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dropshipping turnkey website business

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Realistic Dropshipping Budget for a Turnkey Dropship Website

For as much as 3 to 7 hundred dollars, you can get a turnkey dropship website with a carefully selected inventory of products. But what’s the catch? This site will not be unique. On the other hand, it’s geared to advertising on Facebook that has the largest number of active users compared to other social networks. In this video, we’ll study pros and cons of the turnkey dropshipping websites and find out who can benefit from getting a ready-to-go website. Welcome to the AliDropship channel. My name is [NAME] and today we’re toking about how you can start dropshipping with just 300 or 500 dollars. For such money, you can get a copy of one of our top-performing online stores -- a Premium Store -- and get started with a turnkey dropship website. Right now, AliDropship offers 9 Premium Stores which you can purchase. If you’ve already heard of Premium stores, go to this timestamp, to the part of the video where I’m reviewing each of them. If you are new to the concept of the Premium Stores, stay with me. we’ll take a look at what's inside such a store. What are Premium Dropshipping Stores? What exactly is a Premium Store? Our team makes and runs several stores to test our solutions, marketing strategies, new products and niches. If one of these stores starts making considerable revenue. we list it for sale so that someone like you can purchase a copy of it and follow our marketing to try replicating the same success. By buying a Premium Store, you can save a lot of time and effort on building a store from scratch, selecting products, editing descriptions and testing your product ideas. In other words, you can get a turnkey dropship website with a proven potential for earning money. But what does it mean to have a copy of someone’s successful store in practike? Let’s get to the pros and cons of Premium Dropshipping Stores. Pros & cons of Premium Stores. Let’s start with the pros. First of all, when you buy a Premium Store, you get not only a copy of the site you picked, but also the inventory of products imported to the original store, along with their product pages. All these product pages are already edited by our team. They have short and clear titles, alluring descriptions and high-quality product images or GIFs. If you had to edit the pages yourself, it would take hours, And here you’ve got everything done by our team of professionals. Another important benefit to purchasing a turnkey dropship website like this is that you get not just random goods we imported from AliExpress, but the best-performing ones. As mentioned before, our team spends a lot of time testing different products and niches. The goods that don’t perform well in a store are excluded from the inventory, while those that see high demand get to stay. In other words, you get a selection of the best-selling products our team has tested and proven to have high potential. In addition to the store itself, you can also purchase a Marketing Package. The package includes a range of marketing materials, such as banners, videos, ad texts, as well as target audience recommendations and a guide on how to set up and run your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. By purchasing a copy of an already functioning dropshipping store, you can launch a business almost immediately. And finally, the last pro to our turnkey dropship website solution is that cost is relatively low. The store itself actually costs $300,, but we recommend purchasing the Installation packagewhich costs another $200 - unless you have the necessary skills to set-up the website on your own. If you also buy the Marketing package, the total price will be $700.. Compare these total costs to the prices on online stores, on Flippa Now for cons. the only drawback of buying a Premium Store from AliDropship is that you’re not getting a unique website, but a copy. This means you won’t be able to drive organic traffic. Instead, you should focus on paid advertising and social media promotion. Don’t worry about the competition, though. Premium Stores are built around niches that have very popular products that see high demand in many countries, so there are literally millions of potential buyers. Now let’s tok about how you can understand whether you can benefit from this ready-made dropshipping solution. Premium Stores were initially designed as a solution for dropshipping newcomers. Think about it: you have little or no experience in building websites, designing online stores, finding reliable suppliers and selecting well-performing products, But here, instead of learning all these things the hard way, you can buy a professionally-made store with carefully selected and pre-edited products. There’s no need to set-up anything. All you need to do is to focus on promotion and marketing. However, newcomers are not the only people who can benefit from a turnkey dropship website like this. To our own surprise, Premium Stores have proved popular among experienced dropshippers as well. Apparently, people who already know how to promote dropshipping products on Facebook benefit from this solution even more. They don’t have to spend days looking for high-potential products and spend hundreds of dollars on testing these goods and audiences. Instead, they get a selection of pre-tested products and can focus on advertising to start making money right away. So if you’re a dropshipping professional, you too may find Premium Stores useful. What Premium Stores can you get? Right now, AliDropship offers 9 Premium Stores which you can purchase. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. The Auto Merch: This is our most successful dropshipping store to date. It only has 39 products in stok, but its monthly revenue exceeds $500,000.. The store sells car accessories, cleaning tools and stuff that makes driving more comfortable. If you love driving, you’ll love The Auto Merch. On the other hand, this turnkey dropship website will suit pretty much anyone. After all, it’s run not by a professional driver, but by two work-from-home moms. Read more about the magic of this top-selling store on our blog, Cheery Kid. Here’s another example of a successful dropshipping business -- one that earns $49,000 a month. It sells products for babies, children, teens and parents. If you value family ties and well-being for little ones -- and know how to promote to the right audience -- Cheery Kid is your perfect option. Buy It. Carl Can’t decide what to sell. Then how about a classic store that sells a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, home goods and more? The monthly revenue of this business equals $40,000.. Crazy Otaku Joy, If you’re a fan of video games or spend hours playing online with your friends (or offline by yourself). this website is just what you’ll want. Share your passion with customers by selling gaming equipment and accessories. The original Otaku Joy makes about $22,000 per month -- and you can try your hand at beating our top sales, Gardenient. If you prefer more relaxing hobbies, like gardening, consider purchasing a copy of this dropshipping store. You will be able to offer customers a range of gardening tools, household supplies and products for outdoor activities. Gardenient currently has a monthly revenue of $16,000.. Unicorn Wave, This turnkey dropship website, makes $13,000 each month with a range of cute products. If you want to promote cute accessories, backpacks, jewelry, toys and clothes, this option will suit you best. Pure Champs: If you know a thing or two about healthy living, you might luck out in purchasing this dropshipping store that sells sports equipment and makes over $11,000 per month. Super Blings. If you don’t have a partikular passion but still want to make money with dropshipping, how about selling household?

Turnkey Ecommerce Store from Sellvia: Ready-Made Business for ANYONE

Ecommerce is growing exponentially every single year, so it’s normal for people to want to enter the market. But many people have an obvious question - how do I do it? How do I sell online? Do I need a store? Where do I go? who do I pay? what is what? In this video, we’re going to tok about how to enter ecommerce in different ways and cover the easiest way possible - with a turnkey ecommerce store. Ecommerce businesses in general can be very different. You can sell goods on platforms like eBay or Amazon FBA, for example. Another way to get into the ecommerce business is to get an online store, your own website, with products. Normally, the creation of a website requires some investments, Not only financially. If you’re not a programmer, you’ll spend quite some time on setting everything up and understanding all the processes. Once you have a store and products, you need to get to creating product pages and filling your store with them. Most likely, you’ll need to create them yourself to make sure they look perfect. That includes easy-to-read, concise and engaging text, High-quality photos and so on. And we can’t forget about informational pages like About us, Terms and Conditions, different policies, etcetera. Without them, your store won’t look respectable and trustworthy. Customers want transparency and they need to know who they’re buying from. You’d need to craft and import them in your store by yourself as well. In business, time is extremely valuable, so spending a ton of it on learning how to create a website can put you at a disadvantage. If you can, it’s good to enter the market without any ado. You can do it with such a thing as a turnkey store. Why is it better? It’s awesome because you don’t need to deal with market research, target audience research, finding suppliers and other things that usually take a ton of time. You save up days and months when getting a store like this. Such a store is a much better alternative for beginner entrepreneurs or just those who want to save time and effort. Sellvia offers stores like that. When you get a store from Sellvia, you get a ready-made store made in accordance with your preferences and wishes, with a niche that suits YOU and a sleek design everyone will love using and looking at. You’ll get it in 1 day after filling in the form. It’ll be fully ready to hit the market, filled with best-selling products that have amazing pictures and pages with all the necessary informational pages. You won’t need to do anything else. just spend 5 minutes connecting your payment provider and you can get to work right away. You can find a link in the description to Sellvia PRO and learn more about this turnkey ecommerce store offer. Sellvia doesn’t just offer turnkey stores: Sellvia is a supplier as well. That means your store will be filled with the best sellers of the niche and the orders will be delivered within 3 business days around the US, Fast as lightning. You can find almost anything in Sellvia’s catalog, no matter what your niche is. For example, you can even sell organic and eco-friendly beauty goods made by American manufacturers. Watch this video to learn more about amazing beauty products you can offer with Sellvia. Unlike website-creation agencies, Sellvia doesn’t just hand you your website and wave goodbye. You’ll have a personal manager that will guide you through all the processes of running a store, so you can be set for success from the beginning And toking about guidance. the creation of the website comes with detailed guides and materials so you can improve your marketing and business tactiks in the process. Even if you have no background in ecommerce, it’s not a problem at all. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Check out our Marketing Academy – there you’ll find everything you need to know as an ecommerce entrepreneur. It has. Explore and try everything out during the 2-week trial period to see if you want to continue further on with the yearly payment. By the way, if you want even more simplicity - you can delegate some processes to our team and sit back. For example, SEO Packages ensure that your website gets high-quality traffic and interested visitors. thanks to optimization of the content, It’ll ensure long-term growth of your business. There are other services you can use, depending on your objectives and wishes. Turnkey ecommerce stores are the easiest way to enter ecommerce for beginners or those who want to save time. No need to lift a finger - everything is done for you in 1 day. Don’t hesitate to try it out - you will see everything for yourself and understand whether or not it’s for you. You won’t lose anything, but you will gain a lot and it can change your life drastikally. By the way, would you like to know what it’s really like to run a store with Sellvia? Then you should definitely check out the latest interview with our client Rodney, who lost his job during the pandemic but now is doing better than ever. Feel free to leave your questions and feedback in the comment section below. Thanks for watching this video. bye.

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Buying a Pre-Built Ecommerce Store – is it REALLY worth it?

recently, i've been targeted by a lot of done-for-you stores, pre-built store offers, and i'm curious if you've been, you know, targeted by these ads too. let me know. down in the comments below. i'm going to give you my honest opinion on pre-built stores and why you should or should not buy and purchase a pre-built store. [Music]. just to clarify really quickly: these stores that we're toking about here, these pre-built stores, from what i've seen anyway, are sold from scratch, so they don't have any data or sales that come with it. it's different from drop shipping stores that are sold on the exchange that already have been turning a profit for many months, if not years. okay, so let's break down what exactly you get if you purchase one of these pre-built done-for-you stores- and as a disclaimer, i should probably add that i do not sell any of these pre-built done-for-you type stores- okay, so the first thing that you apparently get is a unique store, so you get a, you know, a tail sword that's made for you. it's also a hands-off experience, so you do not need to do anything. everything's done for you from scratch, apparently, and some of these people also offer done for you facebook ads too. uh, so it's a pretty hands-off experience, so let's take it at face value. sometimes products are even selected for you, so product selection is, uh given to you as well, so everything is done for you. we're toking about the store ads and uh and the product selection. they market it in a way to say that all you have to do is just essentially fulfill the orders and do customer service, two pretty basic stuff that, uh, you can honestly just outsource to a virtual assistant. but yeah, that's what you're getting. you're getting everything done for you, as they say, and all you need to do is just the service part of things and fulfillment. so, on paper, it sounds pretty amazing, and i'm sure you might have stumbled upon one of these offers again. if you have, let me know down in the comments below, because i'm really curious, and if you heard of about one of these offers, they do sound really appealing, they sound attractive. you don't need to do anything and you get the expertise of these people that are, you know, selling these stores. so everything's done for you. and so it begs the question: does this sound too good to be true? by the way, give this video a like if you find it useful, insightful, and also subscribe and turn on the notification bell. if you haven't already, it is much appreciated. i'm not here to comment on whether or not this practike or this offer is a scam. honestly, i don't know. i, you know, haven't engaged in one of these offers and i haven't spoke to anyone who has purchased one of these stores, and i'm sure that some of these people actually do deliver a good uh and results, and i'm sure their intentions are good and well. but i'm here to answer whether or not you should actually purchase one of these stores, whether or not they're a scam or whether or not they actually work. i'm going to tell you whether or not you should actually purchase one of these stores either way, and the answer is no. you should definitely not buy a pre-built stores for a multitude of reasons that i'm gonna go through right now. the first and foremost points why you should not buy a pre-built store and have all the ads done for you is because you are probably new to this game and so you're not going to learn anything whatsoever. if everything's done for you, you don't know how to replicate those successes, you aren't learning anything, and learning the skill is so important. it's the same as the analogy as give a man a fish or teach him to fish so he can eat. the rest of you know his life. it is a very valuable skill nowadays and the opportunity to learn that skill and put into practike far outweighs the inconvenience of doing it yourself. yes, it is time consuming, but that time is being funneled into something very useful that you can use over and over and over again. the second reason you should not buy a pre-built store and done for your ads etc. is because it's not your vision. it's simply not your vision. how can someone even attempt to align a store and your ads to your own vision of a business? ultimately, you want your brand and your ecommerce store to reflect on your own vision for your products and brand, and that is the fun of the game. that is when it becomes your little baby that you want to nurture every single day. it's very hard for someone to like mind read you and take that vision from you and create something relevant to that vision. which brings me on to the third point, which is legality. you don't know unless you have. you know terms and conditions, very clear cut contracts and agreements, but most of the times you don't know what you're getting and you don't know if you actually own your, the assets that were created by someone else. so when i refer to the assets, i'm toking about the store. uh, you know the ads, the creative. you don't own it because someone else has created it. so there is a chance that your brand, your vision, that store that you're getting does not belong to you. and the worst case scenario is if it works extremely well and they approach you and they're like: wow, he's doing six figures, you know a month, let's, i'm gonna take that soil back from you like it's my store. you know that those type of scenarios could happen. so you have to be very careful about the legality behind these pre-built stores. again, i want to make it clear that i'm not bashing on these people who make pre-built stores. i'm sure some of them have great intentions and that legality is not an issue here, but i'm just telling you to do your due diligence and just to give you some sort of perspective so you're not burned, if that is, you know, a possibility. so the next point and reason and thing you need to be worried about when it comes to pre-built stores is: who is actually building these stores? you need to ask this question because, with the amount of stores that they're building or they're offering to build. i'm sure there's a lot of customers that they need to build these stores from, so you're probably mistaken if you believe that you're going to get that specific person to build that store, because building a sword takes time and it's not easy if you have a hundred customers asking for a store. so the chances are they are outsourcing this to maybe someone up work, maybe a friend, you know, i don't know. even worse or worse case scenario again: this could be a copy and paste type situation, where they just have a template and they paste it and change a few things, add your brand logo and stuff in there and that's your pre-built store. i really hope that's not the case, because that is quite low. that's not cool, especially if they're charging, you know, like thousands of dollars for these things. so just be careful about how they're being built and who's building your store. building upon that previous point again is: you have no clue how the store is structured. it's one thing to have the store visually appealing. it is another thing to see the back end operation or the back end coding as well. so what i mean by this is it can be a great, fabulous looking store, but it runs like crap. the the website speed is terrible, things are broken, functionality just does not work as well as it should. so when you have these things like a poor page speed score, you have poor converting elements, you have functionality that's not working well, then that means poor conversions and that therefore also means less sales, less profit. so it's one thing to have handed over a really beautiful site. it's another thing that it's converting well for you too. honestly, you're probably better taking your money and investing it into a course where you can learn it for yourself, because that's a skill that someone cannot take from you. that is a skill that remains with you forever and you can improve on that skill, and that is the way to learn e-commerce. it's really risky to get someone to do it for you, and so when push comes to shove a.

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Turnkey Dropshipping Websites - Custom Store Options

hey there, Eartha here and today's video. I wanted to tok about custom drop shipping stores. for the most part, anyone who wants to start a drop shipping store usually ends up at Shopify, and Shopify is a really popular e-commerce platform and a lot of drop shippers are using Shopify and combination with Aliexpress as their drop shipping suppliers. and Shopify, right out of the box, is not a drop shipping store. you actually have to install an app to turn it into a drop shipping store, and the most popular app to use is uber low, and what Oberto does is it connects your store to Aliexpress and you can easily import products from Aliexpress right into your store. they also have their own set of products that you can use to import into your store as well. so, that being said, you are probably on this video because you probably realize that it takes a bit of work to actually create your own drop shipping store. even though platforms like Shopify and old burlap make it easy, it still takes time to actually search for products and import them, edit them, change the text in the copy or whatever, or customize your store. although the software makes it easy, it still takes some time to do so. so, that being said, I did a quick search on on the web to find out, you know what are, what's the pricing like for having a custom drop shipping store create, created, and then I also have another option that I'll share with you towards the end of this video. all right, so the first place I came across was actually: oh, here we go, it's called dropship to go, and before I did this research today, I had really had no idea what to expect or what type of companies were going to pull up. so this partikular company will create a custom Shopify drop shipping store for you and it looks pretty awesome. they have three different packages. so the first one, level one, they have at 300- 300 $97. the next one, they have at 597, and then the last package is a custom package and you have to call for details. so I'm guessing that most people, if they really want to custom Shopify drop shipping store and came across this website, they may likely just start with the level 1, and I mean there's really not much to it except to know that they probably just customized your store to your specifications. so another competitor that I came across- and I'm not even sure how to pronounce this, that tibarn app, I guess, I don't know, but they also create custom Shopify drop shipping stores and they do a lot of this stuff for you, which is awesome, like the domain setup product set up. well, here it says: we add 5 products, this store and teach you how to add and edit design setup app setup. so this is great for someone who may want to have a Shopify dropshipping store and they are just still kind of confused with how it all works and just don't want to deal with it. this way, you can just use a company like this and they, you know, kind of outsource to work and they have it all done for you. and then, finally, this one woo dropship is actually differs from the first two in that this one is actually to build a drop shipping store with WooCommerce, and WooCommerce is actually a free ecommerce plugin for WordPress and so we dropship. it's software that will turn your boo commerce store into a drop shipping store. that works also works with Aliexpress, and the difference with this one is: so they have the three packages here where they do a lot of the work for you: they host your website for a one-year free, they do the niche market research and on on custom design, import the products. now what I want to point out with all three of these and is that even though you're having another company create your custom dropship store with Shopify, you have to keep in mind that Shopify still has monthly fees and so does the overlap. so the basic store plan for Shopify runs at $29 a month. the basic plan for Oberto runs at twenty nine, ninety a month. so depending on how many products you want in your store, the monthly prices could go up. and also keep in mind that Oberto has limitations on how many products you can import and how many orders they will automatikally fulfill based on the plan that you choose. so they're pretty generous with the product. so if you start with the basic plan, you can import ten thousand products, which is probably more than enough for any store, especially starting out, and but they cap you have five hundred orders per month and then if you move up to the pro plan, you can't import thirty thousand products and then your orders per month is unlimited. so that's just something to keep in mind. even with these custom Shopify dropshipping store services, you're still going to have those monthly fees. now with WooCommerce and commerce, but we drop ship and partikularly they also have monthly fee. so if you can see here, they'll build the custom store. but once your store is built, you also are going to have to. after the three months of free subscription, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use their software. and their fee start at. I'm just going to head on over to the pricing. see if I can find it really quick. here we go. so their monthly pricing. they also cap your number of products that are imported and a number of orders that are fulfilled. so at $14 a month there you can have 100 orders fulfilled and import 3000 products. $29 a month, 15,000 products and 500 orders fulfilled. and then the last one, $49 a month, you can have 60,000 product variants and imported and unlimited quarter fulfillment. so if you're, you know, wanting woo commerce, woo dropship is definitely an option. but now I have an option that is actually, in my opinion, better than all of these put together, and that option is a custom drop shipping store created by Ollie drop ship. well, Ollie dropship is is actually a wordpress plug-in as well as a drop shipping plug-in that turns a wordpress installation into a aliexpress drop shipping business with. now you can buy the plug-in on its own and do it yourself, but the whole point is of this video is to tell you about custom drop shipping services. so they do have a custom drop shipping store service, and the great thing about Ollie drop ship service is that there are no ongoing monthly fees, as you can see here. it's a one-time payment, no further fees. so they do everything for you, just like any other service. they do the niche market research and they do domain registration. they also do things like on the initial, on site SEO and so much more, which I'll get into more of that as I scroll down the page. but one of the great things that I want to point out is that with a custom drop shipping store from Ally dropship, you are also assigned a personal manager, and this personal manager stays with you from beginning to end and what they do. they are there to ask you questions, you know, about what you want in your store, how you want to customize. you can, in turn, ask questions, provide, provide feedback, and what they also do is when you order a store, they assign you a Basecamp account, and Basecamp is a project management software tool so that way, you can log in and actually see the progress as your store is being created. it's also the place where you can ask your personal manager questions and get feedback in all the way through the whole entire process. so a lot of things that they take care of. like I said, it's the niche market research. they register domain name for you. they do the custom design, such as custom logo supporting graphics. of course, your store will be mobile device ready. that means it will be responsive. they install Google Analytiks. they also import all the products for you, of course, based on package. so at 299 you start with 50, $4.99 you get a hundred and the ultimate package- $8.99- you get 200 products installed. they install the payment gateways and the delivery time is a matter of- usually between- it looks like for the basic one- between 10 and 13 business days, and that is really quick considering. if you try to do all of this yourself, it could take you literally weeks and dependin.

Free Turnkey Websites Review - Does This Even Work?

hey, what's going on, aaron chen here, hope you're doing well. if you're watching this video right now, you might be doing some research on this website right here. it's called free turnkey websites. okay, and what i'm going to do is i'm going to review this partikular service and then you can decide for yourself whether you want to actually even spend the time to, you know, invest in actually setting up this free turnkey website or not, and what it's really about. okay, um, because this one, this one's very interesting. it's it's. it's quite rare that people come in with this angle. i think it's quite clever the way they've done it, but let's see if it really delivers on what they actually try and promise. all right. so, first of all, what is it? first is it's the number way, easiest way to make money online for beginners. you can try it for free. okay, the three steps: you sign up for free. in 30 seconds, you customize your website and you make money. you share your website with the world and you get started. you know, get started, get paid daily, right? so they make it sound super simple, just like a lot of these websites do. it's all. it's three steps. it's free, you sign up and then you start making money? okay, um. now here's the whole thing about making money online. there's no such thing. you can't, you know, make money in three steps. you can't make it on the first day, um, you can't make it for free. all right, i just want to clarify that before i even continue with this review. all right, all these kinds of websites and products, whenever they do stuff like that, they just, they just, um, they're using the. you know your ignorance, because you probably don't really understand how to make money online. that's why you're watching this video and you're doing some research on this company, which is, which is fair, by the way. it's great that you are- but they use that ignorance in order to try and, um, you know, take advantage of you, um, to try and make it sound like you don't have to do any work in order for you to make money online, when that is actually a lie. okay now, um, can you make money on the internet and sell products? well, yes, you can, but you have to learn, step by step, how to do that. all right, now here's the other thing that these guys do. they say stuff like: oh, by the way, this picture here is fake. all right, this is not a real person. um, this is from one of those um websites where you can just buy images as a stok image. alright, so anytime somebody uses a stok image on their website as a testimonial is a huge red flag for me, right, because if your program was so good and you were doing well, you should be using real students, real people, real members that have actually made results from the program. right, does that make sense? i think that's fair, so that's a huge red flag already, right there. okay, now, if you decide to sign up with them, all right, you click on get started and you would fill in all this information and, basically, they would give you free access to their back office. right, it's actually quite clever right now. what, what is this? what? what? what does it actually entail? so what they do is they give you access to free replicated affiliate marketing websites. all right, so they take care of the hosting. they give you the website for free, which is pretty cool, actually, right, because it's all free. but here's the catch. okay, the catch- and this is where they make their money- is they tell you that you must buy their traffic packages. that means, in order for you to promote your business, you need to show your business to a group of people on the internet, right, and so you must find an audience. now, how do they make money from you? because if they're going to be doing this for free, these guys must be making money somehow, right? well, what they do is they give you the website for free, but in order for you to make money, you must buy their lead and traffic packages, right, and so they can be quite expensive, okay, and here's the thing about these lead and traffic packages: most of the time, they're selling you what's called solo ads, right, that's email marketers. um, this is just basically marketers that have large email databases. now, these email databases are super unreliable. you don't know where the leads are coming from, you don't know how they got them, you don't know how they've filtered them. you don't even know if these people are interested in making money on the internet, right, and so you buy a package for two hundred dollars, five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, and then they send leads to your system, but you're not guaranteed to make a sale, okay, and that's really the biggest problem with this, and actually there are a lot of problems with these kinds of systems. so, yes, it's good that they're giving you a website for free, that they're giving you hosting for free, but that in itself is dangerous, because imagine this: if there were 10 000 people using the free turnkey websites- and they probably are right, all of the websites are the same- now, if they're 10 000 people going out there, buying traffic and leads from the same traffic source that they recommend, don't you think that your conversion rates would be very, very low? absolutely they would, because everybody would look the same. does that make sense? the only way that you can really succeed online is if you're unique. okay. so this whole idea of using a done for you, replicated website from somebody else is not really a shortcut, it's a long cut, it's an illusion. okay, and- and i can say that with you know confidence, because that's what i did for my first eight years of marketing online. when i started in 2009, i was sold this whole idea of done for you websites, replicated websites. you know, you just use my website. that works, that quote unquote works and everything will be fine. now, that would be true if you were the only person in the world using that website, but unfortunately, the way that these systems work is you're not the only person. you're one of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of affiliates using the same exact website. now, if there are a hundred thousand people using the same website, buying leads from the same traffic source, and people are seeing the same website over and over and over again, the conversion rates stay very, very low, which means you're not going to generate any sales, okay. so this whole strategy here, this whole angle, is a clever way of trying to get you to get into their system. all right, for free, okay, they really do give you a replicated website which doesn't work, and then they they make you buy their traffic because that's the only way that you can promote this business. okay, and then it becomes a closed loop. you're basically buying that traffic. you're sending people back to this website. people sign up for free for free turnkey websites- again, right, and you make a dollar for every free turnkey website that you sell. okay, and then the process repeats itself. so who's really making the money? well, the guys that are selling the system, the guys that are selling the traffic. all right, and the traffic is so poor quality that you're not even really going to generate that many sales anyway. so the whole thing is actually- it's a really, really bad way to go, okay, so i wouldn't suggest going down this way. so there are a couple of other things that i want to mention. right, so they make you buy their traffic, which is low quality. they make you use replicated websites, which doesn't work. that affects your conversion rates. they make you promote their partner business, which is list leverage. i've done a review on list leverage. you can check it out. it's not a great product, okay, um, there are much, much better software's out there in this industry when it comes to email autoresponders and email managers and things like that. this leverage is not very good at all. right, and then they and they use fake testimonials and they also share your info when you, when you fill in your name right here- okay, your first name, your email address, your your password and stuff like that- inside of their terms of service. if

I Bought A Custom Dropshipping Store from AliDropship

there's been a lot of videos recently where you start paying people on Fiverr to create them a drop shipping store. now, in this video, I haven't paid somebody on Fiverr. I've actually gone and bought a custom store from Ally dropship. I'm going to go and review how that stories and if I think it was worth the money. so the first thing I done was I went over to the ally dropship website, over to their custom store area. now they have three different packages. they've got the $2.99 package, the foreign online package in the $8.99 package and, as far as I can see, the only difference between the packages are that you get more products on your store, so you get 50 products, 100 products and I think it's 200 bucks. and then for the final package, I think they set up more social media accounts for you, so they're adding, I think, YouTube and a few extra ones like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for you as well. now, obviously, because I'm a big bowler, that I went straight for the $4.99 package, naturally, you know, but that's what a big baller would do- strain for the 100 products and we're going to see what we get. and I think le drop should have some weird marketing ploy because all of the personal managers for these stores seem to be these good-looking Eastern European women, and they've got them on their YouTube channel as well. and I don't know about you, but any fool that would just go and buy a $499 store just so he could be in contact with a good-looking Eastern European woman. that's just kind of sad. not listen, I'm not mentioning any names. I don't know anyone that would personally do that, but if you, if you have somebody that would do that, that's pretty sad. so you know, stik to business. I'm hoping I get the one guy who's a personal manager. that is what I I'm hoping for. this guy's having a field day at work. he's loving life. he's working with these five hot women in the office all day. hey, let's go for drinks afterward, baby, we're gonna love it. you said it, friend. so I've got to purchase my store and now we wait. so a few days later, Ally dropship contacted me and they wanted me to fill out a survey and basically, on this survey, you have to just go and you pick the colors of your brand, you go and pick what type of logo you like and you go and add any extra information in there. now, one extra piece of information that I put in there was that I wanted my store to be subtle like mammas and papas, so the stores crating is going to be surrounding and baby accessories and all those types of things. and I said I wanted to be subtle- black mammas and papas. now I just want you to remember these words: I want it to be subtle, black mammas and papas, and by subtle I mean no flashy colors, no big outrageous logos and all those types of things so nice and subtle. so after I've entered that in, I completed this survey and then a few days later they contacted me again via Skype to ask me to go and fill out a Google sheet and basically, on this Google sheet you have to go and fill out a bunch of different things. so you have to go and pick your domain name, you have to go and pick the mail provider that you want to use- that MailChimp or pepé Post and all these types of things- and what you want to use is your admin password for your WordPress website and all those types of things. so I went and I filled out the Google sheet and then, when you fill that out, then they set you up with something called Basecamp and basically it's basically like a checklist of all of the things that they have to do so you can go and have a look at the progress of your store and how the project is getting on. so they'll say: we have complete the logo for you, it's being taped, we set up the social accounts, we've imported the products, blah, blah, blah. so I have to say, in terms of the communication side, with a leadership, that's really good because they keep you up to date with how your store is doing and, if anything, they're probably contacting me more than I was contacting them chasing me for things, because I was quite a lazy person with this and I'd always forget to go and respond to them and those types of things. so I have to say, on that front, they are pretty good. now one quick thing I'm going to show you, before we actually go and look at the store, that they gave me one of these Skype messages that I sent them. I specifically said: hi, Anna, I don't want to focus too much on clothing. I don't mind some clothing within the categories, but I want a lot of products to meet: baby accessories, for example, baby nail trimmers, white noise machines, baby nose mucus clearers and these types of products. so I specifically said I don't want to focus on clothing, but a boom but of being. a few days pass and they send me my store and here we are, we have the store, so let's go and have a look at now. the first thing. let's just go back firstly to. I said I want it to be nice and subtle, like mothers and puppies. let's go, let's show us picture of Mamas and Papas website: nice and subtle, black, white and grey, actually just pretty much white and grey and a few light blues in there. and then let's go and look at my store. there's there's something, there's something I can notike. that's not too sorry. there's a very bright pink color and also this kind of the logo is just a bit. yeah, you know it's not horrible logo, but it's a bit out there. let's say it's. it's certainly not subtle with certainly not mammas and papas esque. so first things, you know, the first thing, I know this is I've already been ignored. okay, fair enough, we know we'll let that slide. point number two: I don't want to focus too much on clothing. what are the three categories that we see as soon as we comment to the site: boys clothes, girls clothes, baby clothes, ah, and then, if we go into the more section, maternity dresses, Wow, okay. so 50% of the products that they imported for me are clothes, so I guess, in a way, I don't want to focus too much on clothes. well, 50% of them are not clothes, so I guess they've given me what I wanted in a way. okay, no, that's fine. you know we'll let that slide once again. we'll let that slide. let's go and have a look at the design. it's pretty sleek. it's it's not bad. they've got, within the necessary pages, everything we need. now let's just have a look at some of the products. I wanted some decent kind of viral ish products. you know, the typical ones that you can market through Facebook, and we got the dry pressed, disposable baby wipes sets. wow, these are gonna pop off on Facebook. these gonna go crazy. millions of views, billions, billions of views is a matter of fact. these, this product is gonna be the first product on Facebook to get 1 billion views. why would you import this isn't to the store. I just some of the products. some of the products. selection is very dubious. let's just say that you can buy these at Tesco for about 2 pound. for those of you, the America Tesco is just, it's just a normal, your everyday subió, your average joe's supermarket, some where I shop. so, and once again we've got this one baby handprint and footprint makers- not bad, yeah bet, you know we could do something with that. and you know this one over here keeping your child on a leash like a dog. I'm sure many people would want to do that. and then over here we've just got this deep v-neck dress for pregnant women, even though she doesn't look one day pregnant, it says. you know, like I said, some other product selection is just very, ever so slightly dubious. now let's just go and have a look at some of the product pages. so let's just go for this high chair over here. I'm gonna go over to this high chair and see, you know, if the product pages are any good. so you know, I'm not too convinced and I'm not too happy with the homepage in the products so far, but the product pages might be good as well. so we scroll down and what do we see here? 113 pounds, okay. so let's go into the mindset of a shopper. now let's do some roleplay, let's try- and you know we're gonna really try- and channel the mind of a shopper. so I'm gonna be a month I'm gonna be a mom that's based in the US, ma.