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dropshipping suppliers for home decor

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads


what's good y'all secure here back with another v d. oh so, guys, today we're gonna be toking about my home decor business and also my 4k giveaway. i've gotten 4 000 subscribers. i want to thank every single one of you and how i'm going to do that. i'm going to be giving back, so let's get into it, and i hope you enjoyed this video. so, if you don't know already, i will be rebranding my business. you can check out my last video, toks, all about it. but ultimately i'm moving back to being more focused on the home decor part. the candle making was great and it was fun, and i'm still going to be doing it, but i have to reign in my focus to what the purpose of starting this business was. so- and if you see me looking over here, i'm sorry. i have some notes here. i just want to keep on track on this video, but ultimately, i am testing out a new supplier for my home decor products. i'm very excited about this and if i do end up choosing them to make some of my products, i will let you guys know. i don't want to let you guys know the company yet because i can't verify whether or not their stuff is good or high quality. so stik around for that. um. so what i'll be doing is i will be revamping my site, and a big part of why i'm doing this is because i want more automation in my e-commerce site. why i say that is because i do a lot of interior design projects and i don't, you know, moving forward, i have a lot of projects coming up and i do youtube. i'm gonna have two youtube channels and i'm not gonna really have the time to be making candles and printing out, you know, shipping items and stuff like that. so i'm about to break my business down into four pieces to overall, make it a cohesive home decor business. so one: i will be selling candles, um, but the candles would be like a more limited edition, like if they're sold out, they'll be sold out into. i have a set date in my calendar schedule to re make them, replenish them and re-put them on the site. so that will be one thing also, um, because i'm a big thrifter, um, i will be selling, uh, vintage home decor items, which those will require me to, you know, obviously, photograph them and, you know, put them up for sale and ship them and all that kind of stuff. so that will be manual as well. um, but also on the flip side of that, i want to actually um. so on the flip side of that, i also am wanting to sell, um home decor items. so, like this pillow i showed in my last home, i'm starting a home decor business. um, these were a company that i tried out that i did not like the quality of their pillows, as you can see. it's like really like a silky texture or something like that. so, um, i didn't end up going with them and then i started doing the candles and then me finding a new supplier kind of went on the back burner with making youtube videos and a lot of other stuff going on in my life. so right now i'm testing out a new vendor and, like i said, if, if it's a good vendor, i'll share with you guys. you know i'm all about sharing. sharing is caring. there's enough money out in this world for everybody. um, so what's going to be great about this is going to be a print on demand company and what happens is i only have to come up with designs and they will print out the designs on whatever items that i choose and send them directly to the customer. so that kind of cuts down on the amount of work that i have to put in to my e-commerce business with shipping. so that that is a great um thing, because when i'm starting to sell my candles and the orders are coming in, um, i didn't realize how much effort it took to get them ready, clean them up, ship every single one, print all the things, buy the labels from pirate ship or um shopify or whatever. so i'm going to be cutting down on that, where i'm going to offer a limited amount of candles, a limited amount of vintage home decor items, um, on my site and then the bulk will be the print on demand items. and that's why i'm taking my time to find a quality supplier so that i can have confidence that whatever's going out to my customers of high quality and it will reflect back good on my business. so, um, so i thought about automation early. so, like, like i said, if you watched my last video, i kind of got caught up in the candle making because it's a lot more uh entailed than i thought it was, and i saw so many people like jackie aina, this girl on twitter, that i like, really, really, she's a friend of my mind, but she was selling them. i'm like, okay, i can do this too. she sells that all the time and it just wasn't the same thing for me. um, which is okay. um, it is okay. you know, a business is not a get rich quick scheme. it's about building a process, and we all- i think our culture right now too- is kind of like: oh, we see all these people who start businesses and sell out in 30 seconds or 45 minutes or whatever. but realistikally, we have to think about our audience and who we're selling to, what we're selling, and if that is realistik for your business, for some people it is, but for me, and most probably you guys who are watching this as well, it's not realistik for your business. so i feel no way about making these changes. i'm actually really excited- and to me, this is all a learning experience- that ultimately, i have a goal that's a big, lofty goal that's far in the future, and learning all this stuff now while i'm small, is going to help me reach that goal. so to me, this is really great um and a great, great learning experience. so why i'm going on um print on demand is for two reasons. okay, like i said, i do interior design projects, so that was one big thing. so imagine, like to me, this is so dope. imagine you're a customer of mine- right, you're getting an interior to you, i'm doing your living room, right, and we just cannot find that perfect pillow to put in your house. i can literally go on my computer, i can come up with a beautiful design for a pillow and i can have. i can hit, print and have it shipped right to your home to complete your design. and that, that ability to have that customization to me, is like what makes my business stand out from other businesses. like, okay, you can always get custom items made as an interior designer. you can get custom, uh, you can custom curtains, you can get custom anything pretty much. but for the ability for me to just snap out a design and get it printed and have it within five to seven days is not something that traditionally happens in interior design. traditionally, um, the custom things take a while, and i mean while meaning, like you see hdtv, they like get a project done in a month. yeah, those custom cabinets took between seven to ten weeks to make, sometimes six months. like it really depends on the manufacturer what you're getting. it depends on a lot of factors. so, while i'm not making custom cabinets or whatever. i have access to so many items that i can customize for my customer and i can say, hey, this will not be anywhere, you won't see this in anyone's house. i will not sell this design, anyone, i will not put this in anyone's house. i think that's my advantage, um, for this whole kind of thing. and also, i can sell those print on demand items to my customers who can't, who not, not to say can't- afford. but you're not in my area, you don't want to do any design, or you already have your whole living room and space designed and you really just want to add some pieces. you're decorating for the holidays, you are just wanting to spruce up what you already have, and that's kind of what the whole purpose of me started this business was, and i got so far away from that with making candles, so we're back. another beautiful thing about print on demand is that, um, you don't really spend that much money to get started. like, for instance, yes, you buy samples to make sure that everything looks and feels the way that you want it to, but you're only buying samples for the products you're going to be selling and the designs that you're going to be selling and ultimately, you don't have to have inventory because they print and ship everything for you. only thing that you're really doing is coming up with designs. an.

How to Build A Furniture Dropship Store

hey guys. so i'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how you can build a high profit margin drop shipping store using the furniture niche. going into 2022, furniture is estimated to be one of the top niches to sell to, especially to millennials and the younger generations just going into adulthood. so let's just get right into it. the number one thing you're going to need is a good supplier for your products, so a lot of people are going to recommend you use aliexpress or oberlo or some other cheap chinese app. another thing that gets recommended is to use wayfair or ebay or walmart and resell their products and buy from them. the problem you get with that is it's going to arrive in their packaging and people are going to know that it was drop shipped and be mad that they paid a higher price from what they could have gotten from your supplier. so to get rid of that completely, i recommend using this app called merch mixer- us dropship. it's a free app and you can upload up to 25 products on the free plan. if you want to upload any more than that, they do have a few select paid plans which will give you a lower cost as well as more products to put up, but as a first store just getting started, it's fine to just start with that 25 product and see what people gravitate to and what they don't. then you can build your catalog off of the data given. to find products, you just open your app. please download from the app store first. open your app up, once it's been installed, and click on find products. there's over 5000 products available on this app alone. so even if you're not using furniture, you can still download this app. it's one that i recommend to clients all the time. but for furniture, scroll down. there's over a hundred products to do for furniture. so you can even get specific and just do office chairs or tvs or dressers or whatever it is that you want to do. so let's say that we really want to sell these chairs. we can click on it and see all of the products that are going to be available. um, the images that are going to be uploaded, the cost of the product, and these are. if you wanted to upgrade your plan, that would be the cost. then this will tell you your profit. shipping is free, 3 to 14 business days and there's 50 units available that can be sold. this is the description that will be uploaded into your store for you. so to import a single one, just click on import and then make it super easy. all the information goes right into your store. if you want to upload multiple at a time, all you have to do is select the ones that you want and then scroll down to the bottom and you'll click import selected. okay, so if you're going to do it that way, you can only do it page by page. so i have to select all the you want on page one, import those and then you can move on to page two. you can type in up here if you're just looking for chairs or couches or patio furniture, whatever it is- bookshelves- and it'll give you just those. so then you can narrow it down and make your search a lot faster. but for the sake of this, i just want to show you how it's going to appear in your store. so to see it once it's been uploaded, go over here and click on your products. all products imported will show up in this section. simply click on the product title and it will take you to the page where you can actually edit all that information and rearrange the images if you want to. so i'm going to go ahead and get rid of that and put bogo. you can change any of this. you can adjust your features. now, i always leave the warranty and the condition, but i will remove this packaging section. it's not really relevant to my customers and they don't really care. it's just added words that can actually lower your seo when it doesn't tie in. and then over here you'll be able to select your collections that you want to have it featured in. so if you're having a furniture store that's going to sell chairs, outdoor and bookshelves, you can make a separate collection just for your armchairs and upload this there. another option is you can just use the tags, which is what customers can search by in your store. when we go down here, we can see there's two options: gray and pink. they have their own price, their own quantity and their own sku. so again, all this can be adjusted if needed. before saving and publishing this, make sure your product status is active. if it's a draft, it won't show up in your store and it won't be available for purchase. so let's go ahead and save. there we go. we have our first product on this site. now let's scroll down and see how we can make this visible to customers. if you see this little eyeball right here next to online store. if you click on that, it's going to take you to what a customer would see if they logged onto your site right now. so, as you can see, there's nothing here right. there's really nothing good to look at. it's not a store. people aren't going to purchase from that. so you can either use the updated dawn theme that is free in the shopify theme library or you can go to explore free themes and pick one that's a little better suited to your brand. when you click on a theme to look at it, it'll tell you the features. some of them even have different examples that you can look at see. so find one until you see the features that fit you best. if you know you're going to have a large catalog, this would be an ideal one to use. if you know that you're going to use a promotional banner a lot, this might again be another one that you would want to use, so we're going to go ahead and upload this one, since we will have 25 products. sometimes they do take a second to load, so my apologies for the load time. here we go. so what has been added does not mean it's published. so even if we went back here and refreshed the page, we're still going to see this old theme, which is fine because we can customize the one we want to use before we publish it and let it be live. so once your store is published and you decide that you want a new layout or a new theme, you can customize and make it perfect before you switch those out. so let's look at how we build this page. so our header is everything that's up here. to upload your image, your logo, you'll just click right here and, as you can see, we don't have anything uploaded yet, so you will need to design that using canva is completely fine. then you'll just upload from your computer here and this: you can change your size of your logo menu. if you have multiple menus, you can change that, and we will go over that in part two, the announcement bar. so, as you can see, we don't have any sort of promotion or announcement listed in our header. if we wanted to, we could just select that and then we would need to have a text, and now we have something promotional that can stand out and customers can click off if they don't want to see it. if you want to link this. you can link to all of your collections, specific ones. if you're having a sale, just on your clearance or just on new arrivals, you can link that, and when they click on, it will take them directly to that catalog. all right, here's our slideshow. to edit a slideshow, you'll just click on where this is, click on the individual slides section. and they do have free images. so if you don't want to spend the time to create your own, you can use free ones. however, as your brand grows, you do want to make them as customized to you as possible. there we go, so we can scroll until we find some that we like. okay, so then it uploads and this is what it is. it automatikally fits into that, that frame. if you want to change the position, which is basically just the position of the image inside of its frame, that's how you would do it. now, if you want to change the text, this is where you would change it. so office, then let's say we had a collection of just office furniture, we would link that, but we don't have those built yet. chop takes you right to it, so you can do the same for your second one, or you can just remove it and only have your one. and then it says: shop here. all right for your collections list, all th.

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Flipping Furniture and Starting A Home Decor Business using Shopify Dropshipping 2022

if you want to get started drop shipping using us-based suppliers and manufacturers, you're in the right place. guys, we don't use china, never have, never will. okay now, two of the biggest niches we always get asked about is furniture and home decor, and you can see this is our main website. we have furniture, we also have home decor, but we have bath and faucets, we have lighting, we have storage and we also have kitchen. but what i want to show you is each of these can be broken down. that's what we do now on our main site. we have, like i said, we have different niches, uh, different categories, i should say. but on our other websites, what we do is we'll take, we'll do a whole website of sofas and loveseats because they're of you. i can get 10 suppliers and have thousands and thousands of products to sell on a website, so we'll do a whole website of just sofas and lobsters and come over here just to bath. we literally have websites with all toilets and accessories and when people see the domain, you'll see whatever toiletscom. so when they come down, you know that's what they're searching for. they're going to find a website dedicated exactly to that. tubs: we have websites dedicated to that. okay, lighting. you coming in lighting chandeliers. we have whole websites dedicated to chandeliers. okay, um, you come in the kitchen. we have whole websites dedicated to anything that you can that you would need in the kitchen, from sinks to faucets and whole websites full of just home decor. but, like i said, this is a main website that we have. but then when we niche down, that's where the real money is. when you niche all the way down and you and people know when they get there exactly what it is that you do. now you can see on here we have home office. we have lighting sale going on- um, president's day- 70 off. we have a spring sale- 60 off. we have a clearance over here going on. uh, let's see, we scroll down another breakdown in the website so you can navigate through it halfway through. we have that. you can shop by the rom, shop by the style. we have everything broken down. we also have a flash sale. this is a real flash sale. when this thing has zero, these products will no longer be on sale. this isn't one of those fake marketing tactiks. okay, you can see, save 310 dollars. uh, big money. all right, now we come over here. now, like i said, you can actually all right, these are the sofas that we have and what i want you to realize, you can actually do a whole website of just these products. okay, now we're working with 30 margins on average, some or more. we have suppliers that go up to 40, some 45, some 50.. okay, some are lower, some are 20, some are 25, but we'll take an average of 30.. okay, now you can see- i already did this, but i'll do it again- 1819, we'll see, just take an average of 30 percent. we're looking at 545. that's how much we'll make just for this one sale. now we also have products that are more than 18, 19, 1 819. we have some, we have one um, here's one here. this one is on clearance: 23.79. so you do the math. we, if the other one was five, whatever, for eight, four thousand, eight hundred, this one's definitely gonna be more. okay, now you can come over beautiful product page. you can see up here nice description. okay, we have um nice pricing and we have a firm that is to get people to want to spend their money. okay, they um- i forget how farm works, but i think by now pay later, something like that. but, um, the customer, they know, they know what they have to do. i put it on there just so they can have the option. okay, now we have bathroom sinks. you can do a whole website of just this stuff. okay, these are nice, beautiful, different price points. let's take this: 419- okay, and it's on sale. okay, 419, uh. let's see 4, 19 times the 0.30. okay, 125, a sale. okay, beautiful, nice products. it's beautiful and, guys, that's that's why i like working with us manufacturers- is high quality products, okay and you can see, look nice. and on this one, on this product page, you can see these product pages are beautiful, beautiful photos. um, save twenty dollars. another coupon, guys, when you get into this website, you wanna, you wanna pull it out that credit card, you know. you wanna have everything that entikes the firm. you wanna give them discounts, you wanna run sales. you want them to stay once they hit the website. you want them staying, you don't want them leaving. okay. now here's home decor. you can do a whole website of home decor, whole website. i have suppliers that have tons and tons of products. okay, different products, different, uh, price ranges on these. okay, let's go this one's 79, okay, 79, let's go with that. 79, uh, 79 times okay, 23 dollars each sale. now, there's some people that only sell a high tiket and they will not. some people now, high tiket for some people is 200 to a thousand. i know some people that high tiket, they won't sell anything less than 800, nothing less. all right. so some people, high tiket is 200 to 200, above, mostly 200 to a thousand. some people will, will, they won't do anything less than 800, you know. so i, i like to do different prices myself personally. um, let's see. and then beautiful product page. that's what i just the product i just showed you. nice product page. okay, here's lighting. okay, you can do a whole website of lighting. there is websites of just lighting. i think there's one lampscom or something like that is nothing but lights. okay, you get. that's why i say you can break each section down. beautiful product page. okay, now i want to show you this. now, these are people that i was just i was showing you flipping furniture. okay, now, look at these people. look at all the work they're doing. there's a guy. look at this guy, look how exhausted he is. you know, look at all of this work these people are doing, because you know what they're doing. they have to either get a new home or a truck. they're going on craigslist they're going to find used products and then they have to clean it because the person might smoke, they might have pets, they might just be a nasty person. so then they have to sit there, they have to clean all of this stuff. then, after they clean all of this stuff, then they have to, uh, sand it and paint it and, oh my god, to sell one product they might spend two hundred dollars, fifty, they may spend fifty dollars to get it, make three hundred dollars. look at all that work. and you can come over here and get brand new stuff directly from the manufacturer and never even have to touch it. you don't have to clean it. it's brand new. not to do all of that stuff and it's in this and the pricing is better and you're making higher margins and you don't have to touch it. you don't have to go to somebody's house, you don't have to drop it off, you don't deliver, you don't have to see these people. all you do is have your manufacturer deliver it directly to your customer. now, that was the flipping furniture. okay, it's too much work. then they go to facebook. they have to sell it. then, after they sell it off, they get it on craigslist, they put it on facebook. then, after they go to facebook, what do they have to do when the person buys it? either they have to uh, deliver it to the person and have the person come get it. now, if they have the person to come get it, huh is the chance the person won't show up. i've seen a lot of people on these videos. they get stood up waiting for somebody. they're standing out of storage with a sofa and that, with this, with this sofa in it, waiting for the guy, never shows up. uh, sometimes they have to deliver this stuff. what, what? the method that i showed you is gonna go directly to the customer. i don't know why these people don't do that. i don't know why they don't just set up a website and drop ship a lot of the stuff and do this on the side and go out and get this and people would buy from them because they trust them, you know, and they would make a lot of money because their whole website- i mean their whole channel- is about furniture. so just set up a website with the furniture directly from the manufacturer and do this on the side. maybe they have to pay, they wouldn't even have to spend mon.

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Dropshipping Furniture... Is It Worth It?

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The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

yo, what's going on everybody? welcome back to another video. are you here? and today we're gonna be looking at something pretty awesome. now. q4 is around the corner. literally in a couple weeks, we'll be entering the fourth quarter of 2020, which is mind-blowing, to say the least. i don't know about you, but this year has been going by extremely quickly, like way quicker than any other year in my life, which is a good and bad thing, i mean. obviously, with the virus and everything, i'm kind of glad that this is sort of going by quick, but it's also a little bit nerve-wracking. i don't feel prepared at all going into this fourth quarter of the year when it comes to my e-commerce business. so today what i wanted to do is do a little bit of a case study around this one drop shipping store. that is extremely impressive to me. they've been around for pretty much as long as i've been making youtube videos and they still continue to kill it without getting rid of the drop shipping business model at all. this whole year, i've been preaching so much about building an actual, tangible brand, and some people may have misunderstood that, thinking that i think drop shipping is not viable anymore or something. obviously, that's not true, but i do believe that it's important for everybody to have a brand building mentality. even if you do build a drop shipping brand, still treated like a real brand, and hopefully the case study store that i'm going to be showing you today will give you a really good idea and inspire you to actually start a brand out of your drop shipping store, which is my main goal with this channel. i want all of you guys to start amazing brands that provide value for the world. so go grab your coffee, some water, some tea- i don't know what you're up there drinking, but i got my coffee ready here and i'm really excited to dive into the store with you now. as i told you, i'm not extremely prepared for this q4 when it comes to my brand, but now that we're shipping everything from the us, i'm really excited to be able to ship things out to last minute when it comes to, you know, the holiday season, and if you follow me on instagram, you'll know that my brand actually reached a brand new milestone. we reached a 2k day the other day, which was the highest day we've ever had on this brand, and that was only through facebook ads, which is really amazing, and i'm really happy to be building up a solid facebook ad system, but without further ado, let's actually take a look at this brand that i'm toking about. the brand that i'm doing a case study on today is called warmly. now the brand name already is pretty awesome. i mean warmly. it's so clean and modern. i just absolutely love it. i think it's such a good name, especially for what they're doing. so what this brand actually does is they sell modern home decor. so, as you can see, right off the bat, this doesn't really look like a drop shipping store by any means. they've made it extremely congruent and whoever's running this is either hiring a really good developer or brand designer or they know a lot about brand design themselves, because this is extremely congruent. and even though this is all products that they're drop shipping, it's still pretty impressive how they're able to get really congruent product images. which is one of the biggest downsides to having a drop shipping store is it's hard to really get congruent images, and that's why a lot of people do one product stores, but if you're running like a niche store or a general store, this is going to be very difficult to do, but they've been able to do it either way. i don't know how, but maybe they just take their own pictures. that's what we do, at least with our brand. so i've actually toked about this brand before because i found them like a long time ago and i was like, wow, i can't believe this brand is actually drop shipping and they're still at it. if we take a look at their traffic, we can see that they're getting over 200 000 monthly visitors. now the thing about similar web is that a lot of times- which, by the way, similar web is the tool that i use- it's a chrome extension and that's what allows me to see traffic that different stores are getting. it doesn't always work, but when it does work, it's relatively accurate. i do find that most of the time, it actually underplays how much traffic a store is getting, meaning that chances are the store actually is getting more traffic than they are reporting, which would mean that they're also generating more revenue than i'm estimating right now. but due to their average order value, i think it's a conservative assumption to say that they're doing at least a million dollars per month. and the reason why i titled this the most impressive drop shipping store and the reason why i think it's the most impressive drop shipping store, it's because they're not even using facebook ads to do this. if we actually look on similar web- because similar web is actually like a website, it's not just the chrome extension- we can see the traffic distribution, meaning where they're actually getting their traffic from, and we can see that 99.64 of their traffic is coming from pinterest. so if we go on warmly's pinterest profile, we can actually see that they're getting over 10 million monthly viewers. now, i'm almost certain that this is not all organic. i'm sure most of it is actually paid, but that's still a pretty ridiculous amount of traffic, and i know that the reason why pinterest is so cool is because, with pinterest, any link that you link to your store from a pin- it's actually considered a back link. now, a lot of you guys probably don't know much about backlinks. i don't even know much about backlinks- but i do know that backlinks are essential to getting a really good seo score on your website and your different landing pages, which allows you to get a lot more organic traffic. so chances are, warmly is actually not spending that much money on advertising and they're actually cashing in a lot of profits through simple seo and, as you can see, their pinterest looks basically like an extension of their store, which i think is super cool, and it's extremely clever considering that the people that go on pinterest are actually going on pinterest to look for inspiration when it comes to home decor, fashion, all these things that's. those are all great niches to go into when it comes to pinterest. i've tested pinterest ads a little bit. i haven't dove too deep into them, but after looking at this, i'm definitely way more inspired to look into pinterest ads, especially with the weird fluctuations that we've been experiencing with facebook. not just me personally, but in the industry as a whole. even brands are experiencing inconsistencies. so so if you have a drop shipping store and you've been experiencing a lot of inconsistencies with facebook ads, don't worry, you're not alone. a lot of people are dealing with the same things. like i said, even brands and even agencies are dealing with this stuff, so don't worry about it too much at the end of the day. this is why it's important to sort of brainstorm different marketing ideas, different ways to reach customers, and pinterest might actually be a really great alternative for you, especially if you're building a store similar to warmly's. now. what i find interesting is that they actually don't link any social media on their actual website. i think the main reason why is so that people don't leave the website. when somebody leaves your site, it's gonna be extremely hard to get them back. so obviously run retargeting, obviously have emails in place to make sure that you're recovering your lost visitors at all costs. but this is a great way to do it is by just not having any sort of distractions anywhere to be found on your store. that's actually probably the best way to get people to just stay on your store. now, as you can see, some of their products are literally like six hundred dollars. uh, and they use quad pay here, which allows people to pay in installments. that's really clever, especially considering that.

Drop Shipping Home Decor - Get Started Fast

hello, Arthur. here and this video, I wanted to cover the topic of dropshipping home decor and the way I came up with this blog post. we were looking at my blog page right now. the way I came up with this was I was doing a bit of research about dropshipping and I notiked that this was a topic that people are searching for, and it kind of peaked my own interest because I said that is a really good niche, because I know, as for myself and my family were always out and about and we browse a lot of home decor stores, and so I thought, wow, what a great niche to get into. and so I created this blog post and I just want to go over it briefly and just explain how I would go about opening a home decor drop shipping business. and so one of the things I wanted to point out is, when I did a bit of research, is that the home decor market, according to Allied market research, is expected to hit six hundred and sixty-four billion dollars by 2020, so that is huge, and so it just goes to show that it is a an industry that is not going away. people are always going to need home decor, whether it's for their own homes, apartments, college dorms, office spaces- pretty much anything in doors need some type of decorating, decorations, and so this is a good niche to get into. so if this is something that's interesting, interesting you this, I'll explain how, exactly how I will open my own store and which software I reuse. and so just to get into that really quick, there are a variety of e-commerce platforms that you can choose from, and I've used, you know, when I started off one, wanting to open a drop shipping business, I went the route of, you know, Shopify- go here Shopify and the overload app, and I love the Shopify platform: super easy to use. the overload app is super easy to use. but what you know why I wanted an alternative- partikularly a wordpress alternative- is because I wanted to save some money. you know, drop shipping is already a low cost business to start, but I knew that if I went with a drop WordPress alternative, I wouldn't have the monthly software fees, because when you use a platform like Shopify, you're it's a software-as-a-service company, so you have to pay a monthly fee to use your software. and then another reason why I wanted a wordpress drop shipping alternative is that because when you sign up with a software-as-a-service company like Shopify, you're also signing up to agree to their terms of service, and so we go down here and we click on their terms of service. I just want to point out- you know lots of people, they usually don't read all of this- but just to point out that when you're signing up, basically they have the authority to close down your account at any time for any reason, and they don't have to tell you why. and so it's not that they go around closing accounts all the time, but I just didn't want that hanging over my head. I just wanted to have full ownership of my store, and so right here- if you read right here- says we've reserved the right to modify or terminate the service for any reason without notike, at any time. and they have it here also, which means we can modify, cancel or refuse a service at any time. and so that's just something I didn't want to deal with. I just wanted to have full ownership of my store, and that is why I just went ahead and chose WordPress, because WordPress is open-source, it's free to use. anyone can get WordPress with any hosting provider. there's 1-click installs, so you don't have to be you know web tik person to install WordPress, and that is why I also went with the Olly dropship plug-in, because the audio option plug-in is a wordpress plugin that turns your WordPress website into a full-featured aliexpress drop ship business, and so this plug-in sources products directly from Aliexpress, and was so great about it is that I retain full ownership of my store and the plug-in is only a one-time fee of $89, and so there are no recurring software fees to use this software, to use this plugin, and it has a ton of great features. I actually have a store that I built. it's called always hearts and it's very super niche. you know, niche it's a self- all products heart-shaped and whatever they are heart related, and so I imported several products here. this is the da Vinci theme that I like a lot with the Olive dropship plugin, and so I really, really like this plugin when I saw products. I also have the ability to import user reviews. as you can see here, these are some user reviews that were imported from Aliexpress. the plugin does that for me, and it also will import user images, so it really gives your site a really professional look, so that customers get even more information about a partikular product right from other people who have purchased it, and so the theme does all this for me. everything I didn't have to do in a you know Add to Cart button or anything like that. I didn't have to add these supporting graphics. the only thing I did was I created this logo and any banner images I have. you know, I can create those as well. but other than that, all of this is done by the plugin. that includes even pages like your shipping information, like most of the time we're like: well, what would I put on these pages? you really don't have to worry about it because the plug-in takes care of it. all this content was already included, with all the information your customers would need to know about where your products are coming from. there's returns page. you know if you can edit this copy if you want, or you can just leave it as is and use it. it's awesome. there's a tracking page as well, and so I mean everything is done. basically, all you'd have to do once you install the plug-in is literally import products, and I'm just going to show you the back end here of how this plugin works and why, like you know, continue to expel why I chose this partikular software. is that super easy to use, so if I wanted to import products. I would just click on the Ally drop ship tab- the orange tab that I clicked on- and then I would go down here to all the Express and then import products, and what you would need is the Olli dropship Chrome browser extension and if you are coming from the Shopify over lo app, then you know you're familiar with using Chrome browser extension, so it's the same thing here, and so I already have it installed. so what I would do is click on use direct import and then I'm going to go ahead and type in home decor and the home decor or not- express- they have millions of products related to home decor, and what's so awesome about this, too, is that a lot of times, what are the concerns? is shipping, because these a lot of manufacturers are based in China, and so what happens is you, a lot of people are. their concern is will want the shipping times be super long. well, not necessarily because of this eeep, a kit and the Chrome browser extension will highlight the products. that happy pack is shipping. so a pack is shipping. it says a faster shipping process from China to the United States or from China to whatever your customers are located. well, I think it's just to the United States, where a packet really works well. so if you wanted to, though, if you click on the ship from here to drop down menu, you can select United States, and there are tons of home decor products that are shipped from the United States. so, if that was a concern for you, this is: you know, if you're running your business from in the US, there are pages and pages of home decor items that are shipped from the United States, and you can just filter that out using the drop down menu here and then here back at the top, where you see the red are here: ollie dropship. this is where you can do your product import. so I don't typically just import all products from a page. I like to see which ones I like, so I, for example, if I wanted to sell this item here, I would click on it and then, at the top here, I would just click Edit, and then I could change the title. you know, make it shorter, make it more SEO friendly, I can edit the URL. making it shorter as well as your friendly, I can do that. click t.