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dropshipping vinos

Published on: February 23 2023 by pipiads

The Wine Industry Neglects Digital Transformation

- The wine sector is lacking in digital transformation and marketing efforts, resulting in low website traffic and decreased sales.

- The importance of digital marketing for wineries cannot be understated, especially given the sector's significant economic impact.

Key points:

- Only 20% of Spanish wineries receive over 10,000 monthly website visits, which is a shocking statistic given the volume of online wine-related searches.

- The lack of digitalization in many wine businesses can be attributed to their traditional management styles and family-run structures.

- The failure to keep up with digital trends can cause businesses to lose sales and customers, especially among younger demographics.

- However, some Spanish wineries, such as Pazo de las Torres and Ramón Bilbao, have successfully implemented digital marketing strategies.

- Digital transformation is essential for the wine industry to remain competitive and grow in the future.

- Businesses should consider the potential benefits of digital marketing, such as increased website traffic and sales, when implementing their strategies.

- It is crucial for wineries to keep up with current digital trends to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Estiba de vinos

In this article, we will talk about the importance of wine storage and precautions that should be taken during the process. We will also discuss the different types of wines and the recommended storage methods for each of them.


1. The Importance of Wine Storage:

- Proper wine storage is crucial for maintaining the quality and taste of the wine.

- Factors like temperature, humidity, and light exposure can impact the wine's flavor and aroma.

2. Types of Wines:

- Different types of wines require different storage conditions.

- Young wines like the ones aged for a year need more frequent rotation.

- Aged wines like the Gran Reserva need to be kept in bottles for a longer period to mature.

3. Precautions to Take:

- Always use good quality corks to prevent spoilage.

- Store wines horizontally to keep the corks moist.

- Keep the bottles away from direct sunlight and in a cool place.

4. Recommended Storage Methods:

- For short-term storage, store wines in a cool, dark place.

- For long-term storage, use a wine cellar or a wine refrigerator with temperature and humidity control.

- If storing wines for more than a year, consider investing in a wine cabinet.

Proper wine storage is essential to maintain the quality and taste of your wine. Understanding the different types of wines and their storage requirements can help ensure that your wine remains in optimal condition for consumption. Remember to always take necessary precautions and invest in quality storage options to keep your wine in perfect condition.

How To Get CONSISTENT Conversion Rates 2021 | Shopify Dropshipping

Are you running an ecommerce brand or drop shipping store but not getting consistent sales? Do you sometimes make huge profits, but other days seem to make nothing at all? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll discuss why this is happening, how it's happening, and most importantly, how to prevent it.

- Many ecommerce brands and drop shipping stores struggle to maintain consistent sales.

- In this article, we'll explore the reasons for these inconsistencies and offer solutions.

Why Inconsistencies Occur:

- Facebook Ads: Facebook is a bidding war, and every day, you're bidding against your competition for the cheapest click.

- Traffic Quality: Facebook traffic comes in three forms - low, mid, and high quality. If you're receiving low-quality traffic, it's likely that you're not making many sales.

- Feedback Score: Facebook rates your feedback score between one and five. If it's under two, your ads become more expensive to advertise.

- Relevancy Score: Every ad has a relevancy score, and if it's low, it won't show up to your audience, resulting in more expensive traffic.

- Ad Exhaustion: Continuously test creatives to wipe out your competition by providing a different viewpoint.

How to Overcome Inconsistencies:

- Feedback Score: Provide good quality products and be transparent about shipping times.

- Spending Money: Spend money on Facebook ads to make money back.

- Risky Advertising: Improve your relevancy score by increasing the quality of your assets.

- Creative Testing: Continuously test creatives to avoid ad exhaustion and sell your product longer than your competition.


- Quality and Customer Service: Provide good quality products and excellent customer service to handle objections and improve feedback score.

- Testing and Scaling: Continuously test variations of assets and horizontally scale to get the highest return on ad spend.

Inconsistencies in ecommerce brands and drop shipping stores are common, but they can be overcome by understanding the reasons behind them and implementing solutions. By providing quality products, excellent customer service, and continuously testing and scaling, you can achieve consistent sales and success.

📦 DROPSHIPPING LOCAL 📦 ¡El futuro ya está aquí! Cómo hacerlo y qué tener en cuenta

Dropshipping Local: A Modern and Effective Business Model

Dropshipping has been a popular business model for many years. However, the traditional approach of relying on overseas suppliers and competition in the global marketplace can be challenging. In this article, we will introduce you to a new type of dropshipping called Dropshipping Local. We will discuss how it works, its benefits, and why it could be the future of e-commerce.

What is Dropshipping Local?

Dropshipping Local is a business model that involves working with a local partner to sell their products online. Unlike traditional dropshipping, where you source products from overseas, Dropshipping Local requires you to find a local supplier. This supplier should offer unique products that are not widely available online. The goal is to create a local online store that showcases these products and generates sales.

How to Get Started with Dropshipping Local

To get started with Dropshipping Local, you need to find a local supplier who offers unique products that have potential in the online marketplace. The following are some key steps to take:

1. Find a local partner: Look for a local business or supplier that offers products that are not widely available online. You can start by searching for businesses in your area or attending local trade shows.

2. Check the competition: Make sure that the products you want to sell are not already being sold online by other retailers. If there is too much competition, it will be difficult to generate sales.

3. Create a website: You will need to create a website that showcases your partner's products. Make sure that the website is optimized for search engines and user-friendly.

4. Drive traffic to your website: Use social media, email marketing, and other forms of digital marketing to drive traffic to your website.

5. Fulfill orders: Once you receive orders, you will need to fulfill them. This can be done by working with your local partner to package and ship the products to customers.

Benefits of Dropshipping Local

Dropshipping Local has several benefits, including:

1. Access to unique products: By working with a local partner, you can offer unique products that are not widely available online.

2. Lower shipping costs: Since you are working with a local partner, shipping costs will be lower compared to traditional dropshipping.

3. Better customer service: Working with a local partner means that you can provide better customer service since you are both in the same area.

4. Supporting local businesses: Dropshipping Local helps support local businesses, which is good for the community.

Dropshipping Local is a modern and effective business model that can be beneficial for both you and your local partner. By finding unique products and creating an online store, you can generate sales and support local businesses. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

TENGO ESTRÉS porque tengo muchos proyectos

Feeling overwhelmed with multiple projects is a common issue that many people face. It can lead to stress and anxiety, making it difficult to focus and be productive. In this article, we will discuss some practical tips to help you manage your workload and reduce stress.

1. Brain Dump:

The first step is to take a piece of paper and write down all your concerns and worries related to your projects. This exercise is called a brain dump, and it helps you clear your mind and organize your thoughts.

2. Create Images:

After completing your brain dump, you can create different images for each project. These images will help you visualize and organize the various concerns and tasks related to each project.

3. Identify Actions in Your Control:

Once you have identified the concerns and tasks related to each project, the next step is to identify which actions are within your control. Focusing on things outside of your control will only lead to stress and anxiety.

4. Focus on Daily Actions:

After identifying the actions within your control, focus on daily actions that you can take to move each project forward. It's essential to prioritize your actions and delegate tasks to others if necessary.

5. Learn from Your Mistakes:

It's important to reflect on your progress and learn from your mistakes. By doing so, you can continually improve and achieve success.

Managing multiple projects can be challenging, but with the right mindset and strategies, it's possible to reduce stress and be productive. Remember to prioritize your actions, delegate tasks, and learn from your mistakes. With these tips, you can achieve success in all your projects.

$0 - $100k At 19 Years Old - CASE STUDY | Shopify Dropshipping

How I Went from Zero to $100,000 in Just 16 Days at 19 Years Old: Shopify Analytics and Facebook Ads

In this article, I will be sharing with you my journey from zero to $100,000 in just 16 days at 19 years old. I will be showing you my Shopify analytics, the apps that I use on my store, the KPI calculator that I use to analyze my metrics, and most importantly, my Facebook ads. With this information, you will be able to replicate the same process that I did and live the laptop lifestyle at a young age.

Key Points:

- I made $110,000 in total revenue within a 16-day time span, with a 2.14% customer return rate and an average order value of $53.69.

- Most of my store sessions came from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

- Majority of my sales came from Facebook ads.

- My apps include a banner card recovery email, Your Alley Reviews, auto currency switcher, counted pricing, frequently bought together, SMS bump, and booster sticky add to cart.

- My engagement on Facebook posts was high, and I made sure to provide excellent customer service to every comment.

- I tested my product on a general store before transferring it over to a niche-specific store.

- I started with a cold interest campaign with a CBO of $100 and a $5 minimum spend per ad set.

- My KPI calculator helped me determine my break-even and profit target KPIs.

- I achieved a 3.01 return on ad spend on day one of my campaign.

If you want to achieve success in e-commerce, it is important to have a solid understanding of your analytics and metrics. Facebook ads can be a powerful tool, but it is crucial to provide excellent customer service and test your products before investing too much capital. With dedication and hard work, you too can achieve success like I did at a young age.

#95 - De Vinos y Marketplaces con Nico Bour de Uvinum

In today's digital world, we work, think, learn, share, live and dream digitally. This has led to the emergence of various programs that cater to the needs of digital professionals. One such program is Poli, which helps digital professionals enhance their skills and knowledge.

Bullet points:

- Spain is the world leader in wine exportation.

- However, France and Italy, with lower export volumes, generate more revenue from wine sales than Spain.

- The US is the largest consumer of wine globally, followed by France, Italy, Germany, and China.

- The wine industry generates around $200 billion annually, with only 5% of sales made online.

- Online wine sales have grown significantly in recent years due to the expansion of e-commerce, particularly in China and other Asian regions.

- Lack of physical stores selling wine and the high penetration of e-commerce in China have led to a high online wine sales percentage.

- The UK is the second-largest market for online wine sales, with Brazil in third place.

- France, a country with a significant association with wine, has a 10% online wine sales market share.

- The US faces logistical challenges due to the vast size and varying state regulations, resulting in only 2-3% of wine sales made online.

- Spain also has a low percentage of wine sales made online, but this is changing with the emergence of relevant players in the online wine market.

Online wine sales have seen significant growth in recent years due to the rise of e-commerce, particularly in China and other Asian regions. The lack of physical stores selling wine in some regions and the high penetration of e-commerce have contributed to this growth. Although countries like France and Italy generate more revenue from wine sales than Spain, Spain remains the world leader in wine exportation. The US and the UK are the largest markets for online wine sales, with Brazil in third place. The logistical challenges in the US and Spain have resulted in low percentages of wine sales made online. However, this is changing with the emergence of relevant players in the online wine market.

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