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dropshipping office supplies

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

yo what's going on everybody welcome,back to another video are you here and,today we're gonna be looking at,something,pretty awesome now q4 is around the,corner literally in a couple weeks we'll,be,entering the fourth quarter of 2020,which is mind-blowing to say the least,i don't know about you but this year has,been going by extremely quickly like,way quicker than any other year in my,life which is a good and bad thing i,mean obviously with the virus and,everything i'm kind of glad that this is,sort of going by quick but it's also a,little bit nerve-wracking i don't feel,prepared at all going into this fourth,quarter,of the year when it comes to my,e-commerce business so today what i,wanted to do is do a little bit of a,case study around this one drop shipping,store that is extremely impressive to me,they've been around for pretty much as,long as i've been making youtube videos,and they still continue to kill it,without getting rid of the drop shipping,business model at all,this whole year i've been preaching so,much about building an actual tangible,brand,and some people may have misunderstood,that thinking that i think drop shipping,is not,viable anymore or something obviously,that's not true but i do believe that,it's important for everybody to have a,brand building mentality,even if you do build a drop shipping,brand still treated like a real brand,and hopefully the case study store that,i'm going to be showing you today will,give you a really good idea,and inspire you to actually start a,brand out of your drop shipping store,which is my main goal with this channel,i want all of you guys to start,amazing brands that provide value for,the world so go grab your coffee some,water some tea i don't know what you're,up there drinking but,i got my coffee ready here and i'm,really excited to dive into the store,with you,now as i told you i'm not extremely,prepared for this q4 when it comes to my,brand,but now that we're shipping everything,from the us i'm really excited to be,able to ship things out,to last minute when it comes to you know,the holiday season and if you follow me,on instagram you'll know that my brand,actually reached a brand new milestone,we reached a 2k day the other day which,was the highest day we've ever had on,this brand,and that was only through facebook ads,which is really amazing and i'm really,happy to be building up,a solid facebook ad system but without,further ado let's actually take a look,at this brand that i'm toking about,the brand that i'm doing a case study on,today is called warmly,now the brand name already is pretty,awesome i mean warmly it's so,clean and modern i just absolutely love,it i think it's such a good name,especially for what they're doing so,what this brand actually does,is they sell modern home decor so,as you can see right off the bat this,doesn't really look like a drop shipping,store by any means,they've made it extremely congruent and,whoever's running this,is either hiring a really good developer,or,brand designer or they know a lot about,brand design themselves because this is,extremely congruent,and even though this is all products,that they're drop shipping,it's still pretty impressive how they're,able to get really congruent product,images which is one of the biggest,downsides to having a drop shipping,store,is it's hard to really get congruent,images and that's why a lot of people do,one product stores but if you're running,like a,niche store or a general store this is,going to be very difficult to do,but they've been able to do it either,way i don't know how but maybe they just,take their own pictures that's what we,do at least with our brand,so i've actually toked about this brand,before because i found them like a long,time ago and i was like wow i can't,believe this brand is actually drop,shipping,and they're still at it if we take a,look at their traffic,we can see that they're getting over 200,000 monthly visitors,now the thing about similar web is that,a lot of times,which by the way similar web is the tool,that i use it's a chrome extension,and that's what allows me to see traffic,that different stores are getting,it doesn't always work but when it does,work it's relatively accurate,i do find that most of the time it,actually underplays,how much traffic a store is getting,meaning that chances are the store,actually is getting,more traffic than they are reporting,which would mean that they're also,generating more revenue than i'm,estimating right now,but due to their average order value i,think it's a conservative assumption,to say that they're doing at least a,million dollars per month and the reason,why i titled this the most impressive,drop shipping store and the reason why i,think it's the most impressive drop,shipping store it's because they're not,even using,facebook ads to do this if we actually,look on similar web because similar web,is actually like a website,it's not just the chrome extension we,can see the traffic distribution,meaning where they're actually getting,their traffic from and we can see that,99.64 of their traffic,is coming from pinterest so if we go on,warmly's pinterest profile we can,actually see that they're getting over,10 million monthly viewers,now i'm almost certain that this is not,all organic i'm sure,most of it is actually paid but that's,still a pretty ridiculous amount of,traffic and i know that the reason why,pinterest is so cool,is because with pinterest any link that,you link to your store from a pin,it's actually considered a back link now,a lot of you guys probably don't know,much about backlinks,i don't even know much about backlinks,but i do know that backlinks are,essential,to getting a really good seo score on,your website,and your different landing pages which,allows you to get a lot more organic,traffic,so chances are warmly is actually not,spending,that much money on advertising and,they're actually cashing in a lot of,profits,through simple seo and as you can see,their pinterest looks basically like an,extension of their store,which i think is super cool and it's,extremely clever considering that the,people that go on pinterest are actually,going on pinterest to look for,inspiration when it comes to home decor,fashion all these things that's those,are all great niches to go into when it,comes to pinterest,i've tested pinterest ads a little bit i,haven't dove too deep into them but,after looking at this i'm definitely,way more inspired to look into pinterest,ads especially with the weird,fluctuations that we've been,experiencing with facebook not just me,personally but,in the industry as a whole even brands,are experiencing inconsistencies so so,if you have a drop shipping store and,you've been experiencing a lot of,inconsistencies with facebook ads don't,worry you're not alone a lot of people,are dealing with the same things,like i said even brands and even,agencies,are dealing with this stuff so don't,worry about it too much at the end of,the day,this is why it's important to sort of,brainstorm different marketing ideas,different ways to reach customers,and pinterest might actually be a really,great alternative for you especially if,you're building a store,similar to warmly's now what i find,interesting is that they actually don't,link,any social media on their actual website,i think the main reason why is so that,people don't leave the website,when somebody leaves your site it's,gonna be extremely hard to get them back,so obviously run retargeting obviously,have emails in place to make sure that,you're recovering,your lost visitors at all costs but this,is a great way to do it is by just not,having any sort of distractions anywhere,to be found on your store,that's actually probably the best way to,get people to just stay on your store,now as you can see some of their,products are literally like six hundred,dollars,uh and they use quad pay here which,allows people to pay in installments,that's really clever especially,considering that

DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING - Products that Will LOSE You Money)

Hey guys.,Today I'm going to be warning you about five different items that you should avoid and,not dropship on AliExpress, especially if you are a newbie.,Now some of these items will lose you money because they convert horribly, so if you try,and sell them, you'll lose money running Facebook ads because they're basically doomed to fail,from the start.,And the other items will potentially lose you money because of the fact that they have,risky items that are basically begging to get your PayPal and Stripe accounts shut down,,due to disputes, refunds and chargebacks.,To find out what these five items are, keep watching this video.,Alright, let's start out by toking about the first item.,But before I do that, I want to make this video a little bit more interesting.,Now I'm going to show you this item, and I'm going to give you five seconds to think about,why you should not dropship this item and you should avoid it.,And if you get the answer right, you get 10 points.,Yay.,Alright, so here is the first product, this little pink dog paw necklace.,Can you figure out what is wrong with this product?,Five seconds, go.,Time is up.,Alright, so what's wrong with this product is that it is extremely risky and could potentially,be a massive trap.,Why?,Well because take a look at it.,While there are lots of orders showing that this product has plenty of sales potential,,there are very few reviews for this product.,I remember once being told a story about a new dropshipper that got burned, because they,took a risk on an unproven product that had very few reviews.,There was a super hot cultural trend happening at the time, but there were very few products,on AliExpress for it.,One of the products on there was a T-shirt, and again, it had very few reviews.,Well, this guy decided to take a chance, so he advertised it on Facebook and boom.,It started selling like crazy.,It was his very first winning product, and within weeks he was making hundreds of dollars,a day.,Pretty awesome, right?,Well it was for the first two to three weeks while the items were in transit.,And then four weeks went by, and five weeks went by, and six weeks went by, and each subsequent,week he was getting more and more emails from customers saying that they did not get their,T-shirts.,Now admittedly, this was partially his fault, because he had advertised his product as having,worldwide shipping.,And as I said in my video last week, "10 Things to Do Before You Start Dropshipping", that,is a very bad idea.,Shipping to all countries is not equal, and guess what?,As a newbie, he hadn't gone through the hundreds of countries that AliExpress suppliers ship,to and checked to see if their shipping options were fast and efficient.,But it was also the supplier's fault, because of the fact that they weren't experienced,at manufacturing and shipping out this level of volume for this product.,He took a risk on an unproven product, and he ended up paying a hefty price.,For months and months afterwards, he was giving out refunds.,Now luckily, this story does have a happy ending.,Today he is a successful six-figure dropshipper.,He has learned from his mistakes, and hopefully you will learn from them as well.,Alright, let's move on to the second product that you shouldn't dropship.,Remember, if you got this product correctly, you have 10 points.,To be honest, figuring out why the next product is a no-no should be pretty easy, so if you,get that one right, you only get five points.,Okay, so here is the second product, this coffee mug.,You've got five seconds to figure out why this product should be avoided.,Go.,Time is up.,Alright, so the reason why you should not dropship this product is because of the fact,that it contains a trademark from Star Wars.,As I've discussed before on this channel, and surprisingly one of my more popular videos,,"How to Not Get Sued When Dropshipping", selling products that contain trademarks is a really,bad idea.,Why?,Well because it is highly illegal.,These products sell like crazy, which is what makes them so tempting.,Products that contain trademarks from popular franchises and brands will always sell really,well.,But selling them is a really bad idea.,For one thing, these products get taken off of AliExpress really quickly because of the,fact that they're illegal, and so it is only short-term money.,And secondly, as I described in my video "How to Not Get Sued" -- and I do think that everyone,should watch it so I will include a link to it in the description below -- if you try,and dropship these items, you really risk the police coming and knocking at your door.,So even though it requires more testing and work, stik to selling items that don't infringe,upon copyrights and trademarks.,Okay, did you get it right?,If so, add five points to your total.,If you have no points, that's okay, because you can catch up.,The next product is worth 15 points.,Alright, so here is the third product.,You've got five seconds to figure out why you should not dropship this.,Go.,Time is up.,Alright, let's see if you got it right.,The reason why you should avoid dropshipping this item is it is really really boring.,It's just a white beanie.,I mean, it's a nice white beanie, but it's still just a white beanie that you can buy,basically anywhere.,Look, something I get asked a ton is "Why would people buy AliExpress products from,you for a mark-up when they can go direct to AliExpress or even Amazon and buy them,for cheaper?".,And that's a great question, and let me tell you why.,It's because good dropshippers know how to get their customers to impulse buy.,Impulse buying is extremely powerful.,There is a reason why supermarkets put chocolate bars at the checkouts.,It's so that when you see it, you think "Why not?", and you just throw it in with the rest,of your groceries.,You don't need that chocolate bar, and you probably shouldn't buy that chocolate bar,,but it's right there in your face, and so you impulse buy it.,To impulse buy something, you need to have a really strong emotional reaction to it,,where you think "Wow, I really really want to buy that".,So take this coffee mug here, a staple on Wholesale Ted.,It's got this cute little guitar as the mug's handle.,This mug sells like crazy on AliExpress and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why,that is.,It's because that mug is perfect for people that love playing guitar and also love drinking,hot drinks.,If you create a Facebook ad targeting those people, showing off this mug, then they're,going to look at it and think "Wow, I really want to buy that".,But that's not all.,Good dropshippers than combine this strong impulsive emotion with a sense of scarcity,,which is exactly what supermarkets do with their chocolate bars.,Think about it.,You're at the checkout and your groceries are going down the conveyor belt, and so you've,probably only got about a minute before all of your groceries are scanned.,And that means that you've got just one minute to make a decision.,Do you go ahead and buy that chocolate bar that you now really want, or do you leave,it behind and miss out?,And that is scarcity.,You have a limited amount of time to make a decision, and so you take action and you,buy that chocolate bar right now before the opportunity disappears.,And so what good dropshippers do is they run limited time offers, and at often times they,will use countdown timers to stress the point that yes, this is a limited time offer.,Not only does the customer now really want this mug, but they believe you when you say,that you've only got 12 in stok at 60% off, and so they need to take action right now,before they miss out.,And so what do they do?,They act and they buy it right now.,They don't go and price check it against AliExpress or Amazon, because they believe that they're,getting a great deal right now.,So here is the problem with boring products.,They do not create strong, impulsive emotions in the customer, and it's very very difficult,to create a sen

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8 Best Office Supplies Wholesale Suppliers in USA

reading time for minutes office supplies,are an essential part of any business,and there's no way to be productive,without them,but where do you go to find the best,office supply wholesaler in the USA,if you're looking for a reliable,supplier that can meet your needs we,recommend checking out Office Depot,they offer a wide range of products,including office supplies and other tik,Essentials,plus they have a team of knowledgeable,experts who can help you choose the,right products for your business,what is Office Supplies wholesale,supplier,[Music],Supplies wholesale supplier in USA,offers a wide range of supplies,including but not limited to Paper,Products office furniture electronic,equipment and more,our selection of supplies is perfect for,businesses of all sizes from small,mom-and-pop operations to multinational,corporation,we are passionate about helping our,customers find the right supplies at the,best prices,foreign,we offer a variety of payment options so,you can choose what works best for you,our staff is knowledgeable and friendly,so you can always count on us to help,you get the supplies you need in a,timely manner,what are the benefits of being an Office,Supplies wholesale supplier,there are many benefits of becoming an,Office Supplies wholesale supplier in,the USA,[Music],businesses that carry office supplies,often see a boost in sales and can,attract new customers by offering,competitive prices on top quality,products,foreign,[Music],Office Supplies wholesale supplier can,provide employees with sustainable,employment options,most businesses that sell office,supplies need to order their products,regularly in order to stay stoked and,offer consistent quality,[Music],as a wholesale supplier you can,accommodate business needs by providing,regular orders at predetermined time,scales,this means that your customers will be,receiving high quality products at,regular intervals which is sure to,please them and increase sales,[Music],in addition to satisfying customers,being in Office Supplies wholesale,supplier can also prove beneficial for,your business finances,[Music],by ordering large quantities of products,at once you can save money on shipping,costs and reduce the amount of time it,takes to bring products to Market,[Music],in turn this increases profits for your,company,lastly being an Office Supplies,wholesale supplier provides employees,with unique opportunities for career,growth and development,businesses that carry office supplies,tend to be high volume retailers,employees who are well equipped to,handle customer transaction and,merchandise management are in high,demand,thus if you have the drive and ambition,to become a successful Office Supplies,wholesale supplier in the USA there is,no doubt that it is worth pursuing,how to start an Office Supplies,wholesale business in the USA,there are many ways to start an Office,Supplies wholesale business in the USA,one way is to find a niche market and,focus on selling products to businesses,that need supplies for their offices,[Music],thanks for watching,please subscribe,[Music]

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Top 3 Australian Office Furniture Dropship Suppliers - Dropship Downunder - Drop Shipping Australia

hey guys grant here for drop shipping,dot com that are you today i'm going to,give you three of the top aussie drop,shipping suppliers in the office,furniture niche let's dive in,[Music],all right if you do get any value from,the video today please give us a big,thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to,the channel if you're not already and,hit those bell notifications so you,don't miss any of our videos we've also,got some great free training on our,website so if you want to check that out,the link is in the description below,there's two hours or so of great free,training there on our website on how to,build your own drop shipping business,right here in australia all right let's,get into the video so when people are,first getting started we usually find,that the one thing that they struggle,with the most is actually finding a drop,shipping supplier and that's not,uncommon when you're first starting out,it can be difficult to know where to,look so that's the purpose of this video,and obviously we've done a few videos,like this in the past,in the recent past,and it's just to give you a bit of a,head start on where you can go to maybe,get your first store up and running and,you know really have a good supply of,quality products on your store from a,reputable,supplier that's here in australia,all right so i'm going to jump straight,into a screen share we're going to look,at three of those right now and give you,a good head start on where to go for,your drop shipping store let's dive in,okay so the first one we're going to,tok about is sk designerliving.com.eu,and this is actually a really good high,quality supplier and you do get other,different suppliers at different levels,but this is one of the suppliers that,has a whole heap of really good quality,products,and if you come to their home page or on,any page for that matter they have a,button at the top here where you can,click on the wholesale button and if you,do want to become a distributor for them,and,and get them as a supplier you come over,to that tab and you can actually start,going through the application process,there to fill that in and become,a partner for them and start selling,their products,on your store,okay so we're toking mainly about,office furniture today so we've gone to,the office tab here and you can see look,look at some of the products that,they've got down here like there is some,really good quality stuff,so they're obviously catering for you,know they've got coffee tables here uh,sort of waiting room chairs so it's sort,of the whole office experience you've,got that those front of house,items that you might find in the lobby,or the waiting room,and and also if you come down further,you've got the really good quality,office desk chairs,and all those sorts of things as you,might expect to find on an office store,and there's multiple different pages if,you can go through and and have a look,at all of the different pages here there,really is some great quality stuff,that,not every single story out there you're,going to find we'll have so that's a,really good supply here sk,designerliving.com.iu,and uh yeah obviously you can see on the,side here you can search via,price category and all the rest of it,but yeah good supplier okay so the next,is dropshipzone.com.edu,and this is a really good supplier for,the fact that they have all of those,really core products that you might need,to fill out your drop shipping store,so,to get started with them it's just a,matter of going to the sign up button up,here in the top right and i'm not going,to spend too much time on this one,because i do feel like a lot of people,already know about dropship zone but for,the people who don't i just want to,explain the reason why we like to use,these guys,for a lot of our stores and the main,reason is,their stok levels are usually really,high so,for the most part,they always keep their inventory to up,to date i mean for the for the most part,i've seen lots of their products have,hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of,them in stok and you may not see that,with some of the smaller suppliers they,might have a more of a limited range and,things might come in in and out of stok,more frequently,yes sometimes ship zone doesn't have any,stok for partikular items but i've,found that uh the the amount of stok,that they do get in is much higher and,you're less likely to run out,when you're looking at stoking some of,these items but as you can see yeah,there's lots of core products all the,sort of office chairs gaming chairs,uh some desks and,even got some clocks those sorts of,things you might expect to put in an,office store,so yeah it's a really good uh,supplier to have on on your books so,that you can you can turn to like i said,they've got some really good core,products that you can keep,uh all of your stok up to date there on,your store,all right next one,so the next one is,calibrefurniture.com.iu,and,as you can see from this their site,they're sort of a higher end uh,furniture,uh supplier so,there's some really good products on,this store for that high-end look and,that high-end market so if we go to i'm,on the bedroom one for some reason but,i'll go to office furniture go view all,office furniture,and you can see here look i mean,this is sort of the higher end products,that you would expect to find,on a really good offer supply store,so that's why i've left this one for,last if you did want to get something,that's that really at that higher end,and have that quality that,not a lot of other drop shipping stores,would have this is one of those,suppliers you really want to look at,getting on board you know they've got,all of the really awesome office chairs,this looks like sort of uh,chairs you might find in a meeting room,or a conference room those sorts of,things,but you can see they've got a very very,big range of office all kinds of,different office chairs to suit all,different looks,so i think this is probably one of the,more comprehensive,uh stores when it comes to those sort of,higher quality office supplies if we go,to page two i'm not haven't been to page,two yet so we'll check that out,oh yeah you can see there's there's some,really good stuff here on this store,high quality,uh and they've actually they've got,stuff here that's that's uh that can,suit a partikular,niche or a partikular look that an,office might be going for too it's like,you've got all these different types and,colors of uh office chairs as well it's,not just your standard uh black office,chair with you know recliner style chair,so,this is a really good,supplier to start with,and if you combine the three of those,suppliers that i've spoken about you,could fill out a really really,comprehensive office store and you know,have it looking great and have a,mountain of different products that,somebody would be looking for,and to to get started with them it's,just you would be going down here to,register to find out more about how to,get involved with them as a supplier,all right guys if you did get any value,from that please give us a big thumbs up,don't forget to subscribe to the channel,if you're not already and hit those bell,notifications too and we've also got,some great free training on our website,so if you if you did want to check that,out the link is in the description below,and there's two hours of great free,training on how to build your own drop,shipping store right here in australia,all right that's it for the video and,i'll see you next time cheers,[Music],you

Top 10 Winning Dropshipping Products 2022

ما هي المنتجات التي يجب الانتباه إليها أو التركيز على بيعها في عام 2022؟,إذا كنت حريصًا على اكتشافها ، فلا تفوّت هذا الفيديو ،,حيث نوصي بأفضل 10 منتجات فائزة لتزيد من مبيعاتك في عام 2022,بناءً على تقارير السوق المتعمقة ورؤى المستهلك.,سنلقي نظرة على المنافذ في هذه الفئات الخمس الشائعة: المنزل والحديقة ، واللياقة البدنية والهوايات ،,والألعاب والهوايات ، والصحة والجمال ، والمستلزمات الصناعية.,دعونا نتعمق في التفاصيل!,أعلى 10 منتجات دروبشيبينغ الفائزة لعام 2022,أثاث,المكاتب المنزلية,والحدائق المنزلية وفقًا لشركة Statista ، قدرت إيرادات أثاث المكاتب المنزلية بأكثر من,46 مليار دولار في عام 2021 ،,ومن المتوقع أن ينمو السوق بنسبة 4.43٪ سنويًا من 2021 إلى 2026.,كما يمكننا أن نرى هنا ، المكاتب والكراسي تمثل الحصة الأكبر من إجمالي الإيرادات.,نمت مبيعات متاجر الأثاث في الولايات المتحدة بسرعة لأكثر من عقد من الزمان.,بالنسبة للمستهلكين الأمريكيين ، عندما يتعلق الأمر بشراء أثاث المكاتب المنزلية ، تعتبر المكاتب والكراسي من أهم الأولويات ،,تليها خزانة التخزين ، وحامل الطابعة ، ومكتب الوقوف ، وخزانة الملفات ، وحامل الكمبيوتر المحمول ، وما,إلى ذلك. لا تفوت مكاتب الكمبيوتر الأكثر مبيعًا لدينا والتي تقل عن 150 دولارًا,مع مستويات مخزون جيدة لجني أرباح ضخمة.,مكتب كمبيوتر,يتميز بتصميم بسيط ، مع مساحة تخزين كبيرة ومتانة إضافية.,هذه المكاتب رائعة لكل من الطلاب وأولئك الذين يعملون من المنزل.,فيما يلي منصات المبيعات الموصى بها والجمهور المستهدف.,الفراش,تشير التقديرات إلى أن قيمة السوق العالمية لمفروشات الأسرة ستصل إلى 147 مليار دولار بحلول عام 2028.,وقدرت مبيعات الأسرة الأمريكية لتصل إلى 17 مليار دولار في عام 2020 ،,لتحتل المرتبة الثانية في مبيعات التجزئة للأثاث والمفروشات في الولايات المتحدة.,وفقًا لتقرير USA Today ، تشهد صناعة الأسرة نموًا سنويًا يزيد عن 30٪.,وذلك لأن الناس يقضون وقتًا أطول في المنزل ويريدون الشعور بالراحة والراحة أثناء الوباء.,بصرف النظر عن الملاءات والبطانيات واللحف واللحف ، يمكنك تقديم الوسائد والمراتب وما إلى ذلك.,كما هو الحال في الوقت الحاضر ، يفكر الناس بشدة في جودة النوم ، نوصيك بشدة ببيع الوسائد,وإعداد دليل شراء مفيد لأنواع مختلفة من الأشخاص الذين ينامون.,يمكنك الرجوع إلى Pillow IQ,في Harvard Health Publishing هنا.,هذه هي الوسائد الأكثر مبيعًا لدينا.,وسادة رغوة الذاكرة من ألياف الخيزران تحظى بشعبية كبيرة.,يتكون من رغوة الذاكرة عالية الجودة 45D وغطاء وسادة من ألياف الخيزران لراحة فائقة ودعم جيد.,والجدير بالذكر أن ألياف الخيزران ناعمة ، وتبريد بشكل طبيعي ، وتنفس.,كما أنه مضاد للبكتيريا ومضاد للفطريات ، حيث يزيل الخيزران الرطوبة ويطرد عث الغبار.,علاوة على ذلك ، عن طريق دروبشيبينغ الوسادة ، يمكنك أيضًا الحصول على هامش جيد.,فيما يلي منصات المبيعات الموصى بها.,الرياضة,والأنشطة الخارجية يقدر حجم السوق العالمي للألعاب الرياضية والخارجية بأكثر من 76 مليار دولار في عام 2022 ،,بمعدل نمو سنوي مركب يزيد عن 10٪ خلال الفترة المتوقعة (2022 ~ 2025).,أكبر ثلاثة أسواق في العالم هي الصين والولايات المتحدة والمملكة المتحدة.,• معدات الجمنازيوم,من حيث القيمة السوقية لأجهزة اللياقة البدنية للقلب والأوعية الدموية ، تحتل أجهزة الجري المرتبة الأولى ،,تليها الآلات الإهليلجية ، والدراجات الرياضية ، والمتسلقون.,إنها متاحة بسهولة على SaleYee لتتمكن من دروبشيب.,معدات الصالة الرياضية الأكثر مبيعًا لدينا هي دراجة التمرين هذه.,تتميز بإطار فولاذي قوي لمزيد من المتانة والدعم الجيد.,مع دولاب الموازنة 8 كجم ، وسرج PU فائق الراحة ، ومقياس إلكتروني ،,تم تصميم دراجة التمرين لركوب الدراجات في الأماكن المغلقة بشكل احترافي.,علاوة على ذلك ، فإن المنتج سهل التجميع والاستخدام -,يمكن تعديله لأعلى ولأسفل ، ذهابًا وإيابًا.,يوصى باستخدام صور رائعة وإنشاء مقاطع فيديو للياقة,البدنية لجذب عشاق اللياقة البدنية وأولئك الذين يبحثون عن طرق فعالة لحرق السعرات الحرارية في المنزل.,• معدات التخييم والمشي لمسافات طويلة,وفقًا لمؤسسة Outdoor Foundation ، شارك 7.1 مليون أمريكي في الاستجمام في الهواء الطلق,في عام 2020 مقارنة بعام 2019.,والأكثر من ذلك ، أنه تم الإبلاغ عن زيادة الطلب على المراحيض المحمولة نظرًا لأن الولايات المتحدة,تخفف قيود COVID-19 والعديد من الأمريكيين نتطلع إلى الأنشطة الخارجية,بعد البقاء في المنزل لفترة طويلة.,لذلك ، يجب أن تفكر في بيع المراحيض المحمولة.,إليك المراحيض المحمولة الأكثر مبيعًا في SaleYee ، وهذا هو الأكثر مبيعًا لدينا.,مرحاض دافق محمول مزود بخزان مياه سعة 10 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ثلاثي لسهولة النقل.,إنها مناسبة للغاية لهواة جمع الجيتار وعشاق الموسيقى والفرق الموسيقية والاستوديوهات ومتاجر الآلات الموسيقية وما إلى ذلك.,• البستنة,من المتوقع أن تصل قيمة مبيعات البستنة العالمية إلى 114.5 مليار دولار أمريكي في عام 2022. وتشير,التقارير إلى زيادة إنفاق المستهلكين على البستنة في المملكة المتحدة بنسبة 77٪ من أبريل إلى يونيو ،,مقارنةً بشهر يناير إلى مارس في عام 2021,. تشهد ارتفاعًا هائلاً في أعمال البستنة.,على وجه الخصوص ، قام أكثر من 20 مليون أمريكي بزرع حديقة نباتية لأول مرة.,يبدو أن النصف الأول من هذا العام هو الوقت المناسب لدروبشيبينغ لوازم البستنة.,إليك مستلزمات البستنة الأكثر مبيعًا ، فلنلقِ نظرة عليها واحدة تلو الأخرى.,1. برميل,المطر يمكن أن يجمع برميل المطر ما يصل إلى 100 جالون من مياه الأمطار.,إنه مصنوع من قماش شبكي 500D PVC وقضبان PVC لدعم جيد ،,مع حنفية عالية الجودة يتم توصيلها بخرطوم.,يمكن للشاشة الموجودة في الجزء العلوي أن تمنع دخول الأوساخ والحشرات والحيوانات والأطفال.,كما أنها تتميز بتصميم قابل للطي مناسب لسهولة التخزين.,المنتج مناسب لعشاق البستنة وعلماء البيئة.,إنه متوفر بسهولة في مستودعاتنا في الولايات المتحدة.,علاوة على ذلك ، يتم تقديم الشحن المجاني لك للحصول على هامش كبير.,2. جناح النبات,لقد قمنا بإعداد قائمة جرد عميقة من حاملات النباتات لتتمكن من الشحن في الربيع.,مجموعة حامل النباتات 4 قطع هي أفضل بائع لدينا.,المنتج مصنوع من إطار قوي من الحديد المطاوع - يمكن لكل قطعة أن تتحمل ما يصل إلى 20 ~ 40 كجم.,طلاء الخبز يجعلها مناسبة لكل من الداخل والخارج.,مع تصميم رائع ، فهي رائعة للحديقة ، والشرفة ، والممر ، وغرفة المعيشة ، وما إلى ذلك.,الصحة والجمال,• معدات الصالون,من المتوقع أن ينمو السوق العالمي للمنتجعات الصحية وصالونات التجميل سنويًا بنسبة 6٪ وأن يصل إلى حوالي 217 مليار دولار بحلول عام 2026.,نظرًا للطلب المتزايد على الحلول الصحية لتخفيف التوتر في الحياة المحمومة ، فإن,المزيد والمزيد من المنتجعات الصحية و صالونات التجميل تخرج.,يقدم المتخصصون في السبا وخبراء التجميل النصائح والمعلومات المتعلقة بالعناية بالبشرة والشعر ،,والتي تعمل أيضًا على دفع نمو السوق.,بصرف النظر عن كراسي الحلاقة ، فإن مكائن ​​بخار الشعر تباع جيدًا على موقعنا الإلكتروني.,تم

I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make,over seven figures drop shipping but,then i thought to myself what if i lost,it all all the money all the knowledge,all the connections and i would have to,start all over again with only 100,to my name well lucky for you guys in,this video i'm gonna go over exactly,what i would do if i were to just start,with 100,and potentially just maybe cut myself a,lambo at the end of this video so i am,starting with 100 to my name but wait,there's more there are a few guidelines,set in place some terms and conditions,perhaps that will make this challenge a,little bit harder rule number one is i,can't use my past connections old,influencers past suppliers that have,given me winning products and just,overall anything that i know of that can,help influence this challenge to make it,easier for me rule number two is i have,to start a brand new shopify store,meaning i also have to start with a,brand new product that i've never tested,before just so that it's fair and it's,as if i started from complete scratch,rule number three is i can't use my,personal brand to gain anything out of,this challenge meaning shout it out on,my instagram or just do anything to,influence it in that sort of way and,last but not least as you guys already,know is i only have a set budget of 100,so now that you guys understand the,rules let's let the games begin so the,first step in the process is to actually,find a winning product now since we only,do have a budget of 100,i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic,route meaning posting content on tik,tok and hope one of them blow up so,that we can get a lot of visitors to our,site for virtually free now personally,if you're on a budget i think this is,the best method because you don't have,to spend any money on advertising and in,the case that a tiktok does blow up,you can get a lot of sales so the way,i'm actually gonna find a winning,product is scroll through my tiktok,feed for a while here i'm gonna sit here,chill scroll and since my tiktok feed,is optimized to finding winning products,since i just like a bunch of drop,shipping ads and drop shipping pages we,might come across something that may be,interesting so i'm gonna go ahead and do,that now and get back to you guys once i,think i found something pretty,interesting or worthy of selling,demon this is the reality sitting there,there's some on the radio back and,forth just had a heart attack and i,heard the little one,who's climate change,so you have 300 so a lot of people think,so a lot of people think that i'm faking,these videos but i'm going to show you,guys once,i don't know,i think i may have just found a product,that may be worthwhile testing okay so,pretty much what this is is a speaker,and you guys can pretty much see you,connect your phone to this bluetooth,metal thing and once you place that,object on any surface like something,metal or glass it pretty much amplifies,the sound so i'm gonna go ahead and,follow this page and you guys can pretty,much see that they're posting videos,consistently honestly and it looks like,they're getting consistent likes and,comments on every single video that they,post so let's go ahead and check out,their store and it looks like it's a,general store that they turned into a,one product store from the name of it,they're selling it for forty dollars and,they have some pretty nice images here,some gifs and description the size,overall really nice and they have some,reviews so this might be a potential,product and i'm actually really excited,to test this product out the views are,outrageous and they post really,consistently and it looks like it's not,too old so you guys can see their first,video was on the 19th which is insane so,this is a product that could potentially,get us our lambo okay so right away i,went ahead and searched the product on,amazon hoping i could find it it was the,fourth option and went ahead and,purchased it for 38 and then i also went,on aliexpress to see how much i could,source this product for which came to be,around 21 and i could always get this,lower once i start getting more orders,but since we're selling it for 40,dollars and we're getting it for 21 we,have a profit margin of 19. so out of,our 100 budget we spent 38 of that to,order the product which leaves us with a,total of 62 left to spend but anyway now,that we have to wait for the product to,arrive i'm going to go ahead and use,this time to actually create the store,for this product porta speaker a speaker,that is portable and you could pretty,much stik anywhere and amplify the,noise well hey i think we got ourselves,a brand name porta speaker sounds pretty,nice and pretty easy to remember now,since we are on a budget of 100 i'm,gonna be going ahead and making the logo,myself i'm gonna be using a 30 day,shopify free trial which if you guys,want to do the same you can use the link,below so we're pretty much not gonna,have to pay for shopify for the first 30,days so i'm gonna get to work create the,store and then hopefully we get the,amazon product so that we can start,filming some content posting the tik,toks and just start driving traffic to,the store to see if anyone would,actually buy from this store but anyway,let's go ahead and start the store build,okay so our dropify shoplifting store is,finally complete and now it's time to,review it ladies and gentlemen i present,to you,porta speaker.us,what,okay so here is the product page where,pretty much all of our customers are,going to be redirected to you guys can,see we have a few images right here so,you can just scroll through we have the,name of the product with a few reviews,under it and you can see we have free,shipping and 50 off right under the,price and then going into the,description we have a headline with a,description under it along with a few,gifs i'm going to be changing these gifs,once i actually get the product and i'm,going to pretty much record custom gifs,so that they're a little more,personalized and people who come to our,site get a more personalized experience,but for now i just have these temporary,gifs that i have just as a placeholder,we have another headline and description,another gif another headline description,and a gif and then we have a faq section,for customers who have any questions or,doubts about the product and you can see,how this works it's pretty much a drop,down menu scrolling down into the,reviews we have all these reviews,reviews are very important and you could,pretty much just take these from the,supplier that you're sourcing the,product from because it's pretty much,the same exact product and that,concludes our presentation for the porta,speaker website so we found the winning,product we have our site built out now,the last step is actually to get the,product and create a tiktok page for,it and then just start posting loads of,custom content for the products that we,can potentially get on the for you page,of different potential customers that,will potentially be the holder of the,one and only porta speaker,[Music],okay so the product has finally arrived,from bezos's hands into my possession,and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox,this right in front of you guys so let's,go ahead and see what we got,i present to you the porta speaker,wow it honestly looks pretty solid,okay so i'm gonna go ahead and set this,up and see what we can actually do with,this thing and if it actually even works,as expected all right so i just set it,up so i'm gonna go ahead and play some,non-copyrighted music so that susan,doesn't cut my paycheck for the month,but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys,how this works it's honestly pretty cool,all right so i have my music ready to go,i'm gonna move my mic actually so you,guys can pretty much hear everything,that's happening and i'm gonna go ahead,and click play without this on the table,and watch what happens once i actually,put it on the table,[Music],that actually works believe it or not,we're actually almost pr