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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | COMPLETE A Z BLUEPRINT 2022

hey guys, it's camille sarnon as the e-com king, and in today's video, i'm going to be giving you guys a brand new shopify drop shipping free course for 2022.. me and the team are going to be showing you how to build and advertise a successful, branded shopify drop shipping store in 2022. from the very start, this is gonna be a complete step-by-step, no bs- shopify drop shipping free course for 2022.. this is the only video that you need to be watching in 2022 if you want to start a successful shopify dropshipping business period. there's no other video out there that's going to be as valuable as this video today, and if you've been thinking about buying a paid course, you do not need to be buying a paid course. this video will be better than the paid courses that you've seen and this video will be the best free video on the internet right now. this is gonna be better than any paid course that gurus are selling you from a thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars, and i do truly believe that this is the best course on the market right now and it's completely free combined than any other course out there now, if you appreciate this completely free 2022 shopify drop shipping course that me and the team have put together. make sure you smash the like button and leave a comment to support this video. now, what we're going to be teaching you in this free course is how to find winning products, how to build a premium website with a page builder, how to set up all the apps that you're going to need to automate some of the processes, how to make video ads, ugc content, which stands for user generated content. we're also gonna be teaching you how to run google ads, tiktok ads, facebook ads, youtube ads and influencer marketing. so we're gonna be teaching you guys all the main advertising platforms right now that are giving out the best return i'd spend. you're going to be learning each one of these, and i'm not just done about scratching the service. we're going to be teaching you the exact blueprint for all of these different scenarios. now, this is the reason why this is the only video that you need to watch in 2022, and you're probably thinking that this is a very bold claim- and the reason why is because there's going to be 10 battle tested experts teaching you in one free drop shipping course. now, if you've already watched my channel before that, you know i've already put out two of the free courses, which is my 2020 free course and my 2021 free course. now, this free course in 2022 is not just gonna have me teaching you. it's gonna have another nine experts in different industries- google ads, youtube ads, tiktok ads, building websites- teaching you because, at the end of the day, i'm not the best at teaching everything within e-commerce and dropshipping. i'm very good at certain things, but i've got a team in place that are very good, for example, like youtube ads, google ads- and they're gonna be teaching you on a certain topic. so, for example, youtube ads will be covered by one of my business partners for dank, who's a specialist and expert in that field. so you're now getting taught by industry leaders and industry experts- each industry- so you can get the best experience possible. now, the reason why i'm saying they're battle tested is because they've been doing what they've been doing for the last few years by generating a full-time income, so they know what they're toking about. and this is six to seven figure tested information. with all the information we're teaching you today, it's actually generated- me and other people- between six and seven figures, and it's also future-proof information that you can learn and use throughout the next few years. now i want to make a massive disclaimer. this is a long-term business. it is a real business, is not a get-rich-quick scheme business either. this business has changed thousands of lives, including myself and all the other nine experts that i teach new today, but it's doing it on a long-term basis. now, if you've come into this video today to try and get rich quick, try and make as much money as possible in a short amount of time, then this video isn't for you. so if you're new to drop shipping, this is how the business model works. number one: you create your online store and you add your products. customers place an order. drop shipping supplier ships the order to your customers and you will never see or hold the product. then you make a profit. and the reason why the dropshipping business model is so lucrative and amazing is because it lets you start an e-commerce business without taking major risks like other e-commerce businesses that have to buy in bulk, that have to have a fulfillment center, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. now, drop shipping will let you test multiple products before committing to buying in bulk and private labeling, and we're going to be teaching you in this course how to do both scenarios, because drop shipping is just a test to see when you find a good product, to then scale it into buying a bulk and, obviously, private labeling and things like that. now, this is how much cash flow you're going to need to start this business model in 2022. you're going to need an upfront amount of 2 000, and this is more than what it was in the previous year, and the reason why is because a lot of businesses since last year have started to go online because of the global issue that we've had and they've become an e-commerce business, which means that there's more demand and there is more competition, which means you need more money to compete with these people. now, the more money you have up front, the better, of course, because businesses rely on cash flow to succeed. you need to be topping this amount up by five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars on a monthly basis because, again, this is a real business model and you need cash flow to sustain the business. now, the five hundred dollars for a thousand dollars could be just whatever profit you make. you reinvest it instead of taking it out and buying something, so that's something that you can also do if you want to be topping this up. these are the main drop shipping costs within 2022.. the shopify plan is going to be 29.99 and it's on a monthly basis. but if you use the link in the description and in the free cheat sheet, you will get a 14 day free trial and some exclusive benefits, and that will be the same with any link that's in the cheat sheet and in the description. it is going to be a partnership link, meaning that we give you guys some exclusive benefits of using those links, so you get a better offer than you would go and direct with these companies. now the domain name is going to be 14.99. it's a one-off fee. then the theme is going to be around about 19.99 on a monthly basis. the logo can be done for free. the apps are going to cost you around about 20 to 100 on a monthly basis. now the marketing is what's going to be the biggest cost involved, and that can range from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. now this budget can last a month, it can last three weeks, it can last three months. it just depends how you're advertising the product. but the marketing is the most important part of your business. now this is the make or break to your business. if you don't have good marketing, you won't get customers and you won't make money, so you need to spend money on marketing to acquire as many customers as possible to actually keep the business maintained. now you're more than welcome to skip to any part of the video that you need, because i know some of you guys are watching this, are already used to drop shipping, so you can skip to any module that you want, and there will be timestamps in the description and in the slide bar so you can find it. but i would recommend that everybody watches this from the very beginning and make sure that you guys join the free telegram group for any help, because if you've got any questions related to this free course, then me and the team that are going to teach you in today's free course are in there so you can.

I Tried The ECOM KING's Dropshipping Course and this happened

so for the past three months, i've been trying to find my first drop shipping winning product and during this time, i built over 10 different websites in so many different niches and i got a few sales here and there. i was never able to make a profit. you suck. i've watched so many different youtube tutorials and implemented so many different strategies. so far nothing has seemed to work. so i just finished watching the ecom kings nine hour drop shipping course. this is the only video that you need to be watching in 2022 if you want to start a successful shopify drop shipping business period. there's no other video out there. this is gonna be better than any paid course that gurus are selling you from a thousand dollars. so what i'm going to do right now is i'm following the ecom kings course to create branded drop shipping websites. so to find my product, i'm going to be using the strategies from the free course, which are, first, to look on tiktok and search for tiktok made me buy it- amazon finds and all that. the second method was to go to the tiktok creative center, choose conversions and then look through those ads. the third method is to use paid platforms like big stuff to speed up the process. okay. so i found my products. it took me about eight hours total. i ended up finishing it the next day and i found three products for each of the three different research methods. so i ended up going with the 720 degree forces. so right now i'm going to follow the website building portion of the course, build my website and then get back to you. so now my website is finally done. it took me about four days- i'm not going to lie- to go out. usually i take about one, two days to make my website, but i really wanted to put a lot of effort into this one. i followed the ecom kings course as closely as i could. i added some quantity breaks. they get the discounts. they buy three or they buy five. so i'm trying to increase my average order value. i added some lifestyle images. choose between two modes- that was basically a feature. so i just showed the features and the benefits and then i showed how to install it. i took the pictures from aliexpress and then i customized them to look more branded. so i'm trying to make the store look as branded as possible. that's why it took a lot longer. and then you have the before you buy and then have the faqs. here we have the money back guarantee to build trust and make the customer more willing to make a purchase on my store, and then i have the reviews. so right now i'm going to try and get three videos on tiktok to use as ads and i'm going to run five different ad sets at twenty dollars a day until and spend a total of hundred dollars in one day and then after that i'll update you only one sale. so it's been about four days since i ran the ads on the first day the whole day, nothing happened. the ads didn't spend anything. on the next day, like early in the morning, i got about 50 visitors and i got one sale. so at that point my conversion rate was about two percent. so that made me feel like i actually found a winner. so i let the ad run for the whole day and unfortunately i didn't get any more sales after that and by the time i reached 150 visitors the ads had spent about 70 dollars, and usually what i do is i let the ads run completely and not make any changes. but the course gave me some criteria to follow, which was that if ad set had spent more than half the profit i make per sale and the cost per click is above one dollar, i would need to cut that ad set. so i did that and i kept cutting and i kept cutting adsense and i realized that all the ad sets were above one percent cost per click. my cpms were crazy high and, yeah, it wasn't looking good. i went back to tiktok and tried to find different clips and then edited it together to create my own ads which i thought were more like tik-toking because i thought maybe the ads were the problem. so i created the ads and then i run them in a different campaign, hoping to see better cost per clicks. the new campaign spent about 20 more dollars and the cost per clicks were still crazy high and this time i didn't get a single sale to the site. so i feel like the problem is that tik tok is the wrong audience for this product. if they see it on their feed, they're just going to scroll over it because it's not that interesting of a product. it doesn't really have a wow factor and the problem it solves it's not really that crazy. i'm going to try and test one more product and spend another 100, but this time i'll make sure i go on tiktok and check to see how many views that product gets, to see if there's an actual demand on tiktok for that product. i feel like that will work better. [Music]- bad news. so i have ran. so i found a new product. i created a website, made my own ads, started running them and right now they've spent about twenty dollars and i haven't gotten a single ad to cut. so the product is this high frequency therapy wand which kind of shocks your face, basically, and that helps tighten it up. it also gets rid of wrinkles, fine lines and everything. just basically smooths out your face, tightens it up, makes you look nice and young and, honestly, i really thought this product was going to be it, because i'd read some books and watched a whole lot of youtube videos and i realized that what i normally don't do is think of a customer avatar, which is like: think of a specific person, what that person likes, dislikes and everything, and then build a store to target that specific person. so this time i created a store and i niched it down to target only women in their 30s above who are interested in stuff like skincare, toning your skin, tightening your skin, getting rid of fine lines and all those things. i actually tailored my websites to tok, specifically to those people, but surprisingly i've only gotten about six clicks and my cost per click is all above one dollar. everything is above one dollar. right now, i honestly don't know what to do. [Music] you.

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can be overwhelming. with so many different steps and strategies, it's hard to even know where to start. so in this video, i'm going to share my exact strategy for starting a new drop shipping store from scratch, and in the last couple months, i've built a new store with this strategy, and that store has already done close to 900 000 in sales. so if i had to start over today, this is exactly what i would do. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my online business with as much transparency as possible, so that i can lead by example and help you start your own online business this year. so if you're interested in starting your own online store and you want to follow my journey, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, let's get started. firstly, i want to show you some live results that i'm getting with this exact strategy. so it's around halfway through the day and i've already generated around 3 800 in sales on this store. the profit margin is pretty good as well. i've done almost fifteen hundred dollars in profit, which is almost a forty percent profit margin, and if we take a look at yesterday's stats, you can see i sold around sixty seven hundred dollars and made around eighteen hundred dollars in profit. i just wanted to prove to you that this is working right now. so you know it's worth your time to watch this whole video. so there are four main things that go into building a successful drop shipping store. the first one is your product. the second one is your store. the third is your marketing and how you get customers, and the fourth is running your business and shipping out your orders. now i'm gonna break down each of these one by one as simple as possible. so let's get started with products. so without a winning product, it's pretty much impossible to have success with drop shipping. thankfully, there are a ton of products out there that you can sell. every single week, new winning products pop up, so the opportunities are always fresh. there's really only three things that i look for when determining if a product is a winning product. the first thing is if the product has been recently trending on facebook and instagram. what i mean by trending is that there is a ad that is getting a ton of views, shares, comments and likes and people are going crazy for the product. this is a great sign that you can make money off of this product because people are already interested in it. as long as you do something a little bit better than the person that's already selling it, you can swoop right in, compete with them and make money selling that same product. this is exactly what i've done for every single one of my winning products and it's worked time and time again. the next thing i look for is mass appeal. my favorite type of products are the ones that can be sold to the masses. i don't love the extremely narrowed down products that only apply to a small set of people. yes, they will buy the product, but if we ever want to scale and build something big, we need something that we can sell to almost everybody. it's okay if it's a little narrow, like it's only for women or it's only for men, but the broader the better. the last thing i look for is good profit margins. what i consider to be good profit margins is being able to sell the product for three times the cost it takes to ship it out to the customer. so if the product costs you around 10 to send it to your customer, you want to be able to sell it for at least 30, and that's pretty much all i look for in a winning product. let me show you a live example of exactly what i'm toking about. okay, so this product is an absolute banger. basically, it is a garden privacy fence that you set up in your backyard. as you can see, this product was launched on march 8th of this year and they've already got over 70 000 likes on this post. if you check out the comments, people are going crazy for this. they love it, they really enjoy the product. but the people that are selling it aren't doing a good job and if we look at their video, it's not really that good. and then if we go to their website, it's the same thing. it's really not that good. this product has great profit margins as well. you can see that it cost around four dollars on the low end to ship to a customer and they're selling it for anywhere from 1999 all the way up to almost a hundred dollars per sale. so if you came in and made a slightly better video, a slightly better website, you could clean up off of this product and make a ton of money. so, like i said, that product is an absolute banger and a perfect example of a winning product. now, how do you find these products? the tried and true method that i've been using for years is simply just looking on your facebook and instagram feed. every single day, you're going to get targeted with ads for drop shipping products eventually, and every time you get targeted with one of these ads, you need to show facebook that you're interested. so you want to go to the ad, you want to like, you want to comment, you want to go to the website, you want to click add to cart and show facebook that you're trying to buy stuff like this. so they will start recommending you more products and your feed is just going to become the best product research tool that you have. that's my favorite method, but i also created a tool that automates this process. so if you want to check that out, click the link down below. alright, so step number one is finding a product that fits this criteria. so once you've got that product, now you've got to build a store. now there are a couple different types of stores that you could build. you could build a general store, which is a store that has a bunch of random products all around it. you could build a one product store, which is a store that only focuses on selling one main product, or you can build a hybrid store, which is what i recommend. building a hybrid store combines the benefit of a one product store and a general store. with a general store, you have freedom to test a bunch of products, and with a one product store you're limited, but you're gonna have a higher conversion rate and people are gonna trust you much more than a general store. with a hybrid store, you're creating the same branded feel that a one product store would have, but with the freedom to test a bunch of products. i think it's better if i just show you an example. so this is a sample store that i created. that would actually be perfect for the product i just showed you. the store is called flora flow. as you can see, it's pretty much focused entirely on home and garden based products. it has a nice branded design, it has a good logo, it's easy to browse and shop around and overall, it feels like a trustworthy site. i recently made a video on exactly how i built this store, so after you watch this one, feel free to check that out. the one tip i will give in this video is to model your store off of what's already working. this is not some brand new design i came up with. i just put my own little twist on what was already working. you don't have to reinvent the wheel. you just have to take what's working and add a little bit of your own sauce to it. so i would advise taking your product, building a store like this and filling it up with products that are similar to the one you're selling. here's another really good example of a hybrid store. this one is called arctik shirt and, as you can see, they sell a bunch of home decor products as well. they have the moon lamp, this kitchen set, they have bedding. they have all types of products, but the store is really nice, branded and feels extremely trustworthy. in my opinion, this is the best approach for beginners, so give it a try. next up, you need to get some traffic and customers to your website. personally, my favorite method for starting with a new store is facebook ads. it does cost a little bit of money to run ads on facebook, so i recommend that you have at least a couple hundred dollars.

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Exposing the Truth about Dropshipping Courses

I have spent over four thousand dollars on any Drop Shipping horse money could buy, and now these courses have allowed me to be able to make a sexy amount of money. but to be honest, I've learned a couple of things that I wish these courses could teach and basically, things that were holding me back. so the first question you're probably asking is: whose courses have I actually bought? well, I've tried Drop Shipping for a while and I pretty much bought courses from all the biggest names in the space. if they pop up when you search the words Drop Shipping, I've probably taken one of their courses. and the first lesson for all of these courses is: you need to test more products. pretty much all courses make it seem like you only need to test like two or three products before you can be successful and do a hundred thousand dollars with Shopify Dropship. but in actuality, all of those gurus themselves test like 10 or 20 different products and only after they test like that many products so they actually start to become successful and get some winners that are gonna make them hundreds of thousands, even a million dollars. so you just need to realize how much volume is required before you can actually become really successful: Shopify, Drop Shipping and testing two or three products is not a realistik thing to actually become successful. now, if you only have to or only can test two or three products, then your best bet to actually being successful of the two or three products is Gonna Be With viral products in a very viral Niche that are already doing really, really well and that are also already trending. but your best bet with those is gonna be to make a couple thousand dollars in actual profit, because most of the money is gonna be taken by the people who've already been in that Niche from the very beginning, Because by the time you get to it, that product and that Niche is probably going to be very saturated. so realize that if you're trying to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and gain tens of thousands of dollars in profit, you're actually going to need to test a lot more products than you normally would. I mean, I personally tested so many products before I found my actual winner that made me a hell of a lot of money. lesson number two: Drop Shipping is actually quite simple and the only thing that makes it quite hard are the beginners themselves. let me explain. if you look at Drop Shipping, it's basically split up into four sections: product, the website, the ad, as well as Mark contain that ad. if you do all those four things well, you will literally succeed and do very well with Drop Shipping. the problem is we as beginners like to focus on things that don't even matter, especially the courses. the courses are filled with information that really has nothing to do with these four pillars of Drop Shipping. I personally get tons of DMS every single week. how about people saying they can't start Drop Shipping because of the fact that the taxes is a real issue and they don't know how to solve the taxes? or that they need to register their Drop Shipping business? but the thing is they've only made like two hundred dollars doing Shopify Drop Shipping and the idea of registering a business is like so far ahead. or you've got people who are contacting me asking me about private label supplier when in actuality, the most amount of orders they've got in a single day is like three and no real supplier wants to actually work with someone can't even move products. so the biggest thing to realize is that a lot of dropshipping courses have a lot of fluff inside of them and if the content you're consuming is outside of those four pillars, then just don't focus on that. I mean, the only thing that truly matters is marketing a great product on a cool website. and speaking of marketing great products, if you want to find a great product that fits into your product Criterion, then I definitely think you should go with ad Surya. they are literally recommended by some of the biggest dropshippers on YouTube- I'm toking Nathan, Nazareth, Hayden bowels and Cameron Howard. the thing about adseria is they not only help you find winning products, but they are basically an all-in-one, because they also have a great spy tool that allows you to see other dropshippers winning products but also how much people are selling those products for, the amount of orders those products are getting and the total sales that those stores are doing with those products. and they also tell you the profit margins of all of those products, making finding a product extremely efficient. not to mention their killer tiktok spy tool, which is a new feature that they have that allows you to find trending products using different filters on tiktok, not to mention the other tools that the app has, such as also having the links to the different suppliers and a full copy paste description that you can just copy and paste onto your own Shopify store to make testing products a lot faster of a process, and also, not to mention the non-copyrighted, highly converting video ads that they have on their platform that you can just pop onto tiktok or Facebook, which also makes testing a hell of a lot easier. try adzirea for free and put 10 off of ads rear. just use the coupon code at Surya: 10.. link will be in the description. but now let's move on into the last lesson that I've learned from having these courses, and the last lesson is basically: prices have nothing to do with quality when it comes to courses. some courses are great but only cost a hundred dollars or three hundred dollars, so now the course is absolutely terrible. they go ahead and cost like a thousand dollars, and this is because the price has nothing to do with the actual quality of the course. I would even go as far as to say that there is an inversely proportional relationship between how good a course is and how much that course goes for. the more expensive the courses, the worse the course actually happens to be. personally, if a course costs over 500 or if there's a ton of advertisements for it on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, I personally stay away from that course, and the reason? because that course is probably expensive for absolutely no reason why. because courses that cost like a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars and are all over Facebook advertising and YouTube advertising tend to be very, very expensive, simply because advertising on YouTube and Facebook is expensive. let me explain basically. gurus have a course that, let's say, costs about 300 or should cost about 300. now these gurus go ahead and price the course at a thousand dollars and then they go ahead and spend about six hundred dollars on marketing and Facebook or YouTube or whatever platform they decide to Market on, and then, after you buy the course for a thousand dollars, they keep the 400 profit in the middle. the point, of course, is for them is not to actually teach you guys information to actually make money. and the thing is that course that should have cost 300, there was no extra value or anything. the only reason it costs a thousand dollars is because of the fact that it costs six hundred dollars to advertise that course. so if you see a course on Facebook or YouTube that costs like two thousand dollars, it probably doesn't have two thousand dollars worth of value, but instead has one point: five thousand dollars worth of marketing. now, does this mean that I absolutely hate courses- absolutely not. I actually am going to carry on buying courses up until the day I die, because they're literally one of the most effective ways of downloading information into your mind, but whenever I do buy more Drop Shipping courses. these are the things that I'm going to keep in my mind and that you should also keep in your mind, especially if you're a beginner. but, with all that said, don't forget to like, subscribe to the channel and watch this video, right chat, because it looks kind of interesting.

Dropshipping Courses: Top Free And Paid Courses For Beginners

the top free and paid dropshipping courses to go from beginner to pro. one of the biggest challenges when starting a new drop shipping business is knowing exactly how to get started. that is why one of the best suggestions that i can give to you is to learn from the industries, professionals, from those who laid out drop shipping courses, to teach you guys, step by step, how to get started on the marketplace that you are interested in. that's exactly what i'm going to go over in this video: the best free and paid drop shipping courses. so just watch this quick intro and let's go. alright, let's jump straight into the action and learn about the top free and paid dropshipping courses. one second before we begin. if you have not done so yet, subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that we have coming out in the world of dropshipping and, of course, like and share this video if you appreciate the value. so let's go ahead and dive right in. i'm going to start with the top free drop shipping courses and then we'll move on to the paid courses. by the way, everything that i'm going over in this video, you can also read about it using the link right below this video to the blog artikle on the best dropshipping courses. so the first course that i want to tok about is drop shipping 101, a complete course by mrr download now. of course, this drop shipping course is free. as i mentioned, i'm starting with the free drop shipping courses first. here's the courses website. once again, you can get to it by reading the artikle that i'm leaving the link to below this video and, as you see, there are 10 parts into this course and, once again, it's absolutely free. so everything from what drop shipping is, the challenges of drop shipping, how to choose a product and a niche inside your industry and creating your brand, building your audience, building your ecommerce store, and more. the only downside here is that this course was created on november 29th 2020, so that's about a year and a half ago when i'm recording this video, and by the time you're watching it, it could even be more now. the thing is with these courses is they can sometimes be a little bit outdated and, of course, this isn't the situation for all courses. some courses from last year are still relevant to this year and it will also be relevant for the next, but you might find some parts in this course that may be a little bit outdated, and if you don't have any experience in this field, any knowledge whatsoever, then you are going to have to take a few courses and realize what is outdated and what we can still use today. so that's number one on the list for the free drop shipping courses that you can take today. the second on our list is wix ecommerce school. now, here you've got two free courses that you can take. one is how to create your drop shipping store and the second is how to market your drop shipping store so that people will be able to see your products and know that your store exists. so, of course, this is something that you'll need to learn when you're drop shipping on selling channels like wix and shopify and you have no free organic traffic like you would on ebay or facebook marketplace. so this is, of course, is something that you'll need to learn. so, as you see right here on wix's ecommerce school online courses, we've got course one, how to create your online store, and course two, how to market your online store. everything here, once again, is completely free. so if wix is your selling channel, this is the course that you want to go to to learn how to do it. third on our list of free drop shipping courses, and i couldn't help but also include this inside this artikle and video because of the amount of value that we are providing inside this free shopify course. let me give you a quick glance. so, of course, this course is absolutely free. you don't have to pay any money, just register to start watching the course, and that's just about it. now this course has risen in popularity and it's also showing up on udemy, so you can go there and read the thousands of reviews that we've got from students who enrolled in this course. but once again, it's absolutely free. all you have to do is click on the link to get to it from the blog below this video and you'll be taken to the shopify main course page, which you can see right here in front of me. then click right here on take free course, enter your name and your email address, click on join. and now all of the locked videos on the right that had a lock icon so i couldn't watch them. now they will all be completely unlocked and i can start watching the videos from this course. you can see all the videos here on the right side, so the more i scroll, the more videos i'll see, and you can see how long each video is. so some are short- three minutes, two and a half minutes, some can go for seven, eight minutes- and one of the best parts here is the resources pdf that you're also going to get. it's not just a resources pdf that has a whole bunch of information that you will need when you are going about this course, but you'll also get more things like a product research spreadsheet, an audience research spreadsheet, so that you can really analyze and narrow down on your audiences and on your products. and, of course, you'll have that resources pdf, which you can see right here in front of me, with all of these sections inside. so everything that you're learning inside the course, you have it summarized in this pdf. you can take it with you wherever you go and, once again, everything is absolutely free. so, as you see, here you've got pretty much everything that you need to learn to build a successful shopify drop shipping store, from how to find the best products to sell to setting up your shopify store. everything step by step, from creating your logos to connecting your domain names and all of your checkout settings, shipping zones, your store currencies, payment providers, everything that you need to create a professional shopify store and, of course, you're also going to learn online marketing. so how to create ads on facebook, how to bring traffic to your store using facebook ads and really create professional ads, professional videos for your ads, and more. this shopify course really has it all, and i don't know if i mentioned this, guys, but it's absolutely free. so this is definitely one of my most favorite ones on the list and i highly encourage you guys to check it out if shopify is the selling channel that you guys want to drop ship on. the fourth free drop shipping course that you have is printful's start a print on demand business course. once again, this is on the free list, so you know that it doesn't cost any money. the level of difficulty here is beginner to advance and it pretty much goes without saying. here you're going to learn how to create a drop shipping print on demand website. you have all of the course outlines right here, so it's set up into different categories and, once again, everything that you'll need to know to run a successful print-on-demand store. a lot of customers are looking for print-on-demand products, whether it's print-on-demand t-shirts or even on a coffee mug or whatever it may be, print on demand is rising in popularity. the only downside to this course is that you'll only be dealing with a print-on-demand business, so if that's what you want to go for, this is the free course that you guys want to take. once again, links in the artikle below this video. now let's go over the top. paid drop shipping courses now first. i highly suggest, if you are a beginner and you haven't gotten started yet, first start with free drop shipping courses, especially the ones that i mentioned in this video. after watching the free courses, then you can start thinking about taking paid drop shipping courses and see how that works for you, because mostly in paid drop shipping courses it's going to go further down into detail and step by step on how to do everything. so let's start with the first one: marketplace titan.

I Tried Jordan Welch's Dropshipping Course and this happened (Viral Vault)

bro, listen, that is quite literally the worst story i've ever seen. my first ever profitable day. the next day i got four sales. so it's been over eight months since i started drop shipping and since i started i haven't been able to make any profits. but today that changes. so i've been watching jordan welch for a while now and in some of his videos he promotes his service called viralvar and apparently they give you winning products and everything that you need to sell: the product description, price, video, ad copy, everything. they give you everything. apparently. i've been failing for a while now and i have nothing to lose, so i decided to give it a try. so i went on the website and there were different prices, but the difference between the cheapest one and the next one up didn't really make sense to me, so i bought the cheapest one. so after i paid, the first place i went was the product section and to be honest, i was a bit disappointed. some of the products that were there were the same products that were listed on the viral vaults discord, which is free. so immediately i was feeling a bit ripped off, but but after later going through the site, i realized there was a lot more than i bargained, there was also a whole course on everything you need to start drop shipping, so i put them on 2x speed and i binged everything that same day. you're ready the next day. i started searching through the list of products and i found this knee brace. i knew it wasn't any revolutionary products because knee braces have been around for so many years, but i still decided to test it because i looked at the comments and i saw a whole bunch of people complaining about how the person in the ad was skinny and young. there was clearly a demand for a similar product, but for plus size and older people. so i did some research and i found this wraparound version of that product. jordan did say that you need to take what we provide as the base template right and improve upon it, and i saw a lot of places that i could improve on. jordan recommended using aliexpress to source their products, but i've always used cj drop shipping and i haven't had any issues. so i found a product on cj drop shipping for this price and this is how long it would take to get to the customer and i was going to be selling the products for 29.99, but the next three days i followed the store building portion of the course and built my website. usually i just built one product stores, but jordan recommended building a niche store. this is the product description viralville gave me, and this is what i turned it into, and after doing that, i used pagefly to make it look even nicer. so after i was done, the plan was to try and get jordan to review the page on the weekly live stream, but that didn't happen because apparently he went to disneyland with his family. so i had to wait till the next week. so after that it was time to make the ads. since i was using a different product, i had to make my own ad. so i followed the ad creation portion of the course and made one similar to the ad that they gave, and this is how it turned out. so now it was time to run the ads. you're going to lose money with facebook ads. i'm not the guru that's telling you you're going to get rich without losing a dime. you're going to lose money on facebook ads. so i made a campaign using one of the strategies jordan mentions. i can't give out the exact strategy because it's still a paid course, but it's a simple cbo strategy. so i made a campaign and set it at 100 to run the next day. the next day i woke up and checked my phone and i didn't see any sales. so i was a bit disappointed. but i checked the facebook ads and i realized the stats were actually amazing: 11 cpm, 0.5 dollar cost per click, three percent click-through rate- and, to be honest, this wasn't really a surprise, because jordan mentioned something about facebook being an auction-based platform. so i knew that if i did something different from the competitor and i had a better ad and a better website, i would get better stats. so i checked the rest of the analytiks and i realized something: i had two add to carts, one checkout and one sale. so i checked the shopify dashboard to see if it was just a fluke, and it wasn't. i actually got my first sale on the first day of running facebook. so i went on cj drop shipping to place the order and after a few minutes i got the tracking number and i fulfilled the order. so the ad stop spending at 12 noon because apparently facebook doesn't allow new ad accounts to spend more than fifty dollars. so i ended that day with a thirty dollar loss. i also lowered the budget on facebook to fifty dollars, so it spends throughout the day instead of just half the day. the next day, just as i was about to go to bed, i got another sale, so again a 30 loss. the next day i got one sale at seven in the morning, one sale for two items at 10 in the morning and a third sale at 8 pm. this is my first ever profitable day since i started drop shipping and i felt like this could be a winner. but there were a few issues. first of all, some of the sales didn't track on facebook, so i couldn't really tell which ad sets got the sale. also, i knew i was probably going to have to refund the customers because this product was not the same as the one i shipped to them. i couldn't find the exact one on cj dropshipping, aliexpress, alibaba, anywhere. so until that was sorted out, i had to pause the campaign and make a new product page with the right products. but in the meantime i decided to test the exact same product that was on viral vault. so i used their description to make the product page and i used the same viral vote ad and set it to run the next day. the next day the new product also had great analytiks, so i was expecting at least one sale in the middle of the day. i hadn't gotten any sales, so i checked. i realized that i will use the wrong link so the customers were going to the wrong product page. so i fixed that and at 5 pm i got a sale for two items and on 9 pm i got another sale for 2 items. since it cost 26 on cj drop shipping, i ended that day with a 50 profit a day. i also spent hours looking for content for the wraparound brace and i made a new product page and add around that and i set it to run the next day. the next day i got four sales- three from the viral volts brace and one from the wraparound brace- and it looked like facebook removed my 50 limits cause that day it spent a hundred dollars. the viral vault brace campaign ended in a profit of ten dollars, but the hinged brace ended in a lot. so i decided to turn it off even though it could have done well. but i wanted to focus on one product at the time and at this point there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that drop shipping still works and i can make it work. it's been over eight months since i started and i have never had a single profitable date, let alone three in a row. it's very hard to believe something can work when you're on the other side of it and you've never seen any success. but now i'm more hyped than i've ever been. [Music]. that being said, the next day the ad account got banned, so the ad stopped running. luckily, facebook gave me the option to speak on the phone with an ad rep. i tried to record the call but it didn't work out. but i asked him about the bands and he basically told me i need to change the headline because it could be interpreted in so many ways. but if your ad account is banned, you can't even make those changes in the first place. so i appealed the ban, but they rejected it and permanently banned the ad account. so for the next few days i watched videos on facebook ad account bans and basically removed every possible way that could trigger the ban. i even removed all the testimonials and the reviews, because apparently facebook can tell when the reviews aren't authentik. so after all that, i made a new ad account and a new campaign and started running the ads. again. i got banned again, but this time it was a mistake, so i got it back. i also managed to join the viral voter live strea.