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dropshipping success stories 2020

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How I Turned $350 to $3.5 Million | Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

what's going on everybody this is ac,hampton back with another,value package,this topic has been asked time and time,again you guys have absolutely flooded,my dms asking for this video and i'm,excited to drop it so this video is,going to cover,my journey on becoming a multi-million,dollar drop shipper by the age of 24.,and yes i already know people are going,to tok so men lie,women lie numbers don't and let's check,out these results,so we're going to start right here on,the first store this is just one of them,i'm going to go ahead and refresh the,screen so you guys can be able to see,this,so this store right here alone did 1.69,million dollars in less than eight,months that's just one let's go to the,next one,this store right here did 741,872 dollars from march 10th,to may 3rd of this year let's just check,out this store right here,october 18th to december we have already,revenued over 250,000 now let's go ahead and see what i'm,doing today,this is actively being ran today now do,not invest in people who are not doing,what you want to pursue in this world,here is my sales today it's a lighter,day because i just started testing this,product,683 dollars in sales by 9am,and yesterday was 2 561 dollars made and,i even showed you guys,on this channel that product that did,1.69 million,and you guys can check that out right,here and those are live results,you guys saw these were not screenshots,and the debate about all that is over at,this point before i dive in i want to be,able to give out that free consulting,call that i give out,every single week and the winner of last,week is going to be announced at the end,of this video,if you're looking to be able to win that,consulting call all you have to do is,three simple things the first thing you,must do is in the comment section below,comment,my story and why you got started with,drop shipping the second thing you must,do is follow me on instagram at ac,underscore hampton third thing you must,do is smash that like button below,subscribe to this channel because i've,never missed a single,week and there's only five spots left in,my case study slash mentorship for the,month,of december where we're personally,guiding you to test build and scale up,profitable drop shipping stores,slash ecommerce brands and if you want,to be your own boss you want to be,self-employed,and you want to be able to make this,extra wi-fi bread all you have to do is,dm me on instagram,ac underscore hampton and dm me the word,case study,or you can apply at,supremeeconmentorship.com and you'll get,a response back,within 24 hours alright so the journey,has not always been,easy so i want to go ahead and start,from the very beginning i'm originally,born and raised in kansas city missouri,you know the chiefs were out here,killing it 10-1 right now i was raised,by my mom and my sister as well as my,dad through divorce so my parents,actually got divorced when i was four,years old and that was the first time,where i experienced,a split home so growing up i played a,lot of sports i played football,basketball rugby,anything to keep my time occupied but,without any real guidance without both,my parents being around this kind of put,me in a bad position because i didn't,have any real guidance,and ultimately with no good guidance,causes you to be put in bad positions,i was hanging around the wrong people,and unfortunately,at 16 years old i ended up getting,arrested for the first,time so i ended up getting caught for,stealing and vandalism and this was the,first time that i ever really got in,trouble this was the first time that i,ever knew,there was consequences behind my actions,and this was in high school and in high,school whenever i wasn't in sports or i,wasn't in class,all i was doing was just kicking it and,hanging out with my friends i worked my,first job got my first job,at mcdonald's when i was 13 years old,yes i know this is illegal,i'm sorry mcdonald's and mcdonald's if,you're watching this yes i lied about my,application but i needed this,money and then all throughout high,school i had all types of various jobs i,worked at journeys i worked at dick's,sporting goods i was a server,i was a dishwasher i was doing roofing i,was doing literally anything i could put,money in my pocket,and then fast forward to my senior year,i finally graduated one week later i got,arrested,again this time was for second degree,vandalism and assault and ultimately at,this point i was at my lowest,and i knew it was time for a change i,literally had to wake up,and change my life because the path i,was going down was not putting me in a,good position,and i was scared of what was going to,come from it and every consequence has,actions and ultimately from getting,arrested again this put me on probation,and i'm letting you know right now if,you get put on probation this is the,worst thing that can ever happen to you,and ultimately this is what made me,realize,this is not it for me i couldn't do,anything i couldn't leave my house i,couldn't hang with friends i couldn't do,anything that i wanted to do,everything i wanted to do i had to tok,to my po about and she was basically,running my life i was paying thousands,and thousands of dollars for lawyer fees,and mind you at this point i'm only 18,years old so,i'm just a kid and i knew right then and,there,that this could not continue so when i,was 18 around august of 2014 i packed,all my things up went to the university,of missouri which was about three hours,away from my home,and was looking for a new restart i was,the first person in my family my entire,family not just immediate but my entire,family who actually went to college and,not just go to college but to,leave kansas city like kansas city is a,trap,and a lot of my family still lives there,and i was the first person,to just move and i didn't even move from,the state i just moved different cities,i ended up graduating in may of 2018,with a degree in marketing and a minor,in computer science engineering this was,a huge huge accomplishment for me,because the odds were not in my favor,and yes ultimately in this point of my,career i do not use my degree but being,able to accomplish,these big things is something that i am,still proud about and after i graduated,mizzou in 2018,i applied to every single sales job that,you could possibly find,in the united states and not just,anywhere in the united states but,anywhere that was not missouri because i,knew if i was going to go back to,missouri i was going to go back into my,old ways,i was either going to be dead i was,going to work the same job,or i wasn't going to be anywhere that,i'm at today and ultimately the,definition of insanity is doing the same,thing and expecting different results,and i knew i would go insane if i,expected to go back to kc,and be able to accomplish the goals that,i wanted to accomplish so i was applying,to,all these different jobs i ended up,having all these different interviews,the first time i ever even got on a,plane,i was going to get on an interview in,maryland and i ended up getting three,job offers the first job offer that i,got was an inside sales job in maryland,and then i received two,outside sales jobs in oakland and in,dallas so what did i do,one month passed i graduated in may of,2018,and in june of 2018 i packed my bags up,and i moved straight to dallas and mind,you when i moved to dallas it wasn't,that i didn't know anybody,in the city of dallas but i didn't know,anybody in the whole state of texas,this was a complete restart and i,seriously knew,moving to dallas this was not going to,be all butterflies and easy cake,i knew that this was going to be,difficult and ultimately i was going to,learn a lot about myself because this,was either past or fail at this point,and the job that i ended up accepting,was with southern glaciers wine and,spirits i accepted an outside sales,representative position where i was,selling wine,to all these local businesses and not,just local businesses what i

MY STORY - From $0 TO $224K/MONTH - Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

all right so how did I go from zero to,200 24k a month with Shopify drop,shipping those of you guys that don't,know me my name is juan valdez and if,you haven't already make sure you hit,that subscribe button to join the be fam,the BPM is a community and a movement of,people that want to simply aspire to do,a lot more than what society has out for,us to do so the kind of jump right into,it I know and some of my other videos,you guys may have heard me tok about,you know my story you know how I got,started entrepreneurship things like,that but I never did a you know an exact,story on how we went from you know from,doing zero to doing 200 24k a month with,Shopify dropshipping so you know me and,my business partners to me we were,actually doing door-to-door sales that's,you know the background become probably,doing door-to-door sales was it will be,in San Diego and this is actually where,the idea of you know testing out an,internet business or just the idea of,running an online business kind of,sparked for me personally keep my,business partners to me had already had,some type of background with like you,know internet businesses or here or at,least had an understanding of how they,worked I was still brand-new to getting,into all this mind you this was only you,know six or seven months ago from right,now so this was around you know I first,got started learning about a liger on,May you know then it started really,diving more deep into it around you know,June or so but I wanted to kind of share,with you guys you know literally just,how we got started because you know,Believe It or Not for me and my business,partner ecommerce was just simply an,experiment it wasn't any more than that,me and my business part of me was,something hearing about these you know,17 year olds that were selling these,fidgets spinners online right you guys,all seen this picture spinners before so,we started hearing about them selling,the fidgets spinners not only selling,you but absolutely crushing with these,like doing six figures a month after,seeing them like yeah I could definitely,see how these you know how these guys,are crushing it I mean these fidgets,spinners are all over the place you know,they were everywhere and I kind of,sparked an interest like right what do,these seven to seven seventeen year olds,know that we don't right so we figured,you know they can do that and they can,crush ecommerce sound little things like,manners we could probably the same thing,so what I went ahead and did is,literally this is exactly how when I,went in you know I had an e-commerce I,already had some business courses that I,had invested in I'm obviously I'm huge,when it comes to business courses that's,where I learned and I have all my lot of,my knowledge from so I had an e-commerce,course I went and took that course then,I started to you know pretty much I,literally went and took two three days,where I would go after long days doing,door-to-door sales well as you guys I,don't know door-to-door sales is just,brutal and ruthless but I do recommend,for anyone just getting started to you,know start with some kind of sales job,and door-to-door sales actually a,perfect one you can get started with so,started off with door-to-door sales what,I would do is on the end of my days I,would take some time two or three hours,to go into a Panera Bread and I will,start literally just digging away on my,laptop learning you know the things that,I was learning from you know this econ,course and literally what I was doing as,I'm learning I would start to implement,it right away so what I would do is I,would have one screen with my with my in,the course open and I have another,screen simply with my store open and,literally implementing everything that,I'm learning so I think you know setting,up a store you know finding the product,setting up the collections all that,stuff right so I was literally doing,side by side so at the end of three days,I had a store put together I did I went,over exactly what kind of store and had,me one of my biggest mistakes in one of,my previous videos you guys can check,that out I put together that store and,then I went to Samir and I told them,like hey you know I I know you already,have some experience with Facebook Ads,right I put this store together by I,don't know how to run ads so what we did,is you know I figured you know I'll take,care of the store find the products all,that stuff if you can simply just help,me out and you know run the ads and take,care of that stuffing show me a little,you know what you know and some of you,experience and you know what's kind of,worked and what has it so we partnered,up you know we try our first store and,again you guys some of you guys may have,heard our first or completely fail so if,it happens to you guys don't worry I've,been there so after that you know what,we did is we partnered on we started to,you know put in more time and efforts to,the right just because we kept seeing,you know not only these 17 olds crushing,it,people crushing so we're like okay cool,so we went ahead and did the same thing,and kept trying you know kept trying,different things so he put to go to,another store then again same thing,we've spent some hours doing it found,the product set it up I did that and,then he was taking care of you know,launching these different now Facebook,ad campaigns so we had a pretty even,split 50-50 of the work was divided that,actually did help us out a lot you know,the kind of test more because obviously,he was spending his time just doing that,and Alice meant in my time you know,simply focusing on you know what I had,to do building that store I find these,products so it became you know I got,pretty easy to obviously to do my part,basically with that we puts a get,another store and we started testing,some products here and there nothing,really took off at first so we did in,our first few days we did lose a few,hundred bucks,I had set aside specifically two,thousand dollars and it was money that I,saved up from doing door-to-door sales,with these two thousand dollars you know,I just put it aside and my thought,process was you know worst case you know,I just lose two thousand dollars and it,just obvious Hackett to you learn some,skill sets about e-commerce and drop,shipping best case you know we make an,extra two to three hundred bucks that,was my thought process I wasn't planning,on you know making whatever we made them,making our second month two hundred,grand or anything like that crazy right,my thought process was mind you I didn't,even know how internet marketing works,how all my businesses work so my thought,process was you know best case you know,we make an extra five hundred bucks off,this two thousand dollars that was my,best case in it I had no idea so I had,the two thousand also decide our first,couple days and advertising I saw a few,hundred dollars but I'm a drain I was,getting worried I'm like I don't know,Samir bro we're gonna have to stop this,thing I don't wanna keep losing our,money,you know I stayed faithful I stayed,consistent I really believed in what we,were doing so after a few negative days,where we lost a few hundred bucks at the,end of the week we actually had our,first break-even date so that was when,the turning point first started we got,our first break even day and from there,the next day we were profitable at our,first fifty bucks and then from there,hundred and then we pretty much skill,bond and we were able to quickly skill,to have an our first are saying our,second real month of e-commerce of job,shipping you know we've made 224 grand I,can actually post a screenshot here,actually show you guys absolutely insane,you know what happens able to happen you,know simply with experimented because,again this all started as an experiment,we were not planning on you know like,launching a full-time ecommerce business,obviously we had no idea how they even,worked we had our first thousand dollar,day I'm like no way t

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My Dropshipping Success Story 2021 | How I Turned $0 To 6 Figures Per Month Shopify Dropshipping

day two i said you know what,let me up the budget and double it two,hundred dollars spent on ads you know,just just created some new adsense i,didn't even duplicate anything just just,created you know ten more assets,double the revenue i said okay this is a,winner product and i'm saying by this,time i've already learned you know,facebook ads i've learned what a winning,product should look like and whatnot so,i've learned how to scale i've learnt,look-alike audiences and all that,simply i just let it run for the rest of,the week you know given the budget i,think i ended that week around like 600,a day on ads making like 56k already on,the first week per day right about it,obviously middle end of the week and,then when i gather over 100 sales,boom took it to the move that product,did over 200 000,weeks in weeks that was my first six,figure month hey yo what's going on it's,leon here hit the gas on the ride,make sure you guys go ahead and slap a,like on this video like your mama slap,you subscribe if you're new here and,turn on post notifications by clicking,the bell make sure you select all so you,do not miss an upload from me all right,so i'm back with another video man and,in today's video i'm going to be telling,you how i got started with shopify,dropship when it became successful and i,built a brand and i'm going to give you,some takeaways that you can go ahead and,implement while getting started or if,you're someone that already has a,winning product and you want to go ahead,and know how you can build a brand,without running facebook ads and doing,xyz like this is gonna be value packed,so make sure you stik around to hear my,story and also take some notes down to,how you can you know build a brand,effortlessly okay literally so without,further ado make sure you guys go ahead,and slap a like on this video subscribe,if you're new here into the post of,cases by clicking the bell next to the,subscribe button so you do not miss,another upload for me because you,already know i'm dropping nothing but,value nukes baby man every almost every,day i'm gonna be posting videos like,showing you winning practike go ahead,and test you do not want to miss that,i'm just dropping this video today as,something a little different on the,channel but starting tomorrow i'm back,to showing you some bangers maybe yeah,some bangers bangers you know how i do,if you want to know how you can enroll,in my drop shipping course for free,click the link in the description box,down below and if you're interested in,one-on-one mentoring yes if you want to,go ahead and be your mentor email me my,email will be in the description box,down below just email the subject line,one on one and yeah we'll go ahead and,go from there without further ado let's,get on with this video all right so,first things first how did i get started,with shopify drop shipping okay so i've,always wanted to be an entrepreneur i,did not like working nine to five,rainey's and i graduated high school at,16 years old yes i could have literally,went and got my mba by like what 21 22,but that that wasn't for me it wasn't,for me at all so what i always wanted to,do in my life was just be an,entrepreneur and also entertain so i,used to do music like like i used to,want to be a professional musician yeah,like i just have a channel um with my,name leon green and it had over 20,subscribers i used to do diss tracks and,all that kind of stuff and you know,what's funny i've even dissed the deji,comedy shorts gamer yes ksi's brother,it's gonna be right here yeah i did this,with him and he responded over two,million views like i was on my way up,and then you know i'm saying youtube,deleted my channel and i'm saying,because diss tracks will be coming not,good for youtube they wanted family,friendly and all that so yeah my hard,work went,and i pretty much just had to start over,i was building all this momentum but,long story short i've just always wanted,to be my own boss and obviously music,was a thing of mine that was a passion,it's still a passion and who knows i,might go ahead and still make music in,the future okay the intro song that you,hear it's my song and that's me singing,hit the gas on the right and i'm saying,you're gonna yeah you can you can find,me on soundcloud if you want okay i'm,there but yeah i've always wanted to,become an entrepreneur and um in 2018,when i was turning 25 you know um i had,to make a choice like do i go back to,school,and get a degree while working the,nine-to-five job to you know pay for my,car and phone bill or do i just grind,this out and really find something that,works for me you know my mom told me,that i had some 25 so literally i had 10,months left 10 months before 25 i had to,find something then prior to this i,already did like clickbank i already did,affiliate marketing i already tried eve,i've tried so many other things you know,while pursuing my music career and then,one day i literally just said you know i,went on youtube and i typed in how to,make money online and i found drop,shipping and since then i just fell in,love with the business model now here is,my strategy on how i got started okay i,started with zero dollars no money at,all and if you go through my channel i,give you guys ideas on how to start you,know dropshipping with no money and,those are legit ideas if you understand,what i'm saying okay because i started,with zero dollars so i know how to start,with zero dollars obviously it's more,tedious and time consuming and it takes,a lot more work but it's 100 possible,because i literally went from zero to,you did what i was saying yeah i don't i,don't usually wear my jewelry and,whatnot but for this video title and,clickbait i just thought you know it,makes sense for me to wear my jewelry on,here and just it's i don't take this as,flexing or anything i don't do that i,try not to do any of that but and i'm,saying i went from zero to this and if,you see my travel vacations or whatnot,it's in i do a lot you know what i'm,saying i'm always late so i went from,nothing to something with zero dollars,but before we continue with this video,hey guys i'm giving away my course for,free and i'm also sending out winning,products to you guys every friday for,free as well all you have to do is,purchase a pre-built store like the one,you see on the screen it comes with a,premium theme and also a verified,winning product that i'm currently,running right now that's making me six,figures per month all you have to do is,purchase a pre-built store the link will,be in the description box down below,it'll be the only link and you'll be,able to get this crazy deal so go ahead,and get it while it lasts so this is how,i got started okay obviously i searched,for winning products every i'm,self-taught by the way like i don't like,reading i don't read instructions when,i'm building when i was building this,desk i didn't read instruction i just,don't like instructions okay i'd rather,sit there for 20 hours and figure it out,who i own than to read an instruction,for five minutes here understand i'm,sorry so i'm self-taught with a lot of,the things that i do in my life like,self-taught with everything i don't care,that's just how i am and that's just my,learning style and i understand if,you're watching this video you're,probably not the type of person you,probably need guidance okay that's why,you know i post these youtube videos,that's why i give you a chance to get my,drop shipping course for free the link,in the description box down below um but,basically what i did was you know i,tried and tried i tried i tried you know,here and there i'll get like 20 bucks,for you doing a chore or like helping,someone out with something and i'll,spend that money on facebook ads just to,kind of understand how it worked right,but obviously i didn't have money to,keep running things with that so i just,did things from where i would follow,people with my um website's uh instagram,page like follow people for example i

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How I Became Successful w/ Dropshipping In 3 months (E-Commerce)

what's up that is nastier in today's,video we are going to tok about how I,got into drop shipping how long it took,me to quit my job how long it took me to,find my first winning products I'm,making that my full-time income before I,never wanted to make a video kind of,like that because I don't want to come,here and just tok about myself it's,about you guys I wanted to make,something that helps you help you out,but then I realized maybe I could if I,makes one of these videos it could help,you plan your whole transition from,having a job to quitting your job and,basically being your your own boss and a,business owner so hope this video is,helpful if it is don't forget to Like,and subscribe down below,and let's get into it real quick as a,lot of you guys know a couple years ago,I was working at a gym I was a personal,training manager and my job was to make,sure that they hit the sales training,personal training stuff and make sure,that we as team hit our numbers and help,a lot of people get results so that was,my main job at the time out I loved what,I did honestly I always thought that I,would be always working in Fitness I,never thought I would make transition to,getting to selling products online but,the funny fact is that actually quit,years ago I used to flip tikets which,that's gonna be another video but I was,always doing something online but it was,never fold time so when I was working at,the gym I really loved what I was doing,I was making good money after college,and I was confident but I was making the,only problem was that I didn't have any,freedom to do what I wanted to do I,remember working there for a year and a,half and I was working I like fitness,and for a year and a half I wanted to,take a vacation but my boss was like no,you can't really take a vacation and I,was working from Monday through Saturday,pretty much from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.,and we had like two hours break or,something in between,and I wanted to take a personal vacation,to go on a like school summer and then I,realized that I can't sense I'm a,manager I have to be there all the time,unless someone is there to cover me and,if I don't have anyone to cover for me I,can't actually take any vacations so at,that point I was like you know like,rethinking my whole life that what do I,want like I'm in my like early mid-20s,and like I don't want to be working my,whole life I want to go to travel I want,to do things and I understand that it's,a lot of work whereas starting a,business but to me is kind of like if,you're starting a new job you also be,have to be putting a lot of work and to,get it going and I would rather do this,for myself I like a business because at,that point I was like maybe I should,start working another job like quit this,job and work another job but then I just,taught at the same time it was kind of,like annoyed by not being able to get,any vacation time well at the time I,probably had like six months or maybe,like even months cost of living saved up,like I wouldn't do anything cuz since I,was working all the time I didn't go on,a vacation and my rent was like $500 I,had like a room that like it was so,cheap like I was making like maybe I was,I was making six-figure I think and I my,rent was really cheap so I was like just,saving a bunch of money just putting it,aside just in case I was planning to buy,a house or whatever I was doing and at,that point I so since I really liked,what I was doing in people that I was,working with my clients I was I was I,having a hard time to actually quit it,took me a couple months to actually,decide that I wanted quite so one thing,and I get one advice that I give you,guys and if you're just getting into our,ownership is like actually start when,you're a court case and just kind of try,to manage that when you come home work,on your business I did that for a while,but I was not I'm not the type of person,that can do two things at the same time,but I understand that most people need,to have plan B like I know that's a,thing but for me I personally I know but,I have a plan,I would not make the plant a habit if,that makes sense,that's just me and I just do not buy,such by anybody and at the time I had,enough money saved up quit my job and,not worry about it if it doesn't work,out and I'm gonna leave in a good term,so in case they both wanted to come back,I could still come back now I feel that,if my boss actually watches this all,right but the thing I quit was like a,couple years ago I think I was like a,two and a half three years I don't know,and I had money saved up I started first,what I started doing I started like I,didn't even know what it was gonna do,like I was kind of like I mean I first,said I said it actually was bricked on,demand and I don't know what I was doing,clearly I was just kind of playing,around with it like just playing around,with Shopify website that was kind of,cool I was trying to sell workout plans,online I was trying to like do different,things I don't really know what I was,doing out then I started learning about,face a gap but I learned most basic guys,I was googling I came across,dropshipping on YouTube and then when I,was on the YouTube I was a car this is,kind of interesting I want to sell,products and it's just I've done this,before but it was like younger I would,just like love products and it would,just buy stuff I'm critikals and it saw,them alright so what happens I started,testing products and I think like that,first like when I was still working I,was being print-on-demand and like,looking at products but I was not really,serious for like six months like I was,just kind of tiptoeing I call it to my,job and I always tell them like if you,tiptoe you're never gonna succeed you,gotta be fully to make it happen so,badly so badly that you're you don't,have any other options so probably maybe,longer than six months because I think,it took me like it here to actually get,profitable but then again I didn't know,what I was doing six month I was not,serious and then I I had nobody to learn,Facebook ads or anything wrong,so I did test everything myself and,eventually could I came up with my own,method you know anyhow I learned about,testing products started testing a lot,of products a lot of you guys know that,this is actually that's funny cuz the,funny part I actually have my first,money product would me cuz I ordered it,you know I made a video for it it was a,golf trainer a lot of people were,scaling this at the time and this,basically helps people with their when,they're playing golf to train them I,still don't even know how to use it I,just paid someone to make a video for me,but anyhow that was my first when he,brought up I probably tested about like,those things we were a little bit easier,so I tested about like maybe 3040,products like something like that and as,a noob that's not bad okay 30 products,like it's not that and I I started,making money and that's how that was a,point that I'm like you know what this,is this is realist I couldn't make this,a full-time income so that's so excited,instead of like scaling I was trying to,figure out like how can skill and when I,can create my first five assets of $100,I was just like oh like I was nervous I,couldn't sleep it was so excited and,that kind of started rolling I started,making other stores I started testing a,lot of products started working with my,business partner Scott so we could you,know we could go faster and bigger and,all that and that's what happened at the,time if you're just going to start I,recommend that you do not quit your job,I would recommend if you were working on,let's say 96-95,if you're working 9 to 5 you get much 6,take a break rest up at 7 to 10 start,working on your business nowadays,there's so much more material out there,to learn from rather than like when I,started I feel like I was I was having a,hard time to actually learn from someone,there was not many material out there to,learn but now there is but also there'

$92,000 In 24 Hours Dropshipping: INSANE Shopify Dropshipping Success Story 2020

in this video I show you a ninety-two,thousand dollars in one day case study,drop shipping on Shopify directly from,Michael who absolutely crushed 500k in,one week and almost a hundred K in a,single day you do not want to miss this,watch until the end to see all the,strategies other details and everything,hey there a truffle Synchron here before,we go into Michael's insane strategy to,get almost six figures in a single day,drop shipping on Shopify just a few,months ago so you can replicate the,strategy yourself as well and achieve,massive success but before we start make,sure to click that first link in the,description down below for our five-day,exclusive Shopify life training I'll be,teaching you for one hour a day for five,days for free everything that you need,to know to scale up your Shopify store,to the next level if you want my special,guide from zero to 10,000 dollars per,day I give it away to one winner every,single video make sure to comment down,below automate automate down below you,can add the city or country where you're,from subscribe hit that notification bar,and that like button and I'll pick a,winner from this video hey what is up is,Raphael here and I have a special guest,today for this partikular video Michael,we've been in communication for a couple,of days and this guy has an insane,success story ninety two thousand,dollars in 24 hours ninety two thousand,dollars in a single day with his Shopify,store just an insane scaling strategy,over 500k over a couple of days he has,just a crazy strategy to show you and,everything that we're gonna go through,here in this video so stay tuned Michael,tell them a little bit about your,background who you are who you were,before this massive success a little bit,about you yeah sure I uh I started out,in the corporate world it's been 10,years working for a giant,telecommunications company and I was,fortunate enough that they sent me all,over the world doing all kinds of things,and it really gave me a taste though for,travel living out of hotels that digital,nomad,you know laptop lifestyle kind of thing,and I knew when I came back and was,wrapping up kind of my stint in,corporate world I wanted something that,gave me that same level of freedom that,I had before,so I went through several years where I,was just basically a serial entrepreneur,I mean I was starting businesses failing,at businesses just trying to find things,that worked today I own three different,businesses I own a cleaning business,believe it or not where I just do all,the digital marketing for it and then I,outsource all the cleaning jobs that's,where I cut my teeth on digital,marketing and Facebook ads then I,actually started an ad agency those got,really popular over the last two or,three years I think just about everybody,started in that agency anymore,and I also start experimenting with,e-commerce and the the thing that really,let me stik with e-commerce was the,ability to take a product that you find,or you create like in the case of,print-on-demand and then immediately get,massive distribution is a huge,game-changer right like if you remove on,the clock even fifteen or twenty years,ago and you had some new product that,you wanted to sell if you wanted to go,really big and scale with large numbers,you had to get into a Walmart or Target,or a Costco or something like that it's,just incredibly difficult the barrier to,entry there is insanely high however,with the internet with something like,Facebook or Aliexpress or,print-on-demand you're able to take a,product and immediately get the same,levels of distribution from from your,butt and your dirty office like I am so,the the e-commerce thing was very,attractive to me and I knew once I kind,of grabbed ahold of it I had to figure,out a way to crack that nut awesome and,just for some proof because I know,there's gonna be a lot of skeptiks and,it's true to the YouTube world a lot of,people lie about their numbers can you,show people your numbers here what,you've made what you've done so that,yeah yeah absolutely so let me share my,screen here okay so this was the run,this was in this was last Christmas this,was all with one product and then some,post purchase upsells and cross-sells,you can see my average order value was,$69 per order let me refresh this just,so you know it's real,do a quick double refresh here so this,is from December 5th to December 21st so,you're looking at 16 days so just over,two weeks I did five hundred seventy,eight thousand three hundred fifty nine,dollars in revenue and you can see my,biggest day was right here I did ninety,two thousand four hundred fifty four,dollars in a single day and I was so,close to hitting a hundred grand but I,screwed up my ads in the morning and it,just threw me off for the rest of the,day I was actually look ninety two grand,was great to hit midday and I'm thankful,that I was able to achieve those numbers,but I was really kicking myself to you,because I really wanted a six figure day,I was so close and I'm assuming since I,see simplify simplify out so that that,was a good chunk of your of your sales,yeah yeah absolutely I use if I,one-click upsell for the upsells and,cross-sells and I can't remember the,take rate I had on it but it was it was,a pretty high take rate it raised my,overall average order value by an,additional ten dollars across eighty,five hundred orders so I had quite a few,people that took the the post purchase,upsells quite nice day awesome alright,then,let's go I'm gonna ask you a few,questions that I also asked people what,they wanted to know about you and your,strategy so how did you find the product,that you took to let's say one six,figures and was it multiple products how,did you go about that and now how did,you start promoting yeah sure so so this,partikular product was a print on demand,jewelry item from shine on so shine on,whenever you know I'm looking for a new,product to promote it's especially,around the holidays I'm always trying to,find something that hasn't been sold,before and shine on came out with these,message cards there it's print on demand,but they're selling a physical jewelry,item in this case it was a it was a,heart-shaped kind of necklace and they,had these print on demand message cards,so the imagine the jewelry box having,the message card in the back of it and,then the piece of jewelry hanging on the,front of it I saw that shine on my cell,and those and I was like man jewelry I,love jewelry it's an evergreen niche,husbands have like a genetik,disposition to by jewelry's for their,wives you know so in the other thing,that's great as husbands have no,specifically men they just they're not,familiar with jewelry it's hard for them,to tap into whether or not the piece is,more expensive than it should be or,cheap or anything like that they just,clueless so it's a great opportunity to,kind of sell them some some cool,print-on-demand jewelry and if you get,the message correct in the in the,print-on-demand space that will sell the,product so anyway I found you I found,shinin had this new product I was like,this is what I want to go after I,started looking around on Pinterest and,Etsy sorting social and some various,other places looking for a phrase that I,could put on that partikular product,because the phrase is everything in this,partikular space well I just so happened,to find a phrase that was doing pretty,well on ad Spy so I took the phrase and,you know guys I just it I tested,probably 50 products inside the space of,two or three weeks it wasn't like I just,tested one product I mean I really went,crazy trying to find my winner here this,partikular one though it came from ad,spy I notiked that the thing that stood,out to me about it was the partikular ad,wasn't very old it was relatively new,and the likes are going up really fast,so I knew this individual may have been,on to something so I grabbed the phrase,did a redesign on it so it wasn't a,complete carbon copy had I changed some,thin

How I Got Rich in 27 days (Shopify Dropshipping)

what's poppin youtube welcome back to,the channel if you're new here if you're,old here my name is nathan nazareth i'm,a 21 year old entrepreneur based out of,vancouver canada and today i'm going to,be breaking down exactly how i became,successful in less than one month of,starting e-commerce so about three years,ago now at the age of 18 i decided to,put it all on the line and take a crack,at starting my very own business with,basically no money to my name no,experience,no degree no einstein level iq i,searched for the most viable way to make,money online preferably something that i,could get rich from very very quickly,and i found just that,but if you're new to it don't go,anywhere because when i first heard,about shopify dropshipping i was,extremely skeptikal and i thought the,entire business model was a scam as well,back then it was a relatively new,concept but there's so much,misinformation about it swirling around,some people were making a full-time,living off of it and other people were,just going around saying it's too,saturated it's too competitive it,doesn't work it's a dead business model,don't worry guys i've seen it all and,those things that are happening right,now were happening three years ago as,well there's always gonna be haters,there's always gonna be doubters there's,always gonna be excuses swirling around,in the back of your head and from other,people you can't let any of that get to,you when starting a brand new venture so,like i was saying immediately when i,found this business model i thought to,myself right away that it was a scam and,not to trust all these internet gurus,but the more that i delved into the,creators videos online the more that i,saw there was actually people my age and,just a little bit older who were making,ridiculous money with this business,model and taking full advantage of it,and i remember at the time reaching out,to every single youtube creator asking,them about their experience with,dropshipping and basically every single,one that got back to me told me it's,legit told me to dive into it told me,that i don't have to buy their program,so they weren't just in it to make money,off of me and that's exactly what i did,i went full swing with dropshipping but,what really gave me the confidence and,the courage to take this leap to you,know jump into the unknown and begin my,journey with e-commerce was the fact,that there were a bunch of guys on,youtube and girls sitting there who are,a couple years older than me breaking,down their experience with shopify,dropshipping the results the sales the,businesses that they've started,and i thought to myself these people are,no different than me you know they're no,smarter than me they're no more capable,in fact they very much were me just a,couple years ago and so the only,difference between me and them is that,they try and they put in the work okay,and i want that to be known for every,single one of you guys watching this,there's literally no difference between,me and you,i'm not special i don't have any crazy,talents any fancy degree any einstein,level iq literally none of that i'm just,a kid who decided to try,and with that i had to develop thick,skin and a complete mindset shift,it was no longer a matter of oh i'm,going to give this dropshipping business,thing a crack it was not a matter of if,but it was a matter of when i will,become successful and i lock that in,from day one i don't want to get into my,personal life but i spent too many years,failing it was my time to succeed failed,in my sporting career i was never,getting the best grades i knew it was my,time to finally succeed at something and,this is what it was going to be the,sport of entrepreneurship was my new,competitive arena now i was in business,school at the time and they're always,preaching about how you should be,passionate about what you do as an,entrepreneur and so that was one thing i,took with me from day one too i knew,that if i was gonna make this work not,only was i gonna be in this for the,money but i had to genuinely enjoy and,find love in what i was doing and,creating so first thing i did i thought,to myself what am i passionate about and,at the time it was sports and fitness,and all these things,and so i think you can guess what my,first product ever was that's right it,was the classic resistance band drop,shipping set funny enough these things,went crazy during the whole rona,situation but anyways i modeled my,website after trx if you've heard of it,it's basically a big fitness company,that sells these premium resistance,bands and i started plugging away at a,basic shopify theme to build the initial,website i remember ordering my very,first video ads for facebook from a,freelancer on fiverr just like it was,the other day and within i believe four,short days i had launched my very first,dropshipping store ever anyone want to,take a wild guess of what happened,complete flop you nailed it i went four,days,spending over four hundred 400,and i was wildly unsuccessful but,one very special thing happened on the,last day i got my very first sale ever,[Music],now even though i was wildly,unprofitable and i had started to eat,away at the little savings that i had,that very first sale gave me all the,confidence i needed to march on forward,literally try to think about this from,my perspective right now as a you know,17 18 year old kid i'm sitting there i,got a sale and i realized that somebody,from somewhere in the world,actually saw the ad that i made that i,posted clicked on it went to the website,that i built with my own two hands and,my keyboard they went through my,checkout process and they actually,pulled up their credit card to buy the,product i mean,i don't know if you guys feel that same,feeling that i do when i think about,that it kind of gives me goosebumps but,it's absolutely wild to me the fact that,i was able to do all of that sitting for,my computer at home and i made that sale,in my sleep and so i'm so passionate,when i still tok about it because that,sale was honestly one of the greatest,feelings i've ever had in my life and i,still remember it like it was yesterday,this guy right here was capable of,building a store making ads launching,ads on the facebook ads platform and,actually having real people come to my,site and purchase my product that i,sourced from a supplier or i think,aliexpress at the time crazy so now i,had real momentum obviously i shut down,that story because it was so,unsuccessful i had a load of lessons,learned and i was fired up and ready to,take on the world of business but there,i was back to square one rinsing and,repeating the same launching strategy,but making tweaks and adjustments and,optimizations along the way i told,myself with every failed product with,every failed store i had to have at,least three big takeaways three learning,lessons or areas of improvement before,my next launch i was beyond committed in,fact my parents thought i was going,insane i hadn't seen my girlfriend in,weeks,what is wrong with you it was just me,every single day in front of my computer,for 16 hours some days i swear i even,forgot to eat but anyways three products,later and after burning through every,penny that i had i found my very first,winning product,i fell in love with you on facebook i,woke up to a 4x return on aspen a,feeling that i still remember to this,day i did it i own a successful,profitable online business i thought to,myself and i was making money in my,sleep i was so excited i was running,around i was telling all my family and,friends and not one person congratulated,me at least genuinely they told me to go,get a job that my few little sales of a,product that's probably crap from china,isn't going to get me anywhere in life,but at this point i knew i had so much,delusional confidence in myself and in,the business model after seeing my first,profitable day the winning product my,initial sales i was on a roll and,nothing was going to stop me 27 days,later i