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Duplicating Ad Sets in Facebook: The Good & The Bad... and the Ugly #facebookads

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

Duplicating ad sets on Facebook is a common practice used by many advertisers. This allows them to quickly create new ad sets with similar targeting and settings to existing ones. However, there are both good and bad aspects of duplicating ad sets that advertisers should be aware of. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of duplicating ad sets on Facebook.

The Good:

1. Saves time: Duplicating ad sets can save advertisers time by quickly creating new ad sets with similar settings to existing ones.

2. Consistency: Duplicating ad sets ensures consistency in targeting and settings across multiple campaigns.

3. Testing: Advertisers can use duplicate ad sets to test different ad creatives or targeting without affecting the performance of the original ad set.

4. Easy optimization: Duplicate ad sets can be optimized for better performance by tweaking the settings or ad creatives without affecting the original ad set.

The Bad:

1. Increased competition: Duplicating ad sets may increase competition for the same target audience, leading to higher ad costs.

2. Confusion: Too many duplicate ad sets can lead to confusion and difficulty in managing campaigns.

3. Ad fatigue: Duplicate ad sets with the same ad creatives may lead to ad fatigue among the target audience, resulting in lower engagement and conversion rates.

4. Cannibalization: Duplicating ad sets may lead to cannibalization of ad spend and lower overall ROI.

The Ugly:

1. Violation of Facebook policies: Duplicating ad sets excessively or for fraudulent purposes may violate Facebook policies and result in ad account suspension.

2. Wasted budget: Duplicate ad sets with poor performance may waste ad budget that could have been allocated to better performing campaigns.

3. Damage to brand reputation: Poorly executed duplicate ad sets may damage brand reputation among the target audience.

Duplicating ad sets on Facebook can be a useful tool for advertisers, but it should be used with caution. Advertisers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks before duplicating ad sets and make sure to avoid violating Facebook policies or damaging brand reputation. By understanding the good, the bad, and the ugly of duplicating ad sets, advertisers can optimize their campaigns and achieve better results.

Duplicating Ad Sets in Facebook: The Good & The Bad... and the Ugly #facebookads

Duping Ad Sets in Facebook: Is it Worth it?

Duping ad sets in Facebook is a highly contested topic of conversation among experts all over the world. Some say it works, while others say it's a bad idea. But what does it really entail and what do you need to know before deciding to do it?

Theory behind Duping Ad Sets:

Duping ad sets involves copying your ads within an ad set to reach different pockets of your audience. The idea is to spend the same money in four or five different times and try to scale. However, this can only take your account from $600 to $1000 or from $1500 to $2000 but it won't get you to $20,000 a day. It has diminishing returns and can result in negative experiences for your audience, lower estimated action rates, and increasing CPMs and CPAs.

Why it Works:

It works initially because it increases your reach without deprecating your estimated action rate and keeping your budget low against any individual ad. However, it limits your ability to see stability at a larger level and makes it harder to understand what goes wrong.

Short-Term Win vs Long-Term Success:

Duping ad sets can give short-term wins but it's not a scalable solution for long-term success. If your goal is to get from $500 to $800 a day, duplicating ad sets over and over again can work. However, if your goal is to get to $8000 a day or build a seven-figure business, it's not the way to go.

Duping ad sets in Facebook may work initially but it has diminishing returns and can result in negative experiences for your audience. It's not a scalable solution for long-term success and can limit your ability to see stability at a larger level. Decide what success looks like for you and whether you want a short-term win or long-term success.

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