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dropshipping require resellers permit?

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Anton from dropshiplifestyle.com conducts live training webinars every two weeks where he teaches for 60 minutes and answers questions for 30 minutes. Lately, he has been receiving a lot of questions about the legalities of dropshipping, specifically regarding getting sued and copyright infringement. In this article, Anton addresses these concerns and provides insights on how to protect yourself legally when running a dropshipping business.

Product Liability:

Anton emphasizes that you can get sued by anyone at any time for pretty much anything, especially in America. However, the people who are getting sued for selling copyrighted or trademarked products are doing so because they are not authorized to sell them. Anton advises against selling products without authorization, as it can lead to cease and desist letters, lawsuits, and even losing your payment accounts.

Business Structure:

Anton explains the importance of structuring your business entity to protect your personal assets. As a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for any lawsuits or liabilities that your business may face. Therefore, Anton recommends consulting with an accountant to determine the best structure for your business. He suggests either an LLC or an S corporation, which can provide a layer of asset protection if set up correctly.


Anton stresses the importance of building a legitimate business that serves both you and your customers. Selling intellectual property without authorization is not a sustainable or ethical business model. Anton encourages his audience to keep their business goals legitimate and avoid any shady practices that could lead to legal trouble.

Overall, Anton advises dropshippers to stay on the right side of the law by obtaining authorization to sell products, structuring their business entity properly, and avoiding any shady practices. He encourages his audience to build a legitimate business that serves their customers while protecting their personal assets.

What Are The Differences between a Resale Certificate and a Sales Tax Permit?

In this video, the speaker discusses the differences between a seller's permit and a resale certificate. They run a wholesale business selling on various platforms and have previously made a video on how to obtain a seller's permit and a resale certificate. In this video, they expand on that information and answer questions received on the previous video.

- The speaker introduces themselves and their wholesale business

- They mention their previous video on obtaining a seller's permit and a resale certificate

What is a seller's permit:

- Defined as a permit to sell products or services and collect sales tax

- Purpose is to allow the state to control the process of collecting, reporting, and paying sales tax

- Grants the ability to collect and remit sales tax on the state's behalf

- Allows for tax-exempt purchases

What is a resale certificate:

- A document issued by a retailer to their wholesaler

- Used for sales tax exemption purchases

- Contains information on the company being bought from, type of products, and use for the certificate

- Different forms depending on the state and wholesaler

- Wholesalers will typically provide the required documents

- Clarifies the difference between a seller's permit and a resale certificate

- A seller's permit allows for collecting and remitting sales tax on behalf of the state and tax-exempt purchases

- A resale certificate allows for tax-exempt purchases and is issued by a retailer to their wholesaler

- Wholesalers will provide required documents

- Reminder to consult a tax, legal, or accounting professional before acting on any information in the video.

Do You Need A Business License To Sell On Shopify?

Do You Need a Business License and a Tax ID Number to Sell on Shopify?

In this article, we will address the common question of whether a business license and a tax ID number are required to sell on Shopify. We will discuss the misconceptions about the process and provide recommendations based on our experience.

Do You Need a Tax ID, LLC, and Business License When Starting Out on Shopify?

- It is easier than expected to obtain a tax ID number and make your business official.

- The process may vary by state, but in Oklahoma, for example, you can obtain a tax ID number within a day or two for a fee of around $60-80.

- Our recommendation is to start selling on Shopify without going through the legal process to determine if you have a product that can sell and if you will follow through with the business.

- Incorporating your business and obtaining a tax ID, LLC, and business license can come later, once you have established consistency and success on the platform.

What Happens if You Don't Incorporate Your Business and Start Selling on Shopify?

- You can claim your sales under your social security number and not collect sales tax until you reach a certain number of sales or have been in business for a while.

- Shopify will reach out to you to remind you to incorporate your business and make it official before they shut down your store.

Collecting Sales Tax on Shopify:

- Turn on sales tax collection in your Shopify store's settings to automatically calculate sales tax for any state you are doing business in.

- Collect the sales tax and put it aside as it is not part of your revenue or profit.

- Use an app like TaxJar to automatically calculate and remit sales tax to the state monthly.

In conclusion, we recommend starting to sell on Shopify without going through the legal process and obtaining a tax ID, LLC, and business license. Once you have established consistency and success, then you can incorporate your business and obtain the necessary documents. Remember to collect sales tax and use an app like TaxJar to make the process easier.

How to Get a Resellers Permit so you can Buy Wholesale Products & Liquidation Pallets

How to Get a Reseller's Permit: A Simple Three-Step Process

In this article, we will discuss how to get a reseller's permit, also known as a wholesalers permit or reseller's license. We will outline the three steps to obtaining one and how it can be used to make money flipping products from liquidation and wholesale sites.

Step 1: File for an EIN

- Go to IRS.gov and file for an EIN if you don't already have one for your business

- An EIN is like a social security number for your business and is necessary for obtaining a reseller's permit

Step 2: File for a Reseller's Permit in Your State

- Use your EIN to file for a reseller's permit on your state's website

- This allows you to purchase products at wholesale prices, pre-sales tax, and profit more on the sale

Step 3: Sign Up for Wholesale and Liquidation Sites

- Once you have your reseller's permit, sign up for wholesale and liquidation sites to purchase products at a cheaper price

- Flip those products back online for a profit on sites like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, or Amazon

Additional Tips:

- Obtaining a reseller's permit is a fast and streamlined process that can be done online

- To find specific directions for your state, check out 888 Lots' website or Google how to get a reseller's permit in [your state]

- If interested, check out the free trial for Online Arbitrage Pro 4.0, a course that outlines profitable online arbitrage business models and can be accessed for 30 days for free

Obtaining a reseller's permit is a simple three-step process that can help you save money on purchases and make a profit flipping products. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily obtain a permit and begin your reselling journey.

Do I need a business license for a DROPSHIPPING Shopify E-Commerce site

In this article, we will discuss the importance of e-commerce licensing and the benefits of dropshipping in the UAE. We will also provide insights into the costs and procedures involved in setting up an e-commerce business.

Benefits of Dropshipping:

- Dropshipping allows for flexibility in setting up an e-commerce business

- It eliminates the need for physical inventory and reduces overhead costs

- Dropshipping is cost-effective and makes it easier to get an e-commerce business off the ground

- It is a middleman portal that facilitates delivery between sellers and buyers

Considerations for Setting Up an E-commerce Business:

- Licensing is necessary for e-commerce businesses in the UAE

- Local suppliers may be a better option for dropshipping to avoid long waiting times for delivery

- A basic e-commerce license can be obtained for less than thirteen thousand dirhams a year and within 48 hours

Setting up an e-commerce business in the UAE can be a lucrative venture, but it requires proper licensing and careful consideration of the right business model. Dropshipping is a cost-effective and flexible option for e-commerce businesses, but it is important to choose the right suppliers to avoid delays and maintain trust in your brand. Seeking expert advice from licensed partners can help ensure a smooth and successful e-commerce business setup.

Do I need a RESELLERS PERMIT for my Amazon LLC Business?

- Discussing whether a seller's tax ID/resellers permit is necessary for Amazon business

- Andrew, an attorney from Mollaei Law, will provide insights

- Amazon business management can be complex, especially with tax regulations

Do You Need a Seller's Permit for Your Amazon Business?

- Depending on your location and business registration, a resellers permit may be required

- California sales tax ID is different from a general resellers permit

- A resellers permit/sales tax ID allows individuals/businesses to purchase products/goods without paying sales tax

- Without a resellers permit, double taxation may occur when purchasing goods for resale

- Applying for a sales permit can help bypass double taxation and save money on purchases and sales

California Sales Permit vs. General Reseller Certificate

- California sales permit gives legal authority to sell products in California as an individual or business owner

- All businesses selling/leasing tangible personal property in California must have a resellers permit

- Retail arbitrage in California requires a California sales permit

- Benefits of having a California resale certificate include deferring sales tax on purchases intended for resale

- It is illegal to use a California resale certificate to buy goods without intent to resell

- Out-of-state resale certificates cannot be used in California, and nine states have limitations on business sales permits

- A resellers permit/sales tax ID can help Amazon businesses avoid double taxation and save money

- Understanding the difference between California sales permits and general reseller certificates is important

- Seeking professional help is recommended for any questions or concerns regarding resale certificates and their benefits.

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

Are you feeling overwhelmed with information on how to start your own dropshipping business? Are you unsure of where to start and what strategies to use? Look no further, as this beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorial will guide you on how to get started with dropshipping in 2023.

- Starting a dropshipping business can be overwhelming

- This tutorial will provide a beginner-friendly guide on how to start with no confusion

- Autods is an all-in-one dropshipping tool that can make running your business seamless


1. Creating your online store on Shopify

- Use the 7-day free trial and get started for only $1 for the first 3 months

- Shopify is the most reliable and beginner-friendly e-commerce platform

2. Connecting Autods to your Shopify store

- Autods allows you to connect to different suppliers, browse potential products, and fulfill orders automatically

3. Importing your first product

- Look for a product that solves a problem, can be sold for $25 or more, and has demand in the market

- Use Autods to import products and customize the name, description, variants, and pricing

4. Building your store

- Use Shopify's templates and customize them to fit your brand

- Use high-quality images and a clear, concise product description

5. Marketing your store

- Use social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to drive traffic to your store

6. Providing excellent customer service

- Respond promptly to customer inquiries and provide a seamless shopping experience

- Dropshipping can be a profitable online business with the right strategies and tools

- Autods is a valuable tool for automating your business

- With the right steps and guidance, you can start your own successful dropshipping business.

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