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Dropshipping Return Policy Sample

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Refunds are a common part of e-commerce businesses and can be frustrating to deal with

- There are ways to minimize the number of refunds and protect your business

Tips for Dealing with Refunds:

1. Set up a refund policy page on your website

- This should explicitly lay out your refund policy and terms of service

- Legitimate businesses will have this in place

2. Structure your refund policy in a clear way

- Only offer refunds for unopened products that are returned to your personal address

- Be polite but firm when denying refunds for opened products

3. Process refunds through your orders page

- Click on the order and scroll down to the refund button

- Refund the customer's money and follow your refund policy guidelines

- Refunds can be a hassle, but having a clear refund policy in place and following it can help minimize the number of refunds you have to give out

- If you're struggling to reach the $100 a day mark, leave a comment and let me know how I can help

- Check out my video on how I took a store from zero to $100 in less than 48 hours for more tips and tricks.

How To Set Up Your Shopify Refund & Shipping Policies In 5 Minutes | Dropshipping 2022

In this video, Alex discusses the four important policies that any Shopify store should have - refund, privacy, terms of service, and shipping policies. He explains why these policies are essential and how to create them.

Importance of Policies:

Setting up the policies wrong can lead to a loss of money or even legal battles. Thus, having well-crafted policies is crucial for any store.

Creating Policies:

Alex demonstrates how to create these policies by going to the settings and clicking on legal. Shopify provides templates for the refund, privacy, and terms of service policies. However, one needs to customize them according to their store's needs. For the shipping policy, one can either craft it themselves or look for a template online.

Adding Policies:

After creating the policies, they need to be added to the store's website. Alex explains how to do that by going to the online store, then navigation, and adding them to the footer menu.

Enforcing Policies:

Enforcing policies is vital for any store, and having them on the website helps with that. If someone wants a refund that the store doesn't support, they can be directed to the refund policy to explain why.

Having well-crafted policies is crucial for any Shopify store, and Alex's video provides an easy-to-follow guide on creating and adding them to the website.

How to HANDLE dropshipping RETURNS properly - [BONUS: Return policy template]

- Importance of having a return policy for dropshipping stores

- Customers expect the option to return products

- Poll statistics show the significance of a store's return policy in purchasing decisions

What is a Dropshipping Return Policy?

- An agreement between the store owner and customer

- Defines rules for product returns and refunds

- Avoids unprofessional discussions with customers

What Should be Covered in a Return Policy?

- Basic rules for returns, refunds, cancellations, and modifications

- Clarify which items can be returned/exchanged and any exceptions

- Define timeframes for returns and conditions for returned items

- Outline the refunding process and who pays for shipping costs

- Specify what customers need to do before returning items

Handling Returns and Refunds in Dropshipping:

- Can be complicated due to managing inventory from suppliers

- Marketplaces like AppScenic offer products from top suppliers worldwide

- Clear and easy return process is important for reliable suppliers

- A great return policy is an advantage for dropshipping stores

- Easy returns increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases

- Use a return policy template and modify it for your store's needs

- Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more dropshipping tips and tricks

Dropshipping Returns:How To Deal With Returns and Refunds For Shopify Dropshipping 2022

As a business owner, you hope that each package is delivered perfectly and customers are happy about their orders. However, returns and refunds are inevitable in the world of ecommerce. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for returns and refunds and how to handle them to streamline your store's dropshipping returns.

Reasons for Returns and Refunds:

1. Not as described: Customers are taking a leap of faith with online shopping since they can't see or touch the product before they buy it. When they realize that the product doesn't live up to its description, they'll want to return it. To avoid this, make sure your product page provides a lot of product information, including good pictures and a detailed description.

2. Faults or damages: Goods can sometimes become damaged while in transit to your customers, in which case they might want a replacement or refund. Although this won't happen that much if you have a reliable supplier, it could still happen sometimes.

3. Issue with shipping: The product did not arrive on time or was lost in transit, especially when you are shipping overseas. Some customers request returns because the product they purchased arrived later than expected. They might think that their package is lost because it's been already one week while the usual shipping time will be between two to three weeks.

4. No longer want the purchase: It could either happen immediately after they make the purchase, or it could happen a few weeks down the line. Customers simply changed their minds and no longer want the item they ordered. In this case, you may just need to refund them.

How to Minimize Returns and Refunds in Dropshipping:

1. Work with reliable suppliers with good quality products: It's important to work with suppliers who provide good quality products to reduce the number of returns you receive. You should do your research and ask them about their product quality to ensure that you are providing your customers with high-quality items. This should provide you faster shipping with good packaging as well to make sure your products reach timely to your customers.

2. Create a return policy to match your suppliers: Your dropshipping return policy is tied to the return policy of your supplier. Find out how your supplier handles returns and any limitations on product reforms. If they charge your stocking or shipping fees or have a limited time frame for returns, those are important for you to consider when writing your store's written policy. Find out which products can be returned and under what conditions, any extra fees they charge, and how they handle the return process.

3. Deliver great customer service: Always try to be as polite and understanding as possible as you build your business. It's important to give your customers a great experience. Part of that means not always following your return policies and giving a little wiggle room to keep people happy.

As a dropshipping business owner, you have to very carefully handle your treatment returns. This means catering to the needs of the customers to avoid losing the customers. Choosing the right dropshipping supplier like Deliver Field can save you a lot of stress and expense. We provide one-on-one web service for each professional drop shipper, data fulfill is a solid support, and you just focus on what matters. We make your business easy, and we scout together.

How to Deal With Returns and Refunds in 2020 | Oberlo Dropshipping

Drop Shipping Refunds and Returns: A Guide for 2020

- Drop shipping refunds and returns can be a headache for online retailers

- In this video, we provide a template for a refund and return policy and explain how to handle refunds and returns for drop shipping in 2020

- This video is part of Overload 101, a course on how to start selling online

Refund and Return Policy:

- Provide customers with a word-by-word template for a refund and return policy

- Instead of returns, ask customers to contact for a full refund

- Emphasize sustainability and encourage customers to recycle or donate products they don't want

- Ask for feedback and photos to get money back from suppliers

Handling Returns and Refunds:

- Returns and refunds are a regular part of any business

- Experienced entrepreneurs prepare for a small percentage of orders to be refunded or returned

- In drop shipping, the merchant doesn't carry inventory, so returns and refunds are handled differently

- Refer to the return policy and ask for feedback and photos from customers

- Use an example of a customer complaining about beeswax wraps

- Ask customers why they are seeking a refund and ask for a photo to back up their claim

- Use a positive and apologetic tone when asking for details

- If the customer's claim is valid, get money back from the supplier through Aliexpress

- Give the customer a full refund and consider giving a discount code for their next purchase

- Use this as an opportunity to turn a one-time customer into a returning customer

- Returns and refunds are a part of running any retail business

- Implementing an action plan can make handling them easier and lead to repeat customers

- Refund and return policies should prioritize sustainability and encourage customers to recycle or donate products they don't want

- Don't avoid returns and refunds altogether, but prepare for them by following the steps outlined in this guide.

How to Deal with Returns / Practical Dropshipping Tips

Hey guys, I'm Danny from Cedardropshipping. Today, I'm going to talk about what you can do to prepare for work and how to deal with returns. We all know how important customer service is to dropshipping business, and after-sales service takes a great portion. Generally speaking, customers do not return goods for no reason because returning goods is a search option for customers themselves. There must be something the customer is not satisfied with, so he wants to return the goods. Regardless of the reason, if you handle it properly, your popularity will grow and your customers will stay loyal to your business.

Dealing with Returns:

- It is advised to make a return policy before you launch the store officially to make sure there are rules for you and your customers to follow.

- You'd better have an overall understanding of your supplier's return policy before you start your dropshipping business.

- If your dropshipping business has already started, check if there are any differences in the supplier's policy and update your store's return policy accordingly.

- When working with suppliers, you'd better be familiar with the return policy because each supplier's policy is different.

- There are five points you should make sure:

- When the supplier charges for returns, how much?

- How many returns are accepted within how many days?

- Who will pay for extra shipping fees, you or your customers?

- Does the supplier accept returns for orders placed by mistake?

- What are the returns and exchanges policy?

- For suppliers' return policy, you can find it on the bottom navigation bar on CJ Dropshipping.

- If your suppliers pass a 30-day return and exchange service, then your return and exchange policy should idle this period for several days, such as 20 to 25 days because sometimes you may forget to open disputes.

- If you have a lot of suppliers, try to include all supplier policies in your return policy.

- It is not advised to display the return adjust on the return policy page. Need customers to contact you and then give the adjust depending on the citation. The check number should be provided; otherwise, it will not be accepted. This must be clearly written in the return policy tallying the customer that you will not accept the return of goods without a checking number.

Common Reasons for Return:

- A customer placed a wrong order by mistake (e.g., wrong size as for t-shirt).

- The product does not match the description.

- The product is damaged or defective.


- Approve the returns or exchanges regardless of the supplier's policy, why?

- Agreeing to return exchange means that you value of customers and are willing to solve the problems they encounter.

- First-class customer service may bring new loyal high-quality customers.

- Make sure your customers will not pay for any costs and make the return as easy as possible.

- If some products are very low in price, there is no need to trouble customers returning due to stake (e.g., a mobile phone charging cable).

The Return or Exchange Flow:

- Step 1: The customer staff needs a return or exchange request. What you have to do is determine the reason for the return or exchange and contact relative supplier to obtain the return authorization code on the return link. No matter who estimates Moscow for return, it is better to apologize to the customer and tell the customer your solution.

- Step 2: Supplier approves the written if the customer it comes directly to the supplier. You will give the customer the return address and return authorization code or a Tong link, and do not forget to remind your customer to post the checking number.

- Step 3: You and the supplier receive the package. If you want to save the package, check whether the product is damaged or not and take a picture to see if the state of the package does match what you saw at the supplier receives and then San aide to the supplier if the supplier received the package. Keep in touch with the spire, follow up on the check of a package, and then never supplier refund you or letter supplier reshape to a customer.

- Step 4: The customer received a new package or you receive a refund. Send an email to the customer to ensure that a package reaches the customer successfully. If the customer does not want to exchange the product and wants a refund, then you will refund the customer and then send an email to the customer to ensure that the customer receives the refund.

In conclusion, dealing with returns is not an easy task, but it is essential for a dropshipping business. You need to prepare a return policy before you start your business, understand your supplier's return policy, and be familiar with the return policy because each supplier's policy is different. Approve the returns or exchanges regardless of the supplier's policy to value your customers and provide first-class customer service to bring new loyal high-quality customers. Finally, the return or exchange flow includes four steps, and you need to make sure your customers will not pay for any costs and make the return as easy as possible.

How To Create a Return Policy When Dropshipping

- Anton Crowley from Dropship Lifestyle

- How to create a return policy for a dropshipping store

- Importance of having a clear return policy for customers

Creating a General Return Policy:

- Reviewing individual supplier return policies

- Combining similar policies into one general policy

- Covering basics like return process, time frame, restocking fees, and return shipping

- Determining who pays for return shipping based on supplier policies

Dealing with Outlier Suppliers:

- Some suppliers may have policies that don't fit into the general policy

- Grouping similar outlier policies together

- Creating specific return policies for individual suppliers

Implementing Return Policies on Product Pages:

- Using tabbed product pages

- Including a return policy tab

- Linking appropriate return policy to specific product based on supplier

Creating a Return Policy Page:

- Including a footer link to return policy page

- Listing general return policy and individual supplier policies

- Being clear and specific in policy details

- Clear return policies are important for customers

- Having a general policy and specific supplier policies is ideal

- Implementing policies on product pages and a dedicated return policy page is necessary

- Join Dropship Lifestyle coaching program for more information.

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