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dropshipping service in bali

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches (In 2022)

in this video revealing the best drop shipping niches for high tiket items and how complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience- more than after the intro- hey guys, how's it going? mike bastille here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it. in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. so sign up for it now. alright, guys, so check this out. this is my blog and on this blog we literally document all of our e-commerce successes that we had in the past, and you can see from one of my first months: we made five grand, as documented on this vlog. check this out. literally, it was crazy october. there was nothing and then bam, it was a hundred dollars a day and then we started scaling at like three hundred dollars a day to the highest. it was nearly like just tipping a little bit of the seven hundred dollars right. and then after that, my first year, we scaled like crazy. you could see that that's a little where it began in october, and then we literally did about like 1.6 million dollars in sales that first year, which is insane because, like i said, i'm not the smartest person in the world. i think i'm an idiot when it comes to, like, most business things. but the fact that i was able to do it and fail a lot but still kind of like succeed, shows you just how forgiving some type of business models are compared to others. uh, but when people are getting started, you know, one of the biggest things that they understand is like: okay, that's great for you, mike, but what would be something like for me to go ahead and get successful with? because some of these were like low tiket items. and the downside with low tiket items is you really really really got to get good at marketing. like that's one skill that i really had to focus on, um, and if you don't have that skill in marketing, well, how can you make more profit with less skill and less time and less resources? and you know, after traveling around the world and even interviewing some of these successful people on my podcast, like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars and this guy that makes a million dollars per month- profit some of the best ways that i've seen that people make money with drop shipping is actually in high tiket products. i'm toking about like 500 plus. you know, my friends, like selling trampolines or like kayaks or like these weird plants that like hang on like the shelves and whatnot, and they absolutely kill it without having to worry about. like the logistiks that i had to worry about with 42 000 orders. like, come on man, like if you're just getting started and you have no idea about logistiks or hiring a team, 42 000 orders is a lot right, but some of these guys are only like selling one order a day and they were still pulling in like six figures profit a year. um, so that's the beauty with the, the drop shipping issues for high tiket items. but let's actually break it down on my blog post that i tok about you can check it out. just go to microsoftcom and look for this- the best dropshipping niches for high tiket items- and we'll walk together through this together. so let's tok about what is a high tiket item? so high tiket item is an item that costs more than a standard consumer would be willing to spend on it. for example, most customers wouldn't want to spend 500 on shoes. they'd rather. they'd rather find a deal on it. right, but, as you can see, the main benefit of high tiket drop shipping is that, since the products are more expensive, you can charge a lot more money for them than standard retail price, and dropshipping can charge up to 30 percent more for high tiket items than other companies do, um, which is huge, because the more profit that you have up front, the more you can take that and just like reinvest it back in your business and like, for example, grow without actually having you sink more cost of your own money into it. that makes drop shipping- high tiket items- more sustainable business model, because customers feel like they're getting a real deal. and by sustainable it's like really important. because you can see how crazy this is. it was like up then down, then up then down, then up and down, and up and down and up and down and it was just like very like inconsistent and it like destroyed my soul, for example. but you know a lot of my friends that you know do high tiket drop shipping. they always have a little bit of a consistent growth. it's not like up down, up, down, up down. it's literally consistent. so if you prefer stability, if you prefer profitability, if you prefer consistency. if you have a family, if you have, you know a lot of bills to pay and you need sustainability- it's a really good option, um, but it's also known fact that when people buy high tiket items, they have lower customer support needs, even though customer service is always a priority. um, most customers that buy high tiket items know a lot about the product already. um, in all in all, higher profit margins, meaning you have you make more money for less effort, which is, like the most important here. i was spending like 16 hours a day, man. i was completely stressed um. that's why we actually pivoted to a different business model. um, but, as you can see, let's tok about the risking cons of high tiket items. so higher startup costs, obviously. um, when you are, for example, the disadvantage of the high tiket items is it costs a lot more money to buy a 500 item than it does to buy a 10 one. um, that's why it's important to research your niche before you make any purchases to see what types of products are in demand. the next one is make money and time to ship. another expensive disadvantage of high tiket dividends is they take a lot more money to ship. that's because you have much higher shipping fees for if the customer service had to order like micro or low tiket items. now, drop shipping- high tiket items seem- sometimes means that you have to offer free shipping, which cuts into your profits, and it's suited for more experienced drop shippers or people that are just willing to put in more time. like i said, i wish i would have went down this um avenue sooner, instead of like later. we did high tiket drop shipping later on um and we got less sales but like, the profit was more and it was less headaches. but is it a good idea? so it's a popular and profitable niche if you know what you're doing. it can be difficult to get started since there's more research involved, but the long-term benefits speak for themselves and the most people that i know that have the most sustainable e-commerce businesses are the ones that actually do like high-tiket drop shipping, where they build a brand and you know they actually have an intention of selling it to someone else. um, so the best niche is for drop shipping high tiket items. home appliances like vacuum cleaners and washing machines or ovens- that's a popular one. computers, laptops and all their accessories are always popular because you know like electronics have huge profit margins, um, you can see. fitness equipment and accessories is another one. gaming equipment like playstations, xbox games, consoles and controllers of one. watches and accessories are also huge like. there's a lot of people in the old school days that just made a bunch of money reselling watches, right, um. another one is collectibles, such as comic books or rare coins, and then jewelry and accessories. now this is actually really popular because you know you can literally get some like jewelry for very, very, very cheap, inexpensive prices. right, and especially if you add, like a little bit of you know, your own um branding on top of it, you can really customize your own product right, like i remember, for example, back in the day- right, i remember back in the day we were drop shipping products from, for example, ebay, and i didn't know this at the time, but a lot of these people that were selling on ebay were p.

How We Started a CLOTHING BRAND in Bali

what's up, guys? hello, welcome to this brand new video on our channel. uh, for a new ones. uh, we are jay and alina, we are running this youtube channel and also we are owners of our own clothing brand called less silk. we'll tok about that a little bit later. by the way, guys, if you are interested how our brand looks like, i'm gonna leave a link in the description of this video. go and check it out. as you can see from a name of a title, today we'll be toking about, uh, launching your own clothing brand, and this is going to be based on our own experience starting our own clothing brand. i need to say, we started our clothing brand in bali and this is what we will be focusing about. but, uh, it doesn't really matter where you are starting the clothing brand. all these principles can be applied anywhere in the world. now, to give you a bit more insights into, uh, our previous experience, where do we come from? or or even to give us a little bit more credit, why would we educate you on how to start a clothing brand, uh, we both lived in a bali for more than a year and a half, where we traveled to from uk. yeah, so we went to bali to discover and see what are the options there like a business options. what could we potentially maybe do over there? that was part of the reason. and also on the way, we traveled a bit of europe and we started our youtube channel, which went pretty well. so we gained plenty of experience based on youtube, which is business itself. yeah, and one more thing we didn't mention: in uk, when we lived in uk, we did run our own multiple e-commerce businesses. one of them was a business for dogs- clothing for dogs and supplements for our dogs. yeah, and we learned a lot. even back then, we learned a lot. we did also some drop shipping and we sold plenty of supplements for a dog, which was a lot of fun. we gained crazy amount of experience based on that. so i guess that's the reason why we decided to share every single bit of experience with you guys for free, just because we are great. i think it's worth to mention our educational background. we both studied marketing, pr and advertising. marketing, yeah, business- yeah, i studied the pr and advertising and media, which comes hand in hand with what we do right now. important to mention, this is not the rule. you don't have to have any kind of education we just thought we're gonna mention. so in the past a few years i guess we learned quite a few tips and tricks and skills. yeah, and again lots of experience, as we mentioned before, and it was always our dream to have a high quality brand clothing brand, especially for me. i was always dreaming about having something i can stand behind. we are owners of a clothing brand called le silk, which is female luxury sleepwear and loungewear made in bali, and everything is manufactured from highest quality silk material. as alina mentioned, it is made in bali. so all our production was happening in bali. all our packaging is made in valley, every single element of our brand is made in bali: photo shoots, all of that, everything. but we do not operate our business from bali. everything is based in uk. so our warehouse is basically in uk and our headquarter is in uk also. our team so manufacturing in bali but located in uk, which might be handy because most of the clothing businesses are running on the same basis manufacturer is somewhere around southeast asia or anywhere else, maybe some um eastern europe, south america and so on. before we started our brand, we were looking for information, the same way as you are probably looking for information right now, otherwise you wouldn't be watching this video. yeah, and actually we came across, uh, i would say, a little issue that we couldn't find any information we could find very general about the business, we could find about social media, because there are many resources toking about that, but we had a struggle to find the appropriate and useful information about how to start a clothing brand, what are the steps, what to do, what not to do. so we can promise you, basically is we're gonna tok about the details. nobody else is toking. we will be toking about the do's and don'ts, the issues to look out for what things to avoid, uh, what can happen in case of this or that. there is so many details, guys, where you can actually save money if you know about them, and we wish we didn't do many mistakes. if anyone would tell us about we will tell you about every single bit. so, basically, when we arrived to bali, we did a lot of uh youtube, we did a lot of filming, we also did a lot of villa tours, if any of you remember. at the same time, we were focusing on starting our clothing brand. it was alina's idea and what we needed to do is to first of all, find. find the fabric, yeah, find the package in place. that was the most challenging: finding manufacturers. to be honest, we were thinking: how do we sort our shipping? there are so many things you need to know about shipping and that's going to have a crazy impact on how much money will you spend. many of you are at this point, probably interested in the main question and that's: how much does it all all cost? we will tok about that as well, to every single detail. when we were looking for a manufacturer, we probably went through more than 100 manufacturers. in bali we visited every single one in person because remember when we were scheduling like three or four a day, easily five visits, yeah, even a day at some point. we think it's important to see where your goods are made. if you can, to arrange the viewing of the factory, make sure everything is done correct way to see how does it look, to see under what conditions workers work. that is very important to us. so how do they, for example, store the products they make? because southeast asia is so famous for uh, they're well known for humidity. so if they don't store it sealed properly, you're gonna have some moist over your clothing, can damage your clotting in the long term you want. you might not know it at the manufacturing process, but in the process of shipping or etc. you might come across different damages. yeah, we can easily say we went through every single manufacturer in bali. we know all of them. we know all local and we know all foreign owned, because that's important. many manufacturers which look local but they are owned by australian owner or an american owner. which is a reflect price, yes, and definitely quality of a service, but then price difference is pretty, pretty significant to the point where you probably won't, will not even believe. i'm looking for a designer, graphic designer, which was another journey itself. for example, uh, graphic designers have got graphic designers from uh, different countries, regions, very specific, significant uh style for them. so now we went through so many these graphic designers around the world, we can easily only see the design and we can guess where is designer from. 90 percent very specific: russia, ukraine- they have their own in spain, japan, we know them all. yeah, it feels like we know them all. what's our favorite, would you say? my favorite would be south korea in japan, yeah, and japan. i like japan and i like ukraine. i like these regions. they were very similar to our vision of our brand. i was born in ukraine, so this is very important as well to align your vision, to know what you want. from graphic designers, for example. we are in a pretty decent level of, uh, creating design or designing ourselves. we know all the platforms. we know where to free platforms for little challenges as well. guys, once we are toking about services, our favorite one is called search vpn, which means a virtual private network. if you are wondering what does that mean in a simple words, whenever you are online, whenever you are on internet, your data is leaking. anyone can see where are you searching from, anyone can gain access to your personal details which can be used for a hacking, and so on. surfshark vpn encrypts your data, hides your identity and, overall, protects you. the most important feature of a surfshark vpn is actually ability to change your geolocation, which can b.

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Hei ! Jangan Dropship ❌ Lagi Tahun 2022 - 2023 ! Jualan Online

What's up guys? welcome back with me, Rio Gandhi. Hai, guys, di video kali ini gue mau kasih tahu kalian jangan dropship lagi di Tahun 2022 sampai 2023 [Musik]. Hai, teman-teman, perhatikan kalian, tuh jangan dropship lagi. emang kenapa kok dia? teman-teman, ada beberapa hal yang gue mau kasih tahu kalian yang akan ngebuat kalian berhenti menjadi seorang dropshipper. yang pertama: kompetitor udah semakin banyak. kayak kompetitor tuh udah di mana-mana. kalian jual produk, apa yang jual udah banyak banget. jadi gua bisa bilang kompetitor di marketplace itu semakin banyak, enggak cuma di marketplace, tapi di sosial media, di tiktokshop dan sebagainya. yang kedua: sudah pasti iklan dan bidding itu sudah semakin tinggi. biding itu adalah ketika kita memasukkan kata kunci. kita taruh biaya per kliknya berapa. itu udah semakin tinggi biaya rekomendasinya. Jadi untuk seorang dropshipper itu akan berat banget di mana Kita harus mengikuti biaya rekomendasinya. kalau misalnya kalian ingin mengikutinya tinggi akan membuat iklan kalian semakin mahal, pengeluaran kalian ikannya semakin gede. jadi ya, mending, jangan. yang ketiga: marketplace itu sudah tidak mendukung dropshipper. Kenapa gue bisa bilang begitu? karena ini akan masuk ke poin nomor 4, dimana sekarang resi otomatis semua sudah tidak bisa resi input manual. kalau misalnya zaman dulu input resi manual, itu bisa dilakukan untuk para dropshipper, jadi bisa dropship. kita tinggal copy paste resi dari supplier yang udah kita beli ke resi pengiriman kita sendiri. so, teman-teman, Apakah kalian adalah seorang dropshipper yang mengalami kendala seperti itu? produkmu nggak laku. susah, Laris Manis pecah telur aja susah banget ya. Jadi saran dari gua: ya, kalian berhenti menjadi seorang dropshipper Jika kamu tidak mau mempelajari hal ini. yang pertama: kompektor sudah semakin banyak. ya, teman-teman, itu sudah jelas. kompetitor sudah semakin banyak. semua bisnis, itu pasti kompetitornya banyak. cuman, gimana caranya supaya kita tetap bisa jualan? ya, dengan strategi dan analisa kita sendiri dan tentu saja, dengan menonton video ini, dimana kalian akan mendapatkan edukasi, tips and trik, jualan online atau seputar Digital marketing lainnya. Jangan lupa untuk like dan share video ini ke teman-teman kalian, apalagi teman-teman kalian adalah seorang dropshipper atau yang pengen jualan online, supaya kalian paham banget mengenai konsep ini. dan jangan lupa, kalau, misalnya, kalian ingin join grup telegram gratis, gua broadcast gimana Gua akan sharing mengenai tips and trick dan update, update gua. selanjutnya. Silahkan join. link-nya ada di deskripsi. yang kedua: sudah semakin tinggi. seperti tadi gua bilang, gimana itu akan semakin tinggi, Maka ikan kita akan semakin banyak keluarnya. oke, teman-teman, memang iklan dirinya semakin tinggi, tapi apakah kalian mencari kata kunci lain yang harganya lebih murah? jika tidak, ya, Otomatis kalian ya besar. Jika kalian ingin mengiklan, kalian harus mencari kata kunci yang harga bindingnya tuh masih di harga yang wajar atau di harga yang rendah, supaya kita testing dan ternyata kali aja kata kunci yang kita masukin itu bisa mendapatkan penjualan. jika kalian mengikuti biaya iklan atau bidding yang tinggi, belum tentu kalian bisa laku, teman-teman Yang ada, malah kalian lebih boncos lagi jika boncos itu adalah hal yang wajar, teman-teman. jadi menurut gue biasa aja. tapi di lain sisi kita akan mendapatkan traffic, kita akan mendapatkan branding dan kalau kita akan semakin dapat visitor yang banyak. yang ketiga: marketplace sudah tidak mendukung dropshipper. kata siapa marketplace itu tidak memilih-milih? jika tokomu bagus dan performa produkmu bagus, maka marketplace akan merekomendasikan produk dan tokomu untuk muncul di halaman-halaman utama. Jadi, kalau misalnya performa dan tokomu itu bagus, sudah pasti tokomu akan disupport sama marketplace dan kamu akan mendapatkan slot-slot flash sale yang diundang secara rahasia atau bisa buat eksklusif lah, ya, khusus untuk toko kamu. jika performa kamu itu bagus, enggak mungkin marketplace tidak mendukung. toh Kan dia mendapatkan admin fee dari kita-kita yang menjual produk. jadi otomatis dia pasti akan mendukung. tapi kalau misalnya performa atau produkmu tidak maksimal, Ya, otomatis di skip sama dia. yang keempat: jualan lebih sulit karena produknya sesuai untuk dijual. Hai, teman-teman, kalau misalnya kamu produknya itu susah terjual, Berarti ada yang salah dengan analisa produk yang kamu jual, karena harus tahu produk-produk yang sedang trending, yang mana terus ada event, apa Jadi kalian bisa mengetahui nih kira-kira potensi enggak nih produk ini untuk Gua jual kembali dan bisa menghasilkan profit atau join atau bisa Laris Manis di market atau bisa mendapatkan profit untuk jangka panjang atau jangka pendek. Lagian, kalau misalnya kamu Ternyata produk ini sudah tepat, kamu itu ada Iklan apa belum? Kalau belum, Iya, otomatis susah untuk laku, temen-temen. tapi berarti kita harus iklan terus Dongko nggak juga, kalau misalnya produknya Emang sedang trending atau sedang ada event, misalnya tahun baru kita jual kayak shabu-shabu atau grill pant atau petasan dan sebagainya, ya bisa-bisa laku aja, cuman akan lebih di dongkrak sama Mar atau penjual kita akan lebih didongkrak jika kita iklan. kendala tersebut pasti akan sering banget kalian alami, Khususnya buat kalian para seller baru yang masih di tahap belajar. kalau misalnya kalian tidak mengetahui produk yang sedang trending, kalian tidak berani untuk iklan, akan berat untuk bisa jualan, teman-teman, karena udah banyak banget yang lebih pintar daripada kalian. Yes, teman-teman, itu adalah faktanya, di mana Kalau misalnya kalian ingin belajar, maksimal lah, kalau misalnya kalian ingin berbisnis benar-benar maksimalling, Jangan cuma main-main, kalau misalnya cuman main-main, ya Otomatis kalian bisa untuk jualan. jika kalian tidak memaksimalkan performa toko, performa produk, lalu deskripsi spesifikasi, kalian tidak berani iklan banner toko dan sebagainya dan akhirnya kalian tidak bisa jualan. ya, jangan salahin kalau misalnya dropship itu enggak laku, tapi ternyata kalian yang salah dan Yang pastinya kalau misalnya kalian tidak berani untuk beriklan. Ya, semua bisnis, semua di mana-mana, iklan, teman-teman, mau perusahaan gede pun akan tetap iklan, jadi iklan itu adalah hal yang wajib Karena untuk branding, wearness dan untuk penjualan pastinya. so kalau misalnya kalian lihat super, yang tadi gua bilangin dalam untuk dari 3 bulan, Pasti kalian bisa pecah telur atau bisa jualan. atau teman-teman, gue yakin banget, karena banyak banget cerita-cerita dari orang-orang yang sebagai dropshipper itu bisa pecat telur bahkan cuma dalam satu minggu atau mungkin 2-3 minggu atau mungkin satu bulan. jadi pastikan, kalau misalnya kalian memaksimalkan semua info-info yang gua berikan di video ini dan video-video gua yang lain, sudah pasti tokoh kalian bisa pecah telur. berarti kalau misalnya kita iklan itu butuh modal dong kok, karena kan kita sudah pasti boncos, kata Koko, dan belum tentu bisa dapat penjualan nih Kok. yes, kita butuh modal, tapi kita bisa start dari modal ratusan ribu dulu atau mungkin satu juta, dua juta, dia kebanyakan ratusan ribu juga udah bisa kok, tergantung produk value yang kalian jual di main di kisaran harga berapa dan iklan kalian itu dvd-nya di harga berapa. maka dari itu penting banget untuk reset kata kunci, teman-teman dan produk yang ingin kita jual, supaya kita tidak buang-buang waktu dan tetap bisa mendapatkan traffic dan penjualan. dan ketika kalian bisnis, tergantung Gimana kalian memainkan keuangan kalian supaya kalian bisa tetap sustain atau bisa stabil lah ya, secara keuangan dan bisa diputar terus ke bisnis kalian sendiri supaya makin berkembang, makin besar. Nah, otomatis dari modal kecil di halaman lo bisa berkembang, tergantung Gimana caranya kalian memainkan keuangan kalian. kalau, misalnya kalian belum ada mode, lebih banyak Kalian bisa sambil kerja atau kalian freelance atau Kalian cari part time atau kalian Mungkin bisa menjadi affiliate. pada sekarang ada tiktokshop, Afi. lihat shopee, Afi, lihat affiliate website atau produk-produk yang lain banyak ba.

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Dropshipping vs Drop Servicing: Which One Is Better?

everyone is toking about dropshipping being the best form of starting an online business, but is it really? over the last four years, drop shipping has gained a lot of popularity thanks to books such as the four hour work week by tim ferriss, me being one of those people. i actually bought the book the four hour work week at an airport when i was connecting flights on my way to bali, and in that book, tim ferriss toks about drop shipping, and so i highlighted it, and when i got back, i started researching and that's how i got into the space. but because drop shipping has been steadily gaining popularity, this means that more people are getting into the space. this increases competition, the ad costs increases well, and also it becomes much more saturated. so this means that right now, drop shipping is not as lucrative as it was couple of years ago, and so the natural question is: what do you do? do you get into drop shipping and you compete with all these people, or you do something else, and this brings us to something which is called drop servicing. now think about drop servicing as the cousin of drop shipping. with drop shipping, you sell physical products and you get your manufacturer to send that product directly to your customer. with drop servicing, you do the exact same thing, but instead of selling physical products, you sell some kind of a digital product. but the question is, which one is better- drop shipping or drop servicing, and which one should you get into? let me break down this question in this video. first, let's go over the downsides of drop shipping. with drop shipping, you have no control over the quality of the product. if you have a website and you're selling some kind of a product and then, as soon as you get an order, your manufacturer sends that product to the customer, well, you don't really have control over the product because you cannot examine the product, you cannot see if there are any defects, and so this means that you have no control over the quality of the product. and product quality is very important, because if you are going to be building an online business, you want to make sure that what you are selling is actually of good quality, because if you are going to be selling products that are low quality, then guess what, once the customer receives a low quality product- number one- he is never going to buy from you again. number two- he's going to make sure to let all of his friends and followers on all social media platforms know to never do business with you. and third, this is a very unsustainable way to do business, and the reason why it's not a sustainable long-term business is because the cost of acquiring a customer is always going to be higher than the cost of retaining a customer. if that sounds confusing, it doesn't have to be. let me explain and paraphrase this. in other words, getting a new customer into your business is much more expensive than getting an existing customer to buy again, and the difference in the cost can be very significant. so, in order for you to make a sustainable, long-term business, you need to focus on satisfying every single one of your customer, because that is going to increase your repeat customer rate, which is one of the most important metrics in online business. so, no control over the quality of the product. this leads to not happy customers and that, in turns, leads to your business not growing, but instead declining over time. to me, that isn't enough reason in itself, but let's not stop there. let's go to the second reason. the second reason is that you have no control over the shipping times. so think about this: if you're selling something which can be bought on amazon and your delivery time is, for example, two weeks and amazon can deliver that in two days, well, in the long term, your business is not going to survive because customers are smart and they will eventually find out that amazon has the exact same product cheaper, with a faster shipping, and so they're going to do business with them instead of with you. the only way to go about long shipping times is when you actually buy stok and you keep it in a 3pl somewhere where your customers are, but that cancels right away the whole drop shipping model. the third downside of drop shipping is that you have no control over branding. now, unless you're doing big numbers and you contact your manufacturer and you say, hey, i would like to place a big order, could you please brand it, then you can do that. but if you're doing low volume and you're just sourcing couple of orders per day, well, you are not going to have any branding done on your packaging, on your product, and branding is very important for loyalty and repeat customer rate when you're going to be selling your business. having strong brand assets increases the price of your business significantly. and the fourth downside of drop shipping is: overall it's a very short-lived business, it's not sustainable and it's not long term, and that is because the whole idea about drop shipping is based around selling a hot, winning product. you use some kind of a software to find a product that is selling really well right now. you throw up a quick little website with shopify and then you buy ads on facebook or whatever. you scale that product and then once other people hop into that product, you know, and the competition starts getting higher. then the sales die down and when that happens, your business is gone. now, if you ask me, that is not a lucrative business idea to me, because i would like to invest my time, energy and money into something that actually grows and not just skyrockets and then falls. and keep in mind that it's not actually that easy to find those products and, more importantly, it's not that easy to actually sell them profitably because, as i said in the beginning of this video, the ad costs have gone up. with a drop shipping product, you generally don't have enough profit margin to afford the ad costs. all right, so we've covered the downsides of drop shipping. let's now tok about drop servicing, and i'll give you a couple of upsides to drop servicing. first things first. you have full control over the quality of your product, you can actually examine the service before you send it to the customer. let's say, for example, you get into the custom portrait niche and you create these custom portrait illustrations. well, you can have a quality control team, like i have in my business, and before you actually send that illustration or that portrait to your customer, you can examine it, see that you actually like it, that is up to par with your quality standards, and only once you're satisfied with that illustration or that service, you then send it to the customer. so this is very important because you have full control over the quality of your service, of the product or the service that you are creating. and so what this means in business terms is that if you do your job right, every single one of your customers is going to be potentially satisfied. she is going to brag to her friends about the service she received from your brand, potentially share it on her social media tag you, and then her friends, followers, and then her friends, family and followers might go to your page and might be interested, follow you and actually place an order with you as well. so this creates a word of mouth, and word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there and remember, in order to achieve word of mouth, first and foremost, you need to focus internally on the quality of the service you provide and on the overall customer satisfaction. the second upside to drop servicing is that there is no physical product being sent to the customer, and so as soon as you create the service, it is instantly delivered to the customer. think about it this way: as soon as you create a custom portrait, you just email it to the customer and they get it right away. you don't have to deal with logistiks tracking. your product is not going to be lost somewhere in transit, and so this is a very big advantage of drop servicing. you se

Sending Package from Bali to Europe - Is Expensive?

i don't know how mama's size, but i think that if it fits on damian will be good for you. mama. yeah, i think so looks good on me. yeah, yeah, okay, yo, what's up? hey, what's up, good morning. so we just wake up. actually, it's very early morning, all right, so ball in the mornings coming to normal, as usual. oops, i need to put my seatbelt on, say it before. okay, so now today, uh, we will have a something special in our vlog, so check this out guys. yeah, but first of all, we have to go to sanor. yeah, we have a coffee, coffee and we have to do. i have a meeting actually first in the morning, as usual, morning meeting. so, yeah, and we'll see what the day is gonna bring us today. so stay tuned. [Music]. all right, so first of all, i need to withdraw money. actually, i run out of money, so we will withdraw money in the official bank. i didn't want to withdraw money on the road, on the street, actually. so the first tip: whenever you are in bali, better you withdraw money in the official bank to avoid the scams. [Music]. [Applause]. so this is what i like: to withdraw money in official bank, because the security inside will welcome you. slam and pagie, good morning, something like that. so it is very, very safe. [Music]. i will don't disturb you. i sit over there, okay. okay, take care, all right. so, yeah, just after weenies, after uh meeting, i edited the video. i already uploaded. this is brand new coffee, by the way. we make a few snaps over here one day, and the internet is really good. internet is very good, it's a nice place confiscating. and now we're gonna go to the parser, right? yeah, so now we are going to ran on, then pasta, actually, because i need to uh pay the tax of my bike. so you know that the bikes um like cars in bali, that they you have to pay your lead tax. it's called samsart. so i will go to canton today to pay, uh, the tax of my bike. yeah, so we're gonna show you a little bit how it looks like in the pasta. [Music]. oh, but we just arrived and it's quite busy, as you see, difficult to park the car somewhere. so, yeah, we already arrived in the kantor bersama samsa den pasar, so i will pay the tax of my bike. pay some shot, actually. so whenever you own the bike on your own name or or something like if you own a bike, especially all cars or other uh like vehicles. in indonesia you have to pay yearly samsart, yearly tax, yearly tax, and you have to do it to the office. yeah, so, all right, see you there, i wait in the car. [Music]. [Music]. oh, all right, uh, we just went to the office to pay her tax for her bike. wonder how much she's gonna pay. it's not the big money and she will tell you. however, uh, while waiting, i just wanted to tell a few words about renowned area. renault naria is just outside the summer when you're going into the passage and it's kind of half of the renown is a lot of government buildings and offices and every office, every bank headquarters and kind of offices, even post office, main boarding, everything is in reno. so a lot of business is happening in random. also, residential area of renown is kind of a prestigious one, a lot of older style houses but very huge and very expensive one. so business people of bali, mostly they living in renown, except the touristik and tourism areas, and yeah, it's quite busy over here, as you can see on the streets, random- have a one big road like a three lines, sometimes four lines, round a line, a line road, and around inside is the big park, taman, and obviously inside of this area is like these government buildings and headquarters of the businesses. as you can see, it's quite busy. i just changed the little position park more in the shed because it's so hot in bali right now. it's november and actually supposed to be a little bit rainy and but it's almost no rain and it's so hot. remember, guys, when i was toking about the hot in october? now it's even more hotter than a month ago and it's already, uh, over 20 of i don't know what day is today. [Music]. all right, in these glasses you look like a little bit like uh, all right, so i already finished, uh, paying the tax. actually, i will explain to you how it is inside the car. so, outside it's so hot, i will get inside. i already finished paying the tax of my motorbike. actually, how much you buy? i paid around 228k, so it's around 16 us dollars. well, actually that my motorbike is a faryo in the year 2016, 125 cc. so if you want to know what's actually requirements the documents that you have to prepare whenever you want to pay the tax, first of all, you need to have this one. this is called ownership book of the motorbike, if i'm not mistaken- sorry, this is my english- this is honor, this is ownership book of the motorbike and this is called um, the paper of registration. so, year, every year, i have to pay the tax and then i will get chop, like i will get the stamp here if i already finished paying, so it will be okay. but what happened? if i late paid, uh, i will get fined. actually, i will get find around 25 of uh the tax. so i'm a good citizen, i have to pay before i'm late, before it's get expired. [Music] now. [Music]. all right, so we already finished our lunch today, actually, and then i found that on the road there, um, quite many people are selling food, selling stuffs on the road, actually. so i decided to buy mangoes, because this is mango season nowadays. i decided to buy mangoes. [Music]. okay, so i decided to buy this one. it's quite cheap actually. do you want a banana? no, no, only mango. so i bought two kilos of mangoes and then this is a very sweet, and then she choose it for me because he knows which one is the best. it's so hot outside actually. all right, when i paid the mango to the lady, and then she said to me: ibu, i'm so thankful that you buy the mango because you are the first customer since i opened and she said that i really hope that december, uh, international flight will open and then many tourists is coming. i really hope that because for nine months, i just you know selling everything on the road. whatever i can sell, i can sell joe, so i just survived everything from the road. that's why [Music], foreign [Music]- all right, it just arrived, the ex-heart this show, because now it's arthur sedona. i already toked a few times on my vlogs about that. however, we're gonna shopping here little bit today. yeah, so next month is christmas. we are super excited for christmas, but in another side, we are a little bit sad because we cannot go to poland to see mama and papa in christmas. but now we decided to buy some things for mama. yeah, christmas presents, actually, at least something, just symbolical things, because, uh well, we have to ship. it does to europe, and this current times, you never know when and if the person will arrive. however, hopefully the dhl will is the good company, so it should be fun, yeah, yeah. so actually that normally, whenever we send some things for christmas present or christmas card or something like that, from bali to poland, europe. it takes around two weeks right to arrive, but nowadays we don't know, maybe for one month or one and a half month, we don't know. but we tried our best. so we, quite earlier to you know, send a christmas gift [Music] now. so we are looking for buttoks, actually for papaya, in poland, but we need to have with the long sleeve, but it's difficult to buy long sleeve in indonesia. jesus is hot, but maybe we'll find something. let's have a look, all right. so, yeah, after shopping we already have a goodies. uh, so we go back again to renault now because we have dhl is closed, actually, yeah, the hl is closed and we have to go to post office, which is in reno, what i said. and also, on the way, we're gonna go to pepito market buy the christmas card, because last time we already saw they have a christmas stuff [Music]. so we will pick up all the stuff now. all right, we just arrived to gusto gelato. this is one of the random big company who's selling like a cafe shop with something like massimo gelato, but gusto gelato that's more local in random, right in the past. local brand owned by local, course, doesn't matter, because we are preparing the gear, all the goodies, the gifts to sell. now we have to pack. we go to buy the postcard, which

How Shopify Dropshipping Works

There's a trendy e-commerce fad. behind those obscure, eye-catching products that fill our feeds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube: It's called dropshipping. It's definitely an industry that is growing. You're seeing companies going public now just based on this premise of dropshipping. The model relies on targeted ads designed to stop consumers from scrolling long enough to make an impulse purchase, usually from a Shopify store set up solely for that product. Many of those same younger consumers. they are also looking for creative ways to make money, And this really is the rise of the young merchant. It's like salesmen. Salesmen are like the old school version of marketing. If you're a good salesman, you can sell anything to anybody At age 21,. Ka mil Sattar's dropshipping sales topped 1.7 million dollars in 2020.. You basically only buy the product when you get the payment, And then you get the product from a supplier in the US or China. Then they send the product directly to the consumer and you never see it or never touch it. Some sellers say dropshipping is a get-rich-quick scheme to make easy millions without ever leaving your couch. Others call it a serious business that takes major hustle to pull off properly. There are more nefarious actors in this industry, and there are legitimate ones. We toked to some big name dropshippers about how they made millions with viral products and asked e-commerce experts how copycats and cutting corners could tarnish the industry for everyone. Dropshipping in its simplest form is when the seller acts as a middleman without ever touching the merchandise. Nick Peroni does dropshipping full-time, sourcing sites like AliExpress for low-cost products available directly from suppliers, usually in China. If you have a supplier you can trust, you can do the quality control with the supplier. They can send me pictures of it- 3D video of it, so that I can see exactly how it looks. After a customer places an order on Peroni's Shopify store, he purchases the product from the supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer, which can take some time. If you find products that are unique enough, then people are generally willing to wait. Take this laptop sleeve that I ordered on June 30th last year. It shipped directly from China and took two months to get to California Products, where it takes 30 days, 60 days, even 90 days to even get to you. Now that is what I call poor dropshipping. Where people really tend to get annoyed with dropshipping is if they waited for two weeks and then they get their product and it sucks anyway. I ordered these boots on October 28th last year and they arrived December 7th. I never got a shipping or a tracking notification And when they did finally get here, they came in this ripped bag from China Post and they were stuffed loosely inside. They smelled pretty awful and they were the wrong size. I thought about returning them, but returns with dropshipped items from overseas can be pretty complicated. I looked for a customer service number on the store where I bought these and I couldn't find one, and I opted not to return them because I would have had to pay for my own return. p ostage- False advertising is definitely a big problem in the dropshipping world. The product is aligned with you, aligned with your interests, and you want to buy it. So you buy it And it does not match up at all to the product you're getting. Dropshipping is also what's responsible. if you order something from Amazon but it arrives in a box from Walmart or any other major retailer, The customer is confused. they're like: I ordered something from Amazon t. his is not my product. I got so many messages like: why did you send me this? Bradley Sutton provides software for Amazon sellers and he test ed out dropshipping in the 2020 holiday season. He sold things like RC cars on his Amazon page, dropshipped from cheaper listings on Walmart and elsewhere. Part of Amazon's dropshipping policy is that you do not deliver with packaging. t hat is from another retailer, But my account didn't get shut down. I grossed over $500,000 dollars, but I've kind of stopped that test because it's just not a sustainable model for me. Amazon has a long-standing policy against dropshipping from other retailers, And a spokesperson told CNBC: "If a seller violates our policy, we will no longer allow them to directly fulfill customer orders". So you have Shopify, you have BigC ommerce, you have WooCommerce, you have Amazon, you have eBay And if you get banned on one platform, you can move up to the next one. The dropshipping that fills social media feeds isn't happening on Amazon. It thrives on Shopify. They made this one-stop shop for you to set up a store. It's just super easy for you to start selling online And a lot of these dropshippers know it. On Shopify's Help Center, there's an entire section devoted to tips and strategies for dropshi? pping. The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don't have to worry about storing, packaging or shipping your products. In an analysis of more than 120,000 Shopify stores, online consumer protection company Fakespot found more than 25,000 that engaged in some form of fraudulent activity, like counterfeits, privacy leaks and buying fake reviews. Of those, almost 72 percent showed evidence of dropshipping tactiks being used in their business. Fakespot has a Chrome plugin that alerts shoppers if a seller on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy or Sephora can't be trusted. It recently added capabilities to detect untrustworthy stores on Shopify, too. Fakespot says most of the fraudulent stores appear to be China-based merchants posing as US small businesses. You want to support the local mom and pop store, but these s? ellers are not from the United States. They're from around the world and they're just utilizing this to make a buck. Still, Shopify is home to the online stores of major brands like Heinz, Staples, Jenny Craig and Gymshark, With more sellers than ever before signing up for a Shopify storefront in Q3 last year. Shopify shares more than doubled in 2020, and its market cap recently surpassed 150 billion. Thirty five percent of young Americans started a side hustle during the pandemic. Most of them are doing it on Shopify, which is why you saw more signups in Q3 than ever before, But the way they're doing it is totally different. They're using avenues like TikTok. In a survey of more than 10,000 consumers, Shopify found that 54 percent of shoppers age 18 to 35 discover brands on social media and 28 percent made a purchase there. These young consumers are going to be the shopkeepers of 2021, and the way they buy is going to be the way they're going to sell. We're going for impulse buys with people that are not necessarily intending to buy something when they log onto Facebook or Instagram. Marketing is probably 60 percent of the game. Sattar sells 80 to 90 percent of his products through Facebook ads and the rest largely through ads on YouTube. T ikTok ads can now play directly within Shopify stores, following a TikTok-Shopify partnership announced in October. We have a video editor on our team, And so when we have a product, we can put together a 30 to 40 second video that tells a story of what the product does, why it's valuable. Choosing the right product takes a lot of legwork. I always say to people: you're going to test around about five to ten products until you find something that actually does something. This pineapple slicer and these dog grooming gloves are examples of products that flopped for Sattar. It's all about finding things that people haven't tried before. We have softwares that we use where they do AI tiknology and they tell us what are the best products at the moment what's trending? Sattar's breakthrough product was this iPhone privacy screen protector. Soon after another one of his items did a million dollars of sales in one quarter. Many dropshippers find pr.