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E-Bike Dropshipping: Streamline Your Sales

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

- Welcome to another video about dropshipping

- We had to take down our last video due to complaints

- We're focusing on different niches, starting with electric bikes and scooters

- We'll show more content in each video and provide links for more information

- Google Shopping is where most dropshipping products are advertised

- Electric bikes and scooters are a great niche to get into

Finding Products:

- Use Google Shopping to search for electric bikes and scooters

- Look at the list of websites provided and check for brands and products

- Look for smaller companies and check for contact information and company size

- Take as much information as possible and differentiate yourself from the competition

Google Trends:

- Use Google Trends to see the popularity of electric bikes and scooters over time

- Expect a seasonal dip in popularity, but overall growth in the industry

- Use this information to prepare for the upcoming season and target your marketing accordingly

Additional Services:

- We offer website development, graphic design, and branding services

- We'll work with you to build a website and brand that stands out from the competition

- We'll show you how to manage and maintain your website once it's set up

- Focus on smaller companies and differentiate yourself from the competition

- Use Google Trends to prepare for the upcoming season

- Take advantage of our additional services to build a better website and brand

- Thank you for watching, and we hope you have a great day.

How I’m Dropshipping Electric Scooters On Shopify

In this video, the speaker talks about dropshipping electric scooters, specifically the Hover-1 scooter, which is sold through Walmart. They explain that finding a supplier for electric scooters in China was difficult due to the high cost of good quality batteries, but they were able to find a solution through Walmart's two-day delivery and easy return process. They made a Shopify website selling the scooter for $398, with a profit of $200 per sale. The speaker plans to market the product through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, influencers, and Google Ads. They also mention the opportunity to earn through Walmart's affiliate program and offer to create an electric scooter website for those who join their course. The video ends with the message that what we get in life is what we work for, not what we wish for.

How to Start Your Own Ebike Business in 2021

Starting an e-bike business can be a great opportunity, but there are different ways to enter the market. In this article, we will discuss the four different ways to get into the e-bike industry and their pros and cons.

Four ways to get into the e-bike industry:

1. Dealer or Distributor:

- Can be a dealer for a single or multiple brands

- Can have a retail store, online store, or both

- Drop shipping can also be considered under this category

- Downside is carrying inventory and providing support to customers

- Requires capital upfront

2. OEM Manufacturer:

- Making your own product

- Requires capital for prototypes, designing, engineering, and manufacturing

- Need an engineering background or someone on your team with it

- Unique idea is necessary

- Capital intensive

3. Acquisition:

- Buying an existing e-bike business

- Requires capital upfront

- Hard to find e-bike companies available for acquisition

4. Service:

- High demand for trained professional bike mechanics

- Fast-growing market segment

- Low investment upfront

- Technical skills required, but can be learned with assistance

- Assistance available to start a service-based business

Starting an e-bike business can be a great opportunity, but it's important to consider the different ways to enter the market and their pros and cons. Dealership and OEM manufacturing require significant capital upfront, while acquisition can be challenging to find. The service sector is a fast-growing market segment with low investment upfront and assistance available to start.

Watch This Before You Buy an Electric Bike

Hey everyone, it's Nate here. After watching a video by David Brand New about a company that used fake photos and names, I started looking into other companies in the e-bike world that may be doing the same thing. In this article, I'll be discussing my findings and why it's important for companies to be genuine and authentic.

Fake Photos and Names:

- EU wise website (euybike.com) used fake names for their CEO and CFO, as well as models for their photos.

- Eng Wii Bike on Amazon also used stock photos and a strange story about their founding.

- Hey Pike also used models for their founders and a strange story about a life-changing epiphany.

- Polerna e-bike also used strange wording on their website about being cool among young Americans.

Why Authenticity Matters:

- Companies that aren't authentic may reflect that in their product and customer service.

- EUI Bicycle Company was the most genuine statement, admitting to manufacturing for other e-bike brands before starting their own.

- These companies are in it for the cash grab, but it's important for consumers to do their own research before buying.

It's important for companies to be genuine and authentic, as it can affect the quality of their product and customer service. Consumers should do their own research before buying, and be wary of companies that use fake names and photos.

How to Start an Ebike Business

How to Start an E-Bike Business: Tips and Advice

With the growing popularity of e-bikes, more and more people are interested in starting their own e-bike business. However, starting a business is never easy, and starting an e-bike business is no exception. In this article, we will share some tips and advice on how to start an e-bike business.


1. Write a business plan: Just like any other business, you need a solid business plan for your e-bike business. This includes financial projections, marketing strategies, and an overall vision for your business.

2. Have enough capital: Starting an e-bike business requires a significant amount of capital. You need to have enough money to cover expenses such as rent, inventory, and employees. It's recommended to have at least two years of expenses saved up before starting your business.

3. Know your product: To succeed in the e-bike business, you need to know your product inside and out. This includes knowing the different models, colors, and technical specifications of the bikes.

4. Learn how to fix bikes: As the owner of an e-bike business, you need to know how to fix the bikes. This will save you money on labor costs and help you troubleshoot any issues that arise.

5. Be patient with suppliers: Suppliers are a critical part of your e-bike business, and you need to be patient with them. They may not always deliver on time or have the exact product you need, so it's important to have a good relationship with them.

6. Be nice to your customers: Customer service is essential in any business, and the e-bike business is no exception. Be friendly and helpful to your customers, and they will be more likely to recommend your business to others.

7. Consider starting with rentals: Starting with rentals is a good way to test the waters of the e-bike business. It can help you generate income and fund your business before you commit to buying inventory.

Starting an e-bike business is not easy, but with the right planning and resources, it can be a successful venture. Remember to write a solid business plan, have enough capital, know your product, learn how to fix bikes, be patient with suppliers, be nice to your customers, and consider starting with rentals. Good luck with your e-bike business!

BTN Bicycles: 2019 New eBike Business, Generic eBike drop-shipping, white Label eBike for rebranding

At Interbike 2018, the author meets Kevin, the founder of BTN, a company that provides electric bikes with a specific brand name for online and in-store retailers.

Features of BTN:

- BTN provides bicycles to have a brand name put on it from a specific electric bike retailer.

- The company has stock in the US and California.

- The bicycles have no logo, so retailers can put their own sticker logo on the bikes.

- BTN handles service for the bicycles at their warehouse in Las Vegas.

Designs and Prices:

- The retail price for the customer of one of BTN's higher end bikes is about $2400.

- The motor on the bike has 1000 watts and the battery pack has 52 bells.

- BTN has other designs besides the fat tire bike, including a folding bike and a dual motor bike.

BTN is a company that offers retailers the opportunity to put their brand name on electric bikes, with stock available in the US and California and service provided at their Las Vegas warehouse. The bikes come without logos, allowing for customization, and range in price with a variety of designs available.

I Found the Weirdest Yet Great eBike on Alibaba

- Conducted a poll on the channel about owning e-bikes

- Many viewers are still procrastinating on the purchase

- Recommends starting with a cheaper option

Best E-Bikes for Upgrading:

- Asked viewers about the best e-bike for upgrading in the last video

- Viewers agreed that the Super 73r series has great potential for upgrading but is expensive

- Saron bike is also mentioned but has limited customizability

- Recommends searching for e-bike frames on Alibaba for customization options

- Introduces a complete e-bike on Alibaba for only $600 with great potential for modification

Features of Alibaba E-Bike:

- Small frame and 20-inch wheels

- Full suspension with a lot of travel

- Spacious area in the middle of the frame for different battery and controller options

Building an Epic E-Bike:

- Suggests putting a 3,000 watt direct drive hub motor in the rear wheel and a mid drive on the Alibaba e-bike

- Emphasizes that weird and funky looking e-bikes often make the best ones

Expanding the E-Bike Community:

- Thinking about starting a Patreon for the channel with a dedicated Discord or Telegram group chat for e-bike enthusiasts

- Viewers can ask questions, post their builds, share insights, and potentially organize group rides

- Also mentions potentially highlighting custom builds on the channel

- Directly supporting the channel by joining the Patreon

- Appreciates likes and subscriptions on the video

- Excited for next video on using mid drive and hub motor together

- Encourages viewers to join the e-bike community through the Patreon

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