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dropshipping step by step 2020

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | COMPLETE A Z BLUEPRINT 2022

hey guys, it's camille sarnon as the e-com king, and in today's video, i'm going to be giving you guys a brand new shopify drop shipping free course for 2022.. me and the team are going to be showing you how to build and advertise a successful, branded shopify drop shipping store in 2022. from the very start, this is gonna be a complete step-by-step, no bs- shopify drop shipping free course for 2022.. this is the only video that you need to be watching in 2022 if you want to start a successful shopify dropshipping business period. there's no other video out there that's going to be as valuable as this video today, and if you've been thinking about buying a paid course, you do not need to be buying a paid course. this video will be better than the paid courses that you've seen and this video will be the best free video on the internet right now. this is gonna be better than any paid course that gurus are selling you from a thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars, and i do truly believe that this is the best course on the market right now and it's completely free combined than any other course out there now, if you appreciate this completely free 2022 shopify drop shipping course that me and the team have put together. make sure you smash the like button and leave a comment to support this video. now, what we're going to be teaching you in this free course is how to find winning products, how to build a premium website with a page builder, how to set up all the apps that you're going to need to automate some of the processes, how to make video ads, ugc content, which stands for user generated content. we're also gonna be teaching you how to run google ads, tiktok ads, facebook ads, youtube ads and influencer marketing. so we're gonna be teaching you guys all the main advertising platforms right now that are giving out the best return i'd spend. you're going to be learning each one of these, and i'm not just done about scratching the service. we're going to be teaching you the exact blueprint for all of these different scenarios. now, this is the reason why this is the only video that you need to watch in 2022, and you're probably thinking that this is a very bold claim- and the reason why is because there's going to be 10 battle tested experts teaching you in one free drop shipping course. now, if you've already watched my channel before that, you know i've already put out two of the free courses, which is my 2020 free course and my 2021 free course. now, this free course in 2022 is not just gonna have me teaching you. it's gonna have another nine experts in different industries- google ads, youtube ads, tiktok ads, building websites- teaching you because, at the end of the day, i'm not the best at teaching everything within e-commerce and dropshipping. i'm very good at certain things, but i've got a team in place that are very good, for example, like youtube ads, google ads- and they're gonna be teaching you on a certain topic. so, for example, youtube ads will be covered by one of my business partners for dank, who's a specialist and expert in that field. so you're now getting taught by industry leaders and industry experts- each industry- so you can get the best experience possible. now, the reason why i'm saying they're battle tested is because they've been doing what they've been doing for the last few years by generating a full-time income, so they know what they're toking about. and this is six to seven figure tested information. with all the information we're teaching you today, it's actually generated- me and other people- between six and seven figures, and it's also future-proof information that you can learn and use throughout the next few years. now i want to make a massive disclaimer. this is a long-term business. it is a real business, is not a get-rich-quick scheme business either. this business has changed thousands of lives, including myself and all the other nine experts that i teach new today, but it's doing it on a long-term basis. now, if you've come into this video today to try and get rich quick, try and make as much money as possible in a short amount of time, then this video isn't for you. so if you're new to drop shipping, this is how the business model works. number one: you create your online store and you add your products. customers place an order. drop shipping supplier ships the order to your customers and you will never see or hold the product. then you make a profit. and the reason why the dropshipping business model is so lucrative and amazing is because it lets you start an e-commerce business without taking major risks like other e-commerce businesses that have to buy in bulk, that have to have a fulfillment center, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. now, drop shipping will let you test multiple products before committing to buying in bulk and private labeling, and we're going to be teaching you in this course how to do both scenarios, because drop shipping is just a test to see when you find a good product, to then scale it into buying a bulk and, obviously, private labeling and things like that. now, this is how much cash flow you're going to need to start this business model in 2022. you're going to need an upfront amount of 2 000, and this is more than what it was in the previous year, and the reason why is because a lot of businesses since last year have started to go online because of the global issue that we've had and they've become an e-commerce business, which means that there's more demand and there is more competition, which means you need more money to compete with these people. now, the more money you have up front, the better, of course, because businesses rely on cash flow to succeed. you need to be topping this amount up by five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars on a monthly basis because, again, this is a real business model and you need cash flow to sustain the business. now, the five hundred dollars for a thousand dollars could be just whatever profit you make. you reinvest it instead of taking it out and buying something, so that's something that you can also do if you want to be topping this up. these are the main drop shipping costs within 2022.. the shopify plan is going to be 29.99 and it's on a monthly basis. but if you use the link in the description and in the free cheat sheet, you will get a 14 day free trial and some exclusive benefits, and that will be the same with any link that's in the cheat sheet and in the description. it is going to be a partnership link, meaning that we give you guys some exclusive benefits of using those links, so you get a better offer than you would go and direct with these companies. now the domain name is going to be 14.99. it's a one-off fee. then the theme is going to be around about 19.99 on a monthly basis. the logo can be done for free. the apps are going to cost you around about 20 to 100 on a monthly basis. now the marketing is what's going to be the biggest cost involved, and that can range from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. now this budget can last a month, it can last three weeks, it can last three months. it just depends how you're advertising the product. but the marketing is the most important part of your business. now this is the make or break to your business. if you don't have good marketing, you won't get customers and you won't make money, so you need to spend money on marketing to acquire as many customers as possible to actually keep the business maintained. now you're more than welcome to skip to any part of the video that you need, because i know some of you guys are watching this, are already used to drop shipping, so you can skip to any module that you want, and there will be timestamps in the description and in the slide bar so you can find it. but i would recommend that everybody watches this from the very beginning and make sure that you guys join the free telegram group for any help, because if you've got any questions related to this free course, then me and the team that are going to teach you in today's free course are in there so you can.

How to Start Dropshipping From Scratch

this is probably gonna be the most valuable in-depth drop shipping video that i've ever posted on this channel. we're gonna go through step by step as to how you can start a drop shipping business today. i'm really excited about this video at this point. i've made quite a variety of different drop shipping videos in which i've tried new marketing methods, started new stores and challenges, but i don't think i've ever actually sat down and clearly explained how someone can start their own dropshipping business from scratch. i've made videos where i started them up and gone through the whole process, but in this video i'm gonna explain step by step how you can do the same, even throw in some case studies. i helped a friend set up the kind of business we're toking about here just last week and they were able to get sales when they launched. so everything in this video, everything i'm toking about, is up to date and should work very similarly for the foreseeable future. let's not waste any more time and jump straight into what aliexpress, shopify dropshipping is and clear up any misconceptions people may have. what is drop shipping? aliexpress, shopify dropshipping is a business in which you find a product on a chinese website called aliexpress. there's other websites you can turn to, but aliexpress is the biggest and most popular one. for example, you find this face cleaning, a pimple removing vacuum- a really old, winning product- but, just as an example, it costs 12.39 on aliexpress. once you found your product, you would then head over to shopify, which is a platform that allows you to create an ecommerce website and accept payments and orders. you create a website on shopify in which you sell this face vacuum for a higher price- let's say you sell it for 34.99. now we'll get into more details later, but you would then advertise your website on social media and when someone orders this product from your website, they gave you the 34.99 as well as their shipping information. you take that and head over to aliexpress, where you proceed to order this product directly to your customers address for 12.39 and, just like that, your customer paid you 34.99. so after paying for the product, you're left with 22.60 profit for basically being the middleman then marketing the product. once you found out that this product is actually selling, you would start paying more money for ads and scale this operation up. i've had multiple products that i was able to scale into the hundreds of thousands and even into the seven figure range. so don't worry, you're not doing all this for 20. it's a scalable business. so that's just the overall summary. this is an easy concept that's a lot more difficult than practike, so before you go out there, you're gonna need to know a few more things to do this successfully. there's four pillars to successful drop spring business, so we'll break this down into four sections. pillar one is your product. pillar two is your website. three, you have your advertisement and for your marketing. so let's start with the first pillar, your product. pillar one: product- arguably one of the most important parts. if your product sucks and no one would ever impulsively buy it from an online store, you won't get very far with drop shipping. you're usually selling stuff on social media, so you have to have a product with some sort of wow factor that people could see think, hey, that's really cool, and buy it right there on the spot. it also helps to start with products that solve some sort of problem. that poor vacuum helped clean people's faces and remove blackheads. when people first started dropshipping it, no one had really seen it before, so it had a wow factor to it. people would see it on their instagram feed, they'd stop scrolling and would want to check it out this pet hair roller. pet owners would see this ad where remove pet hair in one swipe, boom, a little wow factor and it solved the real problem. now your product doesn't absolutely have to solve a problem, but my best products and ones that have been the easiest to sell usually would solve a problem for people- kind of help with an insecurity or make their life easier. you can sell products that don't solve a clear problem if the product is very novel and has a huge wow factor or if it's something people have a passion for. these ceiling stress balls, as an example: they just seem kind of fun and unlike anything people have really seen before. this penguin board game: most people have never seen it before, so when they see it pop up they might be a little intrigued because it's so novel. this dog toothbrush solves a problem and people are passionate about their pets so they're willing to drop money on them. this baby cushion chair helps newborn babies sit down and play with their toys without falling over and hurting themselves. parents are usually, hopefully, pretty passionate about babies and wouldn't want them falling boom. so- and i'm not saying you should sell any of these products right now, but all these products at one point or another, have been hot selling products, and it should give you a better idea of what really works. if you haven't had any success with drop shipping and are trying it for the first time, i would recommend not reinventing the wheel on finding a brand new, untapped, revolutionary product. instead, i would hop on a product that is currently selling. well, you can search for ads on facebook and instagram, find current ones that are performing well and see the product they're selling and pay attention to the products you get ads for. there's websites that compile lists of potential winning products. you can look at aliexpress products with a lot of orders and cross-reference to see if any drop shipping stores are selling and, just in general, do a lot of research, and i'm going to leave this section off by saying you want to find a product that either you yourself, the person who just smashed the like button, can see yourself being interested in, or at least know someone in your life who you can see buying the product. if you can't think of anyone and can't imagine anyone in your life that would want to buy it, well, congratulations, you played yourself. pillar 2 website, not going to spend too long in this part. you basically have to create a store that doesn't look like a five-year-old just scribbled crayons all over their screen. shopify's templates that you can use to create a nice, simple, clean, easy to use website. you don't need anything too fancy, just make sure it looks like a legitimate online store. shopify also makes it very easy to buy a domain through them. so think of something clean and simple, and you usually want to go for the dot-com ones, as people trust those domains the most. now, that's the design aspect of it, but you also have to choose between making a general store that sells everything, a niche stores that sells products in a partikular niche, or a single product store that only focuses on one single product right off the bat. i'm not a fan of general stores. i think the conversion rate is a little low on them. it's tough to sell car products and beauty products on the same website. i just personally wouldn't recommend it. single product stores have the highest conversion rates. they feel very branded. you can make it look very sleek, but it's hard to test products on them, since you have to create a brand new website every time you want to test a new product, which is very time consuming, can be discouraging, and those new domain costs can add up. now, niche stores are what i would probably recommend to a beginner, since you can make them feel like a brand and have a really nice fitting design throughout the entire store, while being able to test new products in the niche very quickly. if you have a baby store, you can name it munchkin bloom- something broad but fitting to the niche, and then you won't have to create a new website for every product, but instead just add new products into the store that you want to test and just build up the product pages for them. and then, if you have a

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Dropshipping ⌚⌚ - Beginner Step by Step Tutorial 2020

and welcome to scholar online youtube channel. this channel is all about learning. we teach you how to do it yourself on this channel and learn a new skills. in this video, we are going to teach you how to create your own e-commerce woocommerce website from scratch. so this video is geared towards beginners. if you don't have any experience whatsoever creating your own websites, you've come to the right place. the website that we're going to be building in this uh video from beginning to end, is at this one. we're going to be selling watches. our website is called miguel watches. we're going to be selling beautiful, amazing watches like this, and we will be using a drop shipping and woocommerce. so what is drop shipping? drop shipping is when you create your own ecommerce store and you do not keep any stok, because you ship from suppliers and those suppliers deliver directly to your clients, whatever your clients are based. so your clients order from you, you order from the supplier, the suppliers delivers to your client, your client pays you, you pay the suppliers and you keep the profit- the difference between what the client pays you and what you pay the suppliers- you get it. so it's like a bit of a triangle, but in that whole process, some way, you made quite a lot of money and if you find the right products to sell that go really quickly, you can start adding up very um. you can start increasing your profits very, very quickly. so this is a store we're going to be building. it has a home page. it has a shop page. on the shop page, you will be able to see all the watches that you're selling, and we also have an about page about our business. you're going to be discussing your brand. you're going to be discussing why people must choose you, who you are, and giving clients a little bit more information about yourself. we also have a blogging section on this website where you can start building blogs. you follow along. you will have a website that looks just like this. we are going to start this tutorial with the blank um wordpress at back end. so, um, once you do your wordpress installation for the first time, your back end is going to look like this: there's nothing out that we've done to this website to date, and if you go to our actual domain, this is the out-of-the-box uh website that comes with a blank wordpress installation. so i'm going to teach you how to do this exactly from scratch, and if you want to know how to get here. the prerequisites for this course is that you have a hosting account, um, and if you don't have a hosting account, i'm going to put a link in the description below that you can get yourself a hosting account for less than a hundred runs with domainc, and once you get that hosting account, you will be given access to what they call a cpanel, and on the cpanel you can just come to the bottom here under wordpress and you can do a wordpress installation and once you've done that, you will have your website that looks like that and the back end, which is just plain. so the first thing we're going to do with the plane, our wordpress backend, is we're going to start by installing the theme that we are going to use for our tutorial. the theme that i'm going to show you today is called um neve. okay, i'm going to try out this theme for the first time. i've heard good raving stories about it, so let's see how it goes with this new theme called a neve. so, under themes- these are all the blank ones that come in i'm going to search for, not under install, themes, but i'm going to add a new theme and i'm going to search for need, as in n-e-v-e. okay, and i think that's the first one that comes up there. i'm just going to click install. all right, it's installed, we're going to activate it. and once we activate it, it takes us here, and before we do anything else, i always recommend: please just go and delete the themes you're not using, just to reduce clutter and files on your wordpress, so that your wordpress just works better. and if you're really not using the theme, why keep it on? okay, so just delete that and do that. it's easy to reinstall if you decide you're changing your mind later, but it's very unlikely that we'll go back to that theme. so we only have that one theme, the one that we're going to be using. and what i really love about neve and the good stories i've heard is that it comes with um templates that you can use for, uh, building your own website. so it comes with the pre-built websites templates that you can use, so you do not have to start from scratch. a lot of the themes i've seen come just blank and plain like a skeleton theme, and you have to start from scratch building your own website or you have to buy template kit, which is still a whole lot of work. what i like about neve is that it comes already with a template, uh sort of a website kit already built for the theme or the type of website that you're trying to build. so we're trying to build an e-commerce website, so we're going to try and look under their pre-built websites for an e-commerce website that will suit our needs. so this is going to greatly reduce the amount of time that we're going to spend developing our website, because we're not going to even go through template kids. we're not going to try and build our own, uh, step by step, you know, widget by widget. we're just going to try and find an existing website that matches close enough to what we want to do and use that. so, um, you can see there, you can try one of their star sites and that's what we're going to click and have a look at what they have available on their starter sites. so, um, a lot of themes that come with sata starts are usually paid for themes. okay, if you're paying for your wordpress themes- which i do sometimes, especially when i'm building for clients- um, a lot of them already come with satisfies and then you can just use them, but it's not always easy to find. start aside with um the free themes, okay, so let us uh see what need has to offer here. all right, so this is all the options of the new astara themes that you can use. okay, as you can see there, some of them have that green lock key. this is a premium theme, so for you to use that, you would need to activate, to pro. okay, um, but there is also available free versions that you can use to try out. and if you're just building your own uh e-commerce website from scratch, you're just testing out a new product, there is no need to spend a lot of money on specialized themes and um so for. so i'm always trying to find in our video tutorials, um free things that you can find on the internet, but free things that actually work and look amazing. okay, so we're going to try and look through the free themes. but let us be more specific and search for woocommerce, because we want to find themes that are specifically for woocommerce. and then there's different website builders that they have uh options for gutenberg, elementor, brizzy, beaver. okay, i've only done so far in this. what in this channel? uh tutorials on elementor, so i'm going to continue with that so i don't confuse a lot of people. okay, in future we are going to explore all these other website builders, but for today, let's just click on elementor so that it only shows us a pre-built websites on elementor, because that's what we know how to use. okay, so once you click elementor, woocommerce, so these are all the ones that come up. there's a pet shop, um, design themes and um. so the website that you're trying to build is a website that sells watches, okay, uh, we're going to build a website that sells watches that is called miguel watches, so i'm going to try and find a theme that closely matches um, a website for watches. the first one is this one here, the jewelry one. okay, just because jewelry is close to watches, but i just don't like the blue and i'm going to sell- i'll be selling female watches, so i'm trying to. i'm gonna go for, i think, this one here. okay, let me look at the bottom. that's a bookstore. i'm gonna go for this one here because i like the pink. okay, and this is a perfume still, but we're going to replace it the perfumes w.

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How To DROPSHIP On Ebay As A Beginner STEP By STEP (Copy And Paste Job)

what's up- everyone Carter here in with me- is million dollar eBay dropship- apology, Lipsky. and today we're gonna break down how you can dropship on eBay step-by-step, as a complete beginner. it's almost as easy as a copy and paste job. it really is, you're gonna see, it's just that's pretty much the only skill you need. yeah, as long as your fingers work and you can click a mouse and you have some Wi-Fi on the computer, you can drop trip on eBay. so we're gonna go on to Paul's computer, we're gonna share his screen and we're gonna go into just how you can start your own an ebay drop shipping business. so let's get right into it. cool, so I know I've been showing you this kind of all day, but we only have like a short amount of time to show people at home, so I'll try to make this quick. there's obviously a little bit more that goes into this, but this is basically how it starts. so what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna start by going over to Walmart. okay, so in this case, what we're doing? this type of drop shipping. we're drop shipping from websites like Walmart onto eBay. so once the item sells on ebay, then I buy from Walmart, ship it directly to the customer. so first we have to find the right items to put up for sale on eBay. so I want to use Walmart here. so literally you're gonna search for any item. it doesn't matter at this point, don't, don't anything, don't overcomplicate this. I'm gonna search for bookshelf, bookshelves, bookshelves. yeah, and this is not necessarily an item that you're going to dropship. just literally just pick any random item here. I'll just pick the, the first one that comes up. I'm just going to open it in a new tab and I'm going to copy the title again. this might not even be an item I drop ship. you'll see why this is important in a second- and then I'm gonna come over to ebay and search for that item and we'll see what comes up. because our goal here is we are looking to find other people who are drop shipping this item, because if they're drop shipping this item, they're also drop shipping other items home, right? so once we lock into that, we can see: okay, what are they selling? can we sell the same items? and if you- no people are already selling the items, you can start selling them right away, okay. so once we pull that up, I first come over here in Walmart. I look at the photos, like try to kind of have put in your short-term memory what these photos are. so here's one with the door halfway open, here's one with the measurements on it, here's a corner. and then I come over to ebay and I look for listings to have the same photos, because that means they're drop shipping it. so this one kind of looks like the same thing, right, yeah, so let's open that one up. yeah, it's got 51 people watching it. yeah, a lot of people are interested. okay, sorry, so four times already. yeah, so don't don't get ahead of yourself. okay, first we got to make sure it's the right item and I can get exciting. okay, so these are obviously the same photos, right, you see that? mm-hmm. so we just found a person who's drop shipping their, drop shipping this item. we go from Walmart onto eBay. here, it is right here. so that's like step one. we found another drop shipper, right, yep? step two would be: let's see what else they are selling. now, in this case, we got lucky because we did, because this item is selling, it's already selling. you can see that right here. this is we're kind of skipping ahead here, but yeah, we're gonna take advantage of this because, um, the great thing about eBay's: they tell you what sells. well, it tells you right here, look at that for sold. so you don't have to guess if an item is going to sell. well, you can see it. it's right here. it says for sold. so this is an item that I would dropship again. we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. well, let's, unless that's let's. we did step one, we found another drop shipper. let's go onto step two. we can always come back to this later. oh yeah, so I'm gonna click on their name, which is over here on the right, and this is going to open up their, all their items, and you can see all them. buy right here says items for sale, and then number. click on that and what you're looking for is anything that they've sold. so right here at the top, we seize: this item sold 189, 189 times. this one sold one hundred and eight times. this one sold ninety-seven. these are all items that are being dropship. so right now you have a large variety of winning products right here. so let's, um, let's pick up, pick a random one. so let's do this. one is coffee table. again, we can see that's sold 55 times. so this is kind of like the next step. we found an item that they are already selling. well, okay. so the next step after that would be: we now have to find where they are drop shipping this from so that we can sell it ourselves. okay, so I'm gonna scroll down to the description, which is right here. see this block of text. I'm just going to copy it. so again, copy and paste. yeah, yeah, I didn't clickbait this video at all. literally copy and paste. so if you guys don't know how to copy and paste, I'll teach it to you. uh, right-click. or if you have a macbook, you hold down control and click oh my gosh, and you press copy and then you go to google, google, and then you paste it in there and you click search and I'll actually show you a shortcut later, that's if that wasn't fast enough. so you search for the entire description and what it does is it will find the item. in this case is Walmart. so, but if they might be drop shipping from Home Depot, they might be drop shipping from amazon. so when the search results come up, pick one of those- in this case is Walmart- and now we're gonna do the reverse of what we did before. so we are going to make sure that this is this item. we're gonna make sure that these match up. so again, we're gonna look at the photos. let's look at all these photos on ebay. so here's one with like candles on the top and books on the bottom. this one is more books and flowers on top. and then here, yeah, yep, flowers, the same item. so right here, boom, we just found an item that's being dropship. so this is an item that I would sell right here. so just to kind of recap that part of it: one search for a random item on Walmart and then we copy the title, pasted it into eBay and searched and everyone that came up that had a matching item. those people are dropshippers. so step one: we just found a whole bunch of dropshippers. step two: we came in to this drop shipper, looked at all their items and we saw what items are selling well. so that's step two: we see what items are already selling in their store. and then step three is we copied the description and we search for it on Google and we found an item that we could dropship. so let me show you just that last step. one more time. let's find another one and then I'll show you how to actually get your item onto eBay. so let's look at this one. so 47 times looks pretty good. you have to be ready for $121, so 47 times it's a lot of revenue. I would like that like that. so again going down to the description highlighting it, and this time when you right-click, if you're using Google Chrome, you actually see there's a button here that says search Google for. so that's kind of a shortcut that will actually search on Google for you, saves you like a step. and then here's the item on Walmart. probably, Oh No, okay, no big deal. this happens sometimes. yeah, it could be. this item is no longer available. let's check. I've never dropped ship from this website, but maybe this is where they're getting it from. yeah, good be possible. let's see what else we have. we have been Amazon listing. let's check out that one. that's not right. it's too expensive. they might just be drop shipping from that random site, wherever that. yeah, it could be. or maybe they were. we're doing it from Walmart. maybe they're. Walmart's just has a glitch or something. I mean that happens, that's. that's part of that's. this is part of the process, honestly. so, um, like, you'll go through and you'll run into these roadblocks, so it's kind of good that it came up. okay, sweet, yeah, but I'll show one m.

Dropshipping On Amazon From Walmart Step By Step Tutorial

so you want to get started with drop shipping on Amazon from Walmart. what's going on, everybody? my name is Steve rake and I'm here with Paul Lipsky, who's been doing $80,000 per month drop shipping on Amazon. in this video, we're gonna share with you everything you need to know about drop shipping on Amazon from Walmart. we're gonna actually show you exactly how to do it. we're gonna go into Paul's computer screen and we're actually going to show you step-by-step how to find products, how to do product research, what to filter through, what's a good product, what's a bad product. so you guys are ready to rock and roll. then let's dive into this video. [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause], [Music]. what's going on everybody? Steve here with Paul Lipsky, and today we're gonna be sharing with you how to make money drop shipping on Amazon from Walmart. what's happened in? Paul? I'm great man. thanks for having me back on the channel again. always super excited to be here and tok to your audience. absolutely so, Paul. you've been driving on Amazon for how long now? a couple years now. I've been doing it pretty consistently and been loving it. I love sharing about because there's so much potential with it, so I want to teach more people about it. there's a lot of people who are wondering: can I make money with drop shipping on Amazon from Walmart, you know? is it still possible? is it still lucrative? how do you do it? what software do you use? how do you find products? we're the best products. so today we're actually going to be diving in to that. but what are your thoughts right now, Before we jump into your computer screen and show everybody the good stuff, what are your thoughts overall when it comes to the status of drop shipping on Amazon from Walmart? is that something people should be doing? I think any new seller should definitely be looking at using Walmart as a supplier, and the reason for that is because Walmart is just so easy to work with. they're one of the best online retailers besides Amazon themselves. they really got locked down. Amazon, obviously, as has pushed this industry, and a lot of other companies and websites are trying to catch up. Walmart's doing a good job at that, so it's going to leave you a lot of headaches. it's very easy to work with. they have fast shipping, good customer service and just a ton of different items, so they're really really beginner friendly, interesting, and is it something that takes a ton of time to be able to dude in order to start sourcing from Walmart, because there's, you know, other websites out there that might be a little bit more complicated, right like Aliexpress. sometimes there's a lot of issues that you have to deal with in terms of shipping time and whatnot is. is Walmart a a great source, like a source you can trust to be able to build reliable income? yeah, so the great thing about them is that one of the tikniques I'm going to show you is that we are going to be looking on Amazon to see what products people are all ready to ROCK shipping from another website, in this case, Walmart, because so many people use Walmart, a lot of people think that's a bad day. that means that it's super saturated drop shipping from Walmart, Amazon, but what it does is it actually gives us a lot of data to use. we can look and see- oh my gosh, there are so many items that are already doing well from Walmart to Amazon. I'm just going to sell those same items. so in the beginning, that's really a strategy you should be doing. longer-term, you can deal with some of the other retailers that not a lot of other people are dealing with and get the higher margins. but in beginning, on Amazon. one of the keys here really is the first few months. you're just trying to gain traction and juicy, interaction by selling a lot of products, and the easiest way to do that is with Walmart- awesome. so we're going to show you, guys. in about 60 seconds or less, we're gonna go into Paul's screen. we're gonna show you exactly how to find the products, how to do the research and, like Paul was saying, you can do the research ahead of time on Amazon to see what's working, what you need to buy, and I'm really excited for it. so if you guys are ready to rock and roll Paul, you ready to do this, let's do it. I always jump into the video. all right, guys. so I'm going to now show you exactly how we find products to dropship from Walmart onto Amazon. now there are. there are several different ways that you can do this, several different like product research, tikniques. in fact, in my course I think it teach like five or six different methods, but the one I wanted to teach you today is the simplest method and it's completely free to do it. so some of the tools that we use- I'm not gonna go over like the paid ones here, because I want to show you the free way to do it. there's other tools. I do discuss them in, like my webinar, but for now, let's just do the free stuff right. so we use primarily Chrome extensions to help us with this. so the first one that I think you should use is called price blink, and these are very easy to find. just search for price blink chrome extension and then over on the top right here where it says remove from chrome, for me there'll be a button that says add to Chrome, and once you do that, the Chrome extension will be up here on the top right here. it is right here and it looks like a flashlight. so that's the first one, and I'm going to show you what all these do, don't worry. the second one is Amazon assistant for Chrome, so go ahead and search for this one and add this one. and the third one is a MZ seller browser. now, I love using different software at different Chrome extensions because they make your life so much easier. this is going to like accelerate the product research for you and I'm. I'm all about that. this is something that all my students know about me is something I toked about in the webinar a lot. I love automation. it makes our lives easier. it makes us make more money because it frees up more time for us. so definitely you should be using these. so, now that you have the Chrome extensions added, the next thing is we have to look at the three criteria that we're going to look at today to determine if a product is a good one to sell on Amazon. so it's not enough just to list any product from Walmart and list it up for sale on Amazon. that's not the way you want to do it. today we're gonna look at three different criteria. first is pretty obvious, but we want to make sure the item is available for sale on both Walmart and on Amazon. now look, you can find in a brand new item on Walmart and create a brand new listing on Amazon for an item that no one has ever sold on Amazon. you could do that, but it's a lot of work to create a listing on Amazon and there's no guarantee that that item on Amazon will ever actually sell. but I came on to Amazon here and you can see all these different items for sale. these items are already listed on Amazon. we know how well these items are already selling. so we are going to sell items that are already selling well. so that's criterion number two: we are looking for items that are already selling well, and I'll show you in a second how to do that. so, number one, we want items that are available on both websites. two, we want items that are already selling well on Amazon. and three, we want to make sure we can actually make a profit with that item, and for now, that's what we're gonna look at. so what I did here is in order to satisfy requirement number one, which is make sure the item is available on both Walmart and Amazon. what I did was I came over to Amazon and I searched for main stays. now, mainstays is a brand that is owned by Walmart. it's Walmart's brand. so if mainstays item is available for sale on Amazon, that item originated from Walmart. so either someone went to Walmart and bought a bunch of these, like fleece blankets, and is now selling them on Amazon, or this person is drop shipping product. so this is a really good way to find items that are being drop shipped from Walmart. so more than 90 percent of the products that


[Music]. all right, welcome back satin youtube channel and creator, known ph coach online youtube channel. please consider subscribing and hit on a notification bell, parama notification- nothing uploads. so for today's video tutorial, [Music], [Music] [Applause] website, which is: uh, young bugs on demand. so they don't want the bags on demand shippers, drop ships or drop shipping products, you know. so, as you can see here, uh, detours vanilla website, click nothing young catalog. so our main product, nani ladito, is manga bags and bags and clothing line and clothes for kids, health and beauty products, organizers and marami pang iba. all right. so make it on your detour, your manga prices and manga designs, bugs and accessories, all right now. uh, [Music]. a detail is step one. uh, no need capital because you can post the items for free and wait for your customer to order before getting from from, uh, before getting it from bugs on the mat. so basically, mulan is uh titting in products, all right. so let's say, for example, um, this bag right here. so on gagorimulang is picture, natto, atomism pictures, nato and hattapang ibangama pictures, and then ngagowinmo is a proposed mulantos social media account, like on facebook's marketplace, and then, as you can see here, young price is 650 or 649. so let's say, for example, uh, pesos, the marketplace. so every time there may be billy sayo, it's a marketplace. 50 pesos, all right. so assume that enough, 50 pesos. of course, let's say 100 pesos or 150 pesos, all right, depending on itubo. all right, and then drop shipping process. so in step two is, once you grab the or copy the, the actual photo on of the product that you want to sell or drop ship, so he, all right. and then once, nah, my, let's say, for example, my bumilay in young pose or marsa marketplace, no, so all you have to do is to collect the payments. yes, so it's first payment policy, so customer. and then let's say, for example, through gcash or smartpadla, which is, uh, the most convenient way, by the customers on demand, and then [Music], all right. and then in business, complete [Music]. [Music] dropship is like a normal shipping, but instead of shipping the products to you, we will instead ship the products directly to your customer, reducing the shipment cost and lessening your workload because we will do the packaging and shipments for you. all right, your, so will never know about uh, will never know about us, because our name will not be on the package. we do this because we value our client privacy. okay, [Music]. um, create an account page, all right. so just put your first and last name email address and go back along a unique password and then create and then mankapak, start, mug drop, ship dito bags on demand, all right. so a tutorial: um posts a marketplace in your, let's say, for example, this one: so long, nothing is right, click not in your image and then click on nothing and save us. so it's desktop, all right. and then go to your marketplace, all right, clicked on your marketplace and then click on your create new listing. and then from here, uh, mammy, mili, lanka item for sale, vehicle for sale, house for sale or rent, so digitizer, item for sale. and then, um, yeah, yeah, upload [Music], which is [Music], and then young price: yeah, so it's 649.. so let's say, 700 pesos, 50 pesos [Music], [Music]. all you have to do is go to uh, bags on demand- no website- and then order [Music], uh, for your customer, insulin package at mcship directly, all right. so category click and luggage, all right. and then- this is a condition, of course, new and it's a brand: uh, again, n a, and then hunting description, president, long didn't happen. description: uh, little numbers on demand, all right, copy nothing. there you go, and then the baseline, that in detail, and then next one snuckling next. no, so click, not in your next. so once you click that new next. and then freddie nathan shares among the groups groups mangalugar, so by the name is sheridan, so as you can see, um, let's say, for example, ditos, six thousand members, so imagine one snapping ocean. [Music]. [Music]. god bless and peace out.