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Dropshipping Without Shopify 2021 - Winning Product And Ads Revealed!

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Dropshipping Without Shopify 2021 - Winning Product And Ads Revealed!

Dropshipping Without Shopify 2021 - Winning Product And Ads Revealed!

what's up everyone nick perrone here and
i have a really cool
case study for you today i'm going to be
showing you inside this
store you're going to see the product
you're going to get to see the ads
so don't go anywhere this is a truly
everything revealed case study and the
cool thing about it is this is going to
be drop shipping
without shopify um and i'm going to tok
some of the reasons why uh and i'm
actually going to give you a really good
deal on on this platform much much
better deal than shopify okay so i just
want to get all the
really important stuff in there before i
start going into the case study that
this is absolutely worth your time to
watch because you're not only get to see
a product
uh and the ads but you're also going to
a platform um that is much more friendly
to drop shipping for
a lot of reasons and i'm going to go
into those and you're also going to get
an exclusive deal and template from this
winning store that you cannot get
anywhere else so this is definitely
going to be worth your time
now this platform is commerce hq and
this store that i'm going to be showing
you today
is a partner store with them and
we created this case study so that we
could show everybody
you know that you don't need to be stuck
on shopify
for your drop shipping and just so you
can see here as i record this it's april
15th so we're halfway through the month
uh this store's already done forty four
thousand dollars in sales
um it fluctuates a little bit but you
can see the conversion rate again
for the month here april first april let
me do that so you guys know it's all
fresh and live
um is point six seven percent
so today this store is done uh already
it's at noon
uh based on the store time zone it's
already almost two thousand dollars in
uh yesterday you see it did almost three
thousand dollars in sales over the week
it's done 26 000 and i'm just going
through this so you guys can see these
numbers are fresh and they are real
uh four point four percent conversion
rate today
yesterday a little over four percent on
the week
a little over four and a half percent so
really consistent
solid numbers um of what this
this is doing and the product is just
it's a one product store right
so you guys know that i love one product
stores i've been preaching one product
stores for drop shipping uh since 2020
i think it's the best way to crush it
with drop shipping because of the way it
lets you build a brand
so this is going to be a really cool
case study and you're also going to get
access to the template
for this for this as well so
something that will let you basically
just plug and play
and make your own store using commerce
and we're going to tok about some of
the main benefits of that
but first let's take a look at the store
all right so i click the view live store
something that almost no other drop
shipper on youtube or anywhere in the
world will
ever do when they create a case study uh
and you can see this is called wally
rock it's actually a really cool
product now it's it's not a high average
order value product like
some of the things that i i kind of like
to do um but it's it's really solid
right and
and it's has a high volume potential
when you see this product right it's
just these really cool
um stik-on type hooks that you can use
basically for anything
anywhere in the house all right so this
is the home page right it's just very
simple layout that shows the product and
a nice little tagline
and basically all the traffic is being
pushed that we're not running ads to the
home page right all the traffic is being
pushed to the product page
which is this and it's going to look
like a a long form landing page
my internet there we go dropping in um
so here you go
you can see how it's set up and one of
the things that's really cool right now
again you'll get you can get access to
this exact template
um but one of the things that's really
cool about comics hq that i'm going to
show you soon is how
easy it is to customize different things
right like on shopify you'd have to
you know some kind of app like gem pages
or something so you could install it and
make a page to look like this
but on here you can do it very much just
right out of the box
okay uh so anyway this is just a look at
the product right this case study is
mostly about the platform this is not
really as much a case study about
finding products or
you know what i'm going to show you the
ads but doing ads i really just want to
show you
the one product formula here that's
being used on commerce hq
and tok about why it works so well okay
um so the content here now this is on
desktop if we really want to get a
true look at it we need to look at it on
mobile right because ninety percent of
traffic is mobile
so this is what it looks like on mobile
um the amazing wally hooks
always lead with the review stars that's
something that i've toked about since
last year
product images trust badges nice big buy
now button
um it's automatikally set to the two to
two box
all right so the two box for 23.95
um and then it tells you how many you
get which is really good it's making it
look like you get extra most
people order this like if you go now i'm
not going to go and one thing i'm not
going to do is go into the orders
because i don't want to reveal sensitive
but i will tell you that most people are
ordering the two box which is because
it's the fault set to that
and it just seems like a better deal
anyway uh
so adding a little this time down on me
just because i've been on the page for a
um but adding a little of the
you know scarcity here based on the deal
big buy now button again and then it
goes into your product description
uh no need to hurt your beautiful wall
great gift content which always works
really well
showing the product in action wally
hooks will improve your day because it
makes everything so much more tidy
before and after picture looks really
cool toking about
lifestyle right like really again i'm
not this isn't meant to teach you about
product descriptions but
you can see the type of content that
works really well
are gifts people love gifts that's one
of the things that helps conversion
rates be high
because it can show uh you know the
product in action
and then just really strong benefit
points of
of you know the type of things that
people would care about
not hurting your wall right making your
day easier
making your lifestyle easier because you
know nobody likes a mess
people like to be tidy and have their
stuff organized uh
surprised how easy it is and how elegant
it is right so now
after hitting the benefits going into
how it works
and showing like exactly what it's made
of how it is
easy to remove it actually holds good
up to 33 pounds it's waterproof like
hitting all these benefits really really
going in the frequently asked questions
just to answer
those things that people might be
thinking about uh like
removing without damaging your wall what
type of surfaces does it work on
and then ending with a nice big uh
you know another buy buy call to action
right and then reviews at the bottom
okay so first of all i want to state
that this type of setup would be very
difficult to do on shopify
now look i've had stores on shopify that
have converted very well
um like the one that i just recently
showed you guys so like i'm not here to
tell you
uh that it doesn't work but what i love
about commerce hq
is that you can customize your page to
be like this
very direct response style uh where you
have the buy now button multiple times
um with different options and then you
you do the content
and really build it up and then you have
another buy box here and then you do
reviews and then you build it up again
and then you have another buy box and
even how to install so you continually
are putting in
those chances to buy uh throughout the
pages people scroll
so that's the product right really
really good product it's it's very much
like a mass appeal style product
uh that that can work very very well uh
home and garden niche is a fantastik
category and this is obviously a home
product so
lots of use cases for this very broad
um and now let's look at the checkout
uh if they go through the checkout
process i'm not gonna actually check out
select two boxes click buy now
very fast load time as you can see um
goes to your shopping cart now it's
being run through worldwide traffic so
that's why there's this note here
again another really cool thing about
commerce hq
is you can edit the cart page and i'm
going to show you all this inside the
you can edit the cart page to do
whatever you want right you can't do
that in shopify
unless you're on the shopify plus plan
which is an absolute
nightmare of a deal right anybody paying
for shopify plus is kind of in
looney tunes land honestly um so
you it's just like really really cool
secure checkout continue shopping button
trust badges and then they even have
this down here again
um and then if you go to the checkout
process so insured shipping
so now this is this is a method that i
don't always use
a lot of times i use free shipping um
what they're doing here to give them a
little bit more
room uh with the margin and i'm going to
tok about the margins so you know that
this is profitable as a case study
uh is they're adding the 495 shipping
which you can see still converts
very well at four percent a lot of most
stores that i've seen that are free
shipping are not converting at four
percent so um
now i've had stores that have converted
both ways so i don't want to say like
one way can't work but
uh anyway let's get into here uh one
checkout all right so i'm not gonna go
through the whole thing
um but you get it the idea here it's
much faster it's very inline
and really cool to use and you can do
this you can change the checkout to many
different styles again something you
cannot do on shopify
you only get the option on shopify to do
it the way they give it to you
you can't add trust badges you can't
change the button color if you want to
uh you can't change what the text says
right so
that's something that i also find really
cool about
the commerce hq platform is how
custom it is so i'm actually gonna go in
show you uh now that we've looked at the
store and done like a walk through
i'm gonna go through and show you how
this platform works
inside this store but first i want to
jump in and just tok about some of the
disadvantages to shopify for drop
shippers all right
because i've used shopify many times and
you guys know that i've built ecom
empire is kind of on shopify but
one thing that i never wanted to be is
uh dependent right i want to be platform
meaning that like i go where the best
platform is
and you have the option okay because i
know a lot of people
are getting tired of shopify they shut
down stores all the time right
so that's that's one negative is getting
your store shut down for no
reason um this has happened to me and
it's happened to many other people where
like it's just no reason at all they
just shut it down you just log in one
day and it's gone and you get that
screen of death and then you contact
them and they say oh well
it's too bad your store presented a
level of risk and
we don't really have to help you okay
that's basically what they say right
you can take your business elsewhere uh
you'll never have to worry about that
with commerce hq because they
are built for drop shipping right they
know you're drop shipping
um they're not they're not going to
punish you for that
another thing is shopify payments all
uh shopify is in
the payment processing game if you guys
did not
know that then let me be the first to
tell you that
shopify payments is where they are
cleaning up because they are
forcing people it used to be years ago
you could integrate with almost any
payment processor you want
but now they are basically forcing
people to use shopify payments
um they don't allow you to change your
checkout they've banned all third-party
checkout apps right
they just did that as of this year you
can no longer
install a third-party checkout app so
they're basically really trying to take
control of making sure
you use shopify payments so they can
collect money on you
well a lot of times what that means is
shopify payments can come with anywhere
from uh
10 to a 25
reserve on your money for 180 days
okay and a lot of you guys know this
because you've been hit with it and
there's nothing you can do about it
very hard to scale if you're not
somebody that already has money in the
bank and you're just trying to start out
and 180 days they're putting you up you
know up to a 25
reserve on your money um that can make
things very difficult
with commerce hq you're on you can
integrate directly uh on the payment
right you can integrate directly with
stripe and multiple
other options like braintree and nmi
and basically anything like they're
they're not commerce hq
is not making money on your processing
okay so that's really really cool
because shopify that's what they're all
they're making money on your processing
now again i'm not saying the shopify
payments can't work for some people you
know establish brands and this and that
but for drop shipping you're very likely
to get hit with a reserve
or they might even tell you that your
business presents a level of risk
that you can't use shopify payments and
then you're stuck or maybe you're in a
country where shopify payments isn't
even available to you
and then what are you supposed to do
right well commerce hq helps you
solve that by giving you multiple
multiple payment processor
integrations uh that you can use now
again i'm not this is one of the areas
i'm not going to go to because i don't
want to show sensitive information
but you can integrate with stripe you
can directly with stripe directly with
and multiple other integrations i can
post that below or you can just ask me
um like you know there's many of them
like all the all the big popular ones
and you can have custom merchant
processing integrated too if you need it
okay so this
this is completely uh removed as a
the third-party checkout uh one of the
things that's
really cool about commerce hq like i
is not only that they have all this
stuff built in which i'll go over
later um but that you can do
here's the checkout page right you can
directly edit
uh no this isn't what i wanted to do
this this is your
this is your basic settings um but what
i wanted to go to
what i wanted to go to is actually in
the themes
um so let's open up the theme
again you will get this theme you we're
going to i i asked the team
i asked commerce hq as john um and they
they basically they said yeah sure we
can we can clone that
for them absolutely uh now let me adjust
my screen so you can see
all of this a little bit better all
so when when you're in here uh let's go
to the checkout page first and then
we'll tok about some of this other
stuff right
so you can see shopping cart checkout
page you can edit all this stuff
directly right in here so everything
you can edit now again if you're not
somebody who is very
uh you know this i don't know why it's
showing up like that that's i think
that's just a
an error um so if you're not somebody
who's very
savvy with all this stuff then it
doesn't matter because you're going to
get this exact
theme and all you would have to do is
you know
change what you want if you want to
change the image you select the image
and then um oh this is an app this is
the security badge app
okay uh so this this is by default in
the apps i'll show you that
um there's not much to change on a
checkout page but here's like if you
wanted to change the image then you just
change the image right
if you want to change the template that
they use uh then you can change the
template they have different templates
you can use here
different templates you can use for the
checkout form right
so you can do it like that or you can
change the template to something
different they have multiple options
based on how you want to set it up
you can change the button colors just by
selecting the button
see selecting the button there's the
background and you can change the font
you can change what it says like all
this is stuff that is
completely able to be customized and
again if you don't want to do it then
you can just use this theme that already
is proven to convert very well
but if you do want to do it then you can
you can customize this as much as you
want and that's what i love about
uh what i'm showing you actually is that
it's very simple to use if you just want
to use this default template that works
very well
or for people that really like to be
able to go in and customize things the
way they
want them to be you have so much freedom
to customize everything
all right so here's the shopping cart
page you can see everything is something
that can be edited
all right all of it can be changed uh
however you want it's all text based and
image based
so if i want to go in here and change
the image then
very easy to do that um the buttons
you here is where it links to right so
you can set your buttons to link to
whatever you want
and this again they have templates for
like like your main areas of course
it this as you see this right this is
kind of like uh this is kind of like
shopify and click funnels
merged and came into this platform right
because it has your drag and drop
like click funnels does but it has you
know it's your e-commerce function
like shopify with the template that
we're giving you so you can see they
have stuff
by default for specific pages right so
for your shopping cart page they have
the cart table
element that you can just drag in and
and use now that's what this element is
right there right
um so and they have continue shopping
checkout button
checkout timer related items security
badge so
all these things are your drag and drop
elements that you can use to put in here
anywhere you want specific e-commerce
currency converter built in and then
we'll look at some of these when we go
back to the page um so
everything can be edited that's what i'm
really showing you now even the thank
you page
you can't you can't edit the thank you
page in shopify right unless you get an
app some apps let you do it
but in this one uh you can see you can
edit the thank you page
there's multiple things again thank you
page template if i wanted to drop
in their uh order number so the order
number is actually
like a dynamic thing that will update
based on their order number
um the shipping address if you wanted to
put that in here like that
you could just drop it in and then they
have different templates that you can
um now you might say well nick why isn't
it centered everything can be
adjusted uh from from this side right
like there's there's things in here that
um based on
based on how you choose the template
and how you want to set it up so i could
give it a border if i want to add a
border to it
sorry clicked out of it by accident
right if i want to add a border to it
if i want to add more margin again i
love this because
uh shopify doesn't let you like you just
have to use the default stuff that
shopify gives you unless you're good
with code
there's no way to just easily come in
and play around
with the settings on the page and adjust
things uh you can adjust the padding
inside of it right again i'm just
showing you this stuff kind of playing
around a little bit to show you
how easy it is to to change these things
and and
mess with it the way you want it to be
and of course you can scroll this
based on mobile desktop and uh
tablet right you have these three
options and you can even
set it up so that it looks differently
on each way
so say on mobile while i have it on
mobile i want to adjust it
to um
like just on mobile say i want to bring
it down the text size so it's on one
line right
so i can adjust that just for mobile and
on desktop it's still you know the same
text size that it was
all right so again that's very much like
the click funnels functionality right if
you're familiar with that platform
you can change it to look how you want
by element on each uh
each size desktop tablet and mobile
which is really good right i love the
ability to do that
again the template you get will have
most of it preset right out of the box
but it's really cool that you can do
that and other things right upsell
campaign you saw that
it has automatik built-in post purchase
upsell again not possible with shopify
unless you get like
one quick upsell which is gonna cost you
you know at least i forget what their
most latest rates are but they're taking
a percentage of your
transaction as well right and they're
also charging you on a monthly basis
so um where was that where where was it
oh upsell campaign right so the upsell
uh this is like your basic temple here
you have
multiple templates you can choose from
and then you would have to
choose a product of course so you can
link this button
here to wherever you want
okay so the continue shopping button you
can link it to whatever page you want to
um you can put whatever image you want
these things are just cool custom
options that you can do again it's after
the purchase and you can put this
upsell special deal like hey you know we
have this awesome special deal you can
get it right now
um if and you can click for them to go
get it on like a certain page right
something like that you get what i'm
saying uh so let's look a little bit
at just the product page
because i just want to show you um
a few more things okay about how how you
can customize
all of this right so there's there's the
hamburger menu
which is something right you can go in
here and then you can
change each link to be however you want
right like by double clicking on it i
open the link and then set it over here
to the page that i want whatever the
text is
all very basic stuff right easy to use
so when it comes to setting up your
product okay all this is linked
to your product page um when when you
have your quantity selector
you know there's different templates for
this too it'll be linked to the product
page you have
in your store so i'll show you that in a
minute or the products that you have in
your store
but like all this is just created custom
so you can set this up however you want
it to look
um again which is really cool because in
shopify you have to work within the
template they give you
and and it doesn't allow you like if i
wanted to say
let me find an element
all right so they have first of all they
have all these product page elements
that are specific
to like product pages okay like your
image related items security badge
if you want to add a timer if you want
to add um
reviews button so those are all things
and then you have like the little text
options that you can add here
so i could say like say 50
okay which things like this can be
conversion boosters right
and then i can edit it to make it
whatever size i want
um i can click on the box to
see here i can add padding to it so that
i can change the spacing a little bit
right so you could you can't do that in
shopify right you'd have to go try to
find somebody to code that in for you
and stuff like this
you might want to play around with
because these can be big conversion
boosters the way that you present the
you can make one bigger than the other
you can change the colors
right so it's all it's all cool stuff
that i love that
it's so custom okay and that you can
change it now again
you can set this up to look however you
want on the different
formats it will automatikally be
responsive for you
you can choose if you want certain
things to show up on each
one or if like you only want to show up
on desktop and on mobile you want to do
something different
and uh yeah all this stuff is so you'll
get this template
and then like it's very plug and play
right you can just change the image
come in here change the text change the
heading change all this stuff change the
content to how you want it
move it around a little bit if you only
have one item to sell and
you don't have two you could just change
the price to one price and
take away the two options here and just
have one big buy now button
right like all this stuff uh the reviews
very easy to change by just clicking in
and editing okay so i hope
you know that was very quick like it's
not it's not meant to be a full-on
tutorial because these guys
actually have a full-on tutorial of
so you know it's it's if you're somebody
who's familiar with click funnels and
and wordpress you're gonna pick this up
like snap of a figure if you're familiar
with shopify
um you're to be amazed by how much more
it can be and how you can adjust
everything um
and by getting this template there's
really not going to be much of a
learning curve
and you'll just figure out you know how
the how the different things work like
over here whenever you select an element
this is how you can set the alignment
the device visibility the different
padding size uh the size of the
image if it links to anything then all
these other
different options borders um corner
ways to transform it shadows
and different effects based on the
element all right so and that's
no matter what you click there's going
to be all this stuff over here
that allows you to edit it and then over
here is where your elements are
uh where your pre-built pieces are they
even have a whole
section of pre-built pieces for
different parts of your page
like your headers right so very simple
to just drag in an e-commerce type
header based on what you want your store
to look like
um then there's your image heroes
good for banners one product stores very
good for
i love these they have a lot of really
good ones video hero
gallery hero all kind of the same thing
but um different
pre-built templates right so these are
like your sections okay think of these
as like sections that
you can add it's already built and then
all you have to do is go fill
in the content yourself later right so
it makes it very simple
uh even faqs and videos about us right
so it's all there
uh here this is where you can see all
your layers stacked out together
so it gives you an option if you want to
be really tiknical and select certain
this is where your assets will be based
on whatever you
uploaded to the different pages and then
here's your page settings right the
title and seo stuff
down here site settings that you have
for your favicon
any codes and meta tags that you want to
add so
all really really good stuff right
next thing that i want to show you uh is
adding a product right because adding a
product is very simple and it connects
to your theme okay so
same way you would with shopify uh you
have your stuff here
single variant multi-variant and then
all your basic information images seo
stuff right like really
really simple which you can see here
with this product list
so the thing is with a one product store
you don't even really need to do
other than just add your product because
like you'll see like you'll see here
since we built our one product store the
way we wanted to
all you have to do is make sure your
variants and your pictures are in here
and your title and you don't have to do
anything else because
all of that was built on the theme page
right so you don't need to do it that
now you could do a general store too
like obviously i'm not saying you can't
do a general store you can
and add it to a collection and do it
that way if you want to
uh or a niche store and they have themes
for that as well
okay just like so if i go back into the
and you see like this theme for example
this is like a
multi-product store theme
let me i don't know and this one looks
like somebody was working on it no oh
because it's
it's theme store is what i meant to do
because it's a twig theme
um which are tweak themes are like for
people who know what they're doing when
it comes to
editing builder themes are the ones that
are like pre-built
templates right uh so there's something
for both there's something for
you really tiky people that want to do
it yourself
um and then there's the builder themes
for people like me that want to find
something that looks cool and then just
build on that
so it doesn't have to be a one product
store as you can see they have
themes for uh niche stores and
and if you want to do a general store
which i kind of think would be
um really bonkers to do in 2021 but
anyway like this is this is what you can
and you can do here they have different
types of themes that you can choose from
so it doesn't have to be a one product
store it could still be a niche store
you can still build your collections
list you can still
stack your inventory um and all this
stuff like this is pretty basic i'm not
going to go through
every single function uh the abandoned
are built in so you don't need to get an
app for that
as you can see this is working um i'm
not gonna
open it up um but oh actually i will
open it up because
i want you to see that number one 13 of
the abandoned checkouts have been
recovered which is no joke right that's
that's really
solid numbers i don't care if you're
marketing with clavio
or abandonment protector this is really
solid numbers
of of what's of you know how it's
actually working
all right and one of the things that i
want to show you here that's really cool
is it's
very simple to set up it's just like you
subject time to send out they have
templates and then you can go through
and edit the stuff
in there um very simply
and you can add as many as you want
that's what i like as well too so
there's three in here which is pretty
standard that's generally what i do
but if you wanted to add another email
you could go through and
add an email as for as many as you
wanted you could have 10 emails in here
if you wanted
all right but as you can see it's really
simple to edit uh
store logo you choose your colors and
then this is your headline that goes
and then this is your body text that
goes here
um with like you know certain preset
that you can put in um and we can
include these
abandoned cart templates as well uh the
button call to action
really simple right there's no need to
over complicate this or overthink it and
you can see that it's working it's
converting at 13
and it automatikally dynamically updates
what they had in their cart
right so uh what else did i want to show
you all right they have the app store
this is also
now um as far as i know one of the
questions that people will ask me is
fulfillment integration
all right so you can you can integrate
you can add a private app here
uh to integrate with any type of
fulfillment provider you want to
because it's open api integration now by
default they sync with dropified uh and
they also
you can sync with yakio 5 very very easy
yakify is the fulfillment company i've
been promoting and telling people about
it's the one that i've scaled to
uh you know thousands over 10 000 orders
in a month with yakio phi
so i i do recommend them and they're
somebody that you can
install to this store uh you can also
use dropified as well
uh which in my opinion is much better
than oberlo so i think it's
it's good for for that as well and then
you can
if you need to um there's you know
there's ways that you can also
of course export your orders see the csv
templates that you could
export orders and use a supplier that
um or you could integrate them by adding
a private app
and just giving your fulfillment partner
the access that they need
through that way all right so that can
all be done
and then they have basically all the
apps you need web hooks
which allows you web hooks allow you to
integrate you know with
multiple different things so you could
almost integrate uh
to anything with a web hook if you know
what you're doing there
um accelerator is something that is
really cool uh i'll go into that in a
second that's like a built-in feature
that they have
for helping you get your store set up
email marketing sync you can sync with
clavio infusionsoft mailchimp
by default and then they have uh ship
station if you want to ship
with for fulfillment and you can see the
rest of them currency converter
uh they do have print on demand services
integrated automatikally
um they have different things here if
you want to migrate your shopify store
very simple to do that allows users to
set custom shipping prices for different
reviews budget dynamic face speed
security badge checkout timer here's
your exit intent pop-up if you want to
use that
promo bar zapier integrations again this
allows you to basically do any api to
your store you want
and then of course timer sales pop-in
and quantity left so
all this stuff comes by default you
don't have to pay for any of this and
they are also adding stiky ad to cart
that should be done as well and they're
also adding recurring payments so
there's basically like you know shopify
is known for its app store but
you know really what do you guys use i
use vitals app for shopify and that's
all these things here right so you get
all this
included and remember like i said you're
going to get a deal that is much cheaper
than using shopify
uh and that's definitely going to be
true i'll cover that at the end
all right so once you install an app you
don't have to install them once you do
install one you'll see it
in here the product accelerator is a
cool function because
basically they give you your your
checklist of things to go through and do
so you could literally have a store set
up in
hours and they also have built-in
product research
now i'm not going to go through all of
these or like comment on which might be
good to sell or not good to sell but i
just think it's really cool that they
include this for you to get ideas you
know again you're if you're drop
then product research is a daily part of
your routine and you're not getting this
with uh any other platform out there so
it's just a really cool bonus that they
also add in here
and they're constantly updating it and
if you click on a certain one
then you'll see that they give you a
sample description they give you sample
they give you sample ad copy and even
targeting um with with uh suggested
pricing that you could make money as
so i think that's really cool and links
to the aliexpress one too right if you
want to see the
sourcing url so again yeah i think
that's really cool that they have all
domains is simple you know like i'm not
going to go through all some of this
simple stuff setting up your shipping is
very simple you can
do that just like anything but i do want
to go through upsell campaigns
because upsell campaigns is something
that they have here that again you you
can't get on shopify by default
all right so this is uh you can see this
one was running for a little while and
had a good conversion rate
um but and then they just decided just
just decided to start
selling two boxes right on the product
page uh but i do want to just show you
what you have as a functionality here
you have the ability to do related
products before checkout
buy one get one before check out you can
do store wide discounts with a timer
after checkout and you can even do one
click upsells
after checkout all right so this is like
built-in functionality that no other
platform has again the only real way to
do it with shopify these days is with
one click upsell and you're going to be
a good a good chunk of your money out by
doing that
so here's how it goes uh you name the
campaign whatever you want
you can select the you know maybe you
only want certain products or certain
so product must match uh you know the
title must be
something or the price must be something
so you can really customize this as much
as you want if you had
multiple products on your store and you
wanted to post purchase
upsell you know based on what they
then you can absolutely do that here
uh manually add items right so you if i
just want to manually select okay if
they buy this
if you want to only do it for certain
countries as well you can do that
continue to the funnel page oh
test test campaign
okay showing you the funnel page
uh you can just build from blank or they
have this default one that you can use
which already comes
set up pretty nicely now again i just
showed you how the funnel builder works
so i'm not going to go through all this
like this is a really nice uh very
standard like one-time
upsell page um you know with your
headline and obviously you could add
or some custom text in here as well and
then you have the
this this comes like after they purchase
before they hit the thank you page right
so they can click add to order and it
will automatikally charge them
without them having to go through the
checkout process again
or they can click no thanks and it'll
just take them to the checkout page
you're not going to hurt your conversion
rate no matter what because they already
went through the checkout process
so this can only help and if you want to
build one from blank
uh then it would just take you into the
to the funnel builder right or if you
wanted to do it
if you wanted to do it firm in here
so element group all this stuff they
have specific
things for it so it's basically like
your thank you page template but you're
going to be able to edit it
as a step before they hit the thank you
page and like i showed you you can use
the one that they have by default if you
wanted to here's the one that was being
used for a little while
and again you can see had the 70
conversion rate
um but it's not being used anymore
because it's just converting really good
selling them on the actual to
on the actual page itself right uh most
people ended up starting to take that
option to just buy two
anyway so that's everything i wanted to
show you with the platform
um i i think it's amazing i you're
getting this template included which i
think is really cool
you have all this built-in functionality
that no other platform really has
that you're going to be able to get with
all these uh you know
to to use with with uh right out of the
basically okay and you can integrate
between the web hooks and zapier you can
integrate with anything you want
email marketing sync you can integrate
with all your major email platforms
it has all the built-in apps that you
need for a
high converting store and at the same
time for your fulfillment partner you
can also
integrate in here you have your
abandoned checkouts um
and your your orders page which i
i'll show you briefly i'll try to blur
some of this out i guess
because i like how their orders page is
set up where you can actually
see everything here and scroll through
all the orders
um you know and you can display many
more than that
it makes it easier to scroll through
orders then then on shopify and anybody
who's had lots of orders on shopify
knows how that is
so i do actually like that as well
here's your csv
fulfillment button where you can
download all your orders
and the cool thing is that right from
dashboard you can build multiple stores
without having to actually open
a whole new store which which shopify is
something that i always found annoying
that like
you have to completely open a new store
and then you'd have to have all these
different tabs
open here you can have this drop down
menu and you can have multiple stores on
one account uh for actually you're going
to see how cheap you can get that in a
multiple stores on one account and you
can just flip back and forth between
um you know right right here okay
so uh for all those reasons like i think
that it's
just absolutely crushing it on on these
areas um
for for drop shippers now the other
thing that i wanted to show you quickly
is is the ads as well right i told you
i'd show the ad so
let's take a look at the ads for this
month which is the data time that we're
looking at on the store
as well this product is a
it's being run worldwide um it's it's a
it's just such a mass appeal product
that there's a lot of there's cbo's you
know after lots and lots of testing of
course and getting
you know lots of purchases well into the
thousands of purchases
it's it's it broad targeting at this
point right there's still some cbo's
that are running like uh
you know the the cbo jump method um
where you duplicate it and you have and
you have multiple
in there um these ones are just getting
warmed up but you can see that there's
just a lot of no targeting
ads running now um on these cbo's that
are working really really well
so let me just show you an example of
the ad right it's just got multiple
copies of the same
ads in here again this is not meant to
be an ads tutorial so
i'm just trying to show you that uh
really all i want to show you in this
is the ad itself so you can get like a
look at a really good ad that's
converting very
so this is this is it here's the style
these hooks save me money and time
uh from not drilling my walls no drill
no holes no glue multi-purpose
waterproof get yours fifty percent off
and it's a really good video right
just showing the picture in use problem
uh solution type of product
showing the problem and now showing the
and they're just showing over and over
again how easy it is to use like it's
very much it grabs your attention it's a
really cool product
uh good video
and then your call to action right
so as you can see this is generating
uh cost per click across the board and
it's not just selling worldwide likes
here's uh this is a test campaign that's
in the united states
here and
on the testing phase right now to
continue finding new audiences
here's a cbo no targeting united states
just basically letting it run wide
getting a really good average
cost per purchase on these so i want to
show you just because again this is
meant to be
one of the things when i was toking
with commerce hq i was like look you
guys you guys know me
when we build this case study together
we build this store it can only ever be
right so you guys get to see here that
the month of april so far
20 598 dollars in spend
right let's just call it twenty thousand
six hundred dollars in spend
now the costs um go back to the
dashboard here so the average order
on this product is 28.80 okay let's just
call it
actually i don't it doesn't even matter
i'll just show you the total
for this month total revenue
from the first to the fifteenth
it's forty four thousand uh let's just
call it forty four thousand two hundred
okay so you have that right
this is our ad cost and then we need our
cogs okay so the average uh
product here uh cost eight dollars
okay so with shipping right it's a
really cheap product obviously you can
tell that just by looking at i mean not
that it's cheap quality but it's it's
cheap cogs because it's small uh it's
mass produced and it's very
light to ship right so shipping two
boxes which is what most people get
which shipping included is an eight
dollar all-in cost to the u.s
so we're just going to use that as our
baseline because that's like the most
expensive that it will ever be in some
cases it'll be cheaper
um so looking at eight dollars there's
been 1466
let me do that my math on my phone real
eight times one four six six is eleven
thousand seven hundred and twenty eight
uh so again let's just use round numbers
and say
seven hundred fifty all right so what we
have here then
is forty four thousand two hundred minus
twenty thousand six hundred plus eleven
thousand seven hundred fifty which
eleven thousand eight hundred and fifty
all right and then if we take that and
divide it by the revenue
we see that that's going to be a 26.8
percent profit margin so
as you are seeing here you are seeing a
legit drop shipping case study that is
showing you
actually a store that is working right
now that is making
enough money right now to provide a real
a real income to people you're not
seeing this kind of content anywhere
else i want to give a major shout out to
commerce hq
uh for working with me on this store and
and for
agreeing that it was good to go
transparent and reveal
all of this stuff um and i want to also
now finish up by
telling you how you can get this deal uh
that i think is something that you're
really really going to like
all right and here is the deal the
commerce hq
special for ecom empires is
going to give you three stores for 99
a month all right now you still get a 14
day free trial okay so you don't
you still get a chance to try it out
right and see how it works
but um as as you know already
all right on the fact that uh you're
getting all your apps
included um you're getting the
product library included there's also
the training
oh let me let me just try to show that
as well really quickly
uh where is there here's your pixels by
the way where you put in your facebook
um dropified integration uh
what am i looking for here oh
the help page okay i want to show you
this because i think this is important
they've actually done a fantastik job
documenting everything you need to know
all right so here's like i mentioned the
tweak themes for developers that want to
build your own templates
here's api for anything you want to
integrate of course contact their
they do have a facebook group for help
and then they have their knowledge base
with artikles or videos whichever one
you want
to basically show you every single thing
you need to know
all right from your listing products
adding products creating collections
mass fulfillment invoicing like look
every single thing in here has a video
on it
uh which i think is just really
top-notch honestly that they went
and created training for every single
piece of how you use their platform
um and i love that and they have really
good support as well
uh so so that that is really really
in here but again you're getting the
three stores for
99. uh so this is something
it's really great for the single the one
product store strategy that i've showed
people like so you can test
multiple stores at once based on you
know finding a couple different products
building a couple one product stores
using the template the template that you
saw the wally hook template
will be already installed in your store
for you in your themes section so that
you can use it
and you'll get those three stores right
now i know you might be saying well like
well shopify is 29
a month but with shopify you are
going to be paying for a lot of extra
apps just you are it
absolutely guaranteed that you will um
you know generally with shopify you're
probably going to end up paying anywhere
in the range of 60 to 90
for a very basic store once your apps
are included
here you don't need all any of that it's
it's all comes included
okay so you are saving money on the
subscription cost
you're getting something more you more
because all your stores are bundled in
one you don't have to open up a new
store each time
you don't have to open up a new shopify
payments account
each time you don't have to worry about
potentially uh getting a new reserve on
each shopify
payments each time or having you know
like so all these things
um are are you know just built
built in and what i love is that one of
the things that's really cool as well
um is when you when you hook up your
payment processing
okay you'll see that they let you
create your custom statement indicator
in there so basically you can hook up
the same stripe account to all your
different stores
and people you don't have to worry about
like oh well it's going to show
something weird on the billing statement
because it won't because they changed
that at the store
level so i think that's really cool
again it goes into this idea of being
able to have three stores and
not need anything else uh you can do the
same thing with paypal right
so i i really like that again you get
the 14 day free trial you're saving
uh you get to integrate directly with
any payment processor you want so you're
saving money there
you get one click upsells built in so
you're saving money there
um like it's it's just really built for
drop shipping these guys aren't making
money on your payment processing right
it's in their best advantage just to
simply give you you know
a really good platform with really good
that you know is going to have your back
is not going to shut down your store
of course i'm not i'm not saying that
you should go out there and try to
promote black hat stuff right
obviously they do have their own terms
of service if you try to be
some kind of scammer and blatantly take
advantage of the platform then you
deserve to be shut down
but i'm toking about the people like me
who are out there just trying to make a
building your drop ship stores selling
products actually providing good
customer service delivering your
products right
um you know but you don't want to have
to worry about shopify shutting your
store down because it presents a level
risk right so you don't ever have to
worry about that again
all you have to do is click here to get
your 14 day
free trial um it'll take you to a very
sign up page full name email address
password and that's it you're signed up
all right
now you're not going to have access to
the product accelerator until you
um until you actually like go in and
you know put in your credit card
information uh so this
is just so you know that this is
unlocked as soon as you do that and the
only reason they do that is because
this is something that they only want
for the serious customers right not the
people who are
going to sign up for a free trial and
then just never even do anything
okay so once you put your credit card
info and you'll get this
access to the accelerator product
and of course you'll have all three
stores out the box with all the
functionality that you need
all ready to go so guys look if you have
any questions please feel free to
to leave them under the video um
you know i'm happy to help with any
questions that you might have i hope
that you
got a good value out of this video
uh and if you are drop shipping you know
this is i've already look as you can see
i made the switch to commerce hq um i'm
i'm working with them
i think it's a really good platform and
again you know so many people
like you you should not be platform
dependent on shopify
or like worshiping shopify yeah of
course they're they're a huge company
now and they have big brands on them but
what's best for your business right
what's best for you with what you're
doing and the way that you're trying to
scale that's what you really need to
start to consider
uh as you're thinking and you no longer
have to just only think shopify is the
only option
or woocommerce like you have a really
good platform here that is actually
built specifically for people who are
drop shipping with all the functionality
you need
packed in to one powerful dashboard
right out of the box
custom ready to go um and and something
that is a platform you can grow and
scale with as well
since you can integrate uh basically
anything that you want to through custom
uh through zapier and also being able to
integrate any merchant processing
solution that you want to as well
any fulfillment partner like there's
really no reason
not to be checking this out not to be
scaling your business with
commerce hq and i'm happy that i got to
do this case study because i know i did
a video
uh back in december toking about drop
shipping without shopify and i it was
just very small case studying
ever since then uh me and commerce hq
have been working on
putting together a new one and so now
you've seen it on a live
store that is that is you know actually
doing very well
and is still in the scaling process and
is something
that you can get that same exact
template i know that's not listed here
but again you will get that template
uh only if you go through my my uh
custom link it is an affiliate link of
um but it's a it's a good deal for you
that i've worked out here right so it's
in your advantage because
i got the deal for your custom template
and i got the deal for you three stores
for 99
instead of one they have customers
paying 99 just for one store because
it's worth it
uh still with everything you get
included right
it's you know it's it's definitely worth
it especially considering the upsell the
post purchase upsell i mean such a such
a game changer honestly that that's
included right out of the box
so anyway that's it for me guys hope you
enjoyed the video
uh go to the link uh so there will be
there will be a link under this video of
course um that will have
the that will have the the link that you
need right let me just pull it up here
really quickly so you know what it is
there it is so it's uh ecom
of course there will be a link with this
video underneath
but um just make sure that i'm showing
everybody as well
hope you all are having an amazing day
evening wherever you are in the world
whatever time it is while you're
watching this i wish you nothing but the
best i am here
uh as always to be the people's champ
that helps you make money with
drop shipping that is my goal that is my
mission i want to see you succeed
use the free content that i've given you
use the case study
use commerce hq in this template and go
out there and
absolutely crush it i wish you all the
best cheers

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