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dropshipping products 2019

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Winning Dropshipping Products to Sell on Shopify [Summer 2019]

In this video I’m going to share 10 products that you should start dropshipping this summer. But I know that finding a great product to sell is only half the battle. Making sales is where the going gets tough. So with each product recommendation I share today, I’ll give some important marketing tips. By the end of this video, you’ll know What dropshipping products to sell this summer, How to price those products to get sales, How to market those products. Ready to get started? Hey everyone, it’s Jessica from Oberlo. Today I’m toking about the best dropshipping products to sell this summer. If you’re new here, dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start an online business. Instead of buying tons of inventory for your online store, you only order products when you get sales. That makes dropshipping low-risk. But being a successful dropshipper requires constant learning. Make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss our weekly tutorials, dropshipper interviews and product recommendations. Speaking of product recommendations, let’s get started with our list. The first product starts heating up in the summer, but has staying power through the holidays. #1. Twinkle Lights. It’s twinkle lights. These strings of small LED light bulbs add a twinkling sparkle to events, interiors and holiday decorations. They’re available in different lengths and styles. ePacket shipping to the US is about $2, and the smallest string of twinkle lights goes for about the same amount. To allow for marketing price this product at 3 times its cost plus shipping, so about $12.. I know what you’re thinking: twinkle lights are for the holidays. Who will buy them in the summer? Well, there’s a strategy at play here. What you want to do with twinkle lights is get a few sales in the summer so you can figure out your best performing ads. Then you’ll be primed for sales when peak season rolls around in November. People buy twinkle lights in the summer for the subtle lighting they add to outdoor spaces like balconies and porches. This is especially nice in warmer months when customers spend more time outside. Twinkle lights also provide a romantik glow to events like weddings, many of which take place between May and August. When it comes to marketing this product, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook will be your best platforms of choice. You can reach out to influencers who live in apartments (think big cities like Toronto and New York) and send them samples so they can take photos of the lights on their balconies, wrapped around pillars or elsewhere in their homes. Use those photos on your website and in your ads to inspire potential customers and get more sales. #2. Ionic Hairbrush. The second product on our list is the ionic hairbrush. Summer is great for almost everything: your mood, social life and glowing skin. But there’s one thing summer isn’t good for--your hair. People who struggle with statik or flyaways need a product to smooth their manes. This portable electric ionic hairbrush helps tamefrizz and flyaways to create a sleek look. It’s gotten over 1,000 sales in the past 30 days, proof that now is the time to start selling this product. Thanks to free ePacket shipping to the US, this brush costs just under $7.. Price it at $19.99. to entike impulse shoppers To sell this hairbrush, you’ll want to work with three key platforms: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Order the product and use your mobile phone to create a video that explains what this hair brush is, why customers need it and how they can buy it from you. Show someone’s hair before and after using the brush to really convert browsers into buyers. If you can’t or don’t want to create a video yourself, can reach out to an influencer on either YouTube or Instagram to create the content for you. Then use Facebook Ads manager to promote the heck out of your video. If you’re new to Facebook ads, don’t worry--we created a course just for you Check out the link in the description below. The third product on our list is about to blow up. #3. Pool Beer Pong. it’s the inflatable pool beer pong table. Pool inflatables are always top sellers in the summer because they attract impulse buyers, But this inflatable is different. Beer pong is a popular party game among North Americans And summer is a popular party season. Put the two together and you have the ultimate summer drinking game. This inflatable pool beer pong table lets customers play beer pong while lounging in the pool. At $25, it’s a bit pricey. However, customers won’t be able to find this in stores, so you can price it at $49.99 and still get sales. Millennials and Gen Z will likely be the target market for this and other inflatable pool products. Try marketing with creative YouTube videos that feature the product. For example, you can include this product as you reenact scenes from classic college movies like Old School or Animal House. Then create a Facebook post using that video, promote the post and target the post towards people who like those movies. The next product on our list is a personal favorite. #4. Summer Dresses. It’s summer dresses. Summer dresses, also known as sun dresses, usually have a flower pattern, a flowy fit and are short or short-sleeved Summer dresses have always been popular in warmer months, but as you can see in this Google Trends analysis, they’re getting more popular each season. Summer dresses don’t really suit a one-product dropshipping store. If you decide to sell summer dresses, your best bet is to add a few sun dresses to your store- But which ones? One way to choose summer dresses is to log in to Oberlo and search for “summer dress”. Sort by Order, Count and you’ll see a selection of summer dresses that are already hot sellers. If you’re just starting out with dropshipping, try selling these as you hone your marketing skills. You can also search “sundress”. This will give you a few other best-selling dresses in this niche. If you want to keep marketing costs down, head over to Pinterest. Create organic posts featuring your products and make sure to tag them. Then see which dresses get the most engagement and put a little marketing money behind those partikular dresses. So far we’ve toked about hot dropshipping products to sell this summer, But let’s cool it down now. #5. Ice Cream Maker. The #5 product on our list is the ice cream maker. Ice cream is a popular treat in warmer months and making it at home is a fun way to enjoy this popular treat. This novelty summer product also makes a great gift for bridal showers, housewarming parties and summer birthday parties. While this ice cream maker is a bit expensive, customers will pay for the sleek design and color choices. You can also add a low-cost item like an ice cream scoop for free. That will entike customers to pay for the higher-cost ice cream maker. Try promoting this ice cream maker by grabbing search interest. Write search engine optimized artikles about the “best ice cream makers” or “how to make ice cream”. Then promote your artikles on Pinterest so you can build up traffic to your store. If you’re looking to get some immediate sales, try Google Shopping ads. I’ve left a link in the description with more information. these lesser-known ad. #6. Beach Towels. The sixth product on our list is a summer necessity. it’s beach towels. A couple years ago, round mandala, beach blankets were the hot sellers of the day. Now customers are looking for more playful beach towels, Whether shaped like pizzas or Mexican sugar skulls. these Instagrammable beach towels are made for impulse buys. With $2 ePacket shipping to the US, their total cost comes to about $7.50.. Price these at $24.99 to get sales. You can sell these towels in a niche beach towel store or add them as a summer accessory to a general store. One of Oberlo’s bloggers, Nicole, actually ran a beach blanket store. She had three strategies for marketing her products. First, she ran Facebook ads to capture im.

🥇Top 50 WINNING Products In AUGUST 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

in today's video I'm gonna be giving you 50 potential winning products that you can go out there and test in August and get some great results with. I'm not giving you ten, I'm not giving you twenty, I'm not giving you 30. I'm giving you 50 products that I've hand-picked, do my due diligence on, done my research on. I'm gonna be giving you them all today and we're toking about why I've picked them, what interests you can use, what age, what prices you want to use to use on these products. also, I'm going to give it away 17 more wedding products. now how you enter to win those seventy also added wedding products is all you need to do is comment 10k econ King family and then, once you've done that, on the next video I will announce ten winners and you'll be sent a list of seventy more winning products. so let's liven strain to the concern. the first product on today's list is this back electric massager, pain relief and stress relief machine. so you can see here what you do is you put it on your upper back, you turn the mode to run and it will start relieving any stress pain down your spine and up your middle, your middle back, and on your muscles as well. so you can see in action here if I scroll down and show you some more images, or the product. now, products in this niche that solve a pain- and the physical pain always do really really well. it's priced at four dollars and 73 cents. I would price this at $24.99 or $29.99. I wouldn't go any higher. you could potentially got to $34.99, but I wouldn't recommend it now. you always want to be making a 15 dollar profit margin on every single product, so I would recommend between the $24.99 and the $29.99. now, in terms of what interests you're gonna want to use this product is, you're gonna be using things like physical fitness, physical health, relaxation. those kind of interests work really, really, really well. also, things like beauty, snot beauty science, re massaging salons, but physical and health, nurse, physical fitness and then narrow it down by, for example, relaxation or relaxing is a very, very good way of doing it. now, the reason why it's on today's list is because, like I said, it solves a problem: back pain, neck pain, stress and those kind of things are a massive problem that people live every single day in their lives. so that's the reason why it's the first program today's list before we move on to the next product that brings us onto the sponsors of today's video. that's going to be loose reviews. now, every time I tok about case study- how to build a store, you're definitely going to need an app that puts reviews on your website, especially when you're doing winning products, like we run about today now, loop's reviews is by far the best app. important product reviews on to your website now in terms of integration, is seamlessly in terms of linking it to other apps is amazing. and again, the third and the most final thing that I love about loose reviews is the customer service. now, when you're using third pipe things or you're using a theme that's not with Shopify and you need coding adjusting, you just asked Luke's and they do it seamless, Amy ously, they don't ask for any more fees. they will just do it. if you ever need any help from loops, they will do it. they won't ask you for any more money. they weren't asked you for anything. they just do it for you and that's the reason why I love this app. because of other apps, they ask you for more money. there's not as much customization. with loops you can customize the way your apps look. you can auto pilot on, get a manual reviews if you're doing a niche store and you want to get legit reviews, then you can actually get customers on repeat reviewing your product by doing certain emails- that's within loops reviews. now if you use my code in the link in the description below, you're gonna get yourself a 30-day free trial instead of the standard 14-day free trial. now, that is today's sponsor of today's video. the next product on today's list is this electric jumping ball. that is super clever. now with this ball it blows up, but it also can. it can also work out with this obstacle, so if there's a chair and the way the ball move around the chair. so the dogs absolutely love this toy because at the end of the day, if you throw a ball and it gets hit by a chair, it's gonna slow down, but with this toy actually moves around obstacles, it lights up and it makes dogs go super, super crazy. the reviews of this product- I've looked at them online- are re really, really good. so in terms of the pricing- this one's at 1583- it is on the expensive side due to the battery inside it and whatnot- and in terms of how well it goes around obstacles, the obviously the intelligence that goes into that product is quite expensive to manufacture. so you're gonna want a prices product up: $34.99 in my opinion, or $29.99, but I would go for the the-- $4.99 price range. now use interest like dog lovers and pets at home, things like just my dog, things like those kind of interest, but really, really well, or just pets in general, and then narrow it down by dogs. that's another really good interest that you're gonna want to use. and the reason why it's on today's list is because dog toys, pet toys, are quite boring nowadays. it's just your average ball. with this, it's completely different. it glows up and it also goes against an obstacle also, for example, when you throw a ball in the house or in the garden and something gets in their way, it's just gonna stop. now you want something that's more interactive with your pet and this is what. exactly what it does interact with a pet a lot more- and that's the reason why it's on today- is this and it also the dog niche is also a very, very good in each to get into, just because of the people that are around the dog Nisha- people that buy things for dogs are very good engaged shoppers, so that's the reason why it's on today's list. the next product on today's list. it has a WOW factor to it. so it's a solar panel powered fan cooling hat. so it's a cap that you can see right here and you can see on the top there there's an actual powered fan. so when you're wearing the Hat it's gonna cool you down. now I know so many people that need this. my dad needs this, my partner's dad needs this because when they go out in the Sun they complain it's too hot. so there's definitely a market for this product now. it's one of those fans that blow in your face but it's attached to your hat and it will call your face down. it comes in different colors as well, so it has the wild fact it also solves a problem. now you're going to use interests like Beach, holiday, summer, summer, magazines, those kind of interests, and then hit suggestions on them. it's gonna give you a ton of ones to use. also gonna want a price this product at the $24.99 or $19.99. I wouldn't go any higher than that. $24.99 is the highest. I recommend you guys go, and that is the reason why it's on today's list. it's a massive problem people have going out in the Sun. people just hate the Sun. but, for example, my dad hates the Sun. he just can't stand it when it's too hot. so for those kind of people, this products amazing for them and that's why it's on today's list. the next product on today's list is this portable door closed, Jenna. so what it does is is you put the jammer on the door and what happens is nobody can go through the door. so if you're somebody that's a little bit has anxiety of people that break in the house, if somebody tries to go into your bedroom, it's not gonna move. so you can see here, this is how it works: the jammer goes on the floor and if somebody tries to break through the door, the jamb is going to stop them from coming in. or, even better, casein. or if you just don't want people coming into your bedroom or you don't people leave in your bedroom, then this is a great product. now a lot of people have an anxiety of, obviously, people breaking into their houses. so if they break into your house, as long as they can get into your room, you can just exit the house for a window and you're safe. so it saves. you haven't spent loads.

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TOP (30) WINNING Products In July 2019 Shopify Dropshipping

in today's video, I'm going to be giving you 30 products that you can go out there and test and get some great results with, because I've done hours and hours of research and due diligence on these products to make sure that I'm giving you the highest quality products, the highest chance of becoming winners. now, if you haven't already, I recommend you subscribe to the channel and you also hit the like button, because if we get 250 likes on today's video, I'm going to be releasing another list of 30 potential winning products in the in two weeks time. so you might as well go ahead and do that, because at the other day, why would you not want extra winning products or potential winning products? now, before I move on, I want to say a massive thank you to Eric Dustin supporting the channel and helping me grow, because you've just hit 4k subscribers and I can't say how thankful I am for everybody support me on my journey. I also want to try and hit 5 castles by the end of this month. so if you can like the video, it just helps me get seen some more people on the YouTube platform and if you appreciate my work and you think the work I do is great, I don't see the harm in doing that. I also want to say the reason why don't blow it as much as other youtubers and other gurus is because, at the end of the day, I'd like to do quality over quantity, so I'd rather release one video or two videos a week and make sure that the highest quality over then six videos a week or four videos a week and they're being really, really poor quality. so I just wanted to clarify that to people, because I know a lot people have been asking me: come, how, come you don't upload as much as other people? and that's literally the reason why a lot of the best youtubers on on dropship earn on YouTube. they don't bloat that often. the reason why is because they want to do quality over quantity, and I'm the exact same. now, before we move on again, I just wanna say a massive thank you to everybody that's been really, really helping me, and now let's get straight into the video. so the first product on today's list is this portable, foldable kettle. now, this product is amazing because at the end of the day, it's a full sized kettle and it's got the kettle. so normally you put a kettle on the bottom of this pad and then the bottom of the pad is what the electric power is and it'll turn on the kettle and I'll heat it up now with this kettle. it's an all-in-one falwell kettle so you can see the bottom bit is where it heats up and it's all in one, so you don't need to carry the bond bit and the kettle with it. I don't know the bottom bits cord. forgive me for that as well, but you can see here, after folding the kettle, this, what it looks like. so it's super portable and it means you can go camping and instead of taking a flask and putting loads of coffee in it and going funny, you can take the portable kettle with you when you go and camp in or you going on holiday or whatever you're doing, and you can actually get nice fresh coffee on the go with a portable Cal. so that's where this product is in my piñon considered a great product and has the wow factor and it solves a problem. the problem it solves is you can now take your cat, you can now take a kettle and it can be portable instead of having it an issue, and it means that instead of having a big, bulky castle, you can fold it down and you don't have to take two parts of their kettle. it's an all-in-one fallible kettle and again it stops you from having to take a really bad flash with you. that just goes funny because it flasks, you put coffee in it and eventually it's just not the same. so it gives you fresh coffee on the go or fresh tea on the go or whatever you want to use the califor on the go. so that's why this product is absolutely amazing. now it surprised that twenty to thirty nine and I would prices product that $49.99. in my opinion, that is what I'll do and that's hardly interest like camping. I'll charge interest like travelers and things like that- that the best interest for this kind of product. so let's move on to the second product. so the next product on the list is this pregnancy scar seatbelt. now, this product is amazing and there's many reasons why this practike amazing and why I can see it doing really, really, really, really, really well. now how this works and this is what. why is this different to a normal seat bar? so you can see, this is a normal seat. but now, if there was for ever to have to be a harsh break or an accident, the sea bar would put pressure on the stomach where the baby is now with the actual pregnancy seat, but you can see it goes across the legs instead. so it means the baby's not going to get crushed by the seat belt or there's not too much pressure on the baby inside the womb. so that's why the rib, that's why this product does what it does and this is why it's a problem-solving product. now, of course, a woman- when they're driving or in their or they're in the car they're probably one of the biggest fears that go in the head is all one's if there's a car crash, or one's if there's a harsh break or whatnot. what's gonna happen to my baby? now this product will stop that from happening in terms of harsh pressure or anything damaging the seat belt across the stomach. so that's why this product is absolutely amazing. it's a massive, massive solver. it solves a huge problem. it puts the pregnant ones mind to rest in if there's ever a car accident. so that's why this product is an absolute amazing product. now, the reason why I'm so crazy about is because of how it can just change your mother's life in terms of taking that horrible fear at their mind and actually stopping anything horrible happening. so women that are pregnant- cuz this is what happen for chily happens in life. there are women that get get into car crashes or into harsh breaks and it can actually really cause some horrible trip trap and tragedies in terms of losing their child and stuff like that, and that's why I'm really hyped up about this product, because it is a great product. now, interests are things like you can actually target interest on Facebook, like people that are pregnant in the last six months or people are currently pregnant. so they're the kind of interest that you're going to want to use for this kind of product. people that are actually pregnant in the last six months or who have been pregnant in the last six weeks. those kind of interests are the ones that you don't wanna use this product. now. the pricing range you want to do for this product is $49.99 as well, and again, people will spend that money because this product is such it's- it's a basically a lifesaver. it's to lifesavers. it saves the mother and saves the child. so that's the reason why this product is amazing. its program the list is another baby product. now, this product is a little pouch the dad or the mother can put around their waist and what it does is you can actually put things in the waist pocket like nappies, balls, whatever. but it's also used to rest the baby on here so you can see how the baby's rested on to it. so this is what it stops. it stops babies from falling out of their hands. it stops the mom or the dad feeling uncomfortable in the hold and the baby- so you can see what it does. it's just so much easier and so much convenience to be able to hold your baby on you at all times, instead of having to put a load of screen on your arms because you're holding the baby with all your weight. so you're holding the baby with all the way. obviously, this bags gonna take a lot of the way of the baby off you. so it's a great product. it's a problem-solving product. it helps mother's or Father's be more natural with a baby, less hassle, less arm strain. so that's a great product and it's also a storage product. now come interest. you're gonna want to tok with this product of things like pampers. now the interest you going on Target or pampers? that's the natural baby brand that sells pampers, obviously, which is a nappy brand. you're also gonna want to do interest like competitive.

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🤩 Top 30 WINNING Products In DECEMBER 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

in today's video, I'm going to be giving you my top three products for December. now I'm gonna be giving you a list of 30 products that I've picked my help myself, for my own hands and my own eyes, and I'm gonna be giving you them. and there's me three types of products: winning products and upcoming products and completely unsaturated products. that way, you can maximize each product the best you can, because obviously, depending on where the product is in its lifecycle depends on how you can maximize the money in income. so I'm gonna be giving you loads of different products at different points in their lifecycle. that way, like I said, you can achieve the best results possible. now I'm also gonna be telling you how to find interest. now I'm gonna put a preview on the screen of the tool that I recommend is called nerdy interest. at the moment of this recording is completely free to use on. what you do is you go to the search bar, you type in a word or a product name or an interest, and it will give you suggestions based on those keywords. now, in terms of price and all the products I'm gonna be showing you today, make sure you add a minimum of fifteen dollars to the Potamus. so let's say the products for four dollars on Aliexpress, we're gonna add fifteen dollars. that be $19.99, with price that. now, the reason why we're gonna want to do that is to make sure that you're making profits when you're selling this on Facebook or any other marketing platforms. now, obviously, if the product has a high perceived value, can add twenty, thirty, forty dollars, but a minimum. please just add fifteen dollars for the best and success possible. now I'm gonna be doing a massive giveaway on today's video. we're gonna be giving three people the chance to win three hundred winning products on top of these thirty winning products. now all we need to do is like the video, comment the econ King 2020 and subscribe to the YouTube channel. now, just as a little clarification, the the giveaways on these videos will not be activate until we hit 1,000 likes on the video. so let's make sure we hit 1,000 likes so we can activate that giveaway now, if you haven't already, you can basically go on to my last five videos for videos and comment the econ King takeover twenty20. like the video, subscribe to the channel and you'll be entered into like the last five videos giveaways. now we're almost close to hitting 1k likes on all of those last five videos, you can be entered into loads of different giveaways for completely free guys. so don't miss out on that. so let's just get straight into the content and get into these products I've recommended. it's [Music]. so the first product on today's list is this rotating moon projector, which is a sky lamp for kids where it shows unicorns on the on the ceiling, it shows stars. it Shone's moons is a really colorful, playful and projector for kids. now, all of these kind of projecting toys for kids work amazing, so that's why I'm recommending it. one of my students is currently doing a projector for another product, so it's it's in the same kind of niche, but it's a different projector for kids, and he's hit- he's hit- 50k this month with that product. so that's why I'm saying these kind of products do really really, really well. so that's the product, the first product that I recommend. it's only got 13 orders, guys, so it's pretty much untapped. it's got a great review: 5 stars out of 5 stars. now what I recommend you do for this product is it comes in three different colors: blue, pink and purple, which is really, really good. obviously, if a boy wants this product, you're gonna get it in blue, you're gonna get it in pink if it's a girl and there's purple for basically unisex. so it's a very good product. it's got a very good amount of potential and it's priced at a very reasonable price- $13. I would personally price this one at 3499 if it was me advertising it. now. the kind of interest that I would use for this product is things like mother, cat, parenting and toys. are Ross Smith superstore anything to do with those kind of interest? hit the suggestion boy and it will give you so much more and that there's a good interest that I would recommend for this product. now, in terms of the age ranges, you're gonna want to do 21 to 65. that way you're gonna hit grandparents that might want to buy this for their grandchildren. and you're also going to do male and female because you don't want to alienate the males to the females, because you never know, males can be the dominant buyer sometimes- not all the time, but sometimes. so do not alienate them, thinking it's just going to be the women that are gonna buy this for their kids or grandkids. so that's the first product of them today's list, the rotating a projector with unicorns and moons, and that's the reason why I'm gonna basically recommend it. so I've had another student with a similar product to this that I've done 50k in one month. so that's why I'm recommending it. the next product on today's list is this beading ball. it's an interactive ball where it will run around. the ball basically rotate around. its got like a little battle inside of it as well, so I'll make an actual noise and then you put the cat food in the side and it basically squishes up. so it's got like this really elastik it material where it'll squish up and then it will turn into like a rolling ball. as you can see on the screen- and I'm gonna change the picture so you can see in a different format. so you can see it's a really interactive pets poi and an AM cats toy. it doesn't have to just be four cuts. this could be four dogs too. a lot of people kind of misconcept that cats toys can only be four cats. it can also be four dogs as long as there's no requirements where they need to jump really high and stuff like that. but this product can be for dogs as well, as I can see in this. I own a dog so I kind of understand how dogs toys works. so this can be for cats and dogs, but primarily cats, and this is a really, really cool toy. I've never seen this in pets at home or any pet shop before. it's got some great reviews. it's currently on that upcoming trend but I've toked about start of the video. it's got 691 orders. he's doing very, very well and it's had some great reviews. I would target pet lovers, pets at home- hit the suggestion button. you don't wanna do 21 to 65 the games. there are a lot of all the people that own cats, more primary cuts to dogs and you can own a price this one at in 1799 or $19.99. I wouldn't recommend going over that price range and you could push it to $24.99, but the conversions will drop ever so slightly. so that is the second product on today's list. the next program today's list is a jewelry set that is a gift. Jewelry Set is for a grandmother and a granddaughter. so this product- jewelry and these kind of jewelry sets- do really really well because it's what we call emotion buying. so you're basically tapping into people's emotions and you get them in an emotional state to buy something based on what they feel like. so it's a great gift that somebody can get somebody- if it's their grandeur or their grandmother, and it's just a great way for people to like people's relationships, to interact, so that's the reason why it's on today's list. I had another student as well that did some insane numbers with gift jewelry like this wears personalized messages, so that's the reason why it's on today's list. it's only got 11 orders and it's had some reviews out of 11 orders. so I know this nation. I know these kind of products do very, very well. now the the kind of targeting you're gonna want to do is grandparents, elderly people, old people's homes, stuff like that would work very, very well. you're gonna want to target granddaughters and stuff like that. that would work very, very well as well. there's actual interest for granddaughters, I believe anything like that. hit the suggestion button. Facebook suggestions are very underrated. guys do use them. they are very, very good. the age range again: 21 to 65 is always what I primarily do and you're gonna want to d.

Top 30 WINNING Products In SEPTEMBER 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

in today's video, I'm going to be giving you 30 products that you can go out there and test in September and get some great results with, because today is the 1st of September and you guys are going to need 30 winning products that you can go out there and use and get some great results with. so I have given you the list of 30 products. I've done my due diligence, I've done my research. I'm also going to giving you what interests that I'd recommend using and the reasons why these are winning products. and you've got great butcher. they got great potential to do amazing things. so before me- but I just wanna say a massive thank you to everybody that's been supporting. that channel was so close to in 10k subscribers. I can't say how thankful I am to everybody, and I also want to say the winners of the 70 product list giveaway will be in the description below. so in the description below, versi giveaway winners: if your name is in that list of 10 people, then message me on Instagram or Facebook and I'll send those awesome the 70 winning products across to you. now I'm gonna be doing this giveaway again, but this time I'm going to be doing it for 20 people. now all you need to do to enter the giveaway is: like the video and comment the econ King 10k, and on the next video, all on that, the next 20 winners for those 70 products as well. so altogether you'll have a hundred winning products that you can go out there and use in September. so now let's dive straight into the winning products. the first product on today's list is this back posture corrector. now, it's not the back posture corrector you think it is. it's made for people that sit down for long periods of time. so you can see here the image of somebody sitting on the stool and you can see the picture of that back when the normally using a store. and then you can see it with the posture corrector and one size fits all. now, if you're sitting down for long periods of time, it doesn't even matter if you've got a back part here, like even this chair, it has a back support. but even on long periods of times- over five, six hours- my back starts to hurt. now this product solves that problem. weary, there's no back support. and what you're sitting on, or if you have got back support on your chair, this product is made to make sure that your back posture is correct. so tiknically, I should be sitting on my chair like this boy. it hurts for too long. so that product- that product, which is the back posture corrector- would help me out. so if you've already been doing back posture correct just before you've got facebook data, then you're already a head start against anybody else. so if you're somebody who's watching this and you currently have a store previously that's been doing pusher correctors or any form of posture corrector and you've got the pixel data, then this is going to be a goldmine for you in terms of what interests you're gonna want to use as things like therapy, things like generic interest, things like comfortability, things like people that work down, like hairdressers, barbers, people that use a store at their workplace, or barbers normally use tools like this when they're sitting down. cutting hair, cutting young people's hair and anything like that is great. now, this is what we call a generic Pro, because it can be used in so many cases. so you want to try and keep it as broad as you can, but I would recommend doing single interest, for example, at barbers, things like that. you've got on a prices product with a fifteen dollar profit margin. all products should have a fifteen dollar profit margin, so I would price this product at $24.99 and I'll you could go up to $27.99, but I would recommend the $24.99 price range and that is the reason why it's on today's list. we all know posture correct has done amazing things in the past and they really do help and they are beneficial. now this is one for people that sit down. the next product on today's- this is a really fun product. it's a running resistant parachute kind of thing. so what you do is you tie this parachute around your waist and what happens is when you run, the gravity or the force is pulling you back. so what you're using is you use a more muscle. I'm sure you guys already knew that from the image, but that's how it works. now I've actually never seen anybody use a product like this at the gym or outside my house and I've read the reviews for this product and it's meant to be a very good resistant product for when you're working out. so the kind of interest that you can only use is like Jim, Jim, Jacques Naik, a DDoS, not down by Fitness, things like that. but this product is amazing. it's had some really great reviews. I've never seen anybody really use this kind of product before. the gym niche is a very engaged in each as well. you can own a price- this one at $27.99, or you could even do $24.99, it's completely up to you. but this products had some really great reviews and, like I said, target things like gym fitness, gym shark, Naik, those kind of interest- and that's the reason why it's on today's list. it's a unique product. it has that wow factor to it. so if you're gonna make a video with this product, you're definitely gonna get people's attention. the next product on today's list is this multifunctional pelvis bomb, muscle power, this kind of products of. what you do is you put this product in between your thighs and what happens is these products are irrelevant up here. I don't know why they put those on there, but what you meant to do is you meant to put it in like this and when you work out. what it's meant to do is, as men, make sure the morsels when you're working out are kind of like growing in a certain angle, if that makes sense. so at the end of the day, it's all good work and out, but if your muscles ain't grown in the right way, then it's gonna cause more damage than good. so what this products made to do is meant to enhance the muscle growth between your pelvis and your bottom and I just meant to make things grow a lot more faster, a lot more better. I'm really bad at explaining things like this because I rather complicated for me, but you get the idea. it's made to make your body look a lot nicer when you're working out because it grows in a bear, so it looks a lot nicer. so that's how the product works. you want to do things like Fitness Gym shark in here on a narrow down by women. you're gonna want to target obviously only women first product and then target gym fitness and all those other metrics I mentioned on the last product with the parachute, and you're going to want to price this product at something like $34.99 is probably the best price point for this product. I wouldn't go any higher because she probably wouldn't solve solve any. but women pay a good amount of money to get a good looking body, so that's why it's on today's list. the next product on today's list is this folding fishing chair or outdoor outdoor waiting chair. so it's not actually per specific for fishing people or outdoor camping people. it's for anybody that's traveling a lot and they're having to wait and commute. so if you're somebody that's working in the city and you having to get tram after tram or tube after tube- like, for example, London or New York or any- for Mercy Center, and you're waiting around. you can see in the image here there's somebody waiting for the train. you can see here people just sitting outside. what it is? it's a foldable chair, so you fold it out- I'll show you that, show you the image here- and it turns into a chair like this. now I've seen the reviews of this chair and they're going crazy for it. people are saying it's amazing, it's comfortable and it works. you can literally put it into your bag. it folds up super small so you can put into your bag and commute with it. now, with this product, again, you're going to want to keep it quite generic: target things like work, target things like outdoor camping, target things like traveling, target things like commuting. those interests will be amazing and you're gonna want to price this one at 3499 or 3299. that's the.

Top 30 WINNING Products In OCTOBER 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

in today's video, I'm going to give me the top three products in October. now, this is not like my usual top 30 products. I'm going to be giving you the top 30 gift products that people can buy for their loved ones for Christmas, Thanksgiving on what not? as we're in q4 and Christmas is approaching, people are buying products that they can give for gifts of Christmas and their loved ones. so in today's list, these are going to be perfect gifts that people can buy for their loved ones, and that is the key to success in q4. now, if you haven't already, you need to go watch my Christmas tour guide. that is how you're also going to succeed in drop shipping in q4. I'll leave that somewhere on the screen now. if you want to win a premade debut theme- it's already optimized for a warm folklore. it's already been done by one of my business partners that specialized in web development- then all we need to do is have thousand likes on this video and absolutely every single one of you will win that theme. now, for those that I've already entered into, the giveaway there will be announced in the next video, but if everybody wants to win this theme, then all we have to do, guys, is get to 1000 likes in this video. it's more than possible. I've hit 900 likes before. now. I also want to say a massive thank you everybody. awesome support in that channel will grow, and rapidly, and that's what I'm doing- these giveaways all the time, because the other day you guys deserve it. so let's get straight into the content. so the first product on today's list is this fashion draw jewelry. look so how this fashion jewelry love set works. as you can see, it comes as a bracelet and it also comes with a necklace. now, the bracelet has a love heart to it with a lock on the front of it, and then you also wear the necklace that has the key to the lock on the bracelet. so it's one of those couples like bracelet jewelry thing where the boyfriend buys it for the girlfriend or vice versa, and then one of them wears the bracelet and then one of them wears the necklace. so it's one of those kind of cute products. and I said, as at the start of the video, the key to q4 is buying gift products. now this is the perfect gift product that you could sell on your website and when you're making the ad, you could say something like this: the perfect, perfect gift for your boyfriend. that could be. one ad set and then a second ads that could be: this is the perfect gift for your girlfriend. so you could test different ways of doing it. so that is the exact reason what this product is on today's list- and it's probably the first one in today's. this is because by far, it's one of the best ones. now. I would price this one at $24.99. you could even charge 20 for this one and you want to target things like relationship anniversary, things like date night, things like that would work really, really well for this product and that's the reason why it's on today's list. there's not much more to say about this product, but then it's just a gift product that gets people in the emotional state and it gets them to buy. so, as I said, perfect, perfect gift for Christmas and, like I said, you could say in the ad copy by this field of one for Christmas. the next product on today's this is this kangaroo t-shirt. now, the reason why I call it a kangaroo t-shirt is because the other day you can put your baby inside the t-shirt in their little opening and you can just carry your baby inside your t-shirt. now this product is for moms and dads. that's why I love it. it's universal and at the end of the day, it's one of those fashion products where you can just wear this t-shirt every single day. you don't even need to put a baby inside it. but if you ever wanna put the baby inside it, you just literally put it in the little gap and it goes inside and they're safe, and they're safe in the t-shirt. so it's one of those products where moms and dads can just feel a lot more comfortable going around the house and if they ever need to put their baby, keep them with them. they can just put it inside the t-shirt. and you're gonna wanna price this one at $24.99 or $29.99 and it comes in multiple colors and multiple sizes and for men and women, and you're going to want to target things like Mothercare. you couldn't want to target things like pampers and things like that and then click suggestions is a great idea. now, the way you want to angle this in the ads is you want to say: this is a perfect gift for your husband for Christmas, or this is a perfect gift for your pregnant wife Christmas. you could even target things like baby shower just for women that are currently pregnant and angle it in that kind of manner. now, that's the reason why it's on today's list. it's one of those convenient products for moms and dads and it's just a perfect gift somebody could buy for their husband or wife, or even for the grandeur, or something like that, at the end of the day. so the next product on today's list is this organizer travel bag. now, what this bag is is for women. now, I wouldn't recommend men to use it, but it could be either men or women, but I recommend just women for this one, and what this bag does is an organizer. now, it's a travel bag organizer, so when you go traveling, either for a few days or for a week, it's basically a nice compact bag, but it's gonna be able to fit all your essentials in it, like your purse, your wallet, your phone, your pens, your iPad, you know pocket calendar, your book. it's gonna be able to fit everything in there in a compact space, and it's also super light too. and with Christmas, as mentioned in my Christmas blueprint, the travel and niche for Christmas gifts is one of the best ones, because when people after Christmas, quite a lot of people go traveling. so this is a great product that you're gonna want to put on your store and advertise to you, and you can on the side this one at $14.99 or $19.99, and the way you're gonna want to market this is just basically saying for the travel lovers, this is the perfect travel bag for you and, as you can see, it's got 12,000 orders at the moment. it's a proven product to work as well and it's not quite saturate just yet and, like I said, you can, on target things like travel in target things like blog bloggers who go traveling. there's a massive bloggers and youtubers got who you can use as an interest, use travel bloggers and that's the best way you're gonna want to market this product. the next product on today's this is this really fun Christmas wine bottle sweater deck or so. what this does is with your wine bottles. what you can do is you can put these little Christmas hats and these little Christmas jumpers on there as a little bit of fun. so when you're, when you've got guests coming around or family coming around, you put the wine bottle on the table. it looks a lot more festive, it just looks a little bit fun. and this products really, really cute. it's undersaturated. it's so underrated it's unreal. I can see this product doing really, really work. it's one of those cute family products. it's had good reviews. it comes in different styles and colors and you're going to want to market this product in the ad saying, look, make your Christmas dinner fun with these wine bottle clothes, or something like that. and you're going to want to target things like Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, things like that of that nature- wine lovers- wine lovers would be a good one. stuff like that would work really, really well. and you're gonna want to price these ones at $12.99 or $14.99. and that's the reason why it's on today's list. it's a Christmas product. people are gonna want it when they go for their Christmas Eve parties or their Christmas dinners. they're gonna want this little festive kind of little treat on the table. the next product on today's list is this cartoon Flying Pig accessory. so what you do is you put this little pig in the car air vent where the AC comes out of, and what happens is when the air blaze blows through the little pig, it makes the wings fly. so there's no batteries needed or anything. i.