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dropshipping ulemper

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Top 5 Winning Products To Sell In November (Shopify Dropshipping 2022)

in this video, I'll be sharing with you the top 5 winning Shopify Drop Shipping products to sell in November 2022. these products are guaranteed to sell like hotcakes, so if you're looking to make some quick and easy profits, then this video is for you. our next product is the crystal table lamp project. a beautiful pattern with the crystal table lamp made from acrylic material. it is designed with lines and creases to create a projection of designs on the walls. it has 16 color variations, four lighting modes and seven levels of brightness. and finally, the Facebook ad has received more than 54 likes, one common and one share. now the selling price for the crystal table lamp is just under 27.99, whereas the product cost is only 12.89. so you are looking at a good profit margin of fifteen dollars and one cent before jumping into the next product. if you are looking for the best Shopify templates that can help you get more sales, then search for magetemplatescom. this store provides you with the best templates at a cheap price, so you don't have to pay 350 or more for a template. furthermore, they are now offering a significant discount on their premium templates, saving you up to 280 dollars. this can definitely help you on your Shopify Drop Shipping Journey. I've included a link to the website in the video description so you can get started right away. our next product is the self-cleaning hair brush. I can perfectly and safely massage and stimulate your scalp: remove dead skin cells, relieve stress and relaxed muscles, increase blood circulation, relieve hair loss, promote scalp health and hair growth. dot air cushion design allows you to enjoy the fun of calming your hair. one click to push out the remaining hair on the comb, which can bring a new experience of calming your hair. say goodbye to all troubles. clean and simple and fast, save your time. and finally, the Facebook ad has received more than 253 likes, nine comments and 63 shares. now the selling price for the self-cleaning hair brush is just under 19.99, whereas the product cost is only 2.99, so you're looking at a good profit margin of 17.99. our next product is the shock roulette party game. Let There Be screams, laughs and jumps at game nights with the shock roulette party game. this game is perfect for those fun occasions when friends are getting together and needs some entertainment. the thrill starts when all the friends insert their fingers into a bucket and the light indicator starts moving. the game can have two to six players. the game player put a finger into the small light, Raymond rotation, when the voice sobbing stops, when the indicator light which refers to the game player loser fingers will be shocked. the shock isn't very intense, but it is enough to make you jump a little. it's more than nervous antikipation that makes this so much fun. and finally, the Facebook ad has received more than 11 000 likes, 6 100 comments and a thousand eight hundred shares. now the selling price for a shock roulette party game is just under 26.95, whereas the product cost is only ten dollars and fifty three cents. so you were looking at a good profit margin of 16.42 cents. our next product is the cat butt coasters. add some sunshine to someone's day with these Special cat butt coasters. any crazy cat lover will appreciate these. the catbutt coaster is purely hand woven and the workmanship is very delicate and delicate, soft and non-slip. these coasters are made of organic rope which is insulated, absorbent and durable. besides, this coaster is more absorbent and firmly insulating, which protects your furniture, table top and countertop better, and silicone or ceramic beverage coasters hand washes with warm water. these cats don't mind getting wet at all. for those who like cats, this is a unique gift. and finally, the Facebook ad has received more than 1 100 likes, one thousand one hundred comments and 704 shares. now the selling price for the cat butt coasters is just under 19.95, whereas the product cost is only 3.96. so you are looking at a good profit margin of 14 and 31 cents. our next product is the Evil Dead summons book sucks. dozens of novels are in the same line, creating a mysterious and treacherous overhead world. with our Evil Dead summons book, it adopts special leather material which is different from ordinary leather material. this material can make the cover of the book more three-dimensional, Vivid and terrifying, and the inside of the book is made of old papers that are retro and thick, can be read for a long time and feel its great charm. when you open this Necronomicon, a different world that is about the old ruler, the evil God, the resurrected, the hybrid mermaid, the alien creature, the soul exchange, comes to you. you can fully feel the author's Whimsy about horror events. the Exquisite appearance design is very suitable as a home and office decoration. and finally, the Facebook ad has received more than 2 700 likes, 511 comments and 405 shares. now the selling price for the Evil Dead summons book is just under 37.95, whereas the product cost is only 12 dollars and five cents, so you're looking at a good profit margin of 22.85. still not satisfied, then watch this video just created for you. [Music].


ما هو دروبشيبينغ؟? تعريف دروبشيبينغ? Dropshipping هو طريقة للوفاء بالتجزئة حيث لا يحتفظ المتجر بالمنتجات التي يبيعها في المخزون. بدلاً من ذلك ، عندما يبيع المتجر منتجًا باستخدام نموذج دروبشيبينغ, ، فإنه يشتري العنصر من طرف ثالث ويقوم بشحنه مباشرةً إلى العميل. ونتيجة لذلك، لم يقم البائع للتعامل مع المنتج مباشرة. الفرق الأكبر بين دروبشيبينغ ونموذج البيع بالتجزئة القياسي هو أن التاجر البائع لا يخزن أو يمتلك مخزونًا. بدلاً من ذلك, ، يشتري البائع المخزون حسب الحاجة من طرف ثالث - عادةً تاجر, جملة أو مصنع - لتلبية الطلبات. كيف يعمل دروبشيبينغ على Shopify؟? اثنان من أكثر الطرق شيوعًا لدروبشيبينغ على Shopify هما البحث عن مورد موجود في أمريكا الشمالية ، أو في أي مكان آخر في العالم ، باستخدام قواعد بيانات الموردين, أو للبحث عن تطبيق Shopify, الذي يربطك ومتجرك بآلاف الموردين. بالنسبة لهذا الأخير, ، نوصي بـ Oberlo, ، وهو سوق تم تطويره بواسطة Shopify. يساعد أصحاب الأعمال المستقلين في العثور على منتجات لبيعها. باستخدام Oberlo, ، يمكنك تصفح AliExpress واستيراد المنتجات التي تثير اهتمامك مباشرةً إلى Oberlo - المرتبط بمتجرك Shopify - بنقرة زر واحدة. بمجرد أن يشتري العميل منتجًا, ، ستتمكن من تلبية طلبه في تطبيق Oberlo. لحسن الحظ, ، يقوم Oberlo بأتمتة هذه العملية بصفتك مالك المتجر. ، كل ما عليك فعله هو التحقق من صحة التفاصيل والنقر فوق الزر "طلب", ثم يتم إرسال المنتج مباشرة من مورد دروبشيبينغ AliExpress إلى العملاء - أينما كانوا في العالم. فوائد دروبشيبينغ- Dropshipping هي نموذج عمل رائع لرواد الأعمال الطموحين للبدء به, لأنه يمكن الوصول إليه. باستخدام دروبشيبينغ ، يمكنك اختبار الأفكار التجارية المختلفة بسرعة, مع وجود جانب سلبي محدود ، مما يتيح لك معرفة الكثير حول كيفية اختيار المنتجات المطلوبة وتسويقها. فيما يلي بعض الأسباب الأخرى التي تجعل دروبشيبينغ نموذجًا شائعًا: 1. مطلوب رأس مال أقل. ربما تكون الميزة الأكبر لدروبشيبينغ هي أنه من الممكن إطلاق متجر للتجارة الإلكترونية دون الحاجة إلى استثمار آلاف الدولارات في المخزون مقدمًا. تقليديا, ، كان على تجار التجزئة ربط كميات ضخمة من مخزون شراء رأس المال. مع نموذج دروبشيبينغ, ، لا يتعين عليك شراء منتج ما لم تكن قد أجريت عملية البيع بالفعل ودفع العميل من قبل. بدون استثمارات مخزون كبيرة مقدمًا, ، من الممكن البدء في تحديد مصادر المنتجات وإطلاق مشروع دروبشيبينغ ناجح بأموال قليلة جدًا. ولأنك لست ملتزمًا بالبيع من خلال أي مخزون تم شراؤه مقدمًا ، كما هو الحال في تجارة التجزئة التقليدية ، فهناك مخاطر أقل في بدء متجر دروبشيبينغ. 2. من السهل أن تبدأ. إدارة الأعمال التجارية الإلكترونية أسهل بكثير عندما لا تضطر إلى التعامل مع المنتجات المادية. مع دروبشيبينغ, ، لا داعي للقلق بشأن إدارة أو دفع ثمن المستودع, تعبئة وشحن طلباتك, تتبع المخزون لأسباب محاسبية, معالجة المرتجعات والشحنات الواردة, طلب المنتجات باستمرار وإدارة مستوى المخزون. 3. انخفاض النفقات العامة, لأنك لا تملك للتعامل مع شراء المخزون أو إدارة المستودع, ، فإن نفقاتك العامة منخفضة للغاية. في الواقع, ، يتم تشغيل العديد من متاجر دروبشيبينغ الناجحة كشركات منزلية ، وتتطلب أكثر قليلاً من جهاز كمبيوتر محمول وبعض النفقات المتكررة للعمل. مع نموك ، من المرجح أن تزداد هذه التكاليف, ولكنها ستظل منخفضة مقارنةً بتكاليف الأعمال التقليدية القائمة على الطوب وقذائف الهاون. 4. موقع مرن. يمكن إدارة أعمال دروبشيبينغ من أي مكان به اتصال بالإنترنت. طالما يمكنك التواصل مع الموردين والعملاء بسهولة, ، يمكنك تشغيل وإدارة عملك. 5. مجموعة واسعة من المنتجات للبيع. نظرًا لأنك لست مضطرًا إلى الشراء المسبق للعناصر التي تبيعها, ، يمكنك تقديم مجموعة من المنتجات الشائعة لعملائك المحتملين. إذا قام الموردون بتخزين عنصر ما, ، فيمكنك عرضه للبيع في متجرك عبر الإنترنت دون أي تكلفة إضافية. 6. أسهل في اختبار. Dropshipping هي طريقة مفيدة للوفاء لكل من إطلاق متجر جديد, ولأصحاب الأعمال الذين يتطلعون إلى اختبار شهية العملاء لفئات المنتجات الإضافية ، على سبيل المثال ، الملحقات أو خطوط المنتجات الجديدة. كليًا, والميزة الرئيسية للدروبشيبينغ هو، مرة أخرى، والقدرة على قائمة, وربما تبيع, المنتجات قبل الالتزام بشراء كمية كبيرة من المخزون. 7. أسهل في التوسع. مع تجارة التجزئة التقليدية ، إذا تلقيت ثلاثة أضعاف عدد الطلبات ، فعادة ما تحتاج إلى القيام بعمل أكبر بثلاثة أضعاف. من خلال الاستفادة من موردي دروبشيبينغ ، سيتحمل الموردون معظم العمل لمعالجة الطلبات الإضافية ، مما يسمح لك بالتوسع مع القليل من الآلام المتزايدة. والعمل الإضافي الأقل سيؤدي نمو المبيعات دائمًا إلى عمل إضافي - لا سيما فيما يتعلق بدعم العملاء - ولكن الشركات التي تستخدم مقياس دروبشيبينغ بشكل جيد, بشكل خاص بالنسبة لأعمال التجارة الإلكترونية التقليدية, مساوئ دروبشيبينغ. جميع المزايا التي ذكرناها تجعل دروبشيبينغ نموذجًا جذابًا للغاية لأي شخص يبدأ في متجر عبر الإنترنت ، أو لأولئك الذين يتطلعون إلى توسيع عروض منتجاتهم الحالية. ولكن مثل كل الأساليب ، فإن لدروبشيبينغ سلبياته أيضًا. بشكل عام ، الراحة والمرونة لها ثمن. فيما يلي بعض أوجه القصور التي يجب مراعاتها: 1. هوامش منخفضة. هوامش منخفضة هي أكبر عيب للعمل في مكانة دروبشيبينغ ذات قدرة تنافسية عالية. نظرًا لأنه من السهل جدًا البدء ، والتكاليف العامة ضئيلة للغاية ، فإن العديد من المتاجر المتنافسة ستنشئ متجرًا وتبيع العناصر بأسعار منخفضة للغاية في محاولة لزيادة الإيرادات. نظرًا لأنهم استثمروا القليل جدًا في بدء العمل, ، يمكنهم تحمل تكاليف العمل بهوامش ضئيلة. إذا بدأت دروبشيبينغ على أمازون جنبًا إلى جنب مع متجر Shopify الخاص بك, ، فسيكون هامشك على قناة المبيعات هذه أرق بكثير. عادةً ما يكون لدى هؤلاء البائعين مواقع ويب منخفضة الجودة وخدمة عملاء سيئة (إن وجدت) ، والتي يمكنك استخدامها لتمييز عملك, لكن هذا لن يمنع العملاء من مقارنة أسعارهم بأسعارك. هذه الزيادة في المنافسة الشرسة ستضر بسرعة بهوامش الربح المحتملة في مكانة معينة. لحسن الحظ, ، يمكنك فعل الكثير للتخفيف من هذه المشكلة عن طريق اختيار مكان / عمودي مناسب تمامًا لدروبشيبينغ. سنناقش كيفية القيام بذلك بالضبط في الفصل الرابع. 2. مشكلات المخزون. إذا قمت بتخزين جميع المنتجات الخاصة بك, ، فمن السهل نسبيًا تتبع العناصر الموجودة في المخزون ونفادها. ولكن عندما تقوم بالتوريد من مستودعات متعددة ، والتي تلبي أيضًا طلبات التجار الآخرين ، يمكن أن يتغير المخزون على أساس يومي. لحسن الحظ ، هناك عدد قليل من التطبيقات التي تتيح لك المزامنة مع الموردين هذه الأيام. لذلك يمكن للمتسربين "تمرير" الطلبات إلى المورد بنقرة أو اثنتين ، ويجب أن يكونوا قادرين على رؤية حجم المخزون الذي يمتلكه المورد في الوقت الفعلي. يتيح Oberlo أيضًا للتجار اتخاذ إجراءات آلية عندما يصل مخزون المورد إلى الصفر. على سبيل المثال ، عندما لم يعد المنتج متاحًا, ، يمكنك إلغاء نشر المنتج تلقائيًا ، أو الاحتفاظ به منشورًا مع ضبط الكمية تلقائيًا على صفر. 3. تعقيدات الشحن. إذا كنت تعمل مع موردين متعددين - كما يفعل معظم دروبشيبر - فسيتم الحصول على المنتجات الموجودة في متجرك عبر الإنترنت من خلال عدد من شركات دروبشيبر المختلفة. هذا يعقد تكاليف الشحن الخاصة بك. لنفترض أن أحد العملاء قد قدم طلبًا لثلاثة عناصر ، وكلها متاحة فقط من موردين منفصلين. ستتحمل ثلاث رسوم شحن منفصلة لإرسال كل عنصر إلى العميل ، ولكن ربما لا يكون من الحكمة تمرير هذه الرسوم إلى العميل. وحتى عندما يكون من المنطقي تضمين هذه الرسوم ، فقد يكون من الصعب أتمتة هذه الحسابات. 4. أخطاء المورّد: هل تم إلقاء اللوم عليك من قبل لشيء? لم يكن خطأك ، لكن كان عليك تحمل المسؤولية عن الخطأ على أي حال؟ حتى أفضل موردي دروبشيبينغ يرتكبون أخطاء أثناء تلبية الطلبات - وهي أخطاء يتعين عليك تحمل مسؤوليتها والاعتذار عنها. وسيؤدي الموردون المتوسطون وذو الجودة المنخفضة إلى إحباط لا نهاية له من العناصر المفقودة ، والشحنات الفاشلة ، والتعبئة منخفضة الجودة ، مما قد يضر بسمعة عملك. 5. التخصيص المحدود والعلامة التجارية. على عكس المنتجات المصنوعة حسب الطلب أو الطباعة حسب الطلب, ، لا يمنحك دروبشيبينغ الكثير من التحكم في المنتج نفسه. عادة ، يتم تصميم المنتج الذي يتم شحنه عبر Dropshipping ووضع علامة تجارية عليه من قبل المورد. يمكن لبعض موردي دروبشيبينغ علي بابا استيعاب تغييرات منتج عملك ، ولكن حتى ذلك الحين ، فإن المورد لديه أكبر قدر من السيطرة على المنتج نفسه. عادةً ما تتطلب أي تغييرات أو إضافات للمنتج نفسه. حدًا أدنى لكمية الطلب لجعله قابلاً للتطبيق وبأسعار معقولة للشركة المصنعة. الأسئلة الشائعة حول دروبشيبينغ. خلال بقية هذا الكتاب ، سنغطي جميع الخطوات اللازمة لبدء عمل دروبشيبينغ المربح. ولكن قبل المتابعة ، يجدر الإجابة على بعض الأسئلة الشائعة التي نتلقاها حول ماهية دروبشيبينغ. وكيف يعمل? كم أحتاج للاستثمار لبدء دروبشيبينغ؟? على الرغم من صعوبة التنبؤ بالتكاليف الدقيقة لأي عمل تجاري فردي, ، إلا أن هناك بعض العناصر التي ستحتاج كل شركة دروبشيبينغ إلى إنفاق الأموال عليها. من أجل البدء, فيما يلي ملخص سريع للتكاليف الأساسية. التكلفة المقدرة لمتجر عبر الإنترنت: 29 دولارًا أمريكيًا شهريًا. ستحتاج إلى العثور على منصة للتجارة الإلكترونية أو منشئ مواقع الويب من أجل إنشاء وا.

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How to Start Dropshipping in Denmark - THE RIGHT WAY!

[Music]. many people dream of a profitable business that serves customers all over the world. if you are one of them, this information is exactly what you need. drop shipping is the business that provides equal opportunities to everyone. it doesn't matter whether you are an islander or a resident of a busy metropolis. if you want to secure a better future for yourself and your family, you can easily set up an online business that will bring you money at any point of the globe. you don't need to manufacture products or to buy them from someone in advance and stok them, paying all related expenses. all you need is stable internet access and an online store. starting here, your business journey begins. let's see how drop shipping business model works in simple 6 steps. step 1: find an online supplier who has the products you want to sell. step 2: show the suppliers products with marked up prices on your website and advertise them. step 3: receive direct payment from the customers who buy from your website. step 4: redirect the orders to your suppliers and pay them their original price. keep the profits to yourself. step 5: do nothing. the supplier will ship the order directly to your clients. step 6: repeat: find more products and suppliers, if you like, and enjoy greater earnings. as a denmark national, you have all that it takes to start this business smoothly and quickly. easy internet access and growing smartphone usage let you stay in touch with your suppliers and customers 24: 7 and guarantee a brilliant business performance. globally trusted payment gateways such as paypal, 2 checkout and mondido are available in denmark, which is why you can safely receive and manage your well-earned profits. highly developed e-commerce environment lets you learn more about the prospective customers shopping preferences and tailor your offers to various customer segments. so there is nothing that would stop you from launching a money-making business that breaks geographic boundaries and lets you run your venture on a global scale. how would you like the idea of selling products to customers widely spread across the world and staying in the comfort of your own home? [Music]. if you're residing in denmark, you have lots of benefits to dropship to your country. denmark is considered to be one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world, with a high standard of living. the country ranks highly in such metrics as education, health care, prosperity and human development. it is also considered to have the world's highest social mobility, a high level of income equality and one of the world's highest per capita incomes. however, why limit yourself with a narrow customer segment if you can easily contact any client from any point on the globe? drop shipping business model lets you deal with buyers across the world, whether it be a student from japan or a housewife from the usa or citizen of any other developed country. there, the infrastructure is perfectly optimized for e-commerce, so you can enjoy both easy business management and a healthy profit level your online store with alidropship and become a 100 owner of a profitable business. ally dropship is the world's number one drop shipping business platform that provides you the wordpress plugin and customized store creation service at very affordable price. create your own drop shipping store with the most powerful plugin for wordpress, or let the alidropship team create a store for you. alidropship's unique solutions are creating a wave of buzz with drop shippers just like you. whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned expert with a multi-million dollar turnover, alidropship has the exact solution you're looking for. when you invest in alidropship plugin, you can easily build your own professional aliexpress drop shipping store. the plugin offers all the features you'll need to build your own highly profitable business. the best thing about ally dropship is, unlike other drop shipping platform. alidropship lets you enjoy the 100 ownership. whether you build it yourself or have alidropship build it for you, you will have full ownership of your drop shipping empire. you keep all the profits and have complete control over your store. an alley dropship doesn't limit you on the number of products you can have or the monthly sales you can get. even if you have tens of thousands of products and millions of orders, you pay no extra fees. an alidropship has a wide range of high quality services to help you succeed through every phase of growth. ally dropship offers free personal support for every solution you order, so you'll always have them as your secret weapon. are you ready to start your drop shipping business today? the link is in the description below. go to the description, click the link and start your drop shipping journey today.

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Shipping Settings for Retail Products | Class 12 | Shopify Dropshipping Full Course

in this video i want to tok quickly about setting up your shipping settings. so, again, to get to settings, you can click the bottom left where it says settings- right here it should bring you to this page and then you're going to click shipping, which is here on the left side, because we are drop shipping. then we are not fulfilling any physical products ourselves, right? because remember, with the drop shipping model, we're going to go to aliexpress. when someone buys a product- let's say john comes to our shopify store, he buys a t-shirt from our shopify store- we will then go over to aliexpresscom. we will find that shirt, we will purchase that shirt and when we input the, the shipping information, instead of putting our shipping information, we're going to put the customer shipping information so that aliexpress, when they f, when they fulfill that order, they're going to ship that t-shirt from china or alexpresscom to directly to the customer. so we never touch the product. so obviously that means we don't need to really calculate any shipping. we're not going to deal with any shipping and my recommendation is that you do what i do. i do free shipping, store wide. that just makes it easier for the customer. it's also a way to kind of promote your brand, promote your store, get people excited about buying because they don't have to pay for any shipping. so the only thing we're going to care about on this page is the very first part, the shipping right, local delivery. obviously we're not doing anything local because we're not fulfilling, we're not doing any local pickup. we're not doing anything about packaging because we're not packaging or fulfilling anything and shopify shipping. we're not working directly with any of these companies: usps, ups, these are all the shipping companies here in the united states. again, we're not doing anything with shipping. we don't have any packing, packaging. uh, we don't have anything. all right. so the only thing we care about is this section right here. so we're gonna go over here, click manage rates and when you come in here, by default you might have something that looks like this: at least if you're in the us, right, um, you might have a shipping first off. you're gonna have your address right, and then you're gonna have shipping to. you're gonna have domestik because i'm in the us- domestik means everyone that lives in the united states or all the shipping that deals with the united states- and then have a separate shipping for the rest of the world, meaning everyone outside of the united states and you'll, by default, you might already have some shipping methods because, again, shopify is gonna assume that you're gonna be shipping your own products. so they're gonna. you know, they're gonna do certain calculations based off weight, but again, we're doing drop shipping, so we don't care about any of these things. so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna delete all these things. right, this, delete this, delete this. you could delete this as well. so delete everything. all right, we're going to start fresh. so now we have a shipping rate for the united states and the shipping rate for the rest of the united states. so i'm going to go click add rate and, because i'm doing free shipping, um, i'm gonna do set up my own rates, right, because we're not dealing with any actual carriers or shipping companies. and then we're gonna click custom rate and then i'm gonna call. i'm gonna click add condition as well. so i'm gonna call this. you know, i like to call my shipping. whatever you title this the customer is gonna see when they check out, uh, from your store. so i'm gonna do something that sounds like it's um kind of reliable. so i'm gonna do insured shipping and i'm gonna write three to four weeks, because it's gonna take three to four weeks for the product to go from china all the way to the united states. again, the more you can be transparent with how long it takes, the less issues you're gonna run with run into, the less questions you're gonna get from your customers, the less angry customers you're gonna get. right, let them know. it's gonna take three to four weeks. that's okay, uh, and i'm gonna do based on weight. i'm gonna do zero to zero pounds, so whenever a product weighs zero pounds, they're gonna get free shipping for zero dollars. okay, the reason i write zero pounds here is because in the future, i'm gonna teach you a strategy called the free plus shipping strategy, where we're gonna sell products with a shipping cost- it's not going to be free- and we're going to make money off of the shipping costs and we're going to sell the product for free. for those products, we're going to add a weight to it, maybe one pound, and then we're going to that one pound is going to trigger a different shipping rate. okay, hopefully that makes sense, but for now, don't worry about that. this is the shipping rates here are basically for all of our retail products and again, if you remember, i said that retail products are basically the products that you always have in your store, the products that customers see when they visit your store. basically, 99 of your products are considered your retail products, right? so your retail products? and when you import a product from aliexpresscom, you're going to be able to add a weight to it, whether it be zero pounds or one pound or a hundred pounds. so when you add retail products, we're just gonna make those products zero pounds so that they qualify for this shipping rate, which is zero dollars, meaning free shipping. uh, so i'm gonna write insured free shipping. i forgot to mention free. or you you might even want to write free insured shipping, whatever you want to write, but free is kind of exciting. so that that's the first word people see and they get more excited about it. i'm done. so i'm pretty much done for shipping rates for my retail products in the us. so, basically, any product, retail product i sell that zero pounds will be, uh, take will will qualify for free shipping, a price of free, and generally it'll take about three to four weeks to ship from aliexpress or china to the customer. now for the rest of the world. so if you, if you're curious of what the rest of the world mean it really means rest of the world. you click these three buttons here it means, and you click edit zone, it means that this shipping rate applies to every single one of these countries outside the united states. okay, so let's add a rate. so here i'm gonna write. i'm gonna do the same thing: set your own rate. i'm gonna click custom rate. i'm gonna write: free, uh, international shipping, am i right? zero dollars, which it already is, and the conditions are zero weight, okay, so if someone outside the united states buys one of my products and i have to ship it to them, it's gonna cost them zero dollars as well. so, however, i want you to keep in mind that when you, when- because aliexpresscom is our drop shipping vendor, they do ship pretty much worldwide, but you know, some countries, is it? it takes a little bit more effort to get there, uh, to ship products to that country. so if i were you, you know, when you do your marketing and you're running your facebook ads to market your, your, your online store, try to run those ads in countries that are major countries, right? canada, europe, uk, um, australia, um, china, united states, other countries, depending on where they're at, they might have some weird address formats like they might have. instead of a city they might be in a province. so when aliexpress, when, when you fulfill those through aliexpresscom, aliexpress might not recognize that city or that country or that province if it's in the middle of nowhere. so again, if you're marketing, try to focus on the major countries, um, you know the ones that i just mentioned earlier, so you don't run into any shipping issues. for me, i pretty much exclusively market in the united states. that's not to say that i don't get customers from other countries, um, through my social media channel channels and things like that for my store. but for the most part if i run an ad, i always market to the unit

How To Start Dropshipping in 2022 (For Beginners)

drop shipping has become more and more popular over the last couple of years and for a beginner, it can be quite hard to see where you should be starting with all the information out there. that's exactly why i'm making this video right here. i want to show you exactly, from a to z, step by step, on how you can get started with drop shipping in the most effective way possible in 2022, even if you are a complete beginner and know nothing about drop shipping. now i'm going to leave out all of the unnecessary stuff you don't need in order to get started, and i'm going to make this as straightforward, step by step, to follow as possible. with that being said, let's dive right in, and if you enjoyed this video right here, make sure to leave a like and subscribe to this channel to never miss another video now. first of all, this video right here is going to be split into three major parts. the first one is going to be where to find winning products. i'm going to show you exactly how i search for my winning products and i'm going to show you the exact process so you can use it as well to find good products that are already selling with relative ease. in step number two, i'm going to show you where you should be selling those products on, because my favorite is no longer shopify 22, because they are more effective ways out there to sell your products on, in my honest opinion. and in step number three, i'm going to show you how you can advertise those products completely for free. you don't longer need to spend thousands of dollars in ads to make a bunch of sales. i'm going to show you exactly how you can be advertising your products with zero dollars in ad spend. with that being said, make sure to stik until the end of the video so you don't miss a single step on how you can start and grow your own widely profitable dropshipping business in 2022.. one more thing: before we dive into the video, i'm going to give away one free consultation call for this video right here, where we go together over your drop shipping business and i'm going to tell you exactly what you should be doing in order to get into the next level. it will be a full hour, so make sure you don't miss this. in order to partikipate, all you have to do is like this video, subscribe to this channel and also comment down below what your biggest struggles with drop shipping are right now, and also i'm going to try to answer to every single comment. with that being said, let's dive right into the video now. let's start with number one, and what we're going to do right here is we're going to get our phones out and we are going to open up the tiktok app. now, the first thing we want to do on the tiktok app- and, yes, this is a very cute dog video right here- is we want to hit at the top right, the search bar, and we want to type in: tik tok made me buy it. this is the hashtag, or like simply a term a lot of people on tiktok are using in order to showcase which product tiktok has made them buy. now, once you have done that, you want to go to the filter at the top right, right here, and you want to change the times of the day post, because if you're going by all time, it means the product has been around for a pretty long time and it might be saturated. so what i like to do is i go for this month or this week and play around with that, and then i want to sort by by the most liked, and this is going to give you the most liked videos of the last month or the last week under the hashtag tik tok made me buy it. now, before we go deeper into tiktok, i'm going to show exactly which criteria i'm looking out for when choosing those products. now let's take a look at the product criteria, and the first criteria i'm looking out for is a wow factor or a new opportunity. like i really have my problems with the wow factor, because personally, i think it's something different for everybody, but in the most simple terms, it's something that makes people stop scrolling and take a look at your product, and usually that's going to be a new opportunity, simply a new way to solve an old problem. for example, years back there has been a dog shedding glove where you have been able to shed your dog. yes, they have been brushes, but this dog shedding glove is the perfect example of new opportunity, because now you have been able to pet your dog at the same time you have been shedding him, and this is a perfect example of solving an old problem in a new way. this is the first and most criteria i'm looking out for in my product. next up is: people are currently buying the product right now and it's trending right now, and the reason for that is simple. you don't want to be the guy that's selling a product that has been trending last year. this wouldn't be very effective. you want a product that's trending right now. by following what i have shown you on tik tok, by setting the filters to last month or last week, you are going to see which products are trending right now. so you have solved that problem. next up is: you want to be able to free x your profit margins. now what does that mean? you want to add a free x markup to the price you're getting a product for from your supplier. now, for example, if you're getting the product for two dollars, you won't be able to sell it for at least six dollars without being way more expensive than your competition. if that's confusing right now, don't worry. later on i'm going to show you an example in this video. so make sure to stik around till the end. and the last thing you want to be looking out for is easy to create content with, and the reason why we want to do that is because, to get those initial sales, we're going to create some content with tiktok. don't worry, it's going to be very easy and very simple videos. but when selecting the product. you want to select some products that are very easy to create content with. with that being said, let's go back to the tiktok app and let me show you how you can be looking out for those products. so we're back at tiktok on my phone right here, and, first of all, again, make sure that you have the right filters because, as i said, you don't want to be the guy that has the wrong filters on and sell. the product has been completely over saturated, so you want to make sure that you have filtered by this month or this week. i kind of like to play around with that to see the different products, and then you want to see that you have sorted by most like this is also a huge one. then you go back and take a look at the products, and the first one right here is this, this boat, which is like some nice decoration artikle. probably i wouldn't sell it, but because it's going so viral, let's take a look at the account. like it's going very, very viral, so it might be worth a try for you, but personally i wouldn't put it on my list. next up is this mini umbrella for your phone, so you get a clear sight on your phone while you are at the beach. this one looks kind of funny. it has some kind of wow factor. it solves an urgent problem. as you can see, it's trending right now and for summer this would be a great product. so this would definitely make it on my list. let's keep scrolling, and this is what we. what you will be doing is you are going to scroll through tiktok and take a look at all of the videos right here to find products that are like. following the criteria i have just given to you. i would recommend you to go for at least five to ten products when you're first searching, put them down down on the list and once you have a product that like, once you have those five stem products, you want to pick one product out of those you have the most confidence- and it will sell- and start following the steps i'm going to show you. now. once you've decided for that one product and for the purpose of this video, i'm going to go with the mini umbrella right here. what we're going to do next is we're going to search out for supplier. now that we have the product, let's find a good supplier for the product and for the purpose of this video. i'm going to show it to you on aliexpress and how you can find a supplier on t.

Er dropshipping dødt? - Bør man dropshippe i 2020?

Hej, Mit navn. det er Kristian. Jeg kommer fra Vendino. I dag vil jeg snakke om dropshipping og om det er dødt eller stadig fungerer, Om man kan tjene penge på det her i 2020.. Ser man på dropshipping, Så er dropshipping jo et koncept hvor du har en leverandør som leverer nogen varer til din slutkunde. Altså du kan sælge varer i en netbutik uden egentlig at have et varelager, Og det har super mange fordele, fordi det gør at du kan komme i gang med at sælge online I en webshop med ganske få omkostninger. Derfor er dropshipping super smart og effektivt. Det smarte ved dropshipping, det er at du som nystartet netbutik Kan komme i gang med at sælge varer uden at skulle investere i et varelager. På den måde binder du ikke dine penge i et varelager Og kan dermed bruge dine resurser Og dine penge på at investere i online markedsføring, For eksempel, Eller andre tiltag der kunne vækste dit salg På et senere tidspunkt. i takt med at du opbygger din forretning Og ser hvilke varer der sælger, Så vil du jo selvfølgelig også have mere indsigt i Det. kan være at det er vare A og vare B der sælger, Men måske ikke vare C, For det har du fundet ud af i og med at du har solgt varen som dropshipping. Så når du en dag har kapital klar Og har prognoser for dit salg, Så giver dropshipping super god mening, Fordi så ved du at A og B bestiller jeg et parti af, Og så undlader jeg at bestille et parti af C varer. På den måde undgår du altså at brænde nallerne Første gang du kommer i gang med en netbutik, Som jeg desværre har læst på online-foraer Og også selv oplevet- At man kan komme til at bestille et stort parti Af noget, som man egentlig ikke ved om man Kommer til at afsætte, Men måske bare har en forhåbning om at man kommer til at afsætte. Så hvad med dropshipping i 2020?? Er det stadig en ting? Er det dødt? Er det bare noget opreklameret fis? Hvis man skal se på nogle af de få ulemper der kunne være ved dropshipping, Så er det jo helt sikkert at Du tjener ikke ligeså meget som hvis du forhandler en god pris på et større parti. Det siger sig selv, Fordi hvis du bestiller et større parti, Så bestiller du flere enheder ad gangen. Dermed har du også en bedre forhandlingsevne over for en eventuel leverandør. Så det er jo ligesom en af de ulemper Man oplever med dropshipping. Men kontra alle de her fordele, Så synes jeg at det er oplagt for en nybegynder og en der ikke har prøvet, måske, at drive en netbutik før. Så jeg synes i 2020 stadig at dropshipping er IN. men der er mange der synes at dropshipping er forkert. Jeg altså. ser man på hvor mange af de andre store spillere der er på markedet- Jamen, whiteawaycom, De kører dropshipping. vvsekspertendk, de kører også dropshipping. Så at dropshipping skulel være dødt i 2020, Det vil jeg ikke ligefrem mene. Selvfølgelig er det udfordrende At få en forretning til at hænge sammen. Hvis du kun tjener 5 eller 10 % Af din omsætning, Fordi så skal du virkelig være god til at skaffe organisk trafik, for hvis du kører med annoncering, så er det hurtigt spist. hvis du kun kører med 5-10 % i dækningsgrad, Det du virkelig ikke må gøre. Og please, please, PLEASE, DONT DO THIS. Der er mange der falder i den her fælde Og ser alle de her YouTube videoer om alle disse opreklamerede guruer som siger: Tjen 10,, 20, 30 millioner dollars På at komme i gang med dropshipping, Og så henviser de dig til Alibaba eller Aliexpress, Hvor du så finder alle de her billige kinavarer og begynder at sælge dem til Hr og Fru Danmark. Når du så går i gang med det, finder du hurtigt ud af at Du får rigtig sure kunder, fordi leveringstiden er elendig. Du kan komme til at vente over en måned, hvis ikke mere, På dine varer, eller det er jo så ikke dig, der kommer til at vente, Det er jo din slutkunde. Så den hænger du ligesom på At skulle forsvare det på TrustPilot. Og så kommer du også til at bøvle med en masse told og moms Som måske også kommer til at ligge på din slutkunde. Og så skal du også bøvle med kvalitet. Jeg har hørt mange historier om- i hvert fald på Aliexpress- At der er nogen der har bestilt en vare Som egentlig var lidt forskellig for hver gang man bestilte, Så man kunne godt forestille sig, At den var røget ind fra nogen forskellige fabrikker hver gang man bestilte. Det kan være de skifter leverandør en gang om måneden. Det er ikke til at sige: Please dont fall into the trap, Som allesammen snakker om på nettet, Alle de her engelsktalende influencers. Hold dig til en dansk dropshipping leverandør, Wort case, noget i Tyskland eller Sverige eller noget hvor du har en leveringstid du kan forsvare. Jeg vil sige, max 7 dage Er en rimelig leveringstid. Selvfølgelig alt efter, hvilken vare det er du sælger. Hvis du sælger møbler, så er der en tendens til at folk ofte er villige til at vente noget længere tid. Har du nogen spørgsmål vedrørende dropshipping Eller noget du måske godt kunne tænke dig at vide lidt mere om? Det kunne være smarte måder at køre dropshipping på. hvordan integrerer man det med sin netbutik? Whatever, Så skriv det i kommentarfeltet nedenfor. Husk lige at subscribe for resten, fordi vi kommer højest sandsynligt til at udgive mere indhold. Vendino, det er en platform som vi lige pt arbejder på at opbygge, Som har til formål at binde leverandører- danske leverandører endda- sammen med netbutikker. Sådan nogle som dig, kunne man forestille sig, Som gerne vil starte en netbutik for første gang Og gerne vil have nem adgang til Dropshipping leverandører. Måden det kommer til at fungere på, det er at du kan- ja, lad mig vise dig det her engang. Det her er vores hjemmeside, som lige pt er udkommet i første udgave, så det kan godt være at den ser lidt anderledes ud når du tilgår den næste gang, men grundprincipperne er de samme. Du kan finde os på Vendinodk. Måden det kommer til at fungere på, det er at vi har forhandlet en masse aftaler med danske leverandører som er villige til at dropshippe deres varer. Du, som nystartet netbutik, kan komme ind ganske gratis og oprette dig på vores platform, Og med et enkelt klik kan du importere varen til din netbutik, om du kører WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop eller Magento. Vi arbejder også på flere integrationer i fremtiden. Så hvis du har en du kører på som du godt kunne tænke dig at have med, som vi ikke har skrevet herinde på sitet, Jamen, så skriv det gerne i kommentarfeltet Og kom gerne med input til hvad du kunne tænke dig vi havde med på platformen. Det kunne være spændende at høre hvad jeres tanker er. Det er jo jer netbutikker der kommer til at bruge det i sidste ende, Så det er jo vigtigt at det passer dig bedst muligt. Men jeg håber at det har vakt din interesse Og ja, dropshipping 2020 efter min mening ikke dødt. Tusind tak fordi du så med. Jeg håber du ser med næste gang. Hej, hej.