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dropshipping summer products

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

CURRENT Winning Products for Shopify Dropshipping (Summer 2022)

hey guys, hayden bowles here over with e-com season- the best in the business for e-commerce, as well as bulls capital for the real estate in this video. this is one of those ones that you want to watch all the way through, and i'm not being dramatik when i say this. it can directly alter the entire course of your life. let me give you an example. when i found my first winning product, my shopify store popped off. i was running facebook ads. i went from nothing to making twenty thousand dollars a month, very, very quickly. now it took me a while to find that product, but in this video i'm going to give you like eight winning products. i just sat down yesterday for over three hours to put together this presentation for you. so please drop me a like, please drop me a comment. i put a lot of effort into this one. i just want to give you not only the products, but examples of what you can do for the ads, the offer, the pricing, the sourcing cost, the targeting on your ads and every single little thing in between, with all the market research shown in front of you. so hope you're looking forward to it. all the resources are linked down below if you want to check out our course. we just opened up the tiktok add course officially to the public. all that stuff is great. that's what we're doing for advertising. let's jump in. so these are things that you can start selling right now. now, to give you an example: the power of a winning product. i recently made a youtube video toking about the full profit margin. you can check out that video of this ecommerce brand that last month- i just started, a few months prior- went from about two thousand dollars a day to over fifteen, twelve to fifteen thousand dollars a day, doing 170 000 in sales. and again, that video toks about the profit margin. i'm not here to hide anything. however, how do you do 4 100 orders and have explosive growth on an e-commerce store? it's because you find the right product and then, of course, you pair that with the right advertising, which is exactly what our course focuses on. i don't really go too deep into building a website and all this stuff. well, it is important. i touch on those things, but advertising is 90 of it, because once you pair the right product, which i'm going to give you right now, all you have to do is run the ads the right way. senator, we run ads the first product i want to show you that absolutely really caught my attention when i started advertising was a full-size dog car seat cover. it's kind of a long name, but this is actually something i see a lot of people have. it hooks onto the back of the headrest and just keeps all the hair in one place. now, as somebody who grew up with very large dogs- two labs, they got hair everywhere- this is actually something that we had, and these products are very much so. an evergreen product, which means you can sell it forever. now for me pricing, and then we'll tok about targeting perspective. you can source this product- the full size version- for about 25. once you are actually going through a direct manufacturer, maybe a drop shipping agent, or especially when you're ordering inventory, it'll get a lot cheaper. however, the target sale price for this product is going to be 69.99. the reason i came up with this: that is an average market price. it really all depends on how you're able to brand the product, how cool the ads are, a lot of things like that, but we're not actually going to start at that target price. what we're going to do is we're going to start a little bit lower to try and test the product, because if we're not making sales at 59, you're probably not going to make them at 69.. so we just want to get the advertising account started. whether you're running facebook ads, take tok ads, it doesn't matter. again, you'll be following our strategies for that, so you'll know how we test if you go through our course. however, you want to start a little bit lower, for a couple reasons. number one: it starts to optimize your ad account for a cheaper cost per purchase. so let's say it's tiktok. they're gonna start thinking, okay, a 20 cost per purchase is good, this is normal. they're starting to increase their budget. that works for them, that works for us. let's keep it in that range. well, if you do that and then you start increasing your price, usually that difference in the cost per purchase does not rise enough to match that, which just means you're making extra money. this is kind of an average price. amazon's a little bit cheaper than this. it depends on the variation, but again, people are not really cross-referencing with amazon. we'll tok about that now. as for the offer, this is really important. a lot of people just throw up their product. i see this all the time, even with some people i do consulting with and sometimes it works. but they have a good product and they just have a completely trash offer. they're not bundling anything, they're not offering a discount, they're not doing something and unless you're like gucci or louis vuitton, some like brand brand, you know, never doing a sale, never doing any of that probably isn't the best strategy. it just depends on what you're trying to do. so for this i would do: buy two, because most families that would have a dog would have two cars. you know, buy two, save 30. you could test that. a second offer that i would definitely test, which would more so be an upsell, but you could also bundle. this- is offering them that main product, right, this entire car cover, but also offering them a dog hair lint roller, right, because if you have this not only protects your car but all the dog hair is in one spot. you're going to need one of those lint rollers- right out there a picture of one. you're going to need one of those. i mean, those are a lifesaver. now, as for the targeting, you're going to see a recurring theme on how we structure our targeting. just remember, on tiktok specifically, as well as facebook, you can use the expand interest or expand audience box right below it. that'll take whatever small audience you have, instantly, open it up to the world. it could go from 2 million people to 150 million people, but now you're giving tiktok or facebook, whoever it is, a framework to build off of. so, for example, dog beds- this is tiny. this is only 658 to 800 000 people. that is way too small. just as a free tip for you- this is, you know, free tip that people pay money for, that is way too small. you cannot just run that. you can't do. it doesn't matter now. what you can do is you can expand the audience, though, and what will happen? it will. this will instantly. if you're running this to the us and to canada, this will instantly jump to about 130 million people. so you're like: well, you know now you're not really targeting dog beds, and you'd be right, but you are giving the ad platform a guide. you're giving them a starting point, right, and then another one that is much broader but still relates to it is pets. so pets is a general. you know, 63 to 77 million. you don't need to expand this. you can down the road. i'm all for testing audience variations, but these are just some very simple starting things. you could turn around: go launch 20 or 30 a day ads just to get a couple sales coming in and then from there you'll want to get your budgets a lot higher than that, just to outpace the learning phase. on tiktok again, we go through all that in the tiktok ad course. now this one specifically very high search volume. okay, on google trends, check that out. i also looked at aliexpress, which i don't source off here, but it's always good to see what people are. you know all the sourcing prices are all over the place, but is there a lot of units sold? okay, and there is. what are the shipping costs? shipping is obviously ridiculous through aliexpress, but you know 5 000 units sold, 2600. same thing over on amazon. you have listings with a thousand reviews. that usually means they got 50 to 100 000 orders. not a lot of people leave reviews. so you know just different things like that that we're looking at. uh, in comparable pricing, like i mentioned, amazon's a little bit cheaper than what o.

Top 10 Products To Sell This Summer | Winning Dropshipping Products 2022

yo, what's going on? everybody? it's your man, muhammad kamara, and welcome back to the channel. you already know what time it is. man, in this video i want to hook y'all up with some winning products. i've been getting my dms flooded with you guys asking: what type of products do you recommend to sell this summer. so you know i'm gonna get y'all covered for the whole summer. we're gonna do some live tiktok ads product research. so i got my phone here, i got aliexpress up here. we'll be cross referencing some things on aliexpress, but, in all, i want to show you a little bit more on my product research strategies, especially while using tiktok, and this is the exact method that i will use to find six figure winning products right now to go ahead and sell. so we're about to get into it. all i ask is that you hit that like button while you're here. all right, and before we get into, i actually want to make a quick announcement. all right, i started a free group chat for you guys. that's something you've been requesting as well. so i got a free group chat going where i'm actually checking in with you guys every single day, uh, giving out some winning products there as well. so if you want to join, click the link right below this video. i'll put it in the comment section somewhere. make sure you join the group, join the money mafia. we have over 300 members in there right now and we're gonna keep growing this thing. so, um, that's something i'm really excited about. without further ado, let's get into this man. let's get into this product research strategy, all right. uh, here's my, um, here's my tiktok. all right, so i'm just on the home page. i'm just gonna start the search by coming to, uh, the search bar and typing in tik-tok made me buy it. all right, that's the great. uh, just starting point, general starting point when it comes to products. i'm gonna hit this filter in the top right corner real quick and we'll go with the liked videos. okay, we want to filter liked videos. okay, i want to come down into the date and pick the last three months, okay, and we want to pick the most light in the last three months, and then i didn't know, i want to hit the most, like, i'm gonna go last three months, okay, and then we're gonna apply this now. we're gonna go over and make sure we're sorting this just by videos and now we can see some of our top videos here, all right, so i'm gonna look through these one by one. i think i know what this product is, that fingerprint lock- okay, this is something that i've actually sold as well. so, um, top product, but i think we've we found this before, so i'm not even gonna, um, i'm not gonna recommend that for this, for this video. let's take a look at this. one looks like a mini blender and one of the things to keep in mind is that, with tiktok especially, you know, the product doesn't really have to serve any use sometimes. okay, i know, sometimes we like to say, make sure the product has a unique pain point and selling point. this product is just cool and quirky, right, it's a. it's a cute little product. i wouldn't classify it as a winner, though. you got to be really, really lucky to get this going, but she's using it obviously as pre-workout right here. so if you can brand this in a nice way, that's also a. you know, it's a very smooth product, it's quirky and it's kind of just fun, right, but, um, you know, depending on the margins and all that, let's see what it looks like on aliexpress. uh, mini blender. let me turn this volume down, okay, so i'm not even seeing it here. all right, i think this is just one of those like one-off unique products. video only has about 540k likes, but, um, i wouldn't say this is a winner. okay, let me keep going here. this one gives me sort of a generic vibe. like you can find it on amazon as well, so we'll keep looking and again- remember guys, we got to be a little bit patient here. okay, i think we saw that product before as well. okay, this is another cool one. okay, it looks like a, a pacifier for fruit. okay, so here we go. i think we should have this one available. okay, it looks like: uh, let's see, i'm sure they have it. we just got to find it, or you know, know how to name it. this is a good sign if you can't find it off of the first go, because that means when somebody goes to your website and they try to cross reference, see if they can get it anywhere else, they probably won't know what to type, right, so i'm gonna type. maybe i spelled it wrong. yeah, so pacifier, um, fruit. i'm just gonna type fruit, okay, so here we go. we got a few pieces here. they're selling for about 1.88 a piece. have some, you know has one good review. i want to check some other listings as well, but we got a lot of options here and the images are high quality, how we want. you know 13 orders. i think this is one of those. a summer product: people are going to be traveling a lot with their children. that is an option right there. you know, people are going to want something to kind of calm their children down, maybe in public places, things like that. so you definitely want to target that demographic of people who just recently had children and i think this is a good. this is a good product. right here we can make some dope videos, just like this one that we saw on tiktok. all right, so we got one product. let's keep going with this search. let's see what we could do. okay, this looks like a quirky one. i believe this is for a musical product. you know what i'm gonna do. i'm going to sort this because i want to make sure that we get in videos that are more, that are relevant, right, so i'm going to come here into the filters. i'm gonna go with most light, okay, so we got this projector that hooks up to the iphone. it looks like okay, and this projector was doing. um, i believe this- it's been around for a minute, so i'm not gonna suggest that to you guys. pretty old product. this one is chicken leg socks. okay, like kind of quirky product once again, but i think it's uh, it's fun enough for people to do weird stuff like this. they're going to the gym with it, so i'm going to go with chicken socks and you can brand this, believe it or not. okay, here we go. they're buying it for about 3.93 a pop and, yeah, i think you know it might not appeal to you, but there is a huge market of people that just want to do weird, quirky things like this and they're looking for these type of products. so, uh, i'll add the chicken stoks on there. i, you know, i'll add that onto the list. i think there's a it's more of a fun product. we got high quality images here as well. you can make some engaging videos like this, showing it that you're you, you know how you use it in the public eye or whatever, and i think, um, i think it definitely has potential. okay, never discriminate against the product itself. never discriminate against the product. you never know. it's the products you least expect. that can make you millions of dollars. all right, so i'm gonna keep going down here. we got two so far. okay, we got this margarita cup. i think this looks pretty cool. okay, people are gonna be drinking this summer. people are gonna be drinking, you know, and i think this is a very unique way to uh go about having a drink. so i'm going to go with, uh, margaret. uh, what do you even call this? uh, straw glass. that's what i'ma type in, you know, and obviously it could be used in in, um, you know, in on multiple occasions, maybe even for children, right? so, let's see, straw glass. i'm sure they have it. we just got to find out what to, okay, straw glass martini. and here we go, we have the product right here. 525 for this one. uh, i think we could get away with selling this for about 18, maybe 20, 20 to 22, you know, in that price range. let's see what the ratings are looking like: 4.0, right here. so let's see what that one bad review is about. all right, so i'm gonna come down here, okay, so it looks like maybe one. they got one bad view, okay, three pieces broken, okay, so, um, shipping can be a problem if we're deciding to scale, right, uh, let's see, maybe it's just the supplier, maybe how they packaged it, other uh people right here. we got one right here that has a five star review, but only one review, so you know t.

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hey, this is sell this now. every day I'm looking for new products to sell, so here's my top winning products of the day. our next product is the outdoor retractable stool. now this is a problem solver. it's a cool product with a definite wow effect and you can sell this during the summer season, and this product falls under the camping, outdoor activities niche markets. we also think that this product has a broad market base and it comes in more than 25 colors and it's perfect for a one product store or to build a brand around. and finally, it's a proven seller on Aliexpress with many, many orders. now the selling price for the outdoor retractable stool is just under $45, whereas the product cost is only twenty seven dollars and ninety three cents. shipping is completely free, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of seventeen dollars and six cents. sell this now. our next product is the barbecue cooking baskets. now, this is a problem-solver. it's a very cool product with a wow effect and it's a great product to sell during the summer season, as everyone knows that summer is the time of the year when people do lots of barbecues and it falls under the cooking barbecue niche markets. we also think that this product has a broad market base and it also has a lot of untapped potential. so far, there have only been a few orders on Aliexpress, so you can definitely take advantage of this. now. you can sell one piece or two pieces together to increase your profit margin. now the selling price for the barbecue cooking baskets- two pieces- is just under twenty-five dollars, whereas the product cost is only ten dollars and eight cents. shipping will set you back one dollar and sixty cents, so you're looking at a good profit margin of $13.31. sell this now. what if I told you that you are leaving money on the table? did you know that you can get a percentage back for every order you make from aliexpress? introducing back it back? it is the easiest way to take profit of the Aliexpress cash back system and it's totally free. you just have to register, install their chrome app and now, every time you pay for your orders, you will get a percentage back. no BS, no hassle. I've been using their service for months now and so should you. I mean free money, hello. click the link in the description to start earning your cash back. you'll thank me later. our next product is the portable pet pool. now, this is a problem solver. it definitely has that wow effect. it's a very cool product that lots of pet owners will want and it's definitely a product for the summer season now. we've already introduced this product in one of our videos about a month ago. now that summer is finally here, this product is selling very well. it falls under the pets dogs niche market and it comes in different sizes, from 30 centimeters to 80 centimeters wide, and this product has a high perceived value and it will give you a good profit margin. and finally, it's a proven seller on Aliexpress with many, many orders. now the selling price for the portable pet pool is just under $30, whereas the product cost is only fifteen dollars and 59 cents. shipping will set you back six dollars and four cents, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of eighteen dollars and 36 cents. sell this now. if you're looking for a proven seller on Aliexpress, then our next product is definitely for you. it's the solar-powered bug killer. now this is an obvious problem solver. it definitely has a wow effect and it's a perfect product to sell during the summer season when the months are hot and there are a lot of insects around. now, a similar but non solar products sold very well in the past on the market. it was a fly catcher and you can also target the camping niche or any other outdoor activities, and we think that this product has a broad market base now. the solar-powered feature makes a very good selling point because this product won't use any batteries and it's perfect for a one product store or to build a brand around. now the selling price for their solar-powered bug killer is just under $30, whereas the product cost is only nine dollars and 21 cents shipping is completely free. so you're looking at a very good profit margin of twenty dollars and seventy eight cents. sell this now. our next product is the garden decor luminous stones. now, this is a very cool product with a definite wow effect, and this product always trends. every summer season falls under the gardening niche market. we also think that this product has a broad market base now. it comes in different packages and colors, available from 50 pieces up to 500 pieces, and, finally, it's a proven seller on Aliexpress with thousands of orders. now the selling price for the garden decor luminous stones- 50 pieces- is just under $20, whereas the product cost is only four dollars and 85 cents. shipping is completely free. so you're looking at a good profit margin, or 15 dollars and 14 cents. sell this now. our next product is the USB rechargeable mini waste clip fan. now, this is a problem-solver. it definitely has that wow effect and it's the perfect product to sell during the summer season, when the month when the months get really hot. now this product falls under the self-care niche market, but we also think it has a broad market based and we think that this product has a lot of untapped potential. so far, there have only been a few orders on Aliexpress, so you can definitely take advantage of this and this product definitely has a high perceived value. now. it comes in two different colors and it's perfect for a one product store or to build a brand around. now the selling price for the USB rechargeable mini waste clip fan is just under 35 dollars, whereas the product cost is only 13 dollars and 87 cents. shipping will set you back 3 dollars and 32 cents, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of $17.80. sell this now. when it comes to Facebook advertising, nothing converts better than a good viral video ad, and if you need high quality, fast and efficient video ads for your drop shipping products, bands of ads is your go-to place. they will do everything for you: the video script, the video ads and the eye-catching thumbnail. their videos have proven results time and time again, which means you'll receive a video that has my chance of converting. that's why all the big players in the industry are using their service. use the code STM to get a 10% discount on all their packages. click the link in the description to claim your discount. our next product is the summer unicorn yard sprinkler. now, this is a problem solver. it will entertain the children in the garden during the hot summer days. it definitely has that wow effect. this unicorn looks huge, and unicorn products are trending and sell very well on the market, and it's easy to target parents with young children via Facebook ads, and we think that this product has a broad market base. and finally, we also think that this product has a lot of untapped potential. so far, there have only been a few orders on Aliexpress, so you can definitely take advantage of this now. the selling price for the summer unicorn yard sprinkler is just under $80, whereas the product cost is only thirty nine dollars and forty three cents. shipping is completely free, so you're looking at a fantastik profit margin of forty dollars and 56 cents. sell this now if you're looking for a proven seller on Aliexpress with many, many orders, then our next product is definitely for you. it's the all-in-one fishing like best. now. this is a problem solver and the fishing niche is huge during the summer season and safety products always sell very well on the market and fishing vest are a must-have accessory. this one comes with a life vest and there are many other fishing products to upsell with this one and this product has a high perceived value and it will give you a good profit margin and it's perfect for a fishing nice tour now. the selling price for the autumn one fishing life vest is just under $60, whereas the product cost is only $26 and 85 or cents sh.

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7 Summer Products You Can Sell | Shopify Dropshipping

what is going on, guys? Sebastian esquerda, here in this video, I'm going to expose seven products that you can start selling today, this summer, for the next few months. they are products I've seen for the past few months and they are doing really well, so I just want to shed some light on products that I've potentially wanted to sell. these are all products that I probably still could sell, that meet my criterias and everything like that, and they do check out as good products. so in this video again, we're gonna get into my computer and I'm gonna show you all these ads for these potential products that you guys can start selling today. I know a lot of people have trouble finding the right products and they don't even know what products are the type to start selling. so in this video, I want to shed some light on that. so, without further ado, let's get into my computer. so this is the first product. it is a inflatable portable pillow. we're gonna start the ad and watch what it is. so you put your arms through the pillow and you have a headrest. I think it's genius, just because I fly often and I would love to use one of these as, because when I fly it's normally not comfortable. I'm usually like leaning on one side or leading on the window- if I'm have a window seat or something like this- so I can see the use in this product and the other benefits. it's light, it's easy for customers to carry, it's easy for shipping. shipping costs probably won't be too expensive. only downside is they potentially could get pops. so that's like the only issue I see. but overall it's a solid product. I would suggest anyone to sell it. we can come to that. we can come to the site and check it out as well to see kind of how they have their site laid out as well as. so I can show you guys, so you guys can refer to it later down the road. so here's the product. I believe I found it on Aliexpress for like 5 or 10 bucks and they're selling it for 40, so it's pretty good margins. so, yeah, here they have tons of product photos. they have a stiky little thing that a Buy Now button that stiks with you no matter where you scroll, which is cool I'm. so yeah, that's the first product. I'm not gonna go too in depth with the websites, I just want to shed some light on the products. so that's number one. we're gonna get into number two right now. so this is the second one. it's an ultimate glass, glass, metal glue. so I think you know this is definitely a different type of product that I'm used to selling. I've never sold a product like this, but seeing it and seeing the ad, I'm very intrigued. just because it's something as simple as a little tube of glue, yet it performs and solve so many issues for people. people don't want to drill tons of holes in their walls and stuff like that, because then when they move or sell their house they'll have to patch up the holes in their wall. so this could be another potential product you could sell this summer. they're selling it for $13- I found out on how they Express- for like 60 cents plus $3 shipping. so we'll just say three dollars and sixty cents and you can sell it for 13. so your margins are about nine dollars and 40 cents. obviously it's a cheaper product, so you're gonna get lower cost per purchases. you're just gonna have to let your ads optimize if you run this product. but it's definitely doable- you definitely could make a lot of money with it. you just have to run it properly and have it branded properly. so yeah, and what I mean by branding. I'm not toking about actually brand it, just make your site a perceived brand. you can interpret that as you'd like. but the third product, this one is also pretty cool. it's like one of those little blender bottles. I don't think this is like the original one, it's kind of a little different, but it's still cool. I know this product has been selling for quite some time. they're still running ads towards this product, so that's why I wanted to shed some light on this one. it's just- I don't know. it's simple, it does the job it create. it solves a problem. you know you don't have to use a big blender and it can be carried around anywhere, so I think it's a cool product as well. you guys could definitely potentially sell this product. you know there are a lot of these types of products, even kitchen tools, that are being sold right now that are doing really well, and I actually really like this website layout. it's it's simple. everything is super, super simple and sleek and it looks nice. these photos are terrible, though jeez like literally. if they just rifo tokh op them with better quality photos, they could increase their conversion rate probably by like half a percent, I would say. but yeah, the product is good. I would strongly suggest anyone to potentially sell it. it's just, it's a good overall product. okay, this one is probably one of the coolest ones I've found it's. it reminds you of like being a Navy SEAL or something. I'm gonna Navy SEAL, but I'm just referring to that because, like it covers your whole face so you have a clear view of everything. like that I think the bat. the worst thing for me when I wear goggles is it makes me look like a raccoon, like it has the tensions on your face, so this is actually gonna go around your whole face and therefore creating inventions on the rim of your face rather than just your eyes, which are more visible. plus, it looks awesome like, like the, the snorkel goes on top. it's not in the way you don't have to hold anything in your mouth. well, obviously you have the thing that goes over your mouth. but I think this is just an overall good, cool product that does solve an issue. I think it's. I think it could be sold very well this summer just because, like, a lot of people are going to the beach, going out of the country to go to some foreign place and go, maybe, scuba dive or something like that, or they want to go swim in the ocean and see fish. this product will enable them to do that. so if you can sell a product that does solve people's problems like that, you're golden. so this is another one. that's really, really it could work very well. I don't know the sales of it, I don't know any of these store sales, but I could see these all working out very well. so we're gonna get onto the next product, which is going to be this little dog brush. this is a brand new ad. I have not seen this product, maybe you guys have, but they just posted on Friday. but yeah, here is the ad. it is a tome, more like a brush for a dog's hair, more so for, like, thick fur dogs, and it's. it's one of those things that hooks the hair and then you could press a button and it pushes the hair out. I believe that's what it is, because my brother has one for his husky, so that's what I'm referring to. I mean it's similar, but I love the thought of it, just because having a dog with thick hair is a huge pain, like I've owned a husky for a few years. we were taking care of my little, my older brothers, and it was terrible because it shed everywhere so you had to brush it like every single day, and if you didn't brush it with the proper brush, oh, it was a nightmare. so I can understand why this does get tons of sales just because it solves another problem. you guys are probably catching on to the trend that I'm mentioning solving a problem now. uh, not all products need to solve problems. I just like selling a lot of products that do solve a problem or make someone's life easier, just because people want to save time and people want to be efficient. that's like the thing right now: the efficiency in saving time. that's why we have uber. uber is not a taxi service, it's a service that provides people with more time in their day to do what they want. so if I don't want to drive and I if I have a meeting that I'm need to get into on a call or something like that, I would rather ober than drive myself, because I'm I could actually be on my phone and working in stuff. that's the same thing with some of these products, like they save more time for consumers. so then people think that they're more efficient and stuff like that. so that's why people buy these pro.


so these 10 products on my top 10 favorite summer products for July 2020. hey guys, welcome back to the YouTube channel. my name's Ken, also known as the econ King, and in this video I'm gonna be giving you guys my top 10 favorite summer products for this year. so, basically, what I've done is I've gone on to product research sites, I've done my own due diligence and I found 10 products that I would deem as my favorite products to test in summer, and some of these on this list today awesome of the books I'm actually doing myself and I thought I would share you guys my top 10 favorite products, not just share them with you. balm also gonna be giving you the product descriptions, the ad copies, that ad headlines. I'm gonna be giving you everything you need to help you get off to the best start using these top 10 summer products. so, before we get into the video, make sure you like the video, because it helps support my youtube channel. also, make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn post notifications on [Music]. so, as you can see, I'm in the Google Doc [ __ ] and this Google Doc. she obtains everything you're gonna need to help brainstorm your prescriptions, your ad copies and all the rest of it. now I just want to say a massive disclaimer. I don't recommend just copying these ad copies, these Facebook ads. I recommend that you use them as brainstorming ideas to give you inspiration. if you just go out there and copy these part descriptions, these ad copies, all of that, then you will get hit with a copyright strike and your ads will deathroll and your overall performance won't do well. the purpose of me giving you all of this is purely just as brainstorming and inspiration for you guys. now, for you guys to obtain this Google box [ __ ], we need to hit 3,000 likes. as soon as we hit 3,000 likes, I will leave this in the description of the video. so the first program that list is the join unicorn and if you look at the Aliexpress link, you can see it right here. but it's had 61 orders, 7 reviews- all of them have been positive, 5 stars and basically this is a giant inflatable beach and garden party unicorn and, as I said, now, with so many people are able to go out in groups and whatnot, it's a great way for families to integrate their kids together. a garden at the beach and this giant unicorn- basically what it does is it lets off water from the top of it, so it's super fun and it'll keep the kids really, really entertained. it's a super unsaturated product. at the moment only had around about 150 to 200 orders in total from all the suppliers, so it's one to definitely go for because of the competition being sold. now let's cover the product pricing structure. so I would personally size: for $89.99, it's gonna cost you $27.99 and then the profit margin is gonna be around about $62. now, just sort of a disclaimer: product pricing is changing every single day on how to express and all the suppliers. so at the time of this recording, these are my recommendations. it could change depending on the day you look at this video, but a good rule of thumb is to make at least $30 per product to stay profitable. if you're on the current timer now let's go over the product description and the product description says: get ready, it's time to blow up and bounced into the sunny season. so letting people know: look, you need to get up and bounce into the swimming season because you want to make them so--but whilst it lasts. then it says: you'll be short. I'm a whale of a time with a joint unicorn sprinkler which is made of high quality materials so so forth, and lets people know what the materials are, just in case they want to know. then it shows a gift fee of kids in the front yard, front garden, whatever you want to call it- having fun and basically just engaging with the giant unicorn. then the proscription just faces off with the easy-to-use, it's amazing to use, it's fun to use and it just lets parents know: look, although it's a giant product, it's not that hard to get up and let kids have fun with. then the main image on their website is basically showing a family in a random place outside using this giant unicorn and you can see the kids having fun as well with the mother. then if we scroll down, you can see the special pricing ends and the cannon timer looked to me like it's not working properly because it's not actually on. so if you are using calm down comment, make sure that you don't leave it like this, because it looks super unprofessional. me personally, I don't use countdown timers for the lessons, things like Black Friday or Christmas. that's my personal opinion. then they got these stok left. obviously this is a real do. I recommend it. I use it now and again. it just purely depends which circumstance. for men. it is something good to use for fear factor. then they got a shaky Add to Cart button, which I do like. then they just show in that there's a unicorn and an elephant and the good thing about this is you could sell the elephant and the unicorn has a bundle to increase your average order value and you can see a picture slash video there of them basically using both of them, which is great, and then it's just lots of pictures describing their image, and the good thing about that is using images to describe the point description and using gif ease to make a description about what it does is a lot better than text. now, the reason why it's better than text is because a lot of people don't like reading text. they'd prefer to visually see it and basically understand it. so that's why I do recommend, and a lot of times- me personally. I've rather used gif ease and videos to explain the product, then text, because a lot of people get bored from it. then they finish off with their trust badges, and these trust badges are the good ones. it's just a shame about the quality of the trust badges. they're not high quality. then they've got the Luc's reviews as well, which is great. now let's take a look at the Facebook advertisement for this so you can see here. it starts off by saying: summer plans ruin with two parents and then two kids in the back and they look like they're not getting all very well. and then it just basically goes: I'm just saying, are you bored of barbecues and parties, the typical some of things you do? and then it transitions into this clip where these kids are at the front of the garden basically playing with the giant unicorn that it shows another clip of other people using it as an elephant. so basically it goes from saying: look, are you bored of the traditional ways of doing things in the summer with your kids? why not do this one, which is a lot more fun and a lot more interactive? something to bear in mind, guys with Facebook ads. I don't recommend you're stealing video content from somebody else that's got a video. I recommend making your own unique video content- clothing clips up into five seconds and putting them together. the best case, getting it sent to a professional to do- and if you've definitely got a winning product, than one of these do become a winner for you. get it shot by professional. get the products out to a recording team to get it done professionally, because when you scale you don't copyright problems and whatnot. so the countries that I recommend you target when you're doing your Facebook ads are the e pocket countries or -, Canada, Mexico, because they're not great countries to ship to at this current time, and all of these countries apply to every single product I've mentioned in today's video. now these are the interests that I recommend you start with when it comes to Facebook Ads, and the first one is parents with early school-aged children from 6 to 8 years old, parents of Preschoolers 3 to 5 years old, and then you can use the suggested interest box to find more. this is the ad copy: summer plans ruin- not. with the giant inflatable sprinkle, at six foot tall, you'll turn any yard pie or barbecue up a level. so same look by your summer plans ruined they're not, because this six foot giant tall elephant or unicorn can turn a basic barbecue pie into some.


y'all do realize, even though some of us may have been living our best life throughout the panty, for a lot of people this is the first summer that they actually feel comfortable leaving the house, going on vacation, being with their family, being around their friends. because of that, this is something you definitely definitely want to tap into. if you're considering doing drop shipping, either as a beginner, or maybe you already got a drop shipping store, don't miss out on this bag. all right, they're asking for the queen [Music]. what is up, boss, babies, and welcome back to another video. if you are new here, my name is jess anya, the x is silent and ange is pronounced like kanye without the cake. today we are going to be toking about drop shipping. i wanted to put this video together for those of you who are looking for new products to either add to your store or maybe just hop on some summer products to sell and make a quick bag. the choice is yours. i wanted to give you guys a few products that i've been seeing popping up, but it's still very low saturated, so a lot of people aren't hit quite yet, and i'm also going to give y'all a website that you can actually use for drop shipping videos specifically. so, without further ado, let's get into the video. be sure to give this video a thumbs up. y'all know the drill. so the first product that we have that i wanted to show y'all is these custom floaties. so we've all know about the floaties. you can go to walmart and get a floaty. you can go to target and get a floatie, or wherever you live, i'm sure they got floaties, but it's a store right now that's killing it. as y'all can see, this is a custom floatie. it's like a custom cabana. there's so many vendors on aliexpress that actually customize floaty. so y'all can get creative, like: don't just go for the typical flamingo donut. people will actually pay for this. you see how cool this looks. i've never seen a freaking floatie look like that. so custom floaties is the first product that i think would do extremely well this year, like extremely well, especially for us who can't swim. i'm guilty, don't judge me. the second product is the fish umbrella thing i've been seeing y'all. so for a girl who's also never been fishing- blame my daddy, blame my daddy- i don't know how to fish, right, but i would expect my first time to have beginners look, and this is such a cool, freaking product that i have never seen before. it's a lazy way to fish. i won't lie, it's a lazy way, but we're all lazy nowadays. you feel what i'm saying? because of such a low competition. like i said, y'all, all of these products i'm giving you people not really tapped in. they're not really tapped in yet. this is the product that you will get for the very low and get pretty good profit margins on this product. so make sure y'all look into it and i may just be buying one for myself. all right, y'all. so the next product is so, so, so, so cute it. i almost give you baby fever if you aren't careful, but i'm in texas, so i'm being extra, extra careful, if you know. you know they hate us over here. they hate us right now, let me tell you. but the next product is this super cute baby stroller fan. i'm a boujee girl. when i'm in a club, it gets a little hot. baby, i got my fan right there with me. actually, let me go get my fan because i think i'm playing. i'm not playing and i ain't and i ain't playing. okay, now this one is, um, actually a fan up here and at the bottom i can add water to mist it girl. she comes in handy now if you want to cater to the bougie mamas, who will want a fan for their babies too, this is the product for you, not even just a mom. as someone who has friends with kids- and i'm a big cousin girl- this is something i would buy for them. so this is such a great product and 100 will sell easily, easily, easily, easily. everybody wants to protect their kids, everybody wants them to stay cool when it's hot outside. this is also another product that you would get for the low and could have great profit margins on it. and since all of the products i'm pretty much giving y'all are summer products- not even pretty much, they literally are all for the summer- if you wanted to just throw all of these on one store, it would not be the worst idea in the world. the next product i wanted to tell you all about is this micro steam clothing iron. y'all already know, like i said, i'm boogie baby, i'm bougie. i got introduced to the steamer for my clothes and i haven't earned since. i haven't earned since, but my steamer is pretty freaking big and bulky. like i can't travel with it. it takes up too much room in my suitcase, but there is actually a miniature version of the steamer people who's traveling, that don't like to have wrinkles, which is most of us. this would be a great product. keep in mind, y'all. the thing about drop shipping is all about testing products. like you: just test the product. you don't have to worry about buying a bunch of inventory, obviously, that's why you're drop shipping, so the risk is very minimum. okay, clearly, all of the products that i'm giving y'all are from suppliers that are based in china, but i'm not going to say i don't recommend you use chinese suppliers. i just recommend you take certain measures when doing so in 2022. so, if y'all are unaware, i do have a class coming up on drop shipping in 2022, which i'll be toking about how to successfully do so and even tapping into using us-based suppliers, how to find them, how to market all of that good stuff. so if y'all want to grab your tiket, you can do so at the link in the description. also, be sure to take advantage, because the first 50 people is only 50 to attend the class. if you're watching this a little later, after the live class has already happened, the replay will be available for purchase y'all. so check that out in the description. again, all of the suppliers i'm giving y'all all of these product ideas are coming from china. you can find them on aliexpress. next product that i wanted to show y'all is something that i am literally going to purchase for myself. i've already found the plug. i'm about to buy it for me, so i already know it would make a ton of money and it is a sandless beach mat. y'all have never seen anything like this. that is such a common problem. you could really tackle different target audiences for this: girls trips, guys trips, family trips- don't. nobody like to have all that damn sand on their tile while they're trying to relax. okay, i know, i don't, i know i don't. so literally y'all can see the sand actually just falls into the mat. it does not stay on top of the mat toking about a gold mine product, gold mine products. so these are all products that i know and believe that would do extremely well this summer, especially because i mentioned y'all, this is the first summer. a lot of people are actually getting back outside, they're traveling again, they're doing excursions. so get that bag, get that bag, get that bag. so i said i was gonna give you this website that you can use to specifically get videos for drop shipping that you can use to market. whether you run ads, you use influencers, you're using content creators, whatever you're doing- snapchat, tiktok, facebook, whatever that website is, ecom creations dot, co. y'all- tons and tons and tons and tons of people use them, so make sure you check them out. and that's all i got. that's all i got. again. if y'all are interested in attending the class that's coming up, you can check it out in the description and i will see you all in my next video.