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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Course Build Aliexpress Dropshipping Website Using Wordpress // Part 1

hey guys, welcome to this course. in this course we will going to teach you how you can create early Express Drop Shipping website with the help of Wordpress. so before we take you to the tour of this website, first let's see how this Drop Shipping e-commerce website will going to work. you simply have to go to aliexpresscom or AliExpress website. here you simply have to select any products. for example, I go to consumer electronics and I go to digital cameras. here you people will going to see lots of products and in every codex top you will going to see this plus button. so you simply have to click on this plus button and then you can import the same product with all images, with all colors, with different, different size- everything exactly- to your website from AliExpress. so you can import the same product- everything exactly same- from Express to your website just by clicking on this plus button. for example, you can see there are lots of products. for example, if I want this Canon product to be imported inside my website, so I will simply click on this plus button. now you can see this product has been imported to my website. you simply have to go to your website dashboard. from here you simply have to click on this Dropship and fulfill. here you have to Simply click on import list. now you will going to see the same product which you have imported from AliExpress, or the descriptions, title, attributes, colors, galleries- everything has been imported. now you can even customize this product before you import these to your website. so, for example, if you want to change the title, for example, I remove these. and similarly, you can change the description. you can change the attributes, colors and everything. for example, I don't like these bullet points, I can remove these, like this. and after you will do all the changes, you simply have to click on import. now, friends, you can see this codec has been imported to your website. you can simply go to your website and you can simply click on shop. now you can see the same product. if you will click on this product now, you can see the same product has been imported which we have taken from AliExpress. so if you will click on this product inside AliExpress, you will going to see everything, whether that is images and everything. everything has been imported inside our website tool. you can see different, different images, okay, different colors. so this is how this early Express Drop Shipping e-commerce course is going to work. now let's see how our e-commerce website we're going to look now. this early Express Drop Shipping e-commerce website is 100 friendly with all AliExpress products and this website is completely mobile friendly as well as tablet friendly. now if it look how this website will going to look. so you can see that first we will going to show up our beautiful homepage like this and then we will show the feature categories. here you can show whatever categories you are selling inside your website, then our partner section, then top interesting section. here you can show all the featured image, recent products, best selling products, and you can add many more. so here you can see we have one add to wish list option. so, for example, if any of your customer likes any of your products but he has planned to purchase that product in future, so he can add that product inside wish list so that he can buy that product in future. here we have provided one quick view option. so, for example, if I will click on quick view, so he will be able to see one overview of your product, you can see how many colors it is in, available in size, quantity. you can even buy from here. he can even add to cut it. okay, so there are lots of functionality we have added inside this website. for example, if he clicks here on this product, then he can again see one overview of this product. you can see short description of this product. he can see in which Community is available, in what size, and many more. okay, and when you will scroll down, you can see VF also edit one blob option. now, inside this course, we have taught you how you can add blogging functionality inside your website so that you can get some free visitors from search engine like Google, Yahoo being, Etc. we have also taught you how you can write perfect blog. we have provided you good resources that will help you to rank your blog on search engine so that you can get lots of free traffic to your website. and when you are going to get free traffic, then the probability will be very added- they can even buy your product and services. now let's go up and look our website, if you will click on shop. so this is how our stop section will going to look. like you can see, here we have filters of customer can filter his choice according to himself: which price, by filter, by size. okay, and there we have lots of products. if we click on this product, let's say. then he can see the short description of the product and when he will scroll down he can even see the long description. he can see additional information like size, dimensions, reviews, and here he can also see the share options. he can even share this product to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or by mail. also, most amazing thing we have added in this e-commerce website is buy now button. for example, if customers select black color, if we select large, then from here he can immediately buy product. if you click on buy now, when checkout window will pop out and he can immediately fill bling details and payment details and then he can easily purchase product. so this is going to help you to have high conversion rate. so if I will click here on burnout, then you will see this is the checkout page. he simply needs to put his billing details and from here he can make payment, whether in cash, on delivery or in online payment. and most amazing thing about this website is that we have added payment method inside website only. so, for example, if your customer will click here so you can see, he can pay you with the help of debit and credit card. so I will going to teach you how you can add this functionality as well. now, if you will scroll up here you can see block section. now here all your blogs will going to show up like this in a very beautiful way: all the recent blogs, follow-up buttons and in about a section and in contact us section you can see who you are and he can even contact you. inside my account page you can see all the details which he has done. for example, if he goes to orders, he can see codex he has purchased- okay, with orders, on which date, price of the product. and if he wants to go to details, then you can click on view. from here you can see all the details, like which product he has purchased, what was the billing address he has put, and many remote and on top you can see orders register page, my account page, track your order. he can even track his order if he- if you will click here you can see he only needs to type order ID and email address. then he can drag the order of product which he has purchased from your website. then comes the wish list. here you can see all the products which he added in wish list and then logout page. so if you guys want to make this beautiful e-commerce website like this, then please enroll inside this course. I will be very much happy to teach you guys. okay, so bye, bye, guys. I will see you inside this post, thank you. you are going to learn how you can create e-commerce website for dropshipping. then in second section, we'll be going to teach you how you can set up your Drop Shipping features inside your website. and third is some additional section where we will going to provide you some more interesting features. now, first thing, I want to tell you about support. whatever support you require from me, you simply have to click on question and answer and here you can ask questions. okay, here you will see also new question tab from here. just go for a post content, click on continue and ask me question. here I will going to reply you within 24 hours now in first section. so when you will open the first section, here you will going to see.

How to Create a Dropshipping Website with WordPress | Dropshipping Business Setup for Beginners

hi guys, today we are going to see how you can create a Drop Shipping website with WordPress. let's say you want to start a Drop Shipping business where you can sell products from other manufacturers or sellers instead of your own products. you can do that by watching this video. so, after watching this video, you will be able to create a Drop Shipping website like this, where you can display your products on your site and your customers will be able to purchase those products. so, instead of selling your own products, we'll see how you can get products from other sellers who are already selling their products, and once we get their products, we'll see how you can sell them on your site for a higher price. so, for example, let's say you get a product from a seller for ten dollars and you can sell the same product for 12 on your site, so the external amount will be a profit for you. so anyone is visiting your site will be able to purchase this product, and once the customer purchases the product, we will be able to receive the email with your details, like this: and once you receive an order, instead of delivering the product by yourself, we'll see how you can pass this order to the supplier who sells the product and pay them the actual amount they charge for the product. so now the seller will deliver the product to your customer and you can keep the extra amount that you charge for the product as a profit for making the sale. this means you don't need to keep any products in stok, as you're not delivering the products to your customers. next, we will also see how you can notify your customers about the tracking details of the orders. and then, finally, we will see how you can customize your site to any style you want just by using drag and drop. so this way, you can start your own dropshipping site with less investment and get profits for each sale. okay, now, this video is not sponsored, but it is supported by those of you who have purchased our courses and a super fast web hosting on webspace kit. you can learn more about these by clicking the links in the description and get a 40 off coupon. so I'm brand for website Learners and let's start creating a Drop Shipping website using WordPress now. if you want to start a Drop Shipping business in India, you can watch this video. so to create a Drop Shipping site, we are going to do five parts. the first part is to pick a topic for your website now. choosing a topic is very important for your dropshipping site as it helps your site to stand out. let's say you're selling mobile phone accessories on your site, and when someone views your product and purchases it, they will know you're selling accessories for mobile phones and for other gadgets. this will help your customers to remember your site easily and encourage your customers to return to your site, and they might also recommend your site to other people. so it is recommended to have a specific topic for your website instead of selling random products. now, if you're selling different products on your site, it becomes harder to keep track of all the products that you're selling and to check the quality of the products. this also makes the site less trustworthy. so pick a niche for your site and sell only the products that are related to it. so to make it easier for you to choose a topic for your website, we've made a list of popular topics for you. so just click the link below this video and it'll take you to this page now to see the list of sample topics. just scroll down and click here and you can see we have a lot of different topics which you can choose from. so for this video, I am going to choose this one as my topic, which is bags. once you've selected your website's topic, we can now go to part two of this tutorial, which is to find the products that you want to sell. now I'm going to drop ship the products from a website called AliExpress. if you're from India, you can watch this video, as AliExpress is not available in India. so to find the products, we are going to do two steps. the first step is to create an account on AliExpress. so to create it, let's close this, open this, then click the first tool, which is Aliexpress, and it will take you to this page here, fill up these details and click create account. so now we are supposedly created our account on AliExpress. once you have created your account, we can now go to step two, which is to find products later to your topic. so to find their products, let's click here now. here, search for the topic you have selected. I am going to search for office bags, and you can see we have got different types of office bags. now, here you can select from which country you want to ship the products. I want to ship my products from Spain, so let's click here and select Spain. in the same way, you can select any country from where you want to ship the products. next, here, you can select the country to where you want to sell the products. now I want to sell the products in the US, so I am going to let it as United States. once you have done this, you'll get a list of products that are shipped from Spain to United States. this way, you can make sure to get only the products that can be shipped to the place you are planning to sell. next we need to find good products that can be sold on our site. so to find a good product, we need to check a few details about the product. so first, just scroll down and look for the product that has high sales performance. as you can see here, this product has top rated sales performance. so let's click analyze and you can see this product has Excel and Logistiks. once you have checked this, next we need to check the product details and the customer reviews. so let's go back here. click on the product now here, take a look at the product and the product description and then check the customer reviews. as you can see, the customer review looks good once you're satisfied with the product. next, we need to check the seller's review, as the supplier is the one who will be shipping the products directly to our customers. we need to find the best seller for us. so this is the last and important thing that we need to check. as you can see here, the seller's review is good. so once you have checked all the details and if you're satisfied with the product and willing to sell it, just click here to add the product to your wishlist. in the same way, check as many products as you want to sell and add them to your wish list. so now you know how to find products that you want to sell. once you have got the list of products which you want to sell, how will you sell these products or where will you sell these products? so to sell these products, we need to create a Drop Shipping site. so next let's go to part three uses tutorial, which is to launch a dropshipping website on the internet. once you launch your website, your site will be live on the internet and can be accessed by anyone. now we are going to launch a site using webspace kit. webspace kit is a super fast WordPress hosting designed by website learners. but why choose web space? get over other providers. we purchase hosting from every popular hosting provider on the market right now and hosted the same website on each host. after testing each of these websites, we could see that wsk had the fastest load time compared to all the other hosting providers, and this provides SEO benefits as well, so that your website will have better chance of ranking on Google. you can see the full comparison video here, and that's why we recommend wsk. so, to launch our site, we are going to do two steps. the first step is to pick a name for your website. this will be the domain name of your website, which people will have to enter to visit your site. for example, if you want to visit YouTube, you go to youtubecom and googlecom to visit Google. so, similarly, to choose your own domain name, let's go back here now, close this and click here and then click get hosting. now just enter the name you want for your website here. now you can choose any name based on the topic that you selected, as I have selected.

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video, i'm gonna start a brand new shopify drop shipping business and attempt to take it from zero dollars to over one thousand dollars in just one week. and i'm not going to be using any money for this challenge, and i know a lot of people think you can't start a drop shipping business without any money, but we're gonna prove them wrong in this video and i'll be starting the drop shipping business completely from scratch and walk you through the entire step-by-step process, and at the end of the video, i'll show you exactly how much money the business makes. honestly, i'm hoping it's gonna make over a thousand dollars, but we're just gonna have to wait and see. so i have a lot of stuff that i have to get done today, and the very first thing i want to do is just find a good product to sell, and then after that, i'm just going to find a good supplier. then i'm just going to create my online store with shopify and then after that, i'm going to start creating advertisements, and for this challenge, i'm basically going to be using pinterest, instagram and tiktok and just basically post viral videos on there for free. and yes, this method does work well, since i do use it on my current drop shipping businesses that make over six figures. okay. so the first thing i want to start by doing is trying to find a good product to sell and, honestly, as long as i can create viral videos with the product and it has high demand, it's something i can work with. and, honestly, i find about 99 of my viral products on tiktok, so i'm going to kind of show you my strategy and how you can do this yourself. so kind of what i do on tik tok is just search up tiktok made me buy it- then i'll just click on that little hamburger icon in the top right corner, then i'll just change the date posted to this month and now it's going to show you a bunch of relevant winning products that are selling right now. and some other hashtags you can do this with is amazon fines, drop shippers exposed and tiktok viral products. but anyways, i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to try to find some good products to sell and once i do find something, i'll come back and update you okay. so, honestly, i found a ton of really good products, but there is one that stood out to me the most, which is the cordless hair curler. and for anyone who doesn't know? the cordless hair curler is really convenient for females, since you can kind of touch up your hair anywhere you go, and there's so many stores on tiktok selling this product, so if they're doing well, i'm sure i can also do the same. all right. so the next thing i want to do is find a supplier that i can get the product from, and so for this video, i think i'm going to use spocket. so i found the cordless hair curler on spock it for 28 dollars and 30 cents, which is really good, and the shipping times are only seven to 14 business days, which is also ideal, and i think i'm gonna sell the product on my store for 59.99. now i've actually seen a lot of stores sign this product for over a hundred dollars, but because i do want to sell a lot of product in a short period of time and i don't want it to be too expensive, i think 59.99 is a good number to stik with, and if my customers do see that other stores are selling it for over a hundred dollars and i'm only selling it for a fraction of that cost, i'm sure they'd rather buy it from my store. now i do want to add one other product to my store, and i'm thinking just to make it an upsell. so, anyways, i found this heat protectant spray and i think it goes really well with the cordless hair curler, and i'm thinking to sell it on my store for 19.99, and it's only going to cost me eight dollars and 27 cents, which is pretty good, and if you do need a supplier for your drop shipping store, i'll leave a link for spock it in the description of this video. but, anyways, now i got the product, which i'm happy about, and so the next step now is to actually start building my shopify store, and i do want my store to look like an actual brand, and so it is going to take me a little bit of time to build it. so, anyways, i'm going to start working on the store right now and then i'll update you tomorrow once i'm done. all right, so it's the second day now and i finally finished the store and i made it look very simple and clean, and i'm going to show you the page that the customers get redirected to. so, anyways, i have different color options here, and i also did add a sales timer to create sense of urgency. i also included a ton of high quality photos, which is really important, and i also added this to build more trust with the customers. and if you scroll down here, you can see i put what's included in the package, then i tok about the benefits of buying the cordless hair curler, then i added some frequently asked questions and then i also do have a 30 day money back guarantee. a lot of customers won't buy your product if you don't have this, so make sure you do. and if you scroll down here, you can see that i did include how the cordless hair curler works, so this just makes it look really easy and straightforward. and all the way at the bottom of the page i did include some customer reviews. now, i obviously did import these reviews to my store, but usually i do have real customer reviews. but that's pretty much it for the store and i think it looks pretty good. but anyways, now that i'm done with my store, the next important thing i have to do is add a shopify app called after sell to my store, and the reason i'm going to use after sell is because it can increase my revenue anywhere from 10 to 15, which is exactly what i want. and afterstok is for post purchase upsells, and if you don't know what that is. it's basically when you offer a customer a product to purchase after they've already purchased something from your store. for example, after someone purchases the cordless hair curler from my store, i can then offer them another product to purchase. so in my case, i could upsell the heat protectant spray, since it works well with the cordless hair curler. and post purchase upsells work so well because if a customer just purchased something from your store, they're more likely to purchase another item, since you already built that initial trust, and you can even give them a really good discount on the upsell offer, which will then make them want to buy it even more. now, one thing you never want to do with upsells is actually offer them to the customer before they've made a purchase. this will just end up confusing them and they might not end up buying the product at all. but the good thing about after sell is that the upsell offer only comes after a customer makes a purchase, which is exactly what we want. but anyways, i'm actually going to create an upsell offer using after sale for my store right now and kind of walk you through the process step by step. okay, so the very first thing you want to do is go to the shopify app store and just search for after cell and it should come up. so it's going to look like this: after sell, post purchase, upsell. so let's add the app. okay, so once you're in after sale, the first thing you want to do is click here on enable settings. then it's going to bring you to the shopify page. so just make sure you click on after cell, then just click on save. okay, back here, let's just refresh the page. okay, now the first thing we want to do is actually just set up our first funnel. click here on create and i'm just going to name this funnel: heat protectant. so here i want to click show this funnel to all customers. since i only do have one upsell product. okay, now i'm going to choose the upsell product and basically what i'm going to be upselling is this heat protectant spray. now, the cool thing here is, if the customer actually does end up purchasing this product, you can offer them another upsell, and if they decline this product, then you can offer them a downsell. now, since i don't have any other products, i'm just going to keep it like this, but you can add products in here. now. next thing i want to do is click here on edi.

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The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

so if you're anything like me, you probably clicked on this video because you're looking for a brand new way to build sustainable, passive income online from the comfort of your own home, without any fancy degree, prior experience, special talents, handouts or einstein level iq. and whether that's the case or whether you're just interested in learning about new ways that people of any age are working from home in front of their computer to make crazy amounts of money online, i got you. so look. dropshipping has taken off over the past couple years, and i get it. with all the new gurus swirling around online and social media and friends and family toking about it, it can be difficult to get your hands on the right information. it can all seem so overwhelming and ultimately, the easiest thing for you to do is to convince yourself that the business model is too competitive, saturated or dead and not give it the fair shot that it deserves. and that is exactly why i created this video right here: to break down an easy, step-by-step guide into this brand new business model and take your first few steps into the online world of creating a business that is passive, sustainable and can generate you income for years to come from the comfort of your own home and look, i get it. why should you listen to me over some other 21 year old kid making videos in front of his laptop at home? my answer to that is: over the past three years, i've generated over seven million dollars in online sales with e-commerce, created a life of financial freedom and generational wealth for myself through the skills that i've built up, all starting with drop shipping, and my goal is to provide you with real no information with the utmost transparency, without trying to shove a paid video course right down your throat. so i just want to say thank you so much for clicking on this video and congratulations for taking your first few steps into the crazy world of making money online. but, most importantly, grab a pen and paper as you watch this video, because at the end of this video, it'll be time for you to take some serious action and i want you to be prepared. so strap in, clear out a little workspace for yourself and go ahead and smash that like button so i can help impact more people with this real no guide to getting started with drop shipping in 2022.. and just before we jump into the value of this video, i do want to announce the weekly giveaway. remember. all you have to do is go ahead and smash that like button, comment something insightful down below and make sure you subscribe to the channel. the winner will be announced for a custom built drop shipping store built by me and my team, and outright ecom in my next week's video. let's get straight into this, all right. so first things first, load up your computer, go over to google and type in shopifycom or hit the link in my description. if you guys want an extended free trial, click on shopify and click start free trial. go ahead and type in your email and create a password- i recommend creating a brand new gmail account, as it is easier to keep all your business stuff in one place instead of cluttering it in with your personal emails- and create your store name- and, honestly, this part doesn't really matter, because you can always go back and change the name and purchase a new domain name later. so for now, i'm just going to call this nathan's first store- not actually my first store, but that's what we're calling it. shopify is going to go ahead and ask you a few questions, whether you're just starting out or if you're already selling. what you can do is just go ahead and skip this entire part, as it's not super necessary in the beginning and you don't really need to answer those questions. however, you do need to put in your country and then hit enter my store. so if you made it to this part, you actually made it farther than 99 of people who say they're gonna start an online business. you now have your own dashboard and storefront with shopify, so the home page here is basically gonna prompt you to complete a bunch of steps in order to get your store up and running. next thing, we have an orders tab over here which is gonna track and manage all the orders that are gonna be coming through later. the next one: we have products, where you're gonna be managing the different products and inventory that you have. the customer tab, where you're gonna control everything that's customer related in one single place. analytiks, where you're going to see the daily view. you know how much you're making- your average order value, conversion rates- all that important stuff. a marketing channel: we're going to keep track of all the different ways your marketing on your store. discount codes, if you want to make unique discount codes for certain people to shop. and lastly but most importantly, the online store sales channel itself, where you're gonna be creating the website, choosing the theme, adding blog posts, if that's what you want, creating other pages like a contact us and a track your order page, making the navigation menus and the footer menus different preferences about your store. and just before we jump into actually building a store, i do want to run you through just the most important things that you should fix up on your settings. so the first thing, over here in store details, you want to change the currency to usd. i mean, 90 of my customers, i would say, come from the united states and if you're on the same boat, i would recommend having your currency set to usd [Music] and just go ahead and click save. besides that, you can start to fill out your billing information so they can bill you eventually. when you get off of the free trial, you can start to set up staff accounts. if you're working on this business with somebody else, you can start to set up your bank account so that they can actually pay you when you make orders. and beyond that, there's not a whole lot that we need to do in the very beginning in the settings. so now it's time to find our first product so that we can actually start making some sales down here, you'll notike this section called apps. you just want to come over here and click add apps. it'll take you straight to the shopify app store if you click the link at the bottom, and this is where you want to be: to go ahead and get an app that allows you to import a product in one click. now, oberlo was a big app that allowed you to do this before. i'm not even too sure it's still on the shopify app store. no, it's not. in fact, it's been completely removed, and this is the best way for beginners to get started was to use oberlo and one click add a product from aliexpress to their store. but with oberlo gone, we need an alternative, and deezers is actually partnered with overload to kind of pick up and take over where oberlo left off. but good news for you is that deezers is actually a whole lot more complete and allows you to automate so many more tasks that oberlo just didn't have the functionalities for. the first thing you want to do is go ahead and click on this app and then just click add app and it's going to give you again a 14 day free trial, so you don't have to spend any money out of your pocket. go ahead and click install app, and then it's going to prompt you to a page where you need to create an account for yourself. now don't get scared away by the 499 per month enterprise plan, as all we need right now is the basic free plan and just go ahead and click get started. the next thing is that we need to go ahead and link deezers to aliexpress. so if you just click this logo right here, it's going to take us right through to aliexpress and ideally, you want to already have an account set up. if you don't, it's super quick and easy to make an account on aliexpress. just click authorize and then you're going to get this little support bot and obviously what we want to do at this point is start importing products and figuring out which products we want to sell on our store. it's going to take you through a really quick guide, but i don't real.

How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

many of you guys watching have probably heard of Shopify dropshipping, but are just wondering: how the heck do you actually do it? and I completely understand you. drop shipping is one of those business models. we have tons of people online toking about how profitable it is and how you can make thousands of dollars every single month while living at home just on a laptop, and it's true. but, to be honest, there's an overwhelming amount of new people coming into the space having a little bit of success, who really have no business sharing information on Drop Shipping and Shopify as a whole, and, in turn, it leaves a lot of you guys clueless and unsure as to exactly where to start with the business model, and I completely understand the frustration. so, since I'm such a nice and generous guy, I'm going to show you exactly how to actually start your very own Shopify business right here, right now, and the best part is, it's completely free. I've been Drop Shipping since 2017. I've generated millions of dollars with the business model, and so I know a thing or two about it. it's not like I just had my first hundred dollar day and I'm coming on here to make videos. it's not like that by any means. now there's also going to be a huge announcement at the end of the video. so make sure you stik around. it's going to be in an insane opportunity where you could potentially win thousands and thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for simply just starting Drop Shipping and having a successful store. but I'll wait to explain that till the end of the video. so just stik around, take notes and then, by the end of the video, you're gonna have an insane opportunity on your hands that I think, is like one of its kind. so just sit tight and hang on, get a notepad ready, because we honestly have a ton of work to do, so let's get into it. first things first, we need to make a Shopify store, so I will have a link below. but this is essentially the backbone of your business and this is exactly where you'll be housing your website. so once you put an email in- I created a simple one that sounds very clever: subscribe to seb's channel. if you're watching this, subscribe might as well. I'm showing you, guys, how to start a Shopify business. so then, once you do that, just click Start your free trial, and then this will essentially take you through a ton of stuff that you don't honestly even need to do so. just click Skip, Skip and Skip. you don't even need to put a store name in. you can change it at any time, so it does not really matter. you will need to select your country, so select that I'm currently in us, and then for create a shopping ID. I just continue with Google and then select my email and then that's kind of it. your Shopify store is now being built and it's not like it's going to be completed, but you'll have the account now. so now you can actually lay the framework and start building out the store. I'll quickly go over, though how to actually set all this stuff up and how to use your Shopify store. so this is the home page. this is where you're going to start seeing all your orders and stuff. essentially, like, it's not going to show up right now because we haven't picked a plan and done anything, so it's going to try and like force us to do tons of stuff like add some apps, make products, do a name, customize the theme domain, all that stuff and tons of other good stuff. so that is the home page, but once you have this all set up, it will show you the orders you have today, the visits and stuff like that, and then orders. this is essentially once people place an order. this is where the info will go. and then, for the products tab, this is, if you guys want to guess, this is where all the products show up. so I'll show you guys exactly how to add products to your store and how to fulfill them, even like when you get orders in and your customers actually place an order and they show up here- how to Auto fulfill them. so you guys don't need to use AliExpress- ditch that old stuff, it doesn't work anymore. there's other, better ways to fulfill your orders with Shopify- and so I'll show you how to do all that stuff: how to add products. and then customers: finances analytiks is actually very important. this is going to show you sales sessions, returning customer rate, your conversion rate. so if 100 people land on your site and only one person buys, it will be a one percent conversion rate. it even breaks it down further and just tons of good stuff. so this is the backbone of your business. but, more importantly, what we need to do is go to apps. so what we're going to do is just type in what's called Zen drop. so type that in and this is going to be where you actually fulfill your orders and once customers Place orders, they are going to be the company that is helping you out with getting the product from their warehouse into the customer's hands automated. so there's a way to do it completely automated, where you literally don't even have to click, place order or fulfill order. they handle everything. we've done thousands of orders per day with zendrop. they are an amazing supplier and Company. I want have an affiliate link. I don't want to scare you guys off and think like Zen drops a scam and I'm just doing this video to help them out. I'm not at all. but for password, we will just put in, uh, something random and then let's do this. let's hope I remembered it. I think that's it for phone number. I'm gonna do a basic one. hopefully that works. we'll see a text message and then let's see if that works. yeah, cool, that works. so we're good to go. the accounts made. I didn't put my real phone number in, so don't try calling me. but once you get into the account, this is where the fun begins. so now you can just kind of surf around four cool products and see essentially what you want to sell. you can do this. there are tons of other ways to find products. now I kind of already know products that sell well, but if you guys want more in-depth details on product research and stuff, I will have a link below for a free Drop Shipping course. it's completely free. it took me a few weeks to film and I released it for free with one of my business partners, Sebastian Georgia. so again, the course is free. we're like giving you everything I do on a daily basis for the Drop Shipping business for free. so again, all the link below for that. like I did mention, I already know some products that are working well, so we can just do like. there are a few I'm seeing right now that do well. we can just kind of pick one of them. I always like to sell problem solving products, so we can just say: like this hot and cold gel therapy mask, it's a good product. I've seen it on tiktok a little bit, so we'll just click it and then essentially all you have to do to get the product from zendrop onto your website. you don't need to go on here and then go to products and create a product. it's nothing like that and this is completely ditching AliExpress. all you do is again add that app, click add to import list, go to import list and then right here, all you'll need to do is edit your description if you want to edit the variants. so one of the things you'll need to do is edit the sale price. for myself, I would want to have at least like a 3X markup, so we'll just say: nine dollars plus six dollars is going to be 15.. so we can sell this for 39.99. that's a decent enough margin- and then just plug that in for every single color- and I'm just copy and pasting it just to make my life easy- and then from there we're profiting to twenty five dollars per sale. so if we get 10 sales, we will be profiting 250 dollars. next, you need to select the photos. so make sure you are not selecting photos that look like they came from AliExpress or came from somewhere bad, because if you guys do that, it's gonna look scammy. I saw other videos where people were trying to show you guys how to make a website and the photos all look like this and like this and like this and like this and like this. that's not what actually works, and take this from someone who actually knows what they're.

How To Build A Dropshipping Website With No Money (Online Shell Site 2022)

alright, guys, welcome back to the channel. my name is Jason from dropshipping University. this episode is going to be awesome. I'm gonna teach you guys how you can actually start your own website in 20 or 30 minutes. I'm gonna walk you through every step of the way: how you can start your own website for zero dollars. we're not going to be using Shopify, Wix, WordPress, none of the major website builders. I found a free program that you guys can use today and it's really simple, straight to the point, and what it will do is it will get you your own website- your own shell website, as I like to call it- something- to provide a wholesale distributor or a wholesale supplier when they ask you if you have a retail storefront online, and that's the information that we're gonna give them. I'm going to be very strategic about this. I'm going to teach you exactly what I would do if I had not had my own Shopify site, and I had to do this with $0. so there's gonna be a really cool episode. if you guys could take a second to like, comment and subscribe to this channel, I'd really appreciate it. just click that Bell notification if you subscribe, because that's the only way that you can get notifications. with that said, we're gonna get right into this. all right, so here we are, inside of my computer and, real quickly, before we dive headfirst into this, I want to let you guys know the real purpose of why we would want to have a shell website, or just this website in general, to make sure that you guys can get set up with your wholesale supplier a lot easier. one of the major components that a wholesale supplier is going to ask in the wholesale application or on the phone when they're vetting you out as a reseller- is they're going to ask you if you have proof of a domain or a proof of an online retail store, and the best way to do that is obviously by having a domain, something that is linked to your brand, and this is how you're going to have to do it. it's either going to have to be through one of the major website builders like Shopify, Wix, woke, immerse- there's tons of them out there- or we can use other software, which is a little more rudimentary, and that's what I'm going to be teaching you in this episode. it's a little bit more basic, there's a lot less things that you can do with it, but the point is is that it will serve as a website builder and it's completely free and it will still do the job okay. so when you're actually getting set up with a wholesale supplier, they're not really going deep into your website. they're not going through checkout, they're not going in checking all the products and seeing where you're getting the products from. they're not going deep into all of the pages. so we're going to just do the most important parts of website building in this episode and this will get you guys set up when you are trying to get a wholesale application. if you guys haven't seen the wholesale application episode that I recently put up, it's going to be above or over here somewhere. there's a little I they'll come across and that will be a link to that episode. if you haven't seen that one, you should check that out because that will put this more into context. you'll get a better idea, a better feel for the reason for this and I would say, based on my own personal experience with getting wholesale suppliers, about 70 to 75% of them will actually ask or require you to have a website and that's something that you need to direct them to when you're actually getting approved for a wholesale contract. so, with that said, I'm gonna get right into this right here. we have a website called war tribe, war tribe, gear calm, and this is actually a wholesale and retail supplier of everything to do with jujitsu: seal CDs. you'll see men, women, gi's, belts, all kinds of stuff for jujitsu. mainly, I think they have karate, a lot of that martial arts, mixed martial arts type of apparel. they're actually one of the biggest wholesale suppliers for mixed martial arts apparel, and the reason that I brought this company up was because I actually applied for a whole sense, a wholesale contract with them about 6 or 7 months ago and I didn't get approved. I got an email back from them about 4 or 5 days later saying sorry, we couldn't approve you based on the website that you supplied for us. it really doesn't fit the mold or the scope of what we're trying to sell, so sorry, we are declining your wholesale application. have a good day. pretty much so. I was actually pretty surprised because some of these companies don't really do a lot of do diligence and I still supplied them with my domain. but what they did was they went over to my home page and they checked out my website and obviously the website that I supplied them was not geared towards the same niche of products that they have on their website. so that led to a problem and they declined it. so, with that said, going forward, in the future, if I wanted to sell a product that is not related to what I have on my existing domain, my existing website, what I would have to do is put up a shell website. a shell website is just the mold of a website, the bare bones, a couple of products, maybe five to ten products and about Us page and a clean, clean homepage that you can put up in a short period of time to kind of show these suppliers that you are selling in their niche, even though you really aren't actively selling in that niche. but this will get you over the hump, over the hurdle of that whole sale agreement, and they'll check it out real quickly, real briefly, and they'll say, okay, looks like you're selling products that are related to this niche and we're gonna go ahead and approve you. and that's really one of the hardest parts of actually getting a wholesale approval. okay, so, with that said, we can go through their website if you guys want to take a chance. you know, look, look up this company. you know I'm not gonna go and resell their products. but this is just the example that I'm using for this video. we're gonna come over to this website called free webstore. okay, you can come over to sign up dot free webstore com. I'll just put a link down below. it's not gonna be an affiliate link, it's just gonna be a link for you guys to easily get there and just click get started right here. it's really nice because they walk you through the basic essentials of getting on-boarded with their company, with their, with their website builder. it's really nice. they have a bunch of designs that you can go through. if there's something that catches your eye, you can just go ahead and select that for the purposes of this video. I'm just gonna click this one, select design and now it wants us to get started with our name, email address and a pass. so select your theme. I'm gonna just go with blue. the pink looks a little girly- collect, okay. so customize design, personalized homepage. these are all kind of benchmarks that they want you to go through. one thing that's really cool that I like about this is that you can change your store URL. so, right here it has my name- my first and last name and then - my online store and if you click that, it'll just kind of bring you to a just a general preview and that's the theme that we selected, really basic, so you can actually change your store URL. you can click change right here on the right-hand panel, and I would suggest you either put a real domain name, go to go daddycom- there's a million places you can buy domains for like $10, $15 a year, get a domain that fits the scope of the products that you're trying to sell- or you can just change it to a free URL if you want to go down that route. so let's say that you know I was selling pants or something I don't know: pants store, ultimate pants store. let's go with that. ultimate pants store com. okay, it'll be. this is actually the live viewing of it, so once I click Save, that should also change and it takes a couple of seconds. we have an age verification part down here, as I said earlier, so we can- actually we can- change the store URL. so that's the store name and you can change the store URL.