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[Earn $1,000/Mo] How To Make Passive Income Online With No Money

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

[Earn $1,000/Mo] How To Make Passive Income Online With No Money

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[Earn $1,000/Mo] How To Make Passive Income Online With No Money

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is Grace I'm also
known as lil mama and I'm from the blog
worked anywhere now calm in this video
today I'm gonna show you how to make
passive online income with no money and
you can even make a thousand dollars per
month doing this from home so let's get
started right now
so before I show you the method I just
want to let you know that this is just
one of a few methods that you can earn
passive online income on the Internet
but if you want to do it my way the way
I've been doing it you can check out the
link that is on the top corner here on
my youtube channel since you're on my
youtube channel I just want to point
that out and it's what I've been doing
since 2016 okay and if you want to check
out what the business model as you could
just view this video right here on my
front channel on my home page of my
youtube channel okay so in today's
method how you can build passive online
income meaning you could earn over and
over again from this one-time work that
you put in so this is the platform I'm
going to show you and there's going to
be two ways to earn on this platform
okay so I'm going to go over the first
way and then I'm going to show you the
second way this is udemy calm and you
can build your own courses on here and
sell it to anybody that goes on this
platform so an advantage of using you to
me is because this is a marketplace
already meaning this is a known place
for people to come and buy courses to
learn so because it's already a
marketplace where you can get organic
traffic to your course and many people
are doing it here so if you take a look
at the categories of courses that you
can make on here is incredible it's any
knowledge that you have that you feel
can package into a digital basically
just a few videos or some spreadsheets
or something other Google sheets or
Google Docs you could use all these
online free tools to make your course
and you can literally just use your
phone to record the videos and so this
is how you can build your course for
free and most people already have a
laptop so you can even use the camera
that's on your laptop or a webcam if you
already have a webcam so these are tools
that people already have around them so
you don't have to spend money to build a
course especially on a platform like you
to me calm so you to me is
is free to join and you only pay fees
when you sell the courses okay
this entire platform needs creators and
course owners like yourself to be
selling on here or else they won't have
any content right to have any courses to
sell to anybody so this is why it's free
to sign up and you don't want to pay a
small fee if you sell your courses so
let's take a look at some of the cameras
that are on here don't feel that you
don't know anything because everybody
who is an adult should be able to teach
somebody something okay
there's many many different topics even
lifestyle is many topics that you can
pick from drawing sketching I mean so
many things food and beverage there's so
many things here so many topics gaming
you can teach people how to play games
okay you could teach people how to play
games and you can make money doing a
course like that if you know how to do
games so there aren't literally so many
things that you can do on here and you
can be 13 plus to be selling on here
selling courses on here if you can make
your course so that people can learn
from you then it doesn't matter what age
you are
I know because like if you are literally
wanting to sell a course on gaming you
can definitely do that okay if you look
at the gaming here and see what you can
put together and sell to other teenagers
or other people who are interested in
gaming okay so there is definitely no
age limit in a sense that if you're 13
you can put a course on here and sell so
let's look at some of the courses that
are in here so like this one is a dog
training course you can see that this
person has already sold 16,000 courses
of this course to that many students and
so if you calculate sixteen times
sixteen thousand that is about two
hundred fifty six thousand and sales now
of course this is not going be
everything that the course owner gets
because he'll only get a percentage so
I'm going to tok about how much you
will get as a
horse owner and course creator but I
just wanna let you see all the different
types of courses that are out here so
there's one on travel travel writing
there's so many different types of
travel courses that are available here
as well how to stop binging I mean look
at this guys look at this how to stop
binging there is a course on how to stop
binging I mean if that's a look this is
what I'm being about so many different
types of courses that you can put on
here and people are gonna buy this
there's still 1,400 people buying this
at a hundred bucks per pop so the
courses here aren't limited to all the
low prices you see on the front page
it's definitely not okay
so as you can see you are not going to
also just put one course up if you put
one course up that means you can put
more courses up so the more courses you
can put up the more you can earn right
so if you could put up a course that has
a higher amount that you can sell at it
would be even better for you right and
you can see like in this course so if
you don't have an idea of how to even
put together a course all you gotta do
is study other people's courses and you
could just you know do the same thing I
mean you're not going to copy every
single one other content I'm not telling
you to copy the course I'm just telling
you to copy or you know get some
inspiration on the outline that they're
using and what kind of topics they're
toking about if you're interested in
making one of these was this natural
beauty type course you can kind of
follow what this person is doing and
she's selling or hit
yeah she's selling pretty well on here
she's got 3,000 students you know and
she just last updated last November
so in this green here I want to show you
how much you can earn so if you're able
to sell the course yourself meaning
through your own coupon or own link that
you give out to other people then you
get ninety seven percent of the revenue
basically everything right and
and they're just going to charge you
like a processing fee 3% or 4% in Japan
so this platform is obviously worldwide
as you can see but I'm not sure which
countries are if there's any restricted
country so case but it is worldwide as
you can see right there
so obviously if you sell it yourself
that is gonna be the biggest profit that
you can earn so if you allow just the
marketplace to see if they can sell for
you then you only earn 50% it's
definitely more advantageous when you
sell it yourself because you want to see
you want to get people who you kind of
know or who you're marketing to if
people see you marketing it and they get
to know you you you'll likely get a
higher rating off of for your course as
well as they review it and then another
trick that people do is give up coupons
to give away the course for free in
exchange for a free review you know so
you could kind of make your course have
some kind of review in the beginning by
just giving it out with a free coupon
basically to give out your course for it
for a few people so that they could give
you some good ratings and to start with
so the other child that your course can
be sold on is through affiliates so they
are and advertising so udemy advertises
their own platform and then they also
use affiliates to to sell the courses so
if your instructor you only earn 25% if
your course is sold through these other
channels okay so really there is that
second opportunity to earn from you to
me if you don't want to create your own
course you could just become an
affiliate for udemy so this is a fillip
marketing something that I do and I
actually am a failure an affiliate of
udemy and I've earned from the program
before and but lately their program now
the commission rate is only 15% so it's
gotten lower from when I started using
them so it's just not as lucrative as
15% though is still higher than a lot of
physical products that you can be
promoting so physical products are
usually below 5%
this is still at 15% which is still
decent when you don't even do anything
you're just driving traffic to you to me
right so that is another way to earn
from you to me and if you're really
interested in the Philip marching side
of things and not wanting to create your
own course then it's best to use a
training like this platform it's the
same training that I've used myself for
my website work anywhere now calm this
is the training that I used to build my
website and this website has made me a
super affiliate with their training so
this platform is free to start but
you've got to know that you need the
Premium Membership to get all the
training ok so the free membership is
for you to kind of check out you know
get a free website to start with you can
check out the lessons to see if you like
it and then if you want to further than
you upgrade to you premium and when you
upgrade to premium you get me as your
free coach on the platform if you use my
link of course which is work anywhere in
out.com for /team little mama you will
get all my bonuses if you sign up with
me and I will show you all the bonuses
on your profile when you set up your
free account so of course if you're
gonna learn a fillip marketing it's
another way for you to earn passive
online income and this is something that
I am very passionate about what I do
online and so that this is something
that you may want to check out and
something that I've been earning a
full-time online income from of course
my income disclaimer is that my results
are not typical and your results may
and my full income disclaimer is in the
video description okay so I hope you
would check this out and see if you
could either create a course or just be
an affiliate of udemy or other products
many many products that you can do with
affiliate marketing but of course then
you need to properly get trained to be
an affiliate marketer and I wish that
you would try out the training that I've
tried which is what the affiliate using
my link work anywhere now calm for a
/team little
and then I will be there to help you
with your online journey and hopefully
you will find the same success that I
have and I wish you all the luck so I
hope you like this video guys if you did
please give me a big thumbs up
underneath this video if you haven't
already please subscribe to my channel
so you can learn more ways to make money
online guys and don't forget to hit that
notification bell so you can see when my
next video comes out okay so I hope you
have a great day guys and make big money
okay I'll see you on the next one bye

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