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Earn Free Weekly PayPal Money Fast By Drawing Boxes & Shapes

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

Earn Free Weekly PayPal Money Fast By Drawing Boxes & Shapes

Earn Free Weekly PayPal Money Fast By Drawing Boxes & Shapes

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is grace i'm also
known as little mama and i'm from the
blog work anywhere now.com
and in this video today i'm going to
show you how to earn money
earn paypal money by drawing boxes
around objects okay it's gonna be very
easy and very fun so let's check it out
okay i'm back today now today's method
is gonna be
helping machines learn how humans see
things so it's going to be pretty fun
doing these little tasks to help them
okay but
you know not everybody may want to do
something like this so
if you find that this method doesn't
work for you check out the second link
in the video description
it's going to be a program that will
teach you some online skills that can
make you a lot more
money than what i'm going to be showing
you today so it's also
a method that i've been using since 2016
so check that out and i hope you follow
my path and
you know more than 75 of you don't
subscribe so make sure you hit that free
badge and subscribe to my channel
and give me a big big thumbs up
underneath this
video if you find this video valuable to
you okay
so i really appreciate your help in this
so let's get started the first site is
at remotetasks.com
so this is remo tasks where you can help
different companies who are in the
tiknology field
who are going to be in the machine
sector of the industry and what they're
trying to do is
train ai basically train artificial
intelligence to
kind of read what we see
or see or have a.i kind of learn how we
things so what that means is that it
us to identify things for for the
machine so that the machines can learn
what is what okay so i'm going to
explain a little more as we go down
so make money doing tasks start earning
money from
home and so let's take a look at
how it works so this is what you're
going to be doing you're going to be
images you could transcribe audio
you can moderate content and
you can basically have many interesting
for you to do so english fluency is the
only requirement here
so as long as basically you have paypal
access to paypal then you'll be able to
work on the site
i believe this site is 18 over but i'm
not sure
so you need to do your own due diligence
here okay so what you're going to do
is sign up sign up easily just connect
to facebook
learn get certified in all sorts of
tasks categories
and then do the tasks and categories
you've unlocked
so there are levels that you can kind of
up towards and get more work as you keep
so you're going to earn money and this
is how you're going to get paid fast
um you're going to get paid fast by
because this is going to pay weekly into
your paypal
so you could earn quite fast here on
this website
so let's take a look at the fun tasks
that you will be doing
okay you're literally just like drawing
around images okay so
draw bounding boxes around various
objects to help determine
what's where and then 3d so anatomic 3d
from litter and radar sensors to help
self-driving cars move forward
and then ocr transcription transcribe
important content from images
of documents and menus categorization
you can identify keywords that describe
what's in an image
what's in an image or text so
like machine needs to learn you know how
see this as a coat with blue you know
it's a blue coat
and what material it is and so forth and
in comparison
you could draw bounding boxes around
various objects to help determine what's
data collection search the web and
collect data about anything
so this is a variety of things that you
can do here
and many people from all over the world
have been trying this
this is some faqs here this partikular
one you're not gonna be earning
like tons of money here because each
little task is just gonna be like a few
but you know you do a bunch of them and
then you get
it gets accumulated so you're kind of
earning some pocket change every single
week kind of thing
so it's kind of fun to do so you can
check out more information
right here on the website okay
so the other one i was going to show is
called spare five
at spare5.com forward slash fives
so if you just want to spare5.com it's
going to be
the front end of the home page and
that's not for you guys you need to go
slash fives to get to this page okay
so earn money in your spare time with
our free web and mobile apps
so this is going to be kind of like
machine learning as well
because these are the fun
things you're going to be doing okay we
have a variety of tasks
but most of them focus on deriving the
meaning of
or providing human insight into audio
video or image files so you could assess
language tell us about the tone the
contents or attitudes of a conversation
or simply the contents of an audio file
so not just like a transcription but you
also can explain to the machines
like what's going on you know with with
how we use tone and what we mean by
contexts and then you could do and i'll
you could do annotate images drawing
bounding boxes around various elements
in an image and describe what's where in
a in a photo
and then you could do isolate elements
and what you're doing here is that
you're going to find the edges of the of
the object
and like this shirt for instance a
wouldn't know where the shirt is right
so if you draw this outline for them
it'd be easier for them to learn and
then just providing keywords
keywords are just one or two word
phrases that describe a picture so
this is gonna be more for algorithms
to learn what a photo is about and
you can see here that who provides
tasks is big companies like these who
are behind these tasks
who want to be in the ai
space and machine learning say
here computer vision tiknology
instructs computers to recognize things
in images
and video natural language understanding
tiknology enables computers to
recognize parts of speech
sentiment and meaning so you are really
contributing to the future using the
site so
sparify is a spare five faq so
there is a minimum of only one dollar
and they pail every friday
so as long as you have a dollar in there
they're going to be paying out
and highest minimum you can enter is 300
so you can pay i mean you could earn
pretty fast here
you know so it's going to be worth your
while to check this out
here's a payment proof that i found
paying just over a dollar to this person
and so they are paying they're both
legit sites they've been around for a
little while i've known about them
for a little while now so they're still
okay to use
this is a very fun way for you guys to
earn this way but these two sites
aren't going to pay a lot because you're
just literally drawing boxes
and doing really easy tasks so the
easier the task is the less paid you're
going to get
but this is just fun if you want to make
a little bit of side money
and if you do make that money save that
money and so that you can invest in a
program like the one
in the my video description is gonna be
the second link
check out that program where you could
learn online skills where you could earn
a lot more money
online guys okay and make a passive
online income
like i have i've used this business
model since 2016
and it's really fun and i hope you
follow my path
and check it out okay so i hope you like
this video if you did please give me a
big thumbs up underneath this video
if you haven't already please subscribe
to my channel so you can learn more ways
to make
money online and don't forget to hit
that notification bell so you can see
when my
next video comes up i come up with
videos every single week but no idea
when they come out so
get notified okay so i'll see you on the
next one bye

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