, then by all means, you know, do what you need to do and do what you want to do for your business. i prefer to do dot coms. um, it used to be back in the day that the extensions kind of went with. you know the type of business that you had. so if you choseorg, that was because you had an organization based business or website. or if it was dot co, that was because you're like a corporation, but nowadays i see that a lot of people just use you know different ones, depending on their liking or what they want to do. some people do dot shop. it's just completely up to you. okay, now i want to show you guys a very, very, very important step to me, because when i create a business, i plan for it to be long term. so basically it's looking up if it's already trademarked and if it's already in use. so i'm gonna go to the trademark lookup website and i'm gonna keep all of those selected and i'm going to put in so lavish and i'm going to see if somebody is already using you know this name or if it's already being trademarked. as you can see, it's already been trademarked, but it is dead, which means that it's no longer in use. this person was using it for eyelashes and beauty products and they stopped using it in february 23rd 2021. so that means that it's no more. it's no longer active, where they're no longer using it. so, just so that you know what a dead um trademark means, let me go ahead and look that up for you guys now so that i can give you the proper definition of it. so a dead trademark is basically abandoned. status for a trademark application means a specific application is no longer under prosecution with the uspto and basically that means that they're they're no longer using it. um, there are different things that might come up as a red flag when using it, if you decide that you want to use it. but the key thing with this is that, although this person used it, if you're not using it for lashes or beauty products or anything like that and you're using it for clothing, then you may not get any issues by trying to trade market, because trademarking goes by the different categories. so if you have it trademarked for fashion, it's totally different than somebody having trademarked for beauty products. all right, hustlers. so we hit one that was super difficult straight out the gate. so we're gonna pick something that's a little bit, you know, easier, but we ain't scared of difficulty, because difficulty you learn good lessons with that sometimes. so, but we're gonna pick this one. we chose lupstik. i thought that was super cute. it sounds all fancy and stuff. we're gonna do the same process. as you can see, this one is way cheaper: 8.98 per year. we're not paying a thousand dollars, and if you're interested in other extensions, then they have that available to you as well. you know that goes with whatever your preference is. we're going to do the same process and go over to that trademarking website database and look up the name lustik to see if it's in use or if anybody has ever used it. so we're going to put that into the keyword area and search. as you can see. it's clean. nobody's been using it. now we're going to shoot over to godaddy and see what they're toking about as far as buying the domain through them. oh, 2.99. okay, that is way cheaper than that a thousand dollar one. and it's even cheaper than this website, because this one was for 8.98. this is 2.99 for the year. so i don't know if that comes with their packages or how that works. and oh, they even gave us some information. we picked the high value keyword: okay, 1962.. see, hustlers, we got good tasha, so you could definitely buy it through godaddy for cheaper. and then it tells you what their plan prices are. and of course, they have the other extensions as well. now we're going to shoot over to shopify and put it into their generator and see what they're toking about and how much theirs.