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EASILY FIND Wholesale Dropshipping Products on eBay Using Zik Analytics 2020

Published on: December 2 2022 by eCom Tom

EASILY FIND Wholesale Dropshipping Products on eBay Using Zik Analytics 2020

The above is a brief introduction to EASILY FIND Wholesale Dropshipping Products on eBay Using Zik Analytics 2020.

Let's move on to the first section of EASILY FIND Wholesale Dropshipping Products on eBay Using Zik Analytics 2020!

EASILY FIND Wholesale Dropshipping Products on eBay Using Zik Analytics 2020

how's it going everybody calm Tommy with
another video coming at you guys in this
video I'm gonna be toking about
sourcing items extremely quickly for
wholesale drop shipping it's gonna be
finding wholesalers finding their items
finding them on eBay sniping people and
doing it extremely quickly I'm gonna
find 10 items in about five minutes for
you guys and there's gonna be a good
video so be sure to stay all the way to
the end so you can see what everything
that I have to tok about in this video
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this and I do have an Instagram brand
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it a follow check out the new posts post
them about 1 to 2 videos a day so I know
you're gonna love that as well without
further ado let's go inside of my
computer we're gonna be using SiC
analytiks during this one and let's get
sourcing I'll see you inside alright so
here we are inside my computer and right
now I have in front of me two wholesale
suppliers and I'll show you both of them
one I've already toked about cwr
wholesale distribution I've done
multiple videos on them already another
one called the wholesale house I haven't
really looked into them too much but I
am accepted by them so why not give them
a shot so if you didn't watch my video
I'm gonna link it up above I launched it
last week on how to find wholesale
suppliers really quickly one way is to
type in become a dealer and then the
word drop shipping afterwards because a
lot of drop shipping wholesalers mean
suppliers have the words become a dealer
on the same page where you're applying
to become a drop shipper so it's very
easy to find suppliers that way I do
believe the wholesale house eventually
shows up if you do a plot if you do
search that way and so does cwr so I
found them through other ways you can
find them through just dropship
directories or anything like that but
you know there's endless ways to do so
so once you find a wholesale supplier
it's pretty much the same exact thing as
going and sourcing from anything like
Walmart onto eBay or anything like that
except it's gonna be much more
legitimate for your business that's one
of the best parts about wholesale drop
shipping it's also going to be you know
just there's gonna be a ton more items
and you're going to be allowed to be
doing this so you know these wholesale
suppliers are going to withstand the
test of time when some of these holes of
retailers are having issues during the
whole you know Co vid 19 thing going on
right now then you know you know that
these wholesale supplier is gonna have a
lot better of a system put in place so
they're not gonna have all these delays
and other issues because that's what
they're here to do you get accepted by
them it's very easy to do so once you
that's what they want you to do so let's
go look at this website so basically I
went to see WR clicked on products
clicked on manufacturers and I clicked
ACR was just a random one and I'm just
gonna pick a random item here we can
click on it and see what it's like and
looking like this yeah beautiful
real nice or you can just get the UPC
the number one thing if you take away
anything from this actual just video and
all is that you want to be just always
get the UPC if you can get the UPC you
can find this item anywhere
it stands for universal product code
which means that this is a code for this
product universally across any web site
marketplace platform anything of how
people are going to find your item so
keep this in mind you want to be finding
the UPC code the UPC code is the Holy
Grail so if you can find it and as long
as somebody's not lying about it you
know making sure sometimes they put in
fake UPC's to throw you off but then
you're gonna be good to go so what I
want to be doing here is I'm gonna go to
ebay comm and we're literally just going
to take this UPC which we got from a
wholesale supplier and we're going to
type it in make sure there's no extra
spaces at the end and then click search
so right away we've already found people
that are selling it if you look at this
picture right here you know this is what
it looks like and you can tell this one
does not look the same this one looks
the same this one looks the same this
one looks the same this one doesn't all
of these pretty much look the same this
one clearly doesn't have anything this
person added something to it I don't
know some weird background but again a
lot of these people are drop shipping
the same item or at least we believe
they are drop shipping the same item so
usually I like to try to find the person
at the top means that they have a very
competitive price or maybe you know
they're doing something correct so all
you're gonna do is right click open link
in a new tab you know these are all
sponsored so we want to get out of the
sponsored ones with you all right here
this one sold 18 times so actually let's
go with that one so that's the this is
one item we've already found one item
but again I'm gonna show you how to
source a bunch of items at once so it
doesn't matter if this first item that
you sourced is even good or not it does
not matter I've showed this before with
sourcing since way back in 2018 where
the first item you source doesn't have
to be good it doesn't have to be bad
it's just getting your foot in the door
because you know that this person is
getting the item from this supplier most
likely because they have the same image
they have the same item it's a
relatively similar price in 1933 there's
something for 2462
you know
maybe they're making some margin on it
maybe they're buying in bulk who knows
but it is in the same ballpark and this
is a person we want to be looking into
so we're gonna get rid of this and then
we're gonna just look at their store
name again we don't care anything else
other than their store name this item
could suck this item could have never
sold before we could have been sniping
this person honestly who selling it for
$11 more but again all you need to be
doing is copying their you know their
seller information and then we're gonna
be using SiC analytiks another thing to
realize is you want to know one other
way to know if they're actually dropping
from the supplier is check the location
baybel New Jersey is actually the
location of one of the warehouses of cwr
so you know you're in the right ballpark
and again I'm doing this all on the fly
right now so this isn't something that
I've actually like really figured out as
we're going so I know what I'm doing
here so we took it less is less is
always more and the you know they have a
ton of feedback they're clearly doing
something right and we're gonna go into
sick analytiks you don't have sick
analytiks I highly suggest you do it's a
seven day free trial I believe they
might not have it at the moment but they
usually do and you know other than that
it's like $29.99 a month now and it's a
great program all it does is it just
searches through all of your sellers
items that you put in on eBay so you
know all I use is a competitor research
tool I've seen a lot of people get
confused you know there's a bunch of
different trainings and whatnot from
sick analytiks on on their on their
website on YouTube they have so many
different tools you get overwhelmed you
don't know what to do you get paralysis
analysis you never make any actual
forward progress all that matters is the
competitive research tool I can tell you
that right now just click competitor
research tool so it'll do with his
looking like a spy or whatever type in
the sellers name and then click search
at this point in time we break down this
seller you know there was sixteen point
six seven percent sell-through rate they
have fourteen thousand nine hundred
active items you know they've sold
twenty four hundred items the last
thirty days right here and their sales
earnings are two hundred thirty six
thousand dollars so they're absolutely
killing it again this item that we
looked up doesn't have to be good but
what did it lead us to it led us to a
seller and that seller led us into sick
analytiks where we found all of their
other items so one thing to keep in mind
here is that people are creatures of
habit they are usually going to be
sourcing from the same suppliers as they
most people will sell from one two or
three maybe of the same suppliers or
only one of the same supplier if they're
using only one supplier then it's very
easy to snipe their entire store if not
then you're gonna have to go through and
look for other items at this point all
we need to do is just click the titles
and we can open up their other items
that all do seem to be within the the
marine category so these do seem like
good items to be sniping this one sold
two hundred and eighty one times I'm not
gonna go over if they're profitable
because you know I I'm not sure at the
moment they might be getting special
deals from the supplier or anything like
that so all we're gonna do is come down
here and type in this you piece or click
this UPC and copy it so this is a
different item and this is the EPC
connect to this item like I said the UPC
is the holy grail of finding items if
you can find the EPC on eBay you can
easily search it on your suppliers
website you can find out on your
suppliers website you can easily search
it on eBay so at this point in time we
found one item that actually has sold a
decent amount and again you do want to
find items that have sold at least five
times or more in the last 30 days so if
you want to do this or you know that's a
good gig that's just a good rule a rule
of thumb so each page he runs the King
likes has 50 items and this person has
more than 50 items that have sold more
than 5 times in the last 30 days so if
you look right here this is how many
times it's sold in the last 30 days and
we're at 22 all the way down to 6 this
is 50 good items if we can find them on
our suppliers website which I'll show
you in a bit
that we can source from this seller you
know it's not guaranteed that you're
gonna sell the item but it is a higher
likelihood chance that you're gonna sell
the ident compared to one that has never
sold before so that's pretty much all
we're doing here we're just trying to
get more chances to sell an item than
somebody else has so I'm gonna pick the
best one obviously first and I had
already gone oh I picked this one gone
down and copied their EPC at this point
in time we're just gonna go back to cwr
type in a little search bar and click
enter at this point we did find the same
exact adapter cable again I'm not gonna
go over the pricing here but they are
selling it for $28 and it's $23 on this
website it might be profitable they
might be getting special deals they they
must have a very low price because
they've sold it so many times but again
that is a potential match right there
so that was one item you know we already
found 50-plus potential ones you know
we're gonna take this one let's go
here we'll go into a search bar again on
cwr and we found another one this is
clearly an exact match there something
for 1853 it's something for thirteen
seventy nine so this could possibly come
into play as a profitable item as well
so you know this is pretty much the
entire game here guys this is this is
all it really is it's just finding items
and searching them back and forth we
already found two or three profitable
ones that have sold more than to more
than five times the last thirty days and
at that point all we need to do is add
them to our sourcing sheet and then just
list them on to our eBay stores again we
just found another one this person is
clearly just using the majority of their
items are just are from this actual from
this supplier so you know they're
clearly not a abiding by map policy
which is actually on this one they have
a minimize I don't know if this is
exactly map but this is minimum retail
price 125 they're selling it for 90 well
was it ninety seven seventy five eight
and over here you know we're buying it
for eighty one sixteen I know that that
one's gonna be profitable so you know
they are making money on this you want
to make sure that everything does match
but you know everything is looking good
right now so we've already found a bunch
of not only one good supplier but also a
bunch of good items so we can do the
same exact thing let's get rid of cwr
you know you can look up this person's
account if we wanted they have less
feedback most likely less sales most
likely less experience this person has
some items here from 2015 so you know
they've been in the game for a while at
this point we can search this smaller
store here so they're clearly not
killing it they have 20,000 active
listings only one item sold it seems
like they're either completely screwing
up or just love losing money so you know
they're not one that's that that's a
good example but you could have gone
through that whole entire list of people
that were selling this one item and then
just you know sniped all of them so
again we're gonna do this with a item
from the wholesale house so we're gonna
go into let's just say 12-volt in -
so this is you know other types of audio
equipment and whatnot and we're just
gonna click on this one there's an audio
pipe FM modulator to channel input
output level adjustment it's a very
cheap item but again you wanna click on
additional information see if you can
find their UPC we found the UPC at this
point in time like I said UPC is the
Holy Grail type in the CPC we found
people selling this item it's selling
for - what was it - 99 I'm not sure what
the shipping is on this supplier either
but again there's people that have
selling it for anywhere from 25 down to
eight dollars alright and I had to pause
this one because the wholesale house has
a lot less sellers on an end to find one
that actually worked it didn't take too
long maybe about five minutes but I just
don't want to waste that time for you
while doing this on the video so
basically I went to the wholesale house
I click 12 volts I clicked in - and you
can find any of these items it doesn't
matter it's just gonna take a little bit
more work to find one this is a less
popular supplier so basically I click
additional information I found the UPC
and I searched it inside of eBay at this
point in time you can see you know we
got some people selling it but only
these three people right here have the
same picture and this is really what
we're looking for the same picture
because if it doesn't have this thing in
it then you know it might not be coming
from the same supplier at this point in
time you would open up these three you
can click ctrl click as well ctrl +
click will open up the new tabs at this
point in time I did notike that this
person has a huge store most likely so
we're gonna be hard to find items from
maybe they're some from a bunch other
people this person is viable and this
person is also viable you know a little
bit smaller of a store here so I got rid
of this person and all I had to do was
search their name go on as ik and do
competitor research again you know at
this point in time I did find this item
right here and I'm sure these ones are
in here too but I couldn't find him
now there seems to be a lot of audio
equipment on the wholesale house so even
with just searching the NPN number I was
able to go in a search press ENTER and
find this item there's something for 270
I don't know if the shipping is there
selling it for like 295 so maybe that's
possible they're making money on it I'm
not sure if there's any special deals
with the wholesale house or anyone like
but the picture does look the same so we
found another item again all you need to
be doing is just going through all these
listings going through their accounts
going through their listings and trying
to find other items I'm sure this one
will be on the wholesale house as well
it's the same brand will copy the EAN
which is usually similar to the UPC I
forget what that even stands for click
enter and we found this item as well 68
bucks they're selling it for 89 it's a
pretty good margin and they sold for
within the last 30 days so that's some
sales right there you know they are
doing some sales with the wholesale
house so again if you wanted to go
through all these items you know they're
not they're not making huge sales but
again their accounts also not as big
it's only 4,000 items they're still
doing 40,000 in sales so it's pretty
damn good because there's something
expensive items so I like them I'd add
them to my list and then again we found
this other one my audio empire again
seems like they're selling audio seems
like the wholesale house likes to sell
audio but that didn't they got about
5,000 items they're doing less in sales
but you know there's no items at of sold
five times last three days but that
doesn't mean you can't snipe one that
sold four times last thirty days or
anything like that and if we click the
first one we click right here MPN I'll
get the UPC
didn't see it and then we'll search this
and we found another one so that's about
it for sourcing items wholesale items
are really no different than you know
sourcing from retailers it's honestly
just it might be easier because a lot of
retailers do not give you UPC numbers
UPC numbers are the easiest way to do it
you know in the past you'd have to
highlight the title or maybe reverse
google image the search the Google
search the image if you just have the
UPC number you're golden on eBay on
Amazon on any other platform you're
golden because people are going to be
putting it there and that's about it you
know like that's really all the sourcing
is it's not that challenging and you
know it's really pretty easy to find
some decently high selling items from
there it's all about seeing how
profitable they really are that would be
another video so if you want to see
another video for me on sourcing items
let me know down the calm
it's below if you want to see another
video where I'm finding you know
wholesale suppliers let me know let me
know what you want to see from wholesale
from the wholesale side of things and
I'll be happy to oblige if you like this
video don't forget to please smash that
like button also be sure to subscribe to
this channel hit the bell notification
so you get updated for every single
video that I post out there hope you
guys enjoyed this thank you very much
and I will see you in the next one

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