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dropshipping profitability 2019

Published on: February 15 2023 by pipiads

Better Than Dropshipping: The Truth About Digital Software Products

Are you tired of dropshipping's low profit margins, responsibility for traffic and refunds, and vulnerability to competition? Well, there's a better way to make money online, and it's through digital software products.

Drawbacks of Dropshipping:

- Low profit margins, typically 15-20% with additional credit card fees and refunds.

- Responsibility for traffic, support, and refunds.

- Vulnerability to competition, including big box stores.

The Solution: Digital Software Products

- Easy to create for less than a couple of hundred dollars.

- Huge profit margins, sometimes upwards of 90%.

- No competition, as you set your pricing and control what you make.

How to Get Started:

- Find a market using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

- Get your product developed for a few hundred dollars on sites like online jobs pH or Elance.

- Make a simple sales page and take it to market.

- Profit from monthly recurring memberships and backend products.

Digital software products are a simple, low-risk way to make big profits online without the drawbacks of dropshipping. With a little investment, you can create a product that sells every day and puts money in your pocket. Don't compete with everyone else in overworked markets; create something based on an already built market and profit from it. Check out simpletoolsbigprofits.com for a two and a half hour training and a full PDF report download to learn how to get started with building little simple software tools for big profits.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

Despite successful dropshipping case studies, there are still comments claiming that dropshipping is dead and that it's too late to start a successful business. These comments are based on false assumptions that must be understood to succeed in dropshipping.

1. It's not too late:

- People won't buy from you, they'll just buy from Amazon instead.

- Amazon is growing, and its product sales were up over 17% in Q3 2019.

- Successful dropshipping stores are built around targeting impulse buyers, not bargain hunters.

2. Amazon won't steal all your sales:

- Impulse buyers, not bargain hunters, are the target customers of successful dropshipping stores.

- Good dropshippers sell products that trigger emotions on people and get them to impulsively buy their products.

3. Dropshipping is not a scam:

- Customers would never have known about the product if it weren't for your Facebook ad.

- You pass on the cost of advertising to the customer, which Amazon doesn't do.

- Pricing is subjective and determined by the customer, not you.

4. Dropshipping is not saturated:

- Dropshipping is not saturated because it's not a product, it's a business model.

- Dropshipping allows you to sell any product that has demand in the market.

Dropshipping is a viable business model that can still be successful despite false assumptions about its viability. To succeed in dropshipping, it's crucial to target impulse buyers and sell products that trigger emotions. Additionally, it's important to understand that pricing is subjective and determined by the customer, not you.

🤑THE MOST PROFITABLE Dropshipping Niches In (2020)

In this video, the focus is on the best dropshipping niches in 2019 that can yield the highest profits and margins for the next three to ten years. The key to successful dropshipping is to turn your store into a proper ecommerce brand like Jim Shark, which began as a dropshipping store and became a private label company worth £10 million. Niche dropshipping stores have the potential to be sold for a significant sum or to generate consistent revenue and profits.

The article discusses the top profitable niches in 2019, which include health and beauty, gaming, gadgets, fitness and meditation, electronics, technology, kids, toys, women's clothes, news, jewelry, and home and garden. To ensure success in a niche, it is important to conduct a pre-game plan, which involves researching whether there are enough products in the niche and choosing a passion or problem-solving niche for best results. Market forecast tools like Statisti or Google articles can be used to determine the market value and revenue potential of a niche before investing time and money into it.

Overall, niche dropshipping stores can be a profitable business venture if done correctly and with proper research and planning.

The Only Thing You Need For Dropshipping Profits

If you're struggling to make money with dropshipping, you're not alone. Many people are in the same boat, and it can be difficult to know who to listen to or what strategy to follow. In this article, we'll discuss some of the reasons why people struggle with dropshipping and how to overcome these challenges.

1. You don't know who to listen to.

- It can be difficult to know if the information you're seeing is good or bad.

- Even if you find someone who knows what they're talking about, their advice may not be applicable to your specific situation.

- General advice on YouTube is not personalized and may not be relevant to your needs.

2. You don't know what to listen to.

- Strategies and business models can be broad and overwhelming for beginners.

- It's important to commit to one business model and one strategy and stick to it.

- You need evidence to determine which strategy works best for you.

3. People jump around from strategy to strategy.

- Jumping around from business model to business model is not an effective way to make money.

- You need to commit to one thing and do it properly to make it work.

- You will not make a profit in your first month of doing anything, so you need to be patient and committed.

If you want to be successful with dropshipping, you need to find a strategy that works for you and stick to it. It's important to seek out personalized advice and evidence of success to determine which strategy to follow. Commitment and patience are key to making money with dropshipping.

How To Create A Profitable Dropshipping Store In 2019

How to Succeed in Dropshipping and Make Money Online

In this article, we will explore how to be successful in dropshipping and make money online with your Shopify store. We will also discuss what's currently working in the industry and how you can implement these strategies to increase your sales.

I. What is Dropshipping?

- Find products online, primarily from China, and upload them to your online store

- Send traffic to your store and make money when someone purchases the product

- No need to hold stock, create products, or have any special skills

- Can be done from anywhere with a computer

II. How to Get Started with Shopify

- Sign up for a free trial with Shopify

- Upload products to your store

- Set up payments through Shopify payments, PayPal, or alternative payment methods

- Install the Oberlo application to import products from Aliexpress

- Choose a theme, customize it, and start sending traffic to your store

III. Tips for Success in Dropshipping

- Find profitable products by manually searching Aliexpress or using Oberlo to import products

- Choose a niche and target your audience

- Test different products and marketing strategies to find what works best for you

- Build trust with your customers through excellent customer service and fast shipping times

- Use social media and influencer marketing to drive traffic to your store

- Continuously analyze and improve your store to increase sales and profits

Dropshipping can be an extremely lucrative business model for those willing to put in the work. With the right strategies and tools, anyone can succeed in this industry and make money online with their Shopify store.

Profitable Shopify Dropshipping (2019 Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners)

Is Shopify Still Profitable in 2019? A Deep Dive into the Business Model

- Shopify is still a profitable business model in 2019, with key takeaways that need to be grasped and mastered.

- The speaker, Dylan Pearson, has launched a store that has done $251,000 in 70 days with a 32% profit margin.

- In this video, he will cover the reasons why Shopify is still profitable and what needs to be done to be successful with it.

Trendy Products vs. Problem Solving Products

- Trendy products have a peak and decline, while problem solving products have consistent demand.

- Choosing a product that solves a problem is the way to go for a sustainable business.

- Examples of a trending product: fidget spinners.

- Examples of a problem solving product: posture corrector.


- Branding is the most important aspect of a successful business.

- Non-branded sites with hundreds or thousands of products and bad formatting do not convert well.

- Good branding includes a clear logo, consistent product images, and a strong call to action.

- Examples of a bad branded site: Sleep Tight Babies.

- Examples of a good branded site: HiSmile.

Engaging Ads

- Engaging ads are necessary to draw in customers and make sales.

- Split testing ads is important to see what works and what doesn't.

- Focusing on the audience and their needs is key to creating successful ads.

- The speaker recommends starting with Facebook ads and then moving onto Google ads.

- Shopify is still a profitable business model in 2019.

- Choosing a problem solving product, focusing on branding, and creating engaging ads are necessary for success.

- It is possible to make a lot of money with Shopify, but it requires effort and knowledge.


Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video I'm going to share my perspective on how dropshipping is changing and how you need to adapt your strategy in order to be successful in 2019. As you know, this space changes quickly and some of the strategies that were working well in 2017 and 2018 are becoming outdated. To be successful and consistent, you need to constantly adapt.

In this article, I will be discussing the main strategy changes that I think you should implement to be successful in 2019. The first strategy I will be discussing is niching down.

Niching Down:

It is becoming increasingly important for people to move towards a one product store strategy or a niche store strategy to differentiate themselves from the massive sellers who are just working on general stores. General stores aren't converting as well due to the number of people that have had bad experiences with similar stores in 2017 and 2018. People are starting to recognize the patterns of what a dropshipping store looks like, and many people have had terrible experiences with these stores. To avoid being perceived as just another dropshipping store, you want to focus on a niche or a product and build a brand around it. Additionally, you want to place an increased focus on the store's design to avoid being perceived as just another dropshipping store.


A comparison of a general store versus a one product store selling the same product shows how much more compelling the one product store is. A general store is likely to have unrelated products and categories, making customers price check. Additionally, general stores tend to have similar patterns that customers are starting to recognize, such as quantity breaks and trust badges. In comparison, a one product store has a clear color scheme, proper sizing, and a custom website that gives the impression of a real brand.

In 2019, it is essential to move away from the image of being a general dropshipping store and focus on niching down. By focusing on a niche or a product and building a brand around it, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Additionally, placing an increased focus on the store's design will help avoid being perceived as just another dropshipping store. These strategies will help you adapt to the changes in the dropshipping space and stay consistent in 2019.

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