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dropshipping uk clothing

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Proper UK dropshipping Suppliers for eBay Amazon Shopify

in this video I'm gonna tok about UK,based Drop Shipping suppliers these are,not retailers they don't sell to,customer directly or these are not,Market places as well so not everybody,can go there and buy the items from them,these are proper Drop Shipping suppliers,who only deal with the eBay and Amazon,and Shopify salads who are interested in,Drop Shipping so let's get started,please watch this video all the way,through because I need to explain you,how to work with them and how to select,the products from them as well otherwise,you will not be making any sales and you,will not be making any money my name is,Zen cha on this channel I tok about how,to make money online as an e-commerce,seller and I'm based in UK so if you're,somebody who is looking to sell online,and you want to make money online,realistikally from the platform like,eBay Amazon Shopify and if your first,time here consider subscribing that will,be a massive help let's jump to the,suppliers now so the first supplier that,we have is called Manchester wholesale,they are able to offer fast next day,shipping as well and the other service,which I really like about if somebody is,interested to sell on Amazon they have a,lot of products right here and the,prices for them is a really really,wholesale price but you can order them,for Drop Shipping purpose as well but if,you let's say you like some product and,you say okay well I really like this,product and you sold it he was doing,Drop Shipping on Amazon now you want to,say okay I wanna buy in bulk and I want,to send it to Amazon so they actually,take care of fulfillment and all that,kind of stuff as well so they are able,to offer the prime Services you know,where the customer actually got next day,delivery even if they would like seven,o'clock at night as well so they can,actually do this for you so this is uh,their Amazon FBA prep service you can,pick the product you know the one you,have tested with the Drop Shipping and,even a move on to doing Amazon FBA at,the scale you can do that as well a lot,of a lot of products like loads of loads,of product that they have and the good,thing about them the price is for these,products are really really good so you,can actually drop ship and make some,profit out of it as well the next,supplier that I want to tok about is,called CLC the thing about salesy that,they have Avail house at different,different positions so if you're,somebody who is in UK they have a,section called best sellers and these,are the products on a salesy website,which are proven to sell a lot of time,so they have this data where they,provide it to us make it easier for us,to actually start Drop Shipping all of,these supplier account is going to be,absolutely free it doesn't really cost,you any money to get started with them,same with the sales e as well so once,you click on bestseller you can choose,their UK invade house right here so,these are all the item which are,available in their UK Warehouse to see,the prices all you have to do is to,create a account which is absolutely,free it doesn't really cost you anything,to create account as well and you will,be able to see the prices as well so,loads of loads of really really good,products right here as well like this,cattle I personally sold it it does,really really well a lot of a lot of,other products divided into different,different categories as you can see all,of these start Drop Shipping you can do,it Amazon eBay Shopify wherever you want,to do your Drop Shipping the next one we,have is called clothes to order,c2o and this is a great company is it's,in UK as well where you can actually do,print and demand not just print and,demand you can actually do Drop Shipping,at the same time so if you wanna sell,let's say highways even a cell like a,custom bag you want to create your own,logo as well this is really really good,good for that if somebody is really,interested in personalized clothing,that's a really really good uh way to,work with these uh c201 so this is,especially if somebody is interested in,clothing it's a really really good Drop,Shipping supplier for this one as well,the next one that we have is called TB,trade,tbtrade.co.uk again this is not the,retailer as well you can just simply I,mean you can come here about their,information right here and you can click,on Drop Shipping and you will be able to,see that they actually work with eBay,Amazon and Shopify seller so this is,where they will be able to fulfill the,order the thing is there is no minimum,order all that kind of stuff with the TB,to read as well TB trade do all kind of,items so you know Sports and gym phone,cases computer DIY tool bicycles all,that kind of stuff as well this is a,really really good Drop Shipping,supplier if you're looking somebody who,is is in UK piece the next supplier that,we have is called go drop ship so go,drop ship is another great supplier go,dropship.co.uk they have variety of,different different item and the thing,about these one they always like the,time I'm recording this video the,Halloween is coming up as well so they,always let's say you want to sell the,Christmas items you want to sell other,kind of items which are seasonal kind of,item as well it's really really good way,to work with go drop shipping as well so,this is again a good Drop Shipping,supplier so I'm gonna list one video,right here which gonna tok about 10 UK,Drop Shipping supplier click here to,know about 10 more UK drop shipping,supplies right here right here

£6000 Every Month, DropShipping with UK US based Suppliers

i've been an online seller from past 10,years eight months ago i decided to,challenge myself and open a new online,store just to get this idea that if i'm,starting today right now can i really,start and scale my drop shipping,business so in this video i'm gonna be,showing you the store i'm gonna be,showing you the product and i'm gonna be,showing you the suppliers as well so,let's get started this is one of my,store i started eight months ago you can,see right here that my last 31 day sale,was 12,eighty seven pounds this is my sale for,today this is sale from last seven days,and thirty six thousand three hundred,and thirty three is sale for last 90,days when i was starting out i had three,question in my mind just like anybody,else number one is it too late to get,started number two if i'm going to start,drop shipping business do i have to deal,with old chinese suppliers which take so,much longer time to get their product,delivered to the uk europe and u.s and,number three what product i can sell so,after doing a little bit of research,answer to the first question was really,simple ecommerce industry is really,really growing especially after the,pandemic it is actually growing rapidly,day by day the simple example for this,to understand is look at how many shops,on our high streets are closing down,every single day so it is no brainer for,anybody if they want to be an e-commerce,seller the opportunity is actually right,there we just need to grab it right now,the second biggest problem for anyone,who want to start a drop shipping,business is actually dealing with,chinese suppliers especially in the time,when we have amazon prime where the,customer can order something on the 8,o'clock in evening and they will get,their product delivered next day as well,so traditional way of doing drop,shipping for example drop shipping from,aliexpress to shopify drop shipping,aliexpress to ebay or drop shipping from,aliexpress to amazon the problem with it,that's look at this product right here,that i'm recording this video in the,beginning of may and this is getting,delivered on the 5th of june it is,taking,more than a month for this product to,get delivered to the uk as well and i,don't think so anybody gonna wait that,long and the third one is the most,obvious problem is actually trying to,find the perfect product which will sell,on a regular basis so after doing tons,of research i came across a solution,which actually solved each and every,problem which i just mentioned is called,absinic don't get confused i will,explain you each and everything how it,works and it can fully automate your,drop shipping business so first of all,once you get started this is the first,page you're gonna land on what you need,to do from here is just simply click on,add new store,at the moment appsinic work with the,shopify woocommerce very soon they're,gonna start working with vixx ebay,bitcommerce amazon all other major,platform that you can think of so what,we're gonna do first we actually gonna,link our store with it so i can explain,you each and everything step by step how,it works so first of all let's connect,our store i'm gonna click on right here,and it's gonna ask me to log into my,account and i can just simply click on,add app and once i click on add app i,can simply add the app inside my shopify,store so everything will get synced up,with the shopify store after when my,store is syncing up with the shopify,what i need to do is just simply set up,my shipping settings so i'm just gonna,click on shipping setting and choose the,location wherever i want to ship from so,i'm based in the united kingdom i'm,gonna choose united kingdom if i want to,ship internationally to other countries,i can opt in for this option otherwise,i'm just gonna leave it empty so for me,i'm gonna be shipping internationally,if the order comes from other,international customers more sale is,better for everyone the next thing is to,actually set up your profit margin so,basically the way i get started with the,profit margin is just simply click on,configure the price formula and by,default it is set up to 25,and what i normally do i leave it to 25,and then slowly slowly increase my,profit margin because in the beginning i,want to have this momentum build up so,my website will get ranked well inside,the search the next thing to do is,actually start listing the product from,apps in a catalog which i will come to,that in a minute i will show you how to,list them and what products are,available there as well and how to,choose better product as well but first,of all let me show you the feature what,is mean by payment detail down there,because what we need to do is set up a,wallet for order processing inside the,app cynic so what apps and it does,anytime once you get the order on your,store it process the order by itself and,take the payment which you added inside,your wallet so everything will become,automated on the one side the customer,will place the order app cynic will,automatikally detect the cost price from,your wallet which you have already added,inside your account and then it will,actually ship the order for you to the,customer so it is a complete automated,business now let me show you the most,interesting part inside the app cynic so,what you need to do is just simply click,on product catalog inside the product,catalog absentee have tons of categories,and then multiple sub categories as well,so there are thousands and thousands of,product inside the app cynic so what you,simply need to do is for example,you need to drop ship inside the united,kingdom so you can simply choose where,you want the item to be shipped from so,you can choose united kingdom if it's,united states you will choose united,states the best thing about absentee it,actually use the local supplier within,that partikular country so if i'm going,to be drop shipping inside the united,kingdom it will use the local supplier,which are already quality tested and,they are proven to sell the quality,product as well so your product will get,delivered on time you don't have to,worry about the cheap quality of the,product so you don't have to face the,returns from the customer as well same,thing if you're drop shipping in united,state it will use the local supplier in,the united states who are already,quality tested so inside the apps in a,catalog the products have a high,potential to sell so what i normally do,because i will be selling in the united,kingdom so i come here and i simply,choose a united kingdom because i want,my customer to have the products from a,local supplier so they don't have to,wait longer delivery hours i will select,free shipping,and then after that i can just simply,pick the product from the catalog which,i need to list on to my store so for,example if i go down and i say okay i,want to list this product all i have to,do just simply click on import now,i go down and after that let's say i,want to,list this product right here i will just,simply click on import now,after that what happened is i just can,simply go to view my products right here,inside the appsonic so inside the my,product section what i need to do i can,actually push this product to my store,one by one or i can just simply select,all of them and i can push them as a,bulk action to my store as well,everything will get listed onto my store,automatikally picture title description,each and everything so it's not like i,have to manually copy and paste and then,manually process the order as well i,will show you once you get the order how,you deal with them as well and where you,actually see once you receive the order,and all that kind of stuff as well so,once you start receiving the order,everything will show up inside the order,section right here inside the app cynic,so if you come inside the order section,all of your order will be categorized on,hold to be shipped partially ship,shipped cancel completed you will see,breakdown of each and everything right,here as

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How to Start an Online Boutique (Dropshipping Clothing)

if you want to start an online boutique,where you have no upfront costs for,inventory don't have to ship the product,yourself and only purchase the inventory,that you've actually sold this video is,for you i'm going to show you step by,step how to start an online boutique so,that you can stop putting it off and get,started today before we get into the,video if you like videos about winning,products drop shipping shopify themes,apps and tutorials do us a favor and hit,that subscribe button and turn,notifications on now let's get into the,video alright first things first let me,explain how there are no upfront costs,for inventory typical with clothing,stores you would order several different,clothing items pants shirts skirts and,etc and order a few different sizes for,each product so say you want to stok,this t-shirt you need to order sizes,extra small to extra large and you want,about five sizes of each well if the,shirt costs you five dollars from the,manufacturer you've spent 125 dollars,and have no guaranteed sales that price,does not include any color variants of,the shirts or shipping which is another,thing to consider if the product doesn't,sell well you're just out the money what,i'm suggesting you do is something,called drop shipping or you could do,print on demand with either of these you,don't order any inventory and instead,you post photos of your products on your,website and if you make a sale then and,only then do you tell the manufacturer,hey i made a sale can you ship this to,my customer,so what do you need to start an online,boutique the first thing you need to do,is decide what type of clothing you want,to sell do you want to sell clothing for,kids for adults is there a certain,aesthetik you want to sell cottage core,dark academia fairy core or do you want,to create your own brand and sell your,own designs deciding this is important,for two reasons one it's going to,determine which supplier you go with and,number two it's going to help you create,a customer avatar this is information,about your target customers such as,their age where they live what their,interests are and etc knowing this is,super important for your marketing the,next thing you want to choose is a,supplier i have a few different options,for you one's for if you're selling your,own designs and ones for if you want to,drop ship,you are creating your own brand designs,you will want to go with a print on,demand company the two i'd recommend,looking at are printify and printful,when comparing these two you want to,take a few things into account number,one which one offers the types of,products you want to sell for example if,you sell plus size clothing you're going,to want to make sure that the supplier,offers the size range you need if you,want embroidery or certain colors again,those are all things to check for number,two which one offers the best price your,profit is going to be whatever you sell,the product for on your website minus,what you pay the manufacturer for the,product minus shipping you want to make,sure you have enough leftover after all,those subtractions to make a profit,number three which one offers the best,shipping time,in the previous step you should have,figured out where your target audience,lives so make sure to compare which,company is going to offer you the best,shipping time to wherever it is you plan,to ship,by the way don't forget to add,processing times to your calculations,processing time is the time it takes,them to make the clothing item so,processing time plus shipping time is,the total time it will take to get to,your customer,if you are drop shipping there is cj,drop shipping aliexpress von mart and,more i'll leave a list of drop shipping,suppliers in our description box but,with any of these just like the print on,demand ones keep price and shipping time,in mind shipping time especially because,most drop ship suppliers are notorious,for month long waits or more which is,going to make your customers unhappy,all right you've got your supplier now,it's time to create your website i,recommend signing up with shopify and,make sure to get your own custom domain,name shopify will give you a free domain,name when you sign up it will look,something like this but i recommend,purchasing a custom domain name to make,it look more professional and,trustworthy having a short easy to,remember domain name is going to be very,useful for marketing because with tik,tok for example you won't be able to,add a clickable link until you hit a,thousand followers so having something,short and easy to remember in your bio,is going to make it much easier for your,viewers to visit your store once you've,signed up for shopify the first thing,we're going to do is add our products,you actually don't need to manually add,them in yourself you install your,suppliers app connect it to your shopify,store and then it will walk you through,how to import your products with a few,clicks,all you have to do is click on apps and,then type the name of the company you,used so for example if you've done print,on demand you would type printify or,printful if you've chosen drop shipping,you would use cj drop shipping or a,different drop shipping app it really,just depends on whoever you went with,also pro tip if you're doing print on,demand i highly recommend using placeit,with this website you can place your own,designs on any of these photos to show,what it would look like they have a huge,library of photos to choose from you can,find photos for hats leggings,sweatshirts and more printify and,printful do provide you with free photos,to use but if you want to level up i,highly recommend using placeit all right,now that your products have been added,we are going to work on the design of,your store so you're going to need to,select a theme when making a theme,choice people often go based on looks,alone but put your personal preference,aside for a moment remember your target,audience because ultimately it is them,who's going to be using this website you,want to choose based on what is going to,appeal to them choose something that is,easy to navigate where they can find,what they're looking for quickly and,what showcases your products the best,especially on mobile,moab is a theme that does all those,things so i highly recommend choosing,this theme there are great free themes,out there but the benefit to going with,a paid theme like moab is that it's a,turnkey design it's ready to go and has,a lot of amazing features that you don't,get with free themes you don't have to,spend hours changing colors fonts adding,apps it already comes pre-designed and,equipped with all the features you need,it also comes with two different theme,presets moab is the first one but they,also have inner if you prefer this look,instead,typically with free themes if you want,to add something like these color,swatches here you would need to install,an app and depending on what you want to,add some apps you do need to pay for but,with moab it's already built into the,theme it's going to save you a ton of,time and this way you know it's done,right,as much as we like to think we can,design our stores ourselves the truth is,the end product often doesn't look,professional and it can be an extremely,long and frustrating process so save,yourself a headache get molab,all right i'm going to get everything,set up on moab now you can follow along,with me,starting from the top i'm going to,select my logo,next we have our hero banner you can,choose a full width banner a 50 50 style,or a 70 30 split,moab gives you the choice of adding a,photo or a video hero banner i,personally love the look of video,banners i feel it just gives your store,a more professional feel so i'm gonna go,with the video option,all i did was upload a video to my,shopify files i copied the link and i,pasted it here,i found the video from pexels.com it's a,free stok photo and video website,you're even allowed to use them for,commercial purposes so i high

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How To Start Dropshipping Clothes | ULTIMATE Guide For Beginners 👗

if you ever wanted to start your,ecommerce business in the fashion niche,then do not go anywhere because in this,ultimate guide for beginners i'm going,to show you how you can start your own,close drop shipping business and really,make it in this wonderful and,best-selling industry,don't go anywhere quick intro and let's,go,[Music],hello everyone i'm lyron from auto ds,and in this video i'm going to show you,how you can start your own close drop,shipping business and a successful one,at it we're going to tap into how to,start a drop shipping business into the,close fashion niche and then i'm also,going to show you what are some of the,best suppliers that you can work with to,get the best clothes products for your,store and i'm also going to go over the,best products that you can sell today in,the clothes and fashion niche so what,are the best clothes that we can sell,since it's such a,vast and general category so without,further ado let's jump straight into the,action and one second before that don't,forget to subscribe to our youtube,channel to always stay updated on all of,the latest and all of the hottest topics,that we have coming out in the world of,dropshipping having said that let's go,ahead and begin how do we start drop,shipping close where do we start and how,do we do it correctly to maintain and,build a profitable drop shipping,business so first things first why even,dropship close in the first place well,first of all you should always be,selling in a niche that you are,interested in but having an interest in,a certain niche is usually never enough,we have to make sure that there is a big,market a big demand for these products,before we tap into it and start,researching for products so how do we,know if close is even a profitable,category how do we know that there is,enough room for us in the market this,graph right here from common thread,shows you the annual revenue in sales in,the apparel market in billions so for,example last year in 2021 the apparel,market sold almost,370 billion dollars in revenue,in 2022 which is this year it's,forecasted to sell at 385,billion dollars,and next year it's going to continue,growing to 397,and of course it will continue,increasing year by year just as we're,used to in the e-commerce market you,also have good stats from other good,sources like statista showing you how,the clothes industry how the fashion,industry is increasing year by year so,of course there's room to jump in and,what better time than now by the way,everything that i'm going over in this,video you can read about it in a full,blog artikle which i will leave a link,to right below this video so what are,the steps to starting creating running,and maintaining a successful and,profitable close dropshipping business,these are the steps that we need to take,step number one we need to identify a,niche,so the clothes or the fashion industry,is a very very general niche we're going,to have to narrow that down and find,some best sellers some products that can,sell today that have high demand which i,will get to soon in this video but step,number one is identifying a niche step,number two we need to choose clothing,products to sell since once we,identified our niche in step number one,now we need to find which products we,want to add from that niche to our,dropshipping stores,step number three we need to find a,reliable drop shipping supplier and it,kind of comes with step number two in,order to find clothing products that you,want to sell you need to find suppliers,who can actually sell them so you you,tapped into your niche you found,whatever products you want to sell,inside that niche now we have to find,suppliers that actually have those,products that you can resell step number,four we need to choose a selling,platform because up until now we toked,about products and how we're gonna get,them and where we're gonna get them from,but now we need some place to sell it on,and that is what the selling channel is,good for step number five we need to,choose an automation software now that,we need to start listing our products,and actually create our online store we,also want to be able to scale our,dropshipping business and not limit,ourselves to a certain number of tasks,per day which will always limit us from,growing and expanding our dropshipping,empires step number six we're going to,list our products now that we know what,products we're going to sell and we have,our drop shipping suppliers who can sell,those products to us which we will sell,to our end customers and of course we,have our selling channel so we know what,platform we're gonna use to sell these,products on,now it's time to actually list those,products step number seven we're going,to learn how to market our clothing,store and that is because now that we,have our products listed on our stores,does anybody even know that our store,exists does anybody even know that we,have products in our stores that are,actually looking to buy most likely the,answer to this question will be no,nobody knows that your store exists,although it does depend on what selling,channel you are using we're going to,tok about all of that but in any case,this is the part where we have to get,our brands known and get traffic,directly to our store so we can make,those sales and profit step number eight,will be fulfilling our orders because,now we marketed our products our stores,exists we did a great job on product,research now we're finally hitting those,sales and we need to actually fulfill,our orders we got paid by our buyers on,our online stores now we're going to,need to fulfill those orders and send,those products to our buyers step number,nine we're gonna learn how to provide,excellent customer service because after,we make orders on our stores every now,and then customers will reach out to us,and either ask a simple question maybe,they'll want to return the product for a,refund or replacement or maybe they just,want to reach out and ask something very,simple or maybe even ask for a promotion,because they want to buy from your store,again for whatever the reason we want to,provide the best customer service that,we can and that is what we're going to,learn in step number nine and then in,step number 10 we're going to keep track,and learn to analyze our stores so that,we can continue making sales and profit,and multiply our success and learn to,scale those are the 10 steps that we are,going to go over in in this video and,those are the steps that you need to,take to run build and maintain a high,converting and successful drop shipping,business in the close and fashion,industry so let's go ahead and begin,with step number one which is identify a,niche now while close or fashion is the,main general niche here we're still,going to need to narrow that down and,find micro niches that are selling well,inside this big vast general niche for,example you can look for things like,women's dresses winter gloves gym wear,and so forth,all of these are micro niches inside the,fashion and clothes main general niche,now the way to do that is with extensive,product research and one of the best,things about the drop shipping business,model is that you can continue testing,products over and over and over and over,and over and keep replacing the slow,movers replace them with new products,that you want to test and of course,multiply your success by adding more,products that are similar to those that,are selling for you but in the beginning,before you start making sales you can,continue testing new products and,replacing those slow movers because,you're not investing in any inventory,which is one of the best things about,the drop shipping business model it's,very easy to test the market and,continue testing more and more until you,start finding those that start selling,for you so first you want to identify a,niche by going to suppliers websites,which i will go over soon tapping into,their clothes and fashion categories and,going into

11 Best UK Dropshipping Suppliers | eBay, Shopify, Wix

hi everyone i'm neely and in today's,video we're gonna go over the top 11 uk,suppliers that you should work with in,order to kickstart your drop shipping,business the uk is dominating the,european region in online shopping in,2019 alone there was,693 billion pounds in sales pounds or,dollars that's still a lot of money with,that being said drop shipping is a smart,business venture to get started in,especially in the uk the first thing you,need to get started and probably one of,the most important factors in running a,successful online store is finding,reliable drop shipping suppliers but,just so you know the work doesn't end,after you find your suppliers there's,much more to learn so make sure you hit,that subscribe button so you can stay up,to date with the latest drop shipping,strategies,[Music],we have a lot of suppliers to cover in,this video so i'll try to give a speedy,review of the main benefits of each one,the first supplier on our list is amazon,uk,ever heard of them lots of benefits when,it comes to using amazon as a supplier,so here are just a few of the main,reasons to work with them they have uk,warehouses which means your products are,stored close by and will ship fast,making your customers very happy they're,a reliable supplier if anything is ever,wrong with a product or you just need to,return it they have a very simple and,easy return process there's millions of,products in every category for you to,potentially sell ranging from clothes,tik furniture food and the list keeps,going and to top it off they have,top-notch customer service second on our,list is aliexpress they are one of the,most commonly used drop shipping,suppliers and here's why the main reason,is because of their competitive prices,they offer lower prices than most,suppliers and they also charge a lower,tax rate which can ultimately lead to,you earning even higher profits they,also have over a hundred million,products to choose from in quick tip,when you offer a large variety of,products you can market to a broader,audience and potentially earn even more,sales now baxar benefits aliexpress is,also extremely dropshipper friendly they,even have something called the drop,shipping center which helps drop,shippers find the best products to sell,one note though unlike amazon they don't,have uk warehouses but they still ship,anywhere in the uk it just won't be as,fast as domestik shipping banggood uk is,another great supplier worth looking,into here are a few of their notable,features they have uk warehouses which,means fast shipping and hopefully then,more sales quick tip shipping times is,something buyers really consider so make,sure you offer a range of shipping,options and preferably some fast ones,the faster the shipping options the,likelier you are to get more sales next,they also have a cashback system that,means you can enjoy discounts and,cashback up to 20,and nine percent respectively when you,reach a vip level and lastly the,banggood membership is free which is,great for anyone on a tight budget,fourth on our list is wayfair uk,this supplier focuses on the home niche,and they offer almost anything a home,could need that means supplies furniture,appliances and much more so here's why,you'd want to work with them it's made,by drop shippers for drop shippers they,also focus on the home niche which is a,massive evergreen category people are,buying these kinds of products year,round and it's not just based on trends,they have fast shipping times offering,two day free shipping for orders over 49,but for orders lower than that there's,actually a five dollar shipping fee they,support paypal payments which is a,convenient payment method and lastly,they have uk warehouses costway uk is,another dropshipping friendly supplier,that offers quality products at,competitive prices here are the main,reasons to choose cosplay as a supplier,they're dropshipping friendly and they,even have drop shipping agreements for,sellers they offer free shipping on all,products and no membership is required,they have uk warehouses and their,shipping times is typically around three,to five days and lastly they give 90,days for returns and refunds another,great supplier on our list is veda xl uk,similar to wayfair they also concentrate,mostly on the home niche so here are the,main reasons why they make a great,supplier they have affordable prices and,their goal is actually to have the best,prices in the uk for quality home goods,they offer free shipping on all products,they have multiple product lines so you,can cater to many different styles and,preferences and they have 24 7 deals so,you can end up with a great deal through,the auctions on their site cj,dropshipping uk is a leading chinese,supplier from china but don't worry they,also have uk warehouses so you don't,have to compromise on shipping times and,that's just one of the many benefits,they offer they also have a large,variety of products with over 400 000,options to choose from they offer print,on demand services which means you can,list custom designed products they have,white label branding so you can,customize your brand packaging and,increase brand awareness not only that,but they also share their high quality,product videos and images so that you,can use them in your store or for,marketing purposes and lastly they have,free product sourcing so if you have a,product that you want to see on their,site you can actually send them a,request and they'll quote you a price,within 24 hours number eight on our list,is ebay uk this american multinational,company has a uk warehouse that fulfills,domestik orders and that's just one,reason to choose ebay here are a few,more they have a massive product,selection they take customer support to,the next level ebay holds its sellers to,incredibly high standards and there's,also a feedback system which can help,you find the right kind of seller for,your store and lastly plenty of ebay,sellers offer fast shipping in certain,regions go dropship is one of the uk,dropshipping suppliers that focuses,mainly on electronics and home items now,here are the most significant benefits,that make go dropship a great supplier,no minimum order drop shippers can list,as many or as few items as they want at,a time they have fast delivery options,because of their uk warehouse their,website is user friendly and there's,also high quality images available on,site lastly if you ever run into any,trouble go dropship has a sales team,that guides drop shippers through their,order processing and their shipping,number 10 on our list is aw dropship,which is a giftware niche company they,offer quirky and unique products they,also have many handcrafted products like,essential oils bath bombs and incense,burners and many of their products are,actually manufactured in the uk itself,quick tip when it comes to handcrafted,items you can potentially earn much,higher profits due to its uniqueness and,it's also great detail to mention in,your product marketing our last supplier,of the day is printify which is a print,on demand business for online shopping,platforms this uk drop shipping supplier,has great benefits like print on demand,services for many products like mugs,shirts hoodies posters and a lot more,they have 90 print providers in,different locations which makes orders,easier and faster to process and deliver,they also integrate with well-known drop,shipping platforms like etsy shopify and,bigcommerce they offer 24 7 support and,finally if you're just a beginner,dropshipper you can utilize printify,with no charge at all well there you,have it that was our list of the top 11,drop shipping suppliers and my last,quick tip to all of you is to try using,multiple suppliers from this list,instead of relying on just one supplier,which may cause problems for you down,the line thank you so much for watching,and i'll see you next time

How I Started a Clothing Brand with $0 in 7 Days

i'm gonna try to start a clothing brand,with no money in seven days i'll be,taking you through the entire process,from designing to manufacturing to,advertising and at the end of this video,i'll show exactly how much money i make,one of the first things to figure out,when starting a clothing brand or really,any kind of business is the customer who,is going to buy our clothes in such a,saturated market like clothing it's very,important to niche down and find that,specific target audience that you're,going to sell to i think i found a good,one car drifting enthusiast dream what,do you mean dream,[Applause],car enthusiasts love to share their,passion for cars they tok about them,all the time they like showing off their,cars i'm thinking menu would also wear a,clothing brand that shares the same,passion to niche down i've decided to,focus on drifting culture let's build,this brand today is day two and let me,show you what i've come up with my,clothing brand is drift club it's a,lifestyle brand that celebrates drifting,and its values aesthetik and legacy here,are a couple of designs that i made for,the clothing you can see that i'm going,with sleek and minimalistik look i think,they look pretty good so let's get into,manufacturing but how the heck do i,manufacture clothes with no money by,using print on demand print on demand is,a process where you get a company to,print custom products and clothing for,you only when the order is made no,upfront payment no need to hold,inventory if you don't even need to,handle packaging and shipping they do it,all for you under your brand the print,on demand service i'll be using is,printful on their website you can find a,whole bunch of products you can print,custom designs on and customize with,their design maker tool you can upload,photos add text and print on various,areas like the back sleeves and even the,inside label printful actually lets you,order samples and even gives you a,discount but the issue is i have no,money so i can't really order samples,tiknically i could just choose a shirt,and sell it without ever touching it but,i feel it'd be a bit disingenuous to,sell a product that i haven't personally,reviewed so,i think i have an idea,okay so i just got in contact with,printful and they said they're actually,going to sponsor this video and send me,samples for free big shout out to,printful and link is in the description,below if you want to check them out,again i could have just skipped the,samples and went straight to selling but,i want to show you guys the whole,building a clothing brand process let's,order those sounds,they've arrived,here are all of the seven samples i,ordered for this clothing brand launch i,want to start with a small collection of,just three pieces so it's focused and,doesn't overwhelm the customer with too,many choices i'm now going to review the,different blanks and designs with you,and let's see which will make the top,three i ordered two types of hoodies the,first is the cotton heritage m2580 i,love the quality and thickness of this,hoodie seriously feels premium however,i'm not a big fan of these drawstrings,they're really wide and the whole looks,pretty big the second hoodie i got is,the hanes p170 this one is a great fit,love the drawstrings and how its color,matches the hoodie it's a bit thinner,compared to the cotton heritage but it's,not too thin and still has a good feel,to it i also ordered two types of,t-shirts the first is the bella and,canvas 301 great athletik fit really,soft a bit thin though the second,t-shirt i got is the cotton heritage,mc1086 which feels amazing it's soft,thick and has a great weight to it the,only thing i dislike is the length which,for tall people shouldn't be a problem,but i'm 5'6 so it's a bit long for me,now for the designs all of these are dtg,or directed garment prints which is the,tiknique that uses a printer to print,designs onto the garment printful also,offers embroidery and all-over printing,as well the printing quality is great so,no problems there i'm just debating on,whether to go with the designs with cars,on them or designs with just the brand,logo i'm thinking since it's the first,collection let's keep it clean and,simple with just the logo maybe later on,i can bring in more images and visuals,and so we've got our top three onto,taking some product photos it's day four,today we're making our website to make,my website i'll be using wix and their,14 day free trial i'm making sure mine,aligns with drift club's identity in,terms of the color palette imagery font,and copy i actually made a whole,in-depth tutorial on how i set up my,online store using wix if you're,interested check it out in the,description below i'm now adding my,products to my wix site what's great,with printful is that is integrated with,a lot of ecommerce platforms like wix,shopify and squarespace and that makes,it easy to add products to my store and,manage orders and building for the,clothes i'll be using photos i shot,during my photo shoot as well as the,mock-up photos generated by printful,which seriously look great and very,professional let's tok pricing and,numbers i'm gonna be pricing the hoodies,at 49.99 it costs 27.90 to print which,means i would make 22.9 profit per sale,and have a 44 profit margin for the,t-shirt i'm going to be pricing it at,29.99 it costs 20.90 to print which,means i would make 9.9 profit per sale,and have a 30 profit margin i will say,the t-shirt blank i'm using is a bit,more on the expensive side but i think,the quality is just too good not to use,i'm willing to earn less on t-shirts to,ensure customer satisfaction on top of,manufacturing costs they're also,shipping fees and taxes though the,customer typically pays for it i'm,personally going to give free shipping,to orders over 35 to the us uk or canada,to hopefully incentivize more purchases,other than that all labor storage and,packaging costs are taken care of by,printful it's day five everything is,ready to go now what's the plan for,advertising because i have zero dollars,for ads and only seven days to launch,this clothing brand i'm gonna use all of,my resources and leverage the following,that i have on tiktok to sell these,clothes i get this all the time everyone,says that i'm dk from tokyo drift and,that's because,i am drift king,on tiktok i am not the jetson on,youtube i am drift king where i react to,drifting videos and fool the internet,into thinking i'm in fast and furious,tokyo drift can this baby lens jump with,the pot walking machine gonna wash the,end to find out baby,okay one thing i do not like about this,guy is that he calls himself the drift,king,and he reacts to people drifting,now a big portion of my audience kind of,disliked me i'm afraid i have a slight,disconnect with my audience that won't,translate well into clothing sales but,there's only one way to find out let's,film some tiktoks drifting style baby,oh my plan is to upload tiktoks over,the last few days in this challenge,hopefully we can make a few sales by,tomorrow does driftking have merch,i do now,oh,drift club merch is out right now we got,t-shirts we got hoodies it's day six and,i haven't checked my tiktok or sales,all day let's see how many views my tik,tok videos have gone,oh we hit a couple tens of thousands of,views that's pretty good it's around,what i usually get on tiktok which is,great however the views aren't the most,important number here the most important,number are the number of clothes i've,sold and i've sold,zero,yeah,this is the right number it's okay gotta,stay patient i still have tomorrow,though uh,not gonna lie i'm feeling a bit nervous,on the top of my head i can think of two,things where i could have improved on or,done differently the first is that i,could have made better tiktoks the ones,i made are getting views but i probably,could have mentioned the brand valleys,more or features the clothes better the,second thing and i think that's probably,the main culprit is that i sh