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Earn Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing in 24 Hours (New Method)

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

Earn Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing in 24 Hours (New Method)

The above is a brief introduction to Earn Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing in 24 Hours (New Method).

Let's move on to the first section of Earn Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing in 24 Hours (New Method)!

Earn Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing in 24 Hours (New Method)

if you're looking to make your first few
hundred dollars in affiliate marketing
commissions fast this video is for you i
am so excited to show you this method
because that title kind of seems like
clickbank but it's very real and i'm
actually doing this method myself and
it's working anyone can do what i'm
about to show you in this video no
matter how new you are to affiliate
marketing or even how new you are to the
internet and your first commission could
literally happen tonight while you're
sleeping if you set this up during the
video let's hop on here and look at a
few results here all right you can see
right here this is an affiliate program
that we've just started doing this with
a few weeks ago you can see march 1st to
march 14th and you can see it's getting
quite a bit of clicks and traffic right
there all the way till now as we scroll
down you can see i got about 836 clicks
about 800 in sales and made about 380
which adds to almost 50 cents per click
and the best part is this hasn't even
started scaling yet and we're starting
to do this with multiple affiliate
programs so this can grow very very
quickly so to get an idea of how this
method works and really importantly why
this method works let's look at a few
really important statistiks for google
you can see right here google gets
almost 3.5 billion searches every single
day now the real important number that
we want to look at though is this one
right here where it says 16 to 20
percent sorry of all 16 to 20 of all
annual google search results are new
that means that almost one in every five
things that someone is typing into
google is something that has never ever
been typed in before so that means that
a lot of people don't even know that
this is getting typed in and this is the
kind of stuff that we're going to be
targeting in this video now most of us
know that out of uh out of these 3.5
billion google searches a majority are
taken up by the big guys right whether
it's organic or whether it's paid ads
the big guys are kind of dominating the
main searches anything that has
thousands of searches every single month
or tens of thousands of searches every
single month typically has a big
business or a big advertiser coming in
and trying to take that spot but what
i'm going to be showing you how to do
here is to take the stuff that people
are searching in google that no one else
cares about and most people don't even
know about how we're going to turn those
keywords into cash generating machines
that pump out commissions every single
day now to start we're going to need a
tool called ahrefs and i actually
promoted this in my last video and told
people that you could get a seven dollar
trial and then within a few hours the
trial was gone there was no longer a
trial that you could get of ahrefs so
ahrefs is typically 97 a month and
without a free trial that means you
would have to spend 97 to do all the
research that i'm going to show you but
it only requires one research session
but i actually found some fiverr gigs in
the meantime so you can go to fiverr.com
and type in ahrefs research and you can
see people for five or ten dollars will
do this research for you because we only
need to do it one time so let's hop into
ahrefs right here and you can see what
we're gonna need to use is the keyword
explorer this helps us figure out what
people are searching for on the internet
and the work that we're gonna type in is
a few different angles because we want
to find two different kinds of people on
the internet we want to find people that
are looking for stuff with their wallets
in their hands okay these are people
that want to buy something they're just
trying to figure out what exactly it is
they need to buy we love trying to
market to those people as affiliates and
the second thing that we're looking for
is people that have a problem that's a
major problem and they're looking for a
solution and that type of person is
typically quite willing to pay for the
solution to their problem if they think
the solution actually exists so that's
another type of person that we're going
to be targeting with this method and
trying to reach as they search google
with this problem and let's actually
start with those people so what those
people typically are looking for is the
word how okay they're looking for the
word how to and we're going to type in
that right there i'm going to type in
search and this is going to start giving
us just a massive amount of things that
people are searching for that start with
how to and we're going to obviously need
to refine this a little bit so we're
going to go right over here to where it
says matching terms and then it's going
to give us exactly this people that are
typing in the word how to and then a
bunch of things after that right now we
really need to use these features right
here and these help us refine and dive
in deeper and find the real
opportunities in here so we're going to
use a bunch of different filters the
first one we're going to use is right
here where it says global volume and
we're going to say we want it to be over
300 because anything that's under 300
searches a month probably isn't worth
this this partikular method then we're
going to go right here to where it says
serp features okay and we're gonna try
to find stuff that excludes the top and
bottom ads so exclude top ads bottom ads
and we're gonna click apply now what
this means is hey we're looking for
stuff that the other advertisers aren't
running ads on for example right here
you can see if i type in best stok
market app there is a bunch of
advertisers all running ads and when you
get a bunch of advertisers running ads
on google the cost of ads goes
astronomically up and that also tells us
that this is a very
tough keyword this this is a competitive
keyword that a lot of big names are
trying to go for and that's why we're
going to exclude that any any ads on the
top or the bottom we don't even want to
deal with that because there's plenty of
opportunities outside of that next we're
going to go over to this button right
here where it says more filters and
we're actually going to filter cost per
click and we're going to try to bring it
down to anything below i usually do
anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5 so we'll do 0.4
since that's right in between and we'll
click apply now what we just did is we
said we want to know that on average the
cost to run any kind of ads on this
keyword is below 40 cents a click that
just tells us again hey this isn't a
super competitive keyword there's not a
lot of people going for this but we
might be able to still find an
opportunity there that no one else is
seeing so let's look real quick and see
what we get now you can see right here a
lot of these maybe we can't see an
opportunity right had a screenshot on
windows we're probably not going to be
able to make a lot of money off of that
partikular type of person because it
should take about two seconds for them
to figure out their problem but as we
continue to scroll we see this keyword
how to get rid of gnats okay now getting
rid of gnats is actually typically
something that someone needs to pay for
right there's probably some kind of
spray some kind of special candle all
kinds of things out there that you buy
they will help you get rid of gnats so
we've just found one key word albeit
this partikular keyword it's probably
not a ton of money involved right people
spend five ten bucks on the problem not
100 or 200 bucks but let's keep
scrolling and see what we run into all
right here's another one we ran into and
that is how to crochet now this gets 55
000 searches every month right that's
this number right here and this number
right here says it costs about 25 cents
a click to run into that now the beauty
of this is this is probably someone
that's willing to spend money as well if
there's if there's a good crocheting
course or good training on how to
crochet out there that person would
probably be interested in that right
they're looking to learn how to crochet
they probably are willing to spend a
little bit of money to do that maybe now
one quick note and caveat i want to add
as you do this method you're going to
run into absolutely terrifying
information and you're gonna find some
of the stuff that people are searching
for online is actually pretty scary so
ignore that stuff and continue looking
for your opportunity now let's look
right here and i actually kind of zoomed
in a little bit on what i found
beforehand so that i wouldn't have to
spend forever searching in front of you
on the video you can see right here how
to sharpen a pocketknife has 800 people
every month searching for that and that
has a total estimated cost to run an ad
of zero dollars now i'm assuming it's
going to be more than zero dollars but
still fairly low and can you imagine
that sharpening a pocket knife is going
to require some kind of knife sharpening
tool i would imagine that to be the case
and so that's a key word where someone
is looking on the internet with a
problem that they probably need to
purchase something in order to solve so
there's a key where we can actually
start running an ad now we can do this
exact same thing with the best method we
toked about people looking to purchase
items online right they're already
looking with their wallet so all we've
got to do is change this to best up here
okay so now we're going to look for the
that includes best anybody typing the
word best and a bunch of other words
into google then we're going to dive in
a little deeper we're going to do the
same thing right here on serp features
where we exclude top and bottom ads okay
i'm going to click apply we're going to
go over to here and we're going to do
the same thing where we say that we want
to include a word and we want to include
the word for because most people are
looking for the best something for
something right we know those two words
are going to be in their best x for y is
the formula we're looking for here then
we're going to filter it again we're
going to say cost per click we want to
keep it let's say below 0.3 this time
and everything else we can leave right
there now once again we're going to have
to filter a little bit and go through
some of this stuff that you know doesn't
really make sense academy award for best
actor not really helpful but as we
continue to scroll down we see this 17
000 searches a month people looking for
the best i'm assuming perfume and i
don't quite know why it's spelled that
way maybe i don't know what par parfum
is but you can see right here there's
opportunities all along the way uh
besides that best perfume one right here
we've got the best sewing machine for
beginners right those are people that
are sitting there with a credit card in
their hand and they're not looking to
make a 10 20 30 purchase these people
are looking to make a i don't even know
two three five hundred six hundred
dollar purchase looking for the best
sewing machine and that's a big
opportunity and continuing on best potty
for potty training right cash in hand
ready to buy show me the potty i'll buy
it is what these people are looking for
and once again we see the cost per click
it estimates to be about 30 cents i'll
tell you right now with this method we
can usually get that down we can refine
and get that down to about half of what
it's estimating in ahrefs so what you'll
do is you'll do this for an hour or so
or you'll hire someone on fiverr to do
the same and you'll come up with a list
that's bigger than the one that i have
right here but something very similar
where we've got all these different
keywords that we want to target now we
need to match them up with affiliate
programs so this method is a little
different where with this method we
don't necessarily come in with an
affiliate program in mind but we could
and we could tweak this method to work
it that way instead we're going to go
out and seek affiliate programs that
actually tune in well with this method
so let's start with this keyword how to
crochet right we can make something that
teaches people how to crochet somewhat
but a lot of these people want to really
learn and are willing to pay for a
course so what if we could find a
crocheting course that has an affiliate
program so now i'll go and i'll type in
crocheting course right and i'll get all
these different ads because this
actually is a competitive keyword and
you can see right here skillshare.com
and udemy.com are the big names in
online courses and they both have
crocheting courses now i go here and i
join the skillshare affiliate program
and it looks like right here it says for
every new customer i refer to skillshare
i will get seven dollars which means if
i can get a customer to search for this
keyword how to crochet and when they
search i can get them to sign up for
skillshare and learn using skillshare
i'm going to make seven dollars every
single time now seven dollars doesn't
sound like much but what if i told you
that this had 500 or a thousand or two
thousand searches every month and we can
make seven dollars off of a significant
number of those searches now the next
thing we need to do is create a page
where we're gonna send these people
right we're gonna take people that are
typing in how to crochet in google right
here we're gonna try to be the first
thing that shows up we're going to have
a little page that they can click on and
go to it's going to show them a little
bit about crocheting and then it's going
to offer them one of these crocheting
courses that we're going to sign up to
be an affiliate for so the best type of
landing pages you can build there's two
different types one is for the people
that are typing in best sewing machines
and best potties and best x for y right
there's that type of people they have a
very specific landing page and then
there's kind of the how-to type of
people looking for a different kind of
landing page so we're going to show you
first the best one if we're going for
somebody that's typing in best x for y
you're going to build a page that looks
just like this and there's actually a
link down below or you can go right here
and i teach you how to build a landing
page completely from scratch and you can
actually import my template for a page
just like this if you'd like using my
landing page method but you're gonna
build a simple page and this shouldn't
take long that will look just like this
and it will go over anywhere from you
know three to seven of the best whatever
it is that they're looking for and then
we're gonna have your affiliate links
right here now those can be amazon those
can be ebay those can be direct signups
for the affiliate program whatever the
program is that you ended up signing up
for that's where these links are going
to go right here so you're going to
build this and you're just going to go
to a simple page like that you can see
it's actually somewhat helpful and the
only places they can go are two separate
affiliate links that i have put in right
here so there's that one and the other
type is for the how to people these guys
are actually looking to learn how to do
something and so you're going to build a
simple page kind of similar to this one
right here okay wikihow is the great is
the best example i i have for you and
it's just going to have a bunch of
pictures these guys actually use a gifs
in this one but you're gonna have a
bunch of pictures that kind of show them
a little bit about how to go through
this but at the very beginning you're
gonna put a little paragraph and say
looking to learn to crochet check out
this discounted crocheting course that
you can get at skillshare complete
step-by-step guides from a master
crocheter you can kind of read their
sales page and basically bring it over
here into your ad but you're going to
put that right at the very top and then
you're going to insert that a few times
in between here okay you're going to
insert that that big ad or that big
statement and you're going to add it
throughout here in these sentences
you're going to say hey but remember if
you want to learn more about this if you
want to learn more about this method or
this partikular step or if you're stuck
go and buy this course it's 10 hours of
video that tok you through everything
you can make this this and this you know
etc etc so depending on the keyword
we're targeting it will depend on what
type of page you make now i'll tell you
right now these best pages right here
they tend to do they tend to get more
clicks because these people are actually
looking to buy something already you
don't have to convince them you just
have to point them in the right
direction these people some of them are
not looking to buy something and so
those people will click and kind of be a
waste but depending on the keyword
there's still plenty of opportunity here
because a lot of these people are
willing to buy something if it will
solve their problem they're just not
coming in necessarily looking to buy
something so now you've found the search
that people are looking for that you
want to target you've found the product
that you want to promote to them you've
built a landing page something like this
one right here depending on the product
that you're going to be promoting to
them and now we need to actually create
that little ad that's going to show up
in google when people are searching for
this so you're going to need to go to
ads.google.com and the nice thing about
this is google ads actually will give
you anywhere from 50 to like a 500
voucher i've seen when you first sign up
in in free ad money to get started now
the beauty of this is you can kind of
tinker with this method try it out a
little bit see if you can get something
profitable working all while using that
voucher money instead of your own money
so you're going to end up on a screen
once you've all signed up and you're all
logged in and everything that looks
something like this sometimes with newer
accounts it does look a little different
but we want to get to where we can
create a new campaign okay when you
create a new campaign it's going to ask
you what type of campaign we just want
traffic which means we want clicks
coming from google then it's going to
ask us right here what kind of campaign
we're going to say just search people
that are searching for stuff we're going
to paste that webpage that we created
that landing page we're going to name it
whatever we want we'll say best mic i'll
name it test so i don't get confused
with my real stuff and then we'll click
start new right here okay now it's going
to ask you to set a daily budget we're
in the testing phase we're figuring out
which keywords work which ones don't if
this whole campaign will even work so
we'll say 10 google will of course say
are you sure you don't want to spend 20
and we'll of course say no i'm okay next
we want to say we're looking for clicks
okay we want to focus on getting clicks
from google and we're going to actually
set a maximum amount we're going to tell
google if it's you know for me i'm going
to say 20 cents if it's more than 20
cents for us to get a click i don't want
it i don't want to show up i don't want
to pay more than 20 cents per click now
this varies so i'm setting it at 0.2
because on this partikular campaign
we're running to amazon where you get
very low commissions but if you're
running to another product where you're
getting for example on the skillshare
one seven dollars like would go up to
point three or point four or if you're
getting twenty thirty forty fifty
dollars in commissions for the product
you're promoting you can increase this
amount and how much you're willing to
spend per click we'll continue on right
here it's going to give us an offer
saying would you like to include the
display network which we don't
and then typically depending on the
program you're going to want to select
locations that are that work with that
program so for example the amazon
affiliate program my affiliate link is
for amazon us so i'm going to just focus
on the us right now because that makes a
lot more sense than sending people in
canada to amazon us where it's not going
to work assuming it's in english you'll
continue with that default language and
we're going to click next again and now
what we've got to do is we've got to
select keywords so you remember we came
in with our main keyword which was the
best microphones for vocals which we
found in ahrefs now it's going to give
you all these other options you want to
remove 95 of these options so we have to
understand how this works if someone
types in best condenser microphone
they're not necessarily looking for the
best microphone for vocals and so we
don't want to run an ad in front of them
because we're going to get a much lower
number of people clicking and a much
lower number of people purchasing even
if they do click so we want to be very
specific and honestly in the beginning
all zoom all erase almost everything and
you're going to put it in brackets which
means only this keyword and i'll say
best microphone for vocals okay i'll put
it in brackets then i'll add a few
variations so i might say best mic for
vocals right that's pretty much the
exact same thing i might say best vocal
mic okay that might be one you see i'm
putting in brackets i'm being very
specific to google and uh if you want to
learn more about google ads we'll leave
a link down below as well to a full
google ads uh training tutorial video
that we have in youtube because these
are important things for you to know if
you're running these ads but you can
also add little plus marks here and i
might say best microphone for
vocals or just vocals okay and that
means if they type in those three words
i don't care if they type in 10 other
words but if those three words exist in
what they're searching i want you to put
this ad in front of them and now let's
move on we'll create the app okay it's
already got the final url because we put
it in earlier this is what it's going to
look like where it's going to tell the
user that they're going to go so we
could say best mic right here right we
could even do slash vocals kind of makes
it look a little better now we're
scrolling down here we're actually going
to create this ad and typically i'll do
something like this keyword selling
point so i'll say best mic
for vocals or best mics because we
created a page of the bunch right best
mics for vocals then i might say
something like options for every budget
right so what we're trying to do is
we're trying to scoop up everybody we
really want people to click our ad here
so we're telling them that this is
exactly what you're looking for best mic
for vocals and then i'm saying hey and i
want i want to bring you all it doesn't
matter if you're looking for a 50 mic or
a 500 mic we've got something for you
and so what you're trying to do is get
everyone that searches for that keyword
to click your ad okay and then we're
going to give it a couple different
options so first we've got to pin this
first one to the top we'll say only show
in position one and then we'll do a
bunch of different ones for position two
so we could do options for every budget
we could do a side-by-side
thing so they know that that's what
they're getting here right and we can
add something that says options for
beginners slash experts okay something
like that okay now once again we're kind
of spreading a wide net here for
everybody who's typing in those keywords
next we've got to go and go down here
and we're going to select descriptions
okay so we're going to erase this and
all description is is let's kind of show
you what we're looking at here when i
type in for example the best microphones
for singers in google you can see right
here there's a headline and that's what
we're creating and the headline is split
into two pieces so we just created the
headline in two pieces and then right
here is a description okay so this is
all we're creating we're creating this
exact ad right here minus the phone
number with a headline and a description
so now let's add in a few description
options options for google to go with
so i whipped out these three and the
nice thing here is is google is going to
start testing and it's going to figure
out which one gets better click-through
rates which one is getting more people
to click it okay so we give it a few
options because we want google to do
that test and what it's going to do here
is it's going to always start with this
one but then it's going to test between
these three as the second part of the
headline and see which one does better
okay so once we've created that looks
all good sometimes it'll give you a
preview for whatever reason it's not
right now now it's going to ask you
about site link extensions we're not
going to do that but we are going to add
call out extensions which are just
little tiny phrases that kind of catch
people's eye and so once again we'd
focus on things like beginner friendly
options right catch the beginners then
we might say expert friendly options
okay we'll add four or five of those
basically just calling out different sub
segments of people looking for that
product we'll click save right there
should be good to go and then we'll go
down here and click next now typically
when i click next i run into some issue
but it looks like we're actually okay on
this one now sometimes you'll get a
warning like here like where it says low
traffic expected and we can go add more
keywords or we can just launch the ad
and see if that's real or not for
example i'm getting i think 30 clicks a
day on this campaign and i have either
these exact keywords or maybe one or two
more keywords so not a huge difference
and you can see it's guessing it'll be
about 13 cents now the math here makes
no sense because you're gonna get one
click a day at 10 cents a click and it's
gonna average out to be 13 cents a click
bad math but use this with a grain of
salt knowing that you could end up
getting a lot more clicks than it is
saying right there then we'll head down
here make sure everything's okay and
you're going to click publish campaign
i'm not going to click publish campaign
because we already have this exact
campaign running and i don't want to run
into any issues so what we've done here
is we take people that are typing in
best microphone for vocals right we're
putting an ad that shows up right here
in front of these guys and that ad takes
them to this page right here when they
go to this page right here they scroll
down they figure out which one of these
works best for them you can see it's a
pretty simple page but it kind of
identifies beginners you know condenser
mics whatever budget friendly when they
find the one they like they click on the
amazon price or whatever the affiliate
link is right here they go here and they
start to see all these different options
after they buy an option we get paid and
the beauty of this partikular one is
amazon will actually pay you for
anything else they buy for the next 24
hours as well they might head over here
and buy a camera and buy a few more
things while they're there and you'll
get paid for those as well but this is a
an option that is very very quick now
before you if you're still watching
don't leave let me tok for 30 more
seconds and give you some caveats here
this might not work on the first product
ahrefs may have given you some false
information it may cost more per click
than it says or you may find that the
money doesn't make sense on some
campaigns you're spending ten dollars
and and making eight dollars or
something like that but all you need to
do is find one okay you can test it
quite a bit for a very low budget and
all you need to do is find one and then
you're able to scale that one pretty
quickly and really dominate a keyword
for a while so the beauty of this method
is speed you can start making money
quickly it's very very low budget to
test and it just makes sense
conceptually it's very easy for a new
affiliate to understand this so i can
tell you right now i've spent literally
hundreds if not thousands of dollars
purchasing courses that show you exactly
what i just showed you in this video
that's what this channel is all about
really showing you real stuff that real
affiliates are doing to make real
commissions if you like that do not
forget to click subscribe there'll also
be another video here and we have links
down below to a lot of what we toked
about as well as some more in-depth
trainings on affiliate marketing that
you can go to thank you guys so much for

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