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dropshipping va

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Watch Me Interview a Virtual Assistant for eBay Dropshipping!

what kind of questions should you ask a virtual assistant if you are interviewing them to hopefully hire them to work on your ebay drop shipping business? well, today, you and I are sitting down to interview a virtual assistant that I might be hiring for my ebay drop shipping business, specifically to help me list items onto ebay. now, full transparency here. all the virtual assistants that I've hired and interviewed in the past don't want to be on camera or don't want the video recorded and put on YouTube. so what I did instead is I specifically made a job post saying: hey, I'm looking to interview a virtual system and we're going to pretend that I'm interviewing you for an eBay dropshipping job. but I also want to ask you some questions about what it's like to be a virtual assistant and what it's like to live in the Philippines and be of VA from the Philippines. and the reason I chose the Philippines is really just because I use a website called online jobs to hire all my virtual assistants, and all the virtual assistants on that website are from the Philippines. and the reason I love it so much is because they're really fair to the virtual assistants other websites. when you hire VA 'zed through that website, they will take a percentage, a cut, of all the money that you pay your VA s with online jobs. on the other hand, you just hire the VA through the website and then all the payments are arranged just between the two of you. so, in other words, a hundred percent of the money that you send the VA gets to the VA. the website online jobs does not take a cut of it. in addition to that, I've just hired some fantastik virtual assistants through online jobs. so I really love the website and I highly recommend it. if you do want to check it out. I do have an affiliate link to it and that will be in the description of this video. all right, so let's get right into this interview. I learned a lot about virtual assistants by toking with this potential candidate, and I learned a lot about what is to live in the Philippines from her as well, so I think you're really going to love it. well, thank you for taking the time to let me interview you. so why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, like who you are and where you live? and okay, first of all, I am SATA antibody and I lived here in general santos city, philippines. i am currently taking up by second degree, which is bachelor of science in architecture, and i am doing a or I am working online for almost four years now. so that's it, sir, cool. so do you like being a virtual assistant? yes, sir, I like it a lot. what do you like about it? because it is a flexible work for me, sir, because I am studying and also it helps me a lot when it comes to my daily finances. so what kind of work have you done as a VA so far online? so far as I started working as a fertilizer system, I have done a data entry, which I collect some data from the websites and put it in the spreadsheet. later on, I started working as eBay lister or drop shipper, which I used some different tools, such as a DSM tools, Zeke analytiks, web seller guru, what called is Auto Diaz and gear bubble. I also do a video editing. I am using a Vegas and also I am doing a photo editing as well, using Photoshop- great. so I want to hear more about what you do, what you've done for eBay dropshipping. you said you do listing. you've done listings before, right, yes, sir. so tell me how long you were doing that for and what you remember about that okay, for one lease or for one. this thing, I am doing it for 10 minutes to 15 minutes, it depends on the item. so first of all, I would, or the first thing that I would do, is I would research for our best seller item in Amazon and then I will search it on ebay so that I can. I would know that, how, how many solved items per 30 days. so if the items, if the item is good, I released it in eBay using the tools such as GSM or Auto. yes, cool. so to do that, would you use Zeke analytiks? yes, sir, as a research, great. so how long have you been, or how long did you do eBay dropshipping or helped with that for eBay dropshipping? I think it's almost the years now. okay, and are you still working for someone doing that? yes, sir, okay, cool. so do you like that, like doing that work? yes, sir, what do you like about it? because it's more on the research and, aside from that, I am loving the items that I have found from different sites such as Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot- cool. have you used any other websites besides those three? no, sir, only those three. so where would you be doing this work? do you have a good internet connection where you are. oh, I am doing this work, sir, here in my office center, because they have a shop here in Philippines. it is a salon and barber cuts- it is what? sorry, salon and barber cuts. okay, yeah, so you do it like haircuts and things like that. I have my stuffs are doing it, okay. so you, you're in school, right? yes, sir, and you work in a salon and your virtual assistant, yes, sir, anything else, that's, that's it, sir. that's a lot. how do you, how do you handle all that? how do you handle all those different jobs? it's all about time management, sir. if I do have a free time, I am managing my business at the same time for night, since I am working from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am, so that's my working time. for the daytime, I am studying, and what do you want to do once you're done with school? by today, when you, when you finish with school, what job do you want to get? I want to be a successful architect, sir. oh, very cool. so is it pretty common in the Philippines to have many jobs like you do? why didn't mr you have three jobs? is that common in the Philippines, or do most people have one job. it is most people with one job, sir. okay, so we toked about this beforehand. now I'm recording this. I'm going to put this on youtube so people can learn about virtual assistants and hiring one. what do you think is important for people to know if they're hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines? okay, first and foremost, they should know that virtual assistant is really serious about the job, because if the virtual assistant is not, the job is become useless and really hard to take from the both of you. so if you're in Auckland and the virtual assistant- I am NOT working hard and your business will be- will get lost, or something like that. that makes sense, yeah, so, in other words, well, I think what you're trying to say is that if you don't do the work, the business will fail and then you won't have a job. yes, sir, yeah, and at the same time, the virtual assistant assistant should be a trustworthy one, because he will be, or he or he will be- handing your personal information. so you should be careful on hire, on hiring a virtual assistant. and how do you think people can like, how could I be careful when hiring a virtual assistant to make sure that they will be trustworthy. okay, in that case, sir, you should put some restrictions on your accounts. maybe you should not give all the personal information to your virtual assistant. you should have a limit or given limitations. that makes sense. so how do you think the culture in the Philippines is different from like here in America? do you think that there is any issues that come up because your culture is different than the American culture? do you understand what I mean? a little bit, sir, because for me, the difference or not, that the difference. but Filipinos are accommodating, sir, and Filipinos are really hospitable. so I think that's, uh, a little bit erratik all this. that's stopping that I can say proudly: my. so when you first started working with your employer, were there any difficulties you had with the job? yes, sir, the time management, because most of my former employers working graveyard or working at different times or time schedule, that's I. I am having a hard time on adjusting myself, but it's I got used to it. is that because the time difference? yes, sir. so how do you handle that? I handle that by doing a rest at day time and I'm just taking a lot of food, eating a lot of food at night, so you have to stay up later so that you can work.

I FINALLY Hired A VA | Virtual Assistant For Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

in this video i'm going to tok about hiring a va. many of you know that i don't really mess with va's that much. i have teams that kind of like. you know i have those you've heard me tok about in recent videos. how hey, i know a guy who runs amazon stores and facebook stores and at an upfront cost you can do those and then their whole teams just run everything for you. i have some of those. but i also do marketplace and shops on my own so that i can stay relevant and know what's going on and drop ship, because i just kind of like the, the, the whole skill of it all and i like the challenge. so i do that. i run the youtube channel and all that. but i have this extra shop that i'm not doing anything with, um, and i wanted to give it to a va. somebody reached out to me and i just caught me in the right moment and i was like you know what, let's go for it. and they didn't really believe me at first that it was me. but i went ahead and took the bait and i i hired somebody to be a single va on one shop. so i'm going to kind of document that process they already have access to my shop. i've already given them permission to it. they've already listed 20 items, which is, you know, just the beginning. for those of you who have followed me for a long time, you know that i don't really ever do personal one-on-one va situations, so a lot of you are very interested in that. a lot of you have started and gotten to the point where you're like, man, this is just getting difficult and i need to do better. i need to scale up, i need to open up another thing, right, you know what? now that i know how this works, let me put this on autopilot so that i can start doing something else. any of those reasons? i guess it's pretty obvious, but i wanted to try this because i feel like i'm one of the only people who hasn't who's like an experienced drop shipper, who hasn't ever messed with va's like. so. i want to give that a shot again because a long time ago i tried it. for those of you who were around back then i didn't really enjoy the experience very much and it wasn't very useful. but now this has been around for a long time, a long time- like a year and a half or so- and i'm gonna give it a shot again and i like how it's feeling. i've been toking voice messaging with this guy back and forth. it's a va from overseas and we're gonna give it a shot. so i just wanted to update you, let you know about that, expect more videos for me to tok about how all the va stuff works and we'll see what happens in the meantime. what am i excited for about this? what are things that you would do this for? like what are some questions or problems that might come up? i'd love to know in the comments if you let me know things that you're like: uh, watch out for this or man, how does that work? like, let me know, because i'll find those questions, apply them to another video so that you can get those answers. and you know, i'm gonna even search through the group and try to find things, but i'm excited no matter what. so some things are. i was wondering: okay, they have access to my shop. are there any security problems with that? you know, if i have a commerce manager with multiple shops and i give them access to one, do they have access to anything else other than that one shop? can they see anything else? can they see my banking information? do they need my credit card? do they need my accounts for tracking numbers or any of those things? that's what we're going to find out. so far, the setup that i have is that they have access to one shop. they don't have access to everything, but they have access to some stuff and the stuff that they definitely need, and you know i'm open to this person's suggestions. if they need access to something else, i'll do that research and figure that out. also, i was worried, you know. i asked them today: okay, well, let's say, you get a bad tracking number like tba or something like that, what's going to be the course of action there? and they just told me it's like i'm only sourcing from ebay, so we're not really going to have that issue. if, for some reason, that issue does arise, then most likely i'll just give them access to like a track taco account or just, you know, a gift card that has a certain amount. another thing that we're setting up is, instead of them having a credit card, they will have a like a credit card middleman. where i can, they'll have a credit card that i'll load money to as we get sales. so if i maybe every morning i just load that up or whatever. i'm going to figure that process out and keep you updated. now for those of you who are experienced and you're watching, like, what is going on? what do you mean? you don't know how this stuff works. i know how it works in general. i just never have done it myself. i usually have other people handle it and i just either move the money around or do whatever. so i'm doing it all by myself because a lot of you guys who come across my videos are new people who don't have these answers yet and, like i've mentioned in the past, sometimes i will just cover new topics and stuff that you have no idea about, because it's not really helpful for you. who's just found what drop shipping is? you're like: okay, i don't know anything that's getting toked about in these videos and you have to like go back in time and find old information that maybe no longer applies or the menus aren't even the same anymore. for previous videos, people like me have made so: new process, new coverage of it. for those of you just starting, we are going to get into va's. keep watching, subscribe if you haven't already, and let me know any questions you have. that way, the next video, you get notified and you get answers. so if you want to know more about how drop shipping works, make sure to watch this video right here, because i will go over the basics of how it works and just what to think about it. so thank you for watching again and i will see you next time.

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Product Research Training for Amazon Dropshipping Business for FREE!!!!

[Music]. [Music] brother research manually for a drop shipping store. so I'm gonna use sheep, nega, naege, Matt Nauman, a baby nominee, vinegar at the mark line. so important thing is the human trials nominative. a sin. uniquely identify a nation, product. you Amazon link and supply. really you total buying price, amazon selling price emergency. this is the 15 percent of the amazon selling price - remember that in profit and you are why that person committed. no phenomena. on Google Chrome extension, Paramus, mobility. on proper product research data, Muhammad, a honky by extension all week 3 and scandalize. and at own research, Amazon by image. now google extension. I will put links on my extensions like: oh my, you are. and Allah on the description box below: param, param, download you them. a measured by the research they say from visa - with use. final new for dropshipping is we buy some other retail stores. tapas in unison ship, not a guy customer empirica. popular cos in a store. is you one more popular in the drop chirping? no pinnacle. or anumana, the rapture person, hi. so from here we're in a time a Mena category, household Nancy, your own household essentialists, better animal pet supplies. arrow usually has a intense place is restricted, so let's see no negotiating deals. crucially, clearance with, since me, helices are separated, so I'm gonna. now she's a Papa brother, sayfudine ago anything chopping, okay, so really pass a ball. researcher to say mom and what he says. and helium product mani-pedi. Marino Monaco, very in like a mess my delegation. I saw an open cut off the charts undergoing more s highlight Milan, highlight Masha, Jim Pytel. I let him pilot apples right click and then it a on extension again. a government call your arm is an extension, so right click. Malaysia and couples Ryan, happen in a unit product metal, so to wear the Ranger and innovations are 8.17, 2.6 at all. no intention on Taco Bell, take a trip, happen open. I think that was cherry. [Music], okay, so limit me. client is 300,000, so, um, a personal 300,000. a business sailors around for us all. I own the. yeah, so C 0, 291,000 bestsellers, birthday, okay, so I'm going to be in an earthen is it's a? check them not incomparable 5 contra fighting regarding routine use cherry and finger guns. so ever you anything, brother, nothing at all is being sold right one box, none at all is better. so BB China 12, nah, neato. okay, Tommy, acronym, inshallah, without a politikal statement on, but I'm not sure I'm glowy. nothing is chronically on lowest price, lowest price ready. come upon us, our other sellers and Amazon and click new tab for schooling. my own peanut farm above on prices on amazon selling eggs box. and then athlean Deaton, Italian, sir Walmart, Yogi Bhajan, Mariner Auto Falcon Eternity millennium costs, for example, 802 point 16 times 12 and parody Thomas, any client is you accurate total buying, presume to tok by a listener. so Nagumo is libel in motion are a bad topic, but a you motherless Nam and I think in a go at a box and as Ida the anti-white notike a big delivery after measure guilty Arden. so I am. so we will buy 12 pieces. Kisei, analog. a little is part of 12. 12 pieces does a toker that Bush. so you check my Munna, Paula, older brother. so get my own enemy easy. very simple, guys. um, II began, I'm afraid, on access. now Here I am you okay, no, Mirena, access. so parama, check multiple in Ithaca, Benton, product Open, final cover me invented and then add the product and then this medium is in and the celebration tapas. click my own listing. limitations applied based on ignited, our new condition under: sell yours where the Union, okay, propelling attention, Aventa, isolate, inertia. 12 pieces the purse. check out car John, the you continue along Hong Kong, Maha, I think I do in star place order. now I know portion. so at of confirm delivery address predicament guard new custom universe is not an address, so a to mean Adamic na minha address you zip code. nine, eight, four, zero for Casa Sabina, client a total been her best name it in a zip code when you were checking for the delivery, shipping, delivery. eh, I own our delivery fee: chaja yon [Music] and it's estimated taxes and East, so unions in our opinion. so 18 a napkin. so Google, let's continue. and so hung and eat allowed to say when I know man ty own critik, but I ain't eating nothing from a busy man, no comedy time. so after you actually buying price. so happy Malone, the person who should answer sheet. and so now I like a melon, properly named and I think shot off it nothing is $22 and seven eight. so my get thirty two percent ROI return of investment. Pappas, arrives by July 13, so making a garment coming. this is the calendar calculator, okay, so start date: today topples January 30 and January 30 the Skullcandy. and so resort is for this old lb modeling session please hold, please for for businesses, business and join. and again, another thing: you please need to play h19, an auto calculated to imagine remaining little bride, Emily. no neutrons to copy evening, a possibly smoother supplier links instability, nothing. phenomenon right, Parma falafel milling, who never a billing address, PB o minute. I emphasize, the worst kind of cannon output. it make sure to delete the oh man, oh so open again very shiny ginger bread cake and mix gingerbread chili. mix it up to 20 steams. half of six, number two, point seven, three times six [Music] [Music] at the back of 4, so 3 times 4. I don't understand you. well, I soldiered nothing much on par, you didn't I think? - -63 Riesling. people don't read music. wonderful in our dorm. and so for 1867 is only good baby number. January presidential politiks next needs a facial properly laminotomy. I am, so are you. so I hope you learned a lot from subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell for more videos. okay, thanks for watching again.

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I Paid Fiverr To Run My Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Business

hello, my beautiful drop shippers. as we all know here, facebook marketplace drop shipping is one of the easiest way to make money at the moment, probably. i mean i've tried all of it. i tried shopify, i tried ebay in facebook marketplace at the moment is the easiest way to make money online and it's fun to to watch it grow and have that passive income coming in. but there's a big, big problem with facebook marketplace, which is it's super boring. i mean, how many more times can you post a listing on a freaking page and then go ahead and find another item and then the same thing? and it's just so boring and kind of annoying. so i decided to give it a shot and hire someone to do this for me on fiverr. and here's my experience. what's up you guys? my name is patrick. what i do on this channel, i tok about drop shipping and other side hassles. if you don't know what facebook dropshipping is, let me give you a brief explanation. i have a better video about it. you can check it out right here. but let me give you a brief explanation so you know what i'm toking about. basically, facebook dropshipping is as a way of selling items without having inventory and you're using facebook to do it, so there's this thing called facebook marketplace, which is kind of like craigslist. people list their items on on facebook marketplace to sell, and then other people can go ahead and look up you know the items and buy them. so that's what i do. i list in items that people buy from me. however, i don't store them, like i don't have any inventory. what i do, though, is i go to other big retailer websites. for example, i use walmart, something very popular. i go on walmartcom, find an item, and then i listed on facebook marketplace whenever someone purchased that item from me. i go on walmartcom, purchase it and then send it to the person. so i'm just like a middleman. so that's what facebook dropshipping is in a nutshell. the biggest challenge of facebook marketplace dropshipping is having a lot of listings. that's that's the problem with this. because of the margins that are very little, you need to have a lot of items in order to make a decent profit, so what you spend most of the time is not actually fulfilling orders or customer service or anything like that. most of the time is product research and listing new items on your facebook marketplace page. that's what takes most of the time, and i'm getting really tired of this it's. it's just too much for me and i need some help. so i decided to give it a shot and hire a virtual assistant. so very virtual assistant. it's basically what the name suggests. it's a system that it's helping me virtually. usually those are real people, not ai, not a computer. usually those are people working in foreign countries, and by foreign countries. i mean, i live in us, so for me, anything outside us is a foreign country, even though i'm originally from poland, but anyway. so because of these, people are affordable. i mean, they're affordable to someone like me who lives in us, but for them it's a decent amount of money in their country. the point is that they help you with whatever you want. i mean, literally, you can hire virtual assistant to do whatever you want them to do. there's a graphic designers, there are drop shippers, there are people that help you build their website, seo. so i want a virtual assistant that will help me list my items, because i don't want to do this boring thing ever again. so an easy place to find all these virtual assistant people that perform all these gigs that i just toked about is a website called fiverr. so fiverr is like a freelance website where you can find people that will do pretty much anything for you. you want a music video? hey, they will make it for you. on a shopify website, they will do it for you. but i was looking for someone that can do the facebook drop shipping listing for me, and i did find some people, so maybe let me show you what i found on my computer. so this is fiverr, and look what they're showing on the first page: start your drop shipping business. they already suggest you gigs that will help you start your drop shipping business. i can click on it and we can go check it out, but most of it is about shopify drop shipping, as you can tell, and then amazon, fba as well, and you know all of these stuff. but that's not what we're gonna do. we are gonna do facebook marketplace drop shipping and that's what we're gonna look for. so i'm gonna look for listings that are related to facebook marketplace drop dropshipping. i actually have my search saved up, so i'm gonna click facebook marketplace drop shipping. so here are the different you know listings that you can see that people offer to do facebook dropshipping, like this guys has an offer that starts with the five dollars. let's see what he does for five bucks. so he's saying that for five dollars i would search for 10 items winning products with optimized talent description. okay, cool. as you can see his, he's located in morocco. he has some reviews. he has 62 reviews. he does a lot of drop shipping stuff and then, like this one, for example, it starts with 50. the guy for 50 will do pretty much everything. he will manually list, he will fulfill your orders. he showed you the results. so, as you can see, he, he got some results and he has two, three different packages. so fifty dollars is for one day, five hundred dollars for seven days- wow, that's pretty pricey, if you ask me. and then two thousand dollars for 30 days. and if we check out his profile, you can see the comments, the people that work with him. you can even see his skills. so, like fiverr has this, like things that they can verify if you're knowledgeable in certain aspects. so he has a social media marketing in wordpress. so, after doing some digging, i found the person that i would like to work with. now i would like to show you the conversation i had with the va that end up hiring through fiverr. i'm not sure if i can show you that person's name and maybe i would like to keep this person in the future, so i'm gonna blurt out her picture and her information and i will show you what we toked about. so first i asked her if she's doing facebook dropshipping and she said yes, and then i trying. and then i was trying to see how much experience she has. so i asked her: how much experience do you have? and she told me that she worked with other people in their past and they are happy. i wanted a little bit more specific answers, so i asked a little bit more: what is her product research method? and then she said something: should i reveal something i do for a living? i mean, look, i get it. you don't have to tell me how you do your product research. but honestly, it's not like a big secret. you can go on youtube and you can find people that show you how to do. i mean, that's what i do. i record videos and show people how to do product research as well. but anyway, i played it cool. i didn't want to stress her out or anything. so i explained my situation: that i want to scale my business, i'm tired of listings and i want to find someone that will potentially help me this and maybe i can hire this person for a long term. i also offer that i can show her my way of doing product research, which is nothing really crazy. so she said that her method is not on youtube, which again i don't really believe in that because i know this business and i know what other people are doing. so then i asked for prices and she told me her prices: 20 listings for five dollars. if i wanna do research, it's gonna cost me additional ten dollars. so then i was like, yeah, let me think about it. and she said, perfecto, ask her about the vpn if she's using one, and she said that she's using proxies. so she goes to like a proxy website and goes to facebook marketplace to post items. this is one of the things that concerns me the most about hiring a virtual assistant to do facebook marketplace dropshipping, and that was one of the biggest obstacles i had. i live in us right and if i give my virtual assistant access to my facebook marketplace, that means i need to give her access to my perso.

Why Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants for ebay dropshipping? Why PHILIPINES? Hiring the BEST VA

hey guys, it's me again from ebay and amazon shipping. if you want to find somebody who can automate your business or maybe take control of your programs, so vs is the best option for you. this is what is actually the va. via is its virtual assistant who can work remotely and do some certain tasks that's required, for example, product research, or maybe this item on ebay, so it is expensive or it's hard to find- and with website can you go and find the best va. and in this video i will show you exactly, step by step, how you can find the best va. i also i will show you the script that you can write to your va and see if they can work for you. what will be matched to your business. so let's get started. so the idea that we need to find somebody who qualified and have really good skill with a computer and, for example, with those copywriting, also with a product research, for example, and who live overseas, like philippines or maybe india, bangladesh, because their currency is lower than earth if you want to drop ship in us, uk and european country. so the best option that you can find somebody who live overseas in philippines. so that's why i found this website for you and it's worked perfectly and it's online job, dot ph and you just um go there, you can see. you can sign up and login. you have need to create accounts and, for example, this is really easy: if you want to find some va drop shipping, you just click on this word via ebay, drop shipping and seeking for that result, so i will press enter. in the left side they set the monthly salaries between any and normally i don't have any ideas. if you have small buck chest, for example, you can click on 10 000 peso. that's in philly beans. and what reason why we hide the philippines people? because when you can see when one us dollar is equal to 47.73 philippines peso, so that's why the currency is lower and you want to exchange the currency. it's just like small for you but it's a lot for them. so that's why this is the idea about and important times- full time out of part-time. you can choose if your va wants to work full-time or part-time for your business. if you want to, they do part-time, it's fine. for example, you can do most of the job and part-time your va will control and do some stuff, for example, like fulfillment orders for your customer. the more id higher, the more we can trust this person. so i just live with that and you can see how much they want for salaries. for example, this person he wants to have 535 usd for the work is 40 hours per week and if you feel this person is perfectly for you, you can click on it and read the informations from him. so i will read a little bit and see what experience they have. what do they offer for your business if they match your requirement. i found this person. he is ebay, amazon, se, e-commerce, shopify's wordpress expert and expected salary is 534 usd with the 40 hour work, so it's perfectly. just need to pay 3.09 usd per hour, so it's perfectly. first, and what kind of experience he has: he buys amazon, etsy, e-commerce, dropshipping and a shopify wordpress expert for the more than six years- six years. this is important part because he already have experience, so we don't need to change him so much. graphic designer. so it's also good for when you want to edit the picture, program result list or specialist text support, shopify and wordpress developer and web designer. okay, so i see this person so far is perfect for my and i want to see more in the description. do you want to build your e-commerce or want to grow your dropshipping business, you're on the right profile, so let's tok. i process years of experience on ebay, amazon, se, wordpress and shopify e-commerce dropshipping business. i have entrepreneurship instinct and will guarantee that i will be access to your companies and help you grow your business. and when you hear the introductions, you know this person have the skill of copywriting. because it's really really important that this for somebody's want to look at his profile and want to find more and to certify their scarcity. because we want to looking for what he can offer. because when i read the first lines, i want to hire him right away. with a second thought: i'm knowledgeable is managing the e-commerce store or drop shipping business for products, selections for research, product listings, seo, image picture editing, order fulfillment, return processing- that's important. email management and customer service support. i want to see what kind of thing that he can do, what he offers for us. for example, six years of the total working experience and multi-skill all around. virtual assistant- okay, that's good. shopify expert- i'm not doing shopify, so i will skip it. image photo editing using photoshop. wordpress expert. social media: is google advertising certificate advertising for five years- good. a virtual assistant coach and mentor for five years. he also the mentor, so you don't need to worry about and how he can do their jobs. he will be excellent. strategical and analystik skill, presentation skill with administrative and documentation, team leader, photoshops and graphic design, google spreadsheets, documents, wordpress. ebay by amazon to ebay, walmart to ebay, aliexpress or ebay. research of snipping, product listing of sourcing, content writings, listing optimizations, product optimizations and products keyword tasks, optimization, seo and you can just scrolling down, for example, virtual assistant, ebay drop shipping. full-time product research, full-time new supply research and i can see he worked for a australian customer and uk casimo, also us. so this so far i can see he had pretty much a lot of skill and we can see worker skill, for example, data entry, email management is most of them is really really high. and what i'm looking for is research, because it's important anyway. once you want to do blog research, it's really really important because we list the good idea, the good items on your store to let your customer buy for you. so result is important, seo, important for up to checking all informations. you can contact him and send him a letter. you can send it to your va and see if they meet your requirement to do your jobs. so our company is looking for the va who can help us to do prop research with various task research. please check the requirement. as a va, you are expected to perform the following. the first one: you need to need to proc research as well as list products, optimize the title for the goods, seo, and if your va know how to do prop research properly so you can get more sales and that's lead to you get more profit. if they list a product, they also need to know how about rank uh for your keyword, and that's why goods as iso is really essential and really, really important. the second one: the suppliers i would like you to do work research from so you can choose whatever the supplies from, for example, amazon warmups or maybe aliexpress, shiny brands, is up to you and you just need to put your supplier name here and you will list products that have sold 10 times per month, for example. so we also want to sell something has already so many times per month. the va jobs will find for you the best suppliers and the best products and items and thus can sell for you every single month, and a third the profit will be how much percent you want after deducting from your ebay fee. so, for example, normally they will take 10 until 20. so it's up to you what kind of strategy you want to use. and for the four, you will edit the image, for example, remove background and create a custom design. your va will rewrite product rescription, but do not copy from the suppliers or others sellers. also, add seo is a description, a new descriptions, but not copy from others- any suppliers or maybe seller. so it's perfectly that you need to have somebody to work for you if you are not good at copywriting. so it is really good option and if you meet our requirement, please let us know how much it will cost. for how many listings do you want them to finish or accomplish? if both sides have agreements, so be good to go and


these are my top 10 favorite products on month of January 2023, and all the products on today's list are going to be New Year bangers and hidden Valentine gems. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Kamil sanon, is The e-con King, and I want to first off by saying Happy New Year to everyone that subscribed to the channel and everyone that's watching this video. so what I'm going to be doing in today's video is I'm gonna be giving you my you, my 10 favorite products for the month of January and for Valentine's Day, and these are also going to be forever green products. the method that I've the days I've gone to the industry-leading websites like Peaks to sell account, and those are all indexes that have already got great products on there, and they're doing extra research and due diligence by heading over to Amazon and looking at the sales volume. I've gone to Google Trends to see if they're trending. I've also gone on to tiktok to see how many organic views there are for the product, as that is a leading indicator right now to see success in products. we've even gone to the Facebook ad library to see how many competitors are running ads for each one of these products, because the whole purpose of this video is to give you a list of 10 amazing products for this month, but products that are also not saturated and have massive potential to the upside. now, what I've also done for you guys is I've created a free Google doc sheet that's going to contain all the information for each one of these products, and you're going to be watching me use it throughout this video. and if you want to get access to this- because it's going to have ad copies, thumbnails, links to other stores, it's going to have absolutely everything on there- then we do need to hit 2 000 likes in this video and it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below. so, guys, if you're looking for a great product to start your new year, then you're definitely in the right place. let's get straight into the top 10 list of products. [Music] on today's list is the gesture sensing smart robot. if we look at the AliExpress link, you can see it's almost got 600 orders, 4.8 star reviews on 89 people, meaning that people are happy with the product. now, what this product is? it's a smart robot that is based on gestures from you. so, based on the gesture that you show the robot, it will do a certain movement so you can see here, sidewalk, sidewalk, walk forward intelligence programming so it will do different commands based on the gesture you use with the Smart Control and the gesture hand. now the reason why I love this product so much is because I know there's been other dropshipping products that are gestures sense, like these ones that have blown up and generated multiple seven figures. so if we take a look at the product price and recommendation, I'd recommend this other product for 44.99. it's going to cost you 24.37 and your profit margin is going to be roughly 20. now, with any product that you sell, I'd always recommend that you make around about twenty dollars after you pay for the product cost and the shipping cost, as that will leave you good margins with the product price recommendations that I'm giving you. this is the base standard, meaning that once you see success with these products, you can increase the price over a long period of time. so you could potentially start selling this for 79.99 if people are willing to pay that price for the product. so if we take a look at the product description, it reads: groundbreaking gesture control, tiknology smart robot is the toy. kids go crazy for signing and dancing in response to your actions. it's truly unlike any tour you've seen before. this is the best gift for children or RC Fanatiks. it promotes creativity, fun activity for kids that doesn't revolve around mobile screens. it says features playful robotik, the robotik that will perform dance moves by moving back and forth dance music. you can follow his movements together at any time. and then it says here: educational, multi-use. although mainly used for fun, you can use this robot to respond and create a fun way for your child to learn the basic numbers and grammar and language. and then it gives you an example here: lifelike joints and movements. it has, like life, joints throughout knees, neck, elbow and even fingers so it can dance and jump or move around like a new best friend and impressive thing to witness, even as an adult. so if we take a look at a Shopify dropshipping store selling this product, we're only looking at the store to see what they've done whilst you can add it in your store. so the first thing that I like is the way they've got these bundles. the more you buy, the bigger the discounts. and then they've got here a sales- that's always good to offer a sale. then they've got these giffies. These giffies are really important for a product like this because you're toking about it being a gesture based product. people are going to want to see that in real life. so by showing them giffies like this, by showing them diagrams and explaining how the controller Works, how kids can use it, is really important if you want to get sales now. if we take a look at a Facebook video that's got over 250 000 views, the opening scene shows a kid walking with the robot and then it shows the robot picking things up and it also shows somebody unboxing the product and then it shows them giving the mic to the robot and it starts dancing. and this is really crazy, because when you watch something like this, it's going to make you think, wow, this is impressive, I want one for myself. now, if we take a look at a tiktok video for the product, you can see the opening scene says: this toy robot is awesome, and then it shows the controller that you're using and then it also shows you the gesture while moving your hand forward or backwards makes the robot move forward and backwards, and then they go over. it can walk and dance to the music. so you can see that this is designed in ugc content- POV content from your point of view- and these work really well on tiktok. now, the countries I'd recommend that you target for this product are going to be the e-packet countries, minus Mexico, Brazil in Italy, as I do find that I get a lot of high fraudulent charges from those countries. if you don't do the epocket countries, then I'd recommend the top six, which is the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, and if you're doing tiktok ads, I'd only recommend that you Target Canada and the US. now the interest I'd recommend for this product is Hot Toys, toys, Gadget Geeks, kids. and then suggested interests. now they're ready to go. ad copy read: smart robot is the toy kids go crazy for signing and dancing. response: your actions: the best gift for children's. and it will reduce screen time. shop here. then it shows the thumbnail of somebody's hand with the gestures showing that the robot is moving based on your commands, and then also shows the controller in the bottom left. now, when it comes to season success with these Drop Shipping products, the advertising pot is the most important part. so when you run ads on tiktok Facebook, you need really good videos and that's why I'm recommending launch ads. launch ads are a group of video editing experts that will deliver really good quality videos in one to three business days and if they don't, then you will get your money back and those videos will be completely free and they will still deliver the videos. and the reason why I'm recommending these guys is because the main benefits are: there's a professional team of video editors, there's a professional team of script writers, there's a professional team of designers and they're going to create, engage in first three seconds and they're also going to get you a really good thumbnail for your videos. and most people that start Drop Shipping really struggle with making really good video ads because they don't know how to edit videos in ways that are going to be really impulsive for people to watch and it can take months and m.