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Dropshipping Profit: Instagram Shoutout Strategy

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to use Instagram Reels to create a successful online store. We will go through the steps of finding a winning product, creating a one-product store, using Instagram influencers, and launching ads to promote the product.

Step 1: Find a Winning Product

- The winning product we will be using is an old man mask.

- This product has a wow factor and is perfect for Halloween.

- It has the potential to go viral on Instagram Reels.

Step 2: Create a One-Product Store

- Keep it simple and install essential apps to build scarcity.

- Add reviews to the store to build trust.

Step 3: Use Instagram Influencers

- Contact meme pages or couple-related pages as they are best suited for this product.

- Negotiate rates and pay 10 instead of 20 to get ads on their pages.

- Make sure to check the engagement and performance of their reels to ensure they are not the leading ones.

Step 4: Launch Ads

- Show the real video on selected pages with good timing and engagement.

- Monitor the performance of the reels and bake the page if they go viral.

- Keep track of the rates paid for each page.


- Total paid for Instagram shoutouts: $102.80

- Total revenue from 17 orders: $724.77

- Cost of goods sold for 18 masks: $289.80

- Profit: $332.17

Using Instagram Reels to create an online store can be a successful strategy if done correctly. It is essential to find a winning product, create a simple one-product store, use Instagram influencers, and launch ads on selected pages. By following these steps, you can generate profits and grow your business.

How To Make Money Selling Shoutouts On Instagram [Full Tutorial]

Selling shoutouts on Instagram can be a lucrative way to make money. This article will provide tips and advice on how to make money selling shoutouts on Instagram.

1. Wait until you have at least 50,000 followers:

To make money selling shoutouts on Instagram, it is advisable to wait until you have at least 50,000 followers. This is because you want to focus on growing your page as fast as possible until you reach a point where it is growing quickly on its own. Selling a few shoutouts here and there will not hurt your growth.

2. Pricing:

There is no set price for shoutouts as many factors come into play, such as the age and demographics of your audience, engagement, niche, and how much money you are making from the account. As a general rule of thumb, start at around $15 per 100,000 followers for a good engaged account.

3. Finding clients:

To find clients, follow pages that are the same size and niche as you. When you see them post ads, reach out and ask if they want more shoutouts. If they are already purchasing shoutouts from other pages, they are likely to buy from you.

4. Consistency:

Post ads no more than 15% of the time and make them look as natural as possible. Post them at a frequency that fits your content, such as every second day if you post three times a day.

5. Repeat business:

The easiest way to make consistent income from selling shoutouts is to have the same clients pay you for multiple promotions every month. Focus on getting good results for them by giving them tips and tricks and going the extra mile so they come back and buy more.

Selling shoutouts on Instagram can be a profitable way to make money. To succeed, wait until you have at least 50,000 followers, price them appropriately, find clients by following pages in your niche, be consistent with your ads, and focus on repeat business by getting good results for your clients.

How to make money on Instagram - Selling Shoutouts

Welcome to another Instagram video lesson where we will be discussing how to make money with your Instagram page by selling shout outs. You may think you need a lot of followers to do this, but there is also a way to sell shout outs without having any followers and still make money.

How much money can you make by selling shout outs?

- Screenshots show $120, almost €200, $120, and almost $150 earned from selling shout outs.

- Keep in mind, these results may vary.

How do you sell shout outs?

- Post a shout out on your page by creating a pricing list for story posts, feed posts, links in bio, and swipe ups.

- Create different packages to offer such as silver, gold, and diamond to give even cheaper prices for people buying more shout outs.

- You can also go to big pages and ask to sell shout outs for them. If you find clients for them, you will get a cut of the earnings.

- You can also go to websites like Influencer Card to set up your page and automate the closing process.

Selling shout outs is a simple and easy strategy to make money on Instagram. Whether you have a big page or not, there are options available to you. It's important to be creative with your pricing and offer different packages to attract clients. Don't forget to explore other money-making strategies available on Instagram as well.

Make $250 PER DAY With Instagram DROPSHIPPING! (Theme/Meme Page Shoutout Strategy)

In this video, the host and guest discuss how to use Instagram to grow a dropshipping business. The guest, who has grown multiple businesses to $10k a month, shares his secrets. They start by advising to find a business in your niche and see how they've been growing. The guest shows an example of a fashion product page that has grown to half a million followers on Instagram without any Facebook ads. The page simply showcases the product in different situations and does shoutouts on other pages. The host and guest emphasize the importance of engagement and social proof in growing a business. They advise to research pages, ad angles, and landing pages to replicate what's working. They also recommend using influencers as a budget-friendly option for driving traffic to your funnel. The key takeaway is to keep it simple and model what's working for others in your niche.

How To Get FREE Instagram Influencer Shoutouts for Dropshipping

Title: How to Get Influencer Shoutouts for Free

In this article, we will discuss how to get influencer shoutouts for free. Many people may not have the budget to pay for shoutouts, but there is a way to get them without paying upfront.

Sub-heading 1: Rev Share

- Instead of paying a flat rate upfront, you can do a rev share with the influencer.

- This means you will pay them a percentage of the revenue you make on the back end.

- You will agree on the percentage before doing the shoutout.

Sub-heading 2: How to Convince Influencers

- It can be difficult to convince influencers to do a rev share.

- The best way to close them is to get on a call with them and use sales tactics.

- Building a long term relationship with them is key to making this work.

Sub-heading 3: Why Rev Share is a Good Option

- Rev share eliminates excuses of not having enough money to pay for shoutouts.

- It may take more work to find influencers who are willing to do a rev share, but it is worth it.

- If you can build a clientele and start making money, you can eventually go back and pay them the regular rate.

Overall, rev share is a great option for those who don't have the budget to pay for influencer shoutouts upfront. It may take some work to convince influencers to do it, but building a long term relationship with them can make it easier. Don't be afraid to negotiate and remember, if they won't do a rev share, it's best not to work with them.

Instagram Shoutouts: A Beginner’s Guide

Instagram shoutouts have become a popular way of promoting products on social media, but how can you obtain one for your own store? In this article, we will provide you with five easy steps to help you get your first shoutout.

Step 1: Research

- Determine if your target audience uses Instagram

- Find out what motivates them to make a purchase

- Ensure that your products are visually appealing

Step 2: Create an Instagram Account

- Mix entertaining and educational posts with photos of your products

- Use hashtags and call to actions in your post descriptions

- Include a link to your website in your bio

Step 3: Choose Your Product

- Select a highly demanded product or a promising item that is coming into fashion

- Conduct research on AliExpress, Pinterest, and eBay to ensure the product is of high quality and in demand

Step 4: Find the Right Blogger

- Look for an account that provides suitable content for your target audience

- Select accounts with more than 100,000 followers

- Ensure that the followers are genuine and engaged with the content

Step 5: Reach Out to the Blogger

- Write a direct message to the account owner introducing yourself and requesting a shoutout

- Agree on payment terms, shoutout placement, publication time, and promo duration

- Thank the blogger for their collaboration and track the sales during the promotion period

Getting your first Instagram shoutout may seem daunting, but by following these five easy steps, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to conduct thorough research, create engaging content, and find the right blogger to help promote your products to a wider audience. Good luck!

How to make $400,000/month from Instagram Shoutouts & Ads / Marketing like Cole Gordon

- Instagram success story of Cole Golder making $400,000 a month

- The power of Instagram and how to utilize it for personal brand and high-ticket services

Infinity Stones:

- Market research: researching keywords and influencers in your space and modeling success

- Content creation: creating interest, proof of success, and demonstrations of your work

- Consistency: posting every single day to increase growth and impressions

- Engagement: responding to comments and direct messages and utilizing Instagram stories

- Hashtags: using relevant hashtags to increase visibility

- Metrics: tracking your progress and adjusting your strategy accordingly

- Instagram is a powerful tool for personal brand and high-ticket services

- Utilizing the six Infinity Stones can lead to exponential growth and success on the platform

- Consistency and engagement are key to increasing visibility and building trust with your audience.

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