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Published on: February 14 2023 by pipiads

Trying Print on Demand Dropshipping with Shopify: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you heard of print on demand? It’s a type of dropshipping where you design a product, such as a t-shirt or canvas, and then list it on your site. When a customer makes a purchase, the fulfillment company prints the design on the product and ships it out. I decided to try print on demand for the first time and document the process in a video. Here’s what happened.

Product Research

- I searched for print on demand products on DropBox.

- I used the keyword “print” to filter out products that have been sold in the past.

- I found several interesting designs, including a psychedelic t-shirt, a “show me your kitties” t-shirt, and a “stay strapped or get clapped” George Washington t-shirt.

- I decided to create my own design in Photoshop, based on a popular design I found.

Building the Store

- I used Shopify and the Printify app to connect with print on demand suppliers.

- I uploaded my design and set up the product on a t-shirt.

- I set up the product pricing and description.

Setting up Ads

- Unfortunately, I had been banned on Facebook and couldn’t set up ads.

- I recommend using Facebook and Instagram to advertise print on demand products.

Print on demand dropshipping is a great way to get into ecommerce without having to handle physical products. With the right design and marketing strategy, it’s possible to make a profit. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and mindset, anyone can succeed in print on demand dropshipping.

Four Dropshipping Sites for Artwork Compared

If you're thinking about dropshipping your artwork, one of the biggest concerns is maintaining quality control. The best way to ensure quality is to order a sample from the manufacturer. In this article, we will review four different manufacturers - Printful, Guten, Finerworks, and Art of Wear - using the same type of paper, artwork, and size. All samples were shipped to my house, but blind shipping is available from all four companies.

- Dropshipping artwork is a great way to expand your business, but quality control is crucial.

- Ordering a sample from the manufacturer can help ensure quality.

- In this article, we will review four different manufacturers using the same paper, artwork, and size.


- Printful: Blind shipping available, sustainable packaging, print comes rolled with tissue, packing slip included, matte finish, vibrant color, good detail, around $7.

- Guten: Blind shipping available, not sustainable packaging, print comes rolled with foam and plastic, detail similar to Printful, slightly less vibrant color, around $5.90.

- Finerworks: Blind shipping available, print comes in a flat rigid mailer with backing board, clear bag for added protection, rich colors, good detail, thicker paper than others, around $7.

- Art of Wear: Blind shipping available (unclear from packaging), print comes rolled with tissue, matte finish, good detail, slightly less vibrant color than Printful, around $13.

- Ordering a sample from the manufacturer is the best way to ensure quality when dropshipping artwork.

- All four manufacturers reviewed offer blind shipping.

- Finerworks and Printful offer sustainable packaging.

- Finerworks has thicker paper and richer colors.

- Prices range from around $5.90 to $13.

- Ultimately, the choice of manufacturer will depend on personal preferences and priorities.

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

In the year 2022, print on demand sellers face various challenges. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the rising Facebook ad costs or increased fees on Etsy or the inability to get approved on Merch by Amazon. The biggest problem for print on demand sellers is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by popular YouTube channels.

Reasons to avoid selling t-shirts:

1. Saturation: Regardless of the platform you sell on, there is immense competition. T-shirts and mugs are difficult to stand out as hundreds of thousands of sellers are selling similar designs.

2. Choose better products: Opt for high-profit products like all-over print hoodies, car seat covers, or print on demand jewelry, which make more profit margins.

3. Rising Facebook ad costs: Adapting and choosing new products, getting out of comfort zones, and avoiding traditional products is the key to success in print on demand.

Tips for success in print on demand:

1. Choose a great niche to get people interested.

2. Opt for high-profit products and create great designs.

3. Use Shopify and invest in paid traffic for quicker returns.

4. Build your website to avoid competition on platforms and drive paid traffic to your store.

5. Build your communities on social media.

Print on demand sellers face challenges in the year 2022, and avoiding traditional products like t-shirts is the key to success. Choosing better products, investing in paid traffic, and building a website are the tips for success in print on demand. It is essential to adapt and get out of comfort zones to stay ahead in the competition.

Print On Demand 1 Week Results (Beginner)

My Print on Demand Experience with Printful and Etsy

In this article, I will be sharing my experience with Print on Demand using Printful and Etsy for a week. I will discuss what Print on Demand is, my experience setting up the store, advertising on various platforms, and the results I achieved.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is a business model where you create the design and then have a fulfillment center such as Printful take care of all the details behind the scenes. They print the design on the product and ship it out to your customer. You create a store on platforms like Shopify or Etsy, and when you get a sale, it is automatically linked back to Printful. Printful takes care of the printing, shipping, and fulfillment, and you keep the profit.

My Experience:

Day 1: On the first day, I set up my account on Printful and Etsy and launched my store. However, I did not get any sales as we did not market the product.

Day 2: I created a few more designs to attract customers and did not advertise the product. I ordered a sample of the product to create customized advertising in the future.

Day 3: No sales yet, and I faced some back-end issues with Printful while ordering the sample.

Day 4-5: Made a few changes in the designs, advertised on Etsy, and got more clicks and views but no sales.

Day 6: Created Instagram and TikTok accounts to advertise the store and got some views and likes but no sales.

Day 7: No sales yet, but I learned a lot about advertising on various platforms.


In a week, I did not get any sales from advertising on Etsy, but I gained knowledge and experience about advertising on various platforms like Instagram and TikTok. I plan to continue with the business and advertise it better in the future.

Print on Demand is an interesting business model, but it requires effective advertising to gain sales. I recommend advertising on multiple platforms, improving the design quality using tools like Placeit, and creating a professional store on Shopify to increase sales.

How To Create a FREE Print on Demand Dropshipping Website with Google Sites

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a print on demand dropshipping store with Google Sites. We will discuss the benefits of a print on demand business and how it works. You will see a demo of the website we will be creating and go through the different sections of the website.

To get started, we will open up Google Sites and choose a blank template. We will add a title and remove the header section. We will then add an image carousel and insert our images. We will adjust the size and settings of the carousel.

Next, we will add a menu and dropdown categories for our products. We will add a section for new arrivals and showcase a sample product. We will add buttons for account, order tracking, and shopping bag.

We will add a section for free shipping and returns, and a footer section with important pages. We will then go through the process of adding a product to the website and show how the checkout process works.

Overall, this tutorial will provide you with all the necessary steps to create a successful print on demand dropshipping store with Google Sites. Are you ready to get started and make some money? Let's do this!

Easiest Way To Get Started With Dropshipping - Print On Demand | Printful

Starting a dropshipping store is a popular way to get into e-commerce, but it's important to choose the right products. For simple products like posters, t-shirts, and hoodies, dropshipping makes sense. With a third-party fulfillment company like Printful, you can have your website and marketing while they handle the printing and shipping.

Advantages of Printful:

1. Fulfillment centers worldwide

2. Product selection including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters, and more

3. Integration with multiple e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon

4. Low startup costs - you only pay for the product when the customer pays you

5. Product catalog has expanded over time

Disadvantages of Printful:

1. Not suitable for all products

2. Limited customization options

3. Shipping times can vary depending on product availability

Overall, Printful is a reliable and popular option for dropshipping. While it's not suitable for all products, it's a great way to start a simple e-commerce store without the need for bulk purchasing or extensive product management. With their worldwide fulfillment centers and integration with multiple platforms, Printful is a great choice for those looking to start their own dropshipping store.

Dropshipping Art Prints: Is This a Profitable Niche?

In this episode of BuildAssetsOnline.com, Joe and Mike discuss whether dropshipping art prints is a good or bad idea. They make a quick announcement that membership to their website is currently open, with access to exclusive courses, office hours, and one-on-one coaching with the hosts.

Pros of dropshipping art prints include the ease of creating them, selling through print-on-demand, and the possibility of ranking in search engines for specific art prints. However, unless you're a famous artist, art prints are commoditized and won't sell for more than $100, resulting in small profit margins.

The hosts advise against relying on social media marketing to sell art prints, as it is a long game that can cost a lot of money and time. Instead, they suggest using SEO to rank for specific art prints or offering art prints as an add-on to high-ticket items. Another option is to set up a store with a large collection of art prints and rank for various keywords.

Overall, dropshipping art prints can be a viable option if done correctly, but it is important to consider the logistics and not rely solely on social media marketing.

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