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Dropshipping Return Postage

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, it's Nash and today we're going to talk about how to deal with the annoying task of refunds. Refunds are a common part of any e-commerce business, and while it's something that you have to expect, there are certain things that we can do to eliminate the amount of refunds or at least cover ourselves when people pass for them.

Tips to deal with refunds:

1. Set up a terms of refund page: This page should explicitly lay out your refund policy, and any legitimate business that you see is going to have some sort of refund policy, terms of service, and all this kind of stuff. You can generate a sample refund privacy policy in terms of service by going to your store's checkout settings and then copying and pasting the information into pages on your website.

2. Structure your refund policy in a specific way: You can recommend refunds only if the product is unopened and if the product is sent back to your personal address, not to the manufacturer. Once you receive the product, check if it's unopened, and then refund the money if the product has issues.

3. Refund Button: If you want to do a refund, go to the orders page, click on the order, scroll down, and click the refund button. Refund it and send it to the customer.

Dealing with refunds is an essential part of any e-commerce business, and it's essential to set up a refund policy page, structure the refund policy in a specific way, and know how to use the refund button. These tips can help you avoid giving out too many refunds and keep your business running smoothly. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button, notification bell, and like button if you found this helpful.

Dropshipping Returns: How To Handle Returns and Refunds For Dropshipping

In this video, Noah discusses the topic of handling returns in wholesale dropshipping. He emphasizes the importance of looking at the return policies of suppliers before starting business with them. Noah explains that restocking fees, return window, replacements, handling damaged items, and the requirement of RMA and shipping labels are crucial factors to consider when analyzing the return policies of suppliers.

Noah also shares his personal approach to handling returns on different platforms. He mentions that he sets up his supplier's address as a return warehouse center on Amazon and Walmart. He charges restocking fees on Amazon and uploads his own label on eBay. Noah also talks about his experience with using a return center and outsourcing returns through Amazon FBA and Walmart Fulfillment Service. Lastly, Noah reminds viewers to track everything and keep a record of returns, costs, and tracking numbers.

Overall, Noah's video provides valuable insights into the importance of considering return policies while doing wholesale dropshipping and presents different approaches to handle returns on various platforms.

How To Deal With Returns & Refunds When Shopify Dropshipping

Anton from Ecommerce Lifestyle talks about returns and refunds and how to approach them when dropshipping. In this podcast, he covers different scenarios and points that will be helpful for those who are confused about how to proceed.

Main Points:

1. Importance of Supplier Agreement:

It is important to pay attention to the supplier agreement when reaching out to them and getting approved to sell their products. The return policy should be noted, which varies by supplier.

2. Handling Returns:

If the product is not eligible for returns, it should be noted on the product page. If the item is eligible for returns, a partial refund should be offered to the customer to keep the item. If there is a defect or damage, a replacement part should be shipped to the customer.

3. Preventing Future Returns:

Every time a return is made, the reason should be noted to update the website and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Handling returns and refunds can be a challenge when dropshipping, but being proactive and following the right steps can help to keep profits and prevent negative reviews. Updating the website based on customer feedback is important to prevent future returns.

How to Deal With Returns and Refunds in 2020 | Oberlo Dropshipping

How to Handle Drop Shipping Refunds and Returns in 2020

In this video, we will discuss how to handle drop shipping refunds and returns in 2020. We will provide you with a word by word template for a refund and return policy, how to get your money back from your supplier, and the steps to take within Aliexpress to deal with refunds.

Handling Refunds and Returns:

- Returns and refunds are a regular part of any business.

- Experienced entrepreneurs always account for a small percentage of orders having to be refunded or returned.

- With a plan in place, it's easy to handle returns and refunds.

How Returns and Refunds Work for Dropshippers:

- When drop shipping, the merchant (you) doesn't carry inventory.

- When a customer orders a product from your store, you order that product from a supplier who ships it directly to your customer.

- If the customer isn't satisfied, what happens next?

Refund and Return Policy:

- Referring back to the return policy written in your FAQ page is essential.

- Instead of returning items, customers can contact you for a full refund.

- To save the hassle of dealing with returns, encourage customers to recycle or donate products they don't want.

- If possible, ask customers to tell you what went wrong and send a picture to get your money back from your supplier.

Getting Your Money Back from Your Supplier:

- If a customer complaints, ask them why they are seeking a refund.

- Be positive and apologetic when asking customers about the problem.

- If the customer says the product is broken/defective, doesn't match your description, or never arrived, ask for a photo.

- If the customer can back up their claims with a photo, the merchant can get money back from the supplier.

- To get the refund from the supplier, open a dispute in Aliexpress.

- If your customer wants a replacement product, pay out of pocket to send a replacement and give the customer a refund.

Refunding Your Customer:

- Head back into Shopify and go to the Shopify orders section.

- Click on any order that you wish to refund.

- Go to the refund amount and type in the full price of the product.

- Create a discount code as a token of apology and a reason to come back to your store.

- Returns and refunds are a part of running any retail business.

- Implementing an action plan will set you up for repeat customers.

How To Set Up Your Shopify Refund & Shipping Policies In 5 Minutes | Dropshipping 2022

In this video, Alex discusses the importance of four policies on a Shopify store: refund, privacy, terms of service, and shipping. He explains how setting up these policies incorrectly can lead to financial loss and even legal battles. Alex provides tips on creating these policies and adding them to your store's website.

Tips for Creating Policies:

- Use the create from template option but reword it to fit your store's policies

- Be creative and adjust the policies to meet your store's needs

- Read through each policy to make sure it contains the right information

Adding Policies to Your Store:

- Go to settings, then legal

- Click on create from template for each policy

- Save the policies

- Go to online store, then navigation

- Add the policies to the footer menu

Creating and adding policies to a Shopify store is crucial to avoid financial loss and legal battles. By using templates and adjusting the policies to fit your store's needs, you can ensure that your policies are fair and enforceable. Don't forget to add the policies to the footer menu for easy access for customers.

How to Deal with Returns / Practical Dropshipping Tips

Preparing for Work and Dealing with Returns in Drop Shipping Business

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of customer service and after-sales service in the drop shipping business. We will also be providing tips on how to prepare for work and handle returns efficiently.

Preparing for Work:

- Create a return policy before launching your store officially.

- Understand your suppliers' return policy and update your store's return policy accordingly.

- Familiarize yourself with your suppliers' return policy as it directly impacts your policies.

- Make sure to include all supplier policies in your return policy.

- If your suppliers offer a 30-day return and exchange service, set your return and exchange policy for 20-25 days.

- Do not display the return address on the return policy page.

- Tackle the issue of returns and exchanges as soon as possible.

Dealing with Returns:

- Figure out the reasons for return or exchange and provide solutions for each.

- Approve returns or exchanges regardless of the suppliers' policy.

- Ensure that customers do not pay for any costs and make returns as easy as possible.

- Apologize to the customer and quickly provide a solution.

- Provide excellent customer service to retain customers.

Return and Exchange Flow:

- Determine the reason for the return or exchange and contact the relative supplier to obtain the return authorization code.

- Supplier approves the request and provides the return address and authorization code.

- Supplier receives the package, checks for any damages, and refunds or reshapes to the customer.

- Customer receives a new package or refund.

In conclusion, customer service and after-sales service are vital in the drop shipping business. Preparing for work and dealing with returns efficiently can lead to customer satisfaction and retention. Providing excellent customer service can also result in word-of-mouth marketing and a successful business.

How To Do Returns For Ebay Dropshipping | EASY Step-By-Step Tutorial

In this video, Paul will demonstrate how to handle a return in your eBay dropshipping business. It's a simple process, and he will break it down for us on this whiteboard.


1. Customer requests a return via message or eBay return case.

2. Go to the supplier's website (e.g. Walmart) and request a return label.

3. Send the label to the customer and they return the item to the supplier.

4. Supplier refunds you, and you refund the customer.

Additional tips:

- Copy and paste the reason for return that the customer gave you.

- Different suppliers may have slightly different return processes.

- Don't freak out if you get a return, it's part of the business.

- Check out the links in the video description for more resources on starting and scaling an eBay dropshipping business.

Handling returns in your eBay dropshipping business is easy and straightforward. Just follow these simple steps and don't panic if you encounter a return. With the right resources and knowledge, you can successfully run a profitable eBay dropshipping business.

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