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Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Dropship WITHOUT AliExpress On Shopify (Fast Shipping Methods)

[Music]. in this video, i'll be revealing exactly how i'm drop shipping with less than 10 day shipping times from china without using aliexpress, and at the very end of this video, i'll even show you how i recently added a three-day shipping option to my shopify store [Music]. so stay tuned. [Music]. what's up? guys, it's your boy, jordan, back with another e-commerce video. and listen. this year i am on a mission. i'm on a mission to make over five million dollars with my e-commerce brand and document the entire process as much as i can so that i can lead by example and help you start your own online store. i want to try to hit 100 000 subscribers and help a thousand people start their own online store in 2021. so if you want to see that journey and support my vision, make sure to hit the subscribe button down below and give this video a thumbs up, as it shows it to more people and helps my channel grow. and, without further ado, let's get started with the video. being transparent is one of the most important things to me, so i want to show you some of these shipping times first hand on my dashboard, so you can see- this is the shopify dashboard here and i'm going to click on orders, we're going to go to fulfillment- status fulfilled. we're going to change the date to the last 30 days and then we'll just sort by the oldest ones. that way we can pull some that have arrived. so we'll take this one and we'll take this one. for example, if we click on the link here, you can see that this was delivered in six days, and if we click on this one once again, you can see that it was in six days, and that's using the same exact shipping method that i'm going to share with you right now. real quick, i just want to explain why aliexpress is not a sustainable tool to scale your business. in my business, aliexpress really only has one use, and that is to test new products. this is really the only benefit of this website. there are a ton of sellers, there's a mass variety of products, but when it comes to scaling a product with this platform, it is not sustainable at all. the major problem with aliexpress is that there are massive variations between the suppliers, shipping times and product quality. [Music]. so when you're fulfilling a product from this platform, it's totally a random game on if your supplier is going to do a good job or not. the one piece of advice i can give in that initial testing phase is: study those suppliers heavily, look at their reviews, look at how many other products they have and how long they've been in business. just make sure to be very careful on who you decide to work with. and when you do find somebody that has the product that you're looking to sell, make sure you message them and build up some type of rapport so you know that there's a real person on the other side that wants to help you grow. but, once again, this website is only for testing products, so once you found a product that is selling well, i'm going to recommend some alternatives now to take that to the next level. all right, so now i'm going to show you two alternatives to aliexpress that offer faster shipping. these tools are good for that first phase of your business where you're getting maybe five to twenty orders per day and you're looking to provide a better experience for your customers. alright, so the first tool is called e-perlo. this is very similar to aliexpress. these products are all shipping from china and you can see they have a lot of the big drop shipping products on here. but the major benefit of using an app like this is that they provide shipping lines that you normally wouldn't be able to get from aliexpress. so you can see that they're offering yanwen, which is a really good shipping line that even i use. they offer 4px, and then they offer the traditional e-packet from aliexpress, which i wouldn't recommend using right now. it's super slow. so with an app like this, you're gonna get better shipping times, but it's gonna be a little bit more expensive. so if you can afford the cost difference, this is a great tool for shipping products from china. all right, and the second tool is called spock it. now, this app is very similar, but the only difference is that they mainly focus on products that ship from the us and canada. now, the major downside to spock it is their product library is not the greatest. a lot of these products really don't have major scaling potential on a drop shipping store, but every once in a while you'll find some pretty cool stuff like this: plant hanger is pretty nice. you can see that it shifts worldwide in 8 to 14 days, which is pretty good shipping times. compared to alley, it's a pretty dope product as well. honestly, put this in my house. then you have something like this, which is also a dropship product that i think could do all right, especially for the eco-friendly crowd. and you can see that once again, it ships eight to 14 days to the us, so they got a ton of products on here. but, like i said, it's a good app for fast shipping, but the actual product library is not the greatest. but anyways, these are two apps that you could use in that starting phase of your business. now, once you start scaling and you want to crank things up to the next level and get those juicy six to ten day shipping times, this is the method that i use and this is what i recommend you guys try to get to as soon as possible. let's tok about it. so the best and fastest way to ship products out of china is actually using a private agent. an agent is somebody who has connections in china with the fulfillment centers, the shipping lines and the manufacturers to help you get the best price and fastest shipping possible and to explain the process on how you work with an agent, i'm actually going to call mine up and have him break this down for you. he has over 10 years of experience and can do a much better job explaining than i ever could. hey, what's up yo jordan. how's it going? my man doing good, bro. if you don't mind, i wanted you to explain a little bit to my audience about the process of working with an agent and how that goes down. yeah, yeah, sure. so this fulfillment is, and it's super easy really, i mean, for us. we got a website. all you got to do is to fill out the form, give us your product. we go out there and work for you. we're going to find the best factories. we're going to find the best product quality and price combination. we're going to improve it for you if you need it. yeah, when a brand is free, we need it. we use the most consistent shipping lines as well, and, especially if you're comparing something like all the express man, this is not even drop shipping anymore. we're basically your supply chain partners, and this is not just a better drop shipping process. it's really just leveling up your game. so, if you want to take it to the next level and build a longer, lasting brand and just make a lot more money and just a lot more consistency. it's been a pleasure working with you and i hope that this has been helpful to the people that are watching. let's do it, bro. let's do it all right, catch you later, bro. so that's pretty much exactly what i've done. i worked with value to source my product for a cheaper cost with the best possible quality, and we use a private shipping line called yun express to ship products with less than 10 days shipping times. so since working with an agent, i've even been able to do a couple extra things that have elevated my brand to the next level. i was able to print a custom logo on my product, get my product in a custom package, and i was even able to work with the manufacturer themselves to improve the quality of my products, such as the sizing and the components that go inside of it. and now i'm ordering thousands of these products every single week and shipping them directly with my agent, and from using this method, i'm actually getting a 4.3 feedback score from facebook, which makes my ads run much more effective and allows me to get costs so much cheaper. so that's pretty much exactly how my shipping is set up in china. my next stage that i'm getti.

I Tried Dropshipping With $0 For 30 days

have you ever wondered if it's possible to become a millionaire with Drop Shipping, for a million dollars, millions of dollars from Drop Shipping? well, I know for a fact it's possible, because I went from a high school dropout to making over 1.5 million dollars in a year. by the time I was age 21.. and to show you that it's still possible today, I created a brand new Drop Shipping Store using zero dollars and I'm sharing the entire process transparently now. we just officially ended our first full month in business and we had a lot of ups and we had a lot of downs and, honestly, this reminded me of how hard it is to get your first business off the ground. so while a lot of people are going to be watching this video and impressed with the sales that I've gotten, just realize that this isn't an overnight success. this has been the last five years of me dedicating myself to this craft and I don't want this video to come across showing off. I know there's a lot of gurus out there who try to highlight how easy Drop Shipping is, and we both know these guys are not Drop Shipping, so just know that I'm gonna always keep 100 with you guys. now, any good Drop Shipping Store starts with a good product. I don't care how good your website is or how good your ads are, so I couldn't just find any product. to be successful in this challenge, I needed to find a product that matched the criteria of a winning product. usually when I am picking a product to sell, there's a few things that I look at. obviously, profit margin- if we don't have a good profit margin, then there's no way we're gonna ever be successful. and another piece of criteria that I think is important is that the product actually makes people's lives easier. so to locate this problem-solving product, I ended up going on tiktok and looked up hashtag. tiktok made me buy it and, honestly, I had to browse sometime to find something decent. but I knew we had found a winner when I found a tik tok post with literally hundreds of people asking where they could find the product and the video only had about a thousand likes at this point. now, honestly, this was kind of suspicious- a post with only about a thousand likes to have this many comments of people wanting to know where to buy the product- and I thought this was a great opportunity. hundreds of people were looking to buy this product and they didn't have someone to fulfill that demand. so I built a website on Shopify and I started my journey trying to get this brand sales using zero dollars Capital. now, I only really had one opportunity to become successful with this store, since our budget was zero dollars in order for us to create a profitable business. it meant attracting customers to our website without spending any money. now, this meant that the standard avenues for advertising, like Facebook ads, were completely out of the question, but what was possible was for us to create tiktok and Instagram real content completely organically and try to get the post viral so customers can see our product. so for the last 30 days, I spent a ton of time creating content and it actually went pretty well. so I want to go over the results and how much money we're able to make. so this challenge started on August 16th. this was our first day in business and I ended up posting up only one single tik tok on this day and, yes, I did not get any sales. this was definitely a stressful day for me. I was creating a brand new business from scratch again and, honestly, day two felt pretty similar. we made zero dollars in sales and I spent hours of our time and we weren't able to even manage to get one single sale, so I was feeling pretty disappointed around this time. but day three, things started to pick up. day three, on August 18th, I managed to get our very first sale, and this was when I realized that we were on to something. so I got super stoked and excited about creating this brand. so I ended up doubling down. on the 19th, I created two pieces of content, but unfortunately we were only able to get one sale for 56 dollars. and then the day after that, on the 20th, we were only able to get one sale again, even though I was posting more content now. up into this point, we had gotten zero sales from tiktok. our tiktoks were doing terrible, but our Instagram reels were actually getting to push out, so this was a good sign. we're getting a few thousand views on our Instagram reels, but for some reason we weren't able to crack into tiktok yet. now, day six was a super exciting day. we managed to get three sails for a total of 270 dollars, and this made me feel like we could really take this brand to whatever height we wanted to grow it to, and this brought me down a path of switching our content up. I started to focus on More Story based content, and this started to work really well. we were able to wrap the first week up at a total of 785.93, which personally I thought was a really good start to this challenge. I was feeling super excited and optimistik that this store could grow to a store that does six figures a month. so I really wanted to double down to get the best results we could in this Challenge, and that's also when I set a goal of trying to to make one thousand dollars in a single day throughout this Challenge, and this brought us into week two. on day one of week two, we ended up doing 159 dollars, and day two ended up being another Super solid day. we did 299 dollars in sales this day, which got me feeling really good. we were able to hit some consistent results at this point, and at this point we had generated over one thousand dollars in sales. and the best part about this is, since we weren't spending money on ads, almost 75 percent of the revenue was profit. day three of week two, we had a pretty similar day, and then, day four of week two, I started ramping up the content. I realized that our posts were doing well, but maybe we needed more volume. so on day four of week two, we managed to hit our best day yet at 364 dollars, which was a really good sign. we're almost 40 percent to our 1K a day goal. and then, day five, we managed to smash that record at 399 overall. during week two, we managed to get over two thousand dollars in sales, which meant for this two-week period we had done over two thousand and seven hundred dollars, and I already created a video covering up to this point. if all this sounds familiar. but what I'm about to get into is week three and week four, which ended up being a total twist, and I think it's gonna be something really exciting for everyone. going into week three, I was definitely nervous because we hadn't hit the goal that we set out for this challenge yet and while we were getting results, I wanted to show people that this business is really possible and that we can hit some big numbers. so I was seriously stressed to continue to create the best content that I could, and it ended up being a pretty stressful week. but here's how it ended up. going as far as sales, on day three of week one- such a disappointing day- we managed to get zero sales, but honestly, it felt like it was about time we stopped getting great holds. it seemed like everything was going pretty easy in the beginning of this challenge, so the fact that we weren't facing turbulence just meant that we weren't pushing hard enough. so the fact that I didn't get any sales today, I kind of just dismissed it and decided I'm just gonna keep pushing on. now, on day two of week three, we actually did end up getting a sale, but unfortunately we also did have a refund. so that's why we only made 14.99 on this day, which is just pretty natural. sometimes customers will end up ordering something and they'll want their money back, so we just gave them their money back. we're not going to worry about that and we're just gonna hold. day three is more successful. unfortunately, it wasn't and we managed to do zero dollars in sales yet again. so for this three day period, we had literally only made about 14.99 and I was feeling really bummed out at this point. I thought that maybe the store was over, maybe the product wasn't workin.

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How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

many of you guys watching have probably heard of Shopify dropshipping, but are just wondering: how the heck do you actually do it? and I completely understand you. drop shipping is one of those business models. we have tons of people online toking about how profitable it is and how you can make thousands of dollars every single month while living at home just on a laptop, and it's true. but, to be honest, there's an overwhelming amount of new people coming into the space having a little bit of success, who really have no business sharing information on Drop Shipping and Shopify as a whole, and, in turn, it leaves a lot of you guys clueless and unsure as to exactly where to start with the business model, and I completely understand the frustration. so, since I'm such a nice and generous guy, I'm going to show you exactly how to actually start your very own Shopify business right here, right now, and the best part is, it's completely free. I've been Drop Shipping since 2017. I've generated millions of dollars with the business model, and so I know a thing or two about it. it's not like I just had my first hundred dollar day and I'm coming on here to make videos. it's not like that by any means. now there's also going to be a huge announcement at the end of the video. so make sure you stik around. it's going to be in an insane opportunity where you could potentially win thousands and thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for simply just starting Drop Shipping and having a successful store. but I'll wait to explain that till the end of the video. so just stik around, take notes and then, by the end of the video, you're gonna have an insane opportunity on your hands that I think, is like one of its kind. so just sit tight and hang on, get a notepad ready, because we honestly have a ton of work to do, so let's get into it. first things first, we need to make a Shopify store, so I will have a link below. but this is essentially the backbone of your business and this is exactly where you'll be housing your website. so once you put an email in- I created a simple one that sounds very clever: subscribe to seb's channel. if you're watching this, subscribe might as well. I'm showing you, guys, how to start a Shopify business. so then, once you do that, just click Start your free trial, and then this will essentially take you through a ton of stuff that you don't honestly even need to do so. just click Skip, Skip and Skip. you don't even need to put a store name in. you can change it at any time, so it does not really matter. you will need to select your country, so select that I'm currently in us, and then for create a shopping ID. I just continue with Google and then select my email and then that's kind of it. your Shopify store is now being built and it's not like it's going to be completed, but you'll have the account now. so now you can actually lay the framework and start building out the store. I'll quickly go over, though how to actually set all this stuff up and how to use your Shopify store. so this is the home page. this is where you're going to start seeing all your orders and stuff. essentially, like, it's not going to show up right now because we haven't picked a plan and done anything, so it's going to try and like force us to do tons of stuff like add some apps, make products, do a name, customize the theme domain, all that stuff and tons of other good stuff. so that is the home page, but once you have this all set up, it will show you the orders you have today, the visits and stuff like that, and then orders. this is essentially once people place an order. this is where the info will go. and then, for the products tab, this is, if you guys want to guess, this is where all the products show up. so I'll show you guys exactly how to add products to your store and how to fulfill them, even like when you get orders in and your customers actually place an order and they show up here- how to Auto fulfill them. so you guys don't need to use AliExpress- ditch that old stuff, it doesn't work anymore. there's other, better ways to fulfill your orders with Shopify- and so I'll show you how to do all that stuff: how to add products. and then customers: finances analytiks is actually very important. this is going to show you sales sessions, returning customer rate, your conversion rate. so if 100 people land on your site and only one person buys, it will be a one percent conversion rate. it even breaks it down further and just tons of good stuff. so this is the backbone of your business. but, more importantly, what we need to do is go to apps. so what we're going to do is just type in what's called Zen drop. so type that in and this is going to be where you actually fulfill your orders and once customers Place orders, they are going to be the company that is helping you out with getting the product from their warehouse into the customer's hands automated. so there's a way to do it completely automated, where you literally don't even have to click, place order or fulfill order. they handle everything. we've done thousands of orders per day with zendrop. they are an amazing supplier and Company. I want have an affiliate link. I don't want to scare you guys off and think like Zen drops a scam and I'm just doing this video to help them out. I'm not at all. but for password, we will just put in, uh, something random and then let's do this. let's hope I remembered it. I think that's it for phone number. I'm gonna do a basic one. hopefully that works. we'll see a text message and then let's see if that works. yeah, cool, that works. so we're good to go. the accounts made. I didn't put my real phone number in, so don't try calling me. but once you get into the account, this is where the fun begins. so now you can just kind of surf around four cool products and see essentially what you want to sell. you can do this. there are tons of other ways to find products. now I kind of already know products that sell well, but if you guys want more in-depth details on product research and stuff, I will have a link below for a free Drop Shipping course. it's completely free. it took me a few weeks to film and I released it for free with one of my business partners, Sebastian Georgia. so again, the course is free. we're like giving you everything I do on a daily basis for the Drop Shipping business for free. so again, all the link below for that. like I did mention, I already know some products that are working well, so we can just do like. there are a few I'm seeing right now that do well. we can just kind of pick one of them. I always like to sell problem solving products, so we can just say: like this hot and cold gel therapy mask, it's a good product. I've seen it on tiktok a little bit, so we'll just click it and then essentially all you have to do to get the product from zendrop onto your website. you don't need to go on here and then go to products and create a product. it's nothing like that and this is completely ditching AliExpress. all you do is again add that app, click add to import list, go to import list and then right here, all you'll need to do is edit your description if you want to edit the variants. so one of the things you'll need to do is edit the sale price. for myself, I would want to have at least like a 3X markup, so we'll just say: nine dollars plus six dollars is going to be 15.. so we can sell this for 39.99. that's a decent enough margin- and then just plug that in for every single color- and I'm just copy and pasting it just to make my life easy- and then from there we're profiting to twenty five dollars per sale. so if we get 10 sales, we will be profiting 250 dollars. next, you need to select the photos. so make sure you are not selecting photos that look like they came from AliExpress or came from somewhere bad, because if you guys do that, it's gonna look scammy. I saw other videos where people were trying to show you guys how to make a website and the photos all look like this and like this and like this and like this and like this. that's not what actually works, and take this from someone who actually knows what they're.

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The "Death" Of Dropshipping

the death of Drop Shipping is approaching. I'm sorry to say this, but if you try Drop Shipping with the traditional methods, you are almost guaranteed to fail. but thankfully there's still hope, because over the last five years I've made millions of dollars in sales and recently I sold one of my stores for a life-changing amount. but I can tell you firsthand that things have changed significantly. in this video I'm going to break down exactly how I did it and what you need to avoid if you want to succeed in this business, and at the end I'm going to tok with someone that scaled from zero to over four hundred thousand dollars in 30 days without using the traditional method. let's begin by explaining this method and why you should avoid it at all costs. back when I started Drop Shipping, there was only one strategy that everyone was praising, and it was called The General Store. this was a store with a variety of products in every industry you could think of. the logic behind this strategy was that you can experiment with all of them until you find one that works, get as many sales as possible and then move on to the next one, and somehow, in my first year of doing this, I was able to sell over 700 000 worth of random products, but it came at a cost- uh, huge cost that almost made me lose everything. the following year, after doing that, my store Came Crashing Down, and the reason is I never built a real business. my entire business was focused on always finding the next winning product. I would sell one, push it as far as it could go and then throw it away, and this experience was painful, but it showed me that this method is simply not sustainable. I can promise you this traditional drop through method is dead and you will fail if you do this. but after building my first business and making all these mistakes, I reworked my entire strategy. in 2020, I started a new Shopify store and in the two years that followed, I built my most successful store to date, selling nearly two million dollars worth of products, and very recently, I was able to sell this business. this changed my life and allowed me to reach a new level of Financial Freedom, and I was even able to take care of my family in ways that I haven't before. selling a company before 25 was always a goal of mine, and I did it without the traditional method. in fact, I would say the method I used is the only logical way for anyone to start a Shopify store going into 2023, so if that's your goal, I want you to listen very closely. the strategy I use to generate these results is called the hybrid method, and there are three stages to executing the hybrid method successfully. these are the exact stages I use to build my own business, which, by the way, I've documented the entire thing on this channel, so make sure to subscribe if you want to follow along. in phase one, you have just one goal: find a profitable product. this process takes time, but it's actually simpler than you think, and I know this because I've helped thousands of people launch their first store with this exact strategy. so listen closely. the first step is to create a hybrid store. this is a branded store focused on one Industry- Home Goods, Fitness, travel, Beauty- something that you're passionate about and can truly understand what the customers are thinking of. the goal of this store is to give you a platform for testing products with ads or organic marketing. once you've chosen an industry, you need to find a product. my advice is to focus entirely on products that have recently gone viral on social media. the reason for this is that they have already been proven to work and you can reverse engineer the entire process, and this is the key to seeing results as a beginner. so you want to go and create a list of at least 10 products that have recently gone viral within your industry, and once you have this, you can start the testing phase. this phase is all about launching simple ads for these products to find the one that has the most potential. in the past, I've had massive success with Facebook ads, but they're making it harder than ever for dropshippers to succeed with this platform. so to do this successfully, I would recommend that you use tiktok ads. this is where all the opportunity is at right now, but to succeed with ads on any platform, you need to implement phase number two. otherwise you're going to end up burning thousands of dollars on ads without generating any results. my secret to seeing success with Drop Shipping has always been the upgrade. you can find products that are already selling extremely well and improve upon them. the best areas of improvement are typically the website, the ad and sometimes even the product itself. that's exactly what I did with all of the successful products that I've ever sold. I was not the first to sell them. in fact, by the time I had found my product, it already had racked up millions of views on social media. so once you find a product like this that's going viral, you have to analyze it for opportunities that you can improve upon, because this is where you're gonna make all of your money. so let me show you an example of a product and exactly how I'd upgraded. so this right here is a product that has been going extremely viral. as you can see, it got 6.4 million views in just a couple of weeks. people in the comments are going crazy for this product. they're tagging their friends, they're super excited and they're ready to buy this thing. you might see this as a saturated product, but I see this as a massive opportunity. here's why, as you can see, they have a really clean ad. it's going viral. people are loving it, but if we take a look at their website, it is absolutely horrendous. the website just looks like a scam. the name, the logo, the title of the product, the images- this whole thing does not give me a single inch of trust. but people are still flooding to this product and buying it by the thousands. you also notike that they're selling this product for only forty dollars. if I was going to sell this product. today, I would make a store within the golf industry and improve upon this, because I know that people want this product and if I made that store, I would be able to sell this product for literally double the price they're selling it, because it's a better shopping experience and it's way more trustworthy. if all this sounds too complicated and you want me to help you do it, I'm here for you. since I sold my business, I've had more people than ever asking for my help, so I spent the last couple of months designing the best program for anyone looking to get started with e-commerce, and today I can confidently say I've got it with the viral Vault. viral all provides you with everything you need to succeed on Shopify. our brand new, custom built platform is the ultimate resource for new store owners. we've been building this out all year and today it's officially ready to launch. every day, you'll receive two hand-picked products that are personally reviewed by me, and each product includes everything you need to launch: video ads, descriptions, competitor data and suppliers ready to go. we've also developed the ultimate beginner friendly crash course taught by me and some of my industry expert friends. with over 10 million dollars in Combined sales, together, we're going to provide you the full blueprint to surpassing ten thousand dollars a month in profit on Shopify from a group of people who have done it time and time again. you're going to learn everything you need to know from building your store, identifying great products, running Facebook and tiktok ads, and even an exclusive strategy on how to profit off of tiktok without spending a dollar on ads. you'll also get access to my private Community with my eCommerce experts who are on standby 24: 7 to answer any of your questions and give you feedback along the whole journey, and every Sunday you get to speak directly with me in our live group sessions where I'm going to review your stores, products, ads and answer any questions you might have. look, I'm on a missio.

Understanding the "Shipping" in Dropshipping

everyone thanks for joining us and here again and in this video, we're gonna understand a little bit more about the shipping and drop shipping. so let's get started, alright. so, with shipping and drop shipping, this is kind of one of the, I would say, the top question we get from a lot of our customers, if not top three, because it really is kind of a little bit difficult to understand. but once you understand, it's actually quite simple, but it's really hard to perfect. so let's just dive in and let's tok a little bit more about shipping and drop shipping and you know things you're gonna need in them. so, obviously, the first thing is it's a little confusing. so it's no surprise that figuring out your shipping policies, which option products, can be a little bit confusing, because the products are coming from another source. they're not coming from you, they're coming from your dropship supplier. now this is the biggest part. we're going to tok about this a lot and this is researching what suppliers you're using. so if you are using US based suppliers- right, and there's a bunch of different ways that they're gonna be- shipping products could be off of your own carrier accounts, could be off of the suppliers carrier accounts. you need to know how it's coming to your customer you need to know. so definitely, research exactly how your suppliers are shipping those products. now, when coming up with a shipping policy of your own, you have a few options. so there's a bunch of different ways that you can kind of digest and import in, provide shipping to your customers, and we're gonna tok a little bit more about that as well. alright, so number one: when it comes to deciding on on a shipping policy, a lot of guys they do free shipping, so free shipping is great. as you browse the web, you'll notike a lot of e-commerce stores advertising free shipping. now in order to recoup the cost. when offering free shipping, a lot of store owners what they do is they they mark up their pricing for their products just a little bit more to kind of compensate on the shipping cost. it's very common to see a lot of e-commerce stores that do free shipping, and when you're starting out, you really want to be competitive with your products. you know selling different. you know various ranges of pricing. points could be small, really cheap products could be, you know really expensive products, and providing free shipping for the cheaper ones versus the expensive ones may be kind of hard. so one thing that we've seen with a lot of customers that I would definitely suggest looking into is offering free shipping off of us once you go past a certain amount for your cart total. so a lot of guys what they do is they offer free shipping for anybody that spends over a hundred dollars. so that way the margin of the order volume is enough to cover the shipping cost and it's still gonna give you profit. obviously that's a big thing there. you don't want to be losing money for every transaction and and with shipping it's it's gonna be hard. it really is. so there is the option of free shipping. bunch of different ways that you can do it. you know inventory source. specifically, some of you guys might be customers of us. we. we have different tools to add in shipping costs to your retail price so you can provide free shipping, such as, you know, markups off of products, weight markups off of dimensional weight. some suppliers actually have a specific shipping fee for each product line item, so you can actually include the shipping cost as well. sometimes suppliers are really good about that, some aren't. so you know, like I said, the research of the supplier. so you know, free shipping is a very common thing to see in the e-commerce realm now. the second option is a flat rate shipping. so flat rate shipping is when you offer prices for all your shipping, no matter the weight of the product, but it's just flat rate. so anything zero to five pounds: you 395 shipping. anything 5 to 10: 5: 95 shipping. anything above 10: 995 shipping. you know stuff like that. that's, that's flat rate shipping. this is appealing to customers because they really know what to expect when they're purchasing products and every time they go to checkout you know it's the same time. it's a larger risk for the online store owner just because you're not doing exactly how the product is going to be shipped. again it's. it's a little bit harder when it's coming from a different source and make sure you do your research so to try to keep the weight of the products as low as possible. and when shops your inventory management tools, like inventory source, you can filter out the products that are, you know, a little bit easier to sell with a with lower product weight. we've seen that a lot with guys at once who you know sell products and they want to keep good margins. shipping cost is a huge deal, so they don't offer products that you know have very large weights. it could be dimensional maids, could be just regular product weights. you know that's that's one thing that a lot of guys filter out. and then they provide this. you know flat rate shipping. so it's entirely up to you. this is another common option. and then the third one, and this is a little bit trickier to kind of do, but if you do it it's kind of perfecting it with your supplier, it's matching your suppliers cost for shipping. it's probably the safest option you want to do as a business owner. but you have to do a lot of research. you got to kind of make it exactly as you know what the supplier provides. so the downside here is it's hard to compete with other stores in the same niche that is offering free shipping or other incentives or lower shipping cost. so that that's really the the downside here: matching the supplier costs. we we always like to say that with our customers, so understand what they're shipping on. right is it is a UPS? okay, great, you just offer ups on your store or on your marketplace. X you're selling on. so matching it, you're gonna know exactly how it's gonna be shipped out. you know a lot of guys its we're in this free shipping realm. you know Amazon Prime right. everybody goes Amazon to buy stuff, everybody goes eBay buy stuff, and a lot of guy a lot of times you're buying stuff for products that have free shipping because you know exactly what price you're getting this at you. you know I'm getting some crazy shipping costs. so matching your suppliers cost is really gonna ensure that you're selling product price for exactly what you're buying the product at, as well as how it's gonna be shipped and how much it's gonna cost you. but there is some downside to it. now these are the most three common. you know ones not better than the other. it just depends on how you want to market your ecommerce store. but, Jordy of the times, this is what we see from the customer. so that's deciding on the shipping policy. now these is this is something you want to consider on how you want to ship products, because there's different ways on how you can ship products. it's not just the supplier shipping products off of their own accounts. there's, there's their supplier shipping off of your accounts as well. so you know, here are some things that definitely consider. so once you're deciding on a ship and policy, you can consider what you want to ship your products at. so most suppliers they ship off of their own accounts. so could be FedEx, could be UPS, can be USPS, and a large majority of them will also let you ship off of your own carrier account. usually when you see suppliers act that allow you to ship off of your own carrier account, you know those are legit suppliers. they're definitely, you know, the good ones to kind of keep around. they understand the. you know the, the needs and the barriers for shipping and drop shipping. so a lot of guys- they, you know they definitely let you ship off of your own carrier count. so it's deciding on which one you want to do. do you want to take on the cost and ship off your own carry count? do you want to ship on a supplier square and count? you know it's deciding that right, so ho.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what, despite the several successful dropshipping case studies on this channel, i still occasionally get people leaving comments like drop shipping is dead, if it was ever properly alive to begin with. increasing e packet rate- it literally kills drop shipping. it's too late for this business. most businesses fail. i will never waste my time and money trying to start a business ever again, and if you're smart, you'll do the same thing. hmm, yeah, well, okay, obviously, i strongly disagree with those comments, because here's the thing: a lot of people will say things like drop shipping is dead or it's too late, or businesses don't work, and the reason why they're saying these things is because they are making several assumptions that are all wrong, and so, if you are looking to start a store, it's crucial, then, that you understand what these assumptions are before you start drop shipping so that, unlike these people, your store can be successful, because, no, it is not too late. one people won't buy from you. they'll just buy from amazon instead. but wait, sarah, you ask: why would anyone buy products from me if they can buy products directly from amazon themselves? now, it is absolutely true that if you head on over to amazon, that you will find lots of products that can be purchased directly from aliexpress, sitting on amazon's digital shelf as well. and, of course, if customers were to purchase your products on amazon, they would then get to take advantage of their prime two-day shipping. so how on earth could drop shippers successfully dropship these guitar coffee spoons with two to three week shipping via china's cheapest, fastest shipping option- a packet, when a customer could come and buy them on amazon with two-day shipping? i mean, come on, sarah, just think about it. amazon is only growing. in q3 2019, their product sales were up over 17 from the same time in 2018.. won't amazon steal away all of our sales? no, no, they will not. you see, here's the thing. there is some truth to these comments. amazon is arguably the better deal for usa citizens. it is better for the consumer to purchase the products on amazon. so if they figure out that the product that you are selling them is indeed on amazon for purchase, you can bet that amazon will take that sale away from you. but you know what? we literally don't care. and you know what? drop shippers never have the sorts of people who see a product and decide that they're going to research the absolute best deal, for it were never our customers in the first place. nope, it's the 44 of people that impulsively purchase products online that we are targeting and, of course, as shown by how millennials are even more prone to impulsive purchases, with 80 of them impulsively buying products, the overall percentage of impulse e-commerce purchases for us to target as drop shippers is only growing and growing. you see, successful drop shipping stores are built around that target customer, the type of customer that enjoys impulsively purchasing products. it also means that the successful drop shipping stores are usually built around selling products that spike an emotion in a customer that makes them think: i need to buy this right now. it's why this aliexpress dog caller has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. the advertising dropshippers used spike fear and dog owners pointing out how many dogs dying in car accidents each year from not being seen. that is why, when recently, i saw this comment from this viewer asking why their online store wasn't successful, i pretty much instantly knew that the store would be selling extremely boring products. and lo and behold, i was right. now, of course, this is actually a print on demand store, not a drop shipping store, but the exact same principle applies. why would somebody want to buy this hoodie when they can go to amazon and find cheaper hoodies and shirts with inspirational messages on there, because here is the reality. typing vision in a plain white circle is not exciting. so let's compare this hoodie to this hoodie. what is the difference between the two? well, the difference is that one hoodie is very boring and the other is extremely interesting, unique and unlike anything people are likely to have seen before, which is why this hoodie's facebook advertising campaign made so much money for the successful aliexpress dropshipping store. freaky pet. and, of course, if you're ever wondering, this exact same answer applies to the people that ask the question: why would customers not go directly to aliexpress themselves? well, again, it's because good aliexpress drop shippers sell products that trigger emotions on people and get them to impulsively buy their products, so that they never even think to go check if a product is on aliexpress, because they see and go. that's so amazing. i must buy one now. and, by the way, if you've learned something from this video and you would like to learn even more about starting a successful drop shipping store, then be sure to subscribe and click that little notification bell next to it so that you don't miss out on any of our videos. two, dropshipping is a scam. i just want to quickly address this because these comments are really dumb. you know, you might have notiked that earlier in this video i freely admitted that it would be a fast, superior financial choice for a customer to buy this hoodie on amazon with two day shipping for a fraction of the price compared to what they would pay for it on freaky pet. and so what do people say to that? oh, the customer can get it cheaper, elsewhere, quicker. that makes your store a scam. nope, it does not. number one: if it weren't for your facebook ad, the customer would never have known about that product that they really enjoyed getting in the first place. people really love this hoodie and we're really grateful that it was advertised to them and they bought it. you had to pay for that advertising to do that, which you pass on to the customer. amazon doesn't advertise products. customers have to find them themselves. and number two, as an entrepreneur, you are in no way obligated to offer your product for the lowest price. here are two coffee shops around the corner from my apartment. they are across the road from each other. i walked into coffee shop a and bought my favorite coffee, a long black, for three dollars- and yes, i know that overseas the phrase long black might conjure up some different thoughts, but here in new zealand, and over in australia too, a long black simply refers to pouring an espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of boiling water to create a stronger version of an americano with creamer. next i went into coffee shop b and again order long black, but this time it cost four dollars- completely different prices for an extremely similar product. and you know what? coffee shop a's three dollar coffee was the best. would you say that coffee shop b is a scam for charging a higher price for a worse version of this coffee? no, you would not. pricing is entirely subjective and is actually determined by the customer, not you. you present the customer with the price and it is up to them to decide if that price is worth it or not. and at the end of the day, if freaky pet are able to create a marketing campaign that gets people to purchase their hoodie for a higher price while being entirely upfront about the shipping times, then they 100 deserve that sale. 3. drop shipping is saturated. perhaps the most bizarre of all the claims is that drop shipping is dead and it's over since. well, it's saturated. and the truth is when i see comments like this, it blows my mind, because this comment literally makes no sense. here is what market saturation literally is. it's when a product has been maximized in a market, in other words, when all of the people who would want that product have bought it already. and here is what drop shipping is. drop shipping is when a customer buys a product that you've listed in your store for a markup price. when they do, you go to the manufacturer and you purchase that one product for the wholesale price and then have the