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dropshipping stores for sale usa

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How To Sell A Dropshipping Store For $500,000K+ (Shopify Dropshipping Marketplace )

ecombos, throw an egg for every ad account. you have banned mole remover halloween store with my cousin from 2017, the oxymeter and the facebook pixel we had on it. guys, i, i don't know, i can't even count anymore. [Applause]. yo, what's going on, guys? this is the ecombass and in today's video, i'll be teaching you guys something super, super interesting, because i've realized, guys, in this- i realized this a year ago at least- the drop shipping stores they sell for so much money. you guys have no idea how much money you can make of a drop shipping store that's only done 200 to 300 to 1 000 profit. i'm just saying, guys, you can make a lot of money selling drop shipping stores on the exchange marketplace. so a little bit later inside of this video, i will bring you guys inside my computer to show you guys around a little bit on what you can expect, how much to sell your store for, where to sell your store and a little bit of details surrounding that, because i had a lot of people asking me: how do i sell my store? so if you're interested in seeing a video on how to sell your store, you got it. guys. if you want to get into the coaching program, please message me on instagram here and if you just want to follow me, please follow me there as well. me and my team are working behind the scenes on a course. yes, i said it because a lot of you guys been asking me. i was thinking for a long time i'm not going to do it because i didn't want to be one of the gurus, but i actually feel like i have some really valuable information and that i could change you guys's life. but with a course, and since so many of you guys been asking for it and the demand is high, i will work on it. yes, i will do it. i'll do it, but i'll probably just do it one time anyways. so there are places called exchange marketplace. there are a lot of other places too, where you guys could sell your shopify drop shipping store and the store that's done low numbers could actually make a lot of money as well just by selling it. so a really cool business model. i have friends doing this. it's just like running stores putting them off like 1k a day, 2, 3k a day, not scaling far, not skilling for months and months, just making a store, scaling a little bit and then just selling it and that's. that's a way for you guys to basically just print money, because these stores really sell and you would think like nobody buys these stores, but they really really do so. in a sec i'll show you guys the exchange marketplace. but this is the genius business model. so the business model we're toking about now is building a store solely just based on trying to sell it. so you build a store, scale it to five thousand dollars. you have two thousand dollars profit. you sell it for twenty thousand dollars. you made a lot of money, a lot, a lot of money. so if you do that, with a lot of storage, you sell them or maybe just sit on the stores. the store is an asset, right? so maybe you just sit in the store and you want to sell it. well, i got you guys. you can sell your store, of course. so we should probably get into my computer before all that smash a like on this video, please, and make sure you subscribe to the ecommerce channel. appreciate all of you guys. make sure you subscribe and let's get into the pc. show you guys how to sell a store. okay, guys, we're inside of my computer. so this is the exchange marketplace. this is a website where you guys can be selling your drop shipping stores really, really interesting. so here we have a store that's doing 2k a month profit and it's selling for 49 000.. well, that's just his asking price. do we know if it's gonna sell for that? we'll see, we'll see. but i'm just toking, like, some of the margins there are incredible. these stores really, really sell for a lot, a lot of money. right now it says no average profit at no average profit. so you should probably just, you know, refresh this thing. let's price it high to low. keep in mind, guys, even if the store's not done a lot of money, you can still do this thing. so this one makes approximately 7k a month in in profits and it has the inventory value of 10k, so it's obviously doing good. he's asking for 95 000 for the store doing 7k profit a month. that's incredible and do i think it's gonna sell? i think it might sell well. however, when you buy a business, i've heard and i'm pretty sure, you usually buy like the next upcoming five years. so if the business revenues or if the business profits one million dollars a year, you want to buy it for five million dollars, because that's one million a year for the next five years. i'm just saying like it's gonna be, you're buying, you know, five years worth of money in that business, if it makes sense for you guys. so if this one makes 7k a month on average profit, that goes up to maybe like around 80 000 a year, maybe a little bit more. i think it would be like 85 000 a year or something like that. definitely worth it, guys. for 95 thousand dollars. you, that's a good idea, it is a good deal. however, you don't know if these stores are gonna keep selling. that's the only question. and here we have another one. it's five thousand dollars a month in profit. he's asking for fifteen thousand. looks like a scam, so i won't really tok about it. this one does 5.7 k a month in average profit and you want to sell it for 7.2. i think that's a little bit of a worse deal. someone does 8k a month, so 450 000. i mean, you guys have to calculate yourself. some of these prices like this one may be a little bit unrealistik, but i tell you guys, this guy sells store for way more than what it's worth. this one does 10k a month, asking for 75 000. that's insane. so i'm just saying, guys, stores can really really sell for a lot of money. you go to the exchange marketplace here and then what you can do here you can browse, you could do the industry truck, you could do the industry. we could also go to sold stores. actually, you go, you can just sort of buy drop shipping if you guys want to um. so here we got sold stores. um, i think, yeah, this, these are actually sold. yeah, so he's doing um, so he's doing 40k a month average when it comes to the profits and it's asking for 100k, 99k. he got it sold, it sold, it really did sell. so you guys can see they probably priced a little bit higher. but this one also sold 2k a month profit. so for 7.5 k, 1k profit for 997. that's bad. this is great. this is great. you guys see 214 dollars a month. that's nothing. that's that's just. that's absolutely nothing. but man, he sold this store for let's see how much- 850. so we sold it for 4x and everyone can make 240 a month with free traffic in profit, like it's incredibly simple. so i'm just letting you guys know: 600 a month, selling for 5k like this. this stuff is really is a good business. you guys got to get on it. it's the best thing ever. 3k a month, 3.6k a month, sold for 20 000 like this. this is incredible. um, 13k a month. so for 31 000 for 13k a month. this is so sick. um, i got some eight thousand five. there's no point on me. there's no point on me just looking over this thing, just bragging about how incredibly cool it is. i we've seen all the examples. you go to the website yourself. so the only thing you guys really need to know now is how do you make 200 profit on the store? how do you make 500 profit on the store? because we've seen examples inside of my computer now. for example, stores you know doing 3k a month, selling for 30 000 dollars, like usual store did like 3.7 or 3.6k a month profit and someone sold it for i think it was like 32 000 or something. that's like 10x out of work. so you guys want to just get a store trying to scale it, find a winning product, trying to make some money of it. then i don't know if you're going to sell the pixel. if the pixel comes with it, it might be worth a little bit more without the pixel. i don't know, do you have inventory or not? don't really stress that, but i'm just saying you could mass produce these stories. you could run a store, make a little bit of money on it and then sell it instantly. just keep repeating that cycle. and if you keep your pixel, this is a really, really cool.

How to Properly Buy a REAL Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Store w/ Adsellr

you've seen my multiple videos across multiple channels, of me exposing and roasting and tearing apart these pre-built shopify stores and how terrible they are and how much of a ripoff it is. well, the number one comment i got from all those videos is: okay, this is fake, thanks, but where did i get a real one? i didn't have a good answer to that question. in fact, all the pre-built stuff i saw was garbage until today. so let's tok about how to buy a pre-built shopify store the right way. [Music]. make me a deal. if you get any value or information out of today's video, hit that like and subscribe button and today's video is brought to you by ad seller. yes, this is a sponsored video, but you're going to see why i chose the sponsorship now. listen. i've had opportunities for people to sponsor my videos for pre-built shopify stores before and, trust me, i've said no and i say no to 90 of the companies that reach out. but this company i was like you know what. i'll give them a shot. i'll check out their store and it's one of the better shopify stores i've ever seen. ever i'm toking better than some of like the high profile professional drop shippers. you see their videos and you see their stores. i mean, this is next level. so let me kind of read you the description of what ad seller really is. ad seller is an e-commerce agency who specializes in user-generated content, pre-built shopify stores and other e-commerce marketing and production services. okay, so you don't want to sit here and listen to me blab and stare at my ugly face. i got a pimple. no one wants to look at that. so what i'm actually going to do is i'm going to tell you all about the store, all about the company, all about what they can do for you in their package. it's not just a store. you also get other things included with it, including a 10 000 follower instagram page, which i, of course, have access to. i got my store, i got my instagram page and they are fantastik. so i'm just going to kind of screen record what the store looks like. so that way, i have time to explain to you everything you need to know and you can thoroughly look through all of the pages and really analyze the store. and then, after i'm done toking about the store, we're gonna walk through the instagram page that i got and, of course, there's also marketing material that you can purchase alongside with it. so let's roll the footage now as far as ads and stores go. most other services charge you hundreds of dollars for content and what these companies do is they turn around and they hire someone on fiverr to make a crap video or a crap store for five bucks and that's what you end up getting. they're simply the middle man just pocketing the difference. ad seller actually has an in-house creative team that hand creates all of the advertising content. in fact, they were actually started as a video production company, so it's no wonder they blew the competition out of the water. it's a 90-day difference between the stores we've gone through with. you know people like mikey cass and what i'm going to be showing you today. so with the 17 pre-built shopify store scam, you may or may not ever receive your store. with ad seller, the delivery time is only five business days and in fact i got this door- you're seeing right here- in four business days. you order some of the scam ones. you might get it in 10 minutes or less because they're all copy and paste. they take no time to build, but these are handcrafted. so maybe you think this is a long time- and to some people it is, but keep in mind it takes hours and hours and hours of manpower to create a truly good store, unlike the copy and paste insta delivery crap you may have gotten before. so let's tok about some kind of advice going into the store and we're going to tok about what niche to choose. so you should choose the niche that you are most familiar with yourself, so you can get the best understanding of the mindset of your customer and therefore appeal to them with your products. point is, it's up to you now. ad seller doesn't recommend you choose a luxury or apparel niche, since they require expensive branding and a large budget with endless competitors. so they've got your back and won't let you do anything stupid now. up front drop shipping isn't for everybody, so here's the full picture to see if you really have what it takes. what someone should consider before buying one of these pre-built shopify stores is: do they have enough time to manage a successful business, for example, sitting behind a computer screen every day, answering emails, fulfilling orders, dealing with angry customers, etc. it's not all fun, like many people believe, and it takes a lot of effort. it can get very tiring. drop shipping is not for everyone and for some people it might be better to start a more hands-on business, as opposed to an e-commerce drop shipping store. what monthly expenses you should expect after buying the pre-built shopify store is, of course, the 29 per month shopify subscription, buying a domain, which is going to be about 14 a year, plus any additional fees for marketing campaigns, third-party shopify apps, etc. the stores made on fiber often include grammar mistakes, low quality images, poor sales funnel, little branding and more. worst case scenario, you'll receive an identikal store with your competitors and that's an immediate disadvantage for you. i know low prices may seem entiking, but this is no place to cheap out after all. if this is your tiket to potential financial freedom- of course not guaranteed- don't you want to give it the best shot you've got and build a real store, not a hollow one? that is garbage and short term? now, simply buying a pre-built store isn't some cheat code. it's more of a major mistake. in time saver, you got to understand there is risk, just like anything else. you still have to put in the work every day for marketing, fulfilling orders, answering customer questions, staying active on social media, writing blog posts, doing seo work and constantly expanding your brand and online presence. now why buying a one product store is not a good idea. the more products your store has, the more options there are for your customers to purchase, and generally, more products equal more sales and more traffic, since there's more content on your website. so there is a one product package and then there also is a general package, and the general store package is what i got. now. with the general store, of course, it's a fantastik store. as you can see, it is going to include a 10 000 follower instagram account, 30 shopify themes, full seo optimization and it's going to come with reviews with 50 plus orders and order tracking page, so you're going to get kind of full service there. and, of course, ad sellers- user generated ads that are created in-house are fantastik, and you can see one right here. this nerf dog toy is one of my dog's favorite toys. she loves to play tug-o-war with it and it's great for fetch too. it's perfect for cheering her up whenever she's been at home all day or just for playing in general. it's made of a high quality rope, so it's also great for helping with her teething. it also has a squeaker inside. if you are a dog owner, definitely check out top paws. they have so many cool pet products. [Music]. this builds social proof, builds trust helps associate your brand with positive emotions and a friendly face. so let's tok about the store itself now. it's not necessarily pre-built, that's just kind of a catchy marketing lingo. um, it's more like custom made. that's why it takes so long. so you're gonna kind of give them the information you want and pick your niche and then they're going to custom tailor it to your needs. so pre-built is not true. they're going to build it once you, you know, get in contact with them and they're going to custom make it to you. and that's a big difference. so why would someone buy a pre-built store instead of just building one on their own? well, you don't have time or the knowledge to build a high functioning, high converting website. you might not understand seo, you mig.

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My 1st Shopify Dropshipping Sale (Lessons Learned)

in this video i'm going to explain exactly how i got my first shopify dropshipping sale ever, the process on what that looked like, and also revealed the exact product that i sold. [Music]. what is up? youtube rain results here back with another video, and this week i thought it would be really helpful to explain how i got my first shopify dropshipping sale, as a lot of people reach out to me who are just starting with dropshipping or just wanting to see their first success or their first spark, their first sale, and i thought this video would be really encouraging to those who are struggling to do that and to those who would like to know how i went about getting my first shopify drop shipping sale. what is up, guys? i just wanted to let you know that i completely forgot to mention this super important part. we are going to be giving away another drop shipping store seven days after this video has been released. all you have to do to enter is follow these four steps over here and make sure that you complete each one to qualify for the giveaway. i'm not sure if we're going to be doing another giveaway anytime soon, so make sure that you enter this one, and the winner will be announced seven days after this video is uploaded on our business instagram account, just to give you guys some context. i did start dropshipping in 2019, so this is when that took place. so it's around three years ago and, looking back, it was actually pretty motivating and inspiring for me to just see my progress and to see how far i've come since then. while i'm telling you this story, i have just made some points that i'd like to share at the end of the video that i think would be really valuable to those who who are looking to get into dropshipping, and hopefully some of these lessons can accelerate your journey and also save you a lot of time and effort. so, back in 2019, when i started with drop shipping, i understood the business model fully, but i still had a little bit of doubt with regards to can i make this work or not, and i wasn't sure if this is exactly something that i wanted to do full time, just like everybody else. when they started, i decided to learn how to build a website. i was struggling to do that. honestly, it took me a couple months just to get my first store up and running, and even then i shut that slow down pretty much immediately after building it and thought i'd just continue looking for products and continue watching videos and continue gaining as much knowledge as i could about the business model as a whole. i then came across a product that i saw that was doing well on facebook, and it was actually this product right here. it's called an essential oil diffuser- really, really unique. i love the design of it. it came in two colors: a pink one and a white one. there are a lot of different products like this doing very, very well in 2019. there was a really big company- i think it was called young living essential oils or something along those lines. don't don't quote me on that, but this company was selling products that were similar to this and there was a lot of dropshipping stores coming up at that time selling products that were similar to this one. so i immediately built up a website and i thought, instead of just shutting the store down as soon as i finished it, i decided to build an instagram page and i started posting content on that instagram page related to this product. i started gaining followers and i started following a lot of similar accounts to mine that were also studying essential oil diffusers and a lot of different essential oil type products. i knew that this website could sell, as i liked the design of it. i just wasn't sure how to market the products. at this point in time i wasn't even aware of really facebook advertising or influencer marketing, which now is my go-to and bread and butter- but back then in 2019 i did not really know about that, which is pretty funny looking back. so i said to myself: i need to find people who would like this product and i need to bring them onto my website as soon as possible. so i set a goal for myself: to direct message at least 50 people a day, just sending them a basic message saying: listen, if you are interested in this product, simply click this link and you can go view it on our website. so i started following really big essential oil pages and i saw that they had tons and tons of followers. what i was then doing is i was going onto that page and i was clicking each follower individually and i was sending them a personalized message explaining to them what this product does and if they wanted to buy it, they could get it through this link. i'd honestly probably done this for about two to three weeks and i was getting quite discouraged. i was thinking of just honestly quitting drop shipping, and i was thinking of closing the store down in the near future. i wasn't really sure if this is something that was for me, and i wasn't really sure if i was willing to put in this effort and not see any results with it. but then- and this is an extremely important moment in my life, as i feel like there are different points in a person's life that potentially can change the trajectory of your life and where you are heading- and up until this point i was heading a certain direction, but after what happened now and what i'm about to explain to you, things definitely started moving in a different direction. so it was a sunday night. i remember this clearly. i think it was either august, september or october of 2019. i did try to find a screenshot, but i couldn't really find a screenshot of the first sale, although i did find screenshots of sales that i got after that. the sunday nights, i was just relaxing. i think i just finished watching a movie and i was about to head to bed. it was around 10 pm. i finished brushing my teeth and i was about to go to bed and i put my phone down next to my bed turned over and, as i was kind of falling asleep, i heard one of the most amazing sounds i've ever heard come from my phone. for those of you who don't know what i'm speaking about, this is the shopify notification sound. i'll put it in the background right now. but, honestly, as i heard that, my eyes lit up, i turned around, i picked up my phone and i looked down at my phone and i remember looking at my phone in disbelief. i was like, oh my word, i just made my first shopify dropshipping sale ever. i was in disbelief for the first couple of minutes. i just kept staring at my phone. i jumped out of bed and i literally started jumping around. i was super, super excited. honestly, this is one of the best moments of my life. it wasn't even about the money. it wasn't even about the fact that i made a sale. it was just the fact that i proved to myself that this business model could work and that i made it work, regardless of what anybody else has said to me. so just to give you guys context, a customer from the united states bought two of those essential oil diffusers from me. they bought both a white and a pink one and i remember being extremely excited about it. i still remember their name, so today i won't share that as that's personal information, but i'm super grateful to that person for buying off my websites, as they definitely set my life in a different direction. now those two sales probably totaled around 60, which is not crazy. and, again, like i said, it's not about the money and it wasn't about the sale. it was just about what i proved to myself and what i started believing and seeing about dropshipping and the business model and what it can do for somebody. the fact that i had made 60 dollars while almost falling asleep was absolutely mind blowing for me. it completely shattered all my beliefs that drop shipping isn't real, that drop shipping doesn't work, and when i saw the potential of this, i realized that there is so much money to be made using this business model. and from that moment forward, it finally started burning in me and it lit a blaze like this desire to succeed with dropshipping, and i knew from that moment for that i was g.

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How To Sell Your Shopify Dropshipping Store (Fast & Easy)

in this video, I'm going to show you how to sell your Shopify store, no matter how many sales you currently have. I just sold one of my own drop shipping stores that I created at the beginning of this year, and it's never been easier to do. so. remember to leave a like And subscribe for more. my name's Alex. let's jump into the video. okay, so the first option that I had for you guys is actually going away. I notiked this last night when I was planning out everything for this video. but at the top of the exchange Marketplace, this is a platform offered by Shopify. I'm sure many of you have heard of this or actually used it in the past, but the message at the top says: the exchange Marketplace will be decommissioned on November 1st 2022 and will no longer be available for merchants to buy or sell their stores. Merchants with current listings will need to be contacted by email. so this is the Shopify exchange right here. it was one of the major platforms to buy or sell your Shopify store on, and I've actually notiked nothing but problems lately with this website and this platform as a whole. when I was going through the actual process of selling my own business, I dealt with nothing but negatives on this website myself and had a ton of problems pop up as well, so I actually didn't end up selling through this website. I'll go over the one I did sell through in just a moment. but now that this major platform is gone in literally three days, this just leaves a handful of options. yeah, you guys can sell on another similar website just like this- that I'll go over in just a moment. or you guys can actually find a private buyer for your store, whether that's, you know, social media, word of mouth or some sort of networking. but it's definitely easier to just go through and list them on websites like this, whether you're looking to buy a new Shopify store or sell your current Shopify store. so let's go over the next best option right now. all right, so your current best option to buy and sell Shopify stores is now Flippa, that's flippacom. so this is the home page that you'll see when you go on this website. if you guys just scroll down a little bit, you'll see a bunch of listings for sale. we can actually go ahead and look at some e-commerce businesses right here. if you guys click the browse feature at the top, you guys can look at websites, apps, different Investments, domains and different types of collections. we'll go on websites, e-commerce, and then they have specifically Shopify, Drop Shipping, Amazon, FBA, digital products or inventory holding. we'll just go ahead and click on different Shopify stores. let me go back to that. we're going to see all the different available Shopify listings that are for sale on Flippa right now: the different niches, the different prices and everything that's included in each listing. so you guys can see right here: this business is for sale for forty thousand dollars, thirty thousand dollars, three hundred and eighty thousand dollars, sixty thousand one point seven million. so there's gonna be a very big range of prices on this website. but you know each business is unique. you guys can read about each business by clicking on the listing. some of them will be more private because they don't want people just going and copying you know their products or their Niche or stealing their audience or any of that, because I know a lot of drop shippers will actually go on Flippa or the exchange websites to find new products to sell. you guys can actually look at their history of sales and everything as well. so if you guys want to sell your own Shopify store, you'll just go ahead and click sell now at the top right here in the upper right hand corner, and then you just want to go ahead and enter your website to get started. they're going to ask you a few questions about your sales. um, you know how you guys conduct business. if you guys are A Drop Shipping Store or if you hold your own inventory, what kind of assets you want to transfer, you know, is your advertising account included? are your social media accounts included? are you, you know, including any inventory? are you passing over all of your suppliers? what exactly is included in this listing? the more that you guys include with your brand, the higher price that you can actually sell your business for. but just go ahead and explore this website, flip a little bit, go through some of their FAQs. if you guys are unsure, ask me some questions, since I've posted some listings on here myself. but this is definitely a great option to sell your Shopify store when you guys are interested and ready to do so. after watching this video, you now know how to sell your Shopify store, whether it has a thousand or a million dollars in sales. Flippa will help you value your business and get you paid fast if you want to learn how to build and grow a Drop Shipping Store, quickly consider signing up up for my free course below and, if this video helped you out, consider leaving a like, sharing with others and subscribing for more. thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one.

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

today, I'm going to be sharing with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. all of these products are proven and validated products that are currently going viral, and I hand picked each and every one of these so you guys can succeed in your Drop Shipping Store. so, with that being said, I'm going to be showing you the ad that's currently going viral. I'm going to show you the competitors website plus. I'm going to show you the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to go out and crush it. so, with that being said, let's get into product number 10.. product number 10 is an absolutely genius product. as you see this tiktok over here. it's only about nine seconds, but it's blown up: nearly 450 000 likes, 10 000 shares. but it's this scooper that also gives you a weight every time you scoop something up. the reason why I think this product is going to be such a winner is not only can you advertise this product as a food prep product, so people can accurately measure the amount of food they want to eat, but I also think this a great pet product if you want to accurately measure your pet food, and if we actually come over this competitor's website, you can see how poor they've actually merchandise this product. the website's literally named Connor storecom, so it looks like someone who's about 16 years old probably just got into Drop Shipping and his mom let him create a store and he named it Connor store. now, no hate to him, but this store could definitely be improved upon quite a bit and I think how you're going to be able to sell tons of this product is if you actually merchandise this for that bodybuilding community and brand your website to feature information targeting your ideal customer demographic. now, another thing I notike is this competitor is only selling this for 19.99. now, when we do come over to AliExpress, the product is super cheap. it's 4.31, which means that the competitor actually has a really solid markup. he's making about 15.50- 50 cents every time someone decides to purchase this product. now, the genius of this product is the fact that you would be able to get away selling this for 39.99 if you're really honing down and advertising this to your dream customer. so I think, if you want to sell this product, create a custom experience for your ideal demographic for this, which will be bodybuilders and weight lifters, and really create your messaging to speak to that customer. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number nine. so product number nine is a classic example of Click bait marketing. they're showing someone with frostbite black fingers and then they're saying, hey, here's how you can prevent it- these heated gloves. and it shows someone going into snow and actually using these. so, if you aren't aware, these heated gloves go viral every single year and they also are a pretty Evergreen product. of course, they will do better in this wintertime season, but I think the potential to advertise this right now is Limitless, especially because winter is still going to be here for quite a bit longer. now we have 221 000 likes on this post, 2500 likes from this company called try hot glove, so they're getting a great reaction and you can see their website over here. it's not a great website, guys. this is a very simple website. they don't even have reviews on this website, so I think that pretty much anyone watching this video can build a better website like this. on Shopify: Shopify makes it super easy, so you guys can obviously use my link down below if you guys don't have a Shopify membership yet, and it actually helps the channel out a ton. so thanks for doing that now. this would be my strategy if I wanted to sell this product. first, I would create a much better website than this competitor has over here and where I think they could use the most work is in this description, so make sure you have a very compelling description. I'll leave a link above. if you don't know how to create descriptions yet, this video will definitely help you out ton. but, as you see, they're selling this for 45 dollars and if we do come over to AliExpress, you can find a competitive product for 18.32. so there's definitely a decent profit margin. that means every time someone goes onto the hot glove and buys this product, they're making about 28 profit. so definitely a good profit margin. and this product would be really easy to advertise, doing organic content, just like this competitor has done. I think they figured out a really compelling hook, which is showing these people with frostbite and then showing this product. it's basically a classic- here's the problem and here's the solution- type advertisement. so if you are wanting to sell this product, just rinse and repeat the content strategy they've already developed, and I think this will also do awesome on paid advertising as well. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number eight. product number eight is a product I found on Facebook and I know this product is going to do extremely well. as you see, this video is showing this windshield that's frozen over and it has this device that basically unfreezes your windshield and it also acts as a portable heater in your car. so this is a two for one product. it's going to help you out with your windshield and when it's also super cold in your car, you're going to be able to put this on and turn it towards you. and, as you see, this is a paid ad that's being run right now and it started October 17th over here, but it already has 10 000 likes, over 3 000 shares on this product and if we come to the comment, you can see that a lot of these people really love this product. people are saying: I would love to have this, that would be good for my buggy, so there's a ton of people who already want this product, which is a great sign. to come over the comments and see that real demand. now, if we do come over this competitors website, we can see that they're selling this for 29.99 for the air blower and if you want the bracket as well, it's 32.99. now, in my opinion. I think they should have just grouped this together and sold it as one variant. usually having three separate options for such a simple product like this can definitely cause some confusion, but overall they have a decent product website. they put some good information in here, but I think it's a little bit clunky and, as you can see, the color scheme is not very congruent, and they also don't have reviews on this product, which kind of shocks me. reviews will easily increase your conversion rate dramatikally. so if you are wanting to sell this product, make sure you have a clean color scheme and make sure you're having a solid description with those reviews. now, if we do come over to AliExpress, the product is only 13. if I was selling this personally, I'd be selling this at 39.99. you can get a three times markup on this product easily. it just depends on how your branding this and Merchandising it. the more high-end that you're branding this, the more premium price you're gonna be able to command for a product like this. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number seven. product number seven is a product I found on Pinterest and, as you see, they're advertising this as 10 times cheaper than the Dyson air wrap and basically this is a five in one curler, and if we do come over to their website, you can see that they're selling this for a pretty hefty price- 99- and, honestly, their website's actually pretty decent. you guys should be looking at websites like this that have beneficial gifts and are actually clean, but there is a lot you could improve here. having too many gifts can slow down your website, and they've also bolded a lot of words that I don't think need to be bolded, and they could have simplified this page quite a bit. so take these notes if you are wanting to sell this product. but overall, it's good that they have a lot of information on here, because when you are selling products- this High tiket- you're definitely going to want to make sure you

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

yo, what's going on everybody? welcome back to another video. are you here? and today we're gonna be looking at something pretty awesome. now. q4 is around the corner. literally in a couple weeks, we'll be entering the fourth quarter of 2020, which is mind-blowing, to say the least. i don't know about you, but this year has been going by extremely quickly, like way quicker than any other year in my life, which is a good and bad thing, i mean. obviously, with the virus and everything, i'm kind of glad that this is sort of going by quick, but it's also a little bit nerve-wracking. i don't feel prepared at all going into this fourth quarter of the year when it comes to my e-commerce business. so today what i wanted to do is do a little bit of a case study around this one drop shipping store. that is extremely impressive to me. they've been around for pretty much as long as i've been making youtube videos and they still continue to kill it without getting rid of the drop shipping business model at all. this whole year, i've been preaching so much about building an actual, tangible brand, and some people may have misunderstood that, thinking that i think drop shipping is not viable anymore or something. obviously, that's not true, but i do believe that it's important for everybody to have a brand building mentality. even if you do build a drop shipping brand, still treated like a real brand, and hopefully the case study store that i'm going to be showing you today will give you a really good idea and inspire you to actually start a brand out of your drop shipping store, which is my main goal with this channel. i want all of you guys to start amazing brands that provide value for the world. so go grab your coffee, some water, some tea- i don't know what you're up there drinking, but i got my coffee ready here and i'm really excited to dive into the store with you now. as i told you, i'm not extremely prepared for this q4 when it comes to my brand, but now that we're shipping everything from the us, i'm really excited to be able to ship things out to last minute when it comes to, you know, the holiday season, and if you follow me on instagram, you'll know that my brand actually reached a brand new milestone. we reached a 2k day the other day, which was the highest day we've ever had on this brand, and that was only through facebook ads, which is really amazing, and i'm really happy to be building up a solid facebook ad system, but without further ado, let's actually take a look at this brand that i'm toking about. the brand that i'm doing a case study on today is called warmly. now the brand name already is pretty awesome. i mean warmly. it's so clean and modern. i just absolutely love it. i think it's such a good name, especially for what they're doing. so what this brand actually does is they sell modern home decor. so, as you can see, right off the bat, this doesn't really look like a drop shipping store by any means. they've made it extremely congruent and whoever's running this is either hiring a really good developer or brand designer or they know a lot about brand design themselves, because this is extremely congruent. and even though this is all products that they're drop shipping, it's still pretty impressive how they're able to get really congruent product images. which is one of the biggest downsides to having a drop shipping store is it's hard to really get congruent images, and that's why a lot of people do one product stores, but if you're running like a niche store or a general store, this is going to be very difficult to do, but they've been able to do it either way. i don't know how, but maybe they just take their own pictures. that's what we do, at least with our brand. so i've actually toked about this brand before because i found them like a long time ago and i was like, wow, i can't believe this brand is actually drop shipping and they're still at it. if we take a look at their traffic, we can see that they're getting over 200 000 monthly visitors. now the thing about similar web is that a lot of times- which, by the way, similar web is the tool that i use- it's a chrome extension and that's what allows me to see traffic that different stores are getting. it doesn't always work, but when it does work, it's relatively accurate. i do find that most of the time, it actually underplays how much traffic a store is getting, meaning that chances are the store actually is getting more traffic than they are reporting, which would mean that they're also generating more revenue than i'm estimating right now. but due to their average order value, i think it's a conservative assumption to say that they're doing at least a million dollars per month. and the reason why i titled this the most impressive drop shipping store and the reason why i think it's the most impressive drop shipping store, it's because they're not even using facebook ads to do this. if we actually look on similar web- because similar web is actually like a website, it's not just the chrome extension- we can see the traffic distribution, meaning where they're actually getting their traffic from, and we can see that 99.64 of their traffic is coming from pinterest. so if we go on warmly's pinterest profile, we can actually see that they're getting over 10 million monthly viewers. now, i'm almost certain that this is not all organic. i'm sure most of it is actually paid, but that's still a pretty ridiculous amount of traffic, and i know that the reason why pinterest is so cool is because, with pinterest, any link that you link to your store from a pin- it's actually considered a back link. now, a lot of you guys probably don't know much about backlinks. i don't even know much about backlinks- but i do know that backlinks are essential to getting a really good seo score on your website and your different landing pages, which allows you to get a lot more organic traffic. so chances are, warmly is actually not spending that much money on advertising and they're actually cashing in a lot of profits through simple seo and, as you can see, their pinterest looks basically like an extension of their store, which i think is super cool, and it's extremely clever considering that the people that go on pinterest are actually going on pinterest to look for inspiration when it comes to home decor, fashion, all these things that's. those are all great niches to go into when it comes to pinterest. i've tested pinterest ads a little bit. i haven't dove too deep into them, but after looking at this, i'm definitely way more inspired to look into pinterest ads, especially with the weird fluctuations that we've been experiencing with facebook. not just me personally, but in the industry as a whole. even brands are experiencing inconsistencies. so so if you have a drop shipping store and you've been experiencing a lot of inconsistencies with facebook ads, don't worry, you're not alone. a lot of people are dealing with the same things. like i said, even brands and even agencies are dealing with this stuff, so don't worry about it too much at the end of the day. this is why it's important to sort of brainstorm different marketing ideas, different ways to reach customers, and pinterest might actually be a really great alternative for you, especially if you're building a store similar to warmly's. now. what i find interesting is that they actually don't link any social media on their actual website. i think the main reason why is so that people don't leave the website. when somebody leaves your site, it's gonna be extremely hard to get them back. so obviously run retargeting, obviously have emails in place to make sure that you're recovering your lost visitors at all costs. but this is a great way to do it is by just not having any sort of distractions anywhere to be found on your store. that's actually probably the best way to get people to just stay on your store. now, as you can see, some of their products are literally like six hundred dollars. uh, and they use quad pay here, which allows people to pay in installments. that's really clever, especially considering that.