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dropshipping products december 2021

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads


if you're looking to finish this year making some serious money with your online store, then this is the video that you're going to need. to actually make that crazy money with your Joshua store, you have to have a product that customers actually want to buy, and that's exactly what I'm going to be giving you today with my top 10 winning products of December 2022. so, without further Ado, let's go ahead and get right into it. what's going on? everyone? my name is AC Hampton and I'm an eight-figure marketer who gets to help students from all across the world start and continue their eCommerce Journey successfully, and some of these products that you guys will be seeing today in this list of products that you need to be selling this December, I found through my own product research methods and I'm currently selling them where my students are currently scaling, or I found them currently training on the market today. on top of this, I've dug deep into product research and validation using methods like ad spy, AliExpress, Google Trends and more market research. they give you the best top 10 winning products that you should be selling right now and, as you can see, I'm currently on this Google Document that's going to give you all these winning products and everything you actually need. start selling them today, and that's going to give you the competitor Facebook ad, the ad copy, the headlines, the competitor product page, the AliExpress product page, profit margins, five interest tests and so much more. and if you smash that like button down below and get this video to 2 000 likes, you guys will have full access completely to this cheat sheet, and I'm gonna go ahead and leave it in the pin comment as well as in the description down below and before I dive into these products. you guys know I give out a free one-on-one Consulting call every single week to one lucky winner who's looking to be able to get all their questions answered and streamline their success while doing so. and for you to get the opportunity of winning this week, all you have to do is smash that like button down below and also in the comment section down below, comment the word Supreme December with your goal that you have this December 2022, and I will be announcing the winner from last week somewhere inside this video. so make sure you stay tuned the entire way. alright, let's go ahead and jump right into product number one. product number one is the magic mat. let's go and check out the competitor Facebook advertisement and see what we're working with. alrighty, this bath mat is a game changer: absorbs water in seconds, huge problem solver, no more wet slippery floors. designed with quality materials. I mean, I could probably think of at least 10 people who would buy this product right now. so also has an anti-slip base, which is really nice to have. it stays perfectly in place and even has a sleek and modern look. hey, this product is going crazy on the market, especially if you take full advantage. but you do not have to listen to me. let's check out the engagement on this ad and see what we're working with: 1.8 000 comments, 463 shares, and it's only been in the market for a couple weeks. and all these products are things that are working right now, not a month ago, not a week ago, but right here, right now, and this is how you can validate that. so if you come over here to most relevant and you come over here to newest, you can see that they're getting comments on it today, I mean an hour ago, two hours ago, 14 hours ago, 21 hours ago, 16 hours ago. they are flooding the comments section and people are actually wanting to buy this product and when you all know when there's a demand behind a product, it's time for us as marketers to give the supply. let's go and check out the competitor potty page and see what we're selling this item for. so on the competitor product page they're selling this item for 35. I really like how their product description shows in images and in text why people will want to buy the product in the first place. so this is great right here, like prevent slipping, and it shows exactly how that's going to be done with this picture. perfect for anywhere in the house, and it shows that right here in this picture, and so on and so forth. so one thing I'll say is, like I do like the reviews, but I want to make every single one five stars. you want it to be believable, so you want a good range of five stars, four stars. you can even maybe add a couple three stars in there, but you want it to look believable when you're actually adding these reviews to your store. let's check out the AliExpress link and see what we're going to be buying this product for on AliExpress. so you can see we're gonna get this item for 9.87 with free shipping. they're also showing other colors and variants that are available. the competitor was not doing that, so that's another advantage that you definitely have. over 1200 orders, 229 reviews, 4.5 star rating: the quality is definitely there. with that being said, the competitor was not charging shipping, so the selling price stayed at 39 dollars. the product cost was nine dollars and 87 cents with free shipping, which gives us a profit margin of 29.13 every single time. you just sell one of these, and the five interest I would test out with this product is bathroom, Bath and Body Works, kitchen, shower and bath. and before I hear about all the long shipping times or working with AliExpress, check out this video right here so you have a better understanding of how to find a great supplier and the best suppliers that you should be working with to get the best results with your online business. and in my one-on-one mentorship, you also get access to my private supplier, who's going to give you five to ten day delivery on any product that you sell. and speaking about my one-on-one mentorship, there's now 10 new limited spots that are now available for the month of December. so if you're looking at me, grab by the hand, no matter your experience level, and be taught tested and proven winning strategies that can help you generate results with your online store, just like my current students are doing right here. I'm taking 10 dedicated people who are ready to take action and learn how to create a side hustle that can bring in an extra five to ten thousand dollars back into your pocket every single month. if you're looking to apply for these 10 limited spots, you can deem me the word mentorship on my Instagram, my AC underscore Hampton, or apply with this link down below: alright, with that being said, let's go ahead and get right into product number two. product number two is a full leg massager. let's go ahead and check out the competitor Facebook ad and see what we're working with alrighty Muscle Recovery, relieve pain, encourage blood flow, regain Mobility. this ultimately improves circulation, elevates stiffness and actually helps relax tight muscles. so we already know that this solves a problem. it has a great wow factor. it's being scaled to a mass audience and there's a high perceived value behind the product: a 10 000 common 7.6 000 shares in only a couple weeks. let's go ahead and check out the competitor product page and see what we're gonna sell this item for. as you can see, there's selling this item for 169.99, and this is not with shipping included. one thing I really love about the store is. it definitely looks like it's professionally done. I mean, it has a nice clean store layout only focusing on three colors: Max, black, white, in one separate color. there's no real pop-up all over the place, all the text is black, everything is congruent with the images and ultimately, you can see that they put a lot of emphasis on the store, and one thing I'll say is they're not upselling anything to even increase their average order value. so I always recommend two different apps to do that. one is frequently bought together, which allows you to cross-sell cross-related items, and second is quantity Break by discount, which allows you to incentivize people to buy more on your store by actually givi.

Top 10 Dropshipping Products for December 2022 (Sell This Now)

so I'm about to show you the same product research strategy that I use on my six and seven figure stores and that you should be using on your stores as well to find viral products that are selling right now. this is the same strategy that a lot of my students are using. I'll flash some results up here so you can see- and they're doing quite successful with their stores right now: over a thousand dollars a day, students doing over 400k on a year. so, yeah, I'm gonna share with you that exact strategy right here. I got AliExpress in one hand, I got my phone in the other and before we get into that, I want to announce that I'm doing yet another giveaway. alright, so if you want to enter, all you have to do is comment down below, make sure you're subscribed and make sure you like the video. I'll pick one lucky person by the end of this week to win a free one-on-one coaching call with myself. we'll tok for about 30- 40 minutes and get you up and going to answer any questions in Roblox you might have with your business. let's get right into it. as you guys know, if you're new here, the way we like to do product research is we go directly to where everybody's attention is at, which is tiktok. all right, so I got 10 attack here on one screen and, as you guys know, it's craziness as soon as you open it up. so try your best to just make it over to the search bar up top and then what we're going to do is type in: tiktok made me buy it. what that is going to allow us to do is see a bunch of videos of recent products that are trending, products that are winners, and we're gonna find the top products for December right here, right now. so let's aim for 10. it might take, uh, longer than 30 minutes, might take shorter, but we'll get through it here. I'm just going to start off with the videos tab up here and then I'm going to scroll down. let's start out with that first video. Let's see what this is about. okay, headset [Music]. so I'm not really sure what this product is. it does seem unique, but the reason why I wouldn't classify it as a winner is because you don't really know what it is off of first glance. all right, so that's really a bad sign for you guys that know what we want to look for is products that are lightweight. I'm gonna look for products that we can sell for three or four times multiple, and we also want to look for products that have high quality images and products that are actually in demand. so we want to see that the videos and the comment sections are going to be showing that there's a big demand for these products. we found this product last week and I'm seeing a lot more videos, you know, pop up on it. but this is a Wristband Charger and if we go over to AliExpress, all right, let's just do this to get some momentum going, so charge your wristband. so if we just go over to AliExpress, we'll be able to see there's a few options here, ranging from about 1.50 to about three dollars right here, and you know, this product seems to be going very, very well. you can sell it for iPhones, we can sell it for Androids. we have a USB type-c, so we have a few options when it comes to this product. let's go into the comments and see what people say. what is bro recording with? how are you recording this video? what did you plug it up to? people are definitely having some interest, and usually the comment section is like that. once there's one type of comment, people will kind of Follow That same Trend, but I want to see people say stuff like this: I like this, I want this. that's so cool. okay, that's what I want to see, because that's showing that there's demand and there's people genuinely interested in this product. right, if I go here and I go on to their website, let's see what they got going on here. so they're selling it for about 20.. um, they're doing a very good job with the high quality images, as you can see here, selling it as a fashion product, but it does have that multi use. I have a nice clean layout with the three options that you can choose from. they got a few upsell options right here, which is very neat and unique, and I can already tell that they're doing very well with this product. I would classify this as our first winner of the day, even though we found it last week. it seems to be popping up, so I'm pretty sure people are making a bit of money on this product. that's gonna be our first one. now let's find some unique ones that I haven't seen already, so we're gonna go back out, okay, and we're gonna go straight to. we might have to tap into some other hashtags other than tiktok made me buy it- just to find some more unique ones, but for right now, I'm really liking this feed so far. let's go with this one. I'm never buying things from tiktok again, but this I'm buying. so this is a door. I think it's an auto door shutter, okay. so, very unique product. uh, this video itself got like 1.3 million likes, so it's got a few million views on it and that's the way it works, right there. so, uh, this is an example of a winning video, and if we go into the comments, let's see what people are saying. just use your hand. of course, people, there's always going to be, you know, the devil's advocates in the the comments. don't pay attention to those. looks useful, okay. uh, somebody's mentioning they get it from Alibaba. yes, there's always going to be people that know it's a Drop Shipping product. that's completely fine, all right. so we're gonna keep going here. just use a water bottle as a way. that's a little bit much of a compromise over there, okay. so, right here, listening to you, bro, I'm not buying it, okay. so, people, people are definitely gonna make their comments. they're gonna have their things to say. all right, I would say the demand on this is just a bunch of trolls in the comments, but there's definitely going to be people that say: imma buy this. okay, cool product, I'm going to buy it. you have to scroll down to get past the trolling comments. the way tiktok works is it likes it feeds those trolling comments All the Way to the Top because it makes it seem like those are more relevant. but if you scroll down and really get a good sense of who's um in the comment section as a whole, you'll see that there's actually a demand quite a few times when this video is getting such uh recognition and it's getting such Impressions. all right, so let's check over here. I'm gonna go into door stopper. I'm gonna find, uh, hopefully, our second winner. we found this one last week. that was a pretty good one, but not door stopper. we're going to find door closer, automatik, right. so here we go. here's the product. okay, this person has it on sale, so I'm not gonna pay attention. it's definitely selling. okay, don't pay attention to the comments, because we can see right here: it has 4 100 orders and a 4.7 review rating, so this is a very good product. I'm not gonna trust their pricing, though. what I'm gonna do is come down into one that seems more realistik. this one's for about two dollars, so about three dollars you can expect to get. this product is doing very well, obviously, and all we have to do is model this person's website. so let's check that out and this is going to be our product number two. if you like in the video so far, do me a favor, hit that like. like I said, I'm doing the giveaway, so if you make a comment down below, if you have any questions on my product research strategies, anything in general when it comes to e-commerce or Drop Shipping, I'm gonna pick one lucky person by the end of this week. make sure you like, subscribe and comment. I'm just gonna go here to automatik door closer and let's see, it's a five piece set that they're selling it for for about 37. so they're trying to get their average order value up very high. very good though, I mean I don't blame them for doing that. they have a very nice setup, nice Dynamic website that's doing a great job of explaining the product visually right. so it's visually appealing. this product seems lightweight and has the good margins we know that it's selling. this is definitely a winner right here. all right. so we got product number two down in the books. they could do better.

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these are my top 10 favorite products the month of December 2022 and for the new year, 2023.. and all the products I'm going to be mentioning in this video are going to be fire for the end of the year and the start of the New Year. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon as the e-com Kink, and in today's video, I'm going to be giving you my top 10 favorite products for the month of December, but they're also designed for the new year and for q1 of 2023.. so this is the process that I've taken today to come up with this list. I've gone to the industry living websites like cell account peakeda, and I've gone through all of their top performing products, and then I've gone on to tiktok, Google Trends and even Amazon to do some more due diligence to see how well the order volume is. I've even gone to the Facebook ad library to see how many ads are running for them and how successful Those ads are. I've even took time out to see how well they're doing organically on tiktok, as that is the leading indicator for this year and next year to see how well the products are performing. so buy me spending hours and hours doing that due diligence and research. this is how I come up with this list for you today, and what I'm all also going to be doing in today's video is: I'm going to be giving you guys the AliExpress link. I'm going to be showing you the product website. I'm going to be showing you the Facebook ads. I'm even going to be showing you some tiktok videos for some of these products. I'm even going to give you my product price and recommendations, ad copy, examples, thumbnails, everything that you need so you can fast track your success with each one of these products. now I'm not just going to be showing you these products live on today's video, I've also created a free Google Docs that's going to contain all of that juicy information that I've just mentioned, and as soon as we hit 2 000 likes on this video, it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below. so if you appreciate all this free information, make sure you smash a like button, subscribe to the channel and leave a comment, and let's get straight into this top 10 list of winners for December and the new year. [Music]: the first product on today's list is going to be the funny, shocking roulette party game, and if we look at the AliExpress link. you can see it's got 231 orders, 4.9 star reviews. so what this is? it's a six slot party trick game that you play with your friends and you put your finger into these slots and you click here to start and it's basically a roulette game where each person puts one of their fingers in one of these slots and if it picks you, then your finger gets a little shock to tell you that you're out of the game. the reason why I think this is going to do extremely well for the end of the end- the start of next year- is because it's going to be Christmas time and people only spending a lot of time together and they're going to want to play board games or fun activities like this from home. the reason why I think it's going to do really well next year is because people are going to spend less money going out and they're going to try and do things from home to keep them entertained, and I think this is a great solution. now this is my product price recommendation. I'd recommend that you sell it for 32.99. it's gonna cost you 11.13 and your profit margin is going to be roughly 20. so my overall recommendations you to be making at least twenty dollars, after your shipping costs and after your product costs. on each one of your products. now the productscription reads: the most thrilling game of the season is here. this game is perfect for those fun occasions where friends are getting together and need some entertainment. the thrill starts when all friends insert a finger into the bucket and the light indicates start moving. screaming starts when the buzzing sound stops and one of your friends get hit by a vertikal current note. this shock isn't very intense, but it's enough to make you jump a little bit and nervous. antikipation. that makes it so much fun. make your Game Nights Fun expecting. and then it goes over how the game works, what's included and the rules to play the game. now, if we take a look at a Shopify Drop Shipping Store selling this product, there's a few things on this site that are really good that you can use for your store. now the overall store looks pretty bad, but you can see it's been recommended by twelve thousand people, is really good, and then it shows you how many people are watching it right now. then they've got this giphy, which really helps, and they've also got this stiky add to cart button that I like, and it's got some images explaining the different types of people and the different scenarios you can use to play this game. apart from that, the website is not very good and if you want to make really good websites, I'll leave a link in the description to one of my other videos teaching you how to make professional looking websites, so make sure you check that out at the end of the video. now if we take a look at a Facebook video ad for the product, you can see the opening scene shows six people around the table ready to play the game and it's a shocking roulette. and if we play the video, you can see the light glows red until it hits somebody with the vertikal electric current and you can see here they have a laugh and they joke, showing that they got hit with the current. so it shows loads of different people having fun and laughing at the shop, feeling with them playing this roulette game. and when people watch this ad and see the interaction and the facial expressions, it's going to make them wanna buy the game. so if we take a look at a tiktok video for this product, you can see the opening scene says: tiktok made me buy this zap roulette game and it's 50 seconds long and it shows him unboxing it, putting the batteries into the game and it goes over how it works, and then he shows the different options on the board and then it shows them at the end playing the game together with six people around the table, and then it gives them the call to action at the end. now the reason why I'm showing you this tiktok video: so you understand how this video could work really well on The tiktok platform. if you're going to run ads on this social media platform now, the countries that I'd recommend for this product are going to be the e-packet countries minus Mexico, Brazil and Italy, as I find I get a lot of high risk orders and a lot of fraudulent orders. now, if you're going to be doing Facebook ads, you can do things like ePacket monitors those countries. you can do the top five or you can do European countries. if you're going to be doing tiktok ads, I'd only recommend Canada and the US, and if you want to be able to Target those countries, you just need to use a VPN. and if you're going to be doing Google ads, I would recommend doing the top five countries. now, the recommended interest for this product is house party, alcohol, board games, home entertainment and family, and then you can use suggested interests. then the ready to go example ad copy reads: shock roulette party game. let the streams laughs and jumps at the game nights begin with the shot roulette. get yours. and then it shows a thumbnail of somebody putting their finger in it and then showing electric current above the finger. so before I move on to the second product in today's list, I want to go over some bonus features and things that you guys can do to increase your sales, and some more product is going into Valentine's Day and going into gift Seasons like Christmas. a great Niche for you guys to get into is the customizable Niche, so that's basically creating a customizable product. let's say a t-shirt, let's say a coffee mug, let's say a pair of socks, or you can put a quote on that product that resonates between a certain group of people. but these personalized gifts, like canvases about people's pets, do extremely well during Christmas and for Valentine's Day and the

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these are my top 10 favorite products the month of december and for the month of january 2022, and the products on today's list are going to be late christmas winners and they're going to be q1 winners 2022. things like valentine's day, father's day and mother's day and their overall forevergreen products. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille signon is the ecom king, and in today's video, i've gone out there and done my own due diligence and research to find you guys, the best late christmas winners and to find you q1 winners for 2022.. it will include things like new year's resolutions, valentine's day, mother's day and father's day. so what i've done is i've gone on to industry living websites like peakster and econ to look for products on there. then i've done my outreach and research on things like google trends, things like facebook ad library, even tiktok library, to see how many ads are being run and how well perceived they are doing. then i've gone on to aliexpress to see how much order volume there is and i've gone to see how well the products are doing with customer reviews on amazon as well. not only just done that, but i've also given you guys a free google doc sheet once we hit 2 500 likes, which will include ad copies, product descriptions, product pricing, recommendations, other stores selling it, the actual facebook ads that are currently being run for, and loads of other things. now i want to make something very clear. if you're selling some of the products on today's list as christmas products, then you need to be very clear of the deadline for people to receive these products for christmas. so do be very careful with the deadline. like i said before at the start of the video, a lot of these products can be used for q1 and for 2022, so you don't need to be advertising them as christmas products if you don't want to now. some people will think: is it even worth silent products after christmas and in the new year? because is there any buying pressure? truth is, there is a lot of buying pressure after christmas because a lot of people tend to actually buy after christmas, because a lot of retail stores and online stores will actually reduce their prices on products after christmas if they don't sell them. so people actually know about this. so you'll see a lot of buying pressure just after christmas and starting in january. be sure to let me know in the comment section below which is your favorite product on today's list and how you'll be advertising it, whether it be for valentine's day, mother's day or father's day or even christmas- and be sure to smash the like button. that really does help support the channel. so the first program today's list is going to be the smart cup warmer and if we take a look at the alex presling for this product, as you guys can see here, it looks like a wireless charger foam pad, but it actually isn't. it's actually designed to warm up. whether it be hot chocolates, teas, coffees or anything that you want to keep warm is actually a warming pad here, and you can see here it shows the temperature of the warming pad. so whenever you've got a hot drink on your desk, sometimes you forget about it and ends up going cold. so this is a great way to make sure that it stays hot, no matter what you're doing at your desk. as you guys can see, this has got 3432 orders, which is really good because it's starting to go trending, and you can see it's got 4.7 star reviews. as you guys can see, it comes in three different colors. you've got a greeny color, you've got a yellowy pinky color, then you've got a pink color. now the reason why i love this product so much is because it's such a mass selling product. now if we take a look at the product, price and recommendation recommend you sell it for 39.99. it's going to cost you around about 21 dollars and you're gonna make it just shy of 19. now where you're gonna making a lot of money with this product is if you're gonna be doing quantity breaks and you're gonna be doing cross sales and upsells and across. all that you might want to do is sell the morgue with the wireless charging heating pad. now the pro description says: the smart cup warm is a high quality, electric, environmentally friendly portable cup warmer just trending in the market is made from metal, fiber proof abs and silicon, which makes it strong and durable, and designed based on the daily drinking habit of people for the purpose of healthy lifestyle and staying productive. that's been appreciated by thousands of customers all over the world. it has a non-toxic, easy to carry, easy operation. so it just goes over the main pain points here: people wondering if it's environmentally friendly, if it's not going to be toxic, because obviously if you warm things up plastik-wise it can be toxic. so it goes over the main things here and then it goes over all the other benefits and how the tiknology works for the cops and what types of cups can actually work and if it's got an auto off mode and stuff like that, which is really important for people. so if you take a look at a website selling this product, you can see it's a one product branded store. right here. you can see the logo and the name and you can also see the name here and it's. they're actually selling it for around about 44.99, which is a really good way to make profit on it. now i do recommend that you start the product pricing quite low as long as you're making profit. i'd always say around about dollars in profit. then you start working your way up after a certain amount of sales and you can see here they've got a black friday offer to try and get quantity breaks to increase the actual profit and you can see here they've got a description here toking a little bit about the product. then they've got overall what products you can use with this heating pad and then they go over the design and stuff like this and they've got the trust badges and then they've got these luke's reviews here at the bottom showing people buying them, explaining how happy they are with the product. overall, the website is very bland and plain. if i was going to be honest with you, i think you guys can make a way better looking website than this, but i do like the branding and the logo. i think that's been done really, really well and i do like this black friday offer right here. now you can do multiple different offers. you can do cyber monday, black friday, you can do christmas, you can do new year's resolution offers, so you can make a little bit of fun of this offer right here. so if you take a look quickly, a facebook video being run for this product, the opening scene will show you a gentleman at the desk working and his cop and mug has gone cold, meaning his drink is no longer nice. then they introduce the product and they show the three different temperature options on the side of the product and you can see they've got some close-ups. then they're showing you somebody using it whilst they're working and they're going to be a lot happier because the drink will remain nice and warm. then they finish off the video going over the features and temperatures and some product shots. now the reason why that video ad is pretty good is because it shows the pain of not having it, and then it shows you how it can help you with having it. so it's a very powerful opening scene and i do recommend you structure your video very similar to this. toking about video ads. i would recommend that you guys use a company called bilo- and i've been toking about these guys for the past year now- and these are the guys that we use personally for our facebook ads and for our tiktok ads, and what they do is they make custom-made ugc, which is user-generated content for your product, and i'd only recommend that, when you drop ship, try and get your own custom content made, because it's going to make your ads perform a lot better and you're not going to get into any issues with copyright issues or anything else. so definitely do check out bilo. there will be a link in my description and you will get a discount t.


it's officially that time again. huge seasons and huge holidays are coming up, and this is the perfect time to start drop shipping, for you to take action during the most profitable season of the year, and that's why i'm going to give you guys these top 10 winning products of december 2021 that you can go absolutely crazy with. don't spend another year wishing that you would hop on board and start your ecommerce journey when you can take these products and absolutely kill it and start crushing it today. i know that i typically drop the top 10 winning products every single month, but this is one of the most important and beneficial lists that you need to be taking advantage of. not only will i be giving you guys these top 10 validated and trending winning products, but i'll also be giving you the competitor facebook advertisement, the ad copy, the headlines, the competitor product page, aliexpress link, profit margins, five interested tests and so much more for you to take full advantage of. this is a value you are not going to want to miss. let's go ahead and jump right into it. i need to know everything: who in the world and where. i need everything. what's going on? guys? if you do not know me, my name is ac hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer where i help people all around the world test, build and scale up profitable ecommerce businesses. now, if you do know me, welcome back, strap in, grab a pen and paper, because you will not want to miss out on this value. in today's video, i'm going to be giving you guys the top 10 winning products of december 2021 to kick start your ecommerce career into the right direction and take advantage of the most profitable season of the year, as so many people are shopping online. i'll be giving you these winning products so that you can finish 2021 off strong and for you to create a profitable, sustainable ecommerce business around them. so here is my exact process on how i find these winning products. now, some of these products i have found through my own product research and validation strategies, and either i'm currently selling them, my students are currently selling and scaling them, or they're currently training on the market today. on top of this, i've dug deep into product research and validation using methods like ad spy, aliexpress, google trends and even more market research to give you guys these top 10 winning products. and i'm not just leaving it at the products themselves. i'm also giving you the competitor facebook advertisement, the ad copy, the headlines, the competitor product page, the aliexpress link, five interested tests, profit margins and so much more for you to take full advantage of selling these products today. i have put a lot of work into this video. i mean, i put hours into creating this list. so if you guys could go ahead and smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel, as i have never missed a single week on this platform and don't plan on starting anytime soon. so, as you guys can see, i'm on the google document that i was referring to before. this google document is going to give you guys the competitor facebook advertisement, the ad copy, the headlines, the competitor product page, the aliexpress link, five interested tests, profit margins and more that i was referring to earlier- bonus bonus. i've also added some extra winning products that i'm currently selling or my students are currently scaling today. to obtain this google document link, this video must reach 2 000 likes. after this video reaches 2 000 likes, i'll go ahead and add it to the pin comment below, as well as in my description and before i dive in. you guys know i give out a free consulting call every single week to streamline your success with e-commerce and get all of your questions answered. if you're wanting the opportunity of winning this free consulting call giveaway, all you have to do is three simple things. the first thing you must do is, in the comment section below, comment supreme december and what your goal is: to finish december off strong. the second thing you must do is follow me on instagram- ac underscore hampton. and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel. i've also officially opened up 10 limited spots available in my one-on-one mentorship to teach you how to build and scale up a profitable ecommerce business and learn everything from a through z. my team and i have been able to help students from all across the world generate over 13 million dollars in sales just in 2020 alone. to apply for these 10 limited spots, all you have to do is go to my instagram- ac underscore hampton and dm me the word mentorship, or you can apply at supremecomcom, and i can't wait to help each and every single one of you. now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into the first winning product. so, as you can see, product number one is a six in one wireless bluetooth selfie stik. let's go ahead and check out the facebook ad and see what we're working with. all right. so a nice little selfie stik makes it easier for you to do any type of videography with. you could turn it horizontal or vertikal. we all know that this would be an amazing gift to give for christmas, and it even has a little ring light to it. i mean, this definitely has a great wow factor and obviously solves a problem and, as you can see, the people are 100 agreeing with me. this advertisement has been out for only two weeks and it has 2.3 000 comments, 2.5 000 shares, and it's getting comments on it today. remember, we are never trying to reinvent the wheel, so the fact that this is getting comments and shares within the last hour and the last three hours in the last five hours, this is a really good sign that there's a buzz behind it. let's go ahead and check out the competitor product page and see what they're selling the item for, all right. so here we are on the competitor product page. you can see that they're selling this item for 24.97. they have multiple variants available- black, white, green and pink- and that's actually something they're doing well on their website. you can see whenever i click on a color like black or white, green or pink. it actually goes to the variant of the product that they're selling. this is going to make customers feel like they can trust you more and know exactly what they're getting before they purchase from you. but one thing that they can 100 improve on is their title. as you can see, it has a fire emoji and a six in one wireless bluetooth selfie stik. you don't ever want emojis in your title. you want your title and your website to have a professional, clean look, and doing this is not helping that at all. on aliexpress, you can see that we're gonna be getting this item for dollars and 38 cents with free shipping. as you can see, this is going absolutely crazy: over 6 000 orders, over 2200 reviews and over 4.7 star ratings. we know that the quality and buzz is there. with that being said, the competitor was charging shipping, so this came out to 30 dollars and 96 cents. the product cost was 7.38 with free shipping, which gives us a great profit margin of 23.58 for every single one of these sold. and the five interest i would test out with this product is vacation, iphone, apple, traveling and walmart. and before you tok about all the long shipping times, make sure to check out this video right here to find the top suppliers that you should be using for your ecommerce business. alright, so product number two is a moon lamp. let's go ahead and check out the facebook ad, so it basically transforms any room into this amazing, magical glow- again, another great product to sell this upcoming season. and, ultimately, i've never seen anything like this again. look at the comment section: 2.6 thousand comments, 3.1 000 shares. this is what you want to see before you start selling a product. here we are on the competitor website and they're selling this item for 39.99. something they did amazing on is the clean, professional look and making sure that they only have three colors on their website. so i always re

10 WINNING Products To Sell Now This December 2021 (Shopify Dropshipping 2021)

hey, what's up? dylan, here, the ecom lion, and we have officially made it to q4. welcome to selling season baby. it's time to hear that shopify sound effect and it's going to start popping. but in fact, we need this. we need to celebrate q4. this is not the right fit for q forces. give me one sec. give me one sec. here we go, we are suited up and ready for q4 and we are going to absolutely get your shopify stores popping this october, november and december because, although i feel like one of those motivational speakers right now, you know like let life take hold of you. we've got 10 winning products that you can start selling this queue for. all of them are optimized, they've been tested, they are ready to sell right now and they aren't too saturated. so sit back, relax. let's hit the theme music. here's 10 winning products that you can sell this q4. i might be a little bit biased, but i truly believe this first product is perfect for q4. it is a split ends trimmer. i bet there's a bunch of guys right now going: what, what, what's, what? split ends- basically split ends is. when you're here, everyone has it. your little hair splits apart. girls tend to care about it more than guys. but hey, if you're like me and you've been in covert lockdowns for two months now without being able to go see a hairdresser, as much as you're loving my luscious locks, i'm hating it right now, and i'm sure there's a lot of girls out there feeling the exact same way. so you can swoop in there, slide into those dms with this product and boom, you will be on to a winner. it fixes a problem and outside cover times. once all this messes over, it's a great longer term product too, because during summer, when everyone's hair gets frizzy, you will be loved by girls worldwide. the only downside is it is an electrical product. so you definitely want to make sure that you cross your t's and cross your eyes, make sure that all the fine print and all the laws are covered for your country before you start importing it. for price, let's go 54.99, and for interest, let's head up hair care, hair stylish and hair straightening, and a bonus tip, since you know we're in a suit and all am i looking: fly, um, who says fly these days? come on, dylan, it's 20, 21.. anyway, if you are wanting to sell that product, you do want to check out tidal here. these guys are killing it. right now they aren't selling that exact product. they're selling something similar in the hair niche, but they are killing it. they're making so much bank. so what i would recommend is doing a store very similar to them but then selling that product anyway. enough babble, let's move on to product number two. product number two is great for q4 because it's the perfect christmas gift for anyone who's aged between that really annoying age of like 11 to 14.. you know, like the pre-teens, yeah, this is for them because it means they can start playing fortnite on their phone, even though apple's just banned it. but they can play games like fortnight on their phone using this device and it's really going to help them get those headshots. it's going to get the kids off the parents back. you're really going to be a lifesaver for a bunch of families out there. the only downside to this product is it only ships from china. there's no us warehouses, but you can maybe hit up an agent to help you source that. and i mean: look at this, look at these reviews and order numbers. it's huge. this is a great product and because it is tiknical, you can increase that margin of the price. i've gone and listed it at 79.99 and for facebook interest, i would target fortnite, twitch and online games. with everyone trying to be healthier these days, this next product is perfect for any germaphobes out there or just people who want to drink nice, clean water. it's a self-cleaning water bottle. it has a little button on top which then sprays this uv light right through. the watering cleans it, gets rid of all the bacteria and germs and the best bit is it gets rid of those smells. i saw a step the other day. someone was selling one of these and their call to action was: reusable bottles have the same amount of bacteria as a toilet seat. that's disgusting, so this fixes that. the only downside is there aren't too many orders on this partikular listing, so i would definitely order a sample first and make sure that the quality is solid now. for price, i would go 69.99, and for facebook interest i would go for the very creative hydrate. yep speaks for itself. dog walking and camping world. that last product is seriously a banger. i mean i literally have a uv bottle right here. i bought this the other day. it was like 200 bucks, which is crazy, so you can literally chuck a lot of margin on there and still make a lot of bank. i mean, these guys lack larq. if you do want to sell their product, check them out, use it as inspiration. but how it works is you press the button on top, it lights up and then it pumps some uv lights into the bottle, keeps it nice and clean and, you know, gets rid of all that bacteria and the smells and stuff. so it's definitely worth checking out. maybe just go with a different name- lark's a bit weird larq, but the product's still good. we're about to jump into product number four, but quickly, before we do that, make sure you join ecom lion mvps. it's our facebook group. if you're not part of it, you truly are missing out. there's so many good drop shippers in there. everyone's giving advice and if you're not part of the fam, the ecom lion fam- you're really missing out on all the fun. so, uh, check it out: ecom lion mbps. but let's move on to product number four. this dog training toy was actually in our video last month on our watch list, which is why it is now the absolutely perfect drop shipping product for q4, because who wants to leave buddy out at christmas? or little little jimbo? everyone wants to include their pets at christmas time if they can, and they really do want to buy them a gift, which is why this dog training toy is fantastik, because it's not too expensive, but also not too cheap. but you can't make any margin on it. i mean, look at this: last month, when we profiled this, there were only one or two orders on this listing. now there's over 500, so it's proving that it sells well and there's some great shipping options here as well. the only downside is it does have a 4.5 star rating, which doesn't sound that bad, does it? but really, normally i would go for 4.7 and above. but hey, it's almost christmas time, let's make an exception for this. for price, i would go 29.99. and for facebook interests, let's try dog training, puppy lovers and dog toy. i love this next product, the personalized piggy bank. i mean, not only does it look super, super cute, making it the perfect gift for christmas, especially for kids who are trying to save bit more cash. or maybe it's for you, trying to save a bit more for your travel trip away to to nowhere, because, because you know, covered, we can't travel anywhere. but hey, you could save your money for facebook advertising in this thing. it's really cute. it's going to be great for christmas and also great for selling on websites like etsy. this means you're not limited to facebook advertising, because, to be honest, it's actually the perfect etsy product as well. the only downside i can think of is, because it is personalized, it may take a little bit longer to manufacture. so if you add that on top of the normal- you know, 10 to 20 days shipping times- it really does mean your customer is waiting quite a while to get their product. and also imagine if it arrives and they've printed the wrong name on the wrong piggy bank. but hey, it's a great product. don't let that scare you off. for price, i've put 39.99, but because it is a custom and personalized product, you can really add a lot more value into that price, which means you can go up, you can go down, you really can do anything for this product. for targeting, we're going to hit up those mums. go for the old mum life, love that one child development and new kids. speaking of mum life, this next product is perfect for that cliche american mum that we