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duplicate stores shopify plus

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker introduces a tool called Pexgle that allows users to analyze successful Shopify stores and their winning products, ads, and traffic sources. The tool provides insight into a store's traffic by country, its best-selling products, and its top Facebook ads. The speaker recommends using Pexgle to find and copy successful Shopify stores and products. Additionally, the speaker suggests searching for products on Facebook's Watch section and using a Chrome extension called What Runs to determine if a store runs on Shopify. The speaker also provides a link to a list of the top 50 revenue-generating general stores on Shopify. The list was created by an inner circle student and is available for purchase. The speaker encourages viewers to try out Pexgle using its one-week free trial and to take advantage of the information provided to improve their own ads and find better products.

How to Fix Duplicate Product URL's in Shopify

Hey guys, Edmund Pelgan here! Today I wanted to address one of the quirks of Shopify that can cause duplicate URLs for the same product pages. Let's dive in:

- Shopify can create duplicate URLs for the same product pages.

- This can cause Google to waste resources crawling through unnecessary pages.


- If you navigate to the boys' shoes category, the URL is collections/boys-shoes.

- But if you select a specific sandal, the URL becomes collections/boys-shoes/products/sandal-name.

- This long and convoluted URL is not the ultimate product URL.

- Products can exist in multiple categories, so Shopify generates a single canonical URL for each product page.

- The issue is that without addressing this, you can end up with thousands of duplicate URLs that Google must crawl through, adding complexity and wasting resources.

Google Search Console:

- On a website where the issue has been addressed, Google Search Console shows a smaller subset of URLs to crawl.

- On a website where the issue hasn't been addressed, Google Search Console shows 716 URLs that Google has determined aren't worth indexing or have a proper canonical tag pointing elsewhere.

- To avoid duplicate URLs and unnecessary crawling, it's best to address this issue before launching a site or uploading thousands of products.

- There is a small code fix that can be implemented, and additional resources are available to explain this further.

Thanks for reading!

Clone or Duplicate Successful Shopify Store | Clone Shopify Dropshipping Store By Page Builder APP

Hi, thanks for checking out this video! In this tutorial, we will explore how to clone or duplicate a successful Shopify store from the internet. If you want to start a Shopify store and found a successful story in your niche, we will show you how to clone it and make a similar store with the products and maybe change the text, colors, or images to launch a different brand.

- Cloning a successful Shopify store from the internet


1. Find a successful Shopify store in your niche

- Analyze the design and check if it's made with Shopify

- Use the Shopify theme detector chrome extension

- Check the source code to see if it's made with a page builder app

2. Identify the related app

- Analyze the design to see what app was used

- Hire an expert to analyze the design for you

- Choose a Shopify theme like Debutify or a premium theme like Turbo to achieve the design

- Use an external app like Page Fly or Jam Pages or do it with custom code

3. Install the necessary apps

- Install Page Fly, Looks, and Debutify theme

- Choose a plan for Page Fly

4. Do the design using Page Fly builder

- Set up the color for the header and footer

- Use the two-column layout to add an image on the left and a section on the right

- Add a background image to the section

- Add a paragraph and a button that redirects to the collection page

By following these steps, you can easily clone or duplicate a successful Shopify store from the internet and create a similar store with your products and branding. Remember to analyze the design, identify the related app, and use the Page Fly builder to do the design. Good luck with your new Shopify store!

Facebook Ad Duplication (Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling for Shopify Stores)

In this article, we will discuss the importance of testing and tweaking your Facebook campaigns to increase their effectiveness. We will also cover the process of finding profitable interests and how to create successful campaigns.

Testing and Tweaking:

- Always test and tweak your campaigns to increase their effectiveness.

- Try different interests, ad copies, and targeting options to find the best combination for your audience.

- Use Facebook's Ad Manager to monitor your campaign's performance and adjust as needed.

Finding Profitable Interests:

- Look for interests that are relevant to your product or service.

- Test multiple interests to see which ones perform the best.

- Use Facebook's Audience Insights tool to find new interests to target.

Creating Successful Campaigns:

- Define your campaign goals and target audience.

- Use eye-catching ad images and compelling copy to attract attention.

- Test and tweak your campaigns to find the best combination for your audience.

By testing and tweaking your Facebook campaigns, finding profitable interests, and creating successful campaigns, you can increase your audience reach and achieve your marketing goals. Remember to always monitor your campaigns' performance and adjust as needed to ensure their continued success.

How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

Hey, what's up guys, it's Online Mine 24/7, and today we're going to be talking about how to find successful Shopify stores and copy them.

How to Find Successful Shopify Stores:

- Utilize the website my IP dot ms

- Enter the IP address of Shopify Inc (23 2 27 3 8 0) in the search bar

- Click on Other Sites on IP button to see the list of top stores

- Analyze the top stores' tactics and strategies

- Look at their layouts and overall store design

- Check out their bestseller lists to see what products are most popular

- Search for stores within a specific niche by typing in relevant keywords

Examples of Successful Stores:

- Colourpop, Fashion Nova, Allbirds, Jim Shark, The PI Hut, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Movement Watches, Shop Logan Paul, Fifty-Fifty Bottles, MNML, King Ice, City Social, Maverick by Logan Paul, Shop KC Nice, Tattered Dress Boutique, and Bow.

- Influencer brands and fitness and beauty products are among the top-selling categories

- Colorpop, for example, offers beauty products at affordable prices

How to Use Successful Stores' Tactics:

- Utilize email pop-ups with incentives

- Offer affordable prices

- Focus on specific niches

- Use Facebook ads to drive traffic

- Analyze bestseller lists to see what products are popular

- Utilize dropshipping to save on inventory costs

By analyzing successful Shopify stores, you can learn valuable tactics and strategies to apply to your own store. Use websites like my IP dot ms to find the top stores and analyze their layouts, products, and marketing strategies. Utilize email pop-ups, affordable prices, and specific niches to attract customers. With these tips, you can increase your chances of success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Multi-brand Solutions for Enterprise Brands on Shopify Plus w/Escalade Sports

Hello everyone, and welcome to today's webinar on multi-brand solutions for enterprise brands with Escalade Sports. My name is Betsy Petrovic, and I'm the marketing manager here at CQL, and I'll be your host and moderator for today's discussion.

We have a great group of panelists today coming from Escalade Sports, CQL, and Shopify, and they look forward to sharing their hands-on experience of migrating and supporting 11 websites on Shopify Plus.

During today's webinar, if you have any questions, please submit them through our Q&A at the bottom, and our panelists will be happy to answer them in the last 10 to 15 minutes of our discussion.

Lastly, we are giving away an Escalade Sports portable foaling set, which is a fun mashup game between football and bowling and is Escalade's 11th brand on Shopify Plus that recently launched. We'll be doing our drawing just before we begin our Q&A.

So, less than two years ago, back in 2020, Escalade Sports was faced with a big question: how do we maintain, manage, and go to market with dozens of brands on legacy custom tools? Fast forward to today, Shopify Plus has unified 11 Escalade brands under one framework, allowing for scalability, unique brand design, site customizations, and marketing ownership of content for future business growth.

With the first brand launch of Onyx alone, Escalade Sports saw the promise within Shopify Plus. They had 139% sales growth, and their conversions tripled.

Now, let me introduce our panelists for today's discussion. First, we have Emily Patton, the e-commerce manager for Escalade Sports, who oversees all e-commerce and digital marketing for the brand. Next, we have Ryan Donahue, our client success manager at CQL, who leads our team of industry professionals in the design, development, and implementation of world-class e-commerce solutions. Lastly, from Shopify, we have Keaton Ross and Anthony Gavaya, our merchant success managers.

We'll be discussing Escalade Sports' experience with migrating and supporting their 11 websites on Shopify Plus, as well as their brand refresh process. Thank you for joining us, and let's get started!

The Perfect Shopify Dropshipping Website (Copy This Store)

In this article, we will summarize various topics and phrases that have been mentioned. From zombie days to preparing for Halloween, we will cover it all. Additionally, we will use idioms, colloquialisms, and transitional phrases to make the article more engaging.

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In conclusion, we have covered a variety of topics from zombie days to weather forecasts. We used idioms, colloquialisms, and transitional phrases to make the article more engaging. From the Sword of premium Ulysses external to Infinity Switch accounts, we have covered a wide range of topics.

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