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dropshipping website template

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

1. The video features a behind-the-scenes look at Alpha Elite Athletiks, a clothing company owned by Christian Guzman, with a focus on building their store using a template provided by Ali.

2. The template is part of the ecom vault series, which features a collection of store and funnel templates for eight and nine figure companies that viewers can use in their own businesses.

3. Viewers are encouraged to hit the like button, subscribe, and leave a comment for a chance to win $50 to their PayPal account.

4. Ali demonstrates how to add the templates to StoreFunnels.net, a platform for building stores, funnels, and automations, with monthly and yearly pricing options available.

5. The Alpha Elite store template is described as clean, fast, and well-designed, with minimalist, rounded corners and subtle animations.

6. The video offers design principles for building a similar website, including the importance of rounded corners, simplicity, and clear call-to-actions.

7. The original Alpha Elite website is compared side-by-side with the template to show how closely it resembles the original.

8. The video is aimed at both those who want to use the template and those who want to improve their own design skills.

9. The video concludes with a call-to-action to watch the next video and a reminder to hit the notification bell for updates.

10. Overall, the video offers a comprehensive look at the Alpha Elite store template and provides valuable insights for building a successful ecommerce website.

Use Graham's $273,323 Dropshipping Website Template To LAUNCH YOUR STORE!!

1. The video is part of the Ecom Vault series, aimed at helping viewers build their own online stores and funnels.

2. The video features Ali building out a store for Graham Stefan's Bankroll Coffee brand using StoreFunnels.net.

3. Viewers can get the store template for free by clicking on the Ecom Vault funnel templates or store templates categories in StoreFunnels.net.

4. StoreFunnels.net offers both monthly and yearly pricing options.

5. The Bankroll Coffee store template emphasizes branding and includes a hero video background.

6. The video shows how to add a video background to a block in StoreFunnels.net.

7. The template includes pages such as the shop page and the our story page.

8. Viewers are encouraged to hit the like and subscribe buttons and the notification bell to support the series.

9. The video includes a giveaway for a copy of the Ecommerce Empire Starter Pack course, and viewers can enter by leaving a comment.

10. The video is part of an ongoing effort to make viewers' lives easier by providing helpful content.

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

1. A bad website can ruin your chances of success on Shopify even if you have great products and ads.

2. A high-quality store is essential for achieving success in eCommerce.

3. The video shares a store template for generating over $100,000 a month and how to build one step-by-step.

4. The video aims to document the entire process of growing an eCommerce brand with transparency.

5. The YouTuber is giving away a one-on-one coaching call to one of their subscribers as a thank you for hitting 50,000 subscribers.

6. The video showcases live results of the exact template being used, with $2500 in sales halfway through the day and an average of $5000 in sales per day.

7. Profit is also highlighted, with $1500 in profit generated yesterday and close to $30 in daily margin.

8. The video showcases a sample store in the home and garden niche to demonstrate the store template.

9. The store template is a hybrid store, bridging the gap between a general and niche store.

10. The process involves coming up with a clean name and logo, building a nice home page, and creating multiple collections within the niche.

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

1. The speaker is teaching how to create a one product store that looks professional and converts well.

2. They provide an example of a beautifully designed website with thumbnail, drop-down menus, side by side images, and buttons.

3. The tutorial is step by step and will last 30-50 minutes.

4. The speaker will provide copy and paste templates for privacy policy, terms and conditions, and shipping and delivery.

5. They recommend using a product with good photography and information, and suggest using a website like pixar.com to find products.

6. They emphasize the importance of using the aliexpress link for your product to access good photography and video, and suggest using a chrome extension called ali save to download images and videos.

7. The speaker provides a link for an exclusive Shopify 14 day free trial.

8. They claim their method has been proven to work in their six and seven figure stores.

9. The tutorial can be applied to any product and can also be converted into a niche store.

10. They will provide the copy and paste templates once they reach 2,000 likes.

A FREE Dropshipping E-Commerce Store? I Provide Free Website Templates With An Easy Installation!

1. The video provides free templates for a fully functioning ecommerce store selling drones.

2. Clicking on the link in the description will download the file as a zip file.

3. The video shows how to install the templates in around 20 minutes.

4. The video also shows how to import drop shipping products into the store and link it with Aliexpress.

5. A hosting account and subscription with Elementor Pro are needed before starting.

6. SiteGround is recommended as the most affordable and quickest hosting option.

7. Elementor Pro allows for full customization of the store and makes building the website easier.

8. The SSL certificate must be installed for the security of the site.

9. The Template Kit plugin is needed to import the rest of the plugins and templates.

10. Elementor Pro must be installed to properly import the templates and customize the cart page.

Free E-Commerce Dropshipping Template With Full WordPress Tutorial - Aliexpress Dropshipping

1. The video is about providing a free drone ecommerce template.

2. The template includes a home page, a shop for drones, a shop page for accessories, an account page, cart, and checkout.

3. To download the template, use the discount code youtube 100 and visit Elias Design Studio's website.

4. The template comes with two files: Template Kit and Page Templates.

5. You will need a hosting account and a subscription with Elementor Pro to install and customize the template.

6. It is recommended to use Siteground as your hosting provider.

7. Make sure to change your site title and enable HTTPS for security.

8. Install the Template Kit plugin to import the rest of the plugins and templates.

9. Install Elementor Pro to properly customize your site and link your drop shipping products.

10. Install the CartFlows plugin to customize your cart page.

This 7 FIGURE Store Template To Makes DROPSHIPPING EASY!

1. The video is about Ali going behind the scenes of an eight-figure company called Coreware.

2. They are building out the entire store and funnel and offering the template for free using storefunnels.net.

3. They have put a lot of effort into their ecom vault playlist to make building an ecommerce empire easier.

4. They encourage viewers to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell.

5. One lucky commenter will win $50 directly to their PayPal account.

6. They show viewers how to add the templates to their storefunnels.net account.

7. To add a funnel, click on create a funnel and select from the ecom vault funnel templates.

8. To add a store template, click create a new website and select from the ecomvault store templates.

9. They show viewers how to build a section of the Coreware website using storefunnels.net.

10. The video is part of their ecom vault series, which offers helpful tips and resources for building an ecommerce business.

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