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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Nike Air Max 270 React Review

I can't do the Captain Planet thing again, you know, because people, people confuse the Captain Planet reference with the colourway. you know I was. I was saying with reactant and Air Max combined. no, I got it afterwards but it is definitely his color. that was just a pure coincidence, but that's what my thought process was. with react and Max Air, come by and even now, like this colorway can work for that too. what do you mean? like this is all the this fire, earth, water, wind, art. hey, what's good guys is Chris from we're testers calm, welcome back the official we're testers calm YouTube channel. today we were taking a detailed look and review at these guys right here. this is the Nike Air Max 270 react. now we have done a review on these. before. however, it was at a different colorway and we had to make the video private for right now because the colorway that's not launched until like late July and we're not allowed to post videos like that until about one week out from the actual shoes release. so unfortunately, we had to pull that video. I apologize for that, but it will be back up, probably so July 19th, so one week before that, whatever day that is, it will be back up for those of you curious about that shoe- this one, though. this is the Air Max 270 react that I was actually looking for. that's a Star Wars reference, because it's not the droids you're looking for, but this is the shoes you were looking for. but they don't do that, they just do this. you know, yeah, they don't go back and forth, they just, they just do it the one time. unless you're ready, you could do it with no hands. you will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open. now these guys right here, I just think look great. as far as the colorway goes, it shows off all of the paneling. the previous colorway that I reviewed was kind of like a monotone look, so it had just like that one simple tone upper, and then they also had the ripstop see-through material on the toe. I'm not a fan of that stuff. usually I'm not not a fan of it. I just think that it's overused too much. I do like the material. I just like don't want to see it on every sneaker. these guys right here, I just think look fantastik. I love pretty much everything about them, with one minor thing, and that is the actual overlay materials. so what we have here on all of those kind of like overlay sections is just like this fake felt feeling material. yes, I know felt is fake, I get, but it does feel like felt and felt. I just don't feel like the lungs on 150- 160 dollar sneakers. what were these 150? yeah, 150 men, for a lifestyle shoe it's not that big of a deal. it really irks me when we see this stuff on like performance models and stuff. however, that's kind of what this material is all about. it's a throwback to the old school, you know Nike era of running. so a lot of old-school Nike runners actually use this style of material. it was a synthetik back then, still a synthetik now, but it was supposed to mimic synthetik nubuck or Suede's and what that does is reduce a lot of the weight while still giving you all of that kind of like zero break-in period that those materials offer. so this guy right here switches it up, kind of gives you that throwback feeling of that stuff. but they also make it in a thin skin fuse like panels so they can heat welded on there again. that's also to reduce stitching, reduce weight. however, it is not a performance shoe, this is a lifestyle shoe. he also itself features lots of rubber. the front half looks very reminiscent to a lot of the current nike react models- that includes the nike react element 87 as well as the 55 and the press, though- and in the rear section again looks just like the other model that's kind of mixed with, which is the 270. it's got the protection around the bag, but it's kind of like that hovercraft look and everything like that, or it's just the outside or the rim, and then the unit itself is actually injected with react foam, which i think is awesome. like normally with a unit like this, you'll have, whatever the foam that is used, whether it's Phylon or polyurethane or whatever- it'll be injected into the air unit, and different types of foams make those air units feel different. so if you put a comfortable air unit with a super comfortable foam, it's an comfort on what do they call other new kids, like comfort on fleek. now that brings me to the cushion. obviously, the air max 270 unit. it's there, it's loud, it's proud, it's awesome. I love this version of it too, because it's tinted, it's colored. I think it looks great. and then the rest of the midsole is react foam. react is react. is that when it's not encased in stuff. shout out to the hyperduck 2017 and Jordan Superfly salute 2017. those were the two models that kind of introduced react to the world and unfortunately, it was like super lackluster. every iteration of react sense has been completely awesome and these guys feel just like the after mentioned react models. what I toked about. so the element 87, the 55, the Presto's, all that stuff. speaking of the Pres- those we called that that she was going to be the shoe in the summer thing. that that's wrong. I think that this is the shoe of the summer. I think the one thing that's better then comfortable foam is visible air. I'm just right, like it's. it needs to be there, visible air. I think that will get you every time. the price point is pretty good too. again, 150 for the tik, that comfort. that's also why I think the Presto is like a great shoe and might be considered still the shoe of the summer, just because it's price point is relatively affordable for the type of comfort that you receive now. earlier I was toking a little bit about the materials and how the previous colorway that I had had that rips out material, like on the base or the underlay material. I'm not a fan of that stuff, usually, at least when it's overused. this material right here is a lot nicer, I think. so this material right here is one that I like a lot more. it's just a basic fabric type of material. it feels good, it doesn't require any break-in time. all that stuff might get dirty cuz there's cream color, but hopefully you can clean it off row easily. and then you do have that trendy kind of like deconstructed look around the eye state area with the lace loops and all that stuff. this panel is kind of like not completely free-floating, but you can definitely like see that it's. it's a free layer on there. for the most part you've got air 270 as well as they've react. and then inside of the collar area we actually have a lot of heel pillows- or not a lot, but there's two, but there they are in there there for some comfort. it'll keep your achilles little notches like area, like secure, so that your heel is not popping out of the shoe. now, as far as sizing is concerned, these guys do fit true to size. they should be OK for wide footers because the materials are lightweight, they're airy, all that kind of good stuff. this guy again, it's that kind of like basic fabric. I don't even want to call it a textile cause. it doesn't look like mesh and I think that that'll be fine for most wide footers. try them on in store, just in case. I believe they officially drop on the 3rd, doesn't it always? ya know, it's always like that, man, or did they drop? Moe was just well, I wouldn't call that multiple. I call that too, like I'd say a couple. multiple means like a line. so if you can try these guys on in store once they officially release, otherwise I would just go true to size. I think that they fit perfectly. they don't fit like the press, those depress, those fit kind of awkwardly. they also they run really big and then the width and everything is kind of like on the slim side, super weird. I'm not a huge fan of the way that that material fits around the foot. long term these guys feel more like a traditional shoe and that pretty much takes care for these guys. retail price is 150. the release date on these guys is July 3rd. it will be dropping in multiple different variations, mobile, multiple colorways, all that stuff. the first launch obviously would be these.

How To Start & Scale Your Dropshipping Store This Q4

so last Q4, I took a brand new drop twing store from zero to over a hundred thousand in less than two months, and in this video, I'm gonna explain exactly how I was able to do that without having to do that much of work. and the main reason why I didn't have to do that much work is because I assembled a team that helped me do every single step of the dropshipping process, from finding products all the way to creating ads. now, if you are someone, though, that doesn't have the biggest budget, and you still want to get success in Q4, obviously you're gonna have to do the work yourself. so I do want to explain, for multiple budgets, how you can prepare and succeed in quarter four. so what does it cost to test products effectively on your own versus having a team? well, in my opinion, with Q4 coming up the next two months, you should really be focused on testing about five to ten products- that's about two a week for the next two months- in order to find that one winning product. so if you're doing it on your own in order to test 10 products, you really don't need that much money. in fact, it could be a couple hundred dollars if you are doing tiktok organic, which I would recommend. but if you do have a decent sized budget and you want to have a team that sets up your websites, finds your products, create your ads, I would say you're going to need a couple thousand dollars- around three to five thousand. now. when I was 16 and I started Drop Shipping, my budget was around a thousand dollars and everyone would say: put your money into Instagram promos or Facebook ads. but if you have a budget even of less than that of 500- 300 and you still want to get Drop Shipping success, I would just recommend finding your dropshipping product on Amazon, order it directly to yourself and start studying on PP ads or The tiktok creative Center what videos are going viral or organically, because it's not that hard as you think to actually get a video that pops off with tiktok organic and that's the great thing about Drop Shipping in 2022.. now you obviously have to have some video skills, editing. you have to understand Trends, promos and how to actually catch people's attention with your hook, but that's something we'll discuss a little later. but if you're someone who's trying to prepare for Q4 with about three to five thousand dollars, what I would recommend really doing with that budget is putting a lot of that to your team, because if you're testing 10 products over the course of the next two months in September and in October, here's what the breakdowns are most likely going to be. you're you're going to have to find a team that researches the products, and typically most researchers are about six dollars an hour. so in order to find about 10 really solid products, it might cost you around, I would say, 500. now, once you have your products, you need someone that's going to write the descriptions and I would say for 10 products, that's going to cost you around 250 dollars, so that's about 750. after that you got a website guy that makes 10 websites. I recommend one product brand of websites. that's going to run you back 25 a website. so if you do that for 10, that's 250 again. so you're at around a thousand dollars right there. and then afterwards you're gonna need an editor that can Source Clips, find the best clips and edit them together and that understands marketing. so to get around five ads for each product, I would say that's gonna cost about fifty dollars per product. times that by 10, that's 500. so that's fifteen hundred dollars. right there that you're getting everything prepared. it's ready to go. then you obviously got apps, monthly expenses- that's another 100- 200 right there for having 10 stores. then after that, the three thousand dollars really just goes into your ads: testing creatives, testing different ad accounts, testing different strategies. and that's the great thing and I really really do believe is the best way of doing Drop Shipping nowadays: having a team that does the work for you, having that automated process. but obviously it's easier said than done, so let's break it down step by step now, before I get into my next point. this video is sponsored by my agency, blue ocean digital Miami. how crazy is that? so if you do want to work with my team of experts that can help you find winning products for you, build your website for you, create winning ads with ugc content creators and also manage your ads for you to help you scale your next or first winning product, you can book a call down below and work with my team. so, as a drop shipper preparing for Q4, you should have at least five to ten products that you're really going to go hard in testing new creatives and stiking with them. you don't want to just test them for a day or two and then you get rid of them, because a lot of times with products, you just need to find the right marketing angle and find the Right audience that is going to be profitable for you to scale in. so in order to find that list of 5 to 10 really solid products, you've got to have a great criteria. so for me, these are the main things I look for. it has to be a high quality product. it cannot be something that looks cheap or something I can buy at a dollar store or be something- Eric, a lot of Home Decor products for me can't really be branded because they're so generic and you can find them anywhere. also, it's got to be a product that creates a desire. so if I'm selling a chain, it's Gotta look cool. It's gotta have different angles and clips out there where I can demonstrate and make it look cool- unless I'm filming content by myself- and I know I have the skills to make it look cool- and if it doesn't really create a desire, then it has to solve a problem. it has to make your life easier, it has to save money, save time, whatever it is, but the product has to solve a problem that is worth solving. I think that's a huge, huge point, because there's a lot of products that solve fake problems, pretend problems. there's a popcorn maker that I've seen that actually has around 40 000 orders on Amazon and I'm just looking at it thinking why would anyone need that? so I'd recommend looking for products that solve a big problem. if it is a problem solver, that is worth solving. because there's so many basic products- cheap knickknacks, that sure they solve a problem, but there are way better Solutions out there. so the problem is you can't get sleep at night. you better believe you have to have a product that is the best solution, or you can at least Market it as the best solution. so the sleep eyewear that was marketed as the best product because it had so many unique benefits that other Sleep Products really didn't have. you can play the music. it just completely blocks out all light. there's a lot of ways you can convince people that it's the best product. so if you're selling anything, you have to make sure you can mark it as the best solution to a problem or the most affordable. otherwise there's no reason for someone to buy it. now, if you do have some money and you want to build a product research team to find you products like this right here, what I would recommend doing is going to upwork, going to onlinejobsph, and you're gonna have to do a lot of Trials, because there are tons of product researchers out there that when you do job posts, they will respond. you'll get hundreds of applicants and you need a way to verify their skills. so what I would recommend doing is do a trial where, for about five hours, you'll pay them their hourly rate for five hours, see what type of products they bring back, and you should have an sop video that you can send to them saying like: hey, here are the niches I like, this is what I look for in a product. and then, after watching that video, you let the product researcher go to work and whoever brings you products that are genuinely interesting to you that you think are winners, are the ones that you keep onto your team and once you do that, you negotiate. I would recommend getting them into Hub staff. that way, you can go into Hub staff, yo.

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Nike AIR MAX 270 REACT ENG Review & On Feet

what's up everybody? I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing a brand new Nike silhouette and that shoe is the Air Max 270 react Eng. about a month or two ago we started to see images of a brand new travis scott collaboration on what is now known as the air max 270 react TNG, and at the time i think a lot of us assume that this redesign of the air max 270 react was specific to the travis scott collaboration and maybe he was the one behind it. but it seems that that's just not actually the case, because Nike has officially released the air max 270 react Eng, which looks just like the Travis Scott collaboration, except in a different colorway. this laser blue colorway of the Air Max 270 react Eng is one of the first colorways of that silhouette to release and it released alongside an all-black colorway. the shoe dropped on January 16th for a retail price of one hundred and seventy bucks, which, I've got to be honest, is a lot for an Air Max. to be 100% honest with you upfront, I'm already not a huge fan of this sneaker, because I've reviewed a pair of Air Max 270 reacts in the past and I just didn't like the mid-foot transition at all and this colorway is not exactly my thing, but I'm gonna try and come with this review as objectively as possible and let you know what I think about this sneaker so that when the Travis Scott pair comes out you sort of know what to expect. or hey, if you just love the silhouette or this colorway, then grab a pair right now, because they are pretty readily available. what's really interesting to me about this sneaker is that it's just like the original Air Max 270, at least from the midsole down. but they've completely redesigned the upper and I'm not sure why. even though I didn't love the feel of the Air Max 270 react underfoot, I love the way that sneaker looked. I think the upper was designed so nicely, especially in that battle house colorway. it was just a great sneaker overall. what I'm wondering is why they felt a need to completely redesign the upper and what that accomplishes. so why don't we jump right into the Eng version of the Air Max 270 react and find out what makes it different? starting off from the toe of the sneaker, you've got the synthetik nose, so tip overlay which, as the name would suggest, is not sewn, it's just glued on. the overlay comes in bright blue and in black and it seems to be made up some really thin rubbery fuse. overly moving up on the shoe, you get to the reason for the Eng naming of the sneaker: this bright yellow engineered mesh. the engineered mesh is not the most breathable thing in the world, in fact it's not very breathable at all- but it is nicely padded and it does feel nice against your foot. then, getting to one of the most eye-catching details on the shoe- actually probably the most eye-catching detail on the shoe- you've got this TPU welded overlay. the overlay comes in a pink at the base and then fades into a blue the closer you get to the toe. even though I don't love the colors that they used on the shoe, I love the shapes of these TPU overlays. I feel like these waves sort of have a very retro Runner vibe to them, which I really like. it's almost like a trippy pattern, especially in this colorway. it kind of messes with your eyes a little bit. in addition to giving the shoe a very unique look, these overlays also help with the actual structure of the sneakers. they provide some support around the mid foot and also keep the shoe from being too floppy. as you move farther up in the shoe you get to this light blue synthetik leather panel that has the bottom two eyelets, and then, weaving through the eyelets, you've got these bright white laces. an interesting detail about the 270 react en G's lacing system is that they've got this translucent blue lace lock that doesn't actually listen to do anything. maybe I'm missing something, but it's only connected to the pull tab and not the laces himself. so I'm wondering: is there a point to it? I don't know. I don't mind the look of it visually and I guess if you really want to slide your laces through these two tiny little holes, you can tighten the laces without actually tying the shoe, but it's not something I really need. it's just kind of just kind of there for me. underneath the lace is you've got this black neoprene tongue with these sort of padded areas around the sides and the top of the tongue, and then, getting back to the pull tab, you've got this brand new Air Max logo in bright yellow. then, moving inside the sneaker, you've got this black sock liner, which is actually pretty well padded, and I love the way it felt around my ankle. the insole of the sneaker comes in blue with that brand-new Air Max logo once again, and also the react logo printed in black. as for sizing, the Air Max 270 react Eng fit pretty much exactly true to size. I had no sizing issues whatsoever and I think if you're grabbing a pair of these for yourself, I probably would go true to size. I'm always pretty impressed with Nikes lineup. like there's not many of their sneakers that don't fit your Desai's and that's pretty hard to do, but because everyone's feet are different, I definitely suggest trying out a pair of Air Max 270 react TNG's before you buy them, just to make sure you're grabbing the right size for you. then, continuing back in the sneaker, around the back half of the ankle you've got this black area with this sort of padded pillow thing- I'm not sure exactly what to call it. it also has the Nike logo in white. to be honest, I really like this detail visually, especially on this colorway, because it provides a nice break from all the yellow and the pink, and I feel like if the entire sneaker had been yellow and pink, it would have just been too much. then, speaking of yellow and pink, on the heel of the shoe you've got even more of it and running down the center of the heel, you've got this black pull tab that says 270 reacts, in blue moving down on the shoe you get to the same midsole and outsole that you found on the previous Air Max 270 react. the first cushion that you'll feel, and the one that's directly underneath your foot, is the full length react foam. even though the react cushion is tiknically full-length, you do have a lot more of it in the forefoot of the sneaker and a lot less of it above the 270 air unit. in the heel. the react cushion is super soft and feels great underneath your foot, at least in the forefoot of the sneaker, but when you get to the 270 air unit it gets a lot stiffer. so the react doesn't really provide the same sort of cushion that it does in the forefoot. the 270 air unit in the heel is fine, but it's so much stiffer than the react foam. it feels really weird because the heel of the sneaker is pretty stiff and the forefoot is super mushy and soft and even though they've got a little bit of react foam over top of the 270 air unit, it doesn't make that much of a difference. it really takes a lot of pressure to actually activate this air unit. and going back to my previous Air Max 270 react review, the transition between the react in the forefoot and the 270 air unit in the heel is kind of weird. it goes from really soft the kind of stiff in the heel, and that's not really something you're used to feeling. usually the forefoot of the sneaker is stiffer and the heel is softer, so weird sensations. now this could just be totally in my head, but I do feel like there is a very slight difference between this midsole and outsole and the previous Air Max 270 reacts midsole and outsole. there's something about the transition in this shoe that just feels ever so slightly better. it doesn't feel as abrupt as it used to and I don't know if they maybe just added more react or maybe I don't know what else they could have done, but it feels very slightly different. and again, I don't know if that's just in my head, maybe it's because this is a new pair of sneakers and I just haven't worn it as much. I don't know what it is, but something feels different. as for the actual aesthetiks of the midsole, the react comes in white and the air unit comes in cl.

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Can You Learn How to Dropship from Tiktok? (My Reaction)

so can you learn how to drop ship from tik-tok? let's find out. [Music]. what's up? everyone, paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first drop shipping store. now, i've been doing this- now drop shipping- for over five years. i have a ton of experience with it. but i see all these people making tiktoks, claiming to show you how to dropship in about one minute. so i want to look at some of these videos and see if the advice they're giving is legit or if the whole thing is just totally cringe. let's check it out how. i drop shipped 100 products from alibaba to ebay in two minutes using my iphone today. okay, so right away. i'm pretty skeptikal about this, because people don't use alibaba to drop ship. they use aliexpress, and even with aliexpress, the items are coming from china, which is something i really don't recommend that you do. there are plenty of us-based suppliers that you can use. the customers will get their items much faster and will be happier. so i wouldn't use aliexpress or alibaba, but let's see if i'm wrong. as you can see, i've made a few sales, but we are now focusing on the infinity q. i sold 100 infinity cubes for 270 pounds. i'm not going wait. what did he do? oh, he sold a pack of 100 for 270 pounds. okay, interesting, in july this one made me feel real excited. now let's look at how much i'm buying it for, with shipping fees. i'm buying each one for 90 cents plus 50.. so in this case this could work because alibaba- you really have to buy more in bulk, which is actually exactly what he's doing. but either way, i would not be using aliexpress or drop shipping from china in general, especially as a beginner gonna run into a lot of trouble and customers are not gonna be happy when it takes weeks for their items to arrive. so i started this journey at 17 to becoming a millionaire. i promised myself i'd be honest to all my followers about all the ups i have as well as all the downs i have. so, as you can see, yesterday i appreciate that you know be honest about what's going well and what isn't going well. it's what i always try to share on this youtube channel. i share the wins as well as kind of the problems i run into. so let's see the problem he ran into. it looks like he is drop shipping on ebay, which is what i do. so i had a request for a return from one of my customers about a product i dropship to them and, to be completely honest, the only person to blame is myself. so basically, what happened when i was listing my products? i listed it as the wrong color, so i said it was charcoal black, where actually it was silver. alright, so a return really isn't a big deal. i know you kind of frame this as a downside of drop shipping, but any type of ecommerce you're going to have returns and if you're doing something like drop shipping, the returns are actually very, very simple, because if you bought that item from walmart or retail supplier or even a wholesale supplier, all you have to do is contact them, let them know you want to return the item and usually you will get a free, prepaid return label that you can then give to your buyer, who can then ship the item directly back to the supplier, and you never have to touch or handle the inventory at all. now you said the mistake you made here was that you listed it with the wrong color. yeah, i guess that is that is on you. that is a mistake you've made, but that's pretty easy to avoid just by being more diligent during the listing process. staying on top of that stuff is really important- that your customers you know exactly like you're saying, getting exactly what they want. but you know mistakes do happen. it's not a big deal. i didn't know for color because i'd never actually ordered the product myself. which, learning from this, in future, what i'm going to do is i'm going to order one of every product i list before i list it, so then i can write better descriptions and at least i'll know about that's. that's not necessary at all and this stuff like this rarely happens, where you're just kind of off on the color. if i were to order every single item i've had listed in my drop shipping stores ever, i would have way too much stuff in my house. it's not necessary at all. you just got to be on top of making sure that your listings are accurate and looking at the exact product description on the supplier's website about my product before i start selling it. so it's a learning curve at the end of the day. but that's one of the downsides to drop shipping. if you don't order for products yourself, you don't actually know what you're selling and you never actually see it. so you could be selling something for customers that isn't actually true. yeah, i i would have to disagree with that one, because if you're using a reputable supplier- most good retail suppliers like walmart that you work with, for instance, and any good wholesale supplier- they're going to have accurate descriptions and if you rely on that and transfer it over correctly, you're going to be fine. the issue comes in when you're drop shipping, let's say, from walmart. they might have three different colors it's available in. you have to make sure that you write down the correct color that you're actually selling, unless you are selling all of them, which case you have to specify that. but as long as you're using reputable supplier, you're gonna know exactly what you're ordering. all right, this one i'm really interested in because this guy, the financial wolf, is someone that i follow on youtube. i think he's a really, really great youtuber. so my roommate called me broke bro, so i decided to build the best ebay drop shipping business ever. to start, i picked 40 random products from walmart that also were selling on ebay like this, and i listed them on ebay for about a 30 markup. okay, so cool. you have product research, kind of the general aspect of how it works down most people. they'll just go into walmart, pick some random items and just list them up for sale on ebay. that doesn't really work. you want to do exactly what you said. you want to find items that are already selling well on ebay and go ahead and sell those same items or substantially similar items. that's for any supplier that you use, including walmart. for the next two weeks, sales came in like crazy: 1 670 in sales. now, obviously, most of that isn't profit: ebay fees added, 10 product cost and shipping added another thousand sixty four dollars, leaving me with the profit of 439.26. and hey, that's not bad for just your first three weeks doing ebay drop shipping as a complete beginner, already having over 400 dollars in profit. and there's a proof right there that it works, as long as you're willing to put in the time to actually learn how to do it. yo, i just found this tool that lets you steal hot selling product ideas from ebay users. i like the sound of this. let's check it out. so i was on ebay browsing for led light bulbs and i found this seller right here: everyday gadgets. he has a lot of sales. i basically took their username, copy and pasted it into this tool and they generated all their. so this is a tool that i use as well. i absolutely love it and i use it the exact same way he's shown in this video: their sell-through rate, their active listings, sold items and even their monthly revenue. it also gives you a breakdown of all their listings and items that they're selling, with their 30-day sales and total amount sold with the price. if we click on our light bulb, you can see that 1300 were sold, and if we want to source this item, just click on that button and it directs us to alibaba where we can buy this product for 11 each and put this into your profit calculator and there you go. yeah, absolutely love that tool, for the all that data gives you is absolutely amazing. like i said before, i don't really use aliexpress or alibaba, but you can use that for any supplier, whether that's, again, retail or wholesale supplier. it'll work just the same. that's a great video. i love that. one make over a hundred dollars a day by copying and pasting information on to ebay f.

How Ecommerce Brands Are Making $$$ With TikTok Ads

yo ref time out. i mean, geez louise, you're getting slaughtered out there. you're trying to market tik-tok, viral leggings that already went viral. i mean, get your head out of your rear end, bubowski, otherwise you're sitting on that bench back there with tommy toes. i mean you're doing too much out there. you're trying to do these fancy dunks. you're trying to sell products that these gurus give out to you in youtube videos. well, guess what the thousands of other lazy, worthless, no good maggot drop shippers are doing? yes, the same thing. so listen here, bub. if you really want to beat the rest, you gotta think like the best. and i know all you care about is your lamborghinis. and how many baby mamas can we acquire at one time, collecting them like damn pokemon cards. but you know what's better than all of that? fundamentals, c-r-o copywriting, split test and good old layups, because guess what, that's what works. so let's hit the film room and study the greats, because it only takes learning one key thing, one nuance, to get that breakthrough you've been looking for. if there's one quote that i feel like really describes ecommerce success the best, it's that. good artist copy and great artist steal, because my best performing ads, landing pages, whatever you want to say i've always come from being inspired by bigger brands in my niche, or just the biggest brands in general, because there's so much to learn and i feel like that's what has really made me stik with e-commerce for so long. there's always new nuances with email, marketing, websites, product pages, and it just makes it so exciting because you have to be a student for life and recognize you're not going to know everything and right now you may have watched a few youtube videos and you're feeling big brain, but the reality is buddy. you have no idea how far this rabbit hole goes. so today i really have no script. i just want to look at some great ads and i want to look at some bad ads as well and see what takeaways we can get from both, along with looking at some websites and seeing if there's any things that we can really pick out and put into our own websites. so if you are using ppads to get inspiration for your next tiktok ad, these are the filters i would recommend. first off, i would go to e-commerce. i would go to united states. shop now, do shopify over here. i would recommend ad impressions, typically around 300 to 500 000 is a good range, so 500 000 or more is solid and you want to look at ads that are performing right now, not that are performing last year, because, man, the ecommerce industry changes so frequently. so i'm gonna do the last 30 days and this is a great setting for finding brands, for finding drop shipping products, if that's what you're looking for as well. but really i use this to get inspiration and try to figure out what frameworks can i take away. am i notiking that problem? identifying product, three benefits and a call to action is what most people are using. what are the trends and what's the best performing? because if you can identify what's happening over and over and over again, you should probably be taking that and implementing that into your current ad. and in general, the main things i recommend with tiktok ads is just making sure that your ads are native to the platform, which means vertikal shooting. it's not too professional. you're using trending tik-tok music because copyright really isn't much of an issue. you have some sort of voice-over, whether that's your actual influencer raving about this hair curler that's changing their life, or the text-to-speech narrator: stop hair growth for months with this laser home device. i'll tell you what. i could be a pretty mediocre voiceover artist if i wanted to. but i also recommend having ugc, so having a roster having different ugc influencers you can reach out to send your product to make sure that they have ad scripts as well, because influencers are not paid to understand how your product works and what are the main benefits. you have to do the marketing for them. you have to do that work because, at the end of the day, they're not getting a commission a lot of times for the results they bring into you. so you should have a script before you get any clips at all, even if you're just trying to source the best clips on tiktok, youtube, whatever it is. because if you don't it's like you're a chicken with his head cut off. or it's like you're trying to mix and match all these different clips without much of a purpose and it's kind of like when you go to a restaurant and you're 10 years old and you're full of creativity and imagination. you're like, hmm, i wonder if what it's going to taste like if i mix and match every single soda together and you get all 10 of them into one cup. you're super excited. you drink it and you realize it's the worst concoction you've ever drank in your life, pretty much equivalent to poison: it gives you instant diarrhea and then you never have another creative idea for the rest of your life and then you just suppress any new ideas because you know new ideas lead to unpleasant experiences. but i want to bring that kids side back. so ugc is great, just really trying to make sure you have a purpose and i would make sure that it's not boring, because your ad should serve a purpose. but if it is boring, people are just not going to watch to the end of it. so usually the way that you get people's attention is through having a tiktok hook. i'll show you a list right here. so tiktok made me buy. this is by far the most profitable, most successful framework out there. if you are completely devoid of any unique ideas, tiktok made me buy. this is the way to go. you can also do. three reasons why i love these glasses or this hair curler. don't buy that product. don't buy this razor. buy this laser hair skin removal instead. all of these can be used and pretty much applied to almost any product you ever sell. but with all that in mind, let's see if these ads are following the great frameworks. now, first ad: this actually is a very bad ad. so this is a teacher work planner- super boring. there's no narrator. that music actually makes you want to fall asleep too. let's play that. oh god, oh god. i don't even watch the rest of it. it's 40 second ad. it's way too long. so if i was trying to sell this product- and believe me, it is a very boring product, it's a freaking planner, for god's sake- but if i was trying to spice it up, it's specifically for teachers. so i would say, if you're a teacher who's struggling to plan out your days, you need this journal. or if you're a teacher, stop scrolling. at least have some sort of hook to get your target audience to stop scrolling, because there's really nothing that identifies the target audience immediately here. it just says: zero waste. teacher work weekly planner. i mean that is so boring. so if i was trying to apply that product to these different frameworks, i would definitely recommend things i wish i knew about sooner as a middle school teacher. this planner right here. so this would be the next clip. this planner helps me plan out my whole entire month-long schedule with all of my students in seconds by keeping it all in one place so it could be hook, then introduce product. that's a great framework. next one: we can also do so. want to plan out your schedules, but don't know how well check this out. or do you want to plan your entire month-long schedule or month-long teaching schedules? then stop scrolling. or if you're a teacher who wants to plan your days, better, stop scrolling. so many different things you can do. or three reasons why i love this planner that is made for teachers. yo yo yo. before you watch the rest of this video, if you can leave a like and subscribe down below so that the youtube gods can promote this video and i can have enough clout to box biaheza at the next creator clash, i would really support it. now, if you're a drop shipper watching this video and you're realizing creating amazing ads and websites like this might be a little too difficult for you, then my done for you. shopify autom.


this is a big one. I'm excited about this one. this is probably one of the biggest releases of the year. not only that, I'm giving it away. what's up everybody, I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing and giving away a pair of the Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 reacts. yes, you did actually hear that correctly: I'm giving away this early pair of Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 reacts in a size 8. so if you want to find out how you can win this pair for yourself, make sure to stay tuned until later on in the video. it's a funny story about how I got this pair of Travis Scott. I had actually been looking for a pair to buy for a review for weeks at this point, and I saw that Harrison Neville had done a giveaway for a pair, but the person had chosen cash instead of the sneakers, so instead he decided to sell his pair on his website and I bought him. so really shout out to Harrison Neville for making this review possible, because without him this wouldn't be happening, and also actually shut up for this awesome hoodie. I really dig this. I'm sure most of you already know who Harrison Neville is, but if you don't, you definitely need to check out his youtube channel. he does awesome mystery box and boxing's and he's just a great guy, so he's definitely worth checking out. but getting back to the Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 Reax, which is a stupid long name, this shoe was supposed to release earlier in the year and then it got pushed back and pushed back again and now it looks like this shoe is finally releasing on May 29th for a retail price of a hundred and seventy bucks. if you somehow don't know anything about this sneaker- which, if you're watching this channel, is probably not the case, this shoe is a collaboration between Travis Scott and Nike. over the last few years, Travis Scott has collaborated with Nike and Jordan Brand on multiple sneakers, and this is just the latest of those collaborations. and of course, as I'm sure you're aware, each one of these collaborations tend to sell out pretty quickly and resell for thousands of dollars and because of that, I think it's fair to assume that the Travis Scott Air Max 270 reacts will most likely sell out instantly and resell for a triple - quadruple their price. I'm not the biggest Travis Scott fan in the world. I definitely like his music. I'm not ashamed to say that I was there for the fort night concert, which was actually pretty decent. and of course I like his Nike and Air Jordan collaborations. but this sneaker collaboration in partikular is really interesting to me because it's not on a silhouette that you would usually expect someone to collaborate on. the Nike Air Max 270 react is a newer Nike Air Max sneaker that features both react foam cushioning and a 270 air unit in the heel. I've actually reviewed that sneaker in the past and while I thought the sneaker looked really good comfort wise, it was a little bit strange because the softer cushion was in the forefoot of the shoe and the more stiff air unit was in the heel, which is odd because usually when you think of a sneaker, specifically an athletik sneaker, you think of the softer cushion being in the heel because that's usually where you come down the hardest. but because the react foam in the forefoot and just above the air unit in the heel is so soft and significantly softer than the air unit, it makes the transition from heel to toe kind of weird. it's definitely not an uncomfortable shoe, but it is kind of a weird experience. something else that's kind of interesting about this collab in partikular is that Travis didn't decide to go with the standard react 270. instead he decided to go for the react 270 Eng, which is a slightly upgraded version of the sneaker. the only real difference is the upper and the panelling on the upper, because the midsole and the outsole of the sneaker stays the same. I don't know why he decided to go with the Eng over the standard pair, but my guess would be because it looks more futuristik and Travis II. I can't really think of a better way to say all. that said, it's an exciting collaboration, so why don't we take a deeper look? starting off around the tale of the sneaker, you've got this double layered dark brown new butt material that has this mini Nike swoosh embroidered in white into the lateral side. something that you'll notike as we get farther into the sneaker is that not a lot of colors are repeated. it's all sort of a brown tonal shoe, but a lot of the colors are kind of just specific to their own areas, which is interesting. I'm not saying I like it, I'm not saying I don't like it, I'm just making an observation. as you move farther up in the shoe, you get to this cream white textile mesh. the mesh itself seems to have this very light cream-colored ripple texture. that kind of sweeps across the top of the shoe, then, just above that, you've actually got one of the most notikeable details in the shoe, which is this TPU ripple texture that covers up a majority of the forefoot of the shoe. these TPU lines also come in sort of a cream or light sale color and they create this really nice pattern when they sort of overlap the ripples on the textile mesh. then, at the base of the tongue, you've got this sort of grayish green nubuck panel that houses some of the lace eyelets. the laces come in sort of a light blue or, I guess, sort of grayish minty color, which is actually pretty clean. as you move farther up in the shoe you get two more of these grayish green nubuck panels and then, popping through the nubuck panels, you've actually got these dark red lace eyelets. then, underneath the lace is you've got this nicely padded grayish green tongue which is actually a slightly lighter shade of green than any other portion of the shoe. running up the center of the tongue you've got a pull tab with the air logo written in orange, and then, connected to the pull tab, you've actually got this purple, blue and red lace lock. I'm not exactly sure where the purple came from, but it's there and I do not think you can take this lace lock off, so you're kind of stuck with it. then, moving inside the sneaker, you've once again got a slightly different shade of dark grayish green on this sort of textured fabric sock liner. the texture of the sock liner is sort of dimpled and it kind of looks like mesh, but I don't think it is. I think it's just a pressed fabric. I'm not sure exactly why they went for that aesthetik, but I don't mind it. the sock liner is decently padded and it's very similar to the Nike Air Max 270 react Eng, because that's essentially what it is. then, rounding off the inside of the shoe, you've got a matching dark grey green insole with the Travis Scott face printed on the left shoe and the Cactus Jack branding printed on the right shoe. as for sizing and fit, the Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 react does seem to fit true to size. Nike is usually pretty good at making their sneakers fit true to size. in fact, if it's just like a pair of Nike Air Max 270 react, en geez. if you've ever tried on a pair of those before. however, because everyone's feet are different, if you have a chance to try this shoe on or just another pair of 270 react tngs. I definitely suggest doing that to make sure you're grabbing the right size for you. continuing back in the sneaker, you get to this really interesting sort of light brown fleece detail. that's kind of a weird choice, especially for the outside of the shoe, because usually you would think that if fleece got rained on over time it might start to get nappy kind of like suede. but I guess, as you'll see later on in the video, there are other parts of the shoe that might be in more trouble if the shoe gets rained on than just the fleece. in the center of this fleece panel, on both the lateral and the medial side of the shoe, you've got this Nike swoosh embroidered in orange. and then, moving around to the back of the shoe, you've got this really interesting cross shaped pull tab. the bull tab has a 3d Cactus Jack logo printed onto it and orange, and I'm assuming that's the reason the pool tab is shaped like.