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dropshipping services usa

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Top 16 US Dropshipping Suppliers With Fast Shipping For Shopify Stores 🚀

an increase in online retail shopping,means higher profit margins for,dropshippers this increase then means,that dropshippers should have a reliable,supplier right in today's video we're,going to be covering the top 16 us,dropshipping suppliers that you should,be using for your shopify store so stay,tuned hit that subscribe button and,let's go,[Music],many dropshippers opt to work with,chinese suppliers due to their low cost,however there are other important,factors that we should take into,consideration when choosing a supplier,for the u.s markets such as higher,quality products and faster shipping,both of which are included when working,with a u.s supplier and selling in the,u.s markets so without further ado let's,jump straight into our shopify u.s drop,shipping supply list okay so our first,supplier is ebay while ebay started as a,platform for online auctions today it is,one of the biggest marketplaces online,drop shipping from ebay to shopify opens,up a world of trending products to sell,some of the pros for using ebay as a,supplier includes millions of products,in various categories always means,there's something to find on ebay ebay,enforces its sellers to be highly,customer oriented and provides both,buyer and seller protection so we'll,always get what we order and on time,it's also really easy to spy on your,competition and to see what's trending,on ebay by simply searching for a,product or niche we can see how many,sellers are selling it along with the,amount of sales that they've been making,on the downside however ebay is an open,marketplace meaning there are thousands,of sellers with various shipping and,return policies since the competition is,so big it is more challenging to find,trending products from ebay to sell on,shopify so up next we have wayfair,wayfarer specializes in the home goods,niche and offers everything a home may,need wayfair offers a large selection of,furniture home appliances garden,necessities and anything else that is,home orientated they also offer fast,shipping options due to their domestik,warehouses wayfair also has a my way,program this program is beneficial for,dropshippers as they receive free,shipping on any order they also receive,members exclusive products along with,free one-day shipping for eligible,products the best part about using wafer,is that you can use paypal for your,purchases and take advantage of easy and,secure transactions the only downside to,using wayfair is that there is a niche,limitation this is because wayface,products belong to the home goods market,our third supplier is aliexpress so,aliexpress is based in china but they,have warehouses that are situated around,the us they also have a large online,retail platform offering various product,categories for dropshippers which,essentially means that we aren't,restricted to any specific niche we can,also change the ship to option to the,united states in the right hand corner,we can then run a search for any product,or niche we can then change the ship,from option to the us now we're able to,see all the products that you're able to,ship from and to the united states here,are some of the benefits that you'll be,able to experience when using aliexpress,as your supplier an unlimited product,range meaning you have a world of,opportunities when choosing which,products to sell on your shopify drop,shipping store not to mention the low,cost and domestik warehouses which means,that we're able to offer fast shipping,to our us customers on the other hand,low cost often comes with lower product,quality so we have to make sure that we,check the product reviews diligently,another thing is although there is fast,shipping there are no bundle options,which means that products are then,shipped separately which can be an,inconvenience lastly their customer,support is not really up to standards in,comparison to other suppliers and this,could be because of the language,barriers considering that their main,location is china the drop shipping,supplier coming in at number four is,cast way costway has grown to be one of,the top tier retailers in north america,one of the most significant benefits of,costway is a free standard shipping on,all items not only that but if our,customers have received a damaged item,they are entitled to a guaranteed 90-day,exchange or return period which is all,conducted through their excellent,customer support team on the flip side,dropshippers can be at a little bit of a,disadvantage when the items are shipped,out with the costway logo there are a,few drop shippers who wouldn't like,their customers to know where the,package came from classway also offers,an appealing vip membership program but,unfortunately it's not compatible with,the drop shipping program our next,supplier coming in at number five is,banggood banggood is a china-based,supplier with various warehouses,situated around the us with low pricing,and various product categories banggood,is another great us drop shipping,supplier to use for shopify banggood is,dropshipping friendly and in the,dropship center you'll have access to,product recommendations,cashbacks images without watermarks and,so much more this supplier also offers,dropshippers special programs this,includes professional product videos to,optimize from affiliate programs coupons,or a refer a friend incentive at the,same time banggood's warranty policy is,flawed and there's no warranty on,certain products along with this their,return policy is somewhat complicated,and there are no free returns lastly,they have a lengthy repair process for,faulty items and it is probably one of,the top complaints from customers coming,in at number six on our dropshipping,supply list is overstok so overstok is,known for their high quality products,and primarily sells products within the,home goods and furniture niche so not,only does overstok provide high quality,products at a fair pricing range but,they also offer a price match guarantee,which essentially means if you find the,same product at a lower cost then,overstok will provide you with that,lower price another benefit that sets,overstok apart from other suppliers is,their club zero program this program,allows dropshippers to opt for free,shipping on all orders along with a five,percent cashback on purchases along with,free shipping overstok guarantees fast,delivery times with a shipping speed of,one to two days your customers will be,over the moon and you'll be able to read,the rewards you should consider adding,multiple suppliers to your list if,you're looking to sell products that are,outside of the home goods and furniture,niche although if you're new to drop,dropshipping starting with a specialized,niche can help to kick-start your sales,coming in at number seven is cj drop,shipping designed by drop shippers for,dropshippers one of the unique things,about cj drop shipping is their product,sourcing solution this allows you to put,in product requests if you cannot find,what you're looking for cj drop shipping,also performs quality control for each,item before it is shipped out ensuring,our customers receive only the best,quality products cj dropshipping offers,a pod print on demand solution which,allows you to customize certain products,and even better with their white label,branding options we can package our,products with our store logos which,increases our brand awareness while,scaling our business to new heights the,downside about cj drop shipping is that,their user interface is not as user,friendly as other suppliers also even,with us warehouses cj drop shipping has,very limited shipping carriers which can,cause great concern if we're promising,our customers quick delivery times i've,added a youtube video to the pinned,comments down in the comments below and,this video entails a full overview of,what you can expect when using cj drop,shipping as your supplier next up on our,top supply list is walmart if you're,selling to the us market then you cannot,go wrong with c

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

if you clicked on this video you're a,drop shipper and you're looking for,better suppliers to drop ship from,chances are you're already listing on,places like ebay facebook marketplace,amazon or elsewhere but those are places,to list your products on,what are the best sites to drop ship,products from,who are the best suppliers to use and,why now before we break down these,specific suppliers and why i recommend,them i want you to understand the,importance of using several suppliers,right you don't just want to use one or,two and focus solely on one or two,because that's what everybody's doing,chances are if you look to snipe other,people other people that are listing,products on facebook marketplace or any,of these places,they're gonna be using one or two of,these suppliers and so just by using,several of them yourself and not,building your store solely around one or,two you can diversify your products,obviously increase your margins and,prevent yourself from being sniped,yourself or at least make it harder for,people to do so the first one is amazon,and amazon's a no-brainer amazon's the,one that the majority of people use when,they're first starting and even when,they like get more seasoned and they,start making sales they people still,list from amazon okay there's tens of,thousands if not hundreds of thousands,of products or millions of products on,amazon i really don't know there's a lot,it's a great supplier that obviously is,always going to give you refunds you can,rely on their shipping times that it has,relatively fast shipping times and it's,just a great overall supplier to use,right the issue with amazon that's been,happening recently,is that a lot of people's prime accounts,have been suspended mine included i,actually just got suspended i think it,was like a week and a half ago and it,hadn't happened to me for over 10 000,plus orders and i just got hit with the,ban uh recently now i honestly think,that that's a good thing here's why,the majority of people use amazon and so,those products actually were pretty,saturated and the margins were getting,slimmer and slimmer chances are if you,had a good product on amazon and you,actually searched that product into the,search bar on facebook marketplace for,example,you would see,30 or 50 or 100 other listings just like,yours with the same exact pictures and,relatively the same title selling for,relatively the same price because,everybody is marking up the same and,that gives buyers the opportunity to,choose from a number of different,products obviously decreases the chances,that you're gonna make a sale and it's,just race to the bottom pricing but now,since everybody's getting their prime,account suspended it's actually a good,thing it's gonna lower the competition,on those products it's going to increase,your margins on those products obviously,that way you can still use amazon as a,supplier and here's a little secret,between you and me you don't actually,need amazon prime to drop ship from,amazon the only products that you,specifically need prime to drop ship,from amazon are those low priced,products where you're solely relying on,the fact that amazon's shipping them for,free to keep your margins intact you can,still drop ship products that are like,25 i don't know the specific number but,i want to say it's like 25,and get free shipping on amazon or often,sellers will offer free shipping even if,you don't have a prime account so you,can sign up for an account,not use prime on it and still drop ship,95 of amazon products especially the,ones that are over 25,not have to pay the the shipping fee,anyway and then you're you're still,getting relatively fast shipping time,you can still return the products on,amazon you can still list all the,products from amazon's catalog that's a,good thing because then you don't ever,have to worry about your prime account,getting suspended you really shouldn't,be listing those those cheap products,anyway because the margins aren't that,great on those products if you're,marking a 10 product up uh with amazon,prime 40 or 50,yeah you're making 40 percent but that's,forty to fifty percent of ten dollars,whereas if you're listing something for,thirty dollars or fifty dollars or a,hundred dollars that percentage is a lot,more profit it's the same margin but,it's a lot more profit money wise in the,same exact uh effort on your part for,one sale so that's why you don't,necessarily need amazon prime anyway so,even if you're getting suspended it's,totally fine it's gonna weed out the,competition increase your margins help,you still be able to sell those products,as people drop off and start using other,suppliers and you can still use them,without a prime account a lot of people,are worried about losing like their,personal prime privileges but if you get,a prime account banned and you sign up,for another prime account and you solely,use it for personal use you won't get,that that second account banned it's,only when you sign up for another,account start drop shipping to random,addresses again that they suspend your,account so that's why amazon is still in,my opinion the number one supplier and,the competition for people using it to,dropship on facebook marketplace and,sites like ebay is going to,significantly go down now that amazon,all of a sudden is banning accounts the,second supplier that i recommend is ebay,now i love ebay i've been using ebay for,probably about a year now as a supplier,and it's been phenomenal you never run,into like issues with them cancelling,your orders or issues with them uh you,know like suspending accounts that,you're allowed to use your ebay account,the drop ship just like you're allowed,to use an amazon account to drop ship,but not one with amazon prime right you,can still get uh use ebay and get uh,just like on amazon you can get tax,exempt on ebay as well so that's also a,benefit although it's a little bit of a,slower process in my experience with,ebay um and there's a lot of great,products practikally all the same,products on on amazon are gonna be on,ebay typically not all of them but a,large majority of them for relatively,low prices you can look at all the sold,data on ebay so it's literally going to,show you what's selling and what's,selling well and you can list a lot of,products like that and literally use the,the information that ebay is giving you,to find hot products it's also a very,reliable supplier,they're gonna have your back as the,buyer you can always typically return,most things in most cases and a lot of,sellers on ebay actually drop ship,directly from amazon with low margins,which means a lot of the products that,you're going to get cheaply on amazon,are shipping with the same relative,shipping time on ebay at the same,relative price and are practikally,barely marked up because the competition,on ebay for amazon products is so like,neck and neck that the margins are,barely there so you're practikally,getting the same products and that that,seller is literally drop shipping that,product using their own account from,amazon so you're basically ordering an,amazon product amazon prime product with,your ebay account in a lot of ways so,that's the second one love ebay use it,the third one is walmart walmart is a,phenomenal supplier for so many reasons,just like amazon and ebay it has a large,amount of products in its catalog that,you can obviously use you can also use,uh walmart plus which is basically like,amazon prime the issue with walmart plus,is they also do suspend you now if you,hop into walmart and you start ordering,like you know thousands of products with,your walmart plus account you're going,to lose that account pretty relatively,fast however i've notiked that if you,have several accounts,you can basically use several accounts,and just cycle through your pr like the,orders on those accounts and utilize it,that way so walmart plus is another,phenomenal supplier highly recommend,that you use them and on top of all,these i f

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How to Start Shopify Dropshipping Using a US Supplier

as of right now when I'm currently,filming in this video using the regular,a package shipping method to drop ship,from China is not really an option due,to recent world events so in this video,I'm gonna go over a workaround for that,and then actually start a full-on drop,spring store from scratch live using the,exact method I toked about which,involves using a u.s. supplier it is,actually a lot more simple than you may,think,so if you're watching this video I'm,gonna assume that you already know how,the Aliexpress shop by drop shipping,business model works I mean if you don't,it's essentially just finding under,priced products from China and selling,them for more on a website you build on,your own and then when you sell,something you haven't shipped from the,original Chinese supplier to your end,customer you know I got in the wrong,career so as I'm sure you can see from,this explanation a major factor in this,business model is that you rely on cheap,shipping from China to the rest of the,world usually you're using a shipping,method called a packet which allows you,to ship small packages from China it's,almost anywhere in the world and a,decent amount of time with online,door-to-door tracking which is great but,due to recent world events there has,been a major slowdown in the shipping,process since there's less flights,coming from China to the US and the rest,of the world no does this kill drop,shipping absolutely not you now,essentially have three options the first,is just to pause your store's use this,time to create new designs and new store,fronts new ads product research there's,a lot you can do with this extra time,but the problem with this option is that,you're obviously going to stop making,money depending on your situation that,might be fine and this might even be a,good option for you but during this,period when people are spending a ton of,time inside on their phones on their,computers of making more purchases,online than ever being able to sell,something online would be nice so your,second option would be to make a bulk,order of a product you want to sell from,China and ship it to a US fulfillment,center since the problem is getting,small packages to the US via a packet,once they're here everything is good,USPS UPS they're both still working so,you can get a large shipment of your,product into the US and have it shipped,to your customers from a domestik,fulfillment center and once this is set,up you'll get faster shipping times,happier customers and more returning,customers but the problem with this,option is that the barrier to entry for,beginners is pretty high since you're,gonna have to pay for bulk order of,products ahead of time which is,depending on your product and the,quantity can cost you a whole lot of,money and if you're beginner you don't,even know if you'll be able to,all that inventory the beauty of drop,shipping is that it's normally very,low-risk and has little upfront costs,the second option takes that away so,although this is definitely the move if,you have experience with the drop,shipping and are already selling it's,not great for beginners just getting,into the space so that brings us to the,third option which not many people know,about but there are sellers on,Aliexpress that have inventory in the US,and ship domestikally which is almost,the perfect solution now I say almost,because the only problem with this,option is that you're not gonna find a,US shipping option on Aliexpress for,every product out there but here's how,you can check which products do have a,u.s. supplier in Aliexpress in this,video as I said in the beginning I'm,gonna be starting a drop shipping store,from scratch and the product I want to,sell is this baby bottle spoon which,makes feeding babies easier less messy,and you can do it with one hand it's a,very convenient product that solves a,problem and not everybody knows about it,so it has a little wow factor to it so,once you're on Aliexpress you want to go,ahead and search up your product the way,you would normally do so let's type in,baby bottle spoon venture as you can see,we got all these options but now we want,to go ahead and hit this ship from,button hit United States and there you,go it's really that simple now you can,see all of the sellers were able to ship,your product from the United States but,you want to go one step further and go,ahead and sort all these results by the,amount of orders they have that way you,get the most reliable supplier so as you,can see this cell right here has sold,the most baby bottle feeding spoons out,of everyone that ships out of the US so,I'd probably want to go ahead and go,with him so let's click on this option,and over here we can go ahead and select,whatever color we want let's get the,blue one and now you select where you,want the product to be shipped from so I,want to shift from the US I'd hit that,our shipping is gonna cost three dollars,and six cents the product is gonna cost,two dollars so for five dollars and six,cents we can get this baby bottle,delivered to anywhere in the US within,four to seven days even in this climate,so there you go I now have a weight on,my order shipped out from within the US,without the upfront cost and risk that I,would have if I were to make a bulk,order to a fulfillment center and now,that we have a way to fulfill orders,let's actually test this product out,build a drop shipping story step one we,need to create a Shopify website for it,so I'm not sure why I closed my computer,there okay so it's now the following day,I have everything,complete so let me walk you through what,I got here beginning with a video ad I'm,gonna use since that's the first thing,that people are gonna see I just put,together some stok footage a really,good video on Aliexpress Tyler provided,as well as some stuff I found online I,kind of put this together to test the,product and see if it actually sells if,I were to end up scaling this product,I'd get some custom footage going but,here's what I have for now when someone,sees this ad and is interested in the,product they did the Lincoln bio which,would lead them to our product page,which looks like this let me show you,the mobile view I called the store a,spoon a bottle comm it's pretty crazy,that I was able to secure this domain,and with a.com ending all right I'm,gonna start the quicksand features I,have a combination of about four colors,throughout this whole website I have,this baby blue color that we have on the,header the white the pink that you can,see on these stars in the bottle and,then I also have the black text but,scrolling down I have the bottle listed,for $18.99 you can choose whatever color,you want let's see the white one this,top switches to the white one then I,have some images some text some images,some text and then a full product,description and then I actually threw in,a little flex here that says we probably,ship from within the United States which,is true we're using a u.s. supplier so,the products will be shipped from the,United States that's it for the product,description on the bottom here we have,some reviews I used the tone of pink for,all of the stars and all the writer,review buttons and if you're confused as,to where I got these reviews they're all,from Aliexpress I imported them a,straight from Aliexpress so the reviews,are for the product that the end,customer is going to receive whole lot,of picture reviews here people actually,really like this product which is good,to know but then you scroll down you can,hit you can hit show more to see more,reviews and then on the bottom here I,have the footer which is nothing fancy,it's overall I try to give it the cute,baby store vibe by throwing the word,munchkin in the description to keep it a,little casual and cool it really gave it,a brand feel that makes you go and I'm,just kind of showing you guys the end,result here if you really want to learn,how I personally create everything,step-by-step my personal strategies

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How to Find US Based Dropshipping Suppliers

in this video i'm gonna teach you how to,find us drop shipping suppliers now we,get this question a lot and in this,video i'm gonna show you exactly how to,find them in fact i'm gonna walk you,through the process,[Music],now if you want to learn more about high,tiket drop shipping click subscribe,click like show the algorithm you want,to see more of this content because on,this channel you'll find john and i,teaching everything you need to know,about high tiket drop shipping and one,of the main questions that we often,receive is this all sounds great,starting for less than 500 and be up and,running in 30 days or less,making big profit per sale building a,real business but how do you actually,find the suppliers in the us so let's do,this in real time i'm going to switch to,a screen share and i'm going to walk you,through this process all right so like i,said we're going to look for real brands,right you know we're not looking for,products we're looking for real brands,people are searching for these brands,they're searching for these products,from reputable brands that's what we do,in high tiket drop shipping so let's,start with a niche that is way,overexposed way too many people are in,here uh definitely wouldn't recommend,this snitch to anybody but uh it'll make,this presentation pretty easy uh and,that is electric bikes so i'm just gonna,put in ebikes for sale,and see what comes up i'm gonna go right,to the shopping tab and then i'm gonna,scroll all the way down here and i'm,gonna look at all of these sellers so,look at all of these sellers here right,like there's there's uh quite a bit,people selling uh these products right,under this search term and you can,search other search terms as well right,let's uh,let's go up here and just put in,electric bikes for sale click on the,shopping tab again come way down here uh,and let's take a look through here let's,just see what we find right i'm gonna,pick uh ecotrick and i wanna know what,you know is this a seller is this a,brand let's go to one of their ads right,sorry ecotrick we just made you pay for,that as we're doing research here uh so,eco trick let's go to the home page just,kind of look around here to me this,looks like a a brand right so i'm gonna,scroll all the way to the bottom and see,if they have look at that become a,dealer this was one of the easiest,videos i've ever recorded because we,found it on the first try look at that,so once google just searched e-bikes for,sale found a brand uh and immediately we,found a way to apply to become a dealer,now if you follow anything john and i,put out we're gonna tell you to call,these people certainly you can fill this,out but i would call them right away and,let them know hey i filled up the thing,in the forum on your website i would,love to become a retailer for your brand,and then go on with like your value,proposition of what you're trying to do,in your business and and what you can do,to help them sell more e-bikes and now,we've gone further in depth on this,process in our patreon podcast which we,actually just put out for free as i'm,recording this video on our main feed as,well so check that out,dropshippodcast.com if you want to check,out uh the calling suppliers three-part,episode on our free show or on patreon,all our back episodes are free you can,check that one out but that's the whole,process right we're going to find these,brands,and then we're going to go to their,website and and attempt to become a,dealer for them right so let's you know,let's take a look here uh through this,process here and see if we can find,somebody who's,selling these bikes i'm gonna say zoom,electric bikes is either gonna be a,brand or someone selling them let's find,out again sorry for clicking your ad,zoom uh just trying to feature so this,looks like a reseller to me and i only,know that is because bikes mobility,scooters and look at this here's a list,of all the brands they have if you,believe this is a reseller which it,appears to be you can go to contact us,or or about us and try to learn a little,bit more about them uh our mailing,address is a suite number likely a ups,store here and so,maybe looking about us if we can learn,anything about them,just browsing through here this appears,to be a reseller they're selling a lot,of other brands i'm going to guess they,drop ship a lot of these brands uh as,again most of the internet is is doing,drop shipping right that's how a lot of,the internet works uh and so i can just,assume that and i can just go right down,the list here i can look up american,electric keybikes uh i'm not even gonna,try to pronounce that one bike on it,ecotrick,as we found already that's a brand that,sells this stuff so let's just pick,another random one let's go random ram,excuse me rambo bikes we found this one,on eco trick let's try rambo bikes and,see what happens not gonna click their,ad this time save them a few bucks we'll,go to their organic listing here and so,if we scroll all the way to the bottom,again do we have something here that,toks about becoming a dealer they have,a dealer locator maybe it's inside of,here this is allowing us to look for a,dealer i don't see one here but we know,this is brand uh we know they have a 33,domain authority which means they've,been around a little while if you don't,know what that is that is a moz chrome,extension that toks about what they,believe google,is giving you for respect in in,in the search results right they have a,lot of links inbound here so they look,like they've been around a while their,website looks good they don't,necessarily have a become a dealer but,no look they do right here if they,didn't have this,i would tell you just call them just,call this number up here say hey,my name is ben i'm the founder of,mystore.com i'm wondering who i can,speak to about becoming a retailer for,your business and that's as simple as it,is we're just identifying these brands,making a list and reaching out to them,to become a retailer for them and we'll,slowly but surely put them on our site,same as this business is clearly doing,here with all of these brands now you,can do this in anything again i would,not recommend electric bikes as the,place you should start uh it was on the,top of every heavily air quoted gurus,list for a very long time and so there's,a lot of people in here and there's just,it's hard to differentiate yourself you,can do better than this i know you can,again look at our other videos on how,you can make lists of like thinking of,different ideas and then go to your,research find the brands that exist,inside of any one of these niches,electric bikes for sale electric bike,brands electric bike dealers just search,a bunch of terms where you're gonna come,across all of the information you need,and again we're selling these brands,like uh ecotrick is a brand and if i,owned you know my ebikestore.com i would,get a hold of ecotrick and say i'd like,to sell your products i'd like to become,a retailer for your brand here's how i,can add value by making a beautiful,website and representing your products,well,and doing content marketing to get all,of the information out there that needs,to be out there,and doing great seo and things like that,and so i want to get them on board i,want to get as many brands on board as i,can that fall into my niche but first,you need to make a list so hopefully,this helps you make a list and we do,have a free training on our website that,can help you go a little bit deeper here,just go to dropshipbreakthrough.com and,click the free training,choose your market and identify the,brands within that market that's what,we'll be selling in high tiket drop,shipping we're selling real brands who,already have real search volume people,are already looking for these products,we're not trying to find that winning,product on aliexpress and import it over,here or ship it with 45 day lead times,and hope we can burn out an audience and,turn and burn the store we're building

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping (5-8 Day Shipping)

so this is how i'm able to get five to,ten day shipping times for my shopify,drop shipping stores that enables me to,scale the stores to a hundred thousand,dollars a month without any supplier,issues or logistikal issues hey guys,welcome to the youtube channel my name,is camille site known as the ecom king,and in today's video i'm gonna be,teaching the exact supplies agents and,fulfillment centers that i'm currently,using when i start a brand new shopify,drop shipping store that enables me to,scale them to a hundred thousand dollars,a month without worrying about the,logistikal problems that might occur,using a bad supplier or not using a,proper agent now the most important part,of your drop shipping business is the,logistikal side because that's the only,part of the business that you're not,involved in because you're having to,outsource it which means you have to put,trust in another person to make sure,that they're doing their job properly so,you can keep your customers happy,because customers don't want to be,waiting 20 to 30 days to receive their,product and they don't want to be,receiving a product that's not good,quality so that's why it's so important,to have good quality products and a fast,shipping time because if you don't then,you will be getting those chargebacks,refunds and you'll lose loads of money,and that's why in this video i'm going,to be sharing all of the best aliexpress,alternatives for suppliers agents,logistikal teams fulfillment centers so,you guys don't have to worry about any,of that i'm also going to be covering,the most important things that you must,understand and know before working with,the supplier and i'm also going to give,you a list of questions that you need to,be asking the suppliers before you work,with them to make sure that you have no,issues now this video is incredibly,important right now because of the,issues that's currently happening in,china with the new variant i'm not going,to mention it because youtube doesn't,like it but because of this now it's,making things a lot harder in shopify,drop shipping so if you don't have a,good supplier then you really are going,to get screwed what i've also done for,you guys is i've created a free google,doc sheet that's going to obtain all the,questions that you need to ask these,suppliers it's also going to contain the,information about the importance of,understanding certain things before,working with them and it's also going to,give you the direct links to work with,these suppliers so as soon as we hit 2,000 likes on this video i'll leave the,free google doc sheet in the pin comment,and the description below,[Music],so before i show you guys all the best,aliexpress alternative suppliers and,agents i want to quickly go over the,most important things that you must know,before working with a supplier so if,you're going to do one product drop,shipping which most of you guys are,going to be doing and i'd recommend it,if you're starting a brand new business,and an e-commerce store which is,basically where somebody comes to your,website they order the product you go to,your supplier they place the audit and,then it gets shipped directly to your,customer that's what they call one,product drop shipping now this type of,drop shipping called one product drop,shipping is not perfect and it doesn't,matter what supplier you use you will,never have a perfect situation when,working with them because the actual way,this works is actually flawed but it is,getting better over time but it's still,flawed the reason why it's flawed is,because when you're doing one pro drop,shipping most suppliers do not have that,product in their warehouse so it means,that they have to go out there and,actually order the product in and then,send it to your customer and that's what,can take a lot of time and that's why,one product drop shipping shipping times,can take all the way up to 20 days even,30 days the next thing that you need to,really understand is product quality and,shipping times are more important than,finding the cheapest price now most,people try and look for the cheapest,price on the market to find the product,and to ship the product but they don't,take into consideration shipping times,and product quality those are the two,things that matter the most because you,can like i said before you can sell,loads of products to people but if they,don't get them on time with a good,quality product you're just going to get,refunds and chargebacks so you're going,to lose out on all that money so i'm,going to share with you guys the,supplies i'd recommend that you use,don't look at the actual product pricing,and the shipping price and think oh it's,too expensive i can't use them because,the end of the day you should be pricing,your products a little bit more,expensive to adjust for that extra cost,that they're charging you now the next,important thing that you need to know,before working with the supplier is make,sure you're using a credit card to pay,for the item or paypal because at the,end of the day if you order from the,supplier and something goes wrong and,they don't want to refund you then at,least you know you've got purchase,protection with your credit card and,with paypal so if god forbid anything,goes wrong you know you can rely on,those two methods to ensure you if the,supplier doesn't help you out the last,important thing that you need to know is,you need to start ordering samples of,the product before you start selling,them now especially if you're ordering,electronical products you want to make,sure that you're ordering samples and,you're testing them before you're,actually selling them because the end of,the day you could be selling something,that you've never tried but it's,actually faulty and it just doesn't work,so you need to make sure you can vouch,for the product because if you're not,happy with it why would somebody else be,happy with it now let's cover the best,one product drop shipping suppliers and,most of you guys will be using these,suppliers because it's the entry-level,way to start drop shipping so the first,one product drop from supply that i'd,recommend is called usadrop.com and most,of you guys haven't heard of them which,is a good thing and they're the first,fulfillment center in china that are,american-made now what they mean by that,is a lot of people in america have moved,from america to china to offer drop,shipping supplier services so that means,that when you communicate with them,they're from the us now the next thing,that's important is they've got five to,eight day delivery time because they're,using things like united states parcel,service fedex ups union express and you,can also see these are the payment,options that they offer paypal and now,most suppliers that don't offer paypal,that is a big red flag so if they've got,paypal that's a very good thing to see,and then you can see here why usa drop,reliable and fast without chinese labels,total shipping triumph from china to the,usa is five to eight days if you don't,want your goods to display shipping,information from china we can offer usps,express weibull with no chinese,information now that's one of the,biggest issues in dropshipping right now,when your customer receives the product,and the tracking number it says it's,coming from china now by using this it,won't give them that information so it,actually looks a lot more professional,so now i want to show you guys the back,end to usa drop.com so you guys know how,to use them for yourself so once you've,made an account using the link in the,description below which is completely,free they have got a free plan and i'd,recommend that everyone uses the free,plan to start with you're going to see,when you go over to sourcing that'll,take you to this page and what you want,to do is you want to add the aliexpress,link of the product into this page and,once you've done that you want to select,the three countries that you're going to,want to ship the product to s

I Tried Drop Servicing & Here's The TRUTH...

so many people have come out this year,and said that drop servicing is the new,business model they'll make everyone of,course rich and we've all seen the,YouTube ads around it real quick for,those who don't know what drop servicing,is it's essentially providing a service,so let's say for example social media,management to a client and then,outsourcing the said services to a third,party tiknically I've done drop,servicing and I'm currently doing drop,servicing right now drop servicing does,have the potential to generate lots of,money and to potentially help you quit,your job or whatever your goal is but,okay the real problem here though is not,the actual business model itself but how,it's being portrayed to you and I'll,explain to understand what's happening,here,we need to understand a modern-day,dropshipping first so drop shipping has,boomed in recent years and for good,reason it's a great entry-level business,model has low barriers to entry and it,has the ability to scale really quickly,without holding any sort of inventory,yet being able to sell a physical,tangible product it's lucrative it's,attractive and it's great for beginners,to tho drop shipping it's become sort of,almost a catchphrase with both negative,and positive connotations you know the,positive connotations is it's a great,business model it's easy to get into you,can scale really quickly its beginner,friendly etc though the negative,connotations it's big it's unfortunately,being connected to or has already become,connected to the get rich fast type you,know industrial that that sort of area,thing is drop shipping is essentially a,fulfillment model within ecommerce it's,you're still running an e-commerce,business okay ecommerce is exactly that,but drop shipping is a fulfillment,method so I wanted to say that because,we need to understand what drop shipping,is before we understand crop servicing,so over the last few months we've seen,this increase in the phrase drop service,but what exactly is it and what's the,what's the problem here,like I said drop surfacing is,essentially providing a service to,someone a client and not fulfilling the,service yourself but outsourcing that,service it doesn't need to just be,social media management it could be lawn,mowing it could be cooking whatever it,might be but do you know what that,actually means you know what drop,servicing is when we tok about social,media management drop servicing is,essentially SMM a social media marketing,agencies or marketing agencies in,general it's literally a marketing,agency and that business model has been,around for ages for those who don't know,I've worked in a marketing agency or,multiple marketing agencies and managed,seven figures worth of ad spend and,multinational clients so I know a thing,or two when it comes to agencies okay so,when you think about it drop servicing,is not new yet so many people claim that,it is new and you know what else drop,service me is it's essentially how you,run a good business period no matter,what business that you run because it is,essentially service arbitrage you are as,a boss you are outsourcing these are,these activities to someone else while,managing the profits in between the,client okay like I said it could be a,long long long service it could be a,cooking service that is essentially drop,servicing it's just been a rebranded and,you know to run a to run a good business,you have to outsource anyway okay so,I've done and am tiknically doing drop,servicing in the form of yes I outsource,and yes I've worked in marketing,agencies and that in itself is drop,servicing the true problem here is,people rebranding drop servicing to,capture the attention essentially of,those who are looking to get rich fast,and package it into the next big thing,or the thing that's really easy to get,into and that people were really wanting,right now like this like some,sudden explosion of demand for it but,it's the newest online business ball but,it's not it's actually not the newest,business model it's been around for a,while forever because like essentially,like I said is outsourcing it's a form,of outsourcing and the agency business,model has been around for ages even,before people started labeling it as SM,MA and people like you know Tai Lopez,made it really popular but let's tok,about agencies because when people tok,about drop servicing and on YouTube,anyway a lot of them refer to it as,running an agency they're drop servicing,social media management or digital,marketing management and the thing is as,a digital marketing manager or an X,digital marketing manager who you know,I've worked with into I've worked with,Huawei a lot of different brands big and,small by the way small businesses - it's,not easy I can tell you that much and,that's not to say I did a bad job I just,know that it's just not easy okay drop,servicing is not easy as you might think,it is and I just wanted to make that,very clear that's not to say you can't,make money with the drop servicing but,you can make money with affiliate,marketing you can make money with drop,shipping you get my point so yeah I've,worked with many different agencies in,the past before and the high part is,maintaining that client relationship and,delivering consistent results so the,easy part and really this is the easy,part is getting clients okay getting,someone to sign up clients cold calling,all that good stuff it's not that hard,or not as hard as maintaining that,client relationship and maintaining that,steady revenue source I've had so many,people that I know who have started,agencies or drop servicing whatever you,want to call it okay and they've,basically started out got a few clients,no problem at all,but then maintaining those clients and,being able to outsource those Facebook,Ads,out to someone and trusting them and,being able to produce results for them,week on week month on month is very,difficult you need to you need to,basically outsource it to the best ad,specialists and the chances of them,taking on that role for 10 to 15 dollars,an hour is is next to none because if,digital marketing is in demand right now,and if you know how to manage Facebook,Ads,to a point where you're producing,consistent returns for yourself your,business or a client that is worth,literally hundreds and thousands of,dollars as a skill and someone taking on,up work and being able to produce those,results for you okay consistently by the,way why would they want to take that,roll on for ten fifteen dollars an hour,if that when they couldn't make a lot,more money themselves so managing those,results is really difficult and if,you're not managing those results you,know what that means,well that means the clients not going to,stay with you that means no recurring,income back to the drawing board we go,and you have to start selling again cold,calling etc so not only delivery results,is tough well client relationship,management is tough too because you need,to be the face of the company,essentially and for an agency or drop,servicing company again whatever you,want to call it it's the same thing,that's tough because it's a form of,client management your clients end up,becoming your bosses and you need to,manage that rapport with them in order,for them to stay with your agency and,that's not easy as well that means,wining and dining them you know toking,them consistently meeting their demands,yes in some way or form you can manage,you can manage the expectations with,them but at the end of the day they are,the boss you need to meet their demands,they are paying you,okay it's not the other way around,whereas in dropshipping okay you supply,the customer with the product and that's,that okay they go off they enjoy it and,they love it if they don't well then you,could potentially get returns which is,an issue with all ecommerce stores or,they just won't come back to you,and if they love it well they'll come,back and buy more products from you and,increase their lifetime value th