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Published on: February 22 2023 by pipiads

At BlueSnap, we provide businesses with a payment orchestration platform that helps them increase sales and reduce costs. We understand that businesses have various ways of accepting payments, such as online and mobile checkout, subscriptions, payment and invoice embedding, call center data entry, and marketplaces. With this in mind, we've developed an all-in-one payments platform that offers seamless integration and payouts, enabling businesses to streamline their payment processes.


1. One Contract, One Underwriting, One Integration, One Payout:

- Sign one contract and go through one underwriting process, avoiding the hassle of dealing with multiple payment gateways.

- One integration and one payout, simplifying the payment process for businesses.

2. Connect to 30 Acquiring Banks:

- One account connects you to 30 acquiring banks around the world.

- Analyze where the authorization rates are highest and the costs are lowest to maximize sales.

3. Cross-Border Payments:

- Enable shopper currencies and get paid in different currencies.

- Support hundreds of payment types and popular wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Alipay.

- Seamlessly process cross-border transactions for your shoppers.

4. Automate Invoicing and Payment Embedding:

- Automatically generate invoices and embed payments, reducing manual work and increasing the likelihood of payment on time.

5. Fraud and Chargeback Management:

- Pre-integrated world-class fraud and chargeback management tools, enabling businesses to set rules based on the products they sell and the markets they sell into.

6. Compliance and Tax Components:

- Built-in card brand rules, compliance, and tax components to ensure that businesses comply with local regulations when selling cross-border.

7. Robust Reporting Engine:

- Create reports on conversion by product and market, providing data to help increase sales.

- Simplify reconciliation and maintain complete visibility and control over business performance.

8. Integration with Existing Platforms:

- Seamlessly connect with hundreds of business platforms, shopping carts, ERP, and CRM systems, enabling businesses to start taking payments immediately.

BlueSnap's payment orchestration platform offers businesses an all-in-one solution for accepting payments. With seamless integration and payouts, cross-border payment processing, automated invoicing and payment embedding, fraud and chargeback management, compliance and tax components, and a robust reporting engine, BlueSnap simplifies payment processing for businesses while providing complete visibility and control over their performance.

BlueSnap: Global Digital Innovation and Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adopt digital payments, leading to an unprecedented increase in digital innovation. As a result, international cross-border payments are expected to exceed 250 trillion by 2027. However, businesses need to focus on localizing their payment methods to capture this global customer base. Bluesnap, a global all-in-one payments platform, helps businesses accept payments internationally and integrate them into their software platforms.


- Over 152 trillion dollars in payments are made globally, but only 20 percent happens digitally.

- During the pandemic, businesses were forced to implement five years worth of digitalization in less than one year.

- 57 percent of online shoppers make purchases from international businesses.

- Experts predict international cross-border payments to exceed 250 trillion by 2027.

Localizing Payment Methods:

- Businesses need to focus on localizing their payment methods to capture the global customer base.

- Allowing customers to pay in their local currencies with local payment methods in the local language is key.

- Processing those payments in the local country is also important.

Bluesnap's All-In-One Payments Platform:

- Bluesnap helps businesses accept payments internationally and integrate them into their software platforms.

- Bluesnap automates the syncing with common accounting systems to generate invoices and facilitate payment.

- Bluesnap simplifies accepting cards and bank transfers, whether domestic or international.

- Bluesnap allows businesses to focus on their core operations while handling payments.

Digital innovation is transforming the way businesses operate, and Bluesnap is committed to helping businesses thrive in this environment. By localizing payment methods and using Bluesnap's all-in-one payments platform, businesses can capture the opportunity presented by the global customer base. Contact Bluesnap to learn more and make your business more effective.

BlueSnap’s Trending Features Webinar Series – What You Need to Know

- Kim Rao and Mike Matassa from BlueSnap talk about training features on the BlueSnap platform

All-in-One Platform:

- BlueSnap's platform is designed to support various payment methods for global and mobile e-commerce

- The platform is pre-integrated with 2 dozen acquiring banks and over 100 payment types

- Partnerships with fraud prevention and chargeback management providers ensure a secure payment process

- BlueSnap has a virtual terminal for payments made over the phone

- Integration with various e-commerce platforms, including shopping cart providers and accounting, marketing, and shipping platforms

Global Payments:

- BlueSnap recently added SEPA direct debit as a payment method for the EU

- SEPA direct debit is a common payment method for EU countries, supports subscriptions, and has over 500 million potential users

- Approximately 20% of e-commerce payments in the EU are made with direct debit


- BlueSnap supports Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass

- Wallet spend through BlueSnap has more than doubled in Q1 2018 compared to Q4 2017

- Shoppers are getting more comfortable with using wallets, resulting in larger purchases made with this payment method

Fraud Prevention and Chargebacks:

- BlueSnap has partnerships with Cardinal Commerce for 3D Secure and Chargebacks 911 for chargeback management

- 3D Secure is an additional layer of security for protecting online card transactions, required in some regions and helps merchants avoid liability for fraud chargebacks

- Chargebacks 911 offers a solution for disputing invalid chargebacks and recovering revenue

- BlueSnap is currently beta-testing its chargeback management system, which will have self-service and full-service options

- BlueSnap's platform supports various payment methods for global and mobile e-commerce, pre-integrated with banks and payment types

- Recent updates include SEPA direct debit, growth in wallet spend, and improvements in fraud prevention and chargeback management

- BlueSnap is ahead of the game in offering 3D Secure, required for e-commerce transactions starting September 2019 with PSD 2 enforcement

- Chargeback management is being overhauled with a partnership with Chargebacks 911, offering self-service and full-service options.

AppDirect and BlueSnap: Success with Payments for Subscription Commerce

Hello and welcome to today's webinar with Bluesnap focused on success with payments for subscription commerce. My name is Vanessa Collins, Field Marketing Manager for AppDirect, and I'm joined today by Ty Nam, SVP of Customer Success at AppDirect, and Ralph Dangelmeyer, CEO of Bluesnap.

- Purpose of webinar: to get Ralph's perspective on key topics in payments and subscription commerce

- Relevant for those thinking of scaling globally or selling physical products

Key Points:

- Moving from one-time goods to subscription commerce

- Compliance and regulation considerations

- Importance of backup banks

- Strategy around recurring billing management

- Trends in alternative payment methods

- Nuances of alternative payments for recurring services

- Selling physical goods: tax and shipping considerations, fraud differences, and payment differences

- Importance of understanding the nuances of payments in subscription commerce

- Consulting with payment provider or understanding country-specific differences

- Considerations for those selling physical goods

- Thank you for joining the webinar.

5 Alternatives à Stripe pour votre Boutique Shopify + 1 paiement en 4 fois / Speed Ecom

In this video, we will discuss five alternatives to Stripe, a popular payment processor. We will also talk about why diversifying payment methods is important to avoid potential account blocks. Many people have been experiencing account blocks, even those who have just created their Stripe account. We will discuss how to avoid this situation and what alternatives are available.

Key Points:

- Stripe has become stricter during the pandemic, causing delays in deliveries and disputes with customers.

- Good customer support is essential to avoid disputes and maintain a positive image for your business.

- Stripe is very strict with legal requirements and policies. Ensure that your store is compliant and avoid fake promotions and countdown timers.

- Molly is another payment processor that has been gaining popularity, but it has also experienced account blocks and delays in releasing funds.

- It is important to have multiple payment options to avoid potential blocks and ensure that you can receive payments from customers.

- It is recommended to have a company identification number and to provide it when creating payment accounts to avoid legal issues.

In conclusion, diversifying payment options and providing good customer support are essential to avoid account blocks and disputes. Stripe and Molly are popular options, but they have also experienced issues during the pandemic. It is recommended to have multiple payment options and to provide legal documentation to avoid potential legal issues.

Optimize Your Ecommerce Checkout Process with BlueSnap

BlueSnap: Revolutionizing the Payment Process for Global Merchants

BlueSnap is a global payment service provider that aims to optimize the checkout process for merchants. They offer a range of services, including localized payment types, subscription management, and eMarketing at checkout.

What BlueSnap Does Differently:

1. Offers an optimized checkout experience that is similar to iTunes checkout.

2. Allows merchants to sell in 180 different countries with local language, currency, and payment types.

3. Provides a strong subscription management system.

4. Offers eMarketing at checkout to help increase sales and conversions.

Testimonials from BlueSnap Customers:

1. Disruptor Beam: BlueSnap's payment system seamlessly integrates with their game, allowing users to continue playing without interruption.

2. BeautyMotive: BlueSnap eliminates the hassle of sending out checks and provides a simple and effective solution.

3. Transparent Language: BlueSnap helped launch their subscription-based language learning system and offers a convenient e-commerce solution.

BlueSnap's Goal:

To allow customers to focus on their business while BlueSnap focuses on the acquiring business, including card routing and optimization of conversions.

BlueSnap is revolutionizing the payment process for global merchants with their range of services that cater to the needs of different businesses. Their commitment to making the payment process seamless and simple allows merchants to focus on growing their business.

NEW Better Payment Gateway For Dropshipping! | NO Stripe, NO PayPal | Shopify & Clickfunnels 2021

In this article, we will discuss the issues faced by business owners while dealing with payment processors like Stripe and PayPal. We will also introduce an alternative payment processor called Easy Pay Direct that integrates with various platforms like Shopify and ClickFunnels.

Issues with Stripe and PayPal:

- Holding funds for 30-180 days

- Stopping business owners from growing their businesses

- Spoiling ecommerce people with their easy setup process

- Accepting high-risk businesses but banning them later due to chargebacks

The Payment Process:

- Customers submit orders on the online store

- Payment gateway communicates with the merchant account to process the payment

- Payment gateway integrates with the online store and merchant account

- Easy Pay Direct integrates with various platforms and supports multiple merchant accounts

- Having a backup payment process is essential for business owners to avoid risks

Easy Pay Direct:

- A reliable payment gateway that integrates with various platforms

- Supports high-risk businesses like supplement and CBD hemp sellers

- Comparable fees to Stripe and PayPal

- Easy setup process with minimal work required

- Provides an insurance policy for businesses to avoid risks

- Interested users can apply through the link provided in the article

Dealing with payment processors like Stripe and PayPal can be challenging for business owners due to the risks involved. Having a backup payment process like Easy Pay Direct can help business owners avoid these risks and grow their businesses seamlessly.

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