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dropshipping sales funnel

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

The ULTIMATE One Product Dropshipping Set Up - “The Shopify Sales Funnel” | Clickfunnels & Shopify

yo, what's going on? Empire builders? in today's video, I'll be sharing with you how to build your very first Shopify sales funnel, and if you don't know what a sales funnel is, I'm going to showing you how to build it using click funnels, why you need one and also how I've generated millions of dollars in sales using these very simple sales funnels for my business. now, if you're just getting just tuning in for the first time here on the e-commerce Empire builders, I just want to give you a huge warm welcome. make sure you hit that subscribe button, make sure you hit that little notification bell. if, at any point during this video, I've dropped you some value, make sure you smash that like button for me as well. and on this channel, we give away a free 30-minute coaching session with me, and all you have to do to enter that giveaway is drop a comment down below on today's video, and during this video, we're gonna be announcing our winner, so make sure you stay throughout the entire video. but, guys, let's get into it right away: why you need a Shopify sales funnel and also how to build your first Shopify sales funnel. the first thing we're going to tok about is we're gonna go through a live example of why you need one first, and then we're gonna go over the shoulder and show you how to actually build them, cuz you have to understand why you need one. so when I was first getting started in my fishing business, I used the Shopify store, like a lot of you guys are probably using. right, you got a homepage right, yeah, you got a whole ton of products launched in there and you're hoping you're gonna find this one training product. so that's gonna change your life. okay, now hopefully you know somebody comes to this, this store, from your traffic source, maybe Facebook in sponsors, whatever you're doing- YouTube, Google, right, they find a product. they hit our product page right with a product page right here. then they click Add to Cart right and finally, when they click Add to Cart here, they hit their their cart page right and then, after they say, you know, yes to checkout, they hit this checkout page right here and then they finally hit the, the billing page here as well. so you can see there there's a little bit of a disconnect here. when you're actually trying to to build a Shopify store, there's a lot of places for for people to drop off and the reason a lot of you that are maybe watching this- to have Shopify stores- and correct me if I'm wrong, but probably one of the biggest issues that you have, right, and give me a yes down below if this is true- that you get a lot of at the cards but not a lot of buyers. right, right, yes, down below if you are. and if you do, the reason that is happening to you is because of this disconnect that's happening right here. so when I was building my fishing business, you know we were making sales and stuff, but you know it's not. we weren't really profitable, making any, any actual money in our business. it was basically I was spinning my wheels over and over again, thinking, okay, I'm making more sales, but I'm not actually any. there's no profit here for me. there's no profit left for me after all expenses and after advertising costs out there, product costs, right? so how do we actually correct this? well, this is when I kind of started learning about these sales funnels, guys, and this is what I want to share with you guys, especially those of you that are that are just getting start with Shopify, and why you need one. so, with traffic, now, right, all traffic has to get sent to something called an opt-in page. now, this opt-in page, right, it is designed to collect us emails, write emails or messenger by opt-ins. I recommend you grab that email address because the email is something that you're gonna be able to use for future promotions. you're gonna be able to follow up with these customers and they don't buy from you the first time around, right, the money is in the less, guys, I'm telling you, okay, so a big email- that email is- can make you really money. on demand allows you to print money essentially from your business. so we're only highlighting wanted product here as well, guys, okay, this is a one product set up. that is what we're doing. we only do one product offer. we highlight an amazing deal. maybe we doing a free plus shipping offer. maybe we're doing a deep discount offer. maybe we're doing a buy two get one free. maybe we're doing whatever, right, maybe we're just doing a bundled offer or whatever. okay, it doesn't really matter. a point is: it's only one thing and there shouldn't be a million different distractions here, like you see on a typical Shopify store. it's actually interesting, guys- we're gonna flash an artikle real quick here- that Shopify actually released that every saw. every Shopify store needs a sales funnel, right, but Shopify stores, right there. you can't really do this on a Shopify store and I want to get into it. those of you that say, oh wait, yes, you can be, you can do this on Shopify, so you can. you really can't, and I'm gonna show you exactly why you can't. okay, so you have this opt-in page right here, and after they opt-in, they hit our order form right here and now on this order form. this is where we make that money. okay, this is the order form. this is where they can buy quantity break discounts of our product. we can do an order bump here, which is a pre-purchase upsell. maybe it's like a limited edition version product, maybe it's a warranty, maybe it's a gift card, right, things that are very easy. no-brainer toss in items for them and then we can send them through our OTO sequences. ot, OHS, upsells, right, same, exact thing. right, you can. they're all the same exact lingo, or so if you have hear people say OTO or upsell, it all means the same thing. now you can have as many of these OTO s as you humanly possibly want. now, this is where all your profits going to be made, right before they finally hit our Thank You page. now, to quickly give you guys an example here. these OTO s right is where you want all your profits to come from. all right, profit. you want that to all be profit. you want this to be break-even at least. a lot of you will actually make money right here, but you want to at least break even on the order form and the order bump right. if you're breaking even, that means all your profit here is is is profit right in your pocket, and there's a cool thing that you can add into these upsells and that's called your reoccurring revenue. that's kind of my bread and butter guy. so one of the reasons that I struggled so much of my fishing business when I first getting started was because I was fighting for a customer, so I didn't. a lot of you that are in shop world do you feel like you need more sales or you need more customers, when in fact you're just not monetizing your current customers? well, enough, right. and what do I mean by that? well, average cart value and lifetime value. okay, average cart value and lifetime value are the most important stats that you need to know in your business. average car value is the amount of money that somebody spends with you the first time they come in the door, right, a funnel allows you to really increase the average cart value. now what about LTV? how do we increase the LTV, though? LT V stands for lifetime value, right, how much does somebody spend with you over a lifetime of being part of your business? right now, the LTV is an easy way to do that is to add in some sort of subscription box or monthly revenue. may be some sort of membership site where the information products on a monthly basis write something easy that you can deliver on on a monthly basis. think barkbox things, Dollar Shave Club. okay, this makes it very, very, very profitable for you, especially if you're following usually what I and my Academy students and my inner circle peoples I tell them: 50% margin at the very least on this. and, guys, this stacks up really quick. imagine if you have a hundred people paying you $39 a month, right, and that's compound interest. so it's continuing to grow and grow and grow. of course you have some people that are drop.

[Case Study] 117K Day with One Dropshipping Funnel in 2021

hey guys, in this video I want to show you how we scaled One Drop Shipping product over one hundred and seventy thousand dollars a day in sales. so you can see here, uh, that's approximately keeping up like this: 111 117. so that's pretty much where it's at, and so I want to show you exactly the strategy. I want to show you exactly the product research that we have utilized to find this product in the first place. I want to explain the funnel that is behind this product so you can replicate it for yourself and get that competitive advantage that would allow you to scale hearts [Music], accidents [Music]. so, as you can see, this is a finalist, right? this is a platform that we use. this is basically the active users that we are getting right now. so 85 users right now. so this is slightly different. this is not Shopify, right? so Shopify we use as CRM. some of the orders will come to the Shopify so we can fulfill them and kind of like, manage customers and provide, you know, the feedback, Mark the orders, all of that stuff. but finally, she's something that we use to in alignment with click funnels. so we use click funnels with finalists, we use Shopify, right. so, finally, it's kind of like combine both of these and those. so here is basically all where all of the orders arrive. so you can see it, some of the like pass hours. we get like five, five thousand dollars a day in sales and gives you very good metrics here on this level, even like how many purchases you have like per hour, what is the? you know what is the conversion rate. so pretty much gives you like very good comprehensive understanding how your funnel is performing. and also compared to the previous day, so, for example, day after we had the worst day, so it was only 94 000 in sales, right, so you can see sales dropped, and so this is pretty much kind of like how we operate. this is the, the structure that we are using. that's why, for example, uh, in our Shopify- you know it shares and some people like hey, like I mean there's like very low number of visitors. a number of visitors is low because the orders actually, you know, coming through Shopify is through click funnels and funnel is not. everyone just gets to that stage where they go to the Shopify store. that's why there's so many. uh, there's like not many visitors directly on the Shopify store and there are a lot of sales. so this is why, uh, exactly that happens. so this is basically amazing platform to manage your sales if you're using funnels, and I want to show you the whole structure, the whole background here, so you kind of like understanding can replicate it for yourself. because a lot of people still upgrade their like Drop Shipping business as as it was, like 2016.. and that's okay. you know, some countries less competitive, like in Europe, you can still will do that like, very like random product pages, like just being like operating on a very kind of like basic level, and that's fine. you know you can do like millions of dollars per month with that. but at the same time, if you're in more competing markets, like United States, you've got to level up, and you gotta level up by having you know by their funnels, but by just selling your product differently. so this is exactly what I want to show you how to do here. let's get started. so, 117k a day, uh, with One Drop Shipping funnel. this is basically, uh, what I'll show you guys. so the product itself is high tiket, right, this High tiket it's 110 selling price. uh, product cost me about uh 35. it solves a why problem. it's a back pain product. I want to show you kind of like my line of syncing behind of that, because we always go into markets where these problems are just like go from generation to generation. we don't go like after some seasonal products because they're just like too much effort. if you want to make like a few million, that's fine, but if you want to make like female, inconsistently per month, you know for for like Max, like few years, then you have to go after market that are more Avid, green, right. so we like weight loss, house and Beauty. you know, back pain, like those things, that kind of like. just people always have back pain. people will always have back pain, right, the more they said, the more like this, like lazy Lifestyle, the more you sit in the cars, people will always, always have that problem. so this is what we're solving here and product itself is pretty light. so we we don't have shipping problems, has multiple upsells and relevant products. this is what's important, right? you want to be as profitable as possible in first transaction. unless you're building something very sustainable, you're ready to like lose money or like be unprofitable, break even for a long period of time and maybe have some subscription Revenue in the back end. like you want to be as profitable as possible. so that's why we bundle products, we have order bombs, we have multiple upsells, so we multiply and maximize the average of the value at how much we generate from each transaction. this is very, very important. this is what you have to keep in mind. like even you find one product but you cannot buy, I know it was anything you cannot upsell with. you know with anything, then I mean you can make it work, but it will be much harder. so it has certain like disposable parts, right? so the product itself using like disposable covers that basically, customers need to return and buy those again, right? so that that's what creates the Victorian customers and that what brings customers back. I renamed branded, obviously, so you can't compare it to massage your products, like. so you- you always need to do that- always need to upgrade your packaging. so if you're selling, you validate the product tok to your agent. by the way, comment agent in the comments. if you wanna my agent, so I'll share my agents with you guys. it's wild fat, and so what I mean by wild fact is like people think that, wow, fact is something like, needs to be something that's like magical, right, but it doesn't need to be something that's magical. from my understanding, like, the wow effect is pretty much the you know something. let's say, you have a no problem, you have the back pain, right, but that back pain can be sold in many different ways. right, you can go to chiropractor you, you can go to I don't know and have a massage. you can buy the massage gun. you can buy like there are many different things that you can do with it, and so this is the way I think about now. in the massage gun, when it was introduced, it was like wow, that right, it was all problems still, like back pain, like still all those things. but then new, solution, instant looks amazing, like boohoo, it's like shaking right. so it's like very, very impressive. so this is exactly what we are looking for. we're looking for that kind of like wow, it's like you can solve the problem in different ways. so then even people who have, you know, purchased like chiropractor visitors, purchase massage, purchase like other products- now they see that this product and they're saying that that product is the solution. right, because like hey, forget everything you've seen before- massage guns and and chiropractors and all of that stuff. it's not effective. use this product, right, this is how we position it and this is why it works. product research hacks here, guys, and- and I mean this will be mind-blowing and like for those of you guys who advance- and pretty much my audience- like the best results we get that, you know, for our clients and overall, um, some of you guys notiked that they're Advanced. if they're really like six, seven figures per month, this will blow your mind. this will blow your mind. let me show you something, guys. so we are using this Tool, uh, which is called at beat right, and this is amazing too. now, this is not free tool, like those of you guys like looking for, like free, like product research, though probably that's not for you. you can go like watch some other videos like I- I- this is not freaking old, it's like 300 bucks a month, but it works like sing every single penny of it, because what you will get from this tool is: you will get a lot of insight.

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$4.5M with One Product Funnel Dropshipping

hey, guys, in this video I'll show you how I made 4.4 million dollars with just one product, basically drop shipping, one product with home final, so just show you here. so these are the stats from the beginning of the of this here so you can see here. so we spent seven hundred eighty three thousand dollars in ads and we have generated formula and 4.4 million dollars just on facebook advertising side. there is more on the back end from email and other sources, but that just generally be the returns that we've gotten, and so I want to shoot this strategy and the product kind of like alignment strategy that we have used and also the final strategy, so pretty much like the whole comprehensive structure for this, for this specific funnel, so you can replicate it on your site or just improve the profitability or improve the the overall flow of your own business. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. 4.4 million dollars was one product, final drop shipment and pretty much the anatomy of this product. guys, and this is this is so important. I see a lot of people, they, they want to drop ship and the dropship product that are pretty much like very like very low profit margins or products that don't have like a lot of- you know, like a lot of potential because they don't do like sufficient amount of like research before they start selling the product and pretty much selling the product that they're not solving any partikular product just because you know they like the products personally or they have some kind of you know, like intuition or something for the product without doing the proper research. so the product that we sell here is it's basically its weight loss product. it's not, it's not exactly like weight loss, but pretty much it's solving this product for a problem partially. we don't, you know, advertise like weight loss aggressively on Facebook. as you know, Facebook doesn't like weight loss. I mean, pretty much Facebook is aggressive to all advertisers, not just those that you know advertising quest weight-loss products. now this product sells in cycles and seasons and then what I see a lot of people do, like they, they would have the product, product would do well for us for a specific amount of time and then, after some time, if the product would simply, you know, either like stopped working or something would happen, and pretty much what would happen is, you know, do just abandon it all. right, what you've done here was this product and whose other products that we sell is we just come back to them, right? so, for example, each product- you know from my, from my observations, it goes in cycles. so sound is, you know, sometimes myself, well then it doesn't sell well, and so kind of what goes in cycles. so the same with this product goes in cycles. but we already learned these cycles because every month or two we would like, let's say, even if the product stopped working, we'll drop the weight it and see if it would still perform right there. so that would happen. a lot of products. there's a lot of money to be made, just pretty much going back to product that work for you in the past and just reactivating them and see how they go. so we use Google chant to identify a chance to see, like we're, you know, we, we can get the most out of this product, and just sometimes even Google Trends are not that accurate. so we will just go and like - to spend some, you know, $1,000 or $2,000- and testing carry. we will see if the product is still viable in a current environment. here we have ninety dollar margin per sale, so which is pretty good, right. so we use a funnel and we use specific structure for the funnel, so we're maximizing the kind of D conversion rate and also the average for the value costed the product: $33. so we have, we have very, very good margin to acquire our customer. and if you think about it, like what is the reason to be in business? like if you don't, if you don't have sufficient margin. so, for example, you know some, you know like something like: for example, take an iPhone right, so iPhone like it cost like a hundred, two hundred dollars to make the iPhone right, but they sell it for $1,000. I mean, I don't know how much. this one, it's probably thousand bucks. I paid for the last one- and people who's people still buy it right because they build the value. the build isn't, it's the antikipation. a lot of factors and very good marketing. but then- and the product itself is awesome, but I mean, could they sell it for $500? probably, yes, probably, probably. like you know a little bit more, like more people would buy it because they would be able to afford it. but then you know, if you want to spend money on that position, if you won't spend money on marketing, if you want to hire amazing team members, if you want to like building infrastructure for your business, then your margins need to be good. and so I see a lot of people that will take the product and let's say you know just just a simple example. so think they say, like the you know glasses or you know whatever other product, and they would sell the product and was this was a product like, they would have 50% margin where a soda, buy the product for $10, sell for 20 and you can probably make that work, but it has to be like tremendous volume. if you don't have the infrastructure to handle a tremendous amount of volume and do like, do a load, those like tiny margins, then you need to focus on products that have higher margins. you sell lots of them but you still make more profit and so that's very important. like that's kind of like the initial foundation. if you don't get it right, then it's: you know, whatever Facebook out strategy use, whatever like overall like strategy, like you know this, this team or this Shopify team or this app or that app, it will hate to have an impact but will not have like sufficient impact to help you scale this very profitably. so, initial counter, like foundation, having sufficient margins on the product. you know, selling the product. that has, you know, demand over a long period of time. so you can- you don't just like make I don't know let's say $50,000 or $100,000 and just simply you know, quit selling the product, but you sell the existing, it the same product for a long period of time. you can reactivate it, like next year, for example, and continue selling it. so we use Google charge, identify trends, but this is not 100% accurate. so even if John Dee's like, let's say, with weight loss now it's not the best kind of like chamfered like, it's not like on on highest pick, a like of the of the trend, but because there's so many people in this market, because of that we are still able to advertise very, very aggressively. so we have other products on the website. these are elect related products and upsell. so there are about five, five or six different products that we also sell on same niche. so pretty much kind of like maximizing the average of the value in maximizing like how much we are generating and profit from each customer. so email marketing- very important and we have outcome email series and Carla Bannerman's- these are Sarah boos, favio- we have three to seven broadcasts a week. 12% of the route comes from email, which is not ideal but we work on that. we could scale harder like, but we are optimizing for profit here. so this product here has approximately 40- 43 percent profit margin. so which which is, which is pretty good, and so that's how we want to keep it. we could scale it, probably like we could double or triple the volume with this partikular product, but the margins would sacrifice, would add a lot of complexity. we need to hire more, you know, team members. so it's not, it's not the way we want to. we want to expand this. so fulfillment from from an ancient in China, and so just selling from China and having constant packaging, so all of these like resources. some people complain about shipping times, but it's very small percentage of people and we- we basically arrange and communicate with those people to torrent this, you know, like this builds and PayPal and other things like as quickly as possible, make sure there is no issues with

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The Best Sales Funnel for e-Commerce

- Finding it hard to get e-commerce sales. Well, we're about to change that. Hey everyone, I'm Neil Patel and today I'm going to break down the best sales funnel for e-commerce. (upbeat music). If you have a e-commerce business that makes sales, whether you're doing it intentionally or not, and you don't have a sales funnel, you're losing out on a ton of sales. A sales funnel is basically a journey that takes a visitor from becoming aware of your product to moving them through stages of your sales process and then becoming a customer. Hopefully, that customer then can become a repeat customer and a brand evangelist and just start being part of your sales funnel and generating you more sales. So what is a very poorly fine tuned or poorly tuned sales funnel really look like? And I don't really consider this a sales funnel, but this is what a poor version looks like. I hate to break it down for you, but most e-commerce sites are this example. It typically starts with the ad, then they go to your product page, they add it to a cart and then boom, that's it. There's not really much more to it. and that's what really terrible funnels typically are for e-commerce, and they just don't work that well. So what's the problem with this. Well, there's no guidance, no intention. Visitors will have to figure out a lot on their own And most of the time, they'll just leave your website without buying anything, which is why well over 95% plus of your audience- they don't buy anything. When you're a huge brand like Nike, just throwing hundreds and thousands of dollars of ads in- actually they even throw millions, right, But let's say you throw in hundreds of thousands- It doesn't matter as much. but when you're a small mom-and-pop, you need to maximize the results. Because what big companies, people who spend hundreds and thousands, millions or even billions, like the Amazons of the world- they have brand loyalty. You and I don't have that. so we got to worry about a sales funnel. So let's dive into what a great sales funnel for e-commerce looks like. I'm going to focus on the funnel that works with paid traffic. The reason for this is that most people don't have the luxury of ranking really highly on Google for competitive keywords in their industry. So I want to give you something that's actionable, no matter how much money you have, Especially when you're starting out, paid ads is the easiest way to generate traffic and sales. In that scenario, the best type of sales funnel is a two step sales funnel page. The most important thing to know is you're going to be running ads specifically to one product, not multiple products. one product. all the messaging, all the ad creative, all the imagery should be about that one product, not multiple products. one product. The reason I'm emphasizing this is it's a huge mistake that people make leave a comment below with how many products you're selling. Is it one, two, ten? Well, the ad we're going to have you run is for one product. Once people click on the ad, they should be sent to a page that isn't just a regular e-commerce product page. It should be about that product. You need a few elements in place in order to maximize the result that you're getting from the page. The first is strong social proof. This is impactful feature testimonials, star ratings and even video testimonials, Not of people just opening up the box and getting your product- I'm toking about using it too- and a great product presentation. That means good photos of your product, 360 degree views, maybe in video, showing your product, Compelling copy as well, highlighting your best benefits of your product. Then you need buy now, call to actions on the top of the page and ask people scroll throughout, whether it's in the review section or after they read the product description. you need to show it there. You also need frequently asked questions on the page because people don't buy for a reason. What are they call some of those people up? Hey John, why didn't you buy my product? And you can do this by toking to some people that you know and ask them to go through your site, Or you can just survey people when they're about to leave their exit popup And you can just survey them. Now, another important thing to be successful with this is a funnel that happens between the moment when a visitor adds this product to the cart and clicks a checkout. you'll want to have what's called an order bump, which is basically an idea of offering an upsell that's related to the product even before the visitor gets to the checkout. by having a order bump, you'll be able to increase the average order value and increase the revenue that you're generating from this funnel. It very rarely decrease conversions. It usually increases your revenue by around four to six percent. so you should do this. You should try and use products that are a really good bundle with the original one that they're buying and is a really good deal. It has to be those things: good bundle and good deal. If it's not a good deal, it doesn't convert. well, Now the next thing I want you to do is, once they check out and they buy your product, you collect the money right then, and there you should have upsell that either gives them the results from the product faster or in an automated way. If they say no, give them another upsell. literally have two right there. It could be subscription related, it could be speed or automation. You can try out any of those methods, but then, by having more upsell, you'll find that you won't really get tons more revenue Even if you don't do a great job. we see it adding at least 3% in revenue If you have speed and automation. When you fine tune it, though, most people are seeing a 10 plus percent lift in revenue. We add two more upsells that include speed and automation. Everyone wants faster results and less time. right, They're buying your product to do something. give them the results quicker And in less time. if you do that, your e-commerce page is going to convert better. If you need help optimizing your e-commerce site for conversions, check out my ad agency, NP digital. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I'm here to answer it. Thank you for watching. Make sure you like, review, rate this episode, share it whatever you can to get me more reviews. I really appreciate it And I'll try to keep creating free content like this.

How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with StoreFunnels + FREE Funnel & Examples (2023)

so General Stores versus one product drop shipping stores? I'm sure you guys have been wondering which direction you need to go into. in today's video, I'm going to show you how to build your own one product Drop Shipping Store, plus funnel, to make you as much revenue as humanly possible. [Applause]. hey guys, my name is Ali and I'm the CEO of the e-commerce Empire builders. in today's video, I'm going to show you our entire warm product Drop Shipping Store set up and how you guys can import all of this in just one click. let us know in the comments below what you would like to see next or any questions that you guys have. one lucky person from today's video is going to get our 50 page winning product guide that has winning products, Facebook ads, a Facebook ad, training, info, products- everything made for you to be able to start launch your business. previously sold for over 500. so without further Ado, let's get right into my computer. so if you guys aren't familiar with the software that I'm using, the software that I'm actually using is called store funnels. all right now. store funnels is very similar to funnel builders that you might have seen, for example, click funnels, but it does a few things a lot better, which is why we use store funnels inside of our businesses, whereas click funnels is more so just a funnel Builder. I know they've come up with a few new updates recently, but I've not been hearing the best news about them. store funnels is a Ecom store plus a funnel Builder. so what I like to think, what I like to say people think about store funnels- is that it is Shopify plus click funnels. now how is the Shopify plus click funnels? because you can build funnels and you can build full Ecom websites. and when I tok about full econ websites, you can build a website that has store fully built in, with add to cart pages and everything that a Shopify store gives you. but if you want to build a one product store and focus on just one uh store, then you can build a funnel that is just about that specific product. so it is the best of both worlds and it combines both into one cohesive software, which is why we use it. okay, so when you are building a one product funnel or one product store plus funnel, what you want to think about first is the offer right. what you want to make sure is that you're not just selling something that um is um. you know you're not just selling something that is, um, you know, easily available everywhere else. now, this partikular product, this is the product that we modeled this design back in the day. now it's become very, very, uh, mainstream, but back in the day, when this was really being scaled, it was very unique. even right now, this sort of design is very unique. so that is what made it an offer right. it is something that people couldn't get anywhere else. other ways that you can make your product and offer is by adding in for products. now, this is something that wasn't included in the funnel, the remodel, because this is a seven figure funnel that we have available for you to download and the link is in the description below. but what you would want to do is add some information products, add some guides, add some cheat sheets, add some videos, add some audios. basically, make it so that they don't want to go to Amazon or anybody else to buy this partikular product whenever you're scaling. they want to continue buying it from you. so, essentially, the first thing you want to take think about is the offer. now, it's very important that you have the ability to make a one product Drop Shipping Store the way that we have. so this is why it is important to use store funnels, because it pretty much has everything that you need, and so let's tok about this entire funnel step by step, step. okay, now the first thing you want to look at is look at just the way that this page is being designed and how it's zeroing in on one product in one pain point. when you go into a Shopify store that is selling, you know 50 to 100 of different products, and it's just a basic product and a basic description. yes, if the product is unique enough, anything will sell, and that's why you see on these YouTube videos of these people that are selling Shopify products. they spend all their time searching for unique products that are not available anywhere, but that's like winning the lottery tiket: because they have to test hundreds of different products. they land on one product that makes them money. this is not a sustainable business model. what you want to do is you want to go ahead and zero in on a problem and then create an offer that solves it. so let me go ahead and say this again: you don't want to go ahead and find that one winning product after testing 50. no, you want to zero in on a problem and then create an offer around it. so, for example, this is a problem about why Americans are not sleeping well and now they're raking up, refreshed and ready to seize the day. so you guys understand the difference between it. now, if I took you to a Shopify store with a pillow on the left and a description on the right, would you be willing to purchase from there, versus a page like this, which is so specific, which is zeros in on the problem, which has different benefits, which has different use cases, which has a different um, you know comparisons or testimonials, frequently asked questions that guarantee and everything, uh, of this type, right? so this is the difference between a Shopify store and a one product Drop Shipping Store, and this is, these are the things that you can build with store funnels. okay, now, uh, this is what we like, like to call the landing page or the one product Drop Shipping page. again, we've gone through this a bunch of times now. so, once you've gone ahead and created this, and again, all you need to go ahead is download it and then change the text where you need to change the text. so, for example, if you want to change this to why cetera is the best, it's very easy, right? if you want to go ahead and just go ahead and edit the image, you can go ahead and add a new image over here, and you know, it is just a very easy. I'm just going to discard this save, so do not save it, but this is how it is. again, this is the order form. now. look at how much credit ability is built into this order form. right, it is so it is. it is being made so that somebody who wasn't you know, somebody, um, who lands on this page, we want to just make sure that, um, they don't forget why they decided to buy it. that's why this section over here exists. we restate the offer and then, when they're checking out, we're showing them our testimonials that make sure that they go ahead and actually complete The Purge purchase- uh, complete, uh, the entire purchase. the next thing is, when you're going ahead, you want to make sure that you add an order bump- right, an order bump is essentially a one-time offer that helps you convert more customers, right? so this is the order bumping. this is very important for you to have, uh, right before they go ahead and buy. the next thing is having multiple quantities of the same product- right, why sell them just one when you can sell them two, four, six and eight? right? so it's important to have multiple quantities displayed and the best thing in the game- these are things that aren't available with current funnel. Builders, like click funnels, doesn't have the option to strike this and then show the new price, making the offer more compelling, right? so two pillows that are normally 160, you're gonna get it for 54 off 73 dollars. it is. this is what offer creation is all about, right? then you go ahead and complete the order. another cool thing that you can do is, um- and we haven't added this, but it's very easy to add- is when somebody clicks this, right, we can go ahead. make sure that when somebody goes ahead and clicks this- right, let's go ahead and edit the link. they don't go to the next step- right, they go. and they go to a pop-up. right, they go to a pop-up- what? and that pop-up goes and grabs their email. so, right before they go to the next page, we go ahead and grab their email, and that helps.

How To Make SALES In 24 Hours (Shopify Dropshipping)

in the last video we literally built a whole entire brand and saw success on that brand, actually making over five sales in the first 24 hours, shopify dropshipping with no money at all, and in this video i'm gonna show you exactly how i was able to do that. so i know on this channel i tok about a lot of different product research methods, literally everything from using softwares and websites all the way to searching organically on tiktok. i found this product by just going on tik-tok and searching up tik-tok made me buy it- and just scrolling through products until i found one that was going viral and i instantly knew this was the one i was gonna roll with. number one is it was eye-catching. i saw it on the side of a sink and i was like damn, that looks pretty eye-catching. so i clicked on the video. i was like wow, and i feel like a lot of people have never seen this product before. and then i saw the problem that it solved and it really resonated with me, because i'm sure some of you guys can relate to this as well. when you have a bunch of plates or bowls or, you know, forks or spoons- whatever- in the sink right, there's likely to get food in your sink as well, and everybody knows what it's like when you're trying to unclog the sink because it's filled with water and there's a bunch of food at the bottom and you got to go in- literally you know marine style- and dive in the water with your hands and you're getting touched by all this weird food and you don't know who ate it, because you just had a bunch of people over and it's gross, right? you don't want to deal with that. so a product like this is super sick because it eliminates that problem. the last reason that i decided to sell it was also because this product could be marketed to boys, girls, men, women- literally anybody in the world could use this product who has a sink, because it works on any sink, and everybody who has a sink or does their dishes at any time in their life need a product like this. if you don't have a drain or if you don't have a garbage disposal, this is something that you guys absolutely need, or people absolutely need, and that's why i wanted to sell it. we're going to be looking at mobileview because 99 of the people who hop on your store, if you're using any sort of social media marketing, are going to be coming off phones, because social media platforms are run off the phone and if people are on their phone and they click your ad, they're gonna also be on your website on their phone. all right, you guys. so as we start off, we got the logo at the top as we scroll down. so as soon as they hit the home page, they see the product, they see the description. we've got the giffies right. we've got another giphy that looks super good. right there, as you guys can see, it's my tattoos right there. there's no cap on this channel whatsoever. you guys, guys, notike. my home page literally has nothing other than the product. this is what i mean by keep it simple, you guys. this store also has absolutely zero apps downloaded on it other than desserts to basically add the product to it. that's it. i'm not saying apps are bad. you definitely want apps- but i'm saying in the beginning, you guys do not concern about it too much. if you can't afford a 15 app, right, it doesn't matter, you guys, you don't need it, right, you gotta. you gotta get money first. just throw up a website like this, right, super simple. the official sinkit strainer is a sink garbage strainer that can filter out leftovers and other garbage in your kitchen. leave manually cleaning the kitchen sink in the past. just lift the sink and mesh back gently and throw it away, keeping your sink clean and dinner time clean up easier than ever. boom, it shows it working. that's a perfect gift. that's a beautiful giffy. the installation of this triangular filter is very simple: you just need to dry the countertop, attach the triangle rack to the countertop of the kitchen sink with our nano sided double tape and then fix the mesh bag to the triangular rack. our nano double sided tape is also guaranteed to leave no stiky residue off your sink if removed. so feel free to use or remove your sink it at any time. and then i show the product in the giphy being put on and being used, because in that paragraph, right before that giphy, i described how to install it. this is what you want your description to be. it needs to be a sales pitch. you guys are not explaining what type of mesh it's made with. you guys are explaining why they should buy the product. they don't care about if the mesh is this or that, unless it's like eco-friendly or something. we know that once you use your sink at once, you'll want to use it forever. so today only, we are giving 30 second mesh bags for free in every single order to ensure you have the supplies to keep your seat clean, no matter the occasion. come on, you guys- so i know what you're thinking. how are you gonna tok all this, say you know all this stuff about drop shipping, ask us to listen to your advice and not even show us the profile that you made, you know, blow up or go viral in order to generate these sales? and, guys, if you're thinking this, you spoke too soon, because that's exactly what i'm about to do. i'm not only going to show you the tiktok profile that i blew up in the post that actually went viral on the first day in order to generate the sales in this challenge, but i'm also going to explain to you guys why it worked, because there is a formula in my head that made this post go viral, or that makes these type of posts go viral that i follow all the time, and in this part of the video, i'm going to be showing you guys that whole entire criteria. we've got 186 followers, we've got 785 000 views on the first video we ever posted, and all of our videos, except one, are over a thousand. this first video. if i go on to this video, you guys, it was posted two days ago when i did the challenge. as you can see, it has 9 000 likes. the video is about eight seconds long. i also used very good lighting in this video. as you could tell, i had a ring light. i set up plants in the background. this is something that i recommend you guys do: with the plants in the background, it makes things look aesthetik. so why it worked is because i found another video on tiktok that looked very similar to this. if we type in sync strainer, it's actually right here. i found this video and i basically saw that she went insanely viral by just simply using the product right? i decided to make my video a little shorter than hers, but i still use the same exact sound and i use the same exact caption- literally the same. you guys, when we say recreate viral content, that means make the same video again. that's what you need to do, you guys. the algorithm on tiktok works off of a simple math equation: two plus two equals four. that's an algorithm same with tik-tok, but instead of the algorithm being based off you know numbers, it's based off of hashtags, posting styles, text in the video sounds you use. so if you use the same sound, same hashtags and same exact video style as somebody else who's already gone viral, chances are you will go viral again. no, it doesn't work 100 of the time, but if this worked 100 of the time, everybody would do it and for that reason, if everybody was doing it, you wouldn't want to, because the reason you want to start business in the first place is because you don't want to be like everybody else. it does not happen 100 of the time and nothing in business or in your life will, unless it's 100 predicted, like breathing until the minute that you stop breathing.