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Dropshipping Women's Handbags: The Ultimate Selection

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Nica Yusay: A Small Business Owner's Journey

Nica Yusay is a small business owner who caters to vintage designer bags. Her love for fashion and thrifting led her to start her business.


- Growing up in a single-parent household, Nica learned to thrift and find great deals.

- She started her business by buying secondhand bags and reselling them.

- Nica is very selective with the bags she sells, ensuring they are authentic and something she loves.

- TikTok helped her business grow, with one video going viral and gaining her more followers.

- Nica is dedicated to her business and spends a lot of time sourcing, photographing, and listing bags on her website.

- She has a strategic approach to her drops, ensuring a variety of bags are available for her customers.

- Nica's ultimate goal is to have a team and a warehouse for her business.

Starting a small business takes dedication and hard work, but with a strategic approach and a love for what you do, it can be successful. Nica Yusay's journey shows that with passion and effort, anything is possible.


- Cherishy Beauty LLC is back with another video about starting a handbag business

- The pandemic forced her to find new ways to make money

- She found success selling designer inspired handbags

- In this video, she shares how she started her business and how others can do the same

How Cherishy Started Her Handbag Business:

- Started selling replica handbags she had in her closet

- Sold them quickly and realized there was a demand

- Found a reputable handbag vendor with a website and fast shipping

- Used Instagram and Facebook to promote her business

- Included a pair of lashes or matching lipstick with each handbag sold

Tips for Starting a Handbag Business:

- Find a reputable handbag vendor with a website and fast shipping

- Use social media to promote your business

- Be transparent about selling designer inspired or replica items

- Offer value-added items with each purchase to increase sales

- Don't let negativity from others discourage you

- Starting a handbag business can be lucrative

- Cherishy Beauty LLC found success by selling designer inspired handbags

- With the right vendor and promotion, anyone can start their own handbag business

- Keep promoting and don't let negativity bring you down.

How I Made Over $725,000 Designing Luxury Bags While Earning An MBA | On The Side

How Will Glory Tanjong Built a Profitable Handbag Business Out of Her Love for Fashion and Desire to Share Black Stories

- Will Glory Tanjong is the founder and CEO of Anima Iris, a luxury handbag brand

- Despite being a full-time MBA student at UPenn's Wharton School of Business, she has managed to build a profitable business

- Anima Iris has brought in over $725,000 in sales since launching in February 2020

- The brand has caught the attention of celebrities like Beyonce, big retailers like Revolve and Nordstrom, and was even seen on Issa Ray's show Insecure

- In this article, we'll explore how Will Glory built her business out of her love for fashion and desire to provide economic opportunities for Africa


- Will Glory didn't have a formal background in fashion but saw an opportunity when friends were always asking about her outfits

- She realized she could make a business out of her love for style and desire to provide economic opportunities for Africa

- Anima Iris' production facility is in Senegal, where the bags are hand-sewn

- Will Glory was born in Cameroon and grew up in Maryland with her two sisters

- Her parents owned a laundromat and juggled various other jobs

- Her family faced economic hardships when she was 14 years old

Financial Independence

- Will Glory promised herself that she would become financially independent

- She worked hard in school and got a job at a skating rink, making minimum wage

- Her hard work paid off, and she earned a full ride to Princeton University

- Unfortunately, during her senior year, her mom passed away from breast cancer

- Will Glory inherited about $50,000 from her mother and saved about $22,000 from her on-campus job and summer internships

- After graduation, she started a full-time job in Atlanta making around $86,000 a year as an operational manager at a manufacturing and supply company

- She was unhappy despite making a lot of money and realized she needed to focus on her mental health

The Birth of Anima Iris

- Will Glory took a leave of absence from her job and returned to Africa to focus on her mental health

- During her trip, she was inspired to start the African Hustle series, a platform that featured interviews with entrepreneurs she met and showcased their work on YouTube and Instagram

- Meeting all these people inspired her, and she drew up a purse and took it to an artisan to be made

- She also designed jewelry but soon decided to focus on handbags

- She used her savings to create 50 purses and set up a website to sell them

- In March 2020, the same week COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, she quit her job and moved to Philadelphia to focus on Anima Iris

Success and Expansion

- Anima Iris received a lot of attention, and Will Glory's purses were featured in Vogue and worn by celebrities

- The brand has generated over $600,000 in sales in 2021 alone, and its biggest month was November of that year

- Will Glory's team has grown, and she now has seven artisans working for her in Senegal

- Anima Iris will be branching out beyond the e-commerce space and will also be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue

- Will Glory's larger goal is to turn Anima Iris into a full lifestyle brand that sells clothes, but most importantly, remains made in Africa

- Will Glory's success story shows that anyone can build a profitable business with hard work and determination

- She leveraged her resources and turned her love for fashion into a successful business that also provides economic opportunities for Africa

- Anima Iris is just the beginning, and Will Glory's goal is to turn it into a full lifestyle brand while remaining true to its roots in Africa.


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. In today's video, I will be discussing branded item suppliers. This video is dedicated to those who are interested in purchasing branded products such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior, Ferragamo, and other luxury brands. Before I get into the details, I want to bring to your attention that selling counterfeit goods is illegal, and if caught, you can face serious consequences. Now, let's dive into the topic.

Reasons for buying replicas or fakes:

- People can't afford the real product but want to look like they can.

- Some people don't want to support rich companies and prefer to buy from local vendors or replicas.

- Some people are against the use of real animal skin or living things in products and prefer replicas with substitutes.

- People want to flex on social media but can't afford the real product.

Difference between a replica and a copy:

A replica is almost identical to the original product, to the point where it's hard to tell the difference. A copy is a fake product that is obviously not the real thing.

Branded item suppliers list:

The list includes suppliers for shoes, bags, watches, clothes, perfumes, and more. The prices range from affordable to expensive, but it's a profitable business for those interested in venturing into it.

How to purchase the list:

To purchase the list, you need to have WeChat as the suppliers are from China. Instructions on how to buy will be in the description box and pinned comment.

In conclusion, buying counterfeit goods is illegal, and it's essential to know the difference between a replica and a copy. The branded item suppliers list is a lucrative business opportunity for those interested, but it's important to purchase from legitimate sources. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.

Printify Quality Review AOP Tote Bag VS Canvas Tote (FULL TUTORIAL & PRICING RECOMMENDATIONS)

Hello and welcome back to my channel! Today's video is a review on Printify.com's tote bags. Printify.com is a print on demand company that brings together hundreds of printers from around the country, integrated with Etsy. You can choose items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, pint glasses, tote bags, and mugs and put your design on them. The item is only made when someone buys it, making it a great option for print on demand.

Tote bags can be a great addition to your Etsy store. You can list them at the same time as your t-shirts and sweatshirts and use the same SEO. The designs that work best for tote bags are gifts for people, such as graduation gifts, gifts for mom, or gifts for different professions like teachers.

The two best options for tote bags on Printify.com are the all-over print tote bag from MWW and the canvas tote from Monster Digital. The all-over print tote bag has three sizes and unlimited color options, making it a great option for more colorful designs. The canvas tote is a more traditional option and is more of what people expect when they order a tote bag.

In terms of quality, both bags are very nice and have great print quality. The all-over print tote bag wins in terms of options, while the canvas tote wins in terms of pricing and shipping times. Overall, both are great options and it depends on what you're looking for in a tote bag.

To price the bags, the small all-over print tote bag can be sold for $22.99, the medium for $24.99, and the large for $26.99. The canvas tote can be sold for anywhere from $18.99 to $23.99.

I hope this review was helpful and that you add lots of tote bags to your store and make a bunch of extra sales this year. Thank you for supporting my channel!

Mary’s Corner! Drop ship bags for men and women by the best brands!

Welcome back to Mary's Corner! I'm Mariana, a dropshipping business coach at Pdroppy. Every Monday, I present to you the products we have selected for your weekly sales. But before we start, I want to announce that we will have a new webinar on Friday featuring the brand Duca di Morone.

- Welcome back to Mary's Corner

- Dropshipping business coach at Pdroppy

- Products selected for weekly sales

- Announcement of new webinar featuring Duca di Morone brand

Bullet points/Numbered List:

- Discount up to 25% on all bags

- Back to school and back to work theme

- High profit margins on backpacks and bags

- 10% discount on select Eastpak backpacks

- Up to 50% discount on men's and women's clothing

- Pierre Carden brand for quick sales

- Love Moschino brand with big discounts

- 41 pages of products available for browsing and selection

- Low subscription fee covered by selling just one item

- Reminder of upcoming webinar on Duca di Morone brand

- Recordings of webinar will be available on Pdroppy's YouTube channel

- Thank you for tuning in and see you next week!


- The author welcomes readers back and introduces the topic of the article, which is a haul of designer jewelry and accessories.

- They use informal language and contractions to create a casual and friendly tone.


- The author describes several items they have acquired, including a Cartier ring, Louis Vuitton bangle, Gucci bangle, and Christian Dior bag.

- They use colloquialisms and interjections to express excitement and enthusiasm about the items.

- The author provides details about each item, such as the presence of diamonds or cubic zirconiums, the material and size of the ring, and the design and branding of the bangles and bag.

- They use transitional phrases and sentence structures to smoothly transition from one item to the next.

Packaging and Accessories:

- The author also describes the packaging and accessories that come with each item, such as dust cloths, change purses, and straps.

- They use bullet points to list the different components of each item's packaging and accessories.

- The author uses idioms and slang to express their appreciation for the details and quality of the packaging and accessories.

- The author encourages readers to engage with the article by leaving comments and sharing their opinions on the items.

- They provide information on how readers can acquire the same items or speak to the plug who provided them.

- The author signs off with a friendly farewell and expression of love towards readers.

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