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Earn Up To $50/aHr In PayPal Cash WEEKLY! Best Online Job For Shy People

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

Earn Up To $50/aHr In PayPal Cash WEEKLY! Best Online Job For Shy People

The above is a brief introduction to Earn Up To $50/aHr In PayPal Cash WEEKLY! Best Online Job For Shy People.

Let's move on to the first section of Earn Up To $50/aHr In PayPal Cash WEEKLY! Best Online Job For Shy People!

Earn Up To $50/aHr In PayPal Cash WEEKLY! Best Online Job For Shy People

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is grace I'm also
known as little mama and I'm from the
blog work anywhere now calm in this
video today I'm going to show you how to
earn up to fifty dollars per hour in
PayPal cash and you're gonna get paid
weekly with this so you could earn some
fast cash with this method plus it's
gonna be the best online job for anyone
who is too shy to tok to anybody and
don't want to be bothered by anybody and
you work on your own so let's get
started right now let me show you
alright guys before I get started though
I just want to point out this link on
the right here this is what I do online
to make a passive online income every
single month guys and if you want to
kind of see more about that you can look
at this video here it's all about me and
what I do online so if you're interested
in something like that please check that
so today's method I'm pretty excited to
show you guys it's here it's at
transcribed me calm okay so this
transcribe me calm this is a site that
offers subscription translation and data
annotation services to people to other
companies and businesses out there who
needs this service so if you want to
work for transcribing
and do some of these services for them
you go to up here okay on the right here
you're gonna use this right here the
join as transcriptionists and click that
and once we click that we'll get to this
page become a pay transcriptionist today
transcribe audio and video into
high-quality text and get paid it's that
easy so join our team so you could do
that and I'll show you in a second I
just so I mentioned something right here
very quick I'm going to show you a very
free tool that's going to help you get
this job done very easy okay so I'm
gonna make it so that your work is
actually not that much at all
and that you're just gonna do a little
bit of you know touch-up so top rate it
best work from home site we offer the
opportunity to be a part of a unique
community they work with a lot of
companies and they are literally one of
the best transcription companies out
there and they are recommended highly
from all these different sites and so
they are a very legitimate place to earn
okay so here you can learn more about
how they pay and other should go and
show you a place where they say you can
actually earn a lot more so it says here
that they offer like the industry's best
rate earning starting at fifteen to
twenty two dollars per audio hour so
what does per audio hour mean guys it
means that the
recorded medium that you are
transcribing so if it's a video or just
an audio file that length is go and pay
you fifteen to twenty two dollars per
audio hour now it may take you a lot
longer to transcribe that four minute or
10 minute video it may take you may be
twice as long or maybe three times as
long depends on how fast you can type
right but I'm actually going to show you
a little trick that can typing even
easier and faster so don't you worry
about that part and also don't you worry
about you know these lower rates because
I'm going to show you where you can get
higher rates and so they're saying here
that the top monthly earners is at 2200
and I'm going to show you a way that
could earn you a lot more than that guys
but average monthly earnings are only
250 and I'm thinking this is because
people get frustrated and they don't
actually pull through and actually keep
going with this method so if you
actually are serious with this method
you can actually work up to this kind of
earnings and much more that I'm going to
show you very soon
so what else I want to show you about
this is that okay once you start go join
today you're gonna get this right here
okay this is an application form that
you can fill out so you've got your name
information here and you need a PayPal
account because that's how you are gonna
get paid here guys okay and country it
could be all over the world so as long
as you have access to PayPal guys that
is how you can get paid and so as long
as you are living in a country that has
access to PayPal you're good to go or
you want to check all the languages that
you know of that you can do
transcriptions for because that means
that you can actually get even more work
if you have those specialties and
probably higher right too if you have
any other languages so which countries
do you hire from again this is anywhere
around the world any country as long as
you meet this okay you have to be 18
years old you have to have a computer or
laptop and a stable internet connection
you have to have a valid PayPal account
and pass our interest exams so they have
an interest exam because they need to at
least know if you can do this job or not
so that's why how does transcribe a pace
to subscribers and they use PayPal like
I mentioned a couple times already so
how often do you pay workers the
payments are going to be processed once
a week and it's gonna be according to
the US Thursday okay so because they're
paying worldwide they got gold by
certain time and they're using you as
Thursday Pacific time that is the time
zone that you gotta kind of check okay
you have to have at least twenty dollars
earned in your account for the payment
to go through so you can't withdraw your
payments any time but if the thing is
that you're not gonna be paid until
Thursday okay okay so here is how are
you gonna get more money guys okay so it
says beginning transcriptions so this is
for beginner so it so you could do this
with no experience okay so you could
start with fifteen dollars per audio
hour which is not a lot because you're
going to use a lot more time to do this
video so or audio file so like four
minute file only pays a dollar and
you're gonna take you may take a lot
longer than four minutes to earn that
dollar think of it as practike because
when you get better you're gonna get
earn a lot more so if you click here it
says check out or other opportunities
that pay a lot more and once I do that
you could look at this you could go get
paid up to fifty dollars here full
verbatim cute ace okay so what that
means is that when you get to this level
you could actually transcribe the entire
file with all the thumbs and all the
studying and all the poop of pee-pee
like that so you you obviously have have
to do certain things for this also this
is a prerequisites here that you can go
through and figure out how you can get
to that level so the rates are there for
you guys to earn so there are many
different types here that earn more than
the fifteen dollars per audio hour and
as you get better you can do a lot more
and earn more so the other option that I
want to tell you is that to make the
sir is that you can use Google to help
you get this done faster okay so what
you want to do is type in Google Docs go
to Google Docs start a blank one and go
you go to tools then you go and use
voice typing okay so you can use this
free tool to help you transcribe so you
actually may earn the per audio hour if
you use this tool because it's gonna be
a lot faster than you actually typing so
if this also depends on how well that
audio file is if it's a very clear file
then this works very very well but if
it's not a very clear file this may not
work as well okay so I just gave you an
example you do have to start the audio
first because once you click this on if
you can then you go back to your audio
it will turn off this type this cut to
speak so you have to have the audio on
first and then you click this but once
this is on it will start typing anything
it hears like you see on the screen
right now so you can literally play the
file and let this do the work for you
and you may just have to go back and do
a little bit of editing to make sure
that it is correctly heard from what the
file was saying in the audio file so
this is a very quick way for you to do
this job without actually doing the
typing period so I just turned off to
give you an example of how this works so
it is a very ever tatius tool for you
guys to start with but here's another
option I won't break up remember that
only the top earners here are earning
$2,200 now it may probably take you some
time to get to that level to earning
$2,200 but if you like typing and like
doing this type of work my suggestion to
you to make that money
very consistent money how that grow to
even 5000 a month or even 10,000 a month
with your own website guys okay
if you write for yourself you're going
to earn a lot more and and the place
that can teach you how to write like
that and earn automatikally like this
and earn for yourself like this is at
Wealthy Affiliate right here this site
is where I learned how to build my work
anywhere now calm as you see right there
that's this is the place where I learned
it from guys okay I write about the
topic that I like so you can choose the
topic that you like if you like to type
and write things so what what the
affiliate teaches you is to build a
website that can attract its own
visitors meaning that it takes advantage
of the internet and people searching on
the internet for things and this
training platform shows you how to
create a website that gets ranked on
search engines and so that's how it can
attract its own visitors and it's going
to teach you how to put affiliate
marketing links or affiliate links into
your content so that you can earn
commissions when people go and click on
your links and go buy the products or
services that you're recommending to
them so for example let's say you have a
cooking site you love cooking and you
will love toking about cooking need to
build a cooking site and tok about the
recipes that you love and when you tok
about that you could link to places like
Amazon or different different like
Target or Walmart wherever you want to
link to and recommend these types of
supplies or the cooking tools that your
readers will need and if they click on
those links on your affiliate links and
go by the tools that you recommend you
earn commission this is how I started in
2016 in a film reckoning they trained me
so well that I actually became a super
affiliate in 2018 and so what I'm
proposing is that you use my link to
sign up for this website because you
want to learn this properly because if
you try to do this by yourself it's
gonna be a very hard it's gonna be hard
to find success because you're not going
to have any help and help is what you
need so when you sign up with work
anywhere now com4 / team little mama
you're gonna get me as your premium
coach when you go premium on the
platform so I'm gonna be your free coach
if you upgrade so you do get to sign up
for free here guys ok no credit card
required but you really need to upgrade
to premium in order for you to get full
access to the five levels of training
that you do need to properly build this
out so that you can make money on its
own okay so it is very affordable
training guys for this type of business
that you can build for yourself that you
can literally create a passive online
income for and earn thousands of dollars
a month so you could easily earn you can
easily build your website up to the
point where it's earning two thousand
and three thousand a month four thousand
month to wherever you want to take your
website so the work that you pour into
your online business here it is actually
not wasted at all because your entire
website that you are building will be
useful years down the road so you are
actually gonna be earning from the work
that you put in over and over again
versus if you just keep working for
transcribing you are trading time for
money all the time okay
meaning you don't get a file you're
gonna do the work you get paid one time
that's it if you stopped working you
don't get paid right but when you build
your own website and you put in the work
you put in the work you put in the work
you can earn over and over again with
that work that you put in so that is the
difference and that's how you can
leverage the internet to earn any time
of the day in your sleep on your
vacation and finally get some of your
time back to have some freedom guys okay
so that is how I've been doing it how
I've been building my online business
and you can do it too and have me help
you sign up with me work anywhere in
out.com for /team little mama and I'll
be on your side to help you guide you
through the training you have any
questions you just come and ask me or
the community the community insight is
incredible as well you will not find the
help that you will need in this platform
than any
other product that you will find out
there for making money online guys I kid
you not there's a lot of garbage out
there so you need to be careful what you
pick to learn from okay so I hope you
like this video guys and I hope I see
you on the platform inside on the other
side very quickly don't forget to check
out the link in the video description
it's gonna be the second link I'm also
going to link e here as well so just
click that corner and find the clickable
link ok guys so I hope you like this
video guys if you did please give me a
big thumbs up underneath this video if
you haven't already please subscribe to
my channel so you can learn more ways to
make money online and don't forget to
get notified when I get up these videos
because I come up with videos every
single week guys so you get notified I
hope I see you in the next one bye

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