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dropshipping press on nails

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

why i quit my press on nail business

this has come full circle, hasn't it? it feels weird filming this video because it's like it's not really like my usual videos of like me toking about, like i don't know how to make present nails, or like how to run a press on the nail business. it wasn't long ago when i was like: hello guys, today i'm going to be showing you how to start a pressed on a nail business, and now today i'm doing the complete opposite. i don't even know how to say or what to say. or normally i plan my videos and have like points to say specifically for a specific topic, whereas this one it's like freestyle, because there's not really much planning i can do rather than sit down and tok feels kind of weird. i won't lie. um, i feel kind of out of place, but i guess i have to do this. um, i don't have to, but i guess i kind of owe a little explanation. so i guess i'm gonna tok a little bit about why i closed my press-on nail business. i don't know why i'm so nervous, like there's literally zero, like nothing to be nervous about, but i just feel a bit nervous anyways. so if you follow me on instagram, you know that on sunday, the 22nd of the 21st sunday, the 21st of november, i closed down my press-on nail business. i mean, to be honest, there's no real elaborate explanation other than i just it wasn't really something for me anymore. like you guys know, i love business, you know i love accounting, you know, like that that's my field and starting the business kind of combined that for me it was like, you know, doing nails and having fun and everything, but i still got to do my financial stuff, i still got to do the business stuff which i really loved and like i grew that business from the ground up and i'm super proud of that and that will, honestly, that whole experience is something that will never leave me. like it's something that i'm gonna carry with me for life. everything i learned from running a business by myself has taught me so many skills and so many new things about like running a business. like if you have a personal business or just a small business in general, then you know that like you're more than just like a nail artist. you do everything. you're a photographer, a social media manager, you manage yourself, your customer service, you take care of your business finances, like it's a whole lot behind running such a simple, simple business. it's a lot and it's a lot of effort and time and you really have to dedicate yourself to it, from growing it, from how small it was to where i took it. like that was more than enough for me, basically seeing my business from the start to the now finish- and i know you might be thinking like you're doing so well, why did you quit? like you could go so much bigger and so much further. but the thing is, even if i did go super big and it became super, super successful, i still wouldn't feel not fulfilled, but like i still, it still wouldn't satisfy me. it wouldn't. like i can't imagine sitting down doing press-on nails full-time. i don't love press-on nails that much. i love the business side of things, but i don't love press-on nails enough to do them long-term dedicate every single day, day in and day out. just making nails like that would drive me crazy. don't actually drive me crazy. but if you were to ask me to do financial statements all day long, day in, day out, trust me, i would be so happy. like that is the difference. like that is the difference. okay, now i feel like i'm rambling, but basically, on top of not really finding making press or nails day in, day out, very fulfilling. i'm also about to dedicate quite a lot- and i mean a lot- of my time into my studies. honestly, if you've watched all my business related videos then i'm always going on about how much i love accounting and business and really and truly my ultimate dream- like my ultimate dream that i would actually be happy with succeeding in fully, like if i had a full accounting firm that i owned, helping small businesses with their accounts and everything that's that would be a dream come true- like that is where i feel like i would thrive. like the personal business was fun overall. like i really enjoyed my journey. i loved the beginning, when everything was rough. i loved the end, when everything was successful. like i enjoyed every single process of the journey. but now it's just reached a point where that's just not my journey anymore. you know you have stages in life where different things add on to different parts of your journey. well, the press on the nail business was just one small part of my journey and, as i said before, i'm sure i'm gonna use every single skill that i learned in running that business and something else down the line. but for now, that journey has come to a finish, a beautiful finish. like i'm not sad. is that bad? like i think if i was stopping it because i didn't want to, then i'd be really sad, but because i'm stopping it and i want to stop it, that kind of helps. does that make sense? so, basically, if i was to summarize all of that chaotik spiel, then i basically stopped because, one, it just wasn't fulfilling to me. two, i'm gonna go focus on my accounting studies because that would be my ultimate dream: being a fully qualified accountant. as boring as that sounds like, that would be my ultimate dream of being a fully qualified accountant and, honestly, even if i was to carry on with the business and my studies alongside it, i just wouldn't be able to fully focus like orders, studying, like it's just, it's a whole, it's too much. i really want to dedicate myself fully to my studies and my ultimate dream of having an accounting firm. so, yeah, i think i think that's all. um, let me think. is there anything i need to add on? oh, and i don't want this video to seem like i hated doing press on the nails. i didn't hate it. i mean, sometimes i did. i didn't hate doing press on nails, it was just like when i had so many orders to just do day in and day outs and just like sometimes i would dedicate like three whole days just doing nails, and that got so boring. i mean, while i would do them, i would listen to like podcasts, watch youtube and whatnot, but it was still quite mundane. it was still just not very fulfilling. so, yeah, i also wanted to say i'm still gonna keep my youtube channel. obviously, i feel like that's a whole different world. it's not like i'm start doing orders, but i can film a video every now and then, like that's, that's not really hard. so don't worry, i will still be on youtube, i will still keep my channel and i'll still try and post as much as i can. yeah, that's basically it, guys. that is why i stopped my press on nail business. i am still very much around and, as i said before, i'm still gonna try and keep posting on this channel. so that's basically all for me in this video. guys, i hope you're all doing well and i hope your press on new businesses are succeeding and i hope you are enjoying it like for real, unlike me, i hope you are enjoying it for real. so yeah, guys, i will see my next video. bye you.


[Music] I will say to you, and also, grab a snack, grab something, because it may be a very long video. honest, I know if you see me looking down. it's because I have all the notes that I want to go over today. that way I remembered everything and I didn't miss anything that I really want to share first. but congratulations to naturally, Moe, who guessed pancakes as my favorite food. I know that you guys maybe like pancakes, really. but a little bit of a back story: my mom, when she was pregnant of me, she was addicted to pancakes and ever since, like I was a little little, I always, always wanted pancakes and it's just my all-time favorite food. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, three times a day every day, with some maple syrup. so, naturally, Moe, if you are watching, I have your gel polishes here and I also have your nail stikers. so please either send me a DM through Instagram and press the holic or email me at press all like at gmailcom, hopefully. if you're interested in what lashes I have on today, I have on press the holic. lashes and style boss, mom, I'm absolutely in love with the three life styles that I had chosen and they will be on sale, I'm hoping my next week, if not then by the beginning of July. so, starting off with a little bit of backstory on why I felt that this video was important, I guess is because once Cove in 1918- why'd you know? and I received so many orders that at one point it was like a little bit overwhelming and scary. and, you know, I had a great support system behind me and everyone was just kind of like you can do this right. but then it really skyrocketed to the point that I was just not having any days off. I was, you know, working, working, working and I was working as fast as I possibly could. but it's extremely hard to make, you know, ten sets a day. or, you know, even if it's just like seven sets a day, it's a lot. because now you have to think that I do have a kid and I am a wife and I have to keep up with everything else that goes on in my life other than press the hall like I had shut the website down. once I had about 70 orders and you have to realize that these orders aren't just like one set, they're usually like once. of course that's her order, so it's a lot to keep up with. so once I had 70 orders, I was like, okay, like we're gonna shut down the website and we're just gonna. you know, I have to give time for me to get these orders out. so then I was kind of receiving so many d-ends and so many emails and so much of everything that I was just like, okay, you know, I got my older lives down to 50, so now let's just open the website and we'll take more orders. and I feel like that was a big flaw on my part, because I should have probably gotten it down to at least 20 more orders before reopening the site, but because I didn't, the orders was railing in guys. so I had over 100 orders and about a week or two- and you know, you have to realize that it's just me here by myself. eval helps me immensely when it comes to emails, editing this video for you guys. he helps me vent and he helps me find people that I need for graphics or etc. but as for someone that's here with me physically, I have a great support system, but I don't have an assistant that's physically here to help me make these sets. so long story short, I started, you know, doing these orders and I was trying to go as fast as possible. right now I'm still sitting on orders, even though the website has been down for, I want to say, about two weeks. the lashes did come sooner than expected. I'm extremely happy with them. they're very, very comfortable, lightweight and they're 100% mink. but aside from that, I just wasn't ready to open the website. I've been extremely overworked these past few weeks and I just haven't had time for anything else and I think that having this experience where I is just a large workload with no days off and you're working 100% of the time, it's difficult on someone's mental health when it's only work. you know like I cherished my child, her age, and I cherished my husband and I cherished my mom being here, but I'm not able to really go out or anything like that, because this is what I'm doing all the time. so now, just cutting to the chase, I basically started to rethink pasta holic and what I wanted to change, moving forward, what I wanted to change with the website, and press them all like as a whole once I read lunch and what was I gonna do for the relaunch? did I want my website redone? did I want the logo redone, that I want my graphics redone? and it just goes on and on the list endless, and I'm very, very happy for this time that I've taken for myself that I'm just catching up and I'm just kind of like, okay, this is what I'm doing and that's it. I did end up having time to remake my website. so, first of all, like has been completely redone. I'm just waiting for the new logo and new graphics to be available so that I could put on the website, which I'm extremely happy about. but as for ways to sell press-on nails, I wanted it to be redone in a way that could be convenient for me, and today I will be sharing the four ways to sell press-on nails that are a little bit more convenient. but I am gonna go through all of the pros and cons of each and every way that I am going to share today. so number one is stuck, number two is made to order, three is ready to ship and four is vendor. I will also try my best to leave a vendor in the description box down below and we will get to that towards the end of the video. but again, if your orders are coming in slow, which there is nothing wrong with that- when I first started I was getting one to two others a week and I was completely content with that guy. so I probably wouldn't keep stok only because the timing of this can be slow, which means that the product that you're putting on the nail can turn color or go bad. this can also go with topcoat. I know that if you, I've had so many experiences where I go to the nail salon and I get my toes and white because white is just that's my color, but then it turns yellow after a few days of me wearing it and that way I just didn't want that to happen to my products. just to wrap up: suck in one little sentence, I guess stok is okay to have. if you just want to do plain colors and have a stok of that and have it available to your customers for our ready to ship kind of thing, then I highly suggest it. number two is made to order. so I'm gonna go deep in tomato order and some of the hacks that I have used for me to other sets. so when I am doing made to order, it means that each and every set will be custom to what you're ordering. so if I order a, a plain neon yellow set, that neon yellow set is being made and then it will be shipped there for your processing time would be about seven to 14 days, but then again, this highly depends on what your order volume is at that time. so when I was first first starting Presta holic and I was posting on sets on my website, I was making something like this where it was a full time piece set that fit my hand. that way I can take photos of the nails on me. but- and I know that a lot of us think that this is the way to go- like you need a full set for yourself- really you don't. so I was doing of Heol Tempe, sent for myself. that way I had one in stok now for something like this where I have two different designs on each hand. then it may change a little bit, but we'll jump back into that in just a second. but as for any of these sets, I could have easily just on five pieces such as this. so this was my last launch and I had launched eight new sets and I believe that I launched three new shapes, which was the short ballerina, the stiletto and the medium medium ballerina, and then I also have long coffin here. but when you are launching your website and you're trying to build your inventory and you need photos, of course, of your product, then it's easier to do it this way, then it's easier to build your website this way as well. so when you are doing made so, order, and you need pictures, obviously, of what you're making to order, then you can just do five nails pu.


My press on nails dropshipping business was a FAIL! 😢 // I explain why as I shut it down my Shopify

[Music]: oh, don't do that now, don't do that, don't do that, okay, all right. so in this vlog i'm toking about, um, a little project that i was doing that is about press-on nails. i actually i launched my custom-made press-on mail business and then after that i also set up a press-on-nail drop shipping website. yes, i had my little vendors and they were, you know, internationally warehousing the press on nail sets. i put up the website, like right after i launched press queen collection. maybe i did that for like two weeks and i, of course, i still- i'm still running that, but i did that just exclusively, put my energy toward that for like two weeks and then i'm like, oh my god, dropship website. so i made a drop shipping website for press on nails. right and fast forward to now that's been a couple of months ago and it's too much. it's too much. a lot of things people won't tell you about drop shipping is that if you don't have, like your customer service a1, that's basically what it is: branding and customer service, that's all the drop shipping business is, because everything as far as the processing and whatever, and shipping is handled by someone else. so it's basically branding and customer service and it's not hard at all. it's just when it gets to customer service becoming what's like consuming you the most. i don't feel like customer service is a money-making activity, so i don't like to spend a lot of my time on it. but at the same time, um, i'm not. i don't feel like i was at a place where i should be, um, hiring a va or something or like a customer service rep- you know, virtual assistant. i don't feel like i was at that place, yet i actually used to be that of a customer service virtual assistant, and because i know it, i think that's why it's hard for me to delegate things, because i know how to do it myself. so i was over it. and if i don't yet feel like i could find someone or train someone up to do the standard of customer service that i give, i'm just not going to do it. you know what i'm saying. so i'm shutting that website down and rebranding it, and i always have something in the works. i always have something going on. i always have something. the wheels in this mind never stop tinkering. so i do have an idea on how i'm going to rebrand it. it will not be a site where i just, you know, have vendors and i drop ship press on nails, but it will still be in that lane of being a provider of press-on nails and a source for other small businesses. i'm actually moving more from the b2c to b2b, so from business to customer, you know lane. i'm moving away from that into the business to business lane because there's just more money there and less time commitment, you know it's it's less customers to deal with with much bigger orders, and that's what i'm more so interested in. so that's what i'm going to do and brand that and you know whatever. but still in the press-on nails, you know space, because i i really like this space. i like this because i'm really into nails, but not always, you know, nail salons, because of sanitary reasons or i just like to be able to change sets whenever i can. so, anyway, what i'm doing today on my computer is going in and actually shutting down the shopify website for my drop shipping. you know brand i'm shutting that down and then i'm going to email all of the customers and subscribers and let them know what's happening and, you know, give them a quick rundown of what to expect from here. but yeah, that's what i've been doing. um, in addition to, you know the press queen collection- custom-made press-on nails- i did want to come in here and give y'all an update on what it is that i'm doing and, surprisingly, i was able to get everything in within five minutes. so i mean, i can't really think of anything else that i need to tell y'all. really, i'm not gonna lie to you. when them cut with them, um, customer service questions and stuff first started coming in, i'm like y'all not going to [ __ ], aggravate me. like that is really like my first response. y'all not going to aggravate me like this, like y'all not going to show up the way you know you'd be seeing people on like facebook and like instagram and stuff, share stuff about how people come at them, like business owners be sharing stuff about how people come at them, and i'm thinking y'all not gonna [ __ ] with me like that. but it never really got to that extent. it was more so. people who don't pay attention to the shipping policy- and as a consumer myself, i don't understand that. i don't understand people who don't read the shipping policy. i would never, i would never order anything online if i have not viewed their shipping policy first and if they don't have a shipping policy in place. i'm not spending my money with them at all. that's why i barely ever buy from people who just only you know, trap off their instagram or trap off their facebook page with the cash app and stuff and paypal, venmo, whatever the case may be- zell, all these other you know transaction apps. i never really buy from them. they can have the cutest stuff in the world, but i won't buy from them because you don't have no shipping policy in place. so if you get, you're funny with my money. i don't have no law, i don't have no written contract of how you supposed to behave. so you know what i'm saying you pretty much. i end up taking a loss in the end and i'm not one for getting scammed. honey. i'll scam you before you scam me and i'm not no scammer. but that's, that's how you know serious i am about you not going to scam me. so, yeah, they don't read the shipping policy a lot of times. most of the um like i don't, i didn't get like no bad reviews or nothing like, and i do feel like that is a perk or that is a reward, i should say, of giving good customer service. because even if they didn't read the shipping policy and, you know, been waiting for a long time for the order to get here because y'all know kovit got all these overseas packages, um, backed up. but even if they don't get their package, they never, you know, left like real nasty reviews and stuff. because i just don't give that type of energy for somebody to give me a nasty, heated review like that. i'm pretty good, like i'm really good actually, at customer service, like i have professional level customer service, like when i was young i always worked in retail and customer service, so i have like a lot. i have like a decade or so of customer service experience, so mines is always good and because of that they didn't leave, like you know, nasty reviews or nothing. but the emails, huh just, and the emails weren't nasty either. it's just like they can place the order in two days later. where's my order? honey? this is a drop shipping website. you're gonna wait more, a lot more than two days. so it was. i'm just shutting it down. there's nothing. i'm just shutting down, just shutting it down, and it's not too much like the income is cool. the income is cool, but i'm at a point where i can pick and choose how i want to spend my time to get the the amount of income that is giving me and for the amount of conflict resolution. like i'm not a really confrontational person at all because i'm a little bit throwed off my rocker and confrontation just kind of looks different for me. i go from you know real professional, cordial, not really caring much to if a trigger word or you know somebody really want problems, then i take it to the extreme. so i'm not a confrontational person and i've always been that way, like in school and stuff. like girls be wanna fussing and fighting, show they big and bad and show off in front of their friends and i'm like girl, i'm not gonna argue with you because i'm not trying to show off for nobody. and if that switch flips- like you playing with a live wire when, when that switch flips i'm not thinking about beating you up in front of your friends- my mind go to kill. you get what i'm saying like i don't. so we just don't do that and the way you do anything is the way you do everything. so because of that i'm just not a confrontational person and i don't want to spend all my day doing comfort.

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How to MAKE $$ Selling press on nails| WHOLESALE NAIL VENDOR| Vanillaabunnyynails

have two orders going out and i'm happy about it. two orders a day. keep the broke aways, so it's lit. you don't know what love is. you don't know what love is if you don't put up a fight. [Music]: baby, it's the nails for me. it's the nails for me. it's the little square almond coughing. it's the shade for me. click, clack, don't get smacked. all right, so i'm in my car now. i had to move my car to the other side. if you live in new york, you know you always gotta like move your current stuff. it's so annoying. but anyway, as i was packing, i realized that i don't have any boxes to put any of these orders in. like, the boxes i have are too small for the amount of orders that i've been getting and it's like super annoying. it's so annoying. so i'm gonna show y'all how to get free boxes right now. okay, y'all. so i got the boxes. as you can see right here, they are from the post office. so basically, all you got to do to get free boxes is go up to your local post office and just be like: hey, can i get um priority boxes right? and they gonna ask you what size you want. you could pick between a small, the medium and the large preferably because might have like bigger items. in my business i always get medium and large, but if you have a smaller business, i would say, get um small priority and that would be cool for you. or you could go on the postal service website and you can order them and all the boxes will come to your house. everything is completely free. okay, y'all, i'm back home. i've been chilling for a little bit. i was uploading a youtube video. i'm gonna put the thumbnail right here. i posted a video about how to create flyers for your business. if you're interested in that, you could go watch it. it's good for, like marketing and stuff. if you're having a little hard time with making sales or anything like that, then that might be helpful to you. it's like an alluring way to bring in customers. so now what i'm going to do is just pack the orders that i have for tonight so that they could go out tomorrow, and i'm just going to set you all up so y'all could see what the client got and everything. i might stop in the middle to like make tiktoks and stuff like that. anyway, this right here is a bundle of 20.. a client got 20 sets for 270.. it's normally 2.95, but she picks some discount sets. so these are her 20 sets. there's some more over here, but i'm not gonna um deal with that right now. that's one of the orders that i have and i also have this order here. this is a bundle of 11.. but i got a packet. this is her bundle of 11.. she got some cute plain sets. as you can see, she got royal affair and the shape. natural, she got this set here. this is called mature. she got soldier. i'm gonna show y'all how to pack like one of them on camera and then i'm going to pack the rest on instagram live so i could tok to my clients a little bit: [Music], [Music] is [Music]. if you don't stay up all night crying [Music]. so this is the bundle of 20.. i finished packing it. i'm just gonna put some of my branded tape right here. this is what it looks like. this is the same banner that i have on my youtube. it's so cute. i got it from stiker mule. if y'all want to get branded tape too, this one cost me i think it was like 29 or like 19, i'm not 100 sure, but all i know is when i bought it, i saved 10 off of my purchase by using this code and i'm gonna leave it for you in the description below. i don't know what scares people. success when you don't make moves and when you don't climb up the ladder. everybody loves you because you're not. okay. yeah, so it's the next morning. i'm at the post office right now. i'm about to drop off these packages so they can get out to y'all. okay, guys? so it is monday morning. we are back in business. i'm really excited to get all these orders out and do everything i need to do. um, i'll stop vlogging saturday night because i always tend to like take sundays off just to chill and recuperate and like get back into myself instead of like my business self. so, anyway, today i'm on my way to the post office. i have some orders that i'm about to show y'all. this morning i just went live. i made two live videos this morning, one like motivational video just to get all of my followers like in the right headspace to start off their week, and i also made another one packing orders so y'all could see like how my packing aesthetik looks and everything and how i put things together, so y'all can get like a little bit of inspiration on whatever the case may be. anyway, yeah, i'm rushing a little bit because i'm about to go to the post office and i'm also gonna buy a little bit of inventory. so i'm gonna take y'all with me so y'all could just see everything i'm doing. okay, all right, charles. so we're in the car right now. i'm on my way to the post office. right now i have two orders going out and i'm happy about it. two orders a day keep the broke away. so it's lit um. anyway, after that i'm gonna go ahead and buy some um inventory for my store, because i need like boxes- i keep running out of boxes, which is like super annoying, and i need um stuff to pack the orders and like tape and different stuff like that. so i'm gonna show y'all where i get it so y'all can get it soon. okay, i'm back, y'all. i'm just gonna show you everything i got. so this is one of the first things i got. i got this 16.5 by 20 bubble mailers. they're really, really big. i feel like they're the only thing that's gonna fit, like my boxes that i put my nails in. so these are the boxes that i fit either 10, 20 or 30 nails in. so i feel like these mailers are perfect. i got like four or five of them. i believe this will last me a few days, so that's good. got this confetti here. sorry, all my hands a little ashy, or whatever. i got this confetti here. it's the gold one. i mix it in with this black one i have and it just looks like really, really cute put together. it matches my packaging real well. so i restoked on everything that i need i have, um, so i restoked on everything i need, so i'm good for right now. hey, you guys, it's tuesday morning right now. i'm real, really excited. this morning i woke up and i was like hella motivated. i was highly excited to start the day and then, like, as the day progressed, i got five wholesale orders so far. so i'm really, really excited about that. there's a lot of work to do, but, like, this is what i asked for, so i can't be complaining or whatever anyway. so today's plans are to go to my wholesale nail vendor. y'all gonna see you like the supply shop that i get all of my wholesale items from to supply my store, and y'all also gonna see, like what they have in stok in case you guys want me to add anything new to the website, that would be really cool. so we're gonna go there together right now and i'm gonna show you all the lit stuff that they got in there and i'm really excited about it. so let's go. [Music], [Music]. okay, y'all. so i came back from the wholesale nail spot. i spent 167, and here are some of the things that i got. i got this um super strong nail glue. this is the same one that i put in my kids- and this has 250 pieces inside. i got two of them. and then i also got some different kinds of gel. i got this gel here. it's perfect match mood gel and it's like color changing. i also got some um eye gel base coat. i just needed a new bottle, because i already have like the really big refill bottle like this one, so i just wanted a new little one, because the one i had was getting like gel all over it, so i wanted to just get a fresh one. and i also got some um terrific match polish. it's like a gel polish and i also have like the nail polish on the side, which is cool. you get two for one. i had to do it like that because they're just cheaper like this if you just buy one that's like extra expensive. so this is in the color. what color is this? our secret eden? it's bomb, um. so yeah, that's basically what i got in this down to another store and i got some um stikers. i got these stikers, the christian dior stikers. i also went ahead and got these burberry stikers for valentine's day. these are going to be cute, like with some red or

How to PACKAGE PRESS ON NAILS | Packaging IDEAS for your press on nails

hey guys, and welcome back to another video. so today i am going to be sharing 10 different press arnold packaging options for you and your business. hopefully, by the end of this video, you will be able to find at least one option that is going to suit you and your business. now, not only am i going to be showing you 10 different packaging options, but i'm also going to be giving you all the information that you need as well. so i'm going to let you know of the different dimensions of each of the packaging, i'm going to let you know the price, as well as where you are able to purchase each of these from, and i'm also going to let you know if there are any pros and cons to each of the items that i'll be showing you today as well. so we have quite a lot to get through in this video, so let's get started. so i'm first going to start off with this clear acrylic eyelash case, and i got these from aliexpress in a pack of 20. i will have all the links available down below for you. um, they cost about 28 pounds, as i said, for a pack of 20, and the measurements are 45 by 110 millimeters. now the great thing about this case is it's really inexpensive, and it's also inexpensive with regards to shipping because it's quite light. now, the downside of this case is if you have customers that have really large nail beds, you're not going to be able to fit all 10 presser nails into this case, so you would have to have a second option if you decide to go with this. but, all in all, it's a really good case. i really like it and, yeah, it's definitely one that i would recommend. so, moving on to the second option, which are these a6 postcards, now i design my postcards on canva and then i get them printed off through vistaprint, which i absolutely do recommend. i really, really do like this packaging. i still use these, and it is size a6, so that is 105 by 148 millimeters. i got mine in a pack of 50.. i usually order a pack of 50 at a time and i spent about 20 pounds, or just a little under 20 pounds, so really inexpensive. now, the other good thing about these asics cards is, again, it's really cheap to send them out to your customers because they're very lightweight and the card is also really good quality. so definitely would recommend the a6 postcards, especially if you are on a budget. so another good thing about these a6 postcards is you can actually fit two sets of nails on there. i just want to mention as well that i usually cover mine in a6 cellophane bags as well, in case you're wondering. i think it just looks really nicely, classy and it's inexpensive as well. i don't think you'll have any complaints of your customers if they receive their nail order on one of these. so, moving on to the next option, which is an a6 shallow box, now i get mine from folder box. it's a box that i like to use because it can fit so many different sets of nails in and it's really stylish. it's high quality. it's a magnetik box, which i absolutely love, and i believe you can get them in different colors, but i always choose to get mine in white. so this is what they look like and, as i said, the quality of them is just so good. it has a really nice smooth finish to it. you can stik your logo on the front of it and also on the inside, so you have six sets of nails that can fit into here, and of course, it does have that magnetik lid, so that also adds to the quality and the feel of the box. but, like i said, it is quite pricey. so it's something for you to be mindful of. and it's also pricey if you want to ship these out. i like to usually put these into merlin boxes, and that can be quite pricey because the weight of this box with the mailing box can really add up the price. so the measurements for these boxes are 180 by 130 millimeters and, as i said, i got them from folder box and i think they come in a carton of 12. so you get 12 boxes. that's the minimum order and it costs about 40 pounds and that includes shipping. shipping is quite a lot. it's about 10 pounds to the uk, so quite pricey. so another thing that i like to do with these asics shallow boxes is i like to insert my logo on the inside of them. so what i would do is order size a5 postcards from vistaprint. i would size them up and then i just cut them and insert them into the boxes and i really do feel as though that gives it a really nice personalized touch and just adds that sense of quality to the boxes. so that's another option for you as well. but you don't have to do that. you can also just stik your logo on top or inside or both, but it's all down to personal choice. to the fourth option, which are these a5 postcards. so these are the same sized cards that you would use to insert into the a6 shallow boxes, but you would have to obviously size them correctly. but this is another option if you wanted to just offer a bigger card rather than the smaller ones. um, you can actually fit about four sets of nails. i have two sets on this partikular card because my logo is quite big, but you can always shorten your logo and then add more presser nail sets, so this is going to be quite inexpensive as well. you can easily pop this into a padded envelope to send out to your customers. so if you are on a budget, this is a great option for you as well. measurements for those a5 cards are 148 by 210 millimeters, and i paid a little under 30 pounds for 50 printouts. so let's move on to option five, which are these clear plastik storage boxes and all you can fit in. these are just one set of nails. it's not an option that i use myself, but it is an option for you to consider. i purchased these off amazon. you get them in a packet of 12, i believe- and they cost a little under 14 pounds. they are 74 by 74 millimeters, and so it's really cheap and inexpensive to be able to ship these out to your customers, because they can fit into padded envelopes. so we are now on to option six, which are these jewellery gift boxes, which i purchased off amazon- i believe you can also get them from ebay- and they are just really simple boxes. a lot of people use these, and i used to use them before as well in the past. you can stik your logo on the front of them. the card is really good quality as well. i think you can get them in numerous different colors, like black and pink- i'm not sure of all the other colors, but i just have the white ones here- and they came in packs of five for 4.99. so again, these ones are really an inexpensive option for you. the measurements are 40 by 120 millimeters. what i like to do is remove these sort of spongy inserts that come with the boxes, and then i just measure up a piece of card to fit inside the boxes. i'll place those inside, put my double stiky tape on the card and then i will place my presser nails on top of that, just because it gives it a nicer, clean finish. so these can also be inserted into padded envelopes. you will need larger envelopes to fit these in, so it's not going to cost too much. with regards to shipping, option number seven are these holographic ziplock bags, and i got these from amazon. again, these are really inexpensive. i really do like the look of these and it does seem as though quite a lot of press are now. business owners send their nails out in these. what you will need to do is order your asics postcards and they will fit really nicely into these. so the measurements for these are 149 by 205 millimeters. i got them off amazon for about 12 pounds, for like a pack of 50.. and these also come in a range of different colors, so you can get the holographic. you can get pink, blue, white and black. moving on to option number eight, which are these large eyelash boxes, and i currently use these. i do absolutely love them, if you are thinking of having your logo printed on top of them, like what i do, and they only come vertikally and not horizontally from the suppliers that i have spoken to anyway. also, you are not able to fit all 10 presser nails in a row, so you will have to split them into two rolls. so those are a couple of little nickels that i don't really like about these boxes, but other than that i really do like them. not going to give you all of.

Affordable Luxury Press-On Nails ft. AliExpress

be long. good, it's my big time recording this video a little bit late. you won't find nobody better than i. who better than cop rhetorical, don't need no reply. nah, i'm sensual caramel. what a touch of butter. best of both worlds, sophistikated. hi guys, scott, and welcome back to my channel. if you're new here, please hit that subscribe button and tap that notification bell right next to so you can get notified every time your girl uploads a new video, which is absolutely every week. that's every week you get to see me and i'll give this video a thumbs up. you know it's going to be lit. you said i wanna probably keep it rocking. we ain't stopping period. all right, y'all. so in today's video i wanted to bring y'all another luxury press on nails haul, because i didn't know the girls were into press-on nails like me. i love me suppress on nails y'all, because my press on nail game it's really, really strong, like yeah, and it's only getting better and better, period. so i got a whole bunch of nails y'all this time around. y'all know i always get my nails from allie express. girl, girl, girl, girl. now i don't like to knock people's hustles, but i do like to give the girls that are on a budget. i like to give y'all the rundown on where you can get you some luxury press on nails where you don't have to break your bank, because i know a lot of um people still press on nails and maybe some bone pressure nails, but they be running for like 30 to 45 dollars and i'm like who pocket got time for it, not man period, because you can go on a wholesale website and you can get them. you can get the same nails y'all for noodle to nothing. these nails that i have on my hand right now are some nails that i purchased off aliexpress and i saw someone with this design and i, when i saw them on la espresso, like i have to get those now. i wore these this weekend, so i've had these all for since friday and girl y'all. these are my favorite shapes. these are the shapes that i like to rock and girl. they look good. it looks like i went to an actual nail salon and got my nails done, but, baby girl know, i went to la express and got me some dollar prestos and made a do what to do when it came to my method of how i make them. last now, okay, my camera angle probably changed y'all, ugh. but these nails here are a glossy neon pink. i get glossy when i want to have like a gloss. look like these are gloss, look as well, but they just look like these. i'm gonna put them up close to y'all because i told y'all these are my favorite shape and they ran for like i think these were only a dollar two, i don't know, probably cheaper than that. but, like i said, i have the price on the screen for you. but they are really, really pretty. and the thing that i love about allie express is: you want what you see is what you get when you see it on the website. it's not some rinky dink picture that makes you think you probably be scammed, is actually what you're going to get, and that's why i love to buy my nails off. alex, these here are a lavender. y'all know purple is my favorite color. i don't know. i probably mentioned- yes, i did mention it- i mentioned- that purple is my favorite color and these are some of my favorites. because these are my favorite colors, i love these. i cannot wait to wear these because, yeah, girl, it's gonna be it for the summer and y'all know my birthday is in the summertime. hello, next up we have this, uh, light, sky blue, like what you, what you call it like turquoise, a turquoise color, really really pretty. it's a light, light blue y'all, but they're really really pretty. all of these ones, all of these are gloss nails. so if you want like that smooth gloss look, these would be right up your alley, baby, right up your alley. and then the last of my glossy nails are this neon yellow lime, because it it gives you the vibe of both, like it looks like a neon yellow or it could be going for neon, like a lime color. these are another um coffin shape and they are a blue, not they have nail glue that comes in with this, this kind right here now. these are a luxury, luxury nail, so these are a bit more pricey, but there's, they're still not the price that you would pay if you get them from somebody's boutique or something. if you find someone that sells these type of nails, they'll probably have them going for about 20 something dollars, but you can get them off a lot for only 4.99, i think it was about. i have the correct price on the screen, y'all, cuz i really don't know. it may not have been four, it may not have been five hours, probably was like two, but we'll have the correct price on the screen. but i love these colors. i love this color because i'm not normally into wearing blue but because i'm getting into these type of french tip shapes. i wanted to get some that um that i can get the vibe of different colors. these are an umbridge color, so they are like there are light blue and they go to into this like ombreish pink, if you can, if y'all can tell it's this umbridge bluish pink tone. it starts from blue and then it goes into like this pink tinge in the nail bed and that's really really dope, really really dope y'all. these are like a lady of the night type meal. i freaking love these. now, this one probably would have been better with what i had on this past weekend because this is like a cobalt blue going into that black. it is another um ombre color and it's like this cobalt blue going into this black 10 inch in the bottom and it's like this black has like a um, both of them have like a. it's kind of like a shimmer to the nail and it's really, really cute y'all. these are literally some that i see girls selling online for a whole box of papaya chicken, family box meal dollars or what you doing. who are you doing? not me. i ain't trying to knock your hustle but, baby, i can go and get them for little to nothing. all that is pretty low period. now these are the ones that are a bit more bougie looking. these are the ones that you don't see going on. when they haven't met them in the boutiques. they have them going for a good chunk, a good little amount, because they have so much detail going into. now this one is a nudish nail bed color with the pink, like a hot pink top, this part french tip, but it also has the jewel, the bedazzle on it. so these are the ones you're going to see the girls selling for a good look, a good little amount because of the details. i the um, the more luxury look, the higher the nail is going to be. so these are really, really, really, really pretty. these are some that i probably would wear for my birthday because they're so pretty and because they have this this moment right here going. love it, love it, love it, love it. these right here are actually some of my favorites, if not my favorite, because of the jewel. really pretty now, these i've always i've been searching and searching and searching for me some emerald green nails and i finally found some on aliexpress. uh, i wanted, i wanted these for the winter time, during the fall and the wintertime, because of the emerald green and christmas, and i wanted burgundy, but i could never find. i could never find emerald green or burgundy. but ally express got your girl together and i ended up finding mimi's emerald. now i have to go and get me some burgundy ones, because i like burgundy and i love emerald green. i just like how it looks on people's nails. it just looks really, really pretty and it just- i don't know, it just gives me a vibe. y'all these here, these gives me these right here, give me like a wedding bag, like these are some that you could wear for your wedding or during christmas time because of the look them, because they have like a? um, snowflake on them. you can see they have like a snowflake. so i really do like these. um, they were supposed to be longer. i don't know what happened with why they came short, but they were supposed to be this one. all of my nails i get long, like not too long, but long enough for my liking, and i don't know what happened with these and these last ones that i'm gonna show y'all, because they sent me these little short ones and i don't know how i