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Earn Up To $500 Over & Over Again In PayPal Cash! Easy Make Money Online Method

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

Earn Up To $500 Over & Over Again In PayPal Cash! Easy Make Money Online Method

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Earn Up To $500 Over & Over Again In PayPal Cash! Easy Make Money Online Method

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is grace I'm also
known as lil mama and I'm from the blog
work anywhere now calm and in this video
today I'm going to show you how to make
up to five hundred dollars over and over
again using very simple method and you
can earn it in PayPal cash okay so it's
gonna be very convenient so let's get
started right now
so this is the site I want to show you
is called shell cart at shell cart comm
and this is for people who have social
media accounts who wants to sell their
account for shadows okay so in this
video I'm going to show you how you can
build your own account without even
doing it on post and then I also gonna
show you another method where you can
build your own posts or if you win
that's a little bit money you can also
do this quicker okay
so I've been on a lot of social media
and a lot of people wonder how they can
go and sell shoutouts for their accounts
and this website right here you can
actually sell shuttles on your account
even though you have a very very low
following account okay and the best
social media platform that I want to
tell you about it's going to be one that
you can really build a following very
quickly very fast okay so first of all
what is shell cart calm shell cart calm
it's a place where brands like companies
can come into and find influencers that
they can advertise on so there are a lot
of shop owners and whatnot who have
products to sell and they don't have
enough social media presence on their
own so they look towards people like the
young crowd who have social media
accounts and have a good big influence
and big following so if you have an
account like that you can charge
anywhere from $10 all the way up to $500
a piece and I'm going to show you how
that is inside this shout card okay so
if you are an influencer and want to
make money on this you don't scroll all
the way down here and you got click on
for influencers okay earn from your
influence become part of Shell card team
and earn with us
hundreds of campaigns we work with
leading advertisers bringing you the
best campaigns and quality shoutouts low
fees and no minimum so there salafi is
only going to be 10% so let's say you go
on to charge a $10 for a shout-out for
your account they're just gonna take $1
for that and you're gonna get
pre-qualified buyers we deal with credit
cards PayPal charges packs and
so you don't have to we help you focus
on what matters most growing your
business shut up statistiks buyers get
stats on shuttles you run keeping them
satisfied and coming back to order more
easy cancellations shuttle doesn't match
your policy to spammy or out of context
not a problem
simply click cancel button on your order
list and move on with your day
promote your account no more s4s kick
groups needed want to promote your
account using shell cart no problem
simply use your earn balance to pay for
orders and refill at any time so if you
actually grow your account on here as
well so as an influencer this is what
you can charge okay so you can use
Instagram Instagram stories Instagram
story put a link Twitter YouTube
Facebook or tik-tok okay so it has all
the major platforms for social media and
look at the prices okay when you have a
big following like over a hundred
thousand this person is charging $39 and
on Instagram this person is sixteen
thousand is charging ten dollars but
even small followers are charging $10
for on tik-tok here here's a $500 charge
for a YouTube channel with over 200,000
subscribers so there is a variety of
different accounts that you can kind of
look into and kind of see what people
are doing okay so if you can use your
own judgment and earn this way and you
can earn over and over again because you
will be able to sell your shoutouts all
the time on this on this website so how
do you grow your account grow your
account is go and be the major factor
here right you need to have an active
engagement account you want to have this
much following as you can because that's
the basis basically of people looking at
your account how many followers you have
so I'm going to show you two different
accounts that I have on two different
social media accounts or maybe even
three because I have youtube as well of
course you're on my youtube channel
but I don't have a big youtube channel
like this person has I see if there's
another YouTube my youtube channels
about this much so I could probably
charge 15 for that but this YouTube
channel you to actually earn a lot more
when you have big following look you
could get into the hundreds here 350 for
this one is that 1 million subscribers
oh my gosh 4,600 bucks
Wow this so if you have a YouTube
channel and you're gonna get a lot more
money because a YouTube channel is just
more has more engagement and if you have
a really active account you know you
need to drive a lot of traffic so people
can actually charge this much further
for their channel and you see a lot of
people or charging 3-digit fees here for
their channels
so that's YouTube so I want to show you
my Instagram account and how you can
build something like this very easily
okay so this is my Mickey life account
you can tell this is my account because
I've put my link on there work anywhere
now that's my website okay what I've
done with this I how I built this
account is not posting one single
picture that is mine on here okay
so the method that I use is basically
reposting did you know that on instagram
if you just repos and not have your own
content all you gotta do in the
description is actually see all I do is
picture credit and I put the IG account
that it was from that's it and I just do
my little caption I mean I mean this
part is my only original content on here
okay and I was able to build it up to
over a hundred thousand for this one
account but that's what you gotta do to
be an influencer you need to pick a
niche okay so first thing your page
needs to be a certain niche so that when
people advertise and guess shadow they
know what kind of audience that you have
on your page okay so and then like for
my tik-tok account so I have a tiktok
account as well and I'm at two hundred
fifty seven thousand followers as of
this recording and so on tiktok it is
actually one of the easiest way for you
guys to build a following because it was
very hard to do it on Instagram and a
lot of people who have Instagram
accounts who's gone to tiktok has way
more followers than on Instagram now
tiktok will be a little bit harder
because you have to do your own videos
you don't really you can't really take
people's videos and repost that's not
how it works on tiktok so you do
again choose a niche though so my
profile here is about making money
online mostly okay once a while I do
tok about tiktok because people love
those types of posts as well and and
mostly and then someone said well I do
like again I mean that's the only one I
did that I did a dance but most of it is
about making money okay and I also
toked about any current events that's
going on because everybody's going crazy
about the corona virus so tiktok is a
little bit more flexible but still you
want to have a certain niche because
when people advertise on your account
they want to know there's a certain type
of audience that you have okay so that's
how you can build up good your accounts
and this has been I mean my account will
start it only end of November guys okay
it's not that long ago so this is
totally worth building if you're gonna
be a brand new on tiktok so you need
to look for a niche make sure you post
daily okay and you you should always
kind of look at the trends that they're
using and the sounds that are trending
really use those three elements and any
stikers or anything like that or any
effects they'd like you to use different
types of the color effects on there so
that you can kind of do different things
with your videos basically and so if you
don't want to build your own social
media account they do have a solution
for you at the bottom here you can
actually go by Instagram accounts so
those are the only account so you can
buy though from from this option so this
is called Fame swap calm and this is
where you could invest a little money
and just quickly buy it buy Instagram
kantha has over 10,000 followers I say
in the start getting shutouts on their
account from the shell kart comm site
right away so you don't have to wait
because it does take time to obviously
build a social media account but if
those for those who already have a
social media account with a good
following you could use shell cart right
away but if you haven't and want to
start doing it and you want to do a
quicker this is the solution alright so
if you build your social following up
and sell your shuttles on this site then
you can make a pretty good amount of
money every month it just depends on how
many campaigns you can get from this
from this site but the more engagement
your account is the more engage it is
the more likely you're going to get
repeated orders because if you don't
have an active engaging account they
have something in here that will show
the buyers how engage your account is so
if you don't have a high engagement on
your account then you people aren't
going to be spending the amount that you
want for it okay so you should test up
the amounts you know you should start
low and then build yourself up and see
how far you can go with this okay so
this is a great way for you to earn some
extra money this way if you have if you
love social media be on social media
it's a great way for you guys to earn
okay so I hope you really like this
method but if you know for those people
you want to be more private who don't
want to be on social media but once you
learn a different methods to make big
money online check out the second link
in my video description I'll give you a
different method that's gonna make you
big money and that program is gonna
teach you everything you need to know
about making big money online guys okay
so I hope you check that out as well
okay so I hope you like this video if
you did please give me a big thumbs up I
don't make this video and if you haven't
already subscribe to my channel so you
can learn more ways to make money online
guys don't forget to hit that
notification ballestas um
video comes up and I hope I see you on
the next one then okay see you later bye

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