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dropshipping romania

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

this is exactly how i made sixteen thousand dollars my first month online. i'm gonna be going over exactly how i was making thousands of dollars in my first month online as a total beginner through a method you might know of, which is shopify drop shipping. so make sure you guys leave a like and subscribe to this channel and let's get into how i did it. so if you have no idea what shopify drop shipping is, you essentially create an online website, you add products to your store and then advertise your store and eventually make tons of money in the process. and so during this time, i was 17 years old and i was scrolling on tiktok. i found out people were literally posting tiktoks about their products and they were getting millions of views, which would end up getting them thousands of dollars in sales. and, honestly, after seeing so many people get rich off of tiktok drop shipping, i knew i had to hop on the wave. i stumbled across this tiktok page called my soul lift, and this guy's second video on tiktok got 36 million views, and pretty much what he was selling were these soul lifts that you put in your shoes to make you look taller, and me, being five eight- i'm a lot shorter than most of my friends that are six foot six foot three and you know, if you're short, like five five or five six, compared to other guys, you're going to feel insecure. so i knew there was a market for this product. a lot of shorter guys would want this product, especially if they're gonna go on dates, go to prom or whatever it is. i see a lot of short people actually buying this product and i knew i had to do the same exact thing he was doing, because clearly he was getting a lot of views and he was getting a lot of followers during this tiktok. now this guy was selling this product for 20, but i knew there was drop shipping suppliers like zen, dropper, alibaba, and i knew i could get this product for way cheaper from those platforms. and since i knew i could get this product for way cheaper, it was time to create my own website and start selling this product so i could start making some money. now the first thing you want to do once you found your product is you want to go on shopifycom and create your 14 day free trial, and once you created your free trial, you can use either xendrop or oberlo to import the products you found for way cheaper and start customizing your store now. my number one advice for every single person that's creating a shopify store is: take inspiration from people that are already selling your product, and in my case, this guy's soul lift website is very, very simple. you do not want to over complicate your website. you want to have no more than three main colors, as this example. he's using red, black and white, nothing else. you don't want to have 10 different colors on your website makes it really hard for a customer to concentrate on what your brand is really about. you don't want to have long descriptions. you want to have videos and gifts in your product descriptions. customers are not there to read descriptions. they're there to look at what the product is doing and you don't want to bore them out with long descriptions and paragraphs because, at the end of the day, you want them to check out. you don't want them to keep reading and get bored of your website. and if you guys are looking for a complete tutorial on how to start a drop shipping store and create a website from scratch, i'll go ahead and link up a really good tutorial up here. so make sure you guys watch that if you don't know what you're doing. and now let's get into the part on where we advertise this product. so, when it comes to marketing the product, you want to go ahead and make two social media pages, and the most important platforms, in my opinion, when you start off, are tik-tok and instagram. other platforms like facebook, pinterest and youtube come later, after you start making some money, but definitely focus on those two in the beginning. if we go ahead and look at this guy's instagram page, it's very, very simple. you know. you don't want to go crazy and buy a lot of followers on instagram. you can honestly buy 500 followers on buzzoid. it's a very cheap website to buy instagram followers just to give you some credibility. on tiktok, you do not want to buy followers because it is going to affect the algorithm. but instagram, go ahead and buy 500 followers just for that boost of credibility. and when it comes to building the website, when it comes to creating the social media pages, just want to take inspiration from your competitors and people who are already making money and getting views from your product and see how the descriptions are, how their profile picture is, and just take inspiration because you want to do what's already working and that's the best way you're going to start making money, especially when it comes to drop shipping. so once you found your product, you created the website, you started your social media pages. it's now time to order the product so you can actually start making tiktoks off of it. tik tok icon. they say: what are the? what are the numbers? now, the one thing i do recommend is order your product from amazon. you can literally look up the same exact product. you can get an unbranded one with no logo on amazon so you can actually start making videos off of it and amazon prime it so it comes in one to two days. so once your product arrives, you can finally start making tiktoks. finally, and the way you want to do it is recreate their viral tiktoks, and you want to keep doing it every single day and be consistent. no, it doesn't matter if you post three of the same videos that went viral, because with tiktok, it's all about making sure you know you're doing something that's already working and that's already went viral. don't try to make original ideas and make your own tiktoks. for the first few weeks of testing a product, want to recreate viral videos exactly how they work. the only thing you have to do when recreating a viral video is: try to have better lighting, try to have better quality, but other than that, recreate the video exactly how you saw it, because if it got millions of views, you don't want to change up anything, whether it was the background or anything like that. you want to recreate the video exactly how you saw it. so once you start posting on tiktok, i recommend posting three times a day, every single day. the times that work for me around 3 pm to 5 pm eastern. obviously, everyone is different. you have to test out different times. those are what worked for me. do not miss a single day of posting, because if you miss a day you can really screw up the algorithm. so definitely i don't recommend doing that now. if you're in a different country- you're not in the us, you know. if you're in europe or italy or anywhere like that- try to recreate those tiktoks, but just do them in your own language, because you don't have to try and get to a us algorithm. you can literally try and get in your country's algorithm and trying to see if that works. but once you're making those tik toks, you know you're testing the product. repost everything on instagram reels and be consistent on instagram and be consistent on tiktok and you have to make sure you're doing this every single day to see if the product is gonna make you a lot of money. now remember you can't have a link in the bio of your tiktok page until you have a thousand followers, so that first week you have to be trying to get a viral video and push out your content and that will eventually get you a thousand followers. if the first few weeks you can't get a thousand followers, then you have to look at your product or the content you're making, because one of the things you're doing wrong and getting a thousand followers is not that hard if you have a good product and if you're recreating viral content and guys, this is truly the five step process on how i was able to make thousands of dollars my first month online without spending any money on ads. in terms of drop shipping, this is very, very doable, especially i

SECRET: Dropshipping în Romania in 2 săptămâni

dropshipping in romania din china in 2 saptamani. secret curs gratuit de dropshipping. cum sa imi fac un magazin online?

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 14 Days (Insane Results)

hey, what's going on, guys? welcome back to a new video. in this one, we're going to be doing a 14 day Drop Shipping challenge. we're gonna go from not having a store at all to, hopefully, some sales in 14 days, and you guys are going to get to see the whole process. this is not going to be a regular 14 day challenge. I'm not going to be using any paid ads, so it's going to be a zero dollar 14 day challenge. so, even if you guys don't have any budget or anything, I want to show you guys a way you can get started Drop Shipping. I am going to be using some paid tools to find the product, to get the store done and stuff like that, but we're not gonna be using any marketing budget, and if you guys don't have any marketing budget yourself, you can try your best to get around those things and to get everything done for free. so if you have like a hundred, two hundred dollars to get started, it's going to be a lot easier. another thing I want to mention is I'm not going to be paying for the Shopify subscription because, even though the Shopify trial is normally 14 days, I'm gonna be using a 45 day free trial that you guys can find in the description. so if you guys want to use it as well, check it out. I'll leave a link to it below. if you guys have any questions for me or you want to reach out, check out my Instagram. it's going to be on the screen. it's just at Econ Marco. before we get into the video, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm launching a Discord Community called the digital wealth Lounge. this is going to be my new private mentorship group, where it's going to be full of people who are are all working on the goal of becoming successful online. whether it's going to be Drop Shipping or any other business model, we're all going to be on the same page and we're going to be helping each other succeed. being a part of this community is going to give you access to a private course that I've made- and if you're in, it's going to be totally free for you- in which I'm going to be teaching you how you can make 10 000 a month or more online without really investing anything and without really working more than two to three hours a day. you're also going to get access to weekly calls with me, so every single week we're going to be going on group calls and you can ask me anything. it's also going to be a great place to meet people who are on the same page as you and start hanging out with each other, maybe even start some businesses together, and I'm also going to be doing giveaways inside of there. so the first giveaway is going to be two thousand dollars. there's gonna be one person who's gonna win a thousand dollars and 10 other people who are going to win 100 each, and I'm gonna be announcing all the winners on my Instagram. so if you're not already, follow me there. and the price to enter the community is going to be 49 a month, but for the first 24 hours of launch, I'm gonna lower the price down to 29.99. so for anyone that joins within the first 24 hours of launch, you're gonna lock the price in at 29.99. so even after a price goes back to 49.99, you're still gonna only be paying 29.99 a month, and this is not a BS scarcity discount or anything. the price is actually going up to 49.99 a month after the first 24 hours and it's not going to be going back down. so if you are going to get in, the first 24 hours are the best possible time to do so. I really wanted to make it cheap but also have it have so much value. so once again, you're getting a course. you're getting access to the Discord Community, four weekly calls, with me entering a giveaway, and you're getting a huge discount. it's not just a one-time discount, but you're gonna keep that discount for as long as you're in the community. so if that sounds good to you, go check out the link in the description and enter your email just to get notified when we launch. and let's go back to the video. okay, so the first thing we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to find a product that we're going to be selling. the tool I'm going to be using in this video is called Mania, or my Nia. if you guys are starting with absolutely no money, you can scroll tiktok, you can scroll Facebook and stuff like that. um, but a tool like this, it's not a free tool, but it's pretty cheap. you can try it out for free and then it's only 49 euros a month and you guys can also use code Marco 20 to say 20 off your first three months, and this is pretty much an all-in-one tool. you guys can use it to spy on our competitors- Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, tiktok ads. it also has a tool called shops, where you guys can see other people's store and check out what they're selling. and the very unique thing I've never seen on a different app is influencer marketing, so you can actually see promotions. people are running on influencer pages and then you can see what's working well and then try selling those products yourself or maybe find some influencers you want to use for your own product. and, yeah, it's an incredible tool. I don't have time to explain absolutely everything I can do because I don't want to bore you guys and I want to keep the video interesting, but that's what we're going to be using in this video and, more specifically, we're going to be using the tiktok ads feature so you guys can filter It Out by date. so I've already filtered out from the first to the 30th of this month. you can filter It Out by countries, but we're not going to be using that, although it can come in handy sometimes. now, Ecom type is going to be the platform they're using to host their stores, so we're going to be using Shopify and then likes- let's do 500 and up, and we can adjust this later on if necessary, if you can't find anything good, and then you can also do plays, which would be the views. but we're not going to be messing with that and now I'm just going to start scrolling through these and seeing if we can find anything good and I'll update you guys once I find something. so see you guys soon, later, okay, guys. so I found the product that I want to test, and it's this Cactus toy- for kids mainly, I guess- which just kind of repeats whatever you say. I'm sure you guys have already seen it because it's been super viral. yeah, it just kind of repeats whatever you say and it dances. that's pretty much that's what it does. I know it's got really big viral potential because the product's already old. I know there's a lot of content for it and it's also a relatively cheap product. you know you can sell something like this for like twenty dollars. it's not really gonna be that difficult to convince people to buy it. now, when you go over to see product, which takes us to the product page, we consider these guys are selling it in Romania, it looks like. so their product page is in Romanian. I've just translated it with Google translate. yeah, they're selling it for 79.90 late, which comes out to like 16, I think. plus they're charging for shipping and the shipping is 17 late, which comes out to 101.79. and I found the exact same product on AliExpress for 5.63 cents and four dollars for shipping, with a shipping time of about a month, which is not the best. but it's not that bad either, especially for testing, because if it doesn't work out doesn't really matter. if it does, we can find a better supplier. and, yeah, it sold quite a bit. it's got 2 000 orders, almost 400 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. so if we're selling it for, let's say, 19.99, we would have about like 10 in margin, which is not the best. like ideally we want to have maybe 15- 20 on a product like this. but since these guys are selling it in Romania, where the purchasing power is a lot smaller and we're going to be focusing on the English-speaking Market, I think we can get away with a bigger price. and now that we found the product, I'm just going to order a store for it. so again, I'm going to be using star stores, as always. if it's your first time watching my video, these guys just create a store completely for you. you just give them a bit of information and they take care of everything else. if you guys want to use them, you can use c.

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What are Dropshipping Products | Dropshipping in USA | dropshipping romania

hello, dear, welcome to my channel, sultan tiknical. subscribe to my channel. like this video. today, our topic is 17 best drought shipping suppliers in the usa in 2022. this is our topic, and to brand your products made in the usa and offer quick shipping times, then you need to find yourself a trustworthy supplier or a wholesaler from the us to help you kickstart your online business quicker. we have compiled the list of the best drop shipping suppliers in the usa. we have grouped them into the following categories: apparel and accessories, health and beauty, pet suppliers, home garden electronics. a wide range of products. but first let's quickly look over the main reasons why you should go local. why you should choose a us supplier. while overseas dropshipping suppliers are an excellent choice for merchants because of low prices, there are many risks involved, including bad product quality and messy refund processes. if you want to run your drop shipping business with more confidence, go local. below are the 7 main reasons why you should choose american drop shipping suppliers. number 1: made in the usa. you will be able to brand your products as made in the usa and gain your potential customers trust quicker. people believe that american products are suppliers superior in quality. plus, they also feel that by buying american, they promote the us economy and give people jobs. number two: higher margins. according to this survey, about two thirds of american shoppers are willing to pay more for products made in the us. better quality, patriotik feelings, quicker shipping times- all of this give you the ability to sell at higher margins and make yourself more money. number three: shorter supply chains. by keeping it local, your products have to travel fewer miles. as a result, your products are more likely to arise safely and you can be more confident. dropshipping food items such as dogs snacks are fragile products. number four: fast shipping. it can take up to four weeks or more for products to arrive from aliexpress or other overseas suppliers. by partnering with dropshipping suppliers in the us, you can deliver your products as quickly as within one to eight days. number five: convenient, convenient customer service. being in the same or adjustment at just adjacent time zones makes it much easier for you to contact your suppliers when questions arise. you can solve your problems quickly and avoid losing your customers. number six: easier returns. if your customers are not happy with your products, it's also easier to handle returns, since everything happening locally. number seven: ready for the unexpected. finally, if anything unexpected, like a massive pandemic happens, you are less likely to run out of stok. you will be shipping from what warehouses in different locations in the us. 17 best us us suppliers for top drop shipping industries. we have found the 17 best wholesale suppliers in the usa and grouped them based on different drop shipping industries, such as apparel and accessories, beauty products, electronics, etc. let's get into it. best us based drought shipping suppliers for apparel and accessories. number one: tasha apparel- trend trendy women's clothing. tasha apparel has been one of the best trendy clothing wholesalers in los angeles. sense to 1005. they supply many of the latest looks that will follow your customers. this is tasha apparel. they claim that they offer wholesale trending clothing up to 60 to 80 percent below the regular wholesale price. free images: use images from tasha apparel on your store. great customer service available via phone, email, instagram, facebook, whatsapp chat. no minimum order quantity required. tasha payroll offers a dropship per service suitable for buying in. bundles are by a single piece. you will need to fill out their application form and attach your sales seller's permit business license. second is a4 sports sportswear. a4 is a us wholesale supplier that specializes in women's and men's sportswear and outerwear. you can drop hoodies, t-shirts, pants, bags, jerseys, socks and many more clothing items from them. this is a4. if you are dropshipping a specific type of sportswear- and it's always a good idea to work within the narrow niche- you can easily borrow, browse different sport categories such as basketball, basketball or social. all of the a4 apparel is designed and cut in their los angeles headquarters. it's then pegged, bagged and shipped from there. we are houses in california and missouri. all other means you can offer one to three days shipping to your us clients. eighty percent of the us population can expect their packages in one to two days. a4 also engage in suit sustainable business partikles. number third is sparkle in pink: trendy kids clothing and accessories. sparkle in pink has been in business in instance 2011 and is one of the best us vendors if you want to dropship kids clothes. number four: brands distribution: designer fashion clothing and accessories. if you are interested in drop shipping luxury clothing or accessories, brands distribution is your go to american supplier. number five is alpha imports jewelry. this is about jewelry. alpha imports is a new yard based wholesaler which specializes in selling jewelry and gemstones. number six: beauty jointer. this is about cosmetik spray. beauty joint is wholesale distributed and drop shipping supplier which offers international shipping with quickly delivery this fly top quality brands such as la girl, laurel, milani cosmetiks, madly, elf, jordana cosmetiks and many more. number seven is green draw draw ship natural products for beauty and wellness. number eight is iso beauty hair styling products. number nine is pet stores usa pet. this is pet supplier in usa. number 10 is wholesale pet- wholesale pet supplier. number 11 is mega goods consumer electronics. number 12 is asi partners it hardware and software products. sage broke home decision products: this is b and f system in home products. this is the inventory store dropship automation software supplier network. this is a us direct a network of reliable american suppliers. the last one is sunrise: wholesale products from top notch brands.

DROPSHIPPING FOR BEGINNERS 2023 (Make Money Online | $100 Per Day)

so one of the most common questions that I get asked on this channel, whether it's in the comments down below or even on my Instagram DMS, which is Sam- how come I'm getting a bunch of traffic to my Shopify Drop Shipping website but I'm not able to make a single cell? now, this is something that I struggled with for many, many months when I first built one of my first ever Drop Shipping websites, but over the years, I've learned various different reasons why this happens and I've been able to fix it and, as you can see, I've been able to go from zero sales with one of my dropshipping websites to over ten thousand pounds in Revenue, to eventually one hundred thousand pounds with a single Drop Shipping Store, and I'm gonna break down exactly how I was able to do this, using some of the methods that can definitely help you with your own dropshipping business. so, as always, I don't waste any more time. I want to get right into it. if you find any value in the video at any point, don't forget to press the like button. I really appreciate that. thank you so much. don't forget to subscribe. hit the Bell notification. let's get right into the video. alright, so jump into one of the first reasons why you're probably getting a lot of visitors onto your dropshipping website, but you're not necessarily making any sales. it's because because you're targeting code traffic. and for those of you that are beginner to the world of Dropship and you've probably never heard of this term before- so what it simply means is that, when it comes to figuring out how to get people onto your website, you can have a go after code traffic, warm traffic or hot traffic, and if you're making the mistake of going off the Court traffic thinking that you're really going after hot traffic, then you're not going to be doing the right things for you to turn that person into a paying customer. and just to give you an example of what I'm toking about, I created this image right here just to give you guys a visual representation. so, as you guys can see, majority of the social media platforms that people use when it comes to getting people onto their website, that's most likely going to be called traffic, because you have to remember that people that go onto these social media platforms- for example, Facebook, Instagram or tiktok- haven't necessarily gone on to any of these websites with the intention to buy a product. so even though you might create a really good video ad, then it might go viral. of course, you're definitely going to be able to make sales from that, but if you haven't necessarily created the best video ad or you haven't necessarily done the right targeting to the Right audience, then there's a higher chance that these people are going to go onto your website after seeing ad, but they're not necessarily going to buy your product. and this is a mistake that I made. when I built one of my first ever Dropship in stores. I was so focused on using Facebook ads because this is what everyone was toking about. everyone on YouTube was toking about Facebook ads, this, and Facebook adds that. so because of that, I felt like I needed to use Facebook ads as well, until one day I realized that it made more sense for me to use something like Google search ads or even Google shopping ads, because by using something like Google ads, I know that that potential customer has gone on to Google, typed in a specific keyword that's in relation to the products I'm selling and they most likely want to buy it. for them to have gone out and searched for that product, which means that when they now land on my web page, there's a higher chance that I'm going to be able to turn them into a paying customer, because I'm going to be going after warmer traffic. so this is definitely something that you need to bear in mind. now, I'm not saying that you need to use Google ads, you need to use something like Bing ads or you need to use any sort of intent based marketing. you just need to make sure that you're aware of this, because, if you are, you're going to be able to now structure your Drop Shipping website in a different way if you definitely know that you're going after I have a cold traffic or warm traffic. okay. so maybe on to the next mistake that you're probably doing that's causing you to get a lot of visitors but not necessarily making any money, is the fact that you're not treating your product page like a funnel. and when I say that you need to treat it like a funnel, what I mean by this is, when it comes to me building out and structuring my product page. I like to make sure that, as the customer is scrolling through, they're getting all the necessary information they need. they're able to see all of the images of the product, they're able to see the description of the product and they're also able to get information about any return policy and any shipping information on the product page. now the reason why you want to structure it like this is because you don't want your customer clicking on another page and getting distracted and having to figure out how to get back to the product page or the item that they were looking at. you want to try and reduce as much effort on the customer's part as possible by giving them all the necessary information on that product page. so let me give you an example of what I'm toking about. let me use this item here as an example. so let's say I was looking to drop ship this item and added to one of my Shopify stores. the mistake that most people make is that they will go into their suppliers website and just copy and paste the information as it is, copy and paste all of the images those scroll down, just copy and paste all of this. but you can't do it that way. you need to make sure that you're structuring it in the best way possible for the reader. so just to give an example of what I'm toking about, I've just jumped onto the back end of one of my Shopify stores for this product, as you guys can see- men's hair clipper, but I've sorted all of the information in a different way to how it looks on the supplier's website, because I want things to look clean. I want the customer to be able to scroll through, see the information they need: the condition as well as the product information, what exactly comes inside the box, as well as the shipping information and any warranty information as well. and, of course, this is a quick example just to kind of illustrate what I'm trying to say. but you want to make sure that, as the customer is scrolling through it again, all the information they need- even though you're going to have, let's say, the return information, shipping information- on another page, you just want to make sure that you're putting a quick summary right here. so if we click on preview, just to see exactly how it will look when the customer comes onto my website, alright, so, as you guys can see, this is what the customer is going to see. they're going to be able to scroll through, see the price of the product, see the title of the item. they're going to be able to see all of the images. now, of course- again, this is just a quick example just to kind of show you I'm toking about- they're also going to be able to select whatever variant they want as well. scrolling down over here, they're going to be able to see all the information as they're scrolling through. so once the customer now lands on this product page, all they simply need to do is scroll through this, see what the information they want and then simply click add to cart and then buy the product. and the main point that I'm trying to make of all of this is that whenever someone lands on your website, it's your job to make sure that you're reducing the amount of clicks that person has to do, because the more clicks that person has to make for them to get the information they need, the less likely it's going to be for them to actually buy your product. so, moving on to one of the final things that I'm going to go through in this video that you definitely need to make sure that you do before doing anything else, which is that you need to make

Wiio: The END of Dropshipping As We Know It

(Aliexpress Dropshipping 2019). Is this the end of aliexpress drop shipping in 2019, let's find out. Alright, guys, in this video we're gonna tok about a tool called wheel WI IO, which wants to replace aliexpress drop shipping Completely. it wants to become the all-in-one solution for us drop shippers to search for products, source products and then ship products to our customers, So we can essentially not have to use Aliexpress suppliers or drop shipping agents any more. We're gonna go into the tool and see if it's actually legit, see if it's something that we can actually use For our advantage and grow our businesses faster. Especially if you're a beginner, you might deal with a lot of like, a lot of delays in your shipping and a lot of quality issues just because suppliers Don't take you seriously. if you're small, let's go into the tool. as you guys know, I never recommend any tools without reviewing them first, So let's go in my computer and find out. Alright, so you can see here: wield the all-in-one drop shipping platform that helps you source and ship anything from China. pretty bold claim Right here, but let's see in the actual description. So, introducing wheel, we take care of virtually everything for you. So, actually, tok to one of the workers at we own. we toked a little bit. I had the platform worse. I went through the Whole website, I created my own account and I want to make sure that you guys, you know You get the best out of this. so they essentially sourced the products for you. You can tell them: Hey, I want this product from this supplier, from this page on Aliexpress. the source it, they buy it from your supplier And then they stok it in their factory in China. They have more than two hundred, three hundred people in that factory So they stok it there. They quality check it for you, Which I thought was amazing, that they actually check if the product is in good quality and good standing Before they even ship it to your customer, which sometimes we have a lot of problems, especially with a drop shipping agent that they have to ship like three hundred, all the way to five hundred orders at a time and A lot of them end up being defective or broken and we have to take the loss or I would have to take the refund. So, essentially, ship those products. you can tour their company here on their website and they also. the other cool thing is that they do Custom product photos, custom product videos and then custom private labeling, like custom packaging inserts. I thought this was really cool because that removes all these fulfillment services that we use for private labeling, as well as video services- having to hire a video editor or Having to hire a photographer to do the photos. They actually do it for you, since they have the products in stok in their Factory in China. the other cool things that you know You can do with the platform is one: You can research: winning products that might not be trending in the United States. all over the world They're only trending in China or they're about to trend based on you know- past patterns that they have. They've been doing this for a lot of years and they've done like millions of dollars in products from suppliers all over the world, So they know what products were more likely to trend and they have their own spy tool built-in so you can essentially find the products straight that they have sourced and Packaged and a source and stok in their factory. If you're doing small numbers, they essentially take care of you. Their customer support is amazing. I did an account. I'm gonna show you later my account- but I did an account with them. Their customer support is absolutely amazing, And the other cool thing is that you don't have to deal with multiple suppliers. They have really fast shipping times. You can ship anywhere between like 7 to 12 days to the United States, Canada and all over the world of Europe and other a packet countries and the only ship a packet, so you can essentially target all impacted countries on your face it cats and use this tool to ship it to your customers. now, before I keep toking about This tool, I'm actually going to show you the back end of it. This is how you know when you make an account. This is how it actually looks on here and you have the wheel product section. So this is your dashboard: the sales that you're making every day. We only connected one of our stores to it, Not all of them, because we want to test it first with one store. I'm also gonna make a video later on. actually, we're viewing, you know, Once we do like 10,000- 20,000 in volume on this tool. I want to review it more later on. I just want to be, you know, the first one. it gives this tool away, But here you can check the wheel products and this essentially their own built in Product spy tool, and this is not like any spy tool. It just pulls random high-volume orders from Aliexpress. This is their own, built in, based on the patterns that they see in their Factory and with their sourcing agents. so you can essentially view all the products right here on the left, or Discounted products or their best-selling products right here that are likely to trend or likely to sell later on, and you can do by cat as well, so you can click more categories and go through all these products in the Aliexpress product section. if you have a Partikular product from Aliexpress that you want to source- Let's say it's This one right here, For example- you take that product and you crawl it on there- Aliexpress Quora crawler and now that is essentially used to take the product and add it to your wheel and then essentially, when you get an order For that product, they will order from the supplier, stok it, check the quality and then ship it to your customer and really fast shipping Times. so that's why I like this tool a lot. It's like a really in-depth solution. It's pretty cool. Now you can go here to your orders section. So when you click on orders, as soon as you start processing some orders, you can see here, For example, we have this one paid unfulfilled, and then we can choose two logistiks. in this case It's going to be a packet, and then we process it. They check the quality of the product, the order from the supplier, and then they send it off to our customer. then here you can Connect your store. So let's say I have my store here and I want to connect it. You click connect to Shopify to connect your store. So we connected here and add it here and they'll connect the store. and then in the store It's gonna essentially tell you: hey, do you want to download this unlisted item from the, from the Shopify app store? And yes, you want to download it. you downloading it connects to your shop immediately. So, as you can see, here We connected to your shops. and then the support tiket section in which you can open a support tiket. If a product gets damaged, if a product you know, if you can't find the tracking number, the customers You know asking you for something, you can essentially ask them, Open a new tiket and then ask them for that specific thing and they'll answer within the hour. two hours, Which I thought was pretty cool. sometimes with our agents We have to wait hours long or even days for them to reply. This kind of cuts down on that process and makes it more efficient. and, guys, before we go on, make sure to comment secrets down in the comments below. I'll be offering one-on-one calls with one of you guys that comments secrets down below and Subscribes and hits that notification bell. I will be checking in this call. I will be checking your ads manager, your whole store and analyzing everything and helping you, giving you my best feedback. I won't be pitching my program. No mentoring, It told me helping you one-on-one comment secrets. I'll pick someone from this video. so now that I've showed you on the backend how it actually works and how everything looks on the And some proof that I actually used the tool- They're not paying me for this. They didn't pay me a cent to make this video- We're gonna go to the website again and some