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dropshipping store names ideas

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How To Name Your Online Store

what's up, guys? it's your boy, Jordan, back with another ecommerce video, and in this video I want to tok about something that every single store owner is going to have to face at one point in time, and it is something that you deal with as you're just getting your store started. it's come to my realization recently that a lot of you guys who watch my videos have yet to even begin the process of starting your store, and there are certain things that get in the way of you guys starting your stores, and one of those biggest things- which is quite silly it- is coming up with the name for your store. so in this video I want to go over some tips and advice when it comes to creating a brand or a name to attach to your general or niche store. I've started a few stores. I think the naming process is quite easy now, and I just started another store a couple days ago and I came up with the name for it in like an hour. so I think I have a pretty good grasp of what works when it comes to naming and coming up with those names, and we're gonna go over my tips and tricks here. so if you guys like ecommerce and are interested in growing your business. click the link in the description to join my exclusive Facebook group. it's 100% free and I'm always in there answering questions, helping you guys out. also, hit subscribe, become a part of the accelerator family and hit that notification bell as well, so you can be notified when I upload my new videos. but yeah, guys, let's get right into it. I think that when people sit down and decide that they're going to start a store, coming up with a name is one of the things that a lot of people use as an excuse or as like a crutch to hold them back. I remember with one of my close friends when I was helping him start his Shopify business. for three weeks, this man was sitting there every day, wasting time, not even taking action to get the process of a store up and running, because he couldn't think of a name. if you're in this boat, you need to decide a name like tomorrow, because basically all you're doing is holding yourself back, especially if your goal is to start a general store. you don't need to come up with the most unique, cool, awesome brand name and stand out from the whole entire market. know, at the end of the day, your consumers care the most about your product and the way that it is presented. a nice name is going to help you have a little bit more longevity with your brand and maybe even have a little bit more trust in your customers eyes. but if you've been procrastinating starting your store for some time because you can't come up with a name, it's time to get real. but that's why I'm making this video: because I want to help and share how easy it can be to come up with a name for a store. so I want to tok about three key points that you can focus on when you're thinking of coming up with a name and you're struggling to put it all together- and I really don't think it's that difficult to be eyes is one of the easiest things in the process of starting a general store. now, if you're starting a brand that you plan on running for a long term, but it's a clothing line or something that needs to have a lot of meaning behind the name, my points are different but they're still the same. I think you should figure it out. but I'll stop rambling and get into my points, but I hope you guys see what I'm saying. if you're really procrastinating over a name, it's time to get real with yourself and actually gets work. so the first thing to consider when coming up with a name for your store: you want to create something that is easy to read out loud. if you look at all of the biggest brand names like coca-cola, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, it just rolls right off the tongue. and if we look at some of the biggest drop shipping stores- and I'm not gonna name drop all these stores, but like sugar and cotton, trend tea, even stuff like that- it just comes right up. it sounds natural to the customer. so you want your customers to be able to say, oh, I ordered this product from that store. so coming up with a quick and easy to read name is sort of important and it'll make a difference in your customers eyes as they're looking at everything. so easy ways to make it easy to read. well, just read it out loud yourself, but also make it- I'll write it down- make it short and concise. don't try to put a big five syllable word as your brand name, unless that's what you want to do, but I really don't recommend that. something short, concise, easy to read flows out the tongue. that's the first point to consider. the second thing to consider when coming up with a name for your store, you want to come with something that has the ability to be brandable. when I say this, I'm mainly toking about your logo, your store and graphics on your social media pages and your store. if you can come up with the name, that can possibly have an icon to go along with it. look at Shopify: Shopify has a nice shopping bag with an S on it. look at Gmail: it has an envelope. you said. I'm saying so. when you're coming up with the name for your store, try to think of some type of figure or thing or object. I don't know, I'm not sure exactly what it's going to be for you, but think about something that you can send off to a logo creator, or go ahead and create a logo yourself in which you can find a vector online or you can find a graphic online and make that be the icon for your brand. if you're able to have an icon for your brand, it's much, much, much easier to grow it with your social media pages and it's much easier to create these graphics and make these video advertisements, because you have something that's associated with your brand and it's simple, its small. it can be an icon, like PayPal. you see this, these two PS. if you see that, you immediately think PayPal. you know I'm saying so upward. you see the U P, you immediately think upward. that's basically what I'm trying to say. so when naming your company or your store, try to do something like that in which it can be brandable. so with those two things alone, you pretty much have all that you would need for coming up with a name for your store. there are tools that you can use to help you out and I have some stuff written down over here. but there's tools that you can use to help you out and a big one that I use all the time and I'll show you guys right here. it's called lean domain search. so we'll let this load it up here and basically you can think of any type of name or something you want to run with. so let's say you want it to have the word sushi in your store name. I don't recommend doing that. let's not do sushi, let's do an actual one. so we'll do kitchen. you want to have a kitchen based store? so we'll go to search domains. and this website is incredible. I'll put the link in the description, but what it's gonna do is is. it'll show you. look at this. I typed in kitchen. it gives me fourteen hundred available dot-com domains that I can create. so we've got kitchen can. I'm not saying these are the best names, but for every store that I've ever started I use this tool to come up with the name and it spits out incredible results. in this case it's it's so so because kitchens are really hot key word. but um, shadow kitchen, wide kitchen. these are not the best names, but I can promise you that this is powerful software. look at the amount of names, guys like. I'm not gonna sit here and scroll through every single name until I find the best one. that's up to you to do. but what this software does? it spits out thousands of opportunities for you to go through search and find the best one for your brand will do another one just so you can see. I'll do pet research- up pet and you can also filter it. you can do length out the alphabetikal. it starts with search time, ends with search term and build pet. that could be one or pilot pet. if you're doing you could do like a plane with a dog on it. all right, I'm getting crazy now, but it's up to you guys to go through and figure this out for yourself, but if you can follow these tips and I'll put lien domain search comm an.

How To Create The PERFECT Name For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

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Business Name: Choosing a Name for Your Dropshipping Store

Coming up with a great business name can be extremely difficult. You have to take into account the products you sell, your audience and your plans for the future — and that’s if you manage to find a name that’s even available. Plus, it can be a nightmare to change your name later down the line, So you need to get it right first time. Hey guys, it’s Jessica with Oberlo. Today, we’re sharing 8 ways to choose the perfect name for your dropshipping store and 3 mistakes to avoid Business Name. Option #1: Use your Own Name. Many iconic brands have been built using the founder’s name. Some people choose to use their full name, like Calvin Klein and Daniel Wellington, But most founders use only their last name, like Burberry and Disney. Some founders adapt their name slightly, like Adi Dassler -- the founder of Adidas. If you’re co-founding a business with others, you might want to group your names together. Warner Brothers did this, founded by brother Harry, Jack Sam and Albert Warner. Before you use your own name for your business, however, think about the implications As the founder. do you plan on being the public face of the company, like Vaynermedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk, Or would you prefer to be more personally anonymous? Also, bear in mind that a business named after you may be more difficult to sell, should you wish to do so down the line. Business Name Option #2: Name Your Business After the Problem You Solve or the Desire You Fulfill. This is a great way to draw attention to the benefits of your products. For example, the company ‘Fat Blaster’ is named after the problem they solve Immediately. you know that this business helps people to lose weight. On the other hand, you could name your business after the desire your product fulfils, like the dating site Chemistrycom — whose customers are likely searching for chemistry with a special someone Bottom line. Every business either solves a problem or fulfills a desire. Which does yours do, And how you can you incorporate the benefit you provide into your business name? Business Name Option #3: Use Alliteration. This is a simple and effective way to come up with a catchy business name. Many businesses have used this tiknique, like Fitness First, Paramount Pictures, American Airways and Weight Watchers. To use alliteration. first take the industry you’re in or the core thing that you provide — like ‘fitness’. Then add another word beginning with the same sound and which adds meaning, In this case putting fitness ‘first’. Is there a way you can incorporate alliteration into your business name? Business Name Option #4: Use a Normal Word. This is hard to do. well, Not only do you have to find a word that’s free to use… You also have to work hard to ‘own’ that word in the mind of your target customers. Another thing to bear in mind is that a single word can be incredibly difficult to trademark. That said, using a single-word business name can be a powerful way to establish your brand. Take business names like Target, Alphabet, Gap, Apple, Pandora and Yelp. When I say the word ‘Amazon’, chances are you don’t think about the world’s largest river, but the online store. Although some of these are just random words, others have thought behind them. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, cleverly relates the world’s largest river with what he hoped would become the world’s largest store selling the most products in the world. But if you can’t find a normal word that works, you can always try Business Name. Option #5: Put a Twist on a Normal Word. Now it’s time to get really creative. If you struggle to find a single word that represents your business and is not already in use, try changing the word slightly. Businesses that did this well include Fiverr, spelled with two ‘R’s… Toggl with the ‘E’ dropped from the end of the word… Xero, spelt with an ‘X’ instead of a ‘Z’ … and ‘Digg’ spelt with two ‘G’s? On the plus-side, you’re more likely to find an available domain name using this tactik, But on the down-side, there’s a chance people might spell your name wrong or have trouble finding you online. Business Name Option #6: Mash Two Words Together. This is a popular way of naming a business. Simply take two words that represent your business and combine them to create a new word. A good example is ‘Netflix’. ‘Flick’ is slang for ‘movie’ and ‘Net’ is short for ‘Internet’: Flicks on the net, Netflix. What’s more, Netflix also put a twist on the spelling of ‘flicks’, changing it from ‘F-L-I-C-K-S’ to ‘F-L-I-X’. Another example is Microsoft, whose name is made from the words ‘microcomputer’ and ‘software’, Or Groupon, which is made from the words ‘group’ and ‘coupon’. Or take the business name Walmart. Founder Sam Walton took the first part of his last name, ‘Wal’ and combined it with mart. List out a few words that represent your business and see if you can combine any of them in a unique way. Business Name Option #7: Use an Acronym. Many business’ choose to shorten a lengthy name into just the beginning letter of each word. For example, IKEA created a new word from an acronym derived from the founder's initials and hometown. When the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation wanted to expand internationally, they shortened their name to HSBC. Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC and the fashion brand ASOS originally stood for ‘As Seen on Screen’. But acronyms are often difficult to remember and they can be difficult for SEO. So if you decide to use an acronym, try to make it short and sweet, like KFC, or sound like it’s its own word, like IKEA. Lastly… Business Name Option #8: Use a Business Name Generator. If you’re still struggling to come up with a great business name, check out Shopify Business Name Generator. There’s a link to it in the description below. In this example, I typed in the word ‘yoga’ to generate business name ideas for a yoga dropshipping store. This is a great way to find inspiration and spark ideas — you might just find the perfect business name in minutes. Okay, that brings us to the end of our 8 ways you can choose your business name, But before we end, let’s touch on 3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing your name. Mistake #1: Not Doing Your Research. Entrepreneur and author of ‘#GirlBoss’, Sophia Amoruso, didn’t do her due diligence before starting her clothing line called ‘Nasty Gal’. And here’s the kicker: After launching her ecommerce store, she found out that NastyGalcom was a porn site. Eventually she managed to buy the domain for thousands of dollars. The moral of the story: Always do your research. Is there anyone else out there using the name you’re considering? Are the domains and social network handles available? Will you run into any legal issues? Also, check if your name means something different in another language. There was a brand of toilet paper from Sweden called Krapp - spelt K R A P P. Mistake #2:: Not Being Culturally Sensitive. Ask yourself: Would my business name offend anyone? Avoid names that could be interpreted as mocking someone’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, physical abilities and so on. It’s a good business practike and it’s just plain respectful. Mistake #3: Using More Than Two Words. Long names are hard to remember and they aren’t as catchy as short ones. In addition, many social media sites restrict the character count of usernames — for example, Twitter only allows usernames of up to 15 characters. Keep your name to one or two words. If you scroll through the list of Fortune 500 Companies, you’ll see that most companies stik to this rule, And if you’re struggling to get your message across in just one or two words, that’s what taglines are for. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Remember, as Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Business names are made”. So whatever name you choose, it’s what your name comes to represent that really matters. You may not come up with the perfect business name on the first try, but that’s ok, Get.

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How to Name Your Shopify Store 2021| Ecommerce Tips

it can be really hard to come up with the perfect idea for a brand name. we're gonna break down how some of the biggest brand names in history did it, so you can too. [Music]. hi, i'm greta and i founded four multi-million dollar shopify stores, and i'm here today to break down the perfect brand name with you. so you might not know this, but there are four different types of brand name, and there's a generic, suggestive, abstract and descriptive brand names. so let's dive straight into it. so, first up, we have youtube, and in terms of which category that would fall into, it would be definitely under the descriptive category, and as this is two words or different concepts kind of placed together or put together, that's often also referred to as a compound brand name, and this is a really popular type of brand name. i really love this, uh, when coming up with my own names for my brands as well. so, tube being kind of like an old school word for television and you obviously you're featuring on your own kind of tv channel, and so that's youtube, straight into the descriptive bucket. moving on, let's grab another iconic brand name being nike. nike would definitely fall under the suggestive category. i think a lot of people might think of nike as abstract. uh, just because they're not sure about the meaning of the word as a whole. i think it was the greek goddess of victory. okay, the greek goddess of victory. see, i didn't even know. i probably would have put it into the abstract bin, but we're going to put it into suggestive because of that great goddess of victory. so you can imagine why brands like this would want to be associated with something like victory. for an athletik wear brand, it just makes a lot of sense to have that association there. so, remembering always that what we name, our brand, will be a direct association within your customer's mind. so nike suggested. so moving on to hotelscom, that's definitely in our generic bucket of names and i would definitely recommend staying away from generic names if you're first starting out, unless you own the trademark and the domain, which i'm guessing is going to be, you know, potentially somewhat unlikely. so we want to check retailerscom right in the generic bin. moving on to kodak, this is definitely an abstract name. well, definitely in my mind. i have no idea what. correct me if i'm wrong and i probably will get corrected in the comments section here. probably torn to pieces, but kodak to me is an abstract name. i don't know what kodak would mean, um, unless it's some sort of like compound name of photography terms. but no clue, kodak is going into abstract, for me at least. all right, so rapid fire, let's do some more. facebook descriptive- another compound word. book of faces, bam. moving on to a super iconic brand name, apple, that one is going to be suggestive. pretty sure they just thought it was sounded like fun and non-intimidating and that's why they chose apple. so into our suggestive bin it goes all right. another abstract one: google doesn't mean anything to me, does mean anything. [Music], thank you. another generic one: cardscom. [Music]. another suggestive. there's a lot of suggestions: amazon, probably like as big as the amazon forest, like a, you know, a really large um selection products. so it kind of makes sense to me being suggestive. and another descriptive name: microsoft. i have no idea why this one is descriptive. i think microsoft means something to do with computers, microcomputer and software. another compound word. a lot of descriptive names are kind of compound words, we have seen, and uber suggestive means very or like, two, like too cool, like uber cool is like a saying and it means too cool. i think it's in german, so uber. [Music]. last but not least, we have the super iconic bubble gum. bubble gum, shrimp. it's a household name. i think the bubba gump is named after um forrest gump because he likes shrimp. is it because he likes shrimp? does he like shrimp? does he sell shrimp? it's apparently named after two characters from forrest gump, but i would call that a suggestive name. i guess the association would be like the nostalgia of the film and it's a really iconic american film, so suggestive. so now i'm going to show you a really quick little hack that i love to use when i'm first brainstorming names, and it's called name links, name lix, and it's a business name generator that's like ai powered. so let's have a quick look. so we've hit dog bed. we're going into name length. yep, we can keep it as short or medium names. i don't want a really long name. that's 12 letters plus branded keywords. i've already entered these in for us. so comfy, big and calming dog bed. and then the name style: yeah, we've got a compound word, which is our descriptive name category, so we can hit generate, initializing. and here we go. here's some ideas: dog, dorm, dog abode. the cool thing with this, too, is it also gives you logo ideas and even like a brand color palette and it's completely customizable as well. i really like this bane name, the ain. you can scroll through and find some different examples of logos, and each one is quite different. so, yeah, that's name licks and it can really help you with that kind of like name storming process. so that's it, guys. so i hope you enjoyed this video and we'd love to hear some of your brand names and which bucket you think that they would go in. so let us know in the comments section below and i'll see you in the next video. hey, guys, hope you're loving our videos and you're getting heaps of value from them. if you are, make sure to hit the like button and make sure to subscribe to join the founder fam. if you did enjoy this video and want to continue to master your skills, make sure you click here to access your free training. now we will go into way more depth with this founder.

How to choose the perfect name for your dropshipping store

I doubt that ninety would be as successful if it was named sports clothing company number 23 or something similar. the name is part of Nike success. that's why you need a strong name, even for your small drop shipping store. in this video, I'll share with you five tips on how to find the perfect name for your shop. welcome back to Le dropship channel. I'm Alisha and I'm here to help you to start your own online drop shipping business. you can learn about a dropship plugin, which is the best way to create a wordpress WooCommerce dropship store from this video and in this one, we'll discuss how to name your store to beat the competition. you need to stand out from the rest. in other words, you should create your brand identity, and your store name plays a significant part of this role. Pepsi, Starbucks, Apple, Google, rebook: all these companies have short, catchy names. once you've heard them, they stik in your memory for a long time. so if you think of something brief and memorable for your dropshipping store, you'll make progress in creating your brand identity. all these famous names are very short- just one word. my tip is to make your drop shipping store name as short as possible. two words are perfect and three words might work sometimes. why don't I advise you to choose just one word? because it's not that easy to do and it's connected to the next tip. your domain name should be linked to your store name. there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet and each one has already taken a domain name. by the way, if you have no idea what domain is, please watch one of our previous videos. I will drop the link in the description. so there is a strong possibility that your short and a catchy store name isn't available as a domain. that's why your next step, after coming up with a good store name idea, is to check its availability. the good thing is that domain name registers will probably help you to find a version which will be fine. if your store name is taken in the dot-com domain zone, it might be still in other zones. you will also find a good idea despite the restrictions. who hasn't heard of eBay? it's hard to find a single person who is unaware of it. this company is famous worldwide and its name is short and memorable. how did his founders end up with the name eBay? it would have been a coup been stabbed. that was the name I based owners came up with in the first place, which I think was also good. however, the domain name echo Beckham was occupied, so they changed echo way to eBay to take domain name that matched the company's title. what can you learn from this story? it's important to choose a domain name that is the same or at least very close to your stores actual one. otherwise it will look illogical and suspect to customers. this is another important criterion for store name. getting traffic is crucial for dropshipping, and SEO is perfect tool to drive free, organic traffic to your online store. if your website is SEO friendly and your product pages are properly optimized is going to pay off soon, but if you manage to work your keywords into your stores name, it will give you a significant advantage. it's a specially beneficial if you're a newcomer to drop shipping. still, if your online stores names turns out to be, as your, friendly, but at the same time it sounds weird and off-putting, you better get along without the keywords in your title. have you heard about the big company? highly likely you have. you must have come across. the pencils and razor is made by this French firm, but you may not know that the company's founder, Marcel 'fuck? decided to not wrap his brain much and named it after himself. you might be wondering where is the H letter? well, he decided to leave it out. why? the reason is the English language. he wanted to create an international company and the last name of big founder didn't sound well in English. you can easily confuse it with the rude English word, although it's, fairly is a bit different. now this looks reasonable, doesn't it? drop shipping is an international model of business, so you need to make sure that your drop shipping store name doesn't have offensive or confusing meaning in other languages. you don't need to check every existing language in the world. take eight or ten of the most commonly spoken ones, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and so on. standing out from your competitors is vital in dropshipping. if your online store has a name similar to your rival, customers could easily mix you up. this way, you may lose clients, not the best prospects right, let alone the fact that you might face some legal consequences if you unwittingly picked a copyrighted name. thus, you need to carry out some market research before making up your mind about your dropshipping stores name. you should make sure that it's unique. coming up with the name for your dropshipping store is the one of the very first steps on your way to success. follow the tips we've listed and this task won't be a problem for you. if you are beginner and dropshipping, I recommend to watch a video about poor tiknical elements- you need to launch your shop next- and another one which explains how to start drop shipping for less than $150. if you've got any questions about drop shipping or on the dropship plugin, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. we are always ready to answer. see you, you.

Shopify Domain Name Advice 💻 How To Find The Perfect Domain Names For Your eCommerce Stores

what's up, guys? Anton, here from dropship lifestyle comm, and in this week's episode of dropship weekly we're gonna tok about how you could pick a domain name for your ecommerce store, how you could have the perfect domain name that people will remember, that people will come back to and that people won't just look at and be like: what does that even say so? with that being said, guys, let's get into this week's episode of dropship weekly. so, as a general rule of thumb, whenever I'm getting into a new industry or a new niche, as we call them, I always try to find, though, main names that have keywords that match that niche. so I'll give you some examples, as I do like a real brainstorming search that you could just follow along with. I think that would be most useful for you. but again, because we do build niche, specific stores here at dropship lifestyle, we do want our name to reflect that because, of course, part of our value proposition, part of why our stores convert so well, is because we give our buyers the experience that's tailored to them. so we don't do those general shopping mall type stores that sell a little bit of everything. we choose, again, one specific niche. so we want our keywords in our domain name in our store name to reflect that industry. so, again, the person knows where they're going to. so, with that being said, a few other things that our guest general rules of thumb that we always stik to is not to hyphenate. so know, you know my - store - whatever. don't do that. keep it just congruent: no dashes, no weird symbols in there, just your store com. a few other things. comm is very important. that's assuming that you are selling in the States. if you're in Australia, obviously it should be calm day you. if you are in the UK, it should be Cote, UK, but for most people watching this it's probably calm. but whatever, you want your URL extension to match the country for what you're in, okay. so with those basic things, I guess understood. a few other things that I've seen people slip up on. when people have asked me to review their stores and posted links in the YouTube comments is, I don't know why, but it seems sometimes people think it's okay to use other people's brand names in their URL. it's not, and at the very least you're gonna get a cease and desist letter, at the very most you're gonna get sued. so yeah, also, still steer clear, I should say, of using anyone's trademarked name or anyone elses brand name. it's not sustainable, okay. so, with all those things being understood, let me show you a few tools that I use when I'm doing research and when I'm trying to pick domain names that are all free, that I'll link to below this video as well, so you can use in your research as well. so this first one is called instant domain search, com, and what it does is help you find if domains are available, but also give you some different ideas. so let's just go with the surfboard example. right, if I was selling surfboards, I would want surfboards in the name. so I'm gonna type in surfboards here and then I'm gonna look for ones that are not for sale. I'm gonna go to the generator here and what that's gonna do is show me everything available. the ones that say buy, I could just buy. I could register them as my own store name. and the ones that say who is like. this means it's taken, so I could find out who owns it and if I wanted to try to make an offer and purchase it from them. I'll mention this now. I don't know if this is gonna affect you or not, but a lot of times people get excited about different store names, alright, and they're doing their research and they see something maybe like this, like the surfboards calm. oh, okay, I need that URL. let me try to buy it right, and it's almost never worth it. there, of course, are exceptions to the rule, but again, for 99.9% of people watching this video right now that are trying to name their store, that's a brand new store. don't spend more than ten dollars a year for your domain name. okay, don't worry about buying the perfect URL. so what I would do, starting my search here, is look through all the ones that are green, which are available. so here we have my surfboards calm. that would be a good one. here we have go surfboards calm. I'd possibly use that as well. then it starts to get you know a little bit more broad. so, like surfboards media, that makes no sense for an e-commerce store. surfboards are- no, that's something that I mentioned earlier. right, would confuse people about top surfboards comm. that could be a good one. so, again, I would go through this and, based at this point, right at this point of my research, based on nothing else, then how readable it is to me and if I think it makes sense or not, I'd add them to a list of possible store names, like. here's another good one I just saw. I think it said surfboards world. yeah, surfboards world, and that would be a pasta. so these are again names that I would take and I'd put him like in a Google sheet to think, you know, maybe they'd be the winner again later in the process, when I did a little more research. now again, I'll link to this website below: instant domain search, com. the next one that I like to use is called named mesh comm, and what's cool about this one is you can provide it with multiple keywords and it'll basically spit out different domain names you can use. so surfboard- I'm not gonna use that example again because it's it's one, it's one word. so let's just say I was selling, like you know, modern outdoor furniture. I would use two of those words, right. so I would come here to name mesh comm and I would type in modern outdoor and then I will click generate and here I wanted to hide registered. so it's telling me: you know, like modern out outdoor comm is available. then it's gonna show me all different sections, things like this, like common right. these are all kouznetsov zeros, remember. we don't want that, we want comm or you know, comm a you coat, UK, based on where we are. so I'll just ignore that. then I would look here, for I mean really everything. I look all around this page but here we have- let's find some comms- no boot door, mut door- none of those are good at all. sometimes you don't find any good ones, right. modern outdoor: no, modern boot door- nope, don't like that. let's see if we can find any good comms. here we go. we'll go to the SEO section, and SEO is a part of why we do want our product types or a niche type in the name as well. any mention that earlier. but let's see if they have in the SEO section. we have a modern outdoor, I modern outdoor. 'modern outdoor? now, a modern outdoor is one I possibly use just to give you some of my thought process, because people think ecommerce, I could make a cool logo for a modern outdoor, my modern outdoor. that could work top modern outdoor. that's a possibility. but again, this just to give you some ideas and to expand, because if you're not that really a creative person like I'm not a creative person- I use tools like this to just put ideas in front of me. again, whichever ones I'd liked I put onto a Google sheet and then I'd review them later to pick whichever one I like the best. this is another tool, another free one, called domain wheel com. so very simple to have. the first one I showed you worked. but let's just do surfboards again, because, why not? we'll stik with that and I'll click search, don't man. and then here we have different available URLs. so again, I want calm. so we have surf boards star- I could be cool. actually, we have surf boards pro, surf board smart- I don't like that one. surf boards web- I'd possibly use that. let's see what else calm do. we have surf board city- calm could definitely have a really cool logo for that. so again, like and what's cool is like. you see this right, as I'm going through these different ones they're giving me, sometimes the URLs will overlap, which is normal, but sometimes, like, something will just stand out and, honestly, like surf board city, I like that one. at this point, if I was really doing this, that's probably what I'd go with, cuz I could already in my head picture a really cool logo and a really cool like invi.