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dumb ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

World's Funniest Commercials of All Time | Series-1

and there's your beautiful baby any day now, really, you're eating doritos. he's eating doritos at my ultrasound. do you see what i have to do? i know, give me that. [Music], [Music], [Music]. now, this is the house scammer, and not come over here by the slab cover. oh yeah, matt. [Applause]. [Applause] [Music], [Music], [Music]. the english believe it's a slur on your host's food if you don't clear your plate, whereas the chinese feel you're questioning their generosity if you do. at hsbc, we never underestimate the importance of local knowledge, which is why we have local banks staffed by local people in over 80 countries across the globe. [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. hsbc, the world's local bank. [Music]. bye zazu. condoms- fun, sexy, safe. [Music]. chicken of the sea, low-fat, preservative-free. [Music]. fishing has a fractured fibula. given my own saturday, so i could be able to go home tomorrow, daddy's gonna be so excited. [Music] that killed him. dr palmer, dr barbara palmer, dial 452.

Reacting to the MOST ABSURD mobile game ads ever!!

in today's video i'm gonna react to more terrible mobile game ads. we've all seen them and we all hate them. even if you hate them, they're still enjoyable to watch because they're so, so terrible. [Music]. he's cured. the blind man is cured. he was able to see the zombie. what are these ads, man? what are these ads? [Music]. they're just using him as a battering ram. couldn't they have used a rock or something? did they have to use another ant to do that? dude, and what? hold on, if his head is that hard to break open a watermelon, wouldn't those eggs crack if it hit his head? why would the ants just catch the eggs? why do they need this other ant for everything? oh, so now the ant wants to get revenge on them, okay? [Music]. these are ridiculous sound effects. ants don't make these sounds. why do they give life tracks to ants? forgive it, eat it. that is the most confusing thing i've ever read. hold on, hold on, forgive it, eat it. if you're the red ants, you're forgiving the black ant for wanting to steal the meat. okay, you forgive it, but what's with the eating? are you saying: eat the ant or eat the meat? hold on, i'm so confused. if you're the black ant. you can either eat the meat or forgive it. that whole thing didn't make any sense. why is he dancing like that? he's threatening the cashier to give him all his money with dancing. give me all your money or else i'll keep dancing. no, please, i don't want to see more dancing. fine, take the money, take the money. and now they instantly became friends. i like how they both completely forgot about the robbery, as if it never happened. a poor cow. they literally just axed that cow and turn them into slices of meat. [Applause]. [Music]. what, what? an just starts laughing at an ant and then just starts peeing on it. what is wrong with him? i don't blame these ants. i'd be pissed too if someone just peed on me. if you were an ant, what would you do? they should avenge the ant by all working together to pee on the kid. that's what they should do. okay, so they're going to the kids house. [Music]. what are they up to? don't want that. that's a little excessive. boy. what did you do to my house? i'm sorry, dad, all i did was pee on the ants. then the ants grabbed all his friends to work together to knock over the electrical line onto our house and destroy the house. trust me, true story, son. why did you pee on an ant in the first place? i understand trying to try to avenge your aunt's friend. you didn't need to destroy this house. you could have just peed on him. you're all liar. that is a bold statement, my friend. they're all liars. every single one of these mobile game ad developers. calm down. i've downloaded your slots for a week already. you guys say i could hit a jackpot. this guy's really that, but hurt about this app. he downloaded a free app and he didn't get a jackpot. so what? just delete the app from below this video. no, why? we would never falsely advertise our game. we would never fall. yeah, buddy, that that is my exact facial expression too. it is ironic that a mobile game ad is calling out mobile game ads for falsely advertising. well, great, tell me how to download it. i'll give it a try. all right, i've had enough of this ad. moving on, why did he just run up to the screen and just yell: ah yes, the typical. the family is freezing to death, so you need to warm them up. fix the hole first. fix the hole in the wall. gosh, you think this is common sense for these people? yes, just spam the fired up, but just spam it. spam it as much as you can and the house just exploded like that. okay, what was that? life enforcer, unlocked nurse. who is this female? jackie chan? what the heck? [Music] yes, because that's exactly how it works in real life. you confuse three girls together to make the ultimate girl. yes, like what kind of magic, sorcery is this great? another one of these ant videos? okay? [Music]. i like how they make it seem. it's like a wireless, like bluetooth, communication device in their heads to communicate with each other. use my telepathic powers as an ant to communicate. my gosh and the ants are taunting the frog. why, why is this so dumb? [Music]. oh, poor frog, they just killed him. that wasn't very nice. they just killed the frog. oh no, not you too. call of duty, not you too. you're already a popular game. you don't need to stoop down to their level and make a stupid game ad. oh, come on. do they have to say bro, like literally every four milliseconds? okay, i'm gonna get a bro counter in this video. i want to see how many times they say bro in this video. it's honestly way too much bro. [Music] potato chip. what is this? bro, bro, bro, rodeo. bro, i broke a dabro abro, cadabro. really, bro, watch this, bro. this is so cool. bro, bro, bro, shut up. i don't want to hear another stupid bro. god, who made this ad? wait, what are these things? are they just giant grasshoppers? i thought this is a game about zombies, not mutating grasshoppers. this guy's such a simple. he's just going for all the girls in bikinis at this point. yeah, that's what you get for being a sip. that's exactly what you get. what did he just throw his trash at that top? that was unnecessary. he could have just ran away. he didn't have to just chuck his trash at him. yes, because this man was able to just lift his car and block the garage with it. it's easy, right? you can just lift your car, no problem by yourself. yeah, these ads are so realistik, right? i say this in a lot of these zombies ads. why do these people have like a full-blown arsenal in their houses, like i don't understand why he's carrying around all this stuff. thank you, why would you choose the guy with, like a kimbo grenade launchers? what are you doing, guy? okay, i guess that worked. wait, why do these games think you can just fuse stuff together? it turns into a bigger thing like that doesn't? that's not how it works. what the heck is that? yes, that is my reaction too. oh great, another live action mobile game ad. i really don't understand why these are a thing. babe, will you marry me? oh, here comes the mafia boss. between a level 50 mafia boss and a level one crook, who would you be? yes, screw your relationship. i don't want to be with you. i'd rather be with this stranger who i've never met before, but at least he's a level 50 boss in this mobile game. why i don't? what is that premise? [Music]. wow, that is oddly convenient. someone just happened to throw him a case full of money at the perfect moment. [Music]: i shall become the great mafia. i like this really awkward selfie with like a 3d modeled character. the really fake money flying around in the video is a nice touch. well, guys, i think we're going to call that the end of the video. i want you guys to comment down below what you thought was the worst ad in this video. also, if you enjoyed the video, don't forget to like and subscribe. see you next time, guys.

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Cringe TV Commercials

congratulations on your new dixon city hyundai. we've got selections. a thousand cars to choose from. our service can't be beat. bumper to bumper, you can't lose. so when it comes to your next car, we have just one thing to say: get exactly what you want. come to dickson city hyundai, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, everyday, safe, dixon city hyundai style. [Music]. [Music]. get yourself an outfit, denim, boots and pants, and boots and pants, a haircut, new shoe, so get yourself back to school with these tails. this man needs help. his baby mama put him out and he ain't got no furniture. let him have it, boss. ladybug's like this man needs a bed and all he can afford is 69 a month. how are you gonna get another one without a bed? come on, baby. this man needs a tv for his bedroom. all he can afford is 59 a month. you know he got all them. children: 73 inches, baby first. lady buzz like this man needs air conditioning. it's hot on the street and he only can pay 49 a month. i'll cool him down, baby. no money down, no project all the time. [Music]. hey folks, i'm frankie flight. i want you to check out hoot wireless next to subway equipment, highway, right here in moat, to tell your family, friends and neighbors to come in and check us out. check out all our plans. that and much more. hoot wireless, hoop wildlife. come in and check out julio, he'll hook you up right here. wireless wireless. how you doing this is, julio, with wireless. come and check us out. we got anything you need as far as wireless go. wireless. don't forget to check out hoot wireless next to subway equipment, highway right here in montreal wireless. [Music] where's the face? where's the base? the find the base only in north seattle at super stereo warehouse. [Music] whoa, hey guys, welcome to eb games. call of duty, advanced warfare, xbox one copy that. save ten dollars on call of duty for xbox one. [Music] i got short money but i need some wheels. he got easy deals check magnet. he don't sweat a credit rating. [Music] where's jill? she's really lonely and out walking the corn field again. do you think they will ever find us true love not hanging out with us all day? we used to be lonely until we met on farmers only. farmersonlycom is the new online dating site for farmers, ranchers and good old country city folks. just don't get it. hey, joey, i got some stuff. you just gotta try. what is it? pot, you know marijuana? oh well, i don't know one chicken. joey's in a jam. what should he do? uh, cake, get a teacher. excellent. get a pizza, get real, get out. you got it. let's see if joey's that smart. i'm not chicken, you're a turkey. he's right, drug dealers are dorks. don't even tok to him. norman. [Music]. norman chrysler jeep, dodge guarantees the lowest price on any new chrysler jeep or dodge. well, they'll just give you the vehicle. norman chrysler, howdy, y'all this. here's mike down at mike's golf shop where we buy golf. that's right, we buy golf clubs, mike's golf shop. come on over here. we buy golf clubs over mike's golf shop. come on down here. we buy golf clubs. that's right, we buy golf clubs, we buy golf clubs, we buy golf clubs, we buy golf clubs. we buy golf clubs. hey, you might be okay. this line only eats good food. [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] [Music] mayflower buffet. yes, it really is that good. at the corner of third and stiks, it's great. you hungry, you want something to eat? i've got something for you. here you go. whoa, what you want to shove lucky? well, you'll have to impress me. monkey [Music] so lucky, you'll do anything to get one lucky hat. [Music]. [Music]. scream, my name is mark and you can count. [Music]. i am down for variety, so it's nice that mcdonald's now offers a burger of the month. each month, a different delicious burger- yo, it's me. this month it's the double quarter pounder with cheese. a half pound of 100 pure beef piled high on a sesame seed bun. it's all that now. next month we can look forward to a different burger taste. that's happening. what you want is what you get at mcdonald's today. title max got your money, your money, your money, your real money. title match can turn your car title into real money. we're toking one, five, even ten thousand. you're real money. title max gets you real money in 30 minutes or less. all it takes is a car title and id and you're approved. your real money. bring your car title to title max and you too will say: i got my title back with title max. title max got your money, your money, your real money. no, jordash basics [Music]. [Music]. hurry, hurry, mike, wake up. wake it up. that's pretty cool. welcome to sub zero. thanks, that's pretty awesome. is this your first visit here? yeah, it was great for us. how did you hear about sub-zero friends? telling friends is how most people find out about sub-zero. they are true friends. are you ready to see sub-zero in action? yes, yes, we are. sub-zero is unique among ice creams. it's made as if by magic before your very eyes. now let's make something delicious. you get to make the choices. i'll have a large low-fat waffle bowl. next, choose your flavors and mix-ins. ooh, mocha with m m's and peanuts. now the magic begins with liquid nitrogen. 321 degrees below zero. flash freezing is what makes subzero the smoothest and creamiest ice cream on earth. and now that best part, that magical taste that only the science of sub-zero can create. wow, [Music]. it's everything they said it would be. visit the sub-zero in federal way, located between petsmart and best buy. you'll be glad you did. [Music]. oh, [Music]. [Applause]. this punk cd has 36 tunes, man, and i'm telling you they're all great. [Music], romantiks. [Applause]. [Music]. you can only get this cd by calling this 800 number, man, yeah, so call now. oh, [Music]. two cassette tapes for just 21.95. here's how to order. to order punk, call the number on your screen or send 26.95 for two cds or 21.95 for two cassettes, plus 4.95 shipping and handling.


MORE Weird Ad Games

“marge said i should get out of my comfort zone. so i tried this new game and oh boy, am i in the zone”. so back in january i made a video called weird ad games, which basically dissected all the many strange mobile games you could find just from the ads alone. so this video is pretty much a sequel to that, except now there's more. even after how long ago that video was made, mobile ad games appear to have not changed one bit. in fact, it seems that they have gotten worse. everyone knows about these ads and it's rather obvious that pretty much everyone hates them. nonetheless, they seem to still be riding the corpse of the app store and squeeze as much money out of the game as they possibly can before the game dies. so today i want to dive into more of these games and just see how bad they actually are. i will be analyzing these games one by one and also seeing if the ads resemble the finished product at all. you don't have to see the first video i made in order to understand this one, but if you want to see it, there will be a link in the description. so with that out of the way, let's begin looking at more weird ad games. so for our first mobile ad game we'll be playing, let's take a look at count masters, crowd runner 3d, a game that's premise is to grow an army of bleak stikmen to kill other bleak stikmen. with over a quarter of a million ratings, it's tagged as number 14 on the action category of the app store, which is kind of shocking. so basically, this game is like 90 of all modern mobile games on the app store. as you start out as just a mere single person, but by going through these doors to either add or multiply your figure, you can now grow your army to the extreme and survive several obstacles. the main obstacle you'll be seeing is a red army that stands in the way of your progress. if you have a number of soldiers lower than the red army, even if it's by one, then you'll lose. there's also a few other obstacles across the level that also try to kill out your army. there's obstacles like saw blades and spinning saw blades. occasionally there are ramps for your group to jump over, but that's about it. if your army does eventually survive the level, then one of two things will happen: you will either climb up a huge ladder of blocks to see how far you get with your army, or you'll have to end up fighting a huge boss, stikman, that also tries to kill your army. before the fight starts, you have a chance to increase your army by a considerable amount, with the best increase being the skinniest one, though despite that, i ended up managing to click the rarest option anyway, because the arrow is actually not that fast. once you kill the king, you can take over the castle. speaking of the castle, by the way, there's also a second game mode you can play alongside going through the levels: build mode, which basically puts you on an island where you build your civilization of bleak stikman. yay, once you build your castle, you can battle more red army figures, except now you can choose how you multiply your army. i suppose having two game modes makes the game a little bit more unique, but regardless of that, this game is extremely boring, like most of the modern mobile games on the app store. all you do is just run in a straight line in this weird dream world, dodging obstacles and going up weird stairs, and that's it. in the menu, you can also find things like skins, micro transactions and even having the ability to change the color of your figure. you can also turn off ads, but it requires three bucks out of you. not only are there a lot of video ads that like to pop out of nowhere, but there's also a lot of ads at the bottom of your screen advertising games like twerk race 3d. i mean, i guess it's kind of interesting to see how big your army can get as it slowly dies out throughout the level. but yeah, there's nothing really much else to tok about in this game other than the fact that funny bland figures fight other funny bland figures. wow, you can tell i enjoy this game a lot. looking at the app store, it actually seems that other people unironically enjoy this game. this game is really fun and i like that. you can get coins to add more guys to the start of your run and add to your coin love like bro what? what other games do you like? twerk race 3d? so yeah, there's nothing much else to tok about in this game. it's boring, it's generic and it's all around not very good. actually, hang on, you know what? go back to the ad at the bottom of the screen. yeah, that one fine tap to pay llc. justike wants all play by your rules and actually install and play your other crappy games. so, without further ado, let's click twerk race 3d and see where it leads us. so now that i click the ad, it's time to play the sacred title twerk race 3d. according to the description, the game states that twerking is a lot of fun, and a running game with twerking is even more fun. meet twerk race 3d, an exciting runner featuring a fun race where your goal is to build your muscles to become a twerking legend. wow, basically, as you might have guessed by now, in this game you race while twerking in 3d. now, making a downright degenerate game for all the little kitties to enjoy is one thing, but on the other hand, the reviews of this game is just on a whole other level of weirdness. let's take a look at this review written by two. oh, where to begin? this is the greatest- i mean the greatest- game i've ever played. in late eyes upon you. see, to add some context, my wife left me, took my kids and pretty much everything left to my name. so, being depressed, i have been on the lookout for something to soft. my sorrow then came along: twerk race 3d- what? okay? so in order to literally not get killed by youtube, i kind of have to show you just a narrow slice of what this game is, but don't worry, you're not missing out on anything, because it's the exact same game as countmasters. you spawn in all week or whatever, at the start of the straight line. you then proceed to run on a straight line, going through doors that either decrease or increase your stats. you have to constantly dodge obstacles, with the main obstacle being the coronavirus. you see how far the stats go at the end of the level by murdering a random civilian, and then you go into a dance club to kill the final boss by twerking. that's it. this actually might very well be the worst game i've ever played, ever like. i just don't get it. why did real human beings make this? why is it the exact same game as cow masters? why does it have 23 000 reviews and why advertise it like a kids game? there's nothing good about my man twerk race 3d. it's soulless, it's sketchy and it's just a downright awful video game. i'm at a loss for words. there is nothing more to be said. screw this game, get out of my home screen and never come back. so the next game we'll be playing is avori, which is arguably by far the most advertised mobile game, probably in history. it doesn't matter if you're on youtube or literally any mobile game. it has ads. if it has ads, then there will be a pretty good chance that it will tok about avoid. but despite being so publicly exposed, i doubt you have ever played it, which good, by the way, you've done. well, looking at the app store, it appears that this game, despite being shown to millions, only ever has 43 000 ratings, with the game being tagged as number 5 on the strategy section of the app store. the reviews of this game also seem to be really negative, despite the game being a 4.1. but what is this game actually like? well, looking at the ads, it seems that the game is just getting a random nerd to escape this cave thingy, while also getting a lot of gold in the process. the way adds like avori get you to play their game is by purposely failing over and over again, to make viewers say: you are so bad at playing this game. you know what? let me a.

Reacting to the CRINGIEST mobile game ads ever

today i hand pick some of the funniest and worst mobile game ads i have ever seen. [Laughter]. wait, was the jail cell unlocked the whole time? what kind of prison forgets to lock to sell doors? [Music]: okay, first of all, the cell door was unlocked. you didn't need to break it open. you could have just opened the door. second of all, how does this guy have enough strength to be able to truck through and break through the prison bars? also, the l on that block is upside down. and lastly, it's save her, not save them. the grammar is completely incorrect again. and then another shark just flies out of the water to attack him. yeah, i don't think sharks jump out of the water to attack people like that. of course this guy's gonna simple over saving the mermaid. of course he will. wow, this guy's got moves. look, he's doing all these backflips and somersaults just to stab the guy a little much. don't you think he could have just stabbed the guy normally in the back? why did he have to jump off them like that? what is this? a first person shooter? now, you can't just put a modern day sniper scope on an 1800s musket pistol. and these pirates are something else. they're all bleeding green blood. they're not aliens, they're pirates. these guys are terrible assassins. just slide open the door. there's no lock on it, just open it. [Music]. wow, she makes 82 dollars a year and her husband makes 76 in one year. yeah, girl, you better flex to your ex-boyfriend how much money you're making, because you know, i guess 82 is more than zero dollars. most people make more money in a day. okay, so you have to choose a female to marry, either the beautiful or the rich one. [Music]. why would you be opposed to marrying a rich girl? i don't care if she's the ugliest girl on the planet, if she's rich, i mean, what's the harm in that? [Music]. this guy's really upset. this dude's really that upset that he's crying after. there's literally no guy on this planet who'd be upset to be in this position. [Music]. oh, but now when you see the money, you're completely okay with it. this guy is literally the male definition of a gold digger. you have become a viking chief. what is a chife pig snot? ew, what the heck this is so disgusting. what is this? what does this have anything to do with the game? hey, mom, can we get squid game? no, we have squid game at home. squid game at home. this adds copying squid game to the doc. it has the piggy bank, it has the soldiers, it has the uniforms. it even has that little school girl robot thing. why would you fold if you know you're going to lose? if you're going to fold, that's the stupidest decision you can make. you might as well just play out the hand, because if you fold, you automatikally lose. [Music]. he's gonna die, isn't he? [Music]? okay, that was actually kind of funny. i'll give him some credit for that ad. that dude has an arrow stuck up his butt. all right, that was. that was actually kind of funny. what see? i reacted to a video a long time ago where a bunch of zombies fuse themselves into a ball. but no, this is next level. these zombies fuse themselves together to make a giant monster zombie. [Music]. and i love how the army man just hands her a rocket launcher. yeah, you look pretty qualified to handle a weapon. here you go. here's a rocket launcher. barbarians attack, run. damn, i destroyed my buildings. i can only clean up the ruin myself. whoa, there's a gold mine in the room. oh my gosh, that's oddly convenient, isn't it? how did no one, after living there that entire time, spot a gold mine that big. now i can upgrade, dang it. my entire kingdom was destroyed. oh, there happened to be a giant mountain of gold right next to me. pretty nice, bless or dance. [Music]. why didn't you wait for the first girl to give the lord the cake before she started dancing? i mean, isn't it awkward to just show up and then dance out of the blue, out of nowhere, in front of everybody, like what was she thinking? oh, she's gonna screw it up again. i'm calling it right now. okay, that wasn't even that bad. that dude just has anger problems. i mean, he just had a couple of leaves on his hair. it's nothing to get that upset about to throw her in jail. for how did i become a king with a hoe? i'm wondering that too. how do you become a king with a home? that was actually really funny. that was hilarious. uh, arabia, what the hell? well, never mind, this voice actor is so funny. yeah, petroleum, unlock the petroleum tiknology and extract it now. uh, i don't think arabia had that kind of tiknology back then. okay, i thoroughly enjoyed that ad just because of the voice actor. i think this picture right here is absolutely perfect, because it perfectly encompasses what every mobile game added: a giant pile of dog. [Music]. okay, she's gotta be the most unluckiest person in the entire world. lily, you've gotta fight for that last ice cream girl. i mean, that's your own fault. if you really wanted that ice cream, you should have just shoved that boy to the side and, taking it yourself, break the window. obviously, you can use anything to break the window, it doesn't really matter. like, how does the baseball not break the window and lily the hammer the hammer. lily, pick the hammer. [Music]. guy, you've got to be so stupid not to be able to beat that level. oh my gosh, this is so annoying. all right, lady, if you want to get paid, you got to be as obnoxious and loud and annoying as possible for this act. oh my gosh, so annoying and loud. she's like rupturing my eardrum. she's so annoyed, i can't do it anymore. i can't do it anymore. ah, wow, she's lucky. throwing that laundry basket did absolutely nothing to that zombie. why did you even try? okay, was that dive really necessary? you could have just ran in normally. and of course, she just casually accesses her hidden vault of an arsenal of weapons because, you know, any normal person has an arsenal of weapons in their house, right? how many times have you seen a game that looks completely different all the time? literally every single mobile game ad is different than the actual game, including this one. i'm sure this one is too. i know this game looks exactly how you're seeing: amazing graphics, amazing graphics. the game looks like it was made 15 years ago for the ps2, like storyline, and, most of all, it has the perfect balance of enlightenment, adventure strategy, amazing storyline, adventure strategy- and all this stuff in a mobile game. i highly doubt it. yeah, yeah, i see what you're trying to do there. i'm not gonna download it and prove you wrong, because i know you're wrong already. how did she get herself tied up there in the first place? it's not like the zombies know how to tie her up to a ceiling fan. [Music] wow, that trash bin really did a lot of damage, didn't it? [Music] geez, they're running so fast. every single one of them missed with the throwing axe, even though they were like one foot away from the guy. and what are they? on ice or something? they literally slid like 30 feet. [Music] screw those guys. why would you even consider helping the people that kicked you out of their kingdom in the first place? you think those weak guards are going to stop me. no, admittance, are you kidding you? what's this terrible voice? act so bad. fireworks. open fire, gang. don't let the money rings. why do they think it's a good idea to charge directly at some mobsters with fully loaded weapons when you only have a baseball bat? oh, and, apparently, mafia members don't bleed human blood. mafia members bleed pure money when you shoot them. [Music]. ah yes, nothing feels quite at home like steel bars for the window. [Music]. her decision making was so bad that even the baby was questioning them. of course they had to zoom into her butt there. wow, this guy must have incredible strength to be able to take down a zombie with a volleyball. [Music]. what's this? some sort of magical pickaxe? how are you able to make a bed, tile, flooring, lamps, a television with only a pickaxe and some dirt? [Music]. how do you not see the other baby in the box? and it's not like the baby's going anywhere. you think at some point, when they walk out of their front door, they'd see the other baby, ther.

Mobile Game Ads Are Cringe 2

all right, i'm back and we're gonna be looking at some more cringe mobile game ads. you know, i don't know why they're still coming out with these. like i thought after my last video they would learn from their mistakes and stop doing them, but they just won't stop, they just keep making them. so you know, me, me being me, i had to come on and make a video about this. you know, i kind of feel like the ghostbusters right now, or like the cringe busters, because like i gotta bust all this cringe. i just listened to that again and that sounded really weird, but like i didn't mean it that way, it's just i'm coming on this just like stop the cringe, which is kind of funny, because i'm kind of cringy myself, so i don't know how that works. like who says they'll bust the cringe? like what is that even? why do you even say, okay, whatever, you know what, we're just gonna look at this. i'm cringy, these ads are cringy, everybody. let's just pass the cringe around and just there we go. now, everybody has it. now, everyone's immune to it. alright, so we're all safe here. there we go. [Music]. all right, so i guess this guy has to take a piss. really bad, and i gotta make sure he does. like why do i gotta do it? that's his problem. like what am i not his mom? or something i gotta clean up for him and everything, like a clean. like i gotta diaper him up? [Music]. yeah, obviously you failed. like what did you think was gonna happen? like you're cleaning the stalls? like there's no time to clean the stalls, do you not see him? do you not see this guy's face? he's about to like die from pissing himself. i don't know how that works. i mean i think that's i, it's pretty possible, i guess. i mean we just saw it here. but i mean, if he's about to die just pissing his pants, i don't know. like that's not that big of a deal. i mean that's better than dying. like right, i mean i piss in my pants every day at school. i mean, like that's not that weird, right, that's not that we come on, guys. that's, that's not we guys. guys, come on, that's not guys. [Music]. all right, so they're on the bus and this girl falls on this guy's arm. i don't know what world this is. i don't know what world this is because, like that never happens to me. like where is this in real life? and then i get two options: ask for number or push away. you know, i wish i had options like this in real life, like they're so simple and clear. but, like in real life, like i get too many, there's too many choices and i always like pick the wrong one, like if i was in this position, this is what i would do. what's up, baby girl, what you doing tonight, you know me, you know me, i i just you, whoa, whoa, whoa. you got some big, uh, hair, hair, you got some big. um, you know, this is what i mean when i'm like cringe. this is what i'm toking about, that's what this is, that's what i would do, and just saying that right now actually made me kind of uncomfortable, even though i said it myself. [Music]. i never knew anxiety until i played this. what game even is this? it's not even a mobile game. oh, but this dude on the left, look at. oh, my dude, it's like a, he's like a robot, he's a machine. get this dude in the nba. what is going on, did you not see? oh, my. [Music]. oh, is this the real game now? oh, and this dude, your mom. his name is your mom. why is that like? why do i feel like that kid would beat me in any single game in existence. just like, completely like, destroy me. someone named your mom is scary, like i feel. i just feel like that kid right there, your mom, someone named your mom, is just like a roblox legend or something. so we could choose between a teddy bear, a hammer and a banana. like how would those even help? like what would you do? like shove the banana up the faucet? i mean, that actually is not a bad idea, though. like what, if you like shove it up so it like mushes all the water? i don't know, maybe you gotta think outside the box here again. i don't know why he can't just do it himself. like why do i gotta be like in this guy's life right now? like in the bathroom right now? why am i in the bathroom with this guy? like do i have to be everybody's mom right now? you gotta take a piss, just take the piss. you gotta take a shower, just take a shower. i don't gotta be. i don't gotta see it like who wants to play these? like no one wants to watch a grown man take a shower or a piss. like i'm sorry, those games i just don't wanna. do not wanna play? all right, what the hell? whoa, whoa, whoa. what game is this punish? so we got a girl on a ropes. hold up, hold up, hold up. like who would? who would play this? like psychopaths right now. like, yeah, finally, punisher, yes, yes, finally. this is actually kind of scary. who would have fun playing this? like geez, this game must be stopped. it's not even like this game's not even cringe anymore, it's just kind of scary and kind of illegal. now, if you download this game, the fbi will track you down. i'm joking, they won't, but i'm just saying they probably should. [Music]: okay, but why is every game developer obsessed with the color pink right now? like there is no pink in this? like the stone, the pink. where's the pink stone? i can't reach pink stone. is this the pink stone you're toking about? that does not look pink or a stone. i think that's something else. how do you even confuse that with a pink stone? you know, i'm not even surprised anymore. they just put anything on these now. [Music]: alright, so this girl is wanted for 900 000. we could either help her a killer, and this guy decided to help her for 20 levels. i thought this one was like a no-brainer, like i'm taking the 900 000. you got me messed up. nobody wanna know. 20 levels like i'm taking the money. [Music]. what are these games? i just saw a grown man with a suit on dying a well. give him the rubber ducky before he dies. at least that's the least you can do. he's gonna die anyway. he's in the well. just give him the rubber ducky. that's what i would do. let him enjoy his last seconds of his life with the rubber ducky. like, come on, is no one getting the logic? like: am i the only woke person here? step up your game, guys, come on. [Music]. this game is so addicting. i just started and now i'm on level 99.. what game is this? is just the dude walking on the beach like: is this the game of life? because if it is, this game is not that addicting, trust me on that. like i'm still on level three. [Music]. why is this game so hard? i mean it doesn't even look that hard. it just i mean you just put fish in the cake. maybe that's why it's kind of not tasting too good. i don't know about you, but i kind of don't like fish in my cake. like that literally sounds like it makes no sense. [Music]. oh my, you had to ruin it. you had, it was going so well and you just had to bomb them. you just had to bomb them for no reason, like what's your problem? like the little boy in a polar bear, they were just chilling, you know, they were just walking around, just chilling. you had to bomb them. like i want to play this game so i could just fix your mistake. you just did. i mean, i think that's what they want me to do, so i won't fix them. i'll let them die and get bombed that way. that was not my fault, though. i did not bomb the polar bear. i don't know who would bomb a polar bear, whoever this game developer is that wants to bomb a polar bear in the ad. you're messed up, dude. alright, you're messed up. [Music]. what game makes him so addict and his balls? it's the game balls. i remember playing that and it did not make me addict. oh so you gotta hit the blocks with your balls. my balls are putting in work. let's go. that game is not that addicting and this guy's risking his whole life for it, like he's driving and playing it. okay, it's not that, it's not even that crazy. and how would that make someone want to buy it, like they're risking their life for this game. i don't think you should buy the game. [Music] daddy daddy, chill. he has a wife and a kid. you could either escape through the window, continue as nothing happened or pretend you're the mommy. yeah, i don't know how that last one is gonna even work out because, like, i think he knows who his mommy is like. how would you even fake that? like, be like oh.