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dropshipping titans marketplace

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Marketplace Dropshipping Titans Review by Paul J Lipsky (Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping)

hello and welcome to this new bonus bomber video. in this video we're gonna take a look at the marketplace titans course by paul lipsky. i already reviewed his dropshipping titans course in this course. it's not about ebay drop shipping. it's also not about regular drop shipping. it's about a new possibility that paul has found out. it's about facebook marketplace drop shipping. basically, if you know ebay drop shipping- sourcing products from amazon or from other suppliers and selling them on ebay- you can also do the same on facebook marketplace and it works like a charm. right now, facebook marketplace is completely free. you can put unlimited offers on the facebook marketplace and you can use it for drop shipping, especially with those typical drop shipping products. it works like a charm. we will take a look inside the course. i will show you what facebook marketplace drop shipping is. i will show you what paul has prepared inside the course and we will take a look. so let's go and let's start. so, before we start, you can get the marketplace titans course via the link under the video slash: bonusbombercom titans. like you already see here, you will also find this link in the video description. it's the first link in the video description. just click on this link. you will have a summary what's inside the course, and you will not only get the marketplace titans course when you get it via this link. you will also get my undercover strategy, which is normally worth 499 dollars, where i exactly show you my strategy, how i'm building undercover affiliate projects, undercover affiliate sites that sell courses for me that are earning me over ten thousand dollars every month. i will show you exactly how i'm doing that in my undercover strategy. you will get it completely for free when you get the marketplace titans course via the link under the video. my dropshipping bestseller list, where i give you the products that worked best for me on facebook marketplace. my automation mastery, where i show you how you can automate more than 90 of your recurring processes that you normally have to do manually. i will show you exactly how you can do that in my automation mastery video course. my instagram traffic strategy. my traffic booster video course, where i show you how you can get traffic from google ads and from facebook ads. you will get all these bonus courses when you get the marketplace titans course via the link under the video. just click the first link in the video description: get the course and you will also get all my bonus bumper, bonus courses. so let's start and let's look inside the course. so, like you already see here, i'm enrolled in the marketplace dropshipping titans course and i would say we will take a look at the first one or two videos and i will show you what's inside here and what paul has prepared. so let's go and let's take a look at the first video. welcome to the course, marketplace titans, and congratulations on getting started. i am super excited for you that you are here and i'm also really excited that you trusted me to guide you through this process, and i promise you i am not going to let you down now. one of the amazing things that i'm so excited about with facebook marketplace is that it is a gold mine. right now you are sitting on a gold mine and if you get in and take advantage of this, you can see amazing results. but you need to take action. everything you need to be successful with facebook marketplace drop shipping is in this course, but you're the one who actually has to put it into action and take the steps, and if you do that, that's when you see results. you see, the really cool thing about facebook marketplace is that it's completely unique. there is nothing else like it out there and because of that, that creates an amazing opportunity for you if you want to take advantage of it, if you actually want to take action. but luckily, you are not going to be on your own. we are going to be there cheering you on. we, the community. i feel blessed every single day that i am a member of what we call the titans tribe. it is community of myself and my students and we all support each other with our drop shipping endeavors, and now we are doing that on facebook marketplace as well, as you're going to see as much as there's nothing else like facebook marketplace drop shipping out there and there's nothing else like this training out there. more importantly, there's nothing like this community out there. we support each other, we help each other and we cheer each other on. so congratulations on now being a part of that community. now, before we go forward, i do want to show you how to navigate the course so that you best know how to use it. so when you are logged into the course, it's going to look like this: you're going to see all the video lessons here and you can watch these videos in your own time. you can watch them as many times as you want. if you open up any of them and you press play on it, you'll notike that on the bottom right. you can make it full screen, and pressing this gear icon will allow you to up the the quality of it, and you can also change the speed. so you can watch at a half speed, you can watch it at 1.25, 1.5 or even 2x speed. so whatever works for you, don't be afraid to change these speeds if i'm going too slow or too fast for you. now, every time you finish a lesson, click on the top right where it says complete and continue, and that will bring you right to the next lesson in the course. every time you're in a lesson on the left, you'll also see all the other lessons, so you can quickly scroll between them. now we also have a lot of bonuses available to you, because we want to make sure that you are very successful. so all the bonuses you have will be listed underneath this video and links to them, because i'm not going to just throw all the bonuses to you right up front when it's not very helpful. these bonuses are going to be scattered throughout the course where they make sense. so, for instance, when we tok about customer service. that's where i'm going to include the customer service scripts, because that's where it makes sense for them to be. now, like i said, i want you to feel supported through this process. now, with some of my other courses, i offer a facebook group that you can join and in that facebook group you can connect with other members and get support there. now we're not doing that with marketplace titans for a few reasons, but the primary one is because those other people on facebook are going to be your competition and there are ways for them to look and see what products you're selling and then just copy all those products. so i don't want people on facebook to connect with each other and to learn that you are also doing facebook marketplace, because as soon as they do that, there are ways- although not very easy ways- there are ways- for them to then look at your account, your selling account, see what you're selling and then copy your item. so we're going to avoid that entirely and we're not going to do a facebook group, but what we are going to do instead of that are weeks of group coaching calls. so if you scroll down to the bottom of the course, the last module are the group coaching calls. as they become available, i'm going to email you and then you can access them and watch them. so the last thing we have to do before we jump into the content is: you need to set some goals for yourself. you need to determine what it is that you want to get out of this course and get concrete on that. do you want to make some serious money with this, or is this just something you want to do as a side hustle, where you spend a few hours a week and make some extra cash? there's nothing wrong with that either. that's one of the things that makes facebook marketplace drop shipping really unique is that you can put a lot of time into this and make it very serious, or just be more casual and treat it as a side hustle. up to you. just set a goal, whatever it is, and write it down, because then you're more likely to accomplish it. alrig.

Dropshipping Titans Review - Does This Strategy Still Work?

hey, welcome to this video, and if you arrived here, you're playing searching for a review of drop shipping titans, so i'll go over how it works and i'll give you my two cents whether i think this is a good uh investment for you. uh, so what it is, it's gonna teach you uh, you know drop shipping, and if you don't know, drop shipping is where you set up an online store. uh lists different items like physical items, like you know, mugs, calculators, fidget spinners, uh, glasses, doesn't really matter. someone, someone will order from you and then, and then, uh, you buy it cheaper from another place on the internet. right, it could be anywhere. it could be from, you know, aliexpress, alibaba, uh, walmart, and then um, and then you'll get the supplier to ship it for you. they handle all the shipping and handling, so, so it's a much simpler process than actually storing the stuff at your house. so that's what's great about drop shipping. and then the profit is the difference between, obviously, what you sold, sold it for and what you bought it for, and there's obviously some other costs involved. so that's drop shipping. now, what's unique about drop shipping titans is, um, whereas other coast, other courses focus on shopify or, you know, amazon, fba. they're focused solely on ebay, selling through ebay and ebay- your own ebay store, sorry, um- and which is kind of very old school, you think, oh, who's on ebay now? but there's actually a lot of potential customers on ebay and it actually might be less competitive, since, all the since peop, so many people are selling on amazon and, you know, shopify. now not many people are actually selling on ebay. so it's an it's a unique angle. now, it's run by a guy named, uh, uh, paul. he's made, you know, two, he made 2.5 million dollars in revenue in two years. um, he has almost 80 000 youtube subscribers, so he's definitely legit, i would say. and the course is very affordable. it's only 297 dollars, or three payments of 127 dollars, which is really nothing. it's a drop in the bucket. most courses, uh, that teach e-commerce, sell for between three thousand and five thousand dollars, so, or that teach drop shipping. so, uh, 297 is basically a bargain. now, um, now, does that necessarily mean it's the best option for you? that's what i'll be toking about in a bit. so, as far as the curriculum, it's divided into 10 modules. the first module is all about setting the foundation, uh, right. module two is: um, you know, he doesn't. he doesn't get into a lot of mindset, which is is good and bad. a lot of people think mindset is kind of wishy-washy. but, um, you know, module two is all about, uh, getting your store set up on ebay, creating your account, business policies, all that good stuff. module three is product research and this is probably the most important aspect of drop shipping, because if you're selling the wrong products, you're not going to make any sales right, and that that involves market research. you know what's hot right now. uh, you know looking at evergreen products that are always selling. so he's going to teach you how to go on walmart and home depot, essentially find products there so you can sell them at a higher price on ebay. and you might be wondering why would people buy from your ebay store if they can just get it cheaper themselves on walmart or home depot or these other websites? well, the answer- at least this is how he explains it- is convenience. um, you know, you go to a local store. you might buy a soda for two dollars. you could get that same soda at a bigger uh retail store for maybe one dollar, but you're not gonna do that right because it's you're gonna have to travel. it's kind of out of your way and you don't want to spend time uh, going there, and that's the same reason people would buy from your ebay store, at least in theory. so a. module four is all about, uh, the perfect ebay listing. um, there's really no advanced tricks. keeps it very simple. um, you know how to actually list your items, the title, all that. um, now, one thing to keep in mind is you have a limit. you could only list uh 10 items tops if you're a new lister on ebay. so just keep that in mind. but module two: he toks about, um, you know what you need to know before listing your items. um he toks about how you can call- actually call ebay, get on the phone with them to increase your limit, even if you're new, negotiate with them, bargain with them, and you can also remove items that aren't selling well, and how to get good reviews and and remove the bad reviews and also how to verify payments. and module six is all about getting customers their orders fast, so fulfilling the orders on uh, walmart and home depot. module seven is customer service. you know uploading tracking numbers, uh fulfilling or answering questions about the products, uh dealing with cancellations, items not being received returns, all that, all the customer service stuff. also, how to maximize the positive feedback and minimize the negative. and also, what if a buyer um sees your invoice, sees that, um, you just bought it for cheaper on walmart or home depot. what do you do in that situation? they complain about it because that that might happen in the rare, uh, the rare- case. so module eight is all about how to increase your profits, um he toks about free shipping, coupons, tax exemptions, sales taxes, uh, you know, discounted gift cards. module nine is, uh, keeping organized bookkeeping, uh, spreadsheets, using spreadsheets and mod. lastly, module 10 is advanced topics: um, how to, basically how to set up multiple stores and also starting an llc for your business, so legal stuff. so, all in all, it's a good course. um, if you want to go down this route of selling on ebay, um, it's very, you know, early 2000s a lot of people did ebay, but apparently it still works. um you could, you could check out this course. um, it might be less competitive than selling on amazon, i don't know. so, um, now, the problem- i would say a couple problems with this course is, um, it's quite um thin on content. i would like to see more, just more content, um, especially on product selection and and scaling um, but for 297 dollars, you, you are getting a lot of value and it's good for beginners. so, and i think he likes to keep things simple so you don't get confused, uh, and then also i would, he doesn't tok about traffic, really, um, which is interesting because, because you know, traffic is one of the biggest pillars of this. you know, how do you actually get people to see your store, see your stuff, um, but i guess he's just ranking organically um through ebay listings. but but really, if you're gonna do drop shipping- it's really a pay-to-play kind of business model- you're gonna have to spend money on advertising. so, whether that's facebook ads, google ads, um influencer marketing, um, you know there's all sorts of different ad networks, but he doesn't tok about that at all. so so that that that's a little concerning. but other than that, it's a great course. students are very happy with the results they're getting. but the bigger issue i have, it's not with the course so much, it's with this business model of drop shipping. um, you have to understand, with drop shipping, the profit margins are razor thin. it's like 10 to 20 percent, and that's because, um, you're spending money on the products. obviously, um, you're gonna have to spend money on advertising, like i just mentioned, and and ever, and also money on training and different tools. so, and all that stuff cuts into your profits and um, and you can only price your item so high. there's an invisible ceiling on the price, so you can't price a 10 calculator at 100. no one's going to buy it, right, they'll just go find something cheaper. so because of that, the profit margins are very low and it becomes a volume game. you have to sell hundreds of products a day, not just a couple if you want to hit, um, you know, ten thousand dollars in profit a month, for example. so and then, secondly, the second thing i don't like about drop shipping: it's very complicated business model. i mean, just think about everything i covered in this video. you're gonna have to learn the ebay platform, learn marketing right, rathe.

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Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software Update (V2)!

the drop shipping titans marketplace helper chrome extension has just been updated to version two, so in this video, i'm going to show you what's changed and why, and i'll show you exactly how you can use this chrome extension to help you quickly list items onto facebook marketplace in a matter of seconds, saving you hours and hours of work. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store- now, traditionally this channel- i tok all about how to drop ship onto ebay and facebook marketplace, and those are what my courses are about as well. but earlier this year, i ventured into something new. i created a software, a chrome extension, that you can use to help you quickly list items onto facebook marketplace from other websites like amazon or walmart or homedepotcom. now, the first version of this chrome extension i had someone make for me because i needed it to run my own business and i started to make it available to other people, kind of as a test. well, you guys loved it. you guys really liked it. a lot of you use it, so we decided to revamp the entire thing and make it even better with this version two. so let me show you what it does and what's different now about version two, and if you've used the extension before, you're going to notike that it doesn't look a whole lot different. but i'll tell you what is different in a few minutes. so when you first download the chrome extension, i'll link to it down below. if you try to use it, you won't be able to, and that's because it is a paid subscription. so you will have to click the button to sign up and once you sign up and pay for it, then you'll be able to use it. so this is how it works up here. it's asked me for the price increase, decrease percentage. so we have this item here on amazon. it's 479.98, and what this chrome extension is going to do is it's going to copy the photos, the title, the description and paste it on the facebook marketplace very quickly for you. but you don't want it to just take the price and transfer it over. you want it to mark it up in price so that you can cover your facebook fees as well as make a profit. so whatever you want that increase to be, put that in here. so if i put 20 in there, for instance, then it's going to take this price- 479.98, multiply it by 1.2 and that's the price that's going to be on facebook marketplace. if you toggle this on the shipping cost, then it's going to add in the cost of shipping. a lot of us get free shipping on a lot of our orders anyway, so you can always leave that off if you want the condition. facebook marketplace will ask you: hey, is this a new item? is it used? default is new, so i just leave that and the brand. if you are going to list up a whole bunch from the same brand, you can put it in there, but i usually leave this blank. finally, down here is the description template. so whatever you put in here is going to be in all of your descriptions. so there's a placeholder here for the title, the price and the description. usually i just do the description, but check this out: if i do something like this is new and was never used, and you'll see that that gets added to all the descriptions that i copy over. so once that's done, i'm going to click away and i'm going to come over to facebook marketplace and create a new blank listing. so this is a blank listing right here. yours is going to look different because on this account we don't have the shipping option and this is one i'm just using for this video. so now here's the item right here and on amazon and the chrome extension, as this little drop down right here, you can either copy to a new tab, but we're going to copy to the existing tab right there. so click on that and you see how fast that happened. right, what did it do? it brought in all the photos right here. you can see them. it brought in the exact title. it took the price, 479.98, marked it up to 576, chose the condition as new and here's the description. see, it says this is new and was never used. that's what i typed in. and then here's the exact description from amazon. so i mean, you see how fast that happened. this would take you, you know, several minutes to do it and you could just do it with this chrome extension much, much faster now. of course, this is what the chrome extension has always done, but what we've done with version two is we've made it faster. this is faster than it was with version one, which is going to make your lives a lot better. also, another update for version two is it now works with the newest walmartcom. so walmart recently changed the layout of their website and when that changed happened, the old chrome extension, version one, stopped working. with version two it now does work. so if we select here, let's do it to a new facebook tab. you see, my chrome tab just opened up a new one, right there. there it goes. it just pops everything over right there. so the photos, the title, the price again marks it up by the same percentage. you don't have to come in here and add that. every time it stays in there it'll save in there and there's a description. again. it says this is new and was never used, followed by the description from walmart. right there and really, really fast doing that. this also works with home depot. you see, it can do with home depot right here and you also are able to use this with auto ds. so auto ds is a software that we use to help us manage our facebook marketplace drop shipping stores. basically, what it does is, let's say, you listed this bookshelf up for sale from walmart or you want to list it up for sale from walmart. all you're going to do is plug it into auto ds. now autods will monitor that product on walmart. if the item goes out of stok or if the price changes. it's able to detect that so that you don't have to manually check walmart all the time for price changes or stok level changes, saves you a ton of time and a lot of headache as well. so you never sell an item on facebook marketplace that's out of stok, or you don't lose money on the salven item on facebook marketplace because you didn't notike that the price changed on walmart. so you plug it in here and then what you can do is my chrome extension will add this button right here. i can go ahead and click it so any item that you have put into auto ds can be brought over onto facebook marketplace with the chrome extension. again all the photos right here, the title, the price and the description as well. one thing to note about the price is that when you import the item into auto ds, it's going to put a price right here and it's going to increase that price already. depending on what your settings are in auto ds, you will already have a price increase for this item. so if you're listing from auto ds over to facebook marketplace, you might want to change the increase- decrease percentage to just zero because of that reason, but that's up to you. now the really cool thing about this is that autodies works with a ton of different suppliers. so if i click right here, you can see the suppliers: amazon, aliexpress, banggood, walmart, home depot, wayfair, costco, overstok, costway, etsy, lowe's, ebay, target, cj, drop shipping, sam's club, vidaxel, min in the box, light in the box, alibaba, pure formulas, redbubble and wish. so you can take any item from one of those websites, plug it into auto ds and then from auto ds you can have that item listed onto facebook marketplace. so that is the core of what the drop shipping titan's marketplace helper does, and with this version 2 it was built differently, which means that we are going to be able to add more suppliers faster than we were before. so we will be adding more features to this and more suppliers. but also remember that it works with all the suppliers that autodesk works with, which, which are a bunch of them right there. another feature that the chrome extension has is that you can download all of your orders from facebook marketplace into a spreadsheet, so you don't have to manually copy everything over to a spreadsheet. you don'.

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Paul Lipsky EBay DropShipping Titans Course REVIEW!!

what's up guys? this is gonna be a quick video on Paul Lipsky dropshipping course, so I didn't go through and buy it as well as I watched all his live streams and most of his videos. I went through his whole YouTube and watch almost all of it. so I am here to ask you guys that if you guys want to buy it, then ask yourself: do you have the time, instead of just going and spending the money that he's trying to get you spend, do you have the time to just sit down and watch his videos? because what I realized is they say time is money, but really it's more like time equals money, with a slight difference. you know, time is money is saying every second is a second that you could be making money. but what I'm saying- time equals money- is either you can use your money to get where you want to be and make more money, or you can use your time to get where you want to be, you make money. so it they're kind of the same thing. it just takes longer if you just use your time instead of using your money. so now what I'm saying is the course: if you have a lot of money, just buy the course. it's just much easier. if you don't have money, you don't have a lot of money- don't buy the course, just watch his videos. it's the same content. I took notes when I watch all his live streams and videos. I took notes when I did his course. it's the same content, it's just I was watching our two hour long live streams back to back to back to back, and then watching his videos on other days. it's all the content from his job shipping course. all the same thing. it all the same stuff. you realize it if you watch his lashing. he repeats a lot of it because he does q and A's for job shipping. so he's repeating a lot of the stuff, which is good because it gets ingrained. but it's also a lot of time wasted. but if you have the time to sit down and watch the videos and it's not wasted. so here's the thing: you, if you have the money, just buy it. I mean, have the money, as if I forget how much it was- but if you have the money to buy, then if that money is like nothing, then just buy. it's whatever, right. but if you don't have a lot of money, or you could barely afford it, or if you don't have, at least. I'm gonna say four times at least, at minimum four times the amount that he's charging for that course. don't buy. that's what I mean by being able to afford it. don't don't buy it. so just take your time, use your time and watch his videos. you know, because it's the same exact content. I have all the notes from his live streams, videos and his course and I have them all in a Microsoft Word so I can use them at any time. it works absolutely. I've made money from the things he said. what he says works. all I'm saying in this video is: it all depends on you, right? he's, the information he gives you in this course works, but I will say it is the basics. so, everyone, nothing works the same for everyone except the basics. you know, you can't play basketball without knowing how to dribble or shoot or be able to do any tricks. you know, have any handles. that's all the basics, right? just like dropshipping you, I have to understand how to make for him. it's eBay, so you have to understand eBay in the algorithm and how to find items. that's the basics, and once you get past the basics, I would say it's like there's a middle and then there's a hard that you have to go through, which is the middle, is like finding what works for you, and then the hard is actually making a sufficient amount of money doing it the way that you found works for you. so I'll never- he'll never- be able to tell you exactly how to make money. we can just give you ideas on what worked for us and what may work for you. so that's it for this video, guys. once again, just to recap, if you have at least four times the money that he's charging for his course, just buy. if you have the time, though, whether you have the money or not, if you have the time, then just spend the time going through livestream, take notes. you'll get the same exact information. there's no difference, and I can tell you that right now. there's absolutely no difference. so that's it for this video, guys. I hope you enjoyed. I hope you learned something useful. peace.

I tried an ebay droppshipping course called Dropshipping Titans by Paul Lipsky

hey, youtube. today we are going to do an honest review of paul lipsky's ebay dropshipping titan course that costs 597.. we've done many reviews on our channel and we've seen grades ranging from fs to a's. well, i watched paul's course in entirety, every minute, and i'm gonna tell you my thoughts on it. we're going to go through paul's course with renee's official course rating system and i'll tell you in the end if i recommend the course or not. all right, so let's get to it. but first omg 5k to go. i know, i know don't tok about it, don't tok about it, i don't know if i can handle this. all right, don't forget to give this video a like. it took me forever to go through his course to give you an honest review like this. also, second to last day, to grab apple frostin. that drop is at frostincom apple, this month's marketing course by stacy storino on frostin. there is a 30 day money money-back guarantee on that- only 37 bucks goes up to 97 after it's done. now on with the show. all right, so before we get into it, i grade courses on renee's course grading system or course rating system. there are 10 different aspects within this system that i believe make a really good course that produces results, and if you see my channel, i have reviewed quite a few courses and unfortunately, not all of them have gotten very good grades, and i hate doing course reviews on courses that i'm like, oh, this one is poopy. but we gotta be honest on the channel and when i find one so good, then i highly recommend it. they get a good grade. but also when i find one that is near a perfect score, that's when i become an affiliate for it and that's how i make money doing these reviews for you. that's when you know it's the real renee christine recommendation. and so far, no score has gotten a perfect review. and so far i haven't been an affiliate for most of the courses on our channel that i've reviewed. all right, so ebay dropshipping titans by paul lipsky. many of you know that we've been trying to find some easy cheddar since quarantine. i'm always about building a big brand- okay and really like fulfilling your passion, building a brand that you can kind of leave behind when you die even. however, that takes time and money to do, and all of you following me in march- some of you, not all of you, some of you following me since 2012- contacted me in march and said, oh my goodness, my shop it's, i'm the breadwinner of my home and all of a sudden my everything has collapsed. so we kind of did, started doing something different and we started testing on our channel for different ways to try to make fast money. and we started testing like get rich quick schemes and just different business models that were like let's try to hurry and make some money to help you guys out. and everything exploded on our channel with different failures that we've had. some of you for some reason think i'm failing on purpose, but just recently we found some easy cheddar with ebay drop shipping and i was shocked at how easy it is. you don't need advertising, you don't need to pay for like ppc, you don't even really need a product, you don't need to have stok and it's just like people still are buying on ebay. a lot of you asked me to test ebay drop shipping as a business model and i was like, okay, this is going to be another one of those fails, but it has actually made us money. and then when i actually put a full-time virtual assistant on that business model, we started making about 40 a day. i was like, oh my goodness, like you could scale this thing. because what do we always say? if you can make one dollar, you can scale it to a million period. well, with that, a lot of you asked me to review paul lipsky's course. so this is kind of new chedda with now and then, after starting that i took the course, so the money that we've made on our channel through ebay dropshipping- i just want to be clear, we haven't implemented his course just yet. i just finished his course and we're just starting to implement a few things from it. just want to give that disclaimer before we move on. as some of you have seen like that, we just started making money at that. we're in no way pros or like ebay gurus in reviewing this course. we are quite newbie-ish, alright. so very first, all right. the very first aspect of renee's course rating system is called shortcut, and shortcut is really important because a lot of people think there is value in just hours and hours and hours of video inside a course and when somebody comes to me and asks how many hours are inside a video, are inside the course, i just think that's not a good question to ask. but most people don't know the right questions to ask if it's a really, really good course. they give you the shortcut to the cheta. they give you the shortcut to the money. they give you the shortcut to the actual result. if you're giving a shoe tying course to a kindergartener, you don't want 20 hours of video, you want the shortcut to the shoe tying right. thus my shortcut grade. and out of 10, paul's course definitely gets 10 out of 10.. he doesn't put anything in there that isn't pertaining to what will get you the actual results on ebay with ebay drop shipping. he doesn't put 20 hours of drivel. let's just say- and i've seen so many courses with drivel trying to masquerade as like additional value for the course- paul's- every minute of his course is valuable and gets you to the shortcut and he doesn't have it. his course isn't a minute longer than it needs to be to get you that result. so 10 out of 10 on that one. the next aspect to my renee's course rating system is called binge capability and this one's kind of like almost like all, all or none, depending on if you get the course, all of it, right away, or if they drip feed it and how fast they drip feed it. i am not a fan of drip feeding courses. i'm an adult. let me handle my own overwhelm and i just give me the whole course so that i can like netflix, binge it like crazy, please, because you don't know where i'm at in my business. what if i'm like intermediate in and i'm like waiting for you to drip feed the course? also, if you're drip feeding it to me, you're either trying to control me or you're trying to control my overwhelm, or you're trying to get me past like some sort of guarantee, like a 30-day guarantee, and you're not going to give me the goods until after that guarantee is done, and i'm really not a fan of that. so all of that goes within the binge capability aspect of my course rating system. paul, you buy it and you get the whole thing. there is no drip feeding. so he gets 10 out of 10 on that one as well. the next aspect to renee's course rating system is called step by step and this is kind of the grandma aspect to the course. okay, i don't want a whole bunch of information like the business for dummies book like if you did like ebay drop shipping for dummies. it would be like teaching you every aspect to ebay drop shipping and then it would be up to you to figure out step by step how to get started and how to get it done and how to end up at the result. i'm really not a fan of that. i want you to tell me step a, do this, step b, do this, step c, do this until i get the result. so that's major. and most courses aren't step by step. i'm just not a fan of that. paul's course is so painstakingly step by step, nothing is skipped or missing, and he even includes tik. so that's major with this rating system is that he even shows you his screen and shows you what to click. every tool that he tells you to use. he shows you exactly how to connect that tool and how to work the tool and what to do inside that tool. that he himself does. in fact, it's so step by step that he he even posts like direct links, like at one point he said you need to go to the feedback area of your ebay account and he had a link below the video to that feedback area. and then he even goes as far as putting the ebay's phone number that you need to call at some point, like if your account gets suspended or if you need limit increases. he not only tells you exactly what to say, but he puts ebay's phone numbe.

What's Next For Dropshipping Titans?

today is tuesday, which means that's time for another live q a: all about ebay, amazon and facebook marketplace drop shipping. as always, i'm your host, paul jay lipsky, so this is a pretty casual hour where i sit down, go on this computer and i answer any questions that you guys have. so if you're here, ask your question in the live chat. also, let me know where in the world you are chiming in from. i'm currently back in orlando, florida, traveling around full time. for those of you who don't know, and what i'll do before so answer those questions, is, i kind of want to give you guys a recap of where drop shipping titans is headed, now that the launch of my latest course, marketplace titans, which is all about drop shipping on facebook marketplace, now that that course is closed for enrollment. so kind of give a little presentation here. then i'll get into the questions. but let's first see who's here. hey, what's up? mark, thanks for being here. thanks sean for being here, and guys, make sure you're behaving in the chat, otherwise sean has the the uh power to to delete your message, your messages in there. uh, okay, we have roseanne here. what's up? and boost the beauty. how's it going? so a bunch more people in here, but let's jump into my computer and i'll show you guys what's going on. all right, so the course marketplace titans: uh, you know we had it open last week. it's now closed for the most part. uh, it was a huge success, you know, a lot of people have joined up and a lot of people are emailing me telling me they've already seen some awesome results, uh, with the content, with everything i teach in the course. so props to everyone who's doing, actually taking action and doing well with it. now, one thing i did hear from people who have joined, who joined up and are actually doing it, is they wanted a place where they could communicate with other members of the course. now, originally i didn't want to make a facebook group. now, normally all my courses, anytime someone joins, they get access to a private facebook group. i didn't want to do this for marketplace titans because we are selling on facebook marketplace and if you post up in a facebook group saying, hey, i just sold a bunch of items i'm doing well, then it's actually not that difficult for someone to come in and see what you're selling. uh, there's some steps involved for them to do it, but they could do it. so i didn't want anyone to potentially risk that happening, but by popular demand- so many of you asked for it- i've decided to do it anyway, with that caveat. so any of you that are members of marketplace titans, make sure to go to lesson one in the course and i'll explain how you can get in and sign in for the marketplace titans course, uh, facebook group, so you now can join up. just opened it up, so a lot more people will be joining soon and that's a good place for you guys to throw around ideas, for you to encourage each other. in between, when we have the group coaching calls- and if you are a member of the course, the first group coaching call will be on thursday evening- i sent out an email about that with all the details and the link to it, so that'll be our first chance to kind of hang out. now one thing- the second thing- i heard from a lot of you- and this is from people who didn't join the course- is that they wanted some sort of payment plan. now, originally i wasn't going to do a payment plan, but i decided after receiving so many requests for it, i did decide to do it. so if you do want the payment plan that will be linked up in the description. it's only good for today because i got to start the group coaching calls on thursday. so if you are not a member of the course and you want to join still and you wanted a payment plan, well, this is your opportunity. and again, this would be the last opportunity once. once this payment plan closes at the end of today, then you will not be able to join after this until they open back up enrollment, which will be well after the the coaching is done, the six weeks of group coaching. so that's another opportunity for you there to kind of sneak in, even though the doors have officially closed. some other updates with marketplace titans and drop shipping on facebook marketplace. so i have my chrome extension which i am rolling out. current students of the course can now use this and this allows you to quickly list items onto facebook marketplace from either auto ds or amazon or face or sorry, or a walmart or home depot. i've been getting great feedback about how it's working, some good suggestions about things to add, which we will definitely be adding. so in the future, down the line, we're going to be adding templates in here. so for listing templates- and there was another thing that i that i have written down somewhere and i can't remember what the other feature is that we're going to be adding, but it's another one that you guys asked for, but the big one will be different templates for that um, and we are currently trying to get this posted into the chrome store. i have never done that before, so it's a learning process for me. if anyone has tips on how to publish to the chrome store and can help me out, because right now i've done it and it still says pending review. so we're waiting on that, and once it's available there, then it will be open to the general public, but for now it's just members of the course and getting their feedback on it, which looks great. more updates about facebook marketplace drop shipping. i am currently working every single day on setting up a full automation. so right now, with facebook marketplace drop shipping, we have the chrome extension that my team has created to help us quickly list items on the facebook marketplace, and we have autods, and what autods does is have this item listed here. it is on amazon. if this item's price changes or if this item goes out of stok, auto ds will send me an email and that email will let me know about the change and then i can go into facebook marketplace and manually make that change. so autods is keeping track of all that. all i have to do is actually go on facebook marketplace and make the change. um, so what we're trying to do is a full automation, which we think it's it's possible to do that, um, we're every day getting closer and closer and closer, but we just have to kind of, uh, there, there we go. sorry about that. we just have to take it a day at a time, because i keep getting some the run around facebook. it seems like it's working and it seems like it's not working. so that's something i'm spending a lot of time. it's going to be a huge focus of mine and once i get that working, that will be added to the course, so all current members of the course will get access to that. so that's pretty cool. um, the next big update is ebay drop shipping. so with ebay drop shipping, i'm going to be updating the course. there's a few lessons that need to be updated in the course, so i'll be doing that over the next couple of weeks. i've already updated two lessons last week because autodesk changed the way that autods what it looks like for anyone who's new. so what i've done is i've updated the course for people who are new and signing up for autods for the first time, they'll get the new looking auto ds, which will actually look just like the one for facebook marketplace. so it'll look like this and so i can- uh, you guys, anyone join the ebay course. you're not gonna have any trouble getting through the course because you'll have the new, new videos, but i'm gonna be updating a couple more to make it even clearer. so, with the auto ds update, just kind of clarify this for people. autods- they updated the look of their website and look at the actual software itself. now, if you're, if you've been using auto ds like prior to january- what was it like 25th or something like that when this update happened- you'll still be on the old auto ds and later this year you'll be migrated over to this auto ds, which i think it looks a lot cleaner. i think it's a lot easier to use. anyone who joined after that, anyone who joins now, you'll have the new auto ds r.