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dropshipping titans marketplace helper chrome extension

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How To Dropship on Facebook Marketplace! (Updated Tips and Strategies)

see these payments. I've made a lot of videos about making money online, but over the past year, this- this- has been the best opportunity that I've ever found. today, I'm going to show you the latest strategies when it comes to Facebook Marketplace Drop Shipping, and the cool thing is that you can do this as a complete beginner, with no experience and almost no money to start, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. the only thing I ask of you is that you watch this entire video, because there are a few steps involved here, and if you miss even one of them, this is not going to work for you at all. but if you stik around, I'm going to show you how my students are getting results just like this. so today I'm going to show you how to drop ship onto Facebook Marketplace. so the first thing we're going to tok about is what exactly is Drop Shipping? because Drop Shipping is, without a doubt, the simplest business model I have ever found to sell physical products online, and the reason it's so simple is because you don't have to hold any inventory or even invest money in inventory up front. this is the way it works. the first thing you're going to do is you're going to list up items for sale online. now these are items that you don't even own. now what's then going to happen is there's going to be a buyer who's then going to purchase that item from you. they might pay a hundred dollars for that item. only at that point do you go ahead and buy the item from your supplier and your supplier will ship the item directly to your customer. that way, you never have to touch or handle the inventory at all and obviously, when you're buying it from your supplier, you're paying less than what the customer paid you for the item. that way, you're able to make a profit, and then you just do this over and over again and be because it's completely hands off. you never have to touch the inventory. you can do this from anywhere in the world. you don't need to buy the inventory up front and pay a lot of money for it. you don't need to find a warehouse to store those items. it is a very, very scalable, beginner friendly business model. when it comes to e-commerce now, you may have heard of Drop Shipping on Shopify before, but you can also Dropship on Facebook Marketplace, and if you're not familiar with Facebook Marketplace, this is it right here. anyone with a Facebook account has access to Facebook Marketplace already, even if you don't know it. all you have to do is log into Facebook and at the top there's this icon, the marketplace icon. you click on that and here's a bunch of items that people are selling. so this is a huge Marketplace. so many different items. here's a PlayStation, here's a truck, here's a motorcycle, here's some chairs, some office chairs, microwave couches, computers, sporting equipment- literally anything and everything can be sold here. traditionally, this was really more of like Craigslist, where people would buy and sell their used stuff, kind of like a garage sale stuff they don't want anymore. but as time has gone on, this Marketplace has really evolved and grown quite a bit, and now Facebook has the option where you can actually ship items to your customers. you don't have to meet up with them in person. what that means is that if I were to buy one of these items that had that shipping option, then that seller would actually ship it directly to me and that is completely hands off, which unlocks for us the potential to drop ship, because if we list items up for sale here on Facebook Marketplace and we say we're going to ship it to you and someone buys it from us, we can just have our supplier ship the items directly to our customers. now, speaking of suppliers, what are the suppliers that you're going to use? in other words, who is it that you're going to buy the Imus from and have them ship it to your customers? and again, we're trying to keep this as simple as possible. so what we're going to do is we're going to use other retail websites, websites like walmartcom and Home Depot com, for instance, and the really cool thing about this is that it's very simple. anyone can start buying stuff on Walmart. so we sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace. once it sells, we just buy it from Walmart and during the checkout process, Walmart's gonna say: hey, where do you want to ship this to? I'm not going to ship it to my house, I'm going to enter in the buyer's shipping address and then Walmart is going to ship it directly to our customers. so you might be asking yourself now, if anyone can buy on Walmart, why don't people just buy it on Walmart instead of buying it on Facebook Marketplace for more money? and that's a good question, and the reason is just really down to convenience. people are already here shopping on Facebook Marketplace. they don't want to shop around. they don't want to look around and it's available right here, so they purchase it here. that is really what it comes down to and, as we've seen, it absolutely does work. so, as an example, check out this item right here. this is an item for sale. it's a Mainstays student desk. it's 61.30. look at the photos here. this is something that someone's selling here on Facebook Marketplace, but if we go over to Walmart check this out, this is the exact same item for only 40 bucks. so this is something that someone is drop shipping from Walmart onto Facebook Marketplace. so if I were to come here on Facebook Marketplace and click down here where it says buy now, that buy now button means that if I were to purchase it, it would be shipped to me. that is the shipping option here. so if I were to do that, this seller- all they would do is come over to Walmart, Edge to the cart, go through the checkout process, but instead of shipping it to themself- I don't know where they live, maybe they live in California or New Jersey or something like that- but instead of it's shipping there, they're going to enter in my address in Colorado and ship it directly to me from Walmart, so that the seller never has to handle or touch the inventory. they can do it from anywhere in the world- while traveling or while staying at home, so that is the really simple way of how this business model works. now, if you want to start doing this yourself, the first thing you're going to need is a Facebook Marketplace account. luckily, that's free, and you probably already have one, because, like I said, if if you're selling on Facebook, you can just click on Marketplace and start buying and selling right away. so that step is already taken care of. the next one, though: you need to know exactly what items you want to sell, and that's where product research comes in, and product research tells us what items are already popular, already being drop shipped successfully, so that we can then turn around and sell those exact same items. so I'm going to show you how I do product research right now, and we're actually going to do product research on eBay. the reason for that is because Facebook Marketplace is still very new. there's not a lot of data or information available on what items sell well on Facebook Marketplace, but what we found is that if we find items that are being successfully drop shipped on eBay, there is a really good chance that they will also be very successful on Facebook Marketplace as well. so we use eBay to kind of collect that data. let me show you what I mean. I'm coming over here to eBay and I'm going to search in the search bar for the name- Mainstays in this case. now, Mainstays is a brand that only Walmart sells, so if we see someone selling a Mainstays product, they are a drop shipper. they are Drop Shipping onto eBay. so all of these sellers are Drop Shipping all of these items from Walmart to eBay, and what we can do is we can find ones that are really successful. so, for instance, this pillow has sold almost three thousand times. let's find something that's a little bit higher in price for more profit, yeah, so this one right here. for instance, this is a folding table. it's forty four dollars and it sold four times. so this is an item that someone is already succe.

LIVE: Dropshipping Q&A!

what is up everyone? today is Tuesday, which means that's time for another live q a. as always, I'm your host, Paul J lipsky from dropshipping titanscom, here to teach you everything you need to know about Drop Shipping on different marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. so if that interests you, if you have questions about that, that is what this Live Chat is all about. come join us live, subscribe to the channel we on- we are on the road to a hundred thousand subscribers- and then jump into the live chat. let me know how you're doing and what your question is about Drop Shipping, and I will do my very best to answer those questions for you. as always, in the description of this video down below are links to a bunch of great resources. there's all the different software that I use to run my Drop Shipping businesses- links to all them for you to check out. there's, my course, my eBay Drop Shipping course, my Facebook Marketplace Drop Shipping course as well. there's a wait list for it because it's currently closed for enrollment, but I will be opening it back up next month. so if you want to be the first one to know about that, make sure to get on the wait list and that way you don't miss out on it. okay, let's jump into the chat and see what questions everyone has today. um correct says: since you started selling on Facebook, Marketplace and shops, how many times have your accounts been suspended or banned at all? that has not happened to me on Facebook at all. it's not something that I've ever seen to be an issue for any of my accounts. certainly Marketplace: the only way really Marketplace can get banned there's. I guess there's two ways that it could happen is if one your entire Facebook account gets shut down- and I've only had one person actually reach out to me and say that that happened to them and when we started digging into it they kind of revealed that they were doing a bit of some other stuff that may have been kind of considered sketchy. that might have caused that to happen. and then the other way it could potentially happen is if suddenly the shipping option got removed for you. you would still be able to sell a Marketplace, you just wouldn't have the shipping option, and I haven't seen that happen either. so with Facebook Marketplace, no issues there. shops: the only thing I could see being an issue with shops is potentially when you're signing up for a shop. I should say you have to get your, your Facebook page and Shop approved and I guess it is theoretikally possible for them to revoke that at a later point. but again, I haven't seen that happen. it certainly hasn't happened for my Facebook shop. so nothing like that at all. foreign and in general, we just see Facebook just being a lot more lenient with different rules and things like that. they do want to make sure that their customers are actually getting their items, but if you're providing basic customer service- uploading tracking numbers, following up with missing orders and things like that- just staying on top of everything- there shouldn't be any issues. when it comes to Facebook, they're just a lot more lenient than other platforms, certainly ones like Amazon, which, if you're doing Merchant fulfilled, there's a lot more strict. so if you stay on top of it, you should be good with with Facebook and even in their terms of service, there's absolutely no opposition that they have in there to drop shipping of any kind. so you should be totally into clear to be doing this. um George says: hey, Paul, I am from New York. when I'm selling on Facebook, Marketplace is ask me to input a location where the item is located. do I have to put I'm from New York, or can I change it? if I want to get more sales, you can change it. it doesn't matter where you state the item comes from or where the item is located. rather, that really only matters if you are selling the item only locally. so when you list an item onto Facebook Marketplace, as you're going through the listing process, it's going to ask you: hey, how are you going to fulfill this order? in other words, how are you going to get the customer their item? there's two possibilities for Facebook Marketplace. the first is local delivery, where you would actually have to go and meet up with the buyer in person, hand them the item, they hand you cash. we don't do that as drop shippers. that's not what Drop Shipping is. the second one is shipping option, and that's where you will actually upload a tracking number. you know A supplier shipping the item for you and you don't actually have to meet up in person. so it's the second one that you want. you want the shipping option, but when Facebook first started with Facebook Marketplace, they only had the local delivery option. so you had to put where you were located, because if you were selling an item- and let's say it was this water bottle- and you were located in New York. well, you only want to be able to Target customers that are close to you geographically, maybe within 20, 30 miles. you don't want to be selling to someone in California because then you would have to drive all the way to California to deliver to them. that just doesn't make any sense, right? so that's really why it asks you where the location is. it's just for when people are searching for items they could pick up locally. so that's kind of a relic of that. you still have to put it in, even if you're just doing shipping. so that's what I'm saying. it really doesn't matter if all you're doing is the shipping option, but you could certainly change it if you want. we we have experimented with that and seeing if changing the geographic location, even with just having the shipping option on, would make a difference, and we have seen some promising things there, even though it really doesn't make any sense. um Dee says: hey, hope, all is well. I'm having problems using Amazon TBA tracking numbers on some sites. can I use online sites to create tracking numbers so that funds can be released faster? so Amazon TBA tracking numbers- what are those? when you're buying stuff from Amazon, maybe you've notiked that sometimes it gets delivered by UPS or FedEx, but a lot of times, more and more, the item is actually delivered by one of those blue Amazon delivery Vans and when it gets delivered through that, the tracking number is an Amazon tracking numbers, Amazon's fulfillment service, or their uh, their delivery service. I should say so. those tracking numbers usually aren't accepted by a lot of platforms like eBay. so, yeah, you would have to do uh, convert them or use an online site to create tracking numbers. how many items a day should you be uploading when selling on eBay? I hate this question. sorry, Ryan, nothing against you. and the reason I hate this question is because it is impossible to answer. it's not a bad question, it's just I hate answering it, if that makes sense. it's it's impossible to answer. and here's why when you're first starting out on eBay or in possible to give a straightforward like list- I can't just say like, list this, them, number items a day- when you're first starting out, you don't want to be listing a lot of items. in fact, when you first start an ebay account, you don't want to list any items at all really. But as time goes on, if your account's been primed, you can start listing some items, just a few a day, or a couple a day, a couple the next day, a couple next days. so you want to start out really, really slow as you're adding in items at first. once your store is properly primed and it's ready to go, you know the number of items you list. it really depends on you and the way you do your product research. I'm a big fan of doing really in-depth product research to finding the best items. so even if my team, my VA, only lists 15, sometimes even 10 items a day, I'm happy with that because as long as those 10 items hit, everything on the checklist were good. other people they don't spend as, don't do as thorough of a job, I guess you could say or. or they're not as um, discriminating as I am when it comes to picking products. so they might list 25 items a day and we're 30 o.

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Complete eBay Dropshipping Guide for Beginners 2022! (Step by Step)

this is a complete, step-by-step guide to eBay Drop Shipping and how beginners are earning hundreds of dollars a day with this really simple system. [Music]. what's up everyone? Paul here from dropshipping titanscom, where I teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful Drop Shipping Store. when I first tried to make money online, I had pretty humble goals. I know a lot of YouTubers like to show off their stacks of cash and Lamborghinis and their private jets, but that wasn't what I was looking for. it's not what I'm about at all. I just wanted to make a few hundred extra dollars a month to pay down some debt, save for a nicer vacation and really just live a little bit more comfortable, basically to supplement my salary. so I wasn't so stressed out about money. so I thought if I could just make a thousand dollars a month from a side business, I would be ecstatik with that. and a thousand dollars a month- I did the math, I figured it out- that's just 33 dollars a day in profit, thirty three dollars a day, and I would be able to get all that freedom and comfort that I was looking for. now. when I broke it down like that, it sounded really doable to me, sounded pretty simple, but the question really was how? because I wasn't very tik savvy. I didn't know how to build the website. I didn't know how to to sell products. I didn't even have any products to sell, so I didn't really know where to start. with all this, I felt really, really lost, and that's when I found eBay, Drop Shipping and that allowed me to start an online business and go from having absolutely no experience and no income online and I was eventually able to make a thousand dollars a month in profit and then over ten thousand dollars a month in profit by the end of my first year, and I was able to do that from anywhere in the world, as long as I had my laptop and an internet connection. now, this all started when I learned something pretty amazing. you see, there are these people selling products on eBay. so here's an item right here on eBay. it's this pressure cooker. right here, this deep fryer, whatever this is It's selling for thirty dollars. it sold 186 times. nothing really remarkable about this item. you know there's plenty of people selling stuff like this on eBay, but what makes this very unique is that this exact same item is being sold on Walmart for about half the price- exactly half the price. actually, it's the same exact item. so what these people are doing, what I learned, is that they are taking this item that they found on Walmart. they're literally copying everything- the photos, the description. they're putting it all and pasting it into a new listing here on eBay. there's nothing different about this item from the one that you find here on Walmart, except that they've marked up the price of the item. that way they can cover their eBay fees and if the item sells, they will make a profit as well. and the really cool thing is that, because Walmart is such like a streamlined system, they really have everything down. they know that once this item sells on eBay- and again, this one has sold 186 times- all this person does is they go over here to Walmart, add to the cart and during the checkout process, instead of entering in their address, they're entering in the address they got from eBay- the buyer on eBay, their address- so Walmart will ship it directly to the customer. completely hands-off business. and he's not the only one doing this, there's other people like: there's this guy selling this bookshelf for 44.96. it sold 69 times and the exact same one can be found in Walmart for 22.28. like literally there is nothing different about this item. they just spent a few minutes copying everything from Walmart, pasting it onto eBay, and now the 70 times that it sold, all they do is fulfill the order by buying it from Walmart, like it's that simple. so after seeing this, I kind of thought: what if I do the same thing that I see other people on eBay doing? I kind of thought about it and I was like: ah, I don't think this is gonna work. there's no way this is gonna work. but you know what? I had nothing to lose with this system. there's really no risk. the only risk is the time that you put into it. you don't have to buy the inventory up front, you don't have to build a website, you don't have to learn marketing or pay for ads or any of that stuff. so it's really just about the time you put in, and personally, I rather spend time trying to start an online business and giving that a shot instead of spending my time watching Netflix or or playing video games or anything really like that, because the risk really is so, so low with something like this. so let me show you what I did. I started by finding a supplier that I wanted to use. so in this case, we're going to use Walmart as a supplier. we do use other retail sites, but more and more we're using wholesale suppliers, but you'll see how well this works so well. so with any sort of supplier that you're using, they have brands that only they sell or that they are one of the few retailers or suppliers that sell that brand. so, for instance, Walmart has a brand called Mainstays. they own that brand. they're the only ones who sell Mainstays products. so if I come over here to eBay and search for Mainstays, all the results that come up these are people that are drop shipping from Walmart onto eBay, and we know that because the only way you can get these items is if you buy them from Walmart, because Walmart owns that brand. so, looking here, we see a ton of people drop shipping from Walmart onto eBay, and that was really the first step. I want to to find other people that were already doing this. people like this guy who sold this crock pot thing 186 times. people like this who sold this bookshelf 70 times. so let's open up one of these like this one right here. this guy sold this 48 dollar hammock 447 times and you see his name right here on the right. so this is another drop ship. that was the first step I wanted to complete, and then, if you actually come into his profile and click on his items for sale, you can see all the items that they're selling. so remember, we already know that all the items that they're selling right here are being drop shipped and probably being drop shipped from Walmart. so now I can go in see what their popular items are, like this carpet sweeper right here- and I can go ahead and sell this exact same product, and all you have to do to find it is come down to the description and copy it and search for it on Google and it should put up the result: yeah, here, it is right here. this is the exact same item right here. he's obviously marked it up in price, but, yeah, I can go ahead, ahead and sell this exact same one right here, and there's nothing tricky too much about the listing process, except when it comes to titles, which I'll tok about in a second. I just want to show you more of this because, look, this is the item right here. it's this: 47.99 sold 233 times. we have that same carpet cleaner right there. this items is 47 times. it's sold 63 times, or 47 sold 63 times, this one is 56 and sold over 200 times. this one is 50 and sold over 200 times. so there's plenty of these products out there with really, really healthy profit margins in there. if you're able to find them, list them up for sale. but it's all about finding the right products. now, once you actually get to the listing process, it's pretty straightforward because literally all you're doing is copying everything from Walmart and creating a new listing on eBay. now there actually is software that will help speed that up. I have a Chrome extension. you literally click one button and it will list that item onto eBay for you. copy and paste everything over and even and mark up the price for you. the only thing you would then have to change is the title itself. so, for instance, this item on Walmart- this is the title it gave you: it's a rechargeable floor and carpet sweeper, and the title that was modified by this seller is this one. you see it's a little bit different. this is an optimized title. he di.

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What's Next For Dropshipping Titans?

today is tuesday, which means that's time for another live q a: all about ebay, amazon and facebook marketplace drop shipping. as always, i'm your host, paul jay lipsky, so this is a pretty casual hour where i sit down, go on this computer and i answer any questions that you guys have. so if you're here, ask your question in the live chat. also, let me know where in the world you are chiming in from. i'm currently back in orlando, florida, traveling around full time. for those of you who don't know, and what i'll do before so answer those questions, is, i kind of want to give you guys a recap of where drop shipping titans is headed, now that the launch of my latest course, marketplace titans, which is all about drop shipping on facebook marketplace, now that that course is closed for enrollment. so kind of give a little presentation here. then i'll get into the questions. but let's first see who's here. hey, what's up? mark, thanks for being here. thanks sean for being here, and guys, make sure you're behaving in the chat, otherwise sean has the the uh power to to delete your message, your messages in there. uh, okay, we have roseanne here. what's up? and boost the beauty. how's it going? so a bunch more people in here, but let's jump into my computer and i'll show you guys what's going on. all right, so the course marketplace titans: uh, you know we had it open last week. it's now closed for the most part. uh, it was a huge success, you know, a lot of people have joined up and a lot of people are emailing me telling me they've already seen some awesome results, uh, with the content, with everything i teach in the course. so props to everyone who's doing, actually taking action and doing well with it. now, one thing i did hear from people who have joined, who joined up and are actually doing it, is they wanted a place where they could communicate with other members of the course. now, originally i didn't want to make a facebook group. now, normally all my courses, anytime someone joins, they get access to a private facebook group. i didn't want to do this for marketplace titans because we are selling on facebook marketplace and if you post up in a facebook group saying, hey, i just sold a bunch of items i'm doing well, then it's actually not that difficult for someone to come in and see what you're selling. uh, there's some steps involved for them to do it, but they could do it. so i didn't want anyone to potentially risk that happening, but by popular demand- so many of you asked for it- i've decided to do it anyway, with that caveat. so any of you that are members of marketplace titans, make sure to go to lesson one in the course and i'll explain how you can get in and sign in for the marketplace titans course, uh, facebook group, so you now can join up. just opened it up, so a lot more people will be joining soon and that's a good place for you guys to throw around ideas, for you to encourage each other. in between, when we have the group coaching calls- and if you are a member of the course, the first group coaching call will be on thursday evening- i sent out an email about that with all the details and the link to it, so that'll be our first chance to kind of hang out. now one thing- the second thing- i heard from a lot of you- and this is from people who didn't join the course- is that they wanted some sort of payment plan. now, originally i wasn't going to do a payment plan, but i decided after receiving so many requests for it, i did decide to do it. so if you do want the payment plan that will be linked up in the description. it's only good for today because i got to start the group coaching calls on thursday. so if you are not a member of the course and you want to join still and you wanted a payment plan, well, this is your opportunity. and again, this would be the last opportunity once. once this payment plan closes at the end of today, then you will not be able to join after this until they open back up enrollment, which will be well after the the coaching is done, the six weeks of group coaching. so that's another opportunity for you there to kind of sneak in, even though the doors have officially closed. some other updates with marketplace titans and drop shipping on facebook marketplace. so i have my chrome extension which i am rolling out. current students of the course can now use this and this allows you to quickly list items onto facebook marketplace from either auto ds or amazon or face or sorry, or a walmart or home depot. i've been getting great feedback about how it's working, some good suggestions about things to add, which we will definitely be adding. so in the future, down the line, we're going to be adding templates in here. so for listing templates- and there was another thing that i that i have written down somewhere and i can't remember what the other feature is that we're going to be adding, but it's another one that you guys asked for, but the big one will be different templates for that um, and we are currently trying to get this posted into the chrome store. i have never done that before, so it's a learning process for me. if anyone has tips on how to publish to the chrome store and can help me out, because right now i've done it and it still says pending review. so we're waiting on that, and once it's available there, then it will be open to the general public, but for now it's just members of the course and getting their feedback on it, which looks great. more updates about facebook marketplace drop shipping. i am currently working every single day on setting up a full automation. so right now, with facebook marketplace drop shipping, we have the chrome extension that my team has created to help us quickly list items on the facebook marketplace, and we have autods, and what autods does is have this item listed here. it is on amazon. if this item's price changes or if this item goes out of stok, auto ds will send me an email and that email will let me know about the change and then i can go into facebook marketplace and manually make that change. so autods is keeping track of all that. all i have to do is actually go on facebook marketplace and make the change. um, so what we're trying to do is a full automation, which we think it's it's possible to do that, um, we're every day getting closer and closer and closer, but we just have to kind of, uh, there, there we go. sorry about that. we just have to take it a day at a time, because i keep getting some the run around facebook. it seems like it's working and it seems like it's not working. so that's something i'm spending a lot of time. it's going to be a huge focus of mine and once i get that working, that will be added to the course, so all current members of the course will get access to that. so that's pretty cool. um, the next big update is ebay drop shipping. so with ebay drop shipping, i'm going to be updating the course. there's a few lessons that need to be updated in the course, so i'll be doing that over the next couple of weeks. i've already updated two lessons last week because autodesk changed the way that autods what it looks like for anyone who's new. so what i've done is i've updated the course for people who are new and signing up for autods for the first time, they'll get the new looking auto ds, which will actually look just like the one for facebook marketplace. so it'll look like this and so i can- uh, you guys, anyone join the ebay course. you're not gonna have any trouble getting through the course because you'll have the new, new videos, but i'm gonna be updating a couple more to make it even clearer. so, with the auto ds update, just kind of clarify this for people. autods- they updated the look of their website and look at the actual software itself. now, if you're, if you've been using auto ds like prior to january- what was it like 25th or something like that when this update happened- you'll still be on the old auto ds and later this year you'll be migrated over to this auto ds, which i think it looks a lot cleaner. i think it's a lot easier to use. anyone who joined after that, anyone who joins now, you'll have the new auto ds r.

Auto Listing Software for Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping!

what is up everyone? today is tuesday, which means fix my microphone here. today is tuesday, which means that's time for another live q a- all about ebay, amazon and facebook drop shipping. thank you for your patience. we had some tiknical difficulties for all you who are here with me the live. but let's get right into the content here, because i want to show you today a new software that we've been working on that will help us automatikally quickly list items on the facebook marketplace from other retail websites like amazon and walmartcom. so this is a little bit of a sneak peek behind the scenes as to what's going on. so if you guys are here and you wouldn't mind, i would appreciate if you smash the like button down below. all right. so let's now jump over to my computer. everything going good, cool, all right. so drop shipping onto facebook marketplace. so let's say, you have this item right here, okay, and you want to add this to facebook marketplace? now normally, what you have to do- let me reload this page. um, actually i don't even have to do that. so normally what you have to do is you have to download all these images, right, copy the the title, copy the description, and then you would paste it here onto a new listing on facebook marketplace, which look a little bit like this. this is the account that i don't really use, doesn't have the shipping option, so it looks a little bit different. now that's, all in good, always considered not that bad. maybe it takes a few minutes to do that, just copying and pasting. hey, not too bad to create a listing for a product- a lot easier than going out to the store, having to buy the products, having to source them, take photos of them and write up your own description. but wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to quickly list this item on the facebook marketplace? so let me refresh the page so that you can see what it is i'm toking about, because now you see this button that just came up right here. it says: select, copy two. hmm, i wonder what that does. so let's click on that and i will select this and now watch the magic happen, just like that. what did it do? it just took all the images, it brought them over, took the title and brought it over. it took the description and brought it over, and it took the price and marked it up. so we have enough to cover all our fees and a profit as well, bam. so this is a chrome extension that will allow us to do that, and the really cool thing which i'm really excited to announce is that this chrome extension is one that my team has developed, so it's actually called the drop shipping titans marketplace helper, and right now it's still in beta, but i kind of wanted to give you guys a behind-the-scenes look. this will be available soon, all if all everything goes according to plan. the beta users are testing it, giving us some feedback on it, and i hope to open it up to more of you really soon, depending on how their feedback works out. also, we hope to be adding more features to this in the future, but this is what it does so far. so the way this works is you, once you have the chrome extension added, you can put in here how much of a markup you want. so if you- i put in here 30, for instance, but if you put in here 100, it's just going to double the price. so it takes the price here on amazon, which is 70, 37, and if i put in 100, it would mark it up double. if i put in 30, it would mark it up by 30 and then it rounds it, because facebook marketplace only allows whole numbers, and then the other thing you can tell it is, um, what the condition is- which you will probably always be new- and then what the brand is. if you want, if you're selling a bunch from the same brand or know a lot of people, just put not applicable in there. so then, based on that, it just gets everything from amazon and just boom, puts it right here into facebook marketplace, right here, just like that. very simple to use. now it works with right now, amazon, home depot and walmart, again based on beta users feedback. we're going to be adding more suppliers to that as well, but we just kind of want to see what people are using, and we have some other cool plans for it as well, but that's what we have right now. um, yeah, so stay tuned to the youtube channel. i'll be toking more about this in the future, once it's available, and all the cool features that we're going to be, uh, adding to it as well. i do want to show you one more feature that i absolutely love about this. so, let's say we have multiple items here that we want to list, so what i can do is, let's say we have, let's do three items. so i will open up three new tabs. oop, what happened? there's one, there's two and there's three. so we have three blank listings on facebook marketplace. so now if i come to one of these items like this one, select this one, i could choose fb tab one and it will list it into the first facebook tab. and now if i go to the second one and select here fb tab 2, it will list it into the second facebook listing tab. and now if i choose the third one- right here- i think you guys get the idea- fb tab 3, it will list it into the third tab. so that's really helpful, because how we wanna use this sometimes is with virtual assistants. so i can have a virtual assistant just give me a list of items like a, like a spreadsheet full of these items. i just open them up, just like this. so i'd open up all three of them, open up three facebook, um, facebook listings like this, and then just quickly be able to, in a kind of way, bulk upload pretty quickly just from that list. and then the chrome extension does all the math for you as well in terms of the markup. so nothing you have to worry about there either. so that's it. that's what it does right now. like i said, we are going to be adding more features, some already planned, some based on user feedback. and yeah, i'm pretty excited by this because i've never made a chrome extension. i've never really done anything besides selling on different platforms like ebay and amazon and facebook, and then having courses about it and then youtube channel. so i've never done a sas, which is called the sas software as a service, which this will be. so i'm kind of excited to try it out and see how it works. i really want this to be like a very value-packed little chrome extension. so, uh, yeah, that's that's really my goal for it. all right, but let's see who's here in the chat now and if you guys have any questions about drop shipping, about ebay or about amazon, go ahead and throw them into the live chat. let me know what you think. your just kind of preliminary sort of feeling about this chrome extension and i kind of wanted to give you guys a little bit behind the scenes of what's going on with it. all right, we have a lot of messages here, so i'm going to be way behind on the chat, so i do apologize for that. come out, come out wherever you are. yeah, a little bit late here because we had some wi-fi issues. one of the uh problems of living in a van and being a digital nomad full-time. um, okay, let's see. yeah, that's a good one. all right, looks like we've got to get orlando on video. people said to make up for the time lapse, so maybe i'll bring him on later. uh, okay, turn your camera to wishcom. gotta return my wi-fi setup to wishcom. that was the issue. um, let's see. yeah, all right, let's see if i can see some questions. um, [Music]. let's see. right, let me scroll forward, because we did have some of those tiknical issues. all right, maria says i'm about to purchase the ebay drop shipping course, but i'm waiting for the facebook one. i'm happy he's making a course, so yeah, so i wanted to tok about this as well. give some information about this, because i will be making a facebook marketplace drop shipping course. um, so the information about that you can find in the description of this video. here is the, the sales page for it, the wait list. as you see, enrollment's not open yet, but once it, once it is open, it will be open from february 2nd until february 5th, so just a few days now. this is a little bit different. i've never done that before, where i have a course that's closed and then sorry j.

How To Start an eBay Dropshipping Business & Make Money This Weekend (Step by Step)

in this video i'll show you how complete beginners are starting ebay drop shipping businesses in literally one weekend and how people are making over a hundred dollars a day with this [Music]. now i know a lot of you want to start an online business, but you feel really stuck because the whole process just seems time-consuming, expensive, confusing and really just overwhelming. and i know that's how i felt when i used to work a nine-to-five job and was looking for something different because i wasn't in love with what i was doing and i felt a bit stuck. i wanted a way out, but nothing really seemed like it would work. to be honest, and if you're watching this video, then chances are you feel the same way that i did: you want out of this rat race, or you just want enough money coming in from a side hustle just to live a little bit more comfortably and more financially secure and maybe, like i was, you don't know how to do that, or you're just overwhelmed thinking about the entire process, and i get that. and it's really no wonder, because there are so many get rich quick youtube videos out there with these like kids showing off their rented lamborghinis and private jets. and i was watching this and i was like, how do i get from where i am now to that level? i really wasn't interested- and i'm still not- in getting a lamborghini, but i was interested in changing my life. but i didn't know how to do that. but what i'm about to show you this thing, this is the only thing that worked for me, and that's because it was simple to understand, simple to start and, more importantly, it got me my first sale. and that first sale changes everything, because as long as you can make one sale, you can make two, then 10 and then really the sky is the limit from there. and the reason what i'm about to show you this business, the reason it's so scalable, is because of the nature of drop shipping, the definition of it. you see, drop shipping is where you sell products that you don't own or have in stok. only after the product sells do you then purchase it from a supplier who then ships it directly to your customer. so you see how low the risk is with this. you don't need to buy a bunch of inventory that might never sell. you only buy it after someone has already bought it from you. let me show you how that works. so i'm here on ebay right now and i found this product. it's this five-shelf bookshelf. you can see it right here. it's this nice black color. there's a plant next to it, there's a chair here. it's selling for 75, as you see right here, and it is sold 74 times. so this is a pretty good item. right, here's the really cool thing. take a look at this item and now look at this one on walmart that's selling for just 49.88. this is the exact same item. so literally all this person has done was they came over to walmart, found this, they took the photos, downloaded them to their computer, uploaded it to a listing on ebay. they took the description, copied the description from walmart and paste it into ebay, took the title and made it a bit better and then they marked up the price of the item. that is literally all they did here: copy and paste. and now, if this item on ebay sells- which we know it is selling, it sold 74 times. every time that happened this person, all they had to do was come over to walmart, add to the cart, go through the checkout process. ebay gives you the address to ship it to. so instead of entering in your address, you would enter in the buyer- the buyer on ebay their address and ship it directly to them. walmart will ship it directly to the customer for you. that is what drop shipping is. so as soon as i saw this, i thought i can do this. this doesn't seem that hard, it's just copying and pasting. it's pretty simple. so i started to do this myself and there's a formula really to use in order to find these products. let me show you how that works. so i'm just going to go over to ebaycom and what i'll search for at the top is the word mainstage. you can see i've done this before because this is a good place to start now. mainstays is a brand that only walmart sells. you see, this is a mainstays framed five-shelf bookcase. mainstays is a brand i've. actually, if i click on this, i can see all the different mainstays products- is a brand that only walmart. they own it. so if you see anyone on ebay, like right here, when i search for mainstage, you see all these people selling mainstays products. they are drop shippers. they are drop shipping from walmart onto ebay, and that is the first step of this. we want to find other people who are drop shipping, because as soon as you do that, if you open up any of these. let's open up a few of them and look around. so look at this one, let's look at this one, this one, this one- and what i'm looking for is who's selling this, and not only who it is, but do they have a lot of sales? so these people- i'm looking right here under seller information. this person doesn't have any feedback, so they're pretty new. this person only has two feedback, but this person right here has 238 feedback, so we know this person's drop shipping and they have a decent amount of feedback. so this is a good store for us to look at. in fact, if i click on their store name and then click on the left where it says items for sale, i can see all the items that they're drop shipping, and a lot of these items will be drop shipped from walmart here onto ebay. so now all i have to do is go in and sell those exact same products that this seller is selling successfully. so, coming in here, let's look at maybe this one. open up this item. these are all the items in this seller store. all right, this item is sold. it's sold once, so not bad. let me see if i can find something a little bit better. so here's one right here. this rolling tool cabinet storage chest has sold five times and it's a hundred and fifty five dollars. so you better believe they're making a nice healthy profit margin with this item all the times that they sold it, which is five times. and if it's sold five times it's going to keep selling. so now i found this exact same product on walmart. here it is right here. you see that the picture matches up. now all i'm gonna do is list up this product into my own ebay store. now i have a chrome extension that does this for me. it's the drop shipping titans marketplace helper me, my team. we developed this chrome extension specifically to do this, and i put in here how much i want to increase the price- by 30 in this case, and you could change around some other settings in here. but look how cool this is. we have a blank listing here on ebay. it's completely blank, and all i'm going to do is push this button on this drop down and it's bringing everything over. it brings over the photos for me, automatikally brings over the title. i would go ahead and change this title. i want to fill it with keywords that people are actually going to be searching for when they're looking for this item. i don't want to just use the random title that's given to me. ebay is a search engine, so we want to make sure that when people are searching, this item shows up, so i'm going to fill that with keywords that people are actually going to be searching for. it also brings over the description. it's marking up the price. so it does a lot of the busy work for you. i don't have to copy and paste everything myself, so i would just list these products up for sale the exact way i just showed you. anytime i had free time before work, during my lunch break, on the weekends, and i would do as many listings as i could, because it really doesn't cost any money in the beginning to list up your first products onto ebay. then i made my first sale, just one at first, then another, then several a day, then many a day. so it was working. but a problem came up: some of the items when i went to buy them from walmart they were out of stok. others had gone up in price, so i was losing money. and that's where automation software comes in. this is a software i use, called auto ds, and the really cool thing about it is that inside this account, which is just a test acco.